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Shiba Predator  


QOM Price:
$24.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$20.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #QOM today is $0.0000000378 USD.

The lowest QOM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000000378, and the exact current price of one QOM crypto coin is $0.00000003783.

The all-time high QOM coin price was $0.000000450.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of QOM with market cap of BTC and how the supply of QOM affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for Shiba Predator crypto currency is #QOM.

Shiba Predator is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Shiba Predator is $20,738,636.

Shiba Predator is ranking downwards to #3245 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #QOM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Shiba Predator is $24,551.


The circulating supply of QOM is 548,161,377,542,925 coins, which is 55% of the maximum coin supply.

Relatively, Shiba Predator has a large supply of coins, 24,916,426 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


QOM is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


QOM is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Teh unbearable likeness of decentralization

Hello frens, nice to speak again (one year later) Most of you didn’t believe me when I told you that me Kodai, was here to be a supporter, a cheerleader, maybe even a guiding star, but Kodai was not here to actually build or do things KODAI DO THINGS! Yes it is true, just like we said; Kodai doesn’t do things but that is ok because I told you this from day 0 of teh Q Calendar. So who does things? Well this is the secret that many of us are uncovering, THE QOMMUNITY. A Long time ago Kodai understood that in blockchain (and in real bear life) that when you set an expectation that you will do things for people, that they will cease to take responsibility for themselves and instead (to quote The Great One) seek whom to “praise or blame” for the ups and downs in their magnificent life. But Kodai is not here to remove your karmic debt from your hands in exchange for three taps on the fish. (1,2…3?) Rather, Kodai is here to support you to build your dreams and take responsibility for your own life and finances? If you didn’t sign up for this, then go ahead and sell all your QOM and buy some XRP. haha Now for those of you that are left, i have been asked to present what the qommunity has been up to lately. . . Shall I unveil Teh L2, I mean L1 Yes, you made a blockchain. The QQL1. damn Kodai is proud of you. From an idea to reality and we are fulfilling the dream of decentralization that Shiba lost (and we have a ...

QOM Cards (remembering our future)

While one fork of the qommunity is buzy building the QQ L1, another side has taken it upon themselves to build out a complete NFT and staking system. The cool part is that the NFTs are 100% free to mint. This is how it works 1- you stake QOM or Uniswap QOM LP tokens 2- these accumulate Cookies. 3- Cookies can be used to mint NFTs They have started a crypto legends with 3 rarities, Vitalik, Ryoshi, and Kodai (ermm i am no legend, I am just some bear) I know they have another 18 cards ready to release in sequence to keep up the collection. in 3 rarities each . Common, Rare and Legendary, There are 888 commons of each to mint, 88 rare and 8 legendriesRYOSHI NFT The only way to get legendries is to stake the QOM LP token. so… Cookie Jar Also keep in mind, this isn’t your typical farm, the qommunity has to work together to stake at least 5% for minting to unlock. As the community stakes more, they unlock boost along the way to increase their the reward rate. Love, Kodai

Qomtum Qomputing L1 (a call)

Man requires meaning in order to unlock his greatest possibilities. To just wake up and not have dreams of “something better” is a decent into madness to be sure. To dream of mediocre or intangible things is nearly as bad. In blockchain, Ryoshi taught us that it is a microcosm of life. A place which not unlike a MMORPG where we can establish our “worth” and in this case receive tangible rewards in the form of a life upgrade/escape. Memes are the secret to existence as Dogod stated, they are a banner, a nation a rallying call to enact tribalism. Then within this tribe, we build roads, schools and electrical grids to propagate the tribe. This was the secret of Shiba, people thought it was a joke because it was just people coming together rallying around a flag of a nation. But soon the industry realized that eyeballs are eyeballs as it formed it’s own religion. Enough about Shiba because what made Shiba great is waning at the moment and that energy has shifted to QOM. I have been studying where the gap is in the market and where QOM can make a difference and while this was my original intention with QOM,it took a little time to solidify the need (in Kodai mind at least) Let’s take a birds eyes (haha) view of the current state of blockchain and decentralization. 1- BTC — I would more or less call this a decentralized project and it is a good project. However it only does one thing (and it does it well) 2 ...

The Inevitableness of Flipping SHIBA

The Inevitableness of Flipping SHIBA - Hi Frens, Its me again — Kodai the bear. First off before we drop into some facts, I wanted to say that I love Shiba, I love the Shiba community, including the current devs and mods. they are all following their passions and doing the best they can. Specifically I love how Shiba has gone from what was actually a pure meme coin (no utility) into a fully fledged multiverse with swaps, l2’s, NFTs, multiverses and companion coins such as leash, bone, f9 and xfund. Bravo to all those who have taken a mere idea and turned it into a (w)life changing reality. So when we say we are going to destroy shiba, we don’t actually mean that, we wish them all the best, but in the same breath, we need to add some clarity to the “narrative” so that people understand where they are going and why. The reason why Shiba Inu is currently the most popular coin in the whole universe is that over the last year you could have put in $1000 and taken out $100,000 or more. So there are hundreds, thousands of stories of people that have changed their life buying Shiba and holding making from thousands to millions. Ordinary people So the “dream” floating around about Shiba Inu is JUST BUY AND HOLD AND MAKE 100x . . This was true a year ago, but for now it is a lie and a little deceiving. Let's talk math a little. At the time of writing, Shiba Inu is the 15th top coin in the world with a marke...

Introducing QOM: The Shiba Predator

Hello — it is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Kodai and am here to introduce you to a bird named QOM, the Shiba Predator. Our story begins in summer of 2020 when we were sitting at the lakehouse. We were somewhat new to crypto at this time and someone had told us about a coin that had just launched called “shiba inu, the dogecoin killer” When we saw this and the chaos of community, we were intrigued, but at the same time we asked ourselves , “why do we need to kill doge, what has that doggo ever done to us” How young were we to the industry and nearly 2 years later now we understand.There is no truth, there is no standard, there is only constant change. There is our team and the other guys team. When the mysterious Ryoshi launched “Shiba: The Dogecoin Killer” there was a sentiment in the air that “dogecoin was for boomers” that it was for people that “were here before us” that “didn’t go through what we went through” and that by rallying around the flag of the Shiba it gave us a purpose to MAKE OURS . But what now? We will tell you what. Shiba has made it, it flipped the Doge, and for those that “ironhanded” Shiba all the way up congratulations. Now while we congratulate those that did well and pour one out for those that sold what would now be hundreds of millions of $ worth of shiba for pennies when everybody thought it was ded (dog was just sleeping) We have to think about “the ...


Shiba Predator Cracks Double-digit Gains, How Far Can Price Go?

    QOM price continues with strong momentum after a breakout with double-digit gains for holders.  QOM trades just above key resistance as price ranges above 8 and 20-day EMA. The price of QOM struggles to flip key resistance into support.  Shiba Predator (QOM), a recently loved memecoin on the Ethereum (ETH) network, is tipped to outperform Shiba Inu and other memecoin after showing great rallying to a high of $0.0000004, winning the heart of many after a few months' surge but could be set to replicate this move. All indicators and patterns are showing the price of Shiba Predator (QOM) could be ready for a rally. Shiba Predator (QOM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart. Despite struggling to break above $0.0000000445 in recent weeks, the price was rejected and has continued in a range-bound movement as the price prepare to trend higher to a region of $0.00000007. QOM's price found its weekly support at $0.0000000440 after the price dropped by over 70% in the past few weeks, as the current market has not given QOM the space to trend.  There is no doubt that the price of QOM will show great strength when the current state of the market recovers from its bearish mode. QOM continues to range with little volume to break out of this structure as the price rallied with a gain of 17%. After seeing its price retesting a weekly low of $0.0000000440, the price of QOM rallied recently to a region of $0.0000000750 but was rejected in an attempt to break higher for the price ... read More

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