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PointPay Token  


PXP Price:
$824.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PXP today is $0.019 USD.

The lowest PXP price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.019, and the exact current price of one PXP crypto coin is $0.01884.

The all-time high PXP coin price was $0.15.

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The code for PointPay Token crypto currency is #PXP.

PointPay Token is 1.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for PointPay Token is $5,648,500.

PointPay Token is ranked #623 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #PXP.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for PointPay Token is $824,814.


The circulating supply of PXP is 299,881,082 coins, which is 30% of the total coin supply.


PXP is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PXP has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PXP, and you can view them on our PXP disambiguation page.



PointPay Tuesday Update

Day by day we continue our work. This time the greatest number of changes affected the Withdrawals and Payment System. However, there are a lot of other changes as well. You can read about all of them in our Tuesday Update! — Withdrawals + Payment System - Synchronized the status of KYC. We continue to analyze the causes of hang-ups in integration. This allows our customers to use transactions available to users who have passed KYC-2;, Performed initial reconciliation of Sell Crypto and Buy Crypto with partners. This allows us to identify possible discrepancies in the accounting system., — Completed. — the initial verification of user balances using the reconciliation tool. This allows us to identify discrepancies in balances and make appropriate adjustments;, the development of a tool to verify the original transaction hash in terms of each transaction in the system. This will allow us to speed up the time to verify withdrawal requests;, the development and started testing ACH Plaid/Circle. This allows our clients to use ACH bank accounts in USA to make Buy Crypto;, the design of MVP B2B Payment System, this will allow our customers to use new B2B payment transactions., — Started testing. — Go Gateway v2.0 + Fireblocks adapter + BitGO adapter. It allows us to improve the architecture of Custodians interoperability solution in terms of stability, scalability and fault tolerance;, testing...

PointPay Monday Update

The development and improvement does not stop for a minute, so we are ready to present you the Monday update, where we have worked on the administration and improved the interfaces, as well as many other things. You can learn about all the changes in our Monday Update! — CryptoBank - Added quick filters to search by currency in Accounts summary to implement 1-click filtering;, Removed rounding of rates in the history of stacking to display accurate data;, Integrated the modal window with KYC error, which is shown when the user has submitted documents for the next level verification and is waiting for it;, Removed sending an extra email to the Gift Card recipient., — Exchange - Made a page with a description of services for developers to make it easier for employees to understand a complex product;, Finished updating the process of placing orders and charging commissions, which will increase the speed of the Exchange., — Mobile App - — For iOS. — Improved the transmission of price value when a Stop Limit order is placed on the Exchange so that users can use this float without any problems;, Added caching of currencies in P2P, so that the backend does not send an error when requesting currencies frequently;, Filled in a document that contains CryptoBank’s Handpoints, specifying which Handpoints are used by the iOS team., — For Android. — Handled a new format of KYC level i...

PointPay Weekly Update (26–30 September 2022)

Dear PointPay family, - Our new weekly update is out today! This week, we worked hard to improve PointPay. The design of marketing blocks in CryptoBank was completed and a security audit of all bank requests was performed. We also improved Go Gateway service for Custodians. For the Exchange platform, we made new orders and improved the terminal’s logout operation. We also improved our mobile app. We have released version 6.5.0 with P2P for Android. The version is already available on Play Market. For the iOS app we have added Launchboard and Escrow icons with a switch to the web view in the Services tab. In addition, we have implemented the first build of the tracker app for macOS and Windows with a set of basic features. Read our weekly update for more details on our progress! — Mobile App Development - — For iOS mobile application. — Added Launchboard and Escrow icons to the web view in the Services tab;, Displayed the User ID on the Dashboard with the ability to copy it;, Sent version 7.8.0 to the App Store for review with P2P epic, Launchboard and Escrow icons and display of User ID on Dashboard., — Implemented. — a KYC deficiency display in the My Ads flow when creating an ad and in the Buy/Sell flow when responding to someone else’s ad in P2P;, Dispute Chat on the Dispute In Progress screen in P2P., — For Android mobile application. — Released version 6.5.0 with P2...

PointPay Thursday Update

Dear PointPay Family, - We’re happy to share some good news with you: today we’ve released a new ‘Thursday update’! In today’s update we have improved the Withdrawals & Payment System platform — the release of the P2P part of Unified Balances. We also worked on CryptoBank. Getting information about CryptoLoans on mobile devices has been improved. We also added sending an email to the recipient when transferring locally from user to user. On the Exchange platform, we improved the terminal’s logout experience and changed the number of timeframes on the chart. In addition, for the iOS app we have improved the layout on the P2P Buy-Sell screen and the display of the number of missed notifications on the Dispute Chat button in P2P. For the Android app we added Type, Crypto, Status filters to the My Ads flow in P2P and improved the UI display of the Waiting for the Buyer’s Confirmation screen in P2P. And most importantly: we remind you that an AMA session with PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev will take place today! During the “Ask Me Anything” session, you will learn new information about our platform. We will also sum up the Q3 2022 results and answer your questions about PointPay. The AMA session starts at 18:00 CET/9:00 PT. Join by the link! Check out today’s Thursday Update for details on our latest progress! — Withdrawals & Payment System - Release of the P2P part of Unified Balan...

PointPay Wednesday Update

Dear PointPay family, - We have released a new Wednesday update. We have completed a redesign of Gift Cards and the entire CryptoBank. We also finished a vulnerability audit as part of our regular security review. Our team implemented a row of interface improvements. KYC improvements have been added. Besides, translation of the “Reason for KYC failure” message is now available in the personal account. In addition, our mobile app has been improved. For iOS, feedback buttons (positive, negative) and the display of the final screen with a green checkmark when entering the contract from the Contracts tab in P2P have been added. We’ve also improved the sending of HEIC resolution photos to Chat flow in P2P. For the Android app, the Select Payment Method screen in Buy flow in P2P has been improved. We’ve also added a closed eye display on the details screen of your ad in P2P, so users can see why that ad is currently unavailable to others. Read more about the innovations in today’s update! — CryptoBank - — Completed. — redesign of Gift Cards and CryptoBank;, a vulnerability audit as part of a regular security audit., — Exchange - Made liquidity grouping in the order book;, Developed a limit mechanism for the API., — Mobile App - — For iOS mobile app. — Displayed the name and icon of the selected payment method on the cards., — Improved. — sending photos i...

PointPay Tuesday Update

Dear PointPay family,. — We continue to improve PointPay and today we have released a new Tuesday update. Our team has worked on the CryptoBank platform and improved text handling in the tooltips. We also completed vulnerability checks on CryptoLoans. In addition, we worked on improving the Withdrawals & Payment System. Alerting and checking Hot Wallet transactions in Custodians were completed. We also finished the design of the B2B payment system. For the PointPay iOS mobile app, we changed the color of the snackbar from red to green when removing the payment method in P2P. We also improved the functionality of the Status filter on the My Ads tab in P2P. For the Android app we have implemented Pull to refresh the Dashboard screen. And besides, we improved the feedback card display in the completed contract in P2P. Read more about the innovations in today’s update! — Withdrawals & Payment System - Improved operation of the Scoring system in terms of sending automatic Scoring check results to the admin panel;, Prepared reconciliation tool for balances on user transactions., — Completed. — development of backend part of ACH Circle/Plaid payments;, development of integration with Simplex on Buy Crypto;, Alerting and verification of Hot Wallet transactions in Custodians;, the design of the B2B payment system., — CryptoBank - Improved the handling of text in tooltips;, Completed ...

PointPay Monday Update

Dear PointPay family,. — We are happy to return to you after the weekend with a new Monday update. Our team has worked hard to improve the mobile app. For the iOS app, Dispute Chat has been implemented on the Dispute In Progress screen in P2P. We also changed the display of payment methods in P2P and implemented the opening of the feedback screen after a seller successfully confirms a contract in P2P. For the Android app, we improved the timer functionality in the open contract by the seller in P2P. In addition, we improved the performance of paging throughout the app. We also worked on the CryptoBank platform. The work on creating an external API for deposits and withdrawals on CryptoBank side was completed. In addition, we made a block with an offer to take a survey on the use of CryptoLoans. Please leave your feedback! And finally we finished testing the Candle service and completed work on new orders on the Exchange platform. Check out today’s update for more details about the innovations! — Mobile App Development - — For iOS mobile application - Improved the layout on the Buy/Sell P2P screen;, Increased the clickable area of the return button from viewing a media file in Chat in P2P;, Changed the display of payment methods in P2P;, Removed the Cancel button and left only the “Open Dispute” button on the “We are Waiting for the Seller’s Confirmation” screen in P2P., — Implemented...

PointPay weekly update (19–23 September 2022)

Dear PointPay family,. — It’s finally Friday and we bring you our weekly update! It’s been a long and productive week. We have released a new version 7.7.1 of the iOS app, which includes new KYC conditions and KYC level insufficiency display. Also for iPhone owners, we’ve improved the display of payment methods on the Select Payment Method screen, in the My Ads flow. For the Android app, we added showing commission on the P2P contract details screen. We also fixed the display of payment methods on the Select Payment Method screen. For HR Talent platform we added information with tracking settings. In addition, we worked on Launchboard and updated the Apply for Listing and Apply for Launchboard windows to a new design version. We analyzed the bugs that are outstanding on the Exchange and finished updating the Candle service. And finally we added to the CryptoBank platform search by currencies in Accounts summary. Read our weekly update for more details on our progress!Watch video with Vladimir Kardapoltsev! — Mobile App Development - — For iOS mobile application. — Released new version 7.7.1 which includes new KYC conditions and KYC level insufficiency display;, Changed the ad status logic in P2P and added an “eye” for user toggle (online/offline) and an open/closed “eye” to see if the ad is online or not;, Added filters Crypto, Type, and Status to My Ads in P2P., — Improved. &...

PointPay Thursday Update

Dear PointPay family, - It’s time to get acquainted with the Thursday Update! Today we have done a lot of work. We are happy to announce that we have prepared the Customer Journeys card for the new B2B Payment System, and audited the internal monitoring of the Exchange. We also prepared for the release of the Referral Program links, and transition to the new Referral Program system. The Bug Report function has also been improved. In addition, for the iOS app we have improved the display of payment methods on the Select Payment Method screen in P2P. Besides, we’re also added Crypto, Type and Status filters on the My Ads screen in P2P. For the Android app, we improved the display of Add/Remove payment methods functionality in P2P. The online/offline status display on the P2P screens has been removed. We also remind you that next Thursday we’re hosting an “Ask Me Anything” meeting with the PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev at 18:00 CET/9:00 PT. If you haven’t had a chance to send us your question yet, please leave it in the special form! Check out today’s Thursday Update for details on our latest progress! — Mobile App Development - — For iOS mobile application. — — Improved. — the display of payment methods on the Select Payment Method screen in P2P;, the display of payment methods in Profile flow screen in P2P;, — Added. — another alert when leaving negative feedb...

PointPay Wednesday Update

Dear PointPay family, - A fresh Wednesday update has been released today! This time we released a pretty major update, in which we enhanced the “Apply for Listing” and “Apply for Launchboard” windows to a new design version and tested all the major product features before the release! We also tested and did a release of the Referral Program (links will be available by the end of the week)! There are also new features for PointPay mobile app: iPhone owners will be able to appreciate the improved display of user feedback scale in the dark theme and the display of My Ads type and Initial ticker in P2P. For the Android app, we’ve implemented sorting feedback from new to old in user profiles in P2P, and fixed the display of the payment methods in the Select Payment screen. Read the latest Wednesday update to learn more about our progress. — Mobile App Development - — For iOS mobile application. — Added Chat icon to all P2P screens;, Implemented opening ad by clicking on card in P2P;, Hide the description card in P2P, if the description was not entered when creating the ad., — Improved. — display of user feedback scale in dark theme;, the functionality of the Buy button in the Buy flow when entering an amount in P2P, as previously the Buy button was inactive for users;, the display of the Chat icon in the dark theme on the Confirm Payment is Received screen in P2P;, the functionali...


'We are committed to becoming a crypto bank for 7 billion people.'&ndash...

    Digital banks are coming on the market - banks that allow you to open accounts, take out loans or send money in just a few minutes. But how does it work? We've interviewed the CEO of PointPay to figure out how your first crypto bank will try to challenge the traditional financial system. Q: Tell us about the PointPay ecosystem. What projects does it include, and what services does it provide? Who are your main clients? A: PointPay is a comprehensive service provider in the cryptocurrency market.  Launched in 2018, PointPay already has more than one million active users worldwide. We seek to help people from all walks of life access the financial tools they need to build a better future. Our core products are a blockchain-based bank, exchange platform, cryptocurrency wallet, and payment system. We offer a diverse range of services that enable you to buy and sell digital assets, take out cryptocurrency loans, store your holdings securely, earn passive income on your holdings, and more. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services in one place. We've developed many innovative products, such as Launchboard, Escrow, and HR Talent: PointPay Launchboard offers investors the opportunity to be among the first to invest in promising cryptocurrency projects. Our goal is to support the crypto economy by providing our customers with priority access to quality emerging projects. PointPay's Escrow Platform is a service that helps protect buyers and sellers in transactions. We a... read More

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