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QUICK Price:
$1.6 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$60.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #QUICK today is $60.61 USD.

The lowest QUICK price for this period was $0, the highest was $60.61, and the current live price for one QUICK coin is $60.60772.

The all-time high QUICK coin price was $1,656.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of QUICK with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Quickswap is #QUICK.

Quickswap is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Quickswap is $60,607,718.

Quickswap is ranked #277 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #QUICK.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Quickswap is $1,603,311.


The circulating supply of QUICK is 1,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Quickswap is it's unusually low supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


QUICK is a token on the Polygon PoS blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the QUICK Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


QUICK is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 12 crypto exchanges.

View #QUICK trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #QUICK purchase.



QuickSwap Governance Proposal: Should We Feature a Gaming Hub Powered by VersaGames?

After a few days of discussion in our Reddit forum and across social media platforms, we’re happy to see that the community is as excited as we are about featuring a gaming hub. Thus, we will move forward with a governance vote: Should we feature a gaming hub powered by VersaGames? — TL; DR: - On October 3rd, we opened a discussion forum asking our community if QuickSwap should feature a gaming hub powered by VersaGames, Our hope is that a featured gaming hub will boost community engagement, enhance QuickSwap’s broader market appeal, and increase revenue for both QUICK stakers and the QuickSwap Foundation, QuickSwap’s community has shown undeniable support for the gaming hub, which is why we are not moving forward with the governance vote, The snapshot for the vote will take place on Monday, October 3rd, The vote will begin immediately after the snapshot and will run until Friday, October 7th, If the community votes in favor, QuickSwap and VersaGames will launch the gaming hub on Friday, October 14th, Details about voting eligibility, and how to participate in QuickSwap’s upcoming governance vote follow, — Background Information - For more information about how the gaming hub would work, please review our governance discussion blog on the matter here. After you’ve done that, visit our Reddit discussion forum for more information. Overall, very few community members have chimed in to say anything abo...

QuickSwap Governance Discussion: Should We Feature a Gaming Hub Powered by VersaGames?

In 2022, the crypto community stands in unanimous agreement: blockchain gaming is poised to play a major role in catalyzing the adoption of the blockchain ecosystems and the native digital assets they support. We’ve already seen Axie Infinity players in Southeast Asia using their monthly earnings to support their families, and that’s just the beginning. As a project that’s been consistently on-trend and ahead of the curve, QuickSwap is eager to get a foothold in the rapidly growing blockchain gaming sector by featuring a one-stop gaming hub where the Polygon community can come together to explore all the latest web3 games. After examining a series of potential opportunities, we would like to present the most promising opportunity to add value to the QuickSwap and Polygon communities: featuring a Gaming Hub powered by VersaGames. — TL; DR: - Before you take the deep-dive, here’s a rundown of the key facts and figures: First and foremost, QuickSwap is positioning itself to become a one-stop shop for the entire Polygon community — that means covering their interests, demands, and more., VersaGames intends to build the community-focused web3 counterpart to the online gaming hub Steam has built in the web2 and traditional gaming space., Our intention is to open a discussion centered on joining forces with VersaGames and Polygon Studios to bring a gaming hub to QuickSwap., A featured gaming hub offers many pot...

Introducing QuickSwap’s Banner Ads & How to Advertise

On Monday, August 1st, 2022, QuickSwap’s community voted in favor of QuickSwap featuring tasteful banner ads to increase the foundation’s revenue. We’re so grateful for your vote of confidence and thank you for helping us fund development and operations costs during a bear market. Ads are now live on our main UI. If you’re interested in reaching QuickSwap’s 10–15k daily active users, please review our advertising packages below. Then, send an email to with the subject header “I want to advertise on QuickSwap”. We accept payment in MATIC, wETH, wBTC, and stables. For details on our syrup only option, please contact Alexi. Due to current market conditions, we are offering a 30–50% discount on all advertising, depending on the package and situation. — Bundle Pricing - — Tier 1 Advertisements — $9.5k/month - Tier 1 advertisements are on QuickSwap’s most visited pages in optimal positions. — Swap. — — Dragon’s Lair. — — Farm. — — Farm — for Syrup Only. — — Analytics. — — Tier 2 Advertisements — $4.5k/month - Tier 2 advertisements are on pages that reach fewer visitors. They are still optimally positioned for maximum engagement. — Pool. — — Dragon’s Lair. — — Lend — Coming Soon. — — Guidelines for advertisers - In accordance with our...

Armadillo Offers Impermanent Loss (IL) Protection on QuickSwap’s V2

Armadillo is offering optional insurance to protect QuickSwap liquidity providers (LPs) from Impermanent Loss (IL). As a special promotion, Armadillo is allowing QuickSwap’s LPs to try it for free for up to $1k and offering a 10% discount on the total value for those who want to try it out for larger LP positions. — TL; DR: - Liquidity providers risk IL when they provide liquidity for a DEX, Meanwhile, DEX users rely on LPs to trade their favorite assets, CVI offers Armadillo insurance to protect LPs from IL, QuickSwap is making this product available to LPs who want to try it out, Armadillo will provide up to $1k in free protection and a 10% discount after that, along with a free NFT for QuickSwap’s users who opt in, This promotional offer is available for 1 month, from today, September 21, 2022 — October 21, 2022, This insurance is available only for select pairs on V2, The Armadillo team is developing models for V3 and plans to add them in the near future, Read more about it below, then join the Twitter Spaces today (9/21) at 15:00 UTC (8 am PDT) to ask the team anything you what to know, Please note: QuickSwap does not manage or endorse this product. We always encourage users to do their own research and take responsibility for their financial decisions, — What’s This? - In volatile market conditions, liquidity providers face an increased risk of impermanent loss. Sometimes this results i...

QuickSwap Upgrades Predictions Market with Bhavish Finance

QuickSwap partnered with Bhavish Finance to upgrade our predictions market. In June, QuickSwap’s community voted to feature a predictions market built by PRDT Finance. While some of our users enjoyed playing the “up/down game”, others wanted more advanced features and the opportunity to wager on more than just bitcoin. Further, the previous iteration of our predictions market generated far less revenue than we anticipated. We wanted to increase revenue for QUICK stakers and the QuickSwap Foundation, which is why we decided to work with Bhavish Finance. That said, fee distribution will work almost exactly as with our previous predictions market partner. — Fee Distribution. — Upon placing a wager with Bhavish Finance, the user pays a 2.5% fee regardless of the outcome. For the first three months Bhavish is operating, The fees will be split as follows: 43.37% of the fees will be used to market buy QUICK and distribute to New QUICK stakers in the New Dragon’s Lair, 21.67% will go to the QuickSwap Foundation, which we use to fund our development and operations, 35% will go to Bhavish Finance for building and maintaining the market, After three months, when we hope volume has increased, the fees will be split as follows: 40% of the fees collected will go to Bhavish Finance for building and maintaining the market, 40% of the fees collected will be used to market buy QUICK and distribute to stakers in the ...

How to Use QuickSwap’s V3 on Polygon: Swap, LP, & Farm!

In June 2022, our community of Dragons voted in favor of acquiring an exclusive license to operate Algebra’s V3 concentrated liquidity model on our DEX. You can find all the details here: “Let’s Do Algebra on QuickSwap.” The first QuickSwap V3 was already deployed on Dogechain. We are now ready to release it on Polygon. Although we’ve already had the codebase extensively audited, we are launching in beta on Polygon to ensure the platform’s security. We are running a $100k bug bounty for detecting and privately reporting any vulnerabilities pertaining to our V3 smart contracts. Read more about that here. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about how to swap, provide liquidity, and farm on QuickSwap’s V3 on Polygon. Ready, set, go! Access our V3 beta at Disclaimer: We’re striving to bring the best possible V3 platform to our community. That’s why we’re constantly testing the platform. While doing so, users might observe some inconsistencies between input prices and asset labels. Please have patience and try again! As always, there is no need to worry. Your funds are safe, and the minor issues you might encounter are in regard to the UI. — QuickSwap V3 is different than QuickSwap V2 - Firstly, let’s make sure you understand the main differences between the two versions and how they may affect your liquidity — because it’s quite different, and yo...

$100k Bug Bounty for QuickSwap’s V3 Beta: Dragons Eat Bugs

QuickSwap is offering up to $100,000 to users who detect and privately report any vulnerabilities pertaining to our V3 smart contracts. — TL;DR: - After months of testing, auditing, and developing, QuickSwap launched our implementation of Algebra’s V3 concentrated liquidity model, V3 will be usable on our beta UI very soon, This bug bounty will run from when it goes live until we launch V3 on our mainnet, QuickSwap’s bounty (paid in New QUICK) is open to anyone who finds a security vulnerability related to our V3 smart contracts and reports it privately, All rewards are the team’s discretion, To report a bug, please fill out this form with as much detailed information as possible, — QuickSwap’s V3 Beta - Even though we had Algebra’s V3 codebase extensively audited, we want to take extra measures to ensure user security. That’s why we’re inviting security auditors to help us find any bugs or vulnerabilities in our smart contracts. When the beta launches, you can access it here: — Timeline & Rewards - This bug bounty will run from now until we launch our V3 on mainnet — expected within the next month. Rewards are only for vulnerabilities that relate to smart contracts. All rewards are subject to the team’s discretion. Rewards will be paid in New QUICK tokens on the Polygon Network in varying increments depending on the extent of the vulnerability detecte...

QuickSwap’s V3 Beta Goes Live on Monday, September 12th

At long last, the house of the dragons reigns supreme again. After several months of working on the integration and testing our V3 on Dogechain, we are finally ready to launch the beta of Algebra’s V3 Concentrated Liquidity model on QuickSwap’s primary chain — Polygon. Our V3 beta will be live on Monday, September 12th. That’s very exciting, but there are a few things you need to know first. — TL; DR: - QuickSwap’s V3 beta will launch on Polygon on Monday, September 12, 2022., The New Dragon’s Lair, for New $QUICK staking, will open a few days later, but conversion and distribution will not begin immediately., The Old Dragon’s Lair, for Old $QUICK staking, will continue to earn a portion of V2 trading fees until our V3 reaches $1 million in daily volume., We will begin several new liquidity mining rewards pools to incentivize LPs on V3., Those rewards pools will pay out in New dQUICK., We will begin the process of moving LP rewards to our V3. LPs for V2 pairs will continue earning a portion of the pairs’ V2 trading volume., We will release a more detailed guide of how to use our V3 on Polygon with its launch., We are offering up to a $100k bug bounty for the discovery of bugs related to our smart contracts only. This bounty will expire when we launch our V3 on mainnet., — The Dragon’s Lair — $QUICK Staking - — New QUICK Staking. — Ever since our community voted to...

How to Provide Liquidity on Quickswap’s V3 Dogechain Extension: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hello, Dragons from all corners of the cryptoverse! Welcome to QuickSwap and Algebra’s V3 on Dogechain. We’re here to help you start exploring the Dogechain universe. As we excitedly announced in June 2022 — QuickSwap recently acquired an exclusive license to operate Algebra’s superb V3 concentrated liquidity model on Polygon and Polygon-enabled chains. With both audits now complete, QuickSwap is getting very close to implementing our V3 on Polygon. Still, before we do, we wanted to do some testing. Dogechain — a Polygon Edge chain — provided the perfect opportunity. In mid-August, our community voted to launch a bare-bones version of the QuickSwap/Algebra V3 on Dogechain, so we did. Since launching on Dogechain, volumes have spiked, and activity is at a new high during a bear market. Since we’ve already launched a few liquidity pools on QuickSwap’s Dogechain extension, we’ll go through the necessary steps to provide liquidity. With every new platform comes a learning curve, but you’ll become a DogeDragon master in no time. HINT: DogeDragon (DD) is QuickSwap’s meme token that we use for liquidity mining incentives on Dogechain. But enough with the talk about meme coins, blockchain, and tokens. Before diving into this step-by-step tutorial, let’s clarify the main differentiators and risks for LPs using a V3. — How is QuickSwap V3 different from V2? - As you’ve already noticed, th...

How to Bridge New QUICK from Polygon to Dogechain Using the Multichain Bridge

Hello Dragons, Dragonites, Doges, DogeDragons, and anyone else who is reading. With QuickSwap’s recent launch of our V3 on Dogechain and our new incentivized pools, many users are asking how to bridge their QUICK from Polygon to Dogechain to provide liquidity for an incentivized pair and earn QuickSwap’s meme token DragonDoge — DD. That’s why we created this easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial to show you how. Please note: The creation of this tutorial doesn’t mean we think you should bridge your funds to Dogechain, nor is it an endorsement of Multichain’s cross-chain bridge. Bridges are the most common vector of attack in DeFi. Further, Dogechain is a new chain. Readers should always do their own research and only take risks when they’re willing to accept the potential consequences. — Step-by-step tutorial - For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using the MetaMask Wallet because it’s the most common. The steps should be nearly identical for all other compatible wallets. We’ll also be bridging QUICK, but the process is the same regardless of which asset you’re bridging. — Step 1: Connect your wallet. — Visit to get started. Then, click “Enter App” in the upper right hand corner. A new tab will open. Select “Connect to a wallet”. Then, choose yours from the list, and approve the transaction from your wallet. — Step 2: Transfer Funds. — ...


Bitcoin Miners Pocketed Quick Profit by Selling Nearly 6K BTC Amid Recen...

    It has been a tough year for crypto miners who had to sell their coins to cover their costs and fund expansion as well as for the repayment of debts. But this trend appears to be continuing into the third quarter of the year for some. Bitcoin price successfully broke out before facing rejection near the $25,000 level. Since then, it has been on a downtrend. This has resulted in mounting sell pressure on Bitcoin miners. However, during the brief upswing in early August, they managed to book some profits by selling their tokens. According to the Glassnode data shared by popular trader Ali Martinez, nearly 6,000 BTC were offloaded by miners of the network in the last two weeks. As per the price level during the selling time, the sold BTC was worth around $142 million. #Bitcoin miners appear to have taken advantage of the recent upswing to book profits. Data shows that miners sold 5,925 $BTC in the last two weeks, worth roughly $142 million. — Ali Martinez (@ali_charts) August 19, 2022 Due to the collapse of cryptocurrency prices this year, Bitcoin miners have been pushed into a tight spot even as the network hash rate remained mostly above 190 Eh/s over the last several months and briefly broke into an ATH. Big mining rigs weren't spared either. The top three Bitcoin mining companies being traded on the US stock market reportedly shed over $1 billion in Q2 2022. Quarterly earnings reports of Core Scientific Inc., Marathon Digital Holdings In... read More

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Holding This Range Can Lead a Quick Move Towards...

    After getting rejected from the $24K sentimental resistance area three times, the Bitcoin price finally broke the threshold, forming higher highs and lows on the daily chart. Can buyers expect to see the $27K level reached next? Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart The weekly candle is closing tonight (Sunday's midnight UTC), and if Bitcoin successfully closes above the $24K level, a rally toward the $27K region will be likely. However, the 100-day moving average - a key support-resistance line - currently stands at roughly $25K, which is the current 2-month high set earlier today. Nevertheless, the multi-month descending trendline and the $27K level will be the next major barriers for the primary cryptocurrency’s path in case of a successful breakout of the 100-day moving average line. The 4-Hour Chart As stated in our previous analysis, a healthy rally is always accompanied by short to mid-term correction stages. The price typically experiences a 50% - 61.8% correction during these correction phases. These corrections are referred to as conventional Fibonacci retracement levels. The Fibonacci retracement’s 0.5 and 0.618 levels often serve as significant resistances for the price. As of this writing, BTC has reached Fibonacci’s 0.5 level (approximately $25K). If Bitcoin successfully exceeds the threshold, the 0.618 level (at around $27K) will be a reachable target. Conversely, bearish momentum would probably return if it fails to break the 0.5 Fib ... read More

Crypto Quick Look: BTC Touches $42,000, ETH Notches 10-Day Peak

    The crypto market was mostly in the green territory on Thursday, with Bitcoin recovering all of the previous day's losses and even surged to a 10-day high beyond the $42,000 level. Bitcoin was trading at $42,484.88, up 3% in the last seven days, data from Coingecko show. Ethereum followed suit with a similar local high, but the majority of the crypto market remained in the green on a daily basis. Following yesterday's bounce, bulls continued to push prices higher. BTC surpassed the $42K mark after breaking over a critical resistance point, while ETH also surpassed its own $3,150 ceiling after temporarily dropping below $3K earlier in the week. Suggested Reading | Bitcoin Bounces Back Past $40,000, But May Struggle To Maintain Position Bitcoin has recaptured the critical $42K milestone following a week in which the price fell as low as $38,000. This robust performance and the steady price advances signal the possibility of a new bull run in the coming days. Robust Performance For Bitcoin The cryptocurrency achieved another minor milestone in the last 24 hours, surpassing the January 2021 all-time high of $42,000 for the first time since April 11. As of this writing, it is slightly below that threshold, with a market valuation approaching $800 billion. If Bitcoin's momentum finally reverses, market analysts may begin to see an influx of bulls, perhaps pushing price towards the impending resistance level of $42,700. Crypto total market cap at $1.92 trillion on the daily chart |... read More

Why QuickSwap Will Split Token After Community Vote, QUICK Rises By 30%

    The QuickSwap community has decided to split the platform’s native token, QUICK. QUICK has seen its largest profits, on low timeframes on March 19 and 20, as the community inclined to split the token in 1:1000 proportion. QUICK with bullish momentum on the daily chart. Source: QUICKUSDT Tradingview Via their official Twitter handle, QuickSwap reported that the token split by 1:1000 was approved by 84% of the participants. Previously, the project asked the community if they wanted to split QUICK at all. At that time, 93% of the users voted yes to the token split event. On their different social media platform, the team behind the project and several community members began a heated debate to determine the potential benefits and trade-offs for this token split. QUICK’s total supply will growth from 1 million tokens to 1 billion tokens. Conversely, the price of the token will be reduced but token holders will preserve their investment value. They will hold more QUICK as a consequence of the process. The team behind the project said: Increasing QUICK’s maximum supply will reduce the asset’s price per unit, making it more appealing to crypto enthusiasts who compare QUICK to other DEX tokens without considering supply. This event is aimed at increasing QuickSwap’s levels of adoption as the token will become more accessible for retail investors. The team behind the project added: We've submitted our conversion contract to external auditors. When they a... read More

QuickSwap Asks The Community, To Split or Not to Split QUICK Token?

    Decentralized exchange running on Polygon, QuickSwap has officially begun a voting process regarding QUICK. The latter will be decided in posterior voting if the community decides to approve the event at all. In that sense, the current voting process began on March 12, with a snapshot, and will be closed on March 17. QUICK holders will only need to answer one question: Should QuickSwap do a token split to make QUICK more appealing? The team behind the DEX has called this process one of the most, if not the most, important governance decisions to date. There is apparently a lot of support for the split, but a portion of QUICK holders have expressed their concerns. 4/ Those who are opposed to the token split have expressed their concerns & addressed them with the team, including co-founder @CryptoRocky who sure knows how to take a punch — QuickSwap (@QuickswapDEX) March 5, 2022 The proponents of this proposal believe QUICK is “undervalued” when compared to other decentralized exchange tokens.  As seen below, the total market of UNI, 1INCH, CAKE, SUSHI, DYDX, and other similar platforms sometimes stands at billions. A much larger supply than QUICK’s. Source: QuickSwap via Medium As the chart also shows, tokens with greater supplies than QUICK have also seen an important positive performance. DYDX and JOE, the tokens for dYdX and TraderJoe, respectively, recorded a +400% and as much as +1,700% profits. It is unclear if Qu... read More

Polygon's QuickSwap Considers Token Split, Why It Could Be Bullish...

    On a positive trajectory over the last 24 hours and moving along with the general sentiment in the market, Polygon decentralize exchange (DEX) QuickSwap could boost its fundamentals. This process is critical, and could precede a voting on the token split, depending on its result. The main argument behind the proposal is supported by the potential expansion of the Polygon token, QUICK, supply. The project is currently planning changes on its tokenomics. A change in QUICK’s supply stands as the first and one of the most important. If approve, the community will vote on possibly splitting the Polygon token on a 1:100 or 1:1,000 relation. The team behind QuickSwap clarified the following: This would mean that for every 1 QUICK you now hold, you would hold 100 QUICK or 1000 QUICK after the split. QUICK’s maximum supply would increase from 1 million to 100 million or 1 billion. The split would attempt to “open up” QuickSwap to new users, particularly those with intention to invest but that consider QUICK “too expensive” or with “small chances” of future appreciation. The proposal has managed to secure support from a portion of QUICK holders, others remain skeptical. 5/ One concern is that the split could be deemed a taxable event We know how much dragons value their treasure & wouldn't want you to part with yours We aren't tax experts & can't give tax advice, but stock splits aren't taxable events & token splits shoul... read More

Bitcoin Price Quick Look: Profit Taking Affects Current Market Movements

    The Bitcoin price range has become significantly more subtle over the last several months as it has grown in popularity as a cryptocurrency. It is currently valued at $42,398.83 as of Sunday. On Saturday, the BTC/USD exchange rate increased by 7.07%. Bitcoin ended the day at $42 414, up 3.54% from Wednesday's low. According to analysts, investors are in profit taking mode this week, rapidly eroding daily gains and capping the market at around the 45K level. Bitcoin fell to an intraday low of $43,917.4 Saturday morning before recovering. Late in the day, a new high of $48,598 was set, surpassing the previous high of $43,284 set earlier in the day. Despite concerns about the global economy and rising inflation, investors are attracted to Bitcoin's (BTC) price movement. Quick Bitcoin Price Analysis Bitcoin would have to avoid a break below the pivot level of $45,841 in order to activate the first major resistance level at $48,765. The crypto would require broad market support to break out of this new swing high of $48,945. Don’t Forget About Crypto Taxes The world's most popular crypto would require broad market support in order to overcome the recent swing high of $48,945. The first critical barrier level and resistance at $50,000 is likely to prevent further gains until crypto assets experience a sustained rise. In the event of a prolonged crypto rally, Bitcoin may test the second major resistance level at $51,522. If the pivot point at $46,841 i... read More

QuickSwap Soars 7% After Partnering With CelsiusX, More Gains Ahead?

    Largest decentralized exchange on Polygon, QuickSwap recently announced a cooperation With CelsiusX. The DeFi arm of Celsius, the decentralized financial services network founded by Alex Mashinsky, the partners are set to bring more liquidity and create yield opportunities for users on the sector. Related Reading | Celsius CEO: “Elon Is A Tourist In Crypto” The partnership also aids to onboard more users, from retail investors to institutions, into DeFi. In order to achieve this objective, CelsiuX will offer 2 popular cryptocurrencies, Cardano (ADA) and Dogecoin (DOGE), with a low presence on Polygon and will provide more liquidity for Ethereum (ETH). These cryptocurrencies will be available on QuickSwap as synthetic versions called cxADA, cxDOGE, cxETH. Per an official post, these tokens have low to non-existent liquidity for traders on Polygon. The partnership will seek to meet such a demand. Dogecoin (DOGE) has seen a massive rally from its lows below $0.010 in 2021 to an all-time high above $0.70. The cryptocurrency has been promoted by heavily influential personalities in business, such as Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, and it’s a symbol of the “GameStop Movement”. In the meantime, Cardano rose on the back of its large community and their bet that the network will become an Ethereum killer project one its DeFi ecosystem matures. Cardano introduced DeFi capabilities back in 2021 after successfully completing tree Hard Fork Combinator events. Both ... read More

??GensoKishi Online's MV (Metaverse) Token to Be Listed on QuickSw...

    PRESS RELEASE. GensoKishi is pleased to announce that the MV (Metaverse) token has been listed on QuickSwap (a decentralized exchange) at 10:00 UTC on January 29, 2022. GENSOKISHI Online, is a GameFi project that evolves from an award winning Nintendo Switch/PS4 game called 'Elemental Knights', that has been vigorously played for 13 years and has accumulated a total of 8 million downloads worldwide. GensoKishi already has a 3DMMORPG game with active users, with a fully-functioning 3D metaverse, that simultaneously connects users from around the world, be it smartphones, PCs, or video game consoles. What is QuickSwap (Decentralized Exchange/DEX)? QuickSwap is a decentralized exchange based on the Polygon Network. Unlike centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges are characterized by the absence of an intermediary or administrator, have lower fees, and no need for identity verification. In addition, instead of traders exchanging currencies with each other, they let smart contracts act as intermediaries to complete trading, resulting in faster order processing. About the MV tokens to be listed on QuickSwap The contract address for MV (Polygon) on QuickSwap is as follows: 0xA3c322Ad15218fBFAEd26bA7f616249f7705D945 What is the MV (Metaverse) Token? 'MV (Metaverse)' is the name of the token that will be used outside of the game to make up the metaverse. Owning MV tokens will give users various rights and privileges inside and outside of the game. Very soon, users will be able t... read More

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