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RAINI Price:
$226.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$13.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RAINI today is $0.026 USD.

The lowest RAINI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.026, and the current live price for one RAINI coin is $0.02616.

The all-time high RAINI coin price was $6.90.

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The code for Rainicorn crypto currency is #RAINI.

Rainicorn is 1.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Rainicorn is $13,079,213.

Rainicorn is ranked #1092 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #RAINI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Rainicorn is $226,723.


The circulating supply of RAINI is 500,000,000 coins, which is 50% of the total coin supply.


RAINI is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the RAINI Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


RAINI has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Raini: Lords of… Lunar?

In celebration of the Lunar New Year — the “Year of the Rabbit” — we’ve released a special gift for our Lords of Light alpha players. Plus, more on the ARTHRoN drop, upcoming RTLOL pack drops, and our next community tournament. Let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole.. — “Uh, not sure I can fit down the rabbit hole.” — Our Gift to Alpha Players: “Year of the Rabbit” Airdrop - In celebration of the Lunar New Year, each and every wallet whitelisted for RTLOL Alpha access has received the following card: Since Avalanche will be the native chain for RTLOL, this NFT card airdrop has been sent on the AVAX chain — so check your wallets if you’re a registered alpha player!NOTE: while this “Year of the Rabbit” airdrop is an AVAX exclusive, future card releases will also appear on ETH and BSC chains — along with AVAX. Here are the marketplace page links: JoePegs, OpenSea, More details on in-game specifics coming soon — congrats to all who qualified 🙌 — But Wait, There’s More—ARTHRoN and RTLOL Pack Drops - A bag full of Raini goodies — gift bag not included. Here’s the latest on these two items — we’d previously teased the ARTHRoN drop as a late-January release, but with our recent rebrand and current momentum behind Lords of Light, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit: We’ll be releasing a special mini-set card drop — “7 D...

New Year, New Name — and New Frens

New Year, New Name — and New Frens - — After kicking off 2023 with a bang, we’ve got plenty more in store — starting with a brand new partnership, multiple Lords of Light tournaments, and much more. Let’s intro our new partner and talk about the tourneys!. — Smol Chad Raini driving the Fren Ship, and looking a bit “Chubbi” 👀 — Introducing our new partner… - — …Chubbiverse! - Part of our vision for Raini: The Lords of Light (RTLOL for short, if you’re new) has always been to immortalize as much crypto culture and history as possible. Not only are our decks littered with a motley crew of characters that have — for better or worse — made Web3 what it is today, but we’re also looking to partner with projects we like and respect who’d like to be featured in our game. With that in mind, Chubbiverse — an NFT project with big meme energy and a wonderful community — was a natural choice. Check some of their 2022 accomplishments (from their blog):2022 — a whale of a year. Surely this calls for some frosting and sprinkles.“The community got together IRL in New York and Singapore. Some of [the] biggest Wins [have] been gaining 1.8 billion GIPHY views, releasing multiple products (like profiles), and the Chubbishop.1️⃣ Storytelling NFTs 2️⃣ 1.8 Billion Giphy views 3️⃣ Chubbishop 4️⃣ Profiles 5️⃣ Parties around the world 6️⃣...

All Good Things Must… Get Better.

Nearly two years ago, we launched Raini as an incubator for Web3 innovation — creating an alchemy of art, media, and gaming on blockchain. As time has gone on, we’ve zeroed in on game development with The Lords of Light. Now, we make this shift official.. — — Rainicorn is now Raini Studios. - Since the very beginning, our focus has been on creativity and innovation — pushing the perceived boundaries of Web3, and building frameworks where users, creators, and investors alike can benefit. In early 2021, we got started by releasing an entirely unique for-its-time NFT platform — rolling out NFT monetization and staking-as-a-membership before Beeple was a household name. Since then, blending new technologies — like blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs — with time-tested social, cultural, and economic constructs — e.g. banking, investing, and fine art — has brought us down quite a winding road of experimentation and discovery. And that journey was invaluable — in crypto, the best way to get it, is to live it. All of us here in Web3 are building new realities in real-time — this is truly an unprecedented era we live in. Having laid Raini’s building blocks over the past couple of years — immersed in this primordial soup of human ingenuity we call “crypto” — our next step as a project and business has become clear:After operating as a de facto game and medi...

Buzz-worthy NFTs, Tourney Champs, Contest Winners, and more — December Updates

Buzz-worthy NFTs, Tourney Champs, Contest Winners, and more — December Updates - — As 2022 has now come to a close, we’re charging straight into 2023 with big momentum on multiple fronts — starting with a brand new NFT collection. Let’s dive in!. — Big Chad Raini and his lesser-known friends hang out by the fire. Sunglasses are a must. What a year. Seems like this one flew by (don’t they all?) — but that’s what happens when you stay busy! After a whirlwind 2022, we’re happy to take a moment to exhale — reflecting briefly on what’s been accomplished, and looking ahead to the work in front of us. Developing Lords of Light, expanding our team, and forging new partnerships made 2022 a year we can be proud of; especially having done so amidst a brutal bucket of bear market cold water being thrown on everything bullish in crypto. But as we all know by now, broader market cycles are what they are — those who build real value will win in the end. Thanks to our entire community for your continued support as we build Raini into a true blue chip in the space — developing a robust ecosystem filled with passionate users and plenty of incentives for all is our focus. On that note, we’re happy to ring in the New Year with a new NFT release 👀 — Get your Rainbows and Unicorns ready… - Collect these now, dominate Lords of Light later. — We’re proud to a...

Alpha players, unite.

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived — it’s tournament time. Show off your skills in a Lords of Light battle royale to crown our first official RTLOL champion.. — Join Elon Musk, Uncle Wam, and Chad Raini for our first RTLOL tournament. Who’s Uncle Wam, you ask? Never mind that. just read about the tournament. — Greetings, Raini fam! - After an eventful few months in the Rainiverse, we’re ready to take the next step in our march towards launch — via our first official Lords of Light Tournament. It’s only fitting that our first RTLOL tournament be an Alpha player exclusive — these supporters have not only been active and loyal community members, but have provided crucial, ongoing feedback as we develop this game. To our Alpha Testers: we can’t thank you enough, and we hope you enjoy this tourney just as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you! Let’s get into the details: — Let The Games Begin - Our players, dressed in full Swiss battle regalia. Our inaugural Lords of Light tournament will proceed as follows: Swiss tournament format, 4 rounds, Each round will be decided by best-of-three, Each player will need to register two unique decks — 🌈 please read full deck-building restrictions here 🦄, Each best-of-three round will end when one player has won two games total — one game with each deck, will be used to manage the tournam...

What’s New in the Rainiverse — November Updates

What’s New in the Rainiverse — November Updates - — We’ve been hard at work, and have got plenty to share — partnerships, giveaways, contests, and more. Let’s blast through the latest!. — Our Medium writer hard at work. This time, we’re going for the Guinness World Record for subheadings in a blog post — current record is five, right? — Kanpai Pandas Giveaway — Part 1 Completed! - Our giveaway with Kanpai Pandas has officially come to an end, and all prize recipients have been notified via email. Congrats to all the winners! 🎉 Please note: winners will receive their card via airdrop prior to our second pack drop. If you missed out on this one, no worries — everyone will have another opportunity to win an RTLOL Kanpai card and/or Kanpai Pandas NFT. 🐼 Just get your Lords of Light decks ready and practice plenty for the upcoming Kanpai RTLOL Tournament; details coming soon. 👀 — An Expanding Rainiverse — New Hires - Bloody hell mate, someone get this man some horse tranquilizer. As we move towards an eventful next few months, we’ve brought more help on board to further solidify our foundation heading into the new year. Recent hires include: our new Chief Marketing Officer from one of Animoca’s most respected game studios, two new Senior Game Developers, the return of one of our most knowledgeable and creative Senior Game Designers, AlCaTrAz...

We’ve Got Big News.

Rainians, your patience has been rewarded. Months of steady progress behind the scenes is on the verge of becoming a full-blown avalanche — literally.. — In crypto — as with most things consumer-related — hype and substance have a curious relationship. Truthfully, they need each other — if your project only hits on one of the two? Well, you’re not going to have a project for very long. Your product has to be legit, and you’ve got to let the people know about it. Doing the latter efficiently and effectively mid-bear market is easier said than done. At Raini, we’ve taken the time-tested approach of working hard at steadying our long-term foundation — building Lords of Light into the best online card game in existence, paying close attention to the evolution of the Raini ecosystem and tokenomics, and securing substantial funding and partnerships behind the scenes. While it’s true much of this work has taken place in the shadows, what is done in the dark must eventually come to light (we are, after all, the Lords of Light).Dark to light, Lords of Light — good one guys. Who’s writing this stuff? We could wax philosophical all day, but you guys have waited long enough — let’s get to it. — Raini’s newest investor is… - — …Ava Labs, founders of Avalanche! - So how’d this come about? We’d already decided to launch Raini: The Lords of Light (RTLOL f...

Raini: The Lords of Light — Project Updates

There’s no two ways about it, it’s been a long year for all of us. After a furious 2021 bull market, 2022 brought the bear out of hibernation. The days of going full degen into whatever new launch hit crypto Twitter and getting nothing but green candles came to screeching halt. Cue Bobo: But no matter, high quality projects see bear markets as an opportunity to hunker down and build — and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing here at Raini all year. Our focus has been simple — build the best TCG on the market today. And with that in mind, we’ve got some big updates coming down the pipeline to close the year out strong! With the next phase of RTLOL game testing fast approaching, we’ve very excited to share exactly where we’re at and what’s next for our flagship product. As you all know, we’re constantly looking to improve Lords of Light, and we rely heavily on you — the Raini community — for feedback on building this thing. But before we get to those RTLOL updates, we’d like to share another piece of major news for anyone who may have missed it. — Kanpai Pandaship - We have officially partnered up with Kanpai Pandas, a collection of 10,000 stylistically curated hand-drawn NFTs that exist on the Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, AVAX, Fantom, Arbitrum and Optimism chains. One of the project leads for Kanpai Pandas is our very own OG Rainian, Ice Bagz. The collection minted out in Sept...

Raini: The Lords of Light — August Roundup

Raini: The Lords of Light — August Roundup - Standing still while the world moves forward is effectively the same as going backwards. With this in mind, the Raini team gets to work every day and focuses hard on making our exciting trading card game, The Lords of Light, better and better. With real life getting in the way, even the most involved players and community members might miss some of the cool stuff that’s happening in the development of RTLOL… but don’t worry — we got you, fam. This article will cover everything you need to know about the latest game changes. — Some highlights - First things first, we’ll start with some highlights of the newest additions to the game. Most additions have been added to improve the quality of the game and make it function better: Mulligan feature: with this feature,x players can select cards in their opening hand and replace them with new ones, drawn from the deck., Spell Cancel feature: players may now cancel targeted spells., Phoenix on death fx: with the new update, a dying phoenix has a brand-new video and audio effect, which triggers as it is returned to the players’ hand., Ivan On Play Animation (OPA): Upon playing Ivan, a new animation will play, paired with an accompanying audio., Portal audio effects: an audio effect has been added to accompany the visual of a portal opening at the start of a turn, and closing after a card has been staked., NE...

Community Alpha Next Week!

Soon, young Padawan. The macro economy and broader markets may be gloomy, but Raini is powering along behind the scenes; determined to produce one of the best games to ever grace the blockchain — Raini: The Lords of Light. After a successful (and incredibly busy) month of Phase 1 Alpha testing and bug squishing, we are excited to announce that we’re now ready to intake the first tranche of community Alpha testers as part of our Phase 2 Alpha rollout! We will initially be whitelisting around 30 community members by the end of next week — keep an eye out for an email or DM, as we will be contacting selected participants by mid-next-week at the latest. If you miss out on a first tranche invitation, don’t worry — we’ll be adding more of you to the Phase 2 alpha very soon. We want to ensure that we progressively scale up infrastructure load, and continue with balancing iteration as we go. If you haven’t applied yet, it’s not too late — simply fill out the Google Form here and you’ll be in the running for a position as early as the second tranche!Mindsphers & Artkin AMA After having to miss the last AMA due to an unfortunate bout of Covid, Mindspheres has now fully recovered and is ready to answer all of your burning questions. Artkin and Mindspheres will be hosting a twitter space on Friday, 8th July, at 1pm UTC — so ...

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