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Ethereum Push Notification Service  


PUSH Price:
$522.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$12.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PUSH today is $0.28 USD.

The lowest PUSH price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.280, and the exact current price of one PUSH crypto coin is $0.27984.

The all-time high PUSH coin price was $8.95.

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The code for Ethereum Push Notification Service crypto currency is #PUSH.

Ethereum Push Notification Service is 1.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Ethereum Push Notification Service is $12,132,871.

Ethereum Push Notification Service is ranking downwards to #548 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #PUSH.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ethereum Push Notification Service is $522,358.


The circulating supply of PUSH is 43,356,708 coins, which is 43% of the total coin supply.


PUSH is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PUSH is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Push and Wherever Team Up to Bring Web3 Communication Tools to dApps️

This week, our featured fren is a wallet-first customer communication platform, Wherever 😊 Imagine wallet-to-wallet communication on dapps that protects users’ data and privacy, all the while ensuring they get the best possible experience. That’s Wherever for you. The platform enables web3 dapps to communicate with wallets directly, no matter where they are. Communication wherever, literally! By way of this collaboration, Push provides Wherever the infrastructure to facilitate wallet communication with an emphasis on personalization, automation, and user experience. Wherever relies on Push’s communication layer to deliver in-app notifications while ensuring a decentralized relay and storage. In this episode of “Frens of Push”, Amos joins us to talk about how the pilot collaboration between Push and Wherever has the potential to disrupt web3 communication. — Hi Amos, how did you become involved in building in the blockchain space? What’s your story? - Before I started working on Wherever, I founded an airline communication startup, helping the biggest airlines in the world communicate with their passengers during flight disruptions. Working with web2 communication infrastructure at a large scale really showed me how fragmented and antiquated it is. Dominated by either siloed walled gardens or out-of-date messaging protocols, the digital communication space was broken. In search of other alternatives, I c...

January Monthly Recap❄️

Welcome to our monthly update! We are thrilled to share with you the numerous achievements and milestones we accomplished in the month of January — spoiler, it's a lot. From exciting new product developments to numerous giveaways, partnerships, and hackathons, January has been a whirlwind of activity for Push and the Push DAO. With that, here’s a look at everything that kept us busy 🤩 — Product Updates - We’re kicking off the year with one of the most significant items on our roadmap - completion of the security audit and successful upgradation to smart contracts v1.5. This update breaks ground for the next phase of developments at Push and we are delighted to share all the new functionalities as a result. With the groundwork for Push Smart Contracts v2 in place, we’re already making strides in its development. Onwards and upwards! 🚀 Besides the upgrade to v1.5, we’ve also had a host of fantastic developments have taken place including: New features to the Push Chat SDK, The analytical dashboard undergoing extensive quality assurance, In addition to all our progress on the development front and the successful update to v1.5, we’ve got a loaded roadmap with more exciting new features to come. Stay updated with all the latest happenings on Push Discord. — Frens of Push - We welcomed many new frens to the Push ecosystem this month including: TaylerLayer: to enable on-chain messaging...

Getting Started With Push SDK REST API⚙️

The PUSH-SDK, is a growing JavaScript-based SDK that allows developers to add push notification functionality to their dapps. Using the SDK, developers can: Build PUSH features into their dapps, Get access to Push Nodes APIs, Render Push Notifications UI, It is written in Typescript and supports React, React Native, Plain JS, and Node JS-based platforms. (We are adding support for more!) It is also built on top of standard Web3 packages like ethers, @web3-react. If you’re looking for our full documentation on Push-SDK REST API, you can find that here. But for now, let’s walk you through the main features of the Push-SDK REST API and how to use them in your code. — Fetching user notifications - You can use the getFeeds method to fetch a user's notifications. This method takes an options object as an argument, which allows you to specify the following parameters: user (mandatory, string): The user’s address in CAIP format., page (optional, number): The page index of the results. Default is 1., limit (optional, number): The number of items per page. Default is 10., spam (optional, boolean): Whether to fetch spam notifications. Default is false., env (optional, string): The API environment to use. Possible values are ‘prod’ and ‘staging’. Default is ‘prod’., raw (optional, boolean): Whether to return the raw, unformatted API response. Default is false., Here’s an example of how you might u...

QiDAO Taps Push to Update Users on their Debt Positions

Frens of Push #7 | This week, our featured Fren is one of the leading stablecoin protocols, QiDAO🎉. — “Frens of Push” is our weekly content series to spotlight outstanding projects that are building with Push. If you want to be featured, reach out to us and you could be our next Fren in the series. This week, we’re delighted to have on a leading decentralized stablecoin protocol and our fren, QiDao, to talk about their journey with Push. A bit about QiDao. How do you keep your crypto assets while still being able to spend their value? QiDao stablecoin protocol allows you to lock your tokens out of circulation and be used as collateral to borrow stablecoins. As a borrowing and lending protocol, QiDao is self-sustained, community-run, and completely decentralized. For a borrowing protocol, updating its users about their debt positions is immensely important to keep their positions from liquidating. This is where Push steps in. By sending Push notifications directly to users, QiDao is able to update users about the health of their debt positions, thereby preventing potential losses. In this episode of ‘Frens of Push’, we sat down with Benjamin from QiDao to talk about the problem QiDao is trying to solve, their vision, and their journey with Push. — Hi Benjamin, how did you first get involved in building in the blockchain space? What’s your story?. — Benjamin: I’ve been in crypto for a few y...

Building a Leading Web3 Communication Layer: What’s it take?️

Decentralized communication is a hot topic in the web3 space as more and more developers are looking to build dapps that can function independently of any single central authority. Though, a key component of building a successful dapp is providing a communication layer that is both decentralized and universal. A decentralized communication layer does not rely on any central server or authority. Instead, it depends on a distributed network of nodes to handle and route data between users. This ensures communication is resistant to censorship, tampering, and other forms of interference, as well as be able to function even if some nodes go offline. In this way, a universal communication layer is accessible to all users regardless of their device or platform. This is essential in the web3 space, as users will often have a variety of different devices and platforms that they need to interact with to access and use a dApp. — What does it take to build a web3 communication layer? - In general, to build a decentralized and universal communication layer, several vital components are required, including: Robust Network Architecture: The network architecture of a decentralized communication layer must be designed to ensure that data can be reliably and efficiently routed between nodes, even in the event of node failures or network congestion., Data storage: Decentralized communication systems typically rely on distributed data sto...

Push Notifications for Developer DAO to Boost Community Participation

Frens of Push #6 | This week, our featured Fren is one of the biggest developer communities in web3, Developer DAO🎉. — “Frens of Push” is our weekly content series to spotlight outstanding projects that are building with Push. If you want to be featured, reach out to us and you could be our next Fren in the series. Since its conception, the goal of Developer DAO has been to onboard, educate, and support web3 developers with all the tools they need to successfully build the next generation of web3 projects. With over 5,000+ members from around the world, it’s safe to say the Developer DAO mission to accelerate the education and impact of a new wave of web3 builders has been widely accepted. For a DAO that relies on the participation of its members to operate effectively, communication remains an integral component. By integrating Push Notifications, the D_D community can now enhance its communication capacities and hence UX, by enabling members to better stay updated on the latest governance proposals, forum topics, and other important updates. In this episode of “Frens of Push”, we are in conversation with Krinza from Developer DAO to talk about how Push’s communication layer is powering the D_D community. — Hi Krinza, how did you become involved in building in the blockchain space? What’s your story?. — Krinza: Before joining web3 full-time, I was working in my capacity as a data scientist...

Push 2022 Year in Review

2022 was a marvelous year for Push thanks to our fantastic team and growing community of talented developers. To everyone who has helped support the Push project — devs, community members, partners, co-sponsors, we thank you! This year alone, Push achieved several major milestones including rebranding from EPNS to Push, raising our Series A, launching Push on Ethereum mainnet, pushing web3 communication beyond Ethereum, new product releases, several news features, and of course, collaborations with some of the best web3 projects out there. With that, here’s a glimpse at everything we got up to in 2022. — Rebrand complete, LIVE on Ethereum & Polygon, and more…🚀 - This year, we’ve made some major strides in realizing our mission of bringing decentralized communication to web3. To start with, we evolved from EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) to Push. As our ambitions grew beyond just notifications, we felt we needed a brand refresh that would better accommodate our vision of becoming web3’s most widely used communication protocol. And so far, people seem to love it. A fantastic rebrand however needs similarly fantastic project developments behind it. This started included: Push going live on Ethereum mainnet in January., Completed our Series A round and honored to have some amazing investors help us realize our vision., Many exciting product developments followed including the...

Push Helps Mover — the First Crypto Debit Card, to Power Communication on the Platform

Push Helps Mover — the First Crypto Debit Card, to Power Communication on the Platform - — Frens of Push #5. — “Frens of Push” is our weekly content series to spotlight outstanding projects that are building with Push. If you want to be featured, reach out to us and you could be our next Fren in the series. Mover is a web3 primitives platform. Mover aims to create THE web3 card for all crypto natives and offers a suite of services, including a yield aggregator, a token swap aggregator, Smart Treasury, and a crypto debit card. Mover furthers its vision of creating a truly global decentralized ecosystem by partnering up with Push and creating a seamless user experience. Mover is able to notify users of on-chain activity in their vaults — powered by Push, and these notifications help users to get real-time updates on when they earn yields on their savings. In the fifth episode of “Frens of Push,” we are in conversation with Anton Mozgovoy, CEO and Co-Founder of Mover, to talk about how Push is fostering decentralized communication on the platform. — Hi Anton, how did you get into the blockchain space? What are you working on now?. — Anton: I’ve been in the space since 2016, and I think that everyone would agree that there are human years, and there are crypto years. Down the rabbit hole, time feels different. I love this space, and I live it. What do I do here? I’m a builder. I...

We’re Still Pushing: A Deeper Look Into Push Chat

Launched in early October, Push Chat is providing secure and instant communication for all by connecting users and dapps across web3. In this article, we deep dive into how Push Chat works and its use case. Push Chat is still in alpha and we’re gradually rolling out early access to all of you. If you want to skip the line and become one of the first builders to try out Push Chat — keep reading 👀 — What Is Push Chat? - Push Chat is a secure messaging protocol built by Push Protocol. Messages are encrypted, signed, and stored on IPFS and they are sent through Push Nodes. Note: The team is continuing to develop the Push Protocol including notification and chat for wallets regardless of any chain in web3 in a multichain, platform-agnostic, and gasless way. Push Chat is the next offering of the protocol after push notifications and is currently available on Ethereum and Polygon with other chain support to follow soon. — Why Push Chat now?. — Push Chat and video were imagined by us in 2020 but we knew that before notifications become a reality, doing chat or video will just become a novelty as everything we do in our virtual lives starts out with a notification. For example, you don’t chat on WhatsApp as much as you chat via notifications on WhatsApp, the same is the case with Facetime. Owing to this, Push created notifications for web3 first which paved the way for real-time communication mediu...

Push and Tollan Worlds Partner to Level Up Communication With Gamers

Frens of Push #4 and a little holiday giveaway brought to you by the Tollan Worlds team. — “Frens of Push” is our weekly content series to spotlight outstanding projects that are building with Push. If you want to be featured, reach out to us and you could be our next Fren in the series. Tollan Worlds, a web3 gaming platform, has joined forces with Push to power communication on their platform. Blockchain gaming is leading the growth of the gaming industry. Role-playing games are pioneering this movement by evolving the way we communicate and interact in the metaverse. To enable more transparency in the gaming ecosystem, Tollan Worlds is bringing decentralized communication to its platform. By integrating Push, Tollan Worlds is able to regularly announce development updates, new partnerships, community events, and giveaways to the gamer community directly. In the fourth segment of ‘Frens of Push,’ we are in conversation with Michael Kuvshynov, co-founder and CEO of Tollan Worlds, to talk about how Push is enabling communication on the gaming platform. For all the gamers — if you’d like to play Tollan Worlds and here’s the good news, the Tollan Worlds team is giving away exclusive 30 access codes. How to get the code? Keep reading! — Hi Michael, what’s your story? How did you become involved in building in the blockchain space? What are you working on now? - Michael: My blockchain journey sta...


Bitcoin Price Spike May Push Rally To This Amount, Top Analyst Predicts

    The recent surge in the price of Bitcoin has revived hope in crypto assets. To this point, pseudonymous crypto analyst Cheds stated that a massive rally might not be far-fetched for BTC soon. The crypto market struggled with rising inflation rates and other negative factors in 2022. However, in 2023, BTC has picked up positive price momentum, with some investors believing the worst days are over. Ched's prediction is bullish on the performance of BTC in the future. $BTC visual of this potential bull thesis on daily — Cheds (Trading Quotes) (@BigCheds) January 14, 2023 Cheds on Twitter gave his forecast on the BTC price based on his technical analysis. He stated that Bitcoin might see a bullish reversal. In his words, above $18,200 opens up the possibility of an inverse head and shoulders complex, multiple shoulders and head with neck base at $25,500. His optimistic forecast has Bitcoin soaring up to the $37,000 level, which will be a 76% increase from its current value. He suggested that fear of missing out (FOMO) will drive more traders to chase BTC rallies. Bitcoin also closed above its 200-day moving average. Ched labeled this move a sign of BTC's strength. He believes the altcoins will also spark to life once Bitcoin and Ethereum slow down to consolidate their positions. Tim Draper, a BTC bull, was more optimistic about the price movement of Bitcoin. His analysis predicted that Bitcoin would be worth $250,00... read More

ETH Stable Above $1300 But Can The Bulls Push Towards $1.4K Soon? (Ether...

    Ethereum has been on a nice run over the last few days, as the price is slowly but consistently moving higher. However, market participants should remain cautious, as there are still more obstacles for the cryptocurrency to form a persistent rally. Technical Analysis By: Edris The Daily Chart On the daily timeframe, the price has finally broken above the 50-day moving average, following weeks of testing and failing. Currently, the $1300 resistance area was broken to the upside, as the bullish momentum is not fading away. In case of a confirmed breakout, the 200-day moving average, located around the $1400 mark, would be the next significant resistance level. A bullish breakout above the mentioned moving average would likely shift the sentiment to a more positive state, and a short-term uptrend would be highly probable. However, there is still a chance for a bearish rejection which could cause the price to drop toward the $1000 area if the 50-day moving average, trending around the $1200 mark, fails to provide strong support. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart Looking at the 4-hour timeframe, more signs of concern are visible. Although the price has been rising rapidly over the recent days, it is yet to reach the $1350 resistance level. Its reaction to the mentioned level would indicate how the next few weeks would look for Ethereum and whether a recovery or another decline would occur. The RSI indicator, which has been in the overbought area for a while, is also flashing a ... read More

Bitcoin Price Remains In Bullish Zone For A Push To $18K, Here's Why

    Bitcoin price started a downside correction from the $17,000 resistance. BTC found support near $16,750 and might soon attempt an upside break above $17,000. Bitcoin is showing bullish signs above the $16,600 and $16,750 levels. The price is trading above $16,750 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a crucial bullish trend line forming with support near $16,750 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could start a strong increase if there is a close above the $17,000 resistance. Bitcoin Price Remains Supported Bitcoin price attempted a decent upward move above the $16,800 resistance level. BTC even spiked towards the $17,000 resistance zone, but there was no clear upside break. A high was formed near $16,987 and the price started a downside correction. There was a move below the $16,800 support zone. The price declined below the 50% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $16,615 swing low to $16,987 high. However, bitcoin price found support near the $16,750 level. The 61.8% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $16,615 swing low to $16,987 high is acting as a support. There is also a crucial bullish trend line forming with support near $16,750 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The pair is stable above $16,750 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. On the upside, an immediate resistance is near the $16,900 level. Source: BTCUSD on The next major resistance is near the $17,000 zo... read More

Bitcoin Volatility Will Spike By End 2022, Which Way Will It Push BTC?

    Bitcoin is stuck at its current levels, but the market might begin moving again before 2023 makes its entry. The key factors shaping global markets are changing, and cryptocurrencies are bound to follow the general trend into the new year.  As of this writing, Bitcoin trades at $16,800 with sideways movement in the last 24 hours. On higher timeframes, the cryptocurrency records a 6% loss. Other assets in the crypto top 10 by market capitalization are moving in tandem with BTC and record losses in this period.  Bitcoin Investors Should Brace For Incoming Volatility Bitcoin and the crypto market are poised for volatile days during the holiday season. From now until the end of the year, markets will see less trading volume, making assets susceptible to sudden price movements.  According to a report from crypto exchange Bitfinex, the number of active Bitcoin addresses is declining. This number has been trending to the downside across 2022.  The chart below shows that the number of daily active addresses averaged 921,445 during this period, representing a decline of 1.1 million compared to 2021. This reduction in activity will contribute to the spike in volatility.  The last week of the year has seen a steeper decline in activity, and trading volume, since 2013. In addition, the downside action  Data since 2013 suggests that there is always a decline of 3-4 percent in the number of daily active addresses in the last week of the year compared to the ... read More

Meta Will Continue to Push Metaverse Investments in 2023 According to He...

    Meta will continue to invest in VR (virtual reality) tech in 2023, according to statements made by Andrew Bosworth, head of Reality Labs, the metaverse division of the company. While Meta has made some changes and adapted to the current shaky economic atmosphere, Bosworth states that the company is still committed to its metaverse pivot. Meta to Continue Pushing Metaverse and VR in 2023 Meta, the social metaverse company, is planning to continue to develop metaverse and VR-related projects during 2023. In an article written on Dec. 19, Andrew Bosworth, head of the metaverse division called Reality Labs, explains that while the company has suffered major drawbacks due to the economic downturn, it will still be pushing its new vision forward. Bosworth stated: I can say with confidence that after one of the hardest years in the history of the company, Meta remains as committed to our vision for the future as we were on the day we announced it. Facebook's rebranding to Meta was announced on Oct. 28, 2021, changing the scope and focus of the company to making the metaverse a real place in which individuals will be able to socialize, find communities, and grow businesses. Bosworth believes this is the right thing to do to overcome the short-term thinking that he considers disastrous. Investments and Achievements The level of commitment of Meta to the metaverse is being affected by the recent round of layoffs that the company announced on Nov. 9, when 11,000 employees w... read More

Will This New Development Push The Chainlink Price To $7?

    The Chainlink price has not reflected positive changes despite a major development in the altcoin's ecosystem. Over the last 24 hours, LINK has declined by over 4%. Even in the weekly window, the altcoin lost over 6% of its value. LINK had charted considerable gains in the month of November. The bulls, however, could not sustain the price action as the coin moved southward at the beginning of December. Chainlink's price has dropped below the $7 mark. For the coin to turn bullish, it must break past the aforementioned price zone. Investor interest has yet to echo on the daily chart. Chainlink is a blockchain oracle network that has launched its staking feature. This shall help to enhance the economic security of the platform's services as a whole. This development is supposed to be a vital part of its 'Chainlink Economics 2.0' effort, which is aimed at promoting better security and ensuring sustainable growth within the ecosystem. The technical outlook has displayed a fall in accumulation, and at the current price, LINK is trading at an 87% discount from its all-time high secured in 2021. Chainlink Price Analysis: One-Day Chart Chainlink was priced at $6.86 on the one-day chart | Source: LINKUSD on TradingView LINK was trading at $6.86 at the time of this writing. Although the altcoin was trading close to the crucial price resistance mark, it had to get past one important price ceiling to claim $7. Immediate resistance stood at $6.90. After breaking through the $7 mark, Chain... read More

Bitcoin Reclaims $17K as Crypto Markets Push $900 Billion (Market Watch)

    The markets have fared well with yesterday's speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, and Bitcoin has so far been successful in reclaiming $17K. This has also pushed the total market capitalization toward $900 billion, adding close to $50 billion in the past couple of days. Bitcoin Price Reclaims $17K Bitcoin's price is trading well in the green, adding a total of 3% over the past week, where most of the gains happened in the last 48 hours. That said, it seems to have reclaimed the important $17K level and is currently trading at around $17,100 on Binance. Source: Binance via TradingView The latest move is in line with the speech of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, who said that they are likely to keep hiking rates: We anticipate that ongoing increases will be appropriate. It seems more to me likely that the ultimate level of rates will need to be somewaht higher than thought at the time of the September meeting, and the summer of economic projections. Altcoins Faring Well, MATIC Leads with 5% Daily Gains Most of the altcoins are also faring relatively well, with a lot of them charting slight gains. Some of them are also slightly in the red too, but nothing considerable, at least not among the top cryptocurrencies by market cap. Source: Quantify Crypto As seen in the above heatmap, MATIC is leading the market with gains upwards of 5% in the past 24 hours, pushing above $0.90. The biggest winner over the past 24 hours is GMX - the native cryptocurrency of the d... read More

Game7 Launches $100 Million Grants Program to Push Web3 Gaming Developme...

    Game7, a blockchain gaming-focused DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) has announced the launch of a $100 million grants program. The objective of this grants program is to support the Web3 gaming community in these times of market downturn and to advance the adoption of blockchain gaming on several chains. Game7 to Support Blockchain Gaming With $100 Million Game7, a Web3 gaming-dedicated project which has already supported projects on different chains including Arbitrum, Polygon, Immutable X, and Solana, has announced the launch of a $100 million grants program to support Web3 gaming companies. The chain-agnostic project announced that the objective of this move is to offer support to these initiatives to push the Web3 gaming ecosystem forward even in unfavorable times for the crypto industry. The organization, which is a DAO supported by Bitdao and Forte, aims to distribute these funds over the next five years to the best projects presenting their initiatives. The grants will be distributed among five different areas, including technology, events, diversity, education, and research. On the direction of these funds, Game7 contributor Ronen Kirsh declared: Improving smart contract standards, tooling, interoperable wallets, and scaling solutions will be crucial on the path to global adoption of Web3 games. We have allocated 20% of our committed treasury to fund each of these crucial components so the gaming industry can focus on building sustainable game econom... read More

Chainlink Extends Accumulation By 200 Days; Will Bulls Push For A Breako...

    LINK's price retraces to its 200 days range as the price aims for a breakout ahead of its staking scheduled in December 2022.  LINK's price remains strong as bulls reclaim $6 despite uncertainty in the market traders and investors remain cautious.  LINK's price bounces from a low of $5.5 on the daily timeframe as the price reclaims $6.5 as price trades below the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) The price of Chainlink (LINK) has had a tough time recently after a successful breakout from its accumulation zone. Still, the price was rejected after 190 days of range movement as the price has continued in this price action for an additional 10 days as Chainlink (LINK) staking draws ever closer. Despite the relief bounce from Chainlink (LINK), the price remains below the key region of interest, which would entice many buyers. The Domino effect of the FTX saga and other large investors has halted the market, as the market has yet to make a significant move, raising concerns about where the market is headed. (Data from Binance) Chainlink (LINK) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Despite the uncertainty and turbulence that has affected the price of Chainlink (LINK) and the crypto market at large, many altcoins are struggling for survival, trying to stay afloat as the prices of altcoins continue a downward price movement.   Chainlink (LINK) has suffered more price loss, as the price dropped from a high of $45 to a weekly low of 5.5, leading to speculation of a f... read More

Litecoin Sharks Push Price Over $75, LTC Likely to Keep On Rising

    Litecoin has experienced a significant price surge on low timeframes and hints at a possible bullish continuation. The cryptocurrency is moving higher than more significant assets in the space, and it's making its way to the top 10 by market capitalization.  The current market landscape and on-chain activity support a bullish thesis. As of this writing, Litecoin already overtook Solana (SOL) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) in this ranking. LTC's price is trading at $78 with 15% and 35% profits in the last 24 hours and the previous week, respectively.  LTC's price rallying on the daily chart. Source: LTCUSDT Tradingview Litecoin On Track For Further Gains? Data from research firm Santiment indicates that prominent players have accumulated Litecoin over the previous two weeks. These players anticipated the current bullish momentum.  The firm noted that addresses holding from 1,000 to 100,000 Litecoin accumulated over $40 million in the cryptocurrency over this period. Santiment pointed out the following while sharing the chart below: Litecoin's price surge may have shocked some of you, but the large address accumulation has been the key to watch. In the past 2 weeks, addresses holding 1k to 100k $LTC accumulated $43.4M in coins en route to the first price jump above $80 since May. Source: Santiment As the chart shows, the Litecoin accumulation trend has lost strength. Large LTC holders might take some profits at current levels before resuming their accumulation pattern.&nb... read More

Binance Coin Loses $270 Support As Bears Eye $200; Will Bears Push Harde...

     BNB's price continues to hold strong as the bull refuses to give in to the FTX fiasco as price trends are above $260.   BNB's price continues to look weak as bearish market sentiments increase, with things looking uncertain for most traders and investors.  BNB's price looks weak and continues to trade below the daily 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as bulls attempt to reclaim the region. The price action displayed by Binance Coin (BNB) has not met expectations, with the price showing so much price action in recent weeks, rallying to a high of $390. Following the collapse of the FTX effect affecting small crypto projects like Genesis as the market continues to look weak on each passing day signifying the bottom is not yet in, leading to the price of many altcoins, including Binance Coin (BNB), battling for survival. The Domino effect of the FTX saga on investors has left the market at a standstill as the market has yet to make a major move after previous weeks saw the price of BNB struggling to hold above $250. (Data from Binance) Binance Coin (BNB) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The past few days have been filled with so much turbulence in the crypto space as many altcoins have struggled to show strength after losing their key support holding off price decline. The current uncertainty surrounding the market has resulted in reluctance on the part of traders and investors to make altcoin purchases leading to more sell orders than buy orders as the ... read More

Ethereum Struggles To Hold Above $1,000 As Bears Push Harder; Will Price...

     ETH's price lost its demand zone as the price struggled to break above $1,250.   ETH's price continues to look bearish with the market's current state, as things look uncertain for most traders and investors.  ETH's price looks weak as the price struggles to hold above $1,100, with the possibility of reclaiming the daily 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) remaining bleak. The price action displayed by Ethereum (ETH) has remained disheartening, with the FTX effect affecting small crypto projects like Genesis as the market continues to look weaker with each passing day, indicating that the bottom has not yet been reached, resulting in the price of many altcoins, including Ethereum (ETH), battling for survival. The domino effect of the FTX saga and other large investors has brought the market to a halt, as the market has yet to make a significant move after the price of ETH performed well in previous weeks. Most altcoins have lost key support and have traded at a loss of more than 90%, with many hoping for a crypto revival. (Data from Binance) Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The crypto space has seen a lot of turbulence in the last few days, with many altcoins struggling to show strength after losing key support that was holding off price declines. read More

Litecoin Shows Bullish Signs As Price Eyes $70; Will Bulls Push To This ...

     LTC's price shows bullish signs as price holds above its range channel showing signs to rally high as FTX fiascos continue.   LTC's price trades above $60 with the market's current state, as things look uncertain for most traders and investors.  LTC's price bounces from a low of $50 on the daily timeframe as the price aims for a rally to $70 above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) The price action displayed by Litecoin (LTC) in recent times has been encouraging after the FTX saga that has troubled the hearts of many traders and investors, giving many a reason to be hopeful. The Domino effect of the FTX saga and other huge investors involved has left the market at a standstill as the market is yet to make a major move after previous weeks saw the price of Bitcoin (BTC) perform well, rallying from a low of $19,200 to a high of $21,600. Most altcoins trend higher as many produced gains of over 200%, including DOGE rallying from a region of $0.55 to a high of $0.15. Still, these expectations were cut short by the uncertainty surrounding the crypto market, but this has yet to deter the price of Litecoin (LTC) from performing well in recent times. (Data from Binance) Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The past few days have been filled with so much turbulence in the crypto space as many altcoins have struggled to show strength after losing their key support holding off price decline. The current uncertainty surrounding the market has resu... read More

Microsoft Backs Wemade's Blockchain Push in $46 Million Investment Round

    Software giant Microsoft has made a $14.8 million investment in Wemade, a Korea-based blockchain gaming services company that has recently launched its own stablecoin, named Wemix. The company was part of a $46 million investment round, that also saw the participation of two more companies: Shinhan Asset Management and Kiwoom Securities. Microsoft Backs Korea-Based Gaming Company Wemade Microsoft has participated in a $46 million investment round to back Korea-based blockchain gaming operator Wemade. The round, which involved Wemade selling convertible bonds, saw Microsoft purchase $14.8 million in these bonds. Two other companies also participated — Shinhan Asset Management and Kiwoom Securities — with bond purchases of $21.2 million and $10.5 million respectively, according to regulatory filings. Founded in 2000 and having operated more than 20 blockchain games, Wemade sees this development as a big success, more so in the troubling economic times that the cryptocurrency industry is going through. In a press release, Wemade CEO Henry Chang stated: This is a meaningful investment by reputable financial and strategic investors with proven track records. Wemade and Wemix will continue to exert efforts to attract more capital and actively invest to build the global digital economy platform. Stablecoins in Addition to Gaming Though Wemade's primary focus is on its gaming operations, the company is also establishing a token economy via its gaming propertie... read More

Chainlink (LINK) Breaks Out Of Range; Will Bulls Push The Price To $12?

     LINK rallies with high volume as the price breaks above its range channel of $8 after a while as bulls eyes $12.  LINK's price continues to trend higher with strong volume as the market looks promising for many altcoins.  LINK's price remains strong on the daily timeframes as the price trades above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). of over 180 days old as the price eyes a major rally after having a tough time breaking this region with good volume. The crypto market has enjoyed a bit of relief across all assets, with Bitcoin (BTC) showing great traction, rallying and dragging the market. Chainlink (LINK) rallies with strength as the price could reward LINK marines. (Data from Binance) Chainlink (LINK) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The past week has seen many altcoins continue to produce over 200% gains over the past 7 days of breaking out of their range-bound movement, as many believe more hope could be settling into the crypto space once more.  The new week has looked a bit skeptical, but things are beginning to shape up and looking more promising for some altcoins, like BAND, rallying over 100% in less than 24 hours, showing the price action and volume for buy orders. The price of LINK has shown some great signs, breaking out of its long accumulation zone as it aims to rally higher, holding off sell orders at a region of $7.6. After dropping from its high of $50 some months back, the price of LINK has had a great struggle to pull off a rally... read More

These Key Factors Might Push Ethereum To Outplay Bitcoin

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire crypto market is often prone to price fluctuations. That’s why crypto investors must carefully monitor the market movement to avoid huge losses when prices are low. The crypto bear market could also be a time for long-term investors to leverage low prices and purchase assets which they can sell during bull runs. However, the past months' losses have been nearly unbearable for investors as factors such as interest rate hikes and inflations escalated the issues. Nevertheless, the crypto market has recorded some relief in the past week as some assets saw massive price rallies. Among the assets that performed well is Ethereum, having seen over 9% gains in the past seven days. Ethereum’s performance brought the total crypto market capitalization back to the $1 trillion mark. Three Factors Driving Ethereum Performance The rally started on October 25, with Ether gaining 17%, while BTC only managed to add 6% over the same time. Some analytics explained why Ethereum had such an outstanding performance over Bitcoin. Grayscale, an institutional assets manager, said Ethereum’s supply level after the merge might have influenced the asset’s performance. ETH supply was so much before the merge. But ETH issuance dropped after the merge to approximately 14,000 ETH per day and less than 5 million per year. Moreover, like BTC miners, Ethereum miners had to sell assets to cover expenses during the long crypto winter. However, the situati... read More

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Plays Catchup With DOGE; Will Bulls Push For $0.00002?

    SHIB's price shows strength as it continues its rally, with eyes set on a high of $0.00002 as the price tends to mimic DOGE.  SHIB could rally more as the price creates a bullish bias and holds above its range channel after a successful breakout. SHIB's price remains strong on all timeframes as the price trades above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). The price action shown by Shiba Inu (SHIB) in the past few days has been a replica of what we see with the price of DOGE in the past few days as it continues to lead the charge for memecoin rallies. Although the price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been under the shadow of DOGE, that hasn't neglected the fact that the price has had a good run. With uncertainty in the crypto market creeping in, would this run be sustained? (Data from Binance) Shib Inu (SHIB) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The crypto market is looking increasingly welcoming as many altcoins continue producing over 150% gains over the past 7 days of breaking out of their range-bound movement. The likes of DOGE have seen some great runs rally accompanied by its rival SHIB. The past weeks were tough for the crypto space, with many altcoins struggling to hold up their key support areas. read More

Cosmos Recaptures $14 As Price Grows; Will Bulls Push To A High Of $17?

    ATOM's price shows strength as it bounces from a downtrend range price rallied to a high of $14 with eyes set on $17.  ATOM could rally more as the price creates more bullish bias by breaking out of a downtrend descending triangle with eyes set on rallying higher. ATOM's price remains strong on the daily timeframe above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as the price aims for more rallies. The price action displayed by Cosmos (ATOM) has been tremendous as the price resisted the bears rallying from a region of $12.7 to a high of $14, reclaiming a vital support area it has built in the past few weeks. The crypto market is looking increasingly welcoming as many altcoins continue producing over 50% gains. The likes of DOGE have seen some great runs recently, rallying from a low of $0.055 to a high of $0.15, with many others as Cosmos (ATOM) continues to lead the charge for more price recoveries. (Data from Binance) Cosmos (ATOM) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Cosmos (ATOM) has struggled to regain its bullish momentum in recent times; despite the uncertainty that has befallen the crypto space, the price of ATOM has enjoyed a measure of relief after showing so much strength on the weekly low, rallying from a low of $12.7 to a high of $14 and recapturing this region as it forms key support for more potential to rise higher.  The past weeks have been nothing short of a boring and difficult moment for the crypto market as this affected the price of most altcoins ne... read More

THETA Shows Renewed Vigor – How Far Can The Coin Push Ahead?

    THETA, the 51st ranked cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization according to online tracker Coingecko, is performing relatively well now as it stays on the green zone as far its short-term and long-term price monitoring is concerned. THETA is all green in the charts except for its year-to-date progress The altcoin is sitting on a 17.2% 14-day increase A test of the $1.2 resistance zone is likely to happen for THETA At press time, the asset is trading at $1.16 and is up by 1.5% over the last day. On a weekly and biweekly timeframe, the crypto increased by 16.8% and 17.2%, respectively. Moreover, the past 30 days also saw the altcoin go up by 5.9%. It is still enjoying some residual momentum from the rally that the crypto market did just few days ago but still has long ways to go if it hopes surpass or even to just get closer to its April 16, 2021 all-time high value of $15.72. Nonetheless, THETA is still one of the better performers of the crypto space right now but interested buyers must first consider knowing even just a little of its price analysis before making the decision to accumulate. Diving Into THETA Price Action Over the last two months, the crypto market was filled with uncertainty and was also plagued by massive sell-off from different assets. THETA managed to buckle down despite all of these and in doing so had placed its price in a falling wedge pattern as it was bullish but was eventually headed to an immediate correction. During the last five days,... read More

Avalanche Fires Back to $17; Can The Bulls Push More To $20 Instead?

    AVAX's price shows strength as it bounces from a downtrend with high volume, aiming for a rally to $20. AVAX faces a rejection to trend higher above $17 after the price fell sharply below key resistance. AVAX's price remains strong below the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as it attempts to rally past a key area. The price of Avalanche (AVAX) has remained strong as it approaches the $17 region, facing resistance to rising to the $20 region. The crypto market has appeared more stable this week, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) experiencing significant price movement. This new relief rally in the crypto market has benefited smaller coins such as Avalanche (AVAX), which has rallied from its downtrend movement to a high of $17 as price attempts to break through key resistance. (Data from Binance) Avalanche (AVAX) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Weekly AVAX Price Chart | Source: AVAXUSDT On Although many altcoins have struggled to trend in a range market, the price of AVAX has seen more of a downtrend move as the price of AVAX dropped from a high of $150 to $15, seeing more than an 80% decline in its price. AVAX's price recently declined from an all-time high of more than $150 to a region of $75 before rallying to a high of $100; the price of AVAX faced further rejection to its price to a range low of $60.  The price of AVAX bounced immediately, forming pin bar candlesticks as the price rallied to $96 with what seemed to be a relief for more rally... read More

SEC Investigations Push Investors Toward Crypto: Study

    The thorough analysis and several investigations that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched on notorious crypto-related entities seem to be working out for the industry so far. 60% of the respondents in a recent survey said they are more likely to enter the digital asset ecosystem after seeing how the regulator interacted with several troubled firms, including Celsius Network, Three Arrows Capital (3AC), and Yuga Labs. Investors Fond of the SEC's Approach According to the latest MLIV Pulse study, 60% of the 564 participants favor the SEC's stringent interventions toward problematic cryptocurrency firms. Despite the market's decline, the watchdog's actions have sparked an increased interest in the digital asset sector. Chris Gaffney - President of World Markets at TIAA Bank - described himself as a professional investor and a supporter of the crypto industry. In his view, additional regulations could make the asset class even more attractive to average consumers: 'The more they can get crypto out of the Wild West and into traditional investing, the better off it's going to be.' The poll participants also commented on bitcoin's close correlation to risk-on assets and the stock market index S&P 500. 42% think the trend will remain for the next 12 months, while 43% believe this will change and plan to increase their exposure to digital currencies over the same period. In September, Ethereum shifted from the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm to the Pro... read More

Shiba Inu Struggles As The Bears Assemble; Can Bulls Push One Last Time?

    SHIB's price struggles to hold above key support as the price tends to get a knockout into a range channel.  SHIB continues to struggle in a range-bound movement as the price attempts to breakout from its range price.  The price of SHIB continues its range movement in a range channel as the price trades below 50 and 200 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) on the daily timeframe.  Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been underperforming against tether (USDT) for several weeks now, with the price trading primarily in a range-bound movement with little or no volume to rally. Although the uncertainty that surrounds the crypto market may be a significant factor, as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto assets such as Ethereum (ETH) have seen a slight setback in their price movement, the price of SHIB will need to gather more momentum to break through its range channel. (Data from Binance) Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart. Most projects have not fared well in the bear market, as most have seen price declines of more than 50%, discouraging most traders and investors from stockpiling these assets. Despite massive support from great partnerships and a massive community that has continued to build and grow, the price of SHIB has struggled to stay stable. The last rally for SHIB was a spectacle for many, as most investors and traders made a fortune from it, as the thoughts and vivid picture still linger in many people's minds. After rallying to a high of $0.00004... read More

Binance Coin Buying Volume Up – Will This Push BNB Up To $275 Leve...

    Binance Coin (BNB) had an opportunity for a price rally last week after its parent company finally completed the scheduled token burn for the third quarter of the year. BNB price slightly corrected after going up by almost 4% following the latest burning of Binance tokens Binance established $260 as its support level The altcoin might fall to $250 before continuing its price rally With that, the total number of burned (destroyed) BNB tokens reached 2,065,152, which is worth over $563 million. Shortly after, Binance went up by 3.75% to trade at $274.6, confirming the asset’s positive response to the burning mechanisms introduced to reduce the crypto’s overall supply of 200 million by half. At press time, the altcoin is experiencing a slight price correction, changing hands at $272.93 according to tracking from Coincodex. However, thanks to a substantial increase in BNB’s buying volume, a bullish rally could be on the horizon for the 4th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Analyzing Price Movement Of Binance Coin Binance was not spared by the widespread price dip that continues to bother all of crypto space as it has spent many days in the red zone for the past two months just like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The token somehow managed to establish $260 level as its support zone, which means the asset’s price won’t go lower than that as long as the marker is maintained. BNB’s 12-hour chart indicates a range between $260 and... read More

Polygon (MATIC) Eyes $1 After Successful Breakout; Will Bulls Push For A...

    MATIC's price shows strength as price breaks bounced off from $0.76 with good volume with eyes set to reclaim $1.  MATIC breaks out of a downtrend as the price resumes a bullish structure.  The price of MATIC continues to trade above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) on the daily timeframe.  The price of Polygon (MATIC) has remained strong despite the market uncertainties that have affected the price of many altcoins in recent weeks. Polygon (MATIC) has held strong, defending its support as the price is set for a major rally. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) showed strength bouncing off from its low of $19,100 to $19,600 as the price attempted a breakout to $20,000. A successful breakout will mean relief bounces for most crypto assets in the market. (Data from Binance) Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Despite experiencing some great price movement in recent weeks due to so many partnerships and great projects built on the polygon network, this has attracted the attention of traders and investors as they look for every opportunity to stack up MATIC. The bear market has had a fair share on the price of MATIC, as the price of MATIC dropped to a weekly low of $0.35 with what seems to be a demand zone where the price bounced off this region to rally to $1. The price of MATIC was rejected from $1 despite showing great strength to break and close above this resistance. The rejection of MATIC from this region has led to the price decline to its ... read More

Ripple and Peersyst Devs Push XRP Toward Ethereum Compatibility With Fir...

    According to an announcement from Ripple's core development team Ripplex, developers have introduced the first step toward Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility with the XRP-based sidechain XRPL. The XRPL is now live on Devnet and developers can 'assess available technologies,' alongside deploying 'existing Solidity apps on the EVM sidechain.'Ripple Core Developers and Peersyst Reveal First Phase of the EVM Sidechain XRPL On Monday, October 17, Ripplex announced the introduction of the XRP-based and EVM-compatible side chain XRPL. The distributed ledger project XRP is the sixth largest crypto project by market capitalization, and XRP core developers have wanted to make the project compatible with smart contract processes for quite some time. Some accounts say XRP developer, David Schwartz, conceived the idea back in 1988. According to Ripplex, the XRPL chain is the first phase of the EVM sidechain and it's being introduced by Peersyst Technology. 'This first phase of the EVM sidechain is currently available for testing on the XRPL Devnet,' the announcement details. 'Using a bridge, developers can test the exchange of Devnet XRP between the EVM sidechain and XRP Ledger to: (1) Assess available technologies. (2) Deploy their existing Solidity apps on the EVM sidechain and access the XRPL Devnet userbase.' Compatibility with Ethereum's Virtual Machine has been addressed by a handful of alternative blockchain networks during the last few years. Phase two of XRPL will sta... read More

Ethereum In Tight Range – Will Selling Pressure Push ETH Below $1,...

    Ethereum, the undisputed ruler of the altcoin market, is now stuck in a bear market as the token struggles to break the $1,300 resistance level. However, the current market price is $1,302.87, only 0.22 percent more than the key psychological buy point. Despite how good this sounds, the way the market is moving right now, the bear market is likely to continue this month, which is not good news for ETH. The possibilities of a bear market recovery for ETH are slim due to the terrible state of the macroeconomy, according to The Guardian. In this year's much-hyped 'Uptober,' the token is probably going to experience even more misery than usual. However, what do the graphs show? Trading In A Tight Band At the time of writing, the altcoin was expected to trade in a narrow band. Before that, however, the price of ETH has fluctuated over the past 25 days between $1,188 and $1,411. Since this coincides with when the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates, it demonstrates especially tumultuous market conditions at the time. As previously indicated, Ether is presently following a pennant formation. This pattern is a bearish sign that matches the preceding price action. The price has decreased to $1,300.35, where we anticipate a significant price movement on or near the price level. Chart: TradingView With the current sideways market action, technical analysis is also quite neutral. The momentum indicator demonstrates a sharp decline following the market meltdown... read More

Konami Launches Metaverse Push With Web3 Focused Hiring Spree

    Konami, one of the most influential Japanese game development and publishing companies, has announced it will be introducing Web3 and metaverse technologies into its games. The company opened 13 different job openings for three departments that will be responsible for developing the new projects to spearhead Konami's latest business strategy. Konami to Enter Metaverse and Web3 Arena Konami, one of the biggest AAA game developers and publishers in Japan, is showing interest in jumping on the metaverse and Web3 entertainment bandwagon. The company recently published a series of job openings for the production of experiences that include this type of technology in its next games. The company is recruiting via 13 different job openings in the areas of infrastructure development, production and operations, and support. These new openings will help to 'provide new experiences such as Web3 and Metaverse,' according to Konami's news release. While there have been no statements about the IPs (intellectual properties) that will be using these new technologies, the company did explain its general plans for the future, which also include non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Konami stated: We have been conducting research and development to incorporate the latest technology into games and contents, and plan to launch a service where players can trade their in-game NFTs (digital items) through a unique distribution platform using blockchain. Konami's Background This isn't the first tim... read More

Starbucks Leverages Polygon for Web3 Push, Coffeehouse Chain to Issue NF...

    On September 12, the multinational chain of coffeehouses, Starbucks, announced the firm has partnered with the blockchain project Polygon and unveiled the company's Web3 technology called Starbucks Odyssey. The Web3 platform Starbucks Odyssey will provide Starbucks rewards members and the company's U.S. employees with the opportunity to earn non-fungible token (NFT) assets.Coffeehouse Company Announces Web3 Platform Starbucks Odyssey Starbucks has immersed its feet into blockchain, Web3, and NFT technology by revealing a new Web3 application powered by Polygon. '[The] new Starbucks Odyssey experience will offer members the ability to earn and buy digital collectible stamps (NFTs) that will unlock access to new, immersive coffee experiences,' the company's corporate stories and news page notes. 'As one of the first companies to integrate NFTs with an industry-leading loyalty program at scale, Starbucks will create an accessible Web3 community that will enable new ways to engage with members and partners (employees).' Polygon also confirmed the partnership on Twitter and in a blog post called 'Starbucks Taps Polygon for Its 'Starbucks Odyssey' Web3 Experience.' In the blog announcement, Polygon states: This one-of-a-kind loyalty program experience is powered by the low fees and high transaction speeds on the Polygon PoS network. Starbucks Odyssey Experience to Launch 'Later This Year' Starting today, Starbucks customers and employees can join the waitlist in order to get an ex... read More

Cardano On White House Crosshair Can Push ADA Up This Route

    The recent White House announcement has placed the spotlight on Cardano as the leading Proof-of-Stake blockchain that’s currently on the market. This recent news follows the announcement of the Vasil upgrade which aims to improve usability and scalability.  A simple Twitter search of ADA will result with tweets of happy and confident traders and investors.  “Here is the White House energy report showcasing #Cardano as the largest proof of stake blockchain in the world. Probably something,” said Dan Gombardello in a recent tweet.  Chart: At the day of the announcement, ADA’s price went up 7.43 percent with a high of $0.5243 before stabilizing at the range $0.5215 to $0.4992.  Using the regression trend tool, we can clearly see an uptrend forming even several days before the White House announcement. This uptrend formed clearly after the recent crash in the early half of August. Chart: Cardano Gets Some Lift From White House Announcement During this crash, the coin experienced a 25.18 percent drop in price. It continued stabilizing at the $0.4354 support line. Trade volumes have also risen since the announcement at 3.63 million.  This solid but slow uptrend coupled by the announcement further solidified confidence in the coin. Trade indicators also point to buy signals as the price further stabilizes at the 50% percent Fib level which sits at the $0.4992 range. The bulls have also tested the 38.2... read More

Ford Files 19 Trademark Applications Preparing a Possible Metaverse Push

    Leading automotive company Ford has filed 19 trademark applications related to possible metaverse activities. In the documents, the company hints at the potential launch of Ford-branded NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on its own marketplace, and also refers to the offering of virtual models of its cars, including Mustang, Mustang Mach-E, and the Bronco. Ford Hints at Metaverse Move Ford, one of the biggest U.S.-based automotive brands by sales, has introduced several trademark applications to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), preparing for a potential push into the metaverse. The company is seeking to protect its activities in the therein, including the offering of Ford-branded NFTs on an NFT marketplace of its own. These NFTs might contain text, audio, or video related to the brand. Part of these applications seeks to protect the digital representation of some of Ford's most popular models, including the 150 Lightning, Lincoln, Ford, Lightning, Bronco, Explorer, Raptor, Mustang Mach-E, Transit, Escape, Expedition, Maverick, Ranger, and Mustang. Also, digital clothing containing references to the brand, and digital spare parts of any of the previously mentioned models are covered in the trademark applications. This might be one of the first steps in an organized digital strategy of Ford, according to USPTO-licensed attorney Mike Kondoudis, who claimed the company was making a 'big move' into the metaverse with these filings. Ford's Digita... read More

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