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PROM Price:
$8.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PROM today is $11.11 USD.

The lowest PROM price for this period was $0, the highest was $11.11, and the current live price for one PROM coin is $11.11443.

The all-time high PROM coin price was $107.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PROM with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Prometeus is #PROM.

Prometeus is 4.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Prometeus is $202,838,172.

Prometeus is ranked #227, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #PROM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Prometeus is $8,896,877.


The circulating supply of PROM is 18,249,992 coins, which is 91% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Prometeus is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


PROM is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the PROM Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


PROM is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Prom x DWF Labs

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with DWF Labs, a leader in digital asset market making and Web3 investments. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in our mission to innovate and expand in the world of Web3 gaming. — Common Ground - Being innovators in the Web3 gaming world, we constantly seek to blend cutting-edge technology with immersive gaming experiences. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to redefine Web3 gaming norms. Joining forces with DWF Labs, known for their strategic insight and deep understanding of the digital asset landscape, sets the stage for an exciting era of innovation and growth in Web3 gaming. — Partnership Goals - Our partnership with DWF Labs goes beyond sharing ideas; it focuses on implementing actionable strategies and achieving tangible results. Together, we plan to delve into comprehensive market analysis and integration of the latest technology to enhance user experience. A key aspect of our collaboration is the mutual exchange of expertise: leveraging Prom’s innovative approach in the gaming sector with DWF Labs’ strategic insights into digital assets. This synergy of knowledge and skills is poised to drive innovation and establish new standards in the Web3 gaming space. — Marketing and Community Engagement Initiatives - Looking ahead, we’re gearing up for a series of marketing initiatives and community...

Ways Gaming Influences Art

Many Web 2 and Web 3 titles are high-key masterpieces. Experts even call gaming the most superb form of contemporary art. At the same time, this industry plays a significant part in reshaping other creative spheres, including music, cinematography, writing, and illustration. We have covered the correlation between the first form of art and gaming. So, let’s highlight the three other ones. — The Mechanics - To define the power of gaming, we’ll start with figures. This is an incredibly massive industry with a current valuation of $385 billion, supposed to reach over $522 billion by 2027. In the USA alone, 268.698 people work in this sector, and about 3.220 billion gamers stay active worldwide. Being this big, gaming is one of the youngest art that unites multiple forms of traditional creative expression. For instance, even the most straightforward title embraces illustration, music, sculpture (3D modeling), and writing (narrative arcs). While conventional arts, even contemporary ones, have limiting traditions, movements, and genres, gaming empowers creators to make mistakes, experiment, combine forms, and find new ways of self-expression without boundaries. Players get attached to this freshness and subconsciously demand it in other fields. — Cinematography - Cinematography is the closest form of art for gaming. It also has music, visuals, and plot. With VR options, it can even be immersive. The difference is t...

Metaverses And Education

The world is already meta! Roblox, Decentraland, The Sandbox, and other snatched titles are already fit for communication, representing brands, working, conducting fashion shows and concerts, and shopping. At the same time, metaverses seem fit for educational processes. Just check our facts! — Increasing Interest - Gamification always boosts educational success. It intrigues, motivates to learn, improves creativity, and polishes memory. Considering that metaverse experiences are game-like, students can become more involved. Meanwhile, digital visuals can make their lessons similar to titles they like. So, they will associate studying with something high-key pleasant. Additionally, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, relevant for some metaverses, can increase students’ immersion in the process. — Secure Studying - COVID-19 made students go for remote lessons worldwide. So, being an impressive alternative to Zoom tools, metaverses can secure education during pandemics. At the same time, they can help to decrease such real school problems as bullying and discrimination: hopefully, students can be represented as inclusive avatars. — No Borders - Metaverses ruin the limitations of the physical world. Firstly, they can accommodate as many students as required. Secondly, they enable students to study particular things in the most relevant digital places. For instance, they can learn the...

Things Web3 Gaming Has Inherited From Web2

Web3 games are said to be the future of the gaming industry. Thus, Web2 titles are gradually diving into GameFi. However, conventional titles also have many great features which blockchain ones inherit, preserve, and adapt. Let’s point them out! — Storylines - Web2 projects are widely renowned for no-cap intriguing original storylines crafted by experienced creators. They highly vary, but their main common feature is quality boosted by strong narratives with bright characters. Even if worlds look too simple and stories too short, they tend to be involved. Web3 creators are inspired by them and refine the catchiest cliches in titles that help users to earn! — Genres - Many Web2 titles have impressive gameplays, and many enthusiasts even have their personal tops, dividing projects by genres. For instance, some people claim that Cyberpunk 2077 has the best one among first-person shooters, while Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash nails it among third-person shooters. Web3 projects inherit this classification of genres, such as sports, adventures, RPG, etc. Meanwhile, GameFi introduces new ones, such as collectibles and metaverses. — Soundtracks - Web2 top games are appreciated for snatched soundtracks. For instance, experts say that Ballblazer (1985), Crypt of the NecroDancer (2015), and Doom (1993) are among the conventional titles with the best music in the gaming world. To stand the competition, Web3 titles...

Gaming Assets And NFT Adoption

Do you remember 2021 as the year of NFT and 2022 as the year of GameFi? We believe that their history has just started, and experts agree with us, claiming that fit Web3 gaming titles boost NFT adoption. Let’s learn the details! — Statistics - We’ll start with numbers. Just a few years ago, when NFTs were regarded as viral, these digital assets were known only to particular groups of art or blockchain enthusiasts. In two years, the situation has changed. Thanks to its benefits, the industry has grown 220x, and the market is worth over $22 billion. In 2021 the global GameFi market size was $9 billion. Now it keeps growing, expected to reach $38 billion in 2028. Since NFTs are necessary for most blockchain titles, one doesn’t need them in F2P only. So, the more gamers join the industry, the more non-fungible tokens are sold. Just imagine that GameFi already attracts 800,000 players daily. Wild! — The Big Boost - Several factors inspire GameFi users to get NFTs. — Access - Though F2P titles are viral, NFTs are necessary for those who want to start playing and earning. So, one must buy the minimum required assets to start a profitable game. — Game Mechanics - Users may keep the same assets for long. However, for the sake of adequate economic flow, titles motivate their users to get new ones. For instance, collecting NFTs may skyrocket one’s chances to win or empower earning potential, and some ...

Can One Make A Blockchain Game With AI?

AI is the main trend of the year. Meanwhile, it is a fit tool for game development. Bloggers even prove one can craft a title from scratch with artificial intelligence services only. Is this approach relevant to GameFi? We’ll check it together. — What Does A Blockchain Game Need? - Similarly to conventional games, blockchain titles, from concepts to codes, can be made with AI. However, the code of a GameFi title is special. Let’s explore all the elements and find AI tools that can be used for their generation. — Concept - One can easily generate a game concept with tools like ChatGPT or Ludo. You only need to ask the AI to provide a relevant title description. You can set its target audience, genre, etc. — Plot - AI can provide you with a game’s plot and parameters. Again, bloggers mostly use ChatGPT for this. Meanwhile, there are other textual solutions, such as Writesonic and ShortlyAI. — Characters - On the level of ideation, characters can again be crafted with ChatGPT. Their dialogues can be designed with AI like Ghostwriter or Anyword. A title requiring NPCs or avatars can also be generated with AI tools like Avatar Cloud Engine,, and — Gameplay - The gameplay of a title can be described by such popular services as ChatGPT. However, its detailed development requires multiple services. For instance, Unity ML-Agents can generate the needed environment and trai...

TOP 6 P2E Shooters

Hello, GameFi fam! This year, shooters are the new black. This snatched genre is a fav of over 57% of players worldwide. Are you one of them, or have you never tried such titles? Check our top 6 blockchain pearls. — Deadrop - This first-person Vertical Extraction Shooter will surely fit you if you stan the 80-s aesthetics and like high-key dark vibes. The title has two modes, PVP and PVE. The gameplay offers both Player vs Player and Player vs Environment. The goal is classy: you need to kill enemies and survive. Meanwhile, you can also looth and evade on your journey to the extraction point. Are you intrigued? Give Deadrop a try but consider that, though the title is represented as F2P, to play it now, one needs to buy a Polygon NFT known as the Founders Pass. — Arsenal - Fancy strong Counter-Strike energy but want to explore Web3 alternatives? You may like Arsenal. This is a 3D First Person Shooter with P2E mechanics. The game offers several modes, including Free for All, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. In Arsenal, one can enjoy no-cap tournaments and organize them by setting maps, game modes, the maximum number of participants, entry fees, and prize pools. In other words, players can shape their experiences and potential revenues. The main rule is that every 150 points gained can be converted to 1 WELT token. DOPE! — Phantom Galaxies - Space is winning the hearts of GameFi enthusiasts in all genres. S...

Beta For Better

WAZUP, fam! GameFi is so user-oriented that whenever a new project starts, it is always willing to boost your experiences even before its launch. For this, titles tend to launch beta tests. Let’s learn what makes them great! — Alpha VS Beta - There are two types of tests, alpha and beta. Alpha tests are made when a game is still being developed without final functionality or visuals. Their target is to check the game’s performance and features. As a rule, such testing is conducted by the team without any outside experts. Beta tests are used to discover bugs made when a game is about to be completed. They can be closed (made by the team or particular users) and open (available for enthusiasts). — Benefits Of Beta Testing - Beta testing is out of this world because this step is mutually beneficial for game creators and potential players! — Great Feedback - Iykyk. While shaping any product, one gets too close to it. So, a fresh perspective is necessary, especially from the target audience. Beta testing makes it real! Importantly, it also enables developers to get no-cap feedback from real users. Thus, everything is honest, straightforward, and essential. — No Issues - Beta tests let creators identify all potential bugs or user experience issues. Thus, they can fix them and polish them before the official launch. — True Balance - Beta tests are efficient for evaluating the game’s balance. F...

Gender Issues In GameFi

GameFi stands for equality, producing great projects that can fit any gender. However, skeptics claim the industry is male-oriented. Hold on tight; we’ll check whether it is true! — Male Domination - Gaming has always been regarded as a ‘masculine’ industry, but market research shows the situation has changed: women are now just 2% less involved in gaming than men. Meanwhile, in GameFi, studies say men make up 95% of the playing audience, and big media, such as CoinTelegraph, agree that the problem exists. Let’s find out its causes and depict the potential solutions. — Causes And Solutions - The leading causes of women’s deficit include the men-serving gameplays, characters, and storylines. Next, they tend to lack access to relevant gadgets and knowledge about blockchain gaming. Then, they are less prone to risk financially acquiring assets, etc. Last but not least, they know the general gaming stereotypes about gender-related discrimination and don’t want to face it. — Aesthetics - The report from The Female Quotient shows that aesthetics is the crucial factor influencing women in choosing games. To introduce them to GameFi, there should be more catchy titles with snatches, visuals, storylines, characters, and plots. — Accessibility - Theresia Le Battistini, CEO and founder of Fashion League, claims that “women like to play games on mobile, as there is a low barrier to entry.” Consid...

Games Influence Our Tastes

Hello, fam! We all know that bop games can influence our mood by enhancing our well-being, and, if we speak of P2E ones, our wallets by bringing us money. However, their effect is even more impressive, for they can change our tastes. Are you intrigued? Let’s spill the tea. — The Power Of Gaming - Multiple researchers prove that gaming influences our mindsets positively by fighting depression, enhancing our logic and creativity, boosting our focus, upgrading our brain power, and teaching us higher-level and abstract thinking skills. The thing is that playing video games literally reshapes the brain’s physical structure, giving it a no-cap workout similar to reading, playing piano, etc. And indeed, such training has side effects related to our tastes in music, pop culture, and aesthetics. — Music - The best way to understand how exactly gaming influences our tastes is to explore the taste-shaping mechanic in music, where appreciation of some sound depends on repetition and duration. Firstly, while diving into the gameplay and completing various tasks, users have some soundtrack or a playlist. As a rule, it is repeated, and the more you listen to a particular song, the more you like it. No magic, fam! This is a simple audio psychology: humans like comfort. Thus, they go for the same harmonies and sounds they have heard. This is probably why many famous songs have the same four chords of a major key, including I,...


The Red Village Announces $6.5M Seed Round Led by Animoca Brands and Gam...

    PRESS RELEASE. 3 June, 2022 - Sydney, Australia: Play-and-Earn game The Red Village has announced $6.5M in seed funding from some of the world's leading blockchain investors, including Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures Fund, to create an immersive dark-fantasy ecosystem targeted at traditional gamers. Animoca Brands is the global leader in gamification, blockchain, and metaverse projects, with a portfolio of more than 170 investments in NFT-related companies and decentralised projects that are contributing to building the open metaverse. These projects include The Sandbox, the world's premier metaverse and Phantom Galaxies, the AAA-quality open-world science fiction shooter. Animoca Brands' extensive network and industry expertise will help position The Red Village among the top blockchain projects globally. The Red Village comprises two game modes; Tournament mode (which is currently live and playable in beta and supported by a thriving community), and an expansion of the ecosystem known as The Red Village: Darklands, currently under development by Animoca Brands' subsidiary Blowfish Studios. The new funding will be partially used to build the immersive, dark-fantasy expansion, which draws inspiration from traditional titles such as RuneScape, Diablo, Skyrim, Elden Ring, and The Witcher. 'The true catalyst for the mass adoption of the blockchain will be the onboarding of traditional gamers into the metaverse through high quality, immersive ecosystems with stro... read More

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