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PRO Price:
$1.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$50.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PRO today is $0.51 USD.

The lowest PRO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.508, and the current live price for one PRO coin is $0.50798.

The all-time high PRO coin price was $4.53.

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The code for Propy crypto currency is #PRO.

Propy is 6.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Propy is $50,798,112.

Propy is ranked #425, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #PRO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Propy is $1,280,262.


The circulating supply of PRO is 100,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


PRO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PRO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PRO, and you can view them on our PRO disambiguation page.



Pro Traders Are Avoiding Crypto Markets Despite Strong Performance

    Bitcoin (BTC)’s massive gains this year have done little to bring crypto day traders back into the market, according to data provided by Bitstamp. Since the start of the year, retail training volume on the exchange’s US platform has grown to 35% from 33%, while global retail volume has only risen from 8% to 9%. Where are the Day Traders? In conversation with Bloomberg, numerous pro traders claim to have lost interest in crypto despite once making tremendous profits in the space – particularly after the collapse of FTX in November 2022. Peter To, for instance – a 34-year-old professional stock trader in New York – said he made $1 million trading Bitcoin during its bull runs in 2013 and 2017. However, the asset’s 110% rise since January hasn’t been enough to bring him back to the market. “Bitcoin is not as volatile or as driven as it was,” To said. “For traders like me who are hunting for inefficiencies in the market, it’s not as interesting. The allure is kind of gone,” he said. Craig Murray, a 23-year-old trader who claimed to make over $200,000 in crypto, said he narrowly escaped from FTX with his money after hearing rumors from industry friends about the exchange’s upcoming demise. The event convinced him that remaining in such a market was no longer worth the risk. “That kind of put me over the edge,” Murray said. “I just decided it wasn’t worth it. Why would I have my mon... read More

If Ripple Settles With the SEC, it's a 99.9% Legal Victory for the Crypt...

    John Deaton, prominent crypto lawyer and founder of Crypto Law, has once again shared his opinion on the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple Labs and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to a tweet, the pro-XRP lawyer believes that a settlement of $20 million or less in the lawsuit between the crypto company and the U.S. regulator is a 99.9% legal victory for the former. A 99.9% Legal Victory Deaton stated that people who argued that the SEC got a 50-50 victory in its case against Ripple were wrong because it was more like 90-10 in Ripple’s favor. The crypto lawyer’s comment was triggered by a tweet from Ripple’s chief legal officer, Stuart Alderoty, highlighting another legal loss for the SEC. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in the case of the SEC vs Govil that the agency cannot request a disgorgement award without first proving that XRP investors were harmed financially. If there is no financial harm, there wouldn’t be any disgorgement. Recall that a few months ago, Judge Analisa Torres ruled that the secondary sales of XRP were not securities or investment contracts. While passing the verdict that gave Ripple its first landmark victory in the lawsuit, the judge also upheld the SEC’s arguments that selling the digital asset to institutions and sophisticated buyers violated securities law. The decision bolstered the agency’s claims of roughly $770 million from institutional XRP ... read More

OpenSea Launches Pro Version on Polygon with Cross-chain Support

    In a significant move aimed at enhancing the accessibility and convenience of non-fungible token (NFT) trading, OpenSea has announced its integration with the Polygon network. This integration empowers OpenSea Pro users to seamlessly navigate both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, marking a significant step towards simplifying the multi-chain experience for NFT enthusiasts. OpenSea Pro Simplifies Cross-Chain Navigation In a thread on X, OpenSea Pro announced that the leading NFT aggregator is now available on Polygon, simplifying cross-chain navigation. One of the standout features of this integration is the ability to bridge tokens across chains and swap them effortlessly within a streamlined process. 1/ OpenSea Pro is now live on @0xPolygon! Wen Multichain? Now. OpenSea Pro just became the go-to destination to buy, sell, and list NFTs across marketplaces AND blockchains! Find your favorite collections on Ethereum and Polygon — OpenSea Pro (@openseapro) November 2, 2023 OpenSea Pro's collaboration with Socket, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, is pivotal in enhancing this newfound efficiency. Users can now switch between Ethereum and Polygon, exploring the diverse NFT offerings available on both networks without the hassle of extensive transactions and conversions. Notably, OpenSea Pro's move to integrate with Polygon came when Binance NFT recently discontinued its support for the Polygon network. Binance NF... read More

Pro Ripple (XRP) Lawyer on Coinbase v. SEC: Who's the Underdog?

    TL;DR Attorney John E Deaton believes Coinbase has over a 50% chance of winning its District Court case against the SEC, with increasing odds at higher court levels. Before suing Coinbase for allegedly trading unregistered securities, the SEC initiated a similar case against Binance. Ripple has achieved several partial wins against the SEC's claim that XRP was an unregistered security. A conclusive trial is set for April next year. 'Better Than 50%' John E Deaton - an American attorney representing thousands of XRP investors in the lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - chipped in about another legal battle the regulator leads: the one with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. He believes that the marketplace has 'a real shot' with its motion to dismiss (MTD) the case, evaluating its chance to secure a victory at the District Court level at 'better than 50%.' Moreover, Deaton thinks the odds for a Coinbase win at the 2nd Circuit level and the Supreme Court level are even better: 'I have the odds for a Coinbase victory at the District Court level, better than 50%, and at the 2nd Circuit level, better than 60%, and at the Supreme Court level, better than 80%. Gary Gensler and the SECGov's days of unconstitutionally expanding Howey, are limited.' Recall that the agency sued Coinbase at the beginning of June, accusing it of breaching several laws and offering trading services with alleged unregistered securities. Prior to that, i... read More

Pro Ripple (XRP) Lawyer Baffled With This Latest SEC Decision

    John E. Deaton - a US attorney who represents thousands of XRP investors in the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC - criticized the agency for one of its latest moves.  Specifically, the regulator opposed a reorganization plan presented by Coinbase, according to which customers of the now-bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network could be reimbursed for their losses. The SEC has Turned Into a 'Threat to Retail Investors' The leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently displayed intentions to engage with the former crypto giant Celsius Network, aiming to distribute digital assets back to the latter's users. However, the SEC raised concerns about a restructuring plan that will see the marketplace providing brokerage services. Recall that the watchdog filed a lawsuit against Coinbase in June, accusing it of violating several laws and offering trading services with alleged unregistered securities, such as SOL, MATIC, ADA, and others. John Deaton was among the people left baffled by the SEC's decision to halt the collaboration between Coinbase and Celsius Network. He went further, maintaining that the regulator has become the 'single greatest consistent threat to retail investors.' My God, every time I start thinking the @SECGov can’t possibly do more to fail as an institution, it proves me naive. The SEC has become the single greatest consistent threat to retail investors. — John E Deaton (@JohnEDeaton1) September 2... read More

Pro XRP Lawyer John Deaton Files Notice of Appearance in LBRY Lawsuit

    Attorney John Deaton, known for his representation of XRP token holders involved in the legal battle against the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), has officially filed a formal notice of appearance as an Amicus Curiae in the LBRY lawsuit. This recent development follows LBRY's filing of an appeal notice to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit a week ago. The appeal aims to contest the final judgment issued on July 11, which ordered LBRY to pay a civil penalty and prohibited its involvement in unregistered offerings of cryptocurrency securities. In a document filed on September 14th with the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, Deaton has formally submitted his Notice of Appearance on behalf of an Amicus Curiae Naomi Brockwell. Both Deaton and Brockwell are the co-founders of Crypto Law, a platform that provides updates on legal and regulatory developments related to digital assets in the country. Confirming the development, Deaton tweeted, 'Win, lose or draw, we will be in the fight!' The SEC's scrutiny of LBRY began in March 2021, when the regulator claimed that the LBRY Credit token (LBC) was a security under the 1933 Securities Act. In November 2022, a New Hampshire District Court ordered LBRY to pay $22 million to the SEC, deeming LBC an unregistered security based on the Howey test. The ruling was challenged by the decentralized content-sharing and publishing platform, arguing the $22 million penalty didn't account for legit... read More

Pro Trader Peter Brandt Says Bitcoin Halving 'Will Be a Non-Event'

    Veteran trader Peter Brandt has said the upcoming bitcoin halving in 2024 and the 'inevitable' approval of a Bitcoin ETF by the U.S. are likely to be non-events. Brandt claimed that while the top cryptocurrency's correlation to other markets is a non-starter, bitcoin's position on 'top of [the] food chain' is the only thing that matters.Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval 'Inevitable' Veteran trader Peter Brandt has said the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event is likely to be a non-event because 'markets discount in advance.' In his July 27 tweet, Brandt said he believes the 'inevitable OK of a $BTC ETF [exchange traded fund] in the U.S. will be [a] non-event.' Three things I believe about Bitcoin1. The inevitable OK of a $BTC ETF in U.S. will be non-event2. BTC halving will be a non-eventMarkets discount in advance3. BTC's correlation to other mkts is a non-starter. BTC will be top of food chain. That's the only thing that matters - Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) July 27, 2023 Brandt's comments appear to contradict the forecasts by some bitcoiners who believe that the two events will drive up the price of BTC. To illustrate, price predictions on Changelly suggest that BTC will go past $50,000 in 2024, the year the top crypto is expected to halve for the fourth time. Bitcoin's Sovereignty and Marxism On the other hand, Brandt's belief that the approval of Bitcoin ETFs is unlikely to drive up the cryptocurrency's price appears to contradict the latest Coin... read More

Crypto Exchange Gemini Launches ETH Staking Pro in the UK

    Leading cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has announced the launch of its Ethereum (ETH) staking program in the United Kingdom. Dubbed Gemini Staking Pro, the product will enable institutions and high-net-worth individuals to run validators on the Ethereum blockchain. The development aligns with Gemini's expansion plans, as the staking program is already live in the United States (except New York), Hong Kong, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, and over 30 other countries. Gemini Unveils ETH Staking Pro in the U.K. The crypto staking product will enable Gemini users with 32 ETH or more to run dedicated validator nodes on Ethereum through the exchange's web user interface while the firm prepares for the upcoming in-app support. The Winklevoss twins-owned crypto trading platform has promised to reimburse Staking Pro clients whose assets are slashed as network-imposed penalties, as it believes they may lack technical know-how, leading to 'small mistakes' in the staking process. 'At Gemini, we simplify the staking process for you. With Gemini operating the validator nodes, users can stake their assets with more confidence and without the technical know-hows. In fact, Gemini will reimburse you for certain penalties imposed in connection with staking. It's the best of both worlds – the benefit of decentralization with the power of Gemini,' the exchange said. Gemini noted that the only criteria required to use the Staking Pro product are clients' holding or buying at least 32 ETH. Vali... read More

OpenSea Pro Retaliates Blur's Dominance in NFT Market: Data

    Blur appears to have lost its title as the world's most popular NFT marketplace. OpenSea Pro was rebranded and unveiled to court active traders from Blur. The latter was eating away at OpenSea's market share since its launch last October. The counteroffensive proved somewhat successful as data suggest that the new 'polished' NFT aggregator has surpassed Blur by daily transaction count. Delphi Digital's analysis indicates that OpenSea Pro has surpassed transactions since rebranding. This essentially means that NFT traders are conducting more transactions on OpenSea Pro than on Blur, despite both platforms offering 0% fees and similar features. The launch of OpenSea Pro, an aggregator geared toward active traders, was highly tactical as it boasted zero fees for a promotional period and advanced order type in the wake of fierce competition from its rival. Hence, one of the main reasons for OpenSea being well-received could be due to the fact that pro traders are looking to benefit from the new NFT rewards in anticipation of higher opportunity costs. A potential airdrop could be another factor catalyzing this trend by enticing new users. Blur's bidding and listing incentives, on the other hand, have become relatively saturated. Delphi Digital stated that it has become difficult to earn points, despite the 2x multiplier incentives that last through May 1. 'As Blur’s incentives taper off over time, we may continue to see higher transaction activity on OpenSea Pro.' A major... read More

Coinbase Launches Nationwide Pro Crypto Policy Campaign

    America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is pulling out all the stops to ensure U.S. policymakers get things right with how they treat the crypto industry. The company has announced Crypto435 – a grassroots initiative to expand pro-crypto advocacy to citizens across all 435 Congressional Districts. Coinbase’s Advocacy Mission As tweeted by Coinbase on Tuesday, the initiative presents an opportunity for lovers of crypto and web 3 to make their opinions known in DC. Coinbase will provide the community with various tips related to local politicians and the crypto landscape – including their contact information, their records on crypto policy, and how best to make sure those with a voice can be heard.  “The crypto community has reached an important moment,” stated Coinbase. “Decisions being made by legislators and regulators in DC and around the country will impact the future of how we can build, buy, sell, and use crypto.” Congressional and regulatory interest in crypto – and more specifically, skepticism of it — has surged in the wake of FTX’s calamitous collapse in November. Political discussion surrounding crypto regulation has taken a negative turn in Washington, between expert calls to restrict the industry from the banking system, and the Senate Banking Committee floating an outright ban on it. The exchange claims that Crypto435 will “influence laws and policies,” and also “educate e... read More

Pundi X's on-chain payment app for merchants now called Cashier Pro, add...

    Pundi X, a blockchain payments startup, recently announced that its 'On-chain payment' function within its XPOS crypto point-of-sale platform is now known as “Cashier Pro' and available for all merchants. Cashier Pro enables merchants to accept crypto payments from 3rd party blockchain wallet users across multiple blockchain networks, including Bitcoin Lightning Network, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Tron. Among them, Bitcoin Lightning Network and Tron blockchain are two new networks that were requested by XPOS distributors and merchants.  “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our XPOS machines and there was no better way to do that than having Cashier Pro support Lightning Network and Tron Network. I have no doubt that XPOS users will be happy to see they can accept payment from not only Pundi X product users but also from many other 3rd party blockchain wallet users.” - Pundi X CEO & Co-Founder Zac Cheah This change was initiated with Pundi X's launch of XPOS Web 3.0 with NFC payment capabilities & more. XPOS Web 3.0 includes Cashier Pro and builds off versions of XPOS, which is a point-of-sale machine enabling brick-and-mortar retailers to accept crypto payments and transact on the blockchain. With XPOS Web 3.0, merchants are also able to use Pundi X's p(x)Change dApp powered by Function X technology to connect their blockchain wallets to accept and sell crypto via multiple blockchain networks. The post Pundi X's on-chain payment app fo... read More

Relictum Pro Thrives in Bear Market with Its Token Price Surging 4 Times

    PRESS RELEASE. After being listed on LBank Exchange on September 29, 2022, Genesis Token (GTN), the native token of Relictum Pro, has been witnessed by investors with an impressive 4 times price surging, indicating the great potential of the project has been further recognized by global crypto community. The global expansion of Relictum Pro continues with its recent participation in the GITEX GLOBAL exhibition, where famous brands such as Microsoft, AMD, Huawei, Lenovo also showcased their products and development. Being the one of the brightest representatives of decentralized technologies, Relictum Pro was represented at the event by its CEO, Alexander Strigin, along with other well-known companies in the blockchain market. Currently focusing on Asian countries and regions, Relictum Pro has been pushing its marketing with various advertisements, including promotional billboards in areas such as Jalan Imbi, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By actively participating in global events, being listed on global exchanges such as LBank, and pushing global marketing with promotional billboards worldwide, Relictum Pro follows its strategy, builds new partnerships and presents itself to millions of new users, in order to further expand its global reach and achieve its ultimate vision. Besides, the Relictum Pro team is going to hold joint promotional activities with LBank, including several trading contests and other events. The total prize pool will exceed $200,000. The r... read More

Coinbase Pro Buyers Trigger Spike in Bitcoin Premium

    After weeks of treading in the red, the market briefly climbed to the $1 trillion mark. The world's largest cryptocurrency - Bitcoin - as well as some major altcoins, raked in notable gains. Additionally, Coinbase's Bitcoin price premium also seems to be recovering after surging near 0.075. Possible Whale Accumulation According to the data from blockchain analytics company CryptoQuant, the Coinbase Premium Index stepped into positive territory for the second time since April 2022. The index first spiked on June 30 all the way to 0.217, shortly after which it slipped back to the red zone. Coinbase $BTC price premium seems to be recovering. — Ki Young Ju (@ki_young_ju) July 8, 2022 Over the past week, the Bitcoin Coinbase premium gap also appeared to be improving. This suggested that the selling pressure may be drying up. Coinbase Premium - which compares Bitcoin's price on Binance and Coinbase Pro (Coinbase's professional trading platform) against Tether and USD - is a metric used to gauge institutional whale movement. The positive premium essentially indicates that whales are strengthening their accumulation and continuously buying at a higher level. Furthermore, this trend also evidences expanding interest and activeness of investors in Coinbase. While the latest uptick does mean indicate a bull run, it does show that there are institutional buyers in the price range. Breaking the Red Streak In... read More

XRPL Labs Launches Xumm Wallet Pro Beta, While XRP Gains 14%

    On June 23, the XRPL Labs team delighted fans of their creations with the long-awaited launch of the Pro Beta version of blockhain's main wallet solution, Xumm. The version is available only by paid subscription, which is purchased in the ecosystem's native token, XRP. However, the full functionality of Xumm Pro will not be available until the end of Beta testing. To start using it, just switch to Pro Beta mode directly in the Xumm Wallet  itself and, once the subscription is purchased, the available functionality and interface opens up to the user. Xumm Pro Beta is LIVE! You can now get access to the Xumm Pro Beta. Get early access to Pro features while supporting @XRPLLabs & @XummWallet #getxummproWhat you get right now? You'll receive incoming push notifications for transactions & trades.— Xumm Wallet (@XummWallet) June 23, 2022 Among the innovations that the developers of Xumm Wallet tease in Pro Beta is the ability to split the wallet's funds into two accounts: for spending and for saving. Also, each user of Xumm Wallet will have the opportunity to claim one free Tangem card, which is a kind of 'cold' device for storing cryptocurrency. Among other pluses, paid subscribers will have access to premium technical support and the ability to buy XRP using Euros, implemented through an on-ramp/off-ramp solution. It is also important to clarify that users of the wallet will have to g... read More

Coinbase Discontinues Coinbase Pro, Puts all Features Under Main Platfor...

    Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will transform the user experience on its platforms and will gradually halt the Coinbase Pro service. Separately, the company launched its redesigned Wallet mobile application which makes it easier for users to access and navigate top decentralized apps (dapps) and also enables support for Solana. No More Coinbase Pro The company said it wants to have all of its services under the same hat, which is why it will gradually stop allowing users to access the professional trading platform Coinbase Pro. Thus, customers will be able to stake, borrow, and use the dapp wallet and Coinbase Card from the main platform. The exchange noted that it will add 'Advanced Trade in the Coinbase mobile app along with other improvements to make Advanced Trade an upgrade from Coinbase Pro for every customer' in the following weeks. 'Advanced Trade offers more in-depth technical analysis, advanced real-time order books, and charting powered by TradingView to help customers research and analyze crypto markets before making investment decisions.' - the statement described the Advanced Trade feature. Revamping Wallet The crypto exchange also announced the wallet changes via an official blog post on Wednesday (June 22, 2022). According to Coinbase, the new Wallet mobile app became available on June 22, and more users will access the app in the coming weeks. The redesign comes with a new dapp browser, a default dark mode, and real-time price charts. Users can also e... read More

Derivatives Exchange Injective Pro Launches Bored Ape NFT Floor Price Pe...

    During the last year, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible token (NFT) collection has become one of the most popular NFT projects. After weeks of a continuous rise in value, the current floor price for a single Bored Ape NFT is 130 ether or $382K. Following the floor price rise, the decentralized derivatives exchange Injective Pro has revealed an NFT floor price perpetual market.Injective Pro Lists NFT Floor Price Perpetuals On Thursday, Injective Pro, the decentralized derivatives exchange built on Injective network, announced the launch of a NFT floor price perpetual market. The team believes that offering floor price perpetuals, lowers the barrier to entry in terms of popular and expensive NFT collections such as BAYC. '[Floor price perpetuals enable] retail users to trade based on the floor price of NFT collections, without actually having to hold custody of the NFT itself,' the trading platform explained. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is one of the most expensive floor prices today as a single BAYC NFT has a floor value of 130 ether or $382K. The floor value gives the entire Bore Ape collection a market capitalization of around $3.81 billion. Out of 6,401 owners, the BAYC NFT collection has seen $7.99 million in 24-hour trade volume. The platform Injective Pro will allow customers to go long or short on NFT floors for $1 or more. 'The NFT market has now entered the mainstream but the most popular collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club remain out of reach for most... read More

Pro Trader-Focused NFT Marketplace Blur Secures $11 Million in Seed Roun...

    On March 28, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Blur announced the company has raised $11 million in a seed round led by Paradigm. The NFT marketplace Blur says the startup is focused on building an institutional-grade NFT market that's made 'for pro traders.'Blur Raises $11 Million to Craft the Startup's Institutional-Grade Products The NFT marketplace Blur announced the firm has raised $11 million in a seed funding round led by Paradigm. According to Blur, the round also saw participation from Egirl Capital, Keyboard Monkey, Ledgerstatus, 0xmaki, Santiago Santos, Zeneca, Deeze, and Andy (Fractional). Blur explains that the marketplace will be crafted for pro traders and the startup believes that most offerings today are focused on retail traders. 'Current NFT marketplaces prioritize the retail experience, but they neglect the growing needs of pro traders,' Blur's announcement on Monday details. 'Infrastructure has failed to keep up as monthly trading volumes hit billions, and Web2 business models hold the space back with poorly aligned incentives.' The startup's blog post adds: Our mission is to solve these problems and move the NFT space toward becoming institutional-grade while increasing decentralization. At the moment, Blur is building the market in stealth mode the company disclosed and the team will share information on how to get early access in the future. The project has a Twitter account with roughly 2,400 followers and statements from a few investors like D... read More

TNNS Pro NFT Platform Putting Athletes at the Forefront

    The world of cryptocurrencies has expanded tremendously over the past couple of years, and it shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to adoption. Interestingly enough, throughout the past few months, we saw major crypto-related companies ink major deals with sports-related avenues. And while sports seem to be a highly targeted area for advertisers, the athletes seem to be left out of the picture. This is where TNNS Pro comes into the picture with high hopes of changing this and putting athletes at the forefront. TNNS Pro and Its Vision TNNS was founded with a very simple goal in mind - to reward athletes for their commitment to the sport. The project’s CEO, Tsolak Gevorkian, is a former tennis professional and a competitor for the Armenian Davis Cup team. Our Vision is to develop technology to create a new exciting way to reward tennis players. We believe passionately in the power to help the players perform better, think faster, and live worry-free. TNNS is a company that inspires and rewards the tennis community. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change the world of tennis. - He said. Along with athletes from tennis, the project also wants to include other sports such as basketball, American football, Paralympics, and much more. In essence, TNNS is building a platform where mixed reality is a core concept. This doesn’t mean that it takes place in either the virtual or the physical world but is rather a hybrid of both. The Launch of the TNNS... read More

TNNS Pro Aims to Help Athletes Through Virtual Reality and NFTs (Intervi...

    The world is going digital, and there's no denying it. Over the past decade, much of our social interaction has shifted to online social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatnot. And just as this was a major paradigm shift, perhaps the next one to follow will be the metaverse. This concept has been thrown around a lot lately, especially as Facebook rebranded to Meta in a massive push towards its adoption. However, it encompasses more than one would imagine, and eSports are likely to be one of the fields that will see massive traction. Just as we're currently having a lot of our interactions online, this medium can also provide a better future for sports and athletes. This is what TNNS Pro is working on, creating a mixed reality domain merging the real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations. In this domain, digital objects and athletes co-exist and interact in real-time. CryptoPotato interviewed the CEO of TNNS Pro - Tsolak Gevorkian - a former professional tennis player and member of the Armenian Davis Cup team. Can you please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background?  'I was born in Armenia and started playing tennis at age of 5. When I turned 7, I began traveling to Russia to play in events. I played in tennis tournaments all across Europe and then moved to the United States at the age of 16. I lived with an incredible host family - the Mansourians - who helped with all kinds of things, from assisting wi... read More

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