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QTUM Price:
$19.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #QTUM today is $2.24 USD.

The lowest QTUM price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.24, and the exact current price of one QTUM crypto coin is $2.24223.

The all-time high QTUM coin price was $107.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of QTUM with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Qtum is also #QTUM.

Qtum is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Qtum is $234,170,120.

Qtum is ranked #125 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #QTUM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Qtum is $19,498,603.


The circulating supply of QTUM is 104,436,185 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


QTUM is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 40 crypto exchanges.

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October Community & Development Update

Qtum’s October was highlighted by metaverse and layer-2 projects. Plus, we also increased our presence with the CoinMarketCap Community! However, before we get into all this, let’s start with our staking results. — October 2022 Staking Results - ● Total Unique Staking Addresses: 1,397 ● Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 289 ● Total Unique Super Stakers: 24 ● QTUM Awarded to Stakers: 41,849 — Community Pulse - We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month. — Topic Contest - The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers for this contest. #1 Eigs#8867 on Qtum community “I’m sure the Qtum community really makes itself felt everywhere and is very supportive. I think Qtum is in a great organization in terms of development updates, constant notification of members, and getting people introduced to this project in a variety of ways. I can observe that Qtum is improving day by day. As members of this community, information is transferred from all kinds of places so that we can be informed of the necessary information and updates, this is a good situation thank you qtum team.” #2 julian888#...

September Community & Development Update

Qtum celebrated its 5th anniversary on September 13, 2022! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and will continue to support us in our journey. Let’s find out what all the team was up to in September, starting with our staking results. — September 2022 Staking Results - Total Unique Staker Addresses: 1,352, Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 278, Total Unique Super Stakers: 23, QTUM Awarded to Stakers: 40,498.5, — Community Pulse - We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month. — Topic Contest - The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers for this contest. #1 NINja#7039 on PoS vs PoW Overall I think proof of stake is better than proof of work because from what I understand it is a lot faster to complete transactions and it also a lot cheaper because it consumes less power in the process of validation Topic #1: I welcome the Janus project on the Qtum blockchain. I believe that any project that makes it easier to interact with other blockchains would be beneficial and increase greatly the awareness of the awesome Quantum Blockchain. I want to see more bridging dapps #2 sophiaa00#9750 on ...

Into the FastLane

The FastLane hard fork was implemented on mainnet block 845,000 on April 30, 2021, at 5:30 am GMT. Due to the fork, the Qtum’s block spacing got slashed from 128 seconds to 32 seconds. This upgrade didn’t create a new coin since it was only used to update features on the blockchain. — Speeding up Qtum - Speeding up the protocol happened via the following four upgrades: — Upgrade #1: Slashing the block spacing - As mentioned above, the Fastlane fork’s biggest change was the slashing of the average block spacing from 128 seconds to 32 seconds. In addition, the following parameters were adjusted as a result of the reduction in block spacing: Daily block production went up from 675 to 2,700., The expected time to block reward also dropped by 4., The block size dropped by 4, maintaining the theoretical transactions per second at around 70 TPS., — Upgrade #2: Changing the difficulty adjustment algorithm - The difficulty adjustment algorithm for Qtum was adjusted to ensure that the block spacing remains an average of 32 seconds after the speed was increased. — Upgrade #3: Modifying the block reward - The block reward was dropped from 4 QTUM to 1 QTUM. This ensured that the number of newly minted QTUM produced by the network before and after the upgrade remained constant. Not reducing the block reward would have made the system increasingly inflationary. Also, smaller stakers will see block rewar...

August Community & Development Updates

August Community & Development Update - Since the beginning of 2022, Qtum has been extremely busy with various conferences. In August, the team decided to take a break from attending these conferences and focus solely on protocol development and community engagement. Let’s start with our staking results. — August 2022 Staking Results - Total Unique Stakers: 1,448, Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 269, Total Unique Super Stakers: 24, QTUM Awarded to Stakers: 41,848.5, — Community Pulse - We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month. — Topic Contest - The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers for this contest. #1 cryptod321#1900 on web3 wallet likes and dislikes “The web3 wallet that I like the most is the simple but classy one, has various features and is also connected to all blockchain networks, and what I don’t like about the web3 wallet is that it doesn’t have access to other networks, the web3 wallet must support at least 2 or more networks because web3 is the future and next generation of web2.” #2 Balkesh6025 ⓠ#1525 on the Crypto Canvas “I was in the group on Canv...

Qtum Successfully Combines Taproot With EVM

Qtum combines Bitcoin’s security with Ethereum’s programmability in one platform. One of the most exciting aspects of Qtum is that users can enjoy both Bitcoin and Ethereum updates. One of these new updates happens to Bitcoin’s Taproot. — What is Bitcoin Taproot? - Taproot may go down as one of the most significant upgrades in Bitcoin’s history, along with SegWit. Taproot aims to improve the privacy and efficiency of the Bitcoin network significantly. It will also simplify the creation and execution of smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain, paving the way for Bitcoin DeFi. On 21st June 2021, Bitcoin miners signaled their support for Taproot. The upgrade officially happened via a soft fork at block 709,632 on 14th November 2021. — So, what does Taproot do? - Taproot is the collective name given to three different upgrades: BIP 340: Schnorr Signatures, BIP 341: Taproot, BIP 342: Tapscript, BIP 340: Schnorr Signatures Schnorr signatures help improve overall Bitcoin scalability by implementing smaller, more secure, and flexible cryptographic signatures. Instead of the blockchain recording all its participants’ public keys and signatures, Schnorr will now empower the protocol to store a single aggregated public key and a single aggregated signature. This will make the Bitcoin blockchain considerably lighter. BIP 341 — Taproot Taproot introduces Merklized Alternative Script Trees (MAST) to Bitcoi...

Crypto Canvas 3 Wrap Up

Qtum Chain Foundation’s Crypto Canvas 3 results with over 2,000 QTUM in awards are in! Crypto Canvas is an event created to educate community members on how to create a Qtum NFTs on the testnet. First, let’s take a look at the top 3: ● 1st place was awarded 350 QTUM Tweet ● 2nd place was awarded 175 QTUM Tweet ● 3rd place was awarded 75 QTUM Tweet Top 6 entries shared 200 QTUM in awards each week until the last week when the top 3 (links above) of event were chosen. Many commendable entries were submitted. Here is a highlight of some of the Qtum testnet NFTs created by community members around the world. — Fingerpainting Division - For Crypto Canvas 3, we decided to switch it up a bit. An extra Fingerpainting Division Qtum testnet NFTs where 200 QTUM were distributed to 7 entries at the end of the event. Crypto Canvas 3 ran for the length of 6 weeks starting on July 1, 2022, and ended on August 13, 2022. The NFTs were a mixture of original art, digital graphics, animations, finger paintings, and memes. A big thank you for everyone who participated in Crypto Canvas 3! We look forward to our next event where we will be beta testing the Qtum Qnekt web3 wallet in the near future. See you there! Crypto Canvas 3 Wrap Up was originally published in Qtum on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Web3athon Guide

Web3athon is a hyperlocal, 3-month-long virtual hackathon sponsored by Qtum, CoinDesk, and Crypto Research & Design Lab. The event started at Consensus 2022 on June 9th and will continue until September 1st. Coders, designers, community organizers, policymakers, economists, urban planners, and artists worldwide will gather to discuss potential innovative solutions to global problems. Below, you will find instructions on how to participate in the Web3athon.The phases of the hackathon The hackathon is composed of two phases:Idea submission phaseProject submission phaseIdeas submission phase The idea submission phase lasts from June 9th to August 7th. In this phase, your team will select one of the following five themes to choose from:Generational Wealth BuildingFinancial HealthDisaster Relief and ResponseEnvironmental Well-BeingSustainable Communities and Culture Once you have a fully fleshed-out idea, you will need to submit it here: To complete this part of the form, please select “ADD NEW IDEA.” Now, you can start putting in your idea pitch. There are certain questions you must use to guide your idea generation. They are:Is a problem being addressed?How did you arrive at your solution?What problem is it solving for people? What community is it tackling? Who benefits from this solution at large?What evidence can you provide that this solution is valuable for your target users?Which chain/chains you’re buil...

July Community & Development Updates

Qtum’s July was marked by two major events — GeckoCon and the hard fork. As always, let’s start with our July staking results.July 2022 Staking ResultsTotal Unique Stakers: 1,575Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 252Total Unique Super Stakers: 24QTUM Awarded to Stakers: 41,849.5Community Pulse We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month.Topic Contest The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers of this contest. #1 shetilka#9414 on being careful with NFTs We have to be very careful in the NFT field. Let’s list them under 3 main headings. 1. Artworks: The sole purpose of these NFTs is art. There are no uses. 2. In-game NFTs: With these NFTs, you can play games and earn tokens. It’s a small introduction to the world of the Metaverse. 3. NFTs created by influencers: These are the most dangerous parts. These NFTs have no use whatsoever. These NFTs have nothing to do with art. They sell completely useless NFTs to their community. When you buy an NFT, be sure to pay attention to what it will do. My favorite NFTs are those used in-game. #2 erlikwindsteel#2839 on interacting with the community Yes, I read ...

The Qtum RealmQtum’s Foray Into The GeckoCon Metaverse

Qtum’s Foray Into The GeckoCon Metaverse On July 14 & 15, 2022, Qtum attended CoinGecko’s GeckoCon. Coingecko is the world’s largest independent crypto data aggregator. GeckoCon’s main mission was to update users on how Web3 will empower the Decentralized Future. The most innovative facet of the conference was its location in the metaverse. Take a look at the booths below, including the Qtum team:Virtual booths Your assertion is correct, that is not some old-school RPG, that is GeckoCon in all its glory! We also had an entire space dedicated to us at GeckoCon. So, ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Qtum Realm!The Qtum Realm The Qtum section consisted of four main activities:Guarda wallet rewardsThe GeckCon treasure huntFashion show + live music from a DJ + live concertMiguel Palencia’s speechThe Qtum and Guarda Collaboration The Guarda wallet is one of Qtum’s most important and valuable partners. Every Guarda wallet owner could show their wallet in the Qtum realm and receive a reward of 2 QTUM. Users could show their wallets installed on their devices via their webcam. Then, wallet owners scanned a QR code to earn their reward.The Treasure Hunt Qtum also hosted a fun treasure hunt for all attendees. If anyone found the Qtum logo at GeckoLand, they received a chance to win a Qtum branded USB battery pack, T-shirt, or an NFT.The treasure huntFashion Show + Live MusicFashion Show and Live Music Qtu...

10 Days Until the Qtum Hard Fork

With only 10 days to complete the mandatory update of Qtum Core wallets for the hard fork on July 31st, all users of the Qtum Core Wallet should update to version 22.1 as soon as possible. The Qtum Mainnet hard fork will take place at block 2,080,512, approximately 8:40 pm GMT on July 31st (which may be on August 1st, depending on your time zone). The precise block height can me observed at Users of the Qtum Core Wallet, or operating the Qtum Core Wallet as a node or blockchain interface, must update to version 22.1 ( as soon as possible, then the new features for Taproot and evmone will be automatically activated at block #2,080,512. This mandatory update only applies to the Qtum Core Wallet, not any other types of Qtum wallets. This update will add Taproot/Schnorr signatures, a new Ethereum Virtual Machine evmone, and bug fixes. See the release notes at If users of the Qtum Core Wallet fail to update to version 22.1 before the hard fork they will temporarily lose control of their coins, and staking wallets will not receive mainnet block rewards. For recovery instructions (for a previous hard fork), see this blog and for a Q & A with more details about the hard fork see this blog. 10 Days Until the Qtum Hard Fork was originally publish...


Technical Analysis: GALA Climbs 16%, Qtum Leads Tuesday's Bulls

    GALA was one of Tuesday's big gainers, as cryptocurrency markets were once again trending upwards. Overall, the cryptocurrency market capitalization is around 4% higher as of writing. Biggest gainers On Tuesday, crypto markets were green across the board, as traders once again re-entered the marketplace following the uncertainty caused by the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Gala (GALA) was one of these bulls, climbing by as much as 16% earlier in the session, however it was qtum (QTUM) which led today's gainers. QTUM/USD, which was trading at a low of $6.33 on Monday, climbed to an intraday high of $8.15 earlier today. Today's move came as the price of QTUM rallied from support of $6.35, all the way towards resistance of $7.90 and beyond. However, as prices hit the recent ceiling, profit-takers began to liquidate their positions, which led to QTUM falling from its high. This came as price strength also found some resistance, with the 14-day RSI hitting its ceiling of 56, an area which has acted as a point of uncertainty in the past. Some bulls are likely to still remain in QTUM/USD, in hopes that a breakout of this resistance will take prices above $9. Biggest losers As the majority of the crypto top 100 was trading higher on Tuesday, finding a bear was no mean feat. Tuesday's biggest loser, relatively speaking, was symbol (XYM), which fell by close to 0.70% on the day. The price of XYM/USD, which hit a high of $0.1782 yesterday, fell to an intraday low of $0.1725... read More

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