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PST Price:
$755.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$391.5 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PST today is $0.00765 USD.

The lowest PST price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00765, and the exact current price of one PST crypto coin is $0.00764561.

The all-time high PST coin price was $1.21.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PST with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Primas crypto currency is #PST.

Primas is 5.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Primas is $391,455.

Primas is ranking downwards to #960, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #PST.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Primas is $755,619.


The circulating supply of PST is 51,199,999 coins, which is 51% of the maximum coin supply.


PST is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PST is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #PST trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #PST purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PST, and you can view them on our PST disambiguation page.



May & June at Primas

Miks Progress - — Product Development - New Features In May, the Japanese browser version was fully launched and fully synchronized with the Chinese version. Japanese users now use Miks!, Added a guided download function on the mobile WeChat webpage, new users can download Miks directly through links shared by other users., Completed the“collaborative writing” function., Added ‘pinned’ content functionality for group leaders., Added a new user preference tracking function; the discovery page now shows content according to users’ preferences., Improved the quality of content on the discovery page., Optimized Features Group classification is now clearer with group logos added by default., Optimized the account upgrading process., Modified and clarified ‘permissions’ for individuals and enterprises., Content snapshots made clearer and more concise., Personal user page made simpler and easier to use., Fixes Search function bug, Message reminder bugs, Editor bugs, Many other small bugs.,

March & April at Primas

Miks Progress - — Product Development - New Functionality Mobile version: Added “personal needs” function, which can help users to seek more resources and help within the team., Registration is completely open, companies or individuals no longer need an invitation code to register to use Miks., One-click registration and registration on WeChat. Wechat registration is not required for the first visit (can be bound after registration)., Public group content sharing is visible, and you can view Miks content without registering., With the new innovator role, individuals can also use Miks, and can also form their own small team., A new “Headquarters” group is added, which has the same authority and function as “My Organization” and an enterprise information overview group., Optimised Functionality Computer version: Optimized the release function of ‘Huoyan’ to ensure the normal operation of ‘Huoyan’., The entire user entry process has been optimized to ensure that user entry is smooth and barrier-free., On the computer side: The entire collaborative editing function has been optimized, and a “write together” entry has been added., Computer side: The enterprise upgrade function is optimized, and the enterprise upgrade is more clear and clear., Optimized the ordering of groups on the discovery page, with the newest group first., Optimized part of the page design and systemized the overall visual style., The website domain name is updated to:, Fixed Functionality Computer version: Fixed the editor’s comprehensive bug., On the computer side: Fixed a general bug in the draft box., Optimized part of the copy, making it easier for users to understand., Fixed some known small bugs., Throughout the whole COVID-19 pandemic, our team have been on the go. We thank all friends of Miks for their support.

February at Primas

February brought with it a public health scare but the show must go on! Working from home, this is a taste of what they team has been up to this month. — Miks Progress - — Product Development - Browser Version Added a ‘draft’ function to automatically save articles during writing., Optimized the ‘like’ function, removed expression buttons, and synchronized the interactions with the mobile version., Optimized the display and interaction between different clients., Fixed issues with Safari browser image scaling and disappearing in browser adaptation after parsing links., Android & iOS Version Added the function for joint leadership of subscription groups. Subscription groups can now invite up to 5 members to publish content together., Added public and non-public content sharing to WeChat function, public content sharing to WeChat can be viewed without logging in., Added group archiving function. After the group leader archives a group, administrators can operate the archiving group., Optimized the display and interaction between different clients., Some outstanding functionality on the Android side has been added., Service Centre Optimized message notification functionality to improve user experience., Fixed some experience issues with ‘Huoyan’ function., Fixed a series of known bugs.,

January at Primas

Miks Progress - — Product Development - Browser Version Added interactive content commenting notification, Added popup for comment box, Added the ability to jump to article details page after editing and saving, Added the ability to search for a file to see which group the file belongs to, Added the function of copying the information of the members in the “group members”, Added the function of displaying corresponding content when message notifications have been added, Optimized the interactive mode of pictures after right-clicking, Optimized web page synchronization after viewing mobile notifications, Optimized inconsistencies in points and rewards, Optimized the picture of the article details page, iOS Version Added display function for showing enterprise knowledge data (still testing), Added content editor saving functionality, Optimized member avatar cache to improve the visual experience when member related pages are opened, Optimized the display style of new web pages, Optimized the group authority and the unit label in the details of the group to make a clear distinction, Fixed the issue that the client copy link reminder cannot be turned off, Fixed team’s corporate information error, Android Version New content commenter notification notification feature, Added editor content saving function, content can be saved before editing, Added UI interface for winning coffee, jump out of winning page after winning, Added the function of displaying corresponding content when message notification is added, Optimized the return path of the login registration process, Optimized the group authority and the unit label in the details of the group to make a clear distinction, Optimized the inconsistency of products, and changed “appreciation” to “reward”, Repaired node unregistered mailbox, forgot password, submit, feedback prompt problems, Fixed the issue that the quick notification will display 2 duplicate messages,

December at Primas (2019)

Miks Progress - — Product Development. — Browser Version Added editor drag and drop picture function, Added popup for comment box, Added the ability to locate sources and locations when searching for files, New search content sources, Optimized article details page picture viewing, Optimized editor layout and page layout, Optimized jump interaction after article editing, Fixed system issues such as member mailboxes failing to copy, iOS Version Added drop-down refresh quotes, Added user guidance for multiple features, Added group sharing feature, Optimized team details permission settings, Optimized the discovery page information flow recommendations, Optimized team details page team permissions tab and company label, Optimized the cache experience and solve the problem of flashing user avatar cards, Android Version Added search business group list feature, Added support instructions for new years creating their first group, New search content sources, Added new user to launch Dapp splash screen introduction, Optimized team details permission settings, Optimized the discovery page information flow recommendation strategy, Optimized team details page team permissions tab and company label,

November at Primas

Primas Ecosystem - — Community Development. — Throughout November, the Primas Korean community on Telegram witnessed large growth in numbers with member counts increasing from 250 to over 4000. Working with new Korean community managers, the Primas team organised a group study session to discuss technical project details and talk about the future of Primas in Korea. Link: — Miks Progress - — Product Development. — Browser Version Added document collaboration function to support simultaneous editing by multiple people, New article category tags, Added common data cache to optimize loading speed, Optimized editor functions and styles, Optimized mobile login and registration pages, Optimized group sharing and file list display, Optimized search article title and abstract highlighting, Unified page styles such as pop-up windows according to design specifications, Fix Safari browser compatibility issues, Fixed and optimized related functions based on user feedback, iOS Version Add subscription guidance, view organization members, and invite user guidance, Added discovery page and added banner multi-picture carousel UI, Added search features for Universal Links, Handoff, and Spotlight, New personal data evaluation radar chart, Optimize article list font and UI style, Optimized support for network requests, caches and GIF images, Optimize article detail page webview experience, Refined search keyword highlighting, Fixed problem of incorrect link popup position, Fixed and optimized related functions based on user feedback, Android Version Added Huawei and Xiaomi notification push, New article tipping, @ tagging and article pinning functions, Added group list style switching and custom sorting functions, New discovery page carousel, Optimized image loading and caching, Optimized search function, increased keyword highlighting and automatic association, Optimized the automatic detection function when logging in, Fixed and optimized related functions based on user feedback, — Primas生态进展 - — 社区动态 - Primas韩国社区于2019年11月14日通过Telegram成立,在2个工作周内,Telegram Primas会员数量从268人增长到4000+人。在过去的2周里,社区活跃的新老Primas成员对Primas表现出极大的兴趣和热情,他们进行了4528次对话,每天平均进行302次聊天。 在gall.dcinside上发表文章 Primas为社区管理者和顾问组织了学习小组,管理团队讨论Primas韩国社区的总体增长计划,引导新老成员了解Primas的成长路线,并通过引导对话(半年回顾、年度回顾、2020年PST展望和区块链市场讨论等)激活小组对话。 — Miks项目进展 - — 技术开发. — Web 新增文档协作功能,支持多人同时协作, 新增文章分类标签, 新增常用数据缓存,优化加载速度, 优化编辑器功能和样式, 优化移动端登录、注册页面, 优化分享小组、文件列表展示, 优化搜索文章标题、摘要高亮展示, 按照设计规范统一弹窗等页面样式, 修复Safari浏览器兼容性问题, 根据用户反馈修复和优化了相关功能, ios 新增订阅引导、查看组织成员、邀请用户的引导, 新增发现页面增加banner多图轮播UI, 新增应用Universal Links、Handoff、Spotlight搜索特性, 新增个人数据评估雷达图, 优化文章列表字体及UI样式, 优化网络请求、缓存及GIF图片的支持, 优化文章详情页webview的体验, 优化搜索关键字高亮显示, 修复链接弹窗位置不正确的问题, 根据用户反馈修复和优化了相关功能, Android端 新增华为、小米消息推送, 新增文章赞赏,@功能及文章置顶功能, 新增小组列表样式切换和自定义排序功能, 新增发现页轮播图, 优化图片加载及缓存方式, 优化搜索功能,增加关键字高亮及自动联想, 优化链接转入时的自动检测功能, 根据用户反馈修复和优化了相关功能,

Primas Roadmap 3.0 *Update*

For the next stages, Primas will focus on two main projects. The first one is a decentralized storage network called Garnet, which solves the problem of storing large amount of data for DApps built on top of Primas. The second one is called Turing, which is a decentralized computing network empowering Primas DApps with data intelligence while at the same time keeping the data used in the computation private. Based on the new storage and intelligence capabilities, a new DApp developed by our ecosystem partner will be released. The application helps organizations to better digitize their data assets and create more values from them through a more efficient circulation inside and outside organizations. More details about this DApp will be revealed in the release of the whitepaper in a short future. — January 2020. — · Garnet beta version release · DApp whitepaper release · Turing data streaming framework — April 2020. — · Garnet metadata and raw data storage · Turing pluggable streaming components · Turing extension framework for data intelligence · DApp version 1.0 release — October 2020. — · Garnet data verification system · Turing basic data intelligence components — January 2021. — · Garnet data scheduling and data failure recovery · Turing advanced data intelligence components — June 2021. — · Garnet incentivization mechanism · Turing knowledge graph and querying — December 2021. — · Turing trustless decentralized data intelligence — December 2022. — · Turing zero-knowledge decentralized data intelligence

Sep & Nov at Primas (2019)

Sep & Oct at Primas (2019) - — Primas Ecosystem - — Community Development. — On September 22nd, the Polaris ‘Kaiyang’ Community was formally established. The Polaris Kaiyang Community is affiliated to the sub-community of the Polaris Blockchain Community., On September 11th, Community Leader, Liu Boxiong participated in the “Winners’ Night and SuperEx Club Conference” hosted by the exchange, and delivered a keynote speech on “The Evolution of the Blockchain Community”. The Polaris community is a partner of the exchange., The Polaris community enabled the Smart AI service number “North Star Stars” to assist community operations., The KakaoTalk group chat for our Korean community was unfortunately closed due to the Group Creator’s account being deleted and therefore new members were unable to join. Our new group chat can be found at: We welcome all new and existing community members!, — Miks Progress - — Product Development. — Groups To better promote communication and minimise borders within organisations, Miks has improved Groups. Added functionality for creating groups and inviting and organising members. Information Architecture A large number of tweaks across the whole application are aimed at creating a more convenient and comfortable reading experience. The new “Miks” and “Discovery” tabs will now display information from either subscribed groups or public groups respectively. New-look Discovery Page The new version of the discovery page now displays more industry-specific information. These public groups will circulate the latest industry news & trends. Bug Squashing and System Stabilising In addition to added functionality, a number of bugs were resolved and system stability was improved. These were done largely in response to user feedback. Additionally, the local cache was added to the common data in response speed, and server response speed was optimised. — Tech development. — Browser Version New message details page unread statistics, Add discovery page to add an external business groups, Add organization creation, my organization, organization member invitation and VIP code payment channel, Add rich text editor image copy and drag and drop, Message Center Optimization and Data Cache Data Optimization, Article details page, sharing page and file display optimization, Markdown editor plugin optimization, Fix browser compatibility fixes, Fix click search term without jump fix, iOS Version New content link forwarding and content recommendation display, Add group content message push switch settings, New development organization creation, organization member invitation, etc., Optimize data caching logic, Optimize no data page architecture and discover page layouts, Optimize content autoloading and load quantity hints, Fix feedback search, change avatars, etc., Fix the function points that improve the coverage of UI test cases, Adapt iOS13 related functions and components, Adjust the local cache refresh policy and refresh prompts, Android Version Complete function: article release, praise and message system, DTCP, New organizational system: organization creation, organization member invitation, etc., Add WeChat sharing and global search, Optimize article and comment layout and style, Optimize image and file loading, Fix version known issues, — Primas生态进展 - — 社区动态. — 9月22日,北极星子社区开阳社区正式成立。北极星开阳社区隶属于北极星区块链社区旗下的子社区,并以北斗七星天枢、天璇、天玑、天权、玉衡、开阳、摇光来命名。, 9月11日,队长刘博雄参加由HKEX.one交易所主办的“共赢者之夜暨SuperEx Club发布会”,并围绕“区块链社区的进化之路”发表主题演讲。北极星社区成为2019HKEX.one交易所最佳合作伙伴。, 北极星社区启用智能AI服务号“北极星小妹”,辅助社区运营。, 由于韩国社区的Kakaotalk社群创建者的帐户被删除,导致新成员无法加入,我们重新组建了Primas Kakaotalk社群,新成员可通过以下地址加入我们。, — Miks项目进展 - — 产品进展. — 组织系统 为促进企业间沟通交流及无边界组织的建立,Miks 新增组织系统:包含组织创建、组织成员邀请、组织成员管理等一系列功能在各端已同步更新。, 新版信息架构 针对各端页面组织形式均进行了不同程度的调整,移动端为营造更加便捷舒适的阅读体验,新增 “Miks” 、 “发现”标签页将讨论及订阅信息流进行拆分,组织内外信息分明提高辨识度。, 发现页 新版发现页增添更多行业资讯及区块链动态,丰富的公开小组第一时间呈现行业动态, 问题修复及系统稳定性提升 除了进行功能更新外,近期我们对各端都增加了大量测试用例,保障功能及系统稳定性。同时修复用户反馈的应用问题。另外在响应速度上对常用数据增加本地缓存,并优化了服务端响应速度。, — 技术开发. — Web端 新增消息详情页未读统计, 新增发现页新增外部企业圈子, 新增组织创建,我的组织,组织成员邀请及VIP码支付渠道, 新增富文本编辑器图片复制及拖拽插入, 消息中心优化及数据缓存数据优化, 文章详情页,分享页面及文件展示优化, Markdown 编辑器插件优化, 修复浏览器兼容性问题修复, 修复点击搜索条目不跳转修复, iOS端 新增内容链接转发及内容推荐展示, 新增圈子内容消息推送开关设置, 新增开发组织创建、组织成员邀请等, 优化数据缓存逻辑, 优化无数据页面架构及发现页布局, 优化内容自动加载及加载数量提示, 修复反馈的搜索、更换头像等bugs, 修正完善UI测试用例覆盖的功能点, 适配 iOS13 相关功能及组件, 调整本地缓存的刷新策略和刷新提示, Android端 功能完善:文章发布、点赞及消息系统、DTCP, 新增组织系统:组织创建、组织成员邀请等, 新增微信分享及全局搜索, 优化文章及评论布局及样式, 优化图片及文件加载, 修复版本已知问题,

August at Primas

Technology Development. — Added ERC-721 Protocol Support. Upgraded content class asset protocol using the ERC-721 protocol., Garnet Node Service Upgrade Add data package services and transfers for multiple file types., — Community Development. — Head of the Polaris Community, Liu BoXiong shared the presentation “Investing in PST: What You Need to Know” with Polaris Community to answer a series if questions about the Primas project moving into the future., The Polaris Community officially established the Polaris Operations Academy and completed the first phase of recruitment. The Academy will serve as the operational base of the Polaris community, incubating talents and building a community ecosystem., — Miks Project Progress - — Browser Version. — Added appreciation features for members of the corporate team to motivate each other., Add management functions such as circle creation, circle information modification and transfer, and more functions can be operated on the computer., Added rich text and Markdown text re-editing to enhance the editing page experience., Added multiple member invitation methods, including in-app invitations, email invitations, and more., Added a variety of information tips, operational article push, appreciation message push and message detail page unread statistics., Added static display of mobile sharing page permission control., Optimize page performance and reduce duplicate network requests., Optimize article detail page and article list page display; optimize image preview, navigation bar style and comment sorting logic., Fixed an issue where the search bar jump failed., Fix some known bugs and some copy optimization., — iOS client. — Added “Fire Eye Intelligence” content forwarding function to forward “Fire Eye Intelligence” content to other circles., New discovery pages and subscription content impressions, new users can follow more interesting circles on the discovery page., Add a new operating circle details home page to learn more about the circle., Added Markdown style display, which is clearly distinguishable from the connection content., Add a share link to Miks to make it easier to post content., Add a circle list and drag sort to sort the circles before and after the My Circles page., Optimize feed stream styles and article detail page styles., Optimize dynamic page navigation and floating menus., Optimize new navigation bars, message tabs, search boxes, and circle dynamic interfaces., Optimize article cards, navigation, link styles, and refresh the interface., Optimize the dynamic list of all shared content styles and modify them to full screen display., Fixed some display issues and unify page impressions within the app., — Android. — Begin the Android version development work., Built basic framework and some basic functionality., — Primas生态进展 - — 技术开发. — 增加 ERC-721 协议支持 内容类资产协议升级,使用ERC-721协议进行描述和操作。, Garnet 节点服务升级 增加多种文件类型的数据打包服务及传输。, — 社区动态. — 队长刘博雄在北极星社区线上做主题分享《投资了PST你需要知道的信息》,就Primas项目进行答疑。, 北极星社区正式成立北极星运营学院,并完成第一期成员招募。运营学院将作为北极星社区的运营大本营,孵化运营人才,共建社区生态。, — Miks项目进展 - — 技术开发. — — 网页端. — 新增赞赏功能,用于企业团队间成员互相激励。, 新增圈子创建、圈子信息修改及转让等管理功能,更多功能可以在电脑端操作。, 新增富文本及Markdown文本重新编辑功能,提升编辑页面体验。, 新增多种成员邀请方式,包含应用内邀请、邮件邀请等方式。, 新增多种信息提示,运营类文章推送、赞赏消息推送及消息详情页未读统计。, 新增移动端分享页面权限控制的静态展示。, 优化页面性能,减少重复的网络请求。, 优化文章详情页及文章列表页展示;优化图片预览,导航栏样式及评论排序逻辑。, 修复搜索栏跳转失效的问题。, 修复一些已知的bug及部分文案优化。, — iOS客户端. — 新增“火眼情报”内容转发功能,可将“火眼情报”内容转发至其他圈子。, 新增发现页面及订阅内容展示,新用户可以在发现页关注更多感兴趣的圈子。, 新增新的运营圈子详情主页,可更详细的了解圈子情况。, 新增Markdown样式展示,与连接内容有明显区分。, 新增分享链接跳转至Miks,更便捷的发布内容。, 新增圈子列表拖动排序,可在“我的圈子”页面将圈子做前后排序。, 优化Feed流样式及文章详情页样式。, 优化动态页面导航和悬浮菜单。, 优化新的导航栏、消息Tab、搜索框、圈子动态界面。, 优化文章卡片、导航、链接样式、刷新界面。, 优化动态列表所有分享内容样式,修改为全屏展示。, 修复一些展示问题,统一应用内的页面展示。, — Android. — 启动 Android 版本开发工作。, 基础框架搭建,新增部分基础功能。,

July at Primas (2019)

Technology Development - 1. Added paid subscription service: Combining with Miks to add information subscription services within the node, a variety of information subscription services such as magazines and newspapers have been added; 2. Corporate knowledge mapping feature: Using enterprise-owned data, a map of the knowledge of the organisation can be constructed using real-time analysis functions such as association query and allows for visualising these complex internal relationships. — Community Development - 1. The North Star established their first core WeChat group, the North Star Community. At present, this group consists of members from across a number of online communities such as: Tianshu Community, Tianzhu Community, Super Community, Aurora Community and elite exchange groups. It is aimed at providing the different organisational members with the resources they need to expand their own communities. 2. The North Star community, alongside other known communities in the blockchain space jointly launched an ‘Alliance Committee.’ Known as ‘The Rich Man Crew’, it is a super community alliance formed by a number of well-known blockchain communities currently covering approximately 150 community cells across the blockchain space. It is committed to blockchain community value exploration, blockchain quality project sourcing, blockchain industry discussion and aimed at promoting the development of the blockchain industry. The alliance is composed of community committees, community management and community members, and the alliance committee is mainly responsible for the alliance. The construction, management, resource docking, etc., will also play a role in the supervision of community alliances. 3. The North Star community developed an Online Course “Blockchain Investment Logic”. The course is open to community members and provides more value in choosing investments. — Miks Project Progress - — Browser Version. — Added Markdown editor to support uploading pictures, article preview, detail display, and article re-editing;, Add my circle content update tips, and my circle on the left shows a small red dot to indicate that the circle content is updated., Add a circle data graph to view the data used by members in the circle within the circles I created;, The new essay is displayed as a pop-up window mode. Clicking on the content will pop up the pop-up window to display the full-text content;, Added @ function to match by keyword search;, Optimize the publishing process for linking links, images, and files when switching circles;, Optimize rich text summary format issues, editor interface, re-edit popups, editor interface styles, etc., Fix bugs such as rich text, Markdown editor, editor delete images, etc., Fix system format compatibility issues when posting content or copying content., — iOS Client - With the addition of the “fast company” content paid subscription feature, enterprise administrators can purchase “fast company” online magazines for all employees;, Add a circle list to long-press sort interaction, you can drag and drop by circle in the circle list;, Add a share link to Miks to jump from the share to Miks;, Added node official dynamic circle content update message push function;, Add the invitation member function entry of the member list, and the members in the circle can send out invitations;, Added support for Xcode11 and iOS13 features;, Optimize the list of articles and details, refresh the list of content sharing circles;, Optimize Markdown style adaptation;, Fix an issue where a circle member cannot be selected;, Fix bugs that share input scrolling., — Primas生态进展 - — 技术开发. — 1、新增付费订阅类服务: 结合Miks应用在节点内增加信息订阅服务,已实现杂志类、新闻类等多种信息订阅业务; 2、构建企业知识图谱: 在企业自有数据的基础上构建企业知识图谱,实现关联查询、复杂关系可视化等实时分析功能。 — 社区动态. — 1、北极星成立首个核心微信群 — — 北极星超级社区。目前北极星社区涵盖:天枢社区、天璇社区、超级社区、极光社区以及精英交流群,为不同需求的成员提供多元化圈子。 2、北极星社区与区块链多家知名社区联合发起首富社区联盟,成为联盟委员会成员。(首富社区联盟(Rich man crew)是由诸多知名区块链社区联合组成的超级社区联盟,目前已涵盖近150家区块链社区超百万社区成员。区块链首富社区联盟致力于区块链社区价值探索、区块链优质项目挖掘、区块链行业研讨,为促进区块链行业生态良性发展组成的超级社区联盟。联盟由社区委员会、社区管理及社区成员组成,联盟委员会主要负责联盟的搭建、管理、资源对接等工作,同时也将起到社区联盟监管的作用。) 3、北极星社区开发线上课程《区块链投资逻辑》,为社区成员开放,提供更多价值。 — Miks项目进展 - — 技术开发. — 网页端 新增 Markdown 编辑器,支持上传图片、文章预览、详情展示、文章重新编辑等功能;, 新增我的圈子内容更新提示,左侧我的圈子显示小红点代表该圈子内容有更新;, 新增圈子数据图表展示,可在我创建的圈子内观察圈内成员使用数据;, 新增短文展示为弹窗模式,点击内容即可跳出弹窗展示全文内容;, 新增@功能通过关键词搜索进行匹配;, 优化发布流程在切换圈子时情况链接、图片、文件;, 优化富文本摘要格式问题、编辑器界面等、重新编辑弹窗、编辑器界面样式等;, 修复富文本、Markdown 编辑器、编辑器删除图片等bug;, 修复发布内容或者复制内容时的系统格式兼容问题。, iOS客户端 新增“快公司”内容付费订阅功能,企业管理员可为所有员工购买“快公司”线上杂志;, 新增圈子列表长按排序交互,可在圈子列表长按圈子拖动排序;, 新增分享链接跳转至Miks,可从分享端之间跳转进入Miks;, 新增节点官方动态圈内容更新消息推送功能;, 新增成员列表的邀请成员功能入口,圈内成员均可对外发出邀请;, 新增适配 Xcode11和 iOS13功能;, 优化文章列表以及详情展示,内容分享圈子列表的刷新;, 优化 Markdown 样式适配;, 修复圈子成员无法选中的问题;, 修复分享输入内容滚动的Bug。,


Supremacy Gaming Platform Attracts Three Top Industry Advisors

    [PR - Perth, Australia, 10th March, 2022, Chainwire] Ninja Syndicate announces three new crypto industry partnerships for their metaverse gaming platform as they prepare for their public utility token sale. International cryptocurrency experts Layah Heilpern, Miss Teen Crypto, and Brad Yasar have all joined the Supremacy team as advisors to the blockchain project. Alex Dunmow, Chief Executive of Ninja Syndicate, says adding a line-up of international cryptocurrency experts to the advisory board is proof that Supremacy’s play-to-earn format is getting widespread industry support. “Our advisors are the absolute best and brightest in the crypto space. With their support and guidance, we can truly play 4D chess in the challenging world of metaverse gaming,” Dunmow says. “The timing couldn’t be better as we prepare for our token sale close”, he adds. Last month, Ninja Syndicate welcomed Mati Greenspan, Founder and CEO of Quantum Economics, as the first advisor to Supremacy team. Each of the industry experts brings a different focus to ensure Supremacy goes from strength to strength. Built for gamers by gamers for a vibrant community Layah Heilpern, author of Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide to the World’s Most Revolutionary Asset, says she couldn’t say no to the opportunity of joining Supremacy’s advisory board. “The dynamic team behind Supremacy understands the future can be found at the intersection of gaming, comm... read More

Art101 io Releases Final Details for NFT Based on Ethereum's Creat...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Sheridan, United States / Wyoming, 15th February 2022], a verified NFT creator across leading NFT marketplaces, announces the final details of their upcoming NFT collection BASED VITALIK. Announced on Vitalik Buterin’s birthday, January 31st, BASED VITALIK is a generative NFT collection based on Ethereum’s creator. With more than 100 unique traits, including eyewear, hairstyles, jewelry, hats, callbacks, and skin tone variations, BASED VITALIK is unapologetically authentic and unabashed, just like the man himself. Full details for the BASED VITALIK NFT collection include a final supply of 4,962 NFTs, with a mint price of 0.06 Eth, and a mint date of February 22nd at 9:00 pm PST, all launching at In addition, NFT collectors who hold an NFT from their collection Non-Fungible Soup will get reserved pre-sale access to BASED VITALIK, with a discounted mint price of 0.03 Eth during a pre-sale period beginning at 5:00 pm PST on mint-day. You can find more information at the BASED VITALIK website. BASED VITALIK will be the first collection in a new line of NFT collections called Crypto-icons, including “Fake-Satoshi” and other famous figures and innovators. About explores iconic 20th-century artists and art movements with generative NFT collections. By investigating artists like Warhol, Mondrian, and the Bauhaus movement, hopes to raise the collective ‘brow&rsqu... read More

SundaeSwap Token SUNDAE Debuts On Bitrue Crypto Exchange

    SundaeSwap’s native token SUNDAE is set to go live on the Bitrue crypto exchange. Decentralized trading protocol SundaeSwap had been launched to much fanfare from the community, seeing the price of ADA rally 50% in its wake. It has since grown in popularity and is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain. Bitrue which has been a strong supporter of Cardano projects announced that SUNDAE will be added to the list of tradeable assets on the platform. Bitrue was the first crypto exchange to support trading for OccamFi, a native asset on the Cardano network. It is also the only crypto exchange with support for community stake pools of over 2 million ADA in contributes. All of the ADA are delegated to pools run by trusted community members of the platform. Bitrue will introduce a SUNDAE/USDT pair that will be open to trading for all platform users. Trading on SUNDAE will begin on February 14th, 2022 (PST). The addition of SUNDAE to Bitrue’s suite of assets provides a unique opportunity for Cardano community members to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Bitrue, while simultaneously showing support for the foremost DEX on the network. Adam O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, expressed support for the blockchain, saying, “We are looking forward to supporting Cardano through 2022 as one of the industry’s leading chains, as we are seeing a huge number of promising new coins leveraging the impressive speeds and throug... read More

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