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PointPay Token  


PXP Price:
$144.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PXP today is $0.00917 USD.

The lowest PXP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00917, and the current live price for one PXP coin is $0.00917476.

The all-time high PXP coin price was $0.15.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PXP with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for PointPay Token crypto currency is #PXP.

PointPay Token is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for PointPay Token is $2,751,336.

PointPay Token is ranked #736 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #PXP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for PointPay Token is $144,261.


The circulating supply of PXP is 299,881,082 coins, which is 30% of the total coin supply.


PXP is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PXP has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PXP, and you can view them on our PXP disambiguation page.



PointPay Wednesday Update

The Wednesday Update is ready for review! This time we added Deposit and Withdrawal modules to Exchange, as well as completed server development for multi-network cryptocurrency support. Read about these and other changes in the full update below! — CryptoBank - Integrated CryptoBank Deposit and Withdrawal modules to Exchange;, Completed server development for multi-network support of currencies., — Mobile Apps - — iOS. — — Added. — block of frequently requested countries in country selection modal window in Registration flow;, email validation to the Register flow;, — Improved. — display of the Done button when resetting a password;, avatar loading flow in Edit Profile., — Android. — Improved app performance by fixing the In-App Update Install Error crash;, Limited the number of digits entered by the user in cryptocurrency precision;, Turned on the alert for the fingerprint function., — Front-End - Launched the KYC status change command for all users;, Prepared products for the UI Kit structure change., — Launchpad - Improved the structure of Stages fields in Launchpad projects, making it proper and clearer., Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week! Happy trading! 🔥 Buy PXP tokens on Bittrex: 🔥 Buy PXP tokens on Bitrue: 🔥 Buy PXP tokens on BitHumb: 🔥 ...

PointPay Wednesday Update

The Wednesday update is here and ready for you to read! We have made a number of important changes. At first, Fireblocks security has been improved. We’ve also fixed a potential vulnerability in one of the libraries used. In addition, we have implemented “top project voters”. Read about other changes, as well as details, in the full version of the Update below! — Withdrawals - Implemented KYB Limits to the Unified Balances side to enable inference for corporate accounts;, Agreed on an approach to adjust balances based on deposits to old wallets., — Improved. — the speed of the Fireblocks console UI. This will allow us to organize operational work without delay;, Fireblocks security by updating accesses., — CryptoBank - Implemented a drop-down list with payment system selection as part of the Buy/Sell Crypto redesign., — Exchange - Completed development of the Markets page with a list of all available pairs for trading;, Made an internal CMC page for debugging data sent to partners., — Mobile Apps - — iOS. — Made an automatic build for the simulator as a technical task., — Improved. — the display of Vietnamese when selecting a language;, the display of fiat currency icons in the Quick Exchange flow;, the display of the selected fiat currency in the profile in the Quick Exchange flow., — Android. — Added “Review” status display ...

PointPay Tuesday Update

Tuesday’s update is ready to be read! Among the major changes include with the Crowdin transfer database, detailed marketplace information for the Exchange, and a transaction list with sorting and filtering for Savings accounts. Details and other changes are available in the full version of the update below! — CryptoBank - Completed the function of generating a CSV file with the history of user transactions, which in the future will allow sending it to e-mail on request;, Implemented a list of transactions with filtering and sorting as part of the Savings accounts microservice., — Exchange - Developed detailed market data for the new page with the list of available currencies for trading;, Added integration with the Crowdin transfer database on the backend to update transfers easier;, Tested the new Matchmaker on the stage environment before release., — Mobile Apps - — iOS. — Added an FAQ section to the Launchpad Home Page;, Optimized the storage of project text in the string database for Crowdin translation by removing old unused strings;, Improved the positioning of the text below the Launchpad icon in the Services tab., — Implemented. — “Pull to refresh” on the Dashboard screen;, successful/unsuccessful staking flow on the Launchpad so that users can stake their PXPs., — Android. — Implemented opening web view — “Apply For Listing” in Lau...

PointPay Monday Update

Monday’s update is up and ready. Among the most interesting changes are the preparation for the release of User Levels,as well as the addition of functionality to buy project tokens and the introduction of Voting history on Launchpad. More changes can be found in the full version of the Update below! — Withdrawals - — Completed. — testing KYB Limits (ready for release);, fine-tuning of sending internal notifications to businesses on deposits and withdrawals., — CryptoBank - Wrote documentation on CryptoBank project teams to simplify service support;, Finalized plugin for Benthos to send data to Clickhouse as part of statistics service development;, Finished moving the Deposit module to a shared library, which will allow using it on other projects., — Exchange - Completed development of the new version of Quick Exchange;, Tested the new Matcher at the development level, preparing for the release of a new version to improve performance;, Updated the account balance change API to match the new architecture and bring the code to a universal state., — Mobile Apps - — iOS. — Cleaned up the code from old classes as a technical task to improve the overall code;, Implemented a Stake PXP screen in the Launchpad flow;, Displayed a tag in the Receive By Address flow for XRP., — Android. — Implemented several pairs of sorting filters on the Exchange;, Modified the c...

PointPay Weekly Update (7–11 November 2022)

Have you read this week’s PointPay update yet? It’s full of new features and changes! Among the highlights, we can highlight: the addition of White Label, development of a new version of Matcher, and also launch the complete MVP B2B service. Have a look at the full version of the Update for details about these changes: — Withdrawals - Added a White Label user attribute to the Scoring, which allows us to automatically audit users who have already been audited;, Finalized Single Balances for KYB Limits, allowing us to execute transactions for B2B users., — Identified. — all pending user withdrawal requests in the old Gateway. This allows us to audit client funds and add them when migrating balances., — CryptoBank - Completed moving Invoice, Gift Card, and CryptoLoan to separate services and mothballed them;, Launched the complete MVP B2B service, allowing corporate clients to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrencies, as well as work on the Exchange;, Raised code quality to Level 4 in the Psalm service to improve internal standards., — Implemented. — sorting of currencies in different parts of CryptoBank, so that our own PXP token is displayed first, and then the other currencies in descending order of fiat equivalent;, data transfer to the database as part of the statistics service implementation., — Exchange - Completed development of a method for outputting in...

PointPay Thursday Update

Thursday’s update brings new changes and improvements to PointPay. Most of the changes focused the Front-End part such as improving various interfaces. We’ve also accelerated the iOS app and optimized the Exchange within the Order Book and CoinMarketCap API. You can read more in the full version of the Update below! — CryptoBank - — Completed. — decomposition of work on seamless integration of payment provider Mercuryo;, refactoring of transfer and withdrawal fee calculations to improve performance., — Exchange - Completed development of a new version of Matcher and tested it on the development environment. The release will increase performance;, Reduced memory consumption by Order Books, which also increases the speed of the Exchange;, Released a new version of the CoinMarketCap API, which is more resource efficient., — Mobile Apps - — iOS. — Cleared the application resources from irrelevant icons to speed up the app., — Implemented. — a screen with Voting transaction details so the user can see their transaction in Voting;, a generic modal window for the Lunchboard to use it in different features., — Android. — Implemented a Voting records page with information about the user’s votes., — Front-End - Added a popup window with an offer to buy cryptocurrencies to the Main page of CryptoBank, instead of a popup window about accounts, to ...

PointPay Wednesday Update

The daily update is up for reading. This time we’ve finalized KYB Limits, launched a new Rates service to collect USD equivalent value data, and worked on CryptoBank and Exchange interfaces. You can read the details of the work done in the full version of the update: — Withdrawals - Launched an internal Rates service to collect historical USD equivalent values for all active cryptocurrencies., — Completed. — the KYB Limits refinement. This will allow launching operations for B2B users;, improvements on local translations in Scoring. We’re making final fixes and testing. This will allow us to verify local translation requests between users through the Scoring and manual auditing system., — CryptoBank - Removed extra zeros in fractional parts in all services to simplify perception and improve visuals;, Added collection of legally required first and last names in Circle payment system integration if the user has not already passed KYC;, Implemented a Savings account skeleton to highlight it in the microservice further., — Exchange - Completed the development of a new version of the Matcher and started debugging it, which will increase the performance and fault tolerance of the service., — Added. — hint text for orders, now the description of all orders will be visible in the terminal;, information about the PIT/USDT trading pair in the CMC on our Exchange., — Mob...

PointPay Tuesday Update

Tuesday’s update brings new changes! We have implemented a White Label, allowing us to mark users who have been audited and process their transactions automatically in the future. We also worked on the visual part of the Order Book, implemented the functionality of sending funds to Savings accounts, and conducted the first backend review of Account Levels development. More details and other news can be found in the full version of the Update below! — Withdrawals - Released White Label, which allows us to flag audited users for further automated processing., — CryptoBank - Implemented functionality to send funds to Savings accounts as part of the implementation of Savings as a microservice;, Changed the order of withdrawing currencies in different parts of CryptoBank, so that they are displayed in decreasing order of their fiat equivalent;, Completed putting CryptoLoans into a separate service for Savings;, — Updated. — opcode transfers in Transaction History to make them more correct;, the KYC limit notification processing by adding KYB processing., — Exchange - Completed development of a visual update on the Order Book. Now the settings will be available immediately at the top for faster access., — iOS Mobile app - Implemented flow for buying tokens on Launchpad so that the user can purchase project tokens through the app;, Improved the display of the pairs list on the Exch...

PointPay Monday Update

Monday’s update is ready! Recent changes include adding more information about PointPay on CoinMarketCap, updates to the FAQ and “About Us,” and several interface improvements to better navigate the site for the user. Read about all the changes in the full Update below! — CryptoBank - Added comment output to the user when an unregistered email was entered while withdrawing funds;, Made the fiat currency equivalent output in the Staking History to better understand the amount deposited., — Exchange - Finished developing a method of outputting information from the Market Data service, which will allow you to get information from CoinMarketCap on the Exchange;, Added links to trading pairs as well as missing pairs to CoinMarketCap so that full information about our Exchange is displayed there., — Mobile Apps - — iOS. — Improved the display of transaction fees so that this information is always displayed;, Implemented displaying project details on Voting at Staking in the Launchpad flow., — Android. — Improved the display of order book and prices on the Exchange by removing extra zeros;, Added a FAQ section for the Launchpad so users can quickly find answers to common questions., — Front-End - Improved post-registration navigation by redirecting the user to the CryptoBank section as a default page;, Uploaded a sample of KYB notification processing for general use b...

PointPay Weekly Update (31 October — 4 November 2022)

PointPay Weekly Update (31 October — 4 November 2022) - The weekly update is ready! It was a very productive week, as a result of which we were able to make dozens of different improvements as well as release new versions of the mobile apps. Among other things, starting from today a part of our services has been mothballed such as a few secondary CryptoBank services, HR Talent, Escrow or P2P. So that we can work more closely on the core elements of PointPay ecosystem. Don’t miss the opportunity to read the details of all the changes in the full version of the Update below! — Withdrawals + Payment System - Conducted an audit of user withdrawal requests and user funds, which allowed the processing of more than 500 withdrawal requests;, Audited deposits sent to the old wallets in the gateway after the transition to Unified Balances on May 27. This will correct the balance of users who have mistakenly sent funds to old addresses;, Finalized the Scoring system and Unified Balances to automatically process withdrawal requests on the basis of the WhiteLabel user., — CryptoBank - Restructured and mothballed CryptoBank’s secondary services: Gift Cards, CryptoLoans, and Invoices;, Changed Staking rates and added a new tier from 5,000,000 PXP;, Made a release of CryptoBank’s B2B direction for corporate clients., — Removed. — the CryptoBank project and made the Invoice and Gift Card services sel...


Predict-and-Earn App Pooky Launching Free Public Beta Ahead of FIFA Worl...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Milano, Italy, 16th November 2022] Pooky, the forthcoming gamified Web3 sports prediction platform, will release its free-to-play version in public beta on Nov. 16, 2022. The announcement follows Pooky's closed alpha release on Oct. 21, which received extremely positive feedback. The free-to-play beta launch of the much-anticipated game will be available in time for the FIFA World Cup, which kicks off a few days later on Nov. 20, and will run throughout the tournament. Those participating in the public beta will receive a whitelist spot to mint an exclusive Genesis Pookyball (NFTs) during the project's private sale in January 2023. Pooky is on a mission to transform sports betting, starting with football. The prediction game centers around Pookyball NFTs. Each Pookyball gives its holder the right to enter the prediction game, where they predict results from the major football leagues and tournaments on Earth, including the FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga. Players never risk losing their NFT; it's theirs to keep forever. The model encourages social interaction around the world's most popular sport with none of the downsides associated with traditional gambling. Players get to enjoy the thrill of having something riding on a game without the risk of addiction or the financial worries that accompany it. Players guessing the outcome of football games receive points for predicting winners, number of goals and exact score... read More

'We are committed to becoming a crypto bank for 7 billion people.'&ndash...

    Digital banks are coming on the market - banks that allow you to open accounts, take out loans or send money in just a few minutes. But how does it work? We've interviewed the CEO of PointPay to figure out how your first crypto bank will try to challenge the traditional financial system. Q: Tell us about the PointPay ecosystem. What projects does it include, and what services does it provide? Who are your main clients? A: PointPay is a comprehensive service provider in the cryptocurrency market.  Launched in 2018, PointPay already has more than one million active users worldwide. We seek to help people from all walks of life access the financial tools they need to build a better future. Our core products are a blockchain-based bank, exchange platform, cryptocurrency wallet, and payment system. We offer a diverse range of services that enable you to buy and sell digital assets, take out cryptocurrency loans, store your holdings securely, earn passive income on your holdings, and more. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services in one place. We've developed many innovative products, such as Launchboard, Escrow, and HR Talent: PointPay Launchboard offers investors the opportunity to be among the first to invest in promising cryptocurrency projects. Our goal is to support the crypto economy by providing our customers with priority access to quality emerging projects. PointPay's Escrow Platform is a service that helps protect buyers and sellers in transactions. We a... read More

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