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QLC Chain  


QLC Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$200.7 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #QLC is $0.000836 USD.

Please note that the price of #QLC was last updated over 170 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #QLC statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest QLC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000836, and the exact last price of QLC was $0.00083608.

The all-time high QLC coin price was $1.28.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of QLC with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for QLC Chain crypto currency is #QLC.

QLC Chain is 5.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for QLC Chain is $200,660.

QLC Chain is ranking downwards to #1467 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak today for #QLC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for QLC Chain is $4.00.


The circulating supply of QLC is 240,000,000 coins, which is 40% of the maximum coin supply.


QLC is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Updates on the QLC Funding

The funding led by Dawnstar Capital worth of $15m, whose news were shared to the QLCChain community on the 13th September 2022, has been withdrawn. Whereas the exact terms of the agreement remain under non-disclosure, there has been been some criteria that have not been met, and therefore, there will be no agreement. The QLCChain team will continue striving to get new fundings and support by other entities to leverage our long-term commitment in this new QLC2.0 era.

QLC Raises $15 Million in Funding

QLC Chain has successfully raised $15m in an investment led by Dawnstar Capital so as to accelerate its mission to improve its technology, to accelerate the digital transformation by enhancing its adoption, as well as to reinforce the media outreach of QLC Chain. This fundraise will not only provide the QLC Chain project with new ecosystem funds which will help the expansion of QLC in other markets and further development of the project, but also provide it with human capital, that is, new blockchain professionals joining the team to assist to attain new goals in the near future. Among the short term plans of this new era for QLC Chain, there is the release of a new Roadmap in the coming weeks for both the rest of 2022 and 2023, featuring essential milestones, such as the support of the $QLC token on other blockchains, such as the BNB Chain and partnerships with other highly reputed blockchain industry projects. On the marketing side, a greater presence and activity on social media will empower the QLC business, strengthening its visibility across the entire blockchain space. About Dawnstar Capital Dawnstar Capital is a multidisciplinary investment fund with over $300M invested in multiple assets, the mission of which is to provide a full suite of funding, market making and marketing services, both to illiquid assets, such as start-ups and early-stage tokens during its inception and growth phase, and also to prominent liquid...

QLC Chain — October 2021 Update

QLC Chain — October 2021 UpdateNext week is the Q4 member meeting, below is the status of the various activities as of today 2. W128 has been approved as a Draft Standard and is going to CfC#2 a) Letter Ballot request will happen before the next member meeting. b) W128 will be implemented as a full standard by the end of Q1 2022. 3. W118 (Zero Trust Framework) will go to Letter Ballot between member meetings. a) W118 will be implemented as a full standard by the end of Q1 2022. 4. MEF 114 (Smart Bilaterals) will be announced as an official MEF standard after the board meeting. a) The QLC Team will continue to add valuable contributions which will positively shape the narrative and alignment with MEF 114. 5. A new incubation group focusing on business invoicing and billing requirements and use cases has been approved. 6. In late September (in case you missed it or would like to refamiliarize), QLC Chain published a blog post on the official MEF website and subsequent Medium article. a) The article outlines the new standard choice for cybersecurity to ensure proper implementation of the latest technologies and approaches available in the market. b) 7. Further collaboration between MEF and Mobi a) The primary focus is ITN currently. b) All related materials were created by Allen from QLC Chain. 8. Presentation to the Association of International Aviators intr...

QLC Chain September 30, 2021 — AMA Summary

QLC Chain September 30, 2021 — AMA Summary The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on September 30. Thanks to the response from Allen and all the meaningful questions raised by our members. Let’s recap this AMA! Question: When will we see real output from the collaboration with MEF? Allen: In October, We will announce the new progress of collaboration with MEF and Mobi. Question: How many telcos have there been agreed to onboard? Allen: The new ITN node which integrated with QLC chain node will be launched in coming month, Colt ,Ford, Honda, USAA, DENSO will consider to adopt ITN node potentially. Question: Why have we not heard from you in such a long time? Allen: Working on the NFT and DEX development. Question: Can you please give us an update on the roadmap? Allen: The roadmap is re-adjusted so far. QLC chain will work with more partner with not only telecom carriers, but also the NFT partners in Q4. Will update the roadmap before middle of October. Question: Will there be a use for QGAS? Allen: QGAS is the fuel on QLC chain, and as long as QLC chain support the cross-chain NFT asset staking bridge, QGAS will be used for the asset staking and transfer. Question: When can we expect there to be a use for QGAS? Allen: Before end of this year. Question: Will QGAS be a stable coin? Allen: Algorithm stable coin is not suitable to Qgas after we tested the beta version internally in past 1 month. QGA...

From Zero to Hero: How MEF is Building an Industry-leading Service Provider Cybersecurity Framework

QLC Chain’s Strategy and Technology Advisor, Andreas Freund, outlines MEF’s cybersecurity framework. In a predominantly digital world, the ICT industry is not only faced with exponential new business opportunities crossing and blurring traditional lines between industries but also facing exponential digital threats both from the outside as well as within its own security perimeters — as the recent Solar Winds and Kaseya security breaches, impacting thousands of companies and dozens of governments, amply demonstrated. Cybercriminals, often operating under the direction of state actors, have demonstrated their rapid adaptability to deployed countermeasures. This requires that companies do both advanced threat detection and protection, and regular cybersecurity “blocking and tackling” within and across enterprise trust boundaries. MEF is well established as an industry leader in developing commercial automation APIs and services standards for inter-provider service delivery, helping providers reduce operating costs and allowing them to focus on the revenue side of their business. In addition, MEF has published and continues to develop new standardization work in cybersecurity for digital services provided by digital service providers. The goal of MEF cybersecurity-related standards is to enable service providers to reduce their own attack surfaces and those of their customers and partners in a scalable way to protec...

Congrats Dr. Andreas Freund, QLC Chain — MEF Outstanding Contributor

Congrats Dr. Andreas Freund, QLC Chain — MEF Outstanding ContributorCongrats Dr. Andreas Freund, QLC Chain — MEF Outstanding Contributor We are very proud that Dr. Andreas Freund is nominated as the MEF outstanding contributor at MEF Members Meeting 2021! He is not only an expert on DLT and Telecom Services. Also devoted to setting a long-term vision for the industry to adopt DLT. He has led the MEF 114 — DLT-Based Commercial and Operational Services Framework — Billing since launching the project, exerting himself into nitty-gritty details of the standard and inspiring peers on how to unlock the potentials of DLT. He will continue the path to streamline digital service along the supply chain. Congratulations.

Everything you wanted to know about QLC Chain-AMA Summary on June 10

AMA Recap The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on June 10. We also prepared this summary for you to get the gist: Q1: Can you please explain QGAS Tokenomics? A: QGAS can be used for the service fee from billing network and QLC chain transaction storage and mining capabilities. QLC will be a governance token for the QLC network and ecosystem. Q2: I am noticing that tech support questions are taking weeks to resolve, sometimes over a month. Can this be improved upon at all? A: Yes,so far devs are busy on the exchange development. So the tech support is slow. It will be improved soon Q3: Currently the main Telegram group is flooded with Q-Wallet and KYC problems. Zardique created a separate channel for these topics, but it is littered with scammers and needs to be cleaned up and moderated. Is this something that could be considered moving forward? A: Yes, a new wallet is developing , it will integrate the defi exchange. New wallet will be ready next month. Q4: As a suggestion, it might speed up issue processing to have the Telegram admins have a direct link to the developers. Could this be considered? A: I am the core developer and I am stay in the tg channel. You can dm me if you need help. I will check when I am available. Q5: The previous roadmap indicated the website would be updated by now, but it has not, despite multiple requests over the last months. When can we expect this to be completed? A: It is the ...

QLC Chain trading competition on Binance

Binance Communities QLC Chain trading competition — $30,000 in QLC to Be Won! To thank the community users for their support, Binance and QLC Chain have together committed $30,000 in QLC as prizes to give away to our communities. Promotion period: 2021/06/02 08:00–2021/06/09 08:00 (HKT) Promotion A: NEW USER Exclusive Rewards, $ 6,000 in QLC to be Won! All users that register a new Binance account during the competition period and trade $500 in QLC or more (spot & margin only, buys & sells) will each win a reward of $5 in QLC. Rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 1,200 users that meet requirements, and will be ordered by their account registration time. Promotion B: QLC Trading Competition, $22,000 in QLC to be Won! All users who trade $1,000 in QLC or more (spot & margin only, buys & sells) will be ranked based on the total QLC trading volume traded on their Binance account during the competition period. The reward structure is as follows: 1st place: $3,500 in QLC 2nd place: $2,500 in QLC 3rd place: $2,000 in QLC 4th place: $1,500 in QLC 5th place: $1,000 in QLC 6th — 20th place: split $5,500 in QLC equally Trade QLC to Share a Prize Pool of $6,000 in QLC! All users with a total trading volume (spot & margin only, buys & sells) of $1,000 in QLC or more will equally share a prize pool of $6,000 in QLC. Users that win rewards for ranking in the t...

QLC AMA in Binance English

On May 20th, we held an AMA in the Binance English Group ( We’d like to thank you for attending our conversation with the Binance community. If you missed the AMA, below, we have summarized our conversation: Allen’s Introduction I’m Allen Lee. I have worked in a major communications company. I was the world’s earliest 3G/4G communications engineer. Later, after leaving the communications company, I started my business where I developed the world’s first 4G virtual mobile communication authentication SIM, and served tens of millions of users worldwide. In 2017, I started to lead the team to develop a communication service billing system based on blockchain. It is QLCchain. QLC chain itself has experienced 4 years of development from 2017 to the present, and it has become the world’s number one platform combining communication infrastructure and blockchain. Currently, QLC chain team have 25 engineers including Asia, Europe and US. and majority of us have both rich experience of network and blockchain. Q1: What is the background of QLC Chain’s deployment in the field of distributed network bandwidth? Compared with the distributed storage combination of the blockchain, how does the blockchain land in the distributed network bandwidth? Allen: The combination of distributed storage and blockchain represented by Filecoin/Arwave/Chia/Swarm has always been a hot spot related to the implementa...

List of good news from the QLC Team

Here is the list of good news from the #QLC TeamAnnouncement 1. New operators from the UK and South Africa join the QLC chain global billing network. 2. MEF refers to the QLC Chain billing scheme as the W114 standard for global operators blockchain-based interconnection billing standard. 3. The blockchain-based network access security SASE solution is being promoted by the QLC team to the W118 standard. 4. The cooperation between US MOBI and QLC Chain will introduce new standards to support the billing and identity security of global electricity vehicles accessing the global network.

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