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$186.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$13.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PREMIA today is $0.83 USD.

The lowest PREMIA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.835, and the exact current price of one PREMIA crypto coin is $0.83494.

The all-time high PREMIA coin price was $5.79.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PREMIA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Premia crypto currency is also #PREMIA.

Premia is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Premia is $13,601,759.

Premia is ranking downwards to #528 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #PREMIA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Premia is $185,966.


The circulating supply of PREMIA is 16,290,756 coins, which is 16% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Premia coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


PREMIA is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the PREMIA Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


PREMIA has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

View #PREMIA trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #PREMIA purchase.



Benefits of Strategy Vaults

With the launch of Knox Vaults, Premia has reached an important milestone.We’ve already established a permissionless pool-to-peer options marketplace for liquidity providers to gain yield, and options traders to access instant liquidity. Our next step is launching strategy vaults. Vaults are a great alternative to liquidity pools for market makers and users who want to put their crypto assets to work. Additionally, strategy vaults unlock composability and collaboration possibilities across the DeFi ecosystem, as you might have noticed with all the GLP-based protocols floating around in the latter half of 2022. Let’s delve a bit deeper — here’s why strategy vaults are the natural next step for Premia’s progress as one of the leading DeFi options protocols. — Advantages of Strategy Vaults - DeFi strategy vaults are structured products — automated strategies utilizing one or more financial derivatives to achieve the intended result, whether it be leverage, risk-minimized yield, or something else. At its core, DeFi offers financial instruments and services for anyone, anywhere. Structured products take it a step further by providing users with industrial-grade financial strategies. For example, Knox Vaults are structured products that: Automate the process of underwriting covered calls and covered puts., Reduce the opportunity risk of writing covered calls., With strategy vaults, depositors don’...

The Premian Take #1

The Premian Take: #1 - Happy New Years and welcome to the first edition of The Premian Take!Premia news, updates, stats and announcements are aggregated into a single biweekly newsletter — a one-stop shop for keeping our community up-to-date on Premia and the state of the DeFi options landscape! The year is off to a great start for Premia. Not only have we merged with Knox Finance to launch the first structured products on Premia, but we’ve also published the new Premia v3 whitepaper. Knox Vaults are now live! Read this article or watch this video on our new Youtube channel for a step-by-step guide on how to deposit liquidity and participate in the auctions! Now, to celebrate the first edition of The Premian Take, let’s look back a little bit further than the last week, and cover everything that happened with Premia so far in 2023. Initially, 2023 kicked off great for DeFi yielders. Markets were sideways for the first week, and crabby conditions are everything that a DeFi options underwriter might ask for. However, we’re now in the midst of long-awaited volatility that causes unfavorable returns for some DeFi Options Vaults. Conversely, the DeFi sector as a whole is gaining traction. Not only are some DeFi tokens seeing parabolic action, but the narrative surrounding decentralized options is continuing its spread. Additionally, most of the DeFi projects seeing massive growth can be found natively on Arbitrum…...

How To Use Knox Vaults

Knox vaults are live on Premia! The deposits are available for public from today, limit orders can be placed from Thursday, Jan 26th, and the auctions start on Friday, Jan 27th. medium.comKnox Vaults are a risk-minimized, automated way of profiting from DeFi options on Premia. By combining Premia’s pool-to-peer architecture with a novel way of selling options via auction, Knox Vaults create a lucrative two-sided market.With Knox Vaults not only do depositors earn the best yield possible with an options-underwriting strategy, but bidders can also get options at a discount sometimes. Read this article and watch a step-by-step guide on our YouTube channel for more details on how to use the Knox Vaults on Premia. Let’s do a quick recap of how Knox Vaults work and then go over how you can participate — both as a depositor and a buyer! — Introduction To Knox Vaults - The first wave of strategy vaults on Premia is arriving starting with the Knox Vaults launch. DeFi strategy vaults are structured products allowing users to deposit their assets and earn yield by automating a strategy that involves one or more financial derivatives, such as options. Knox Vaults automate the process of underwriting options while minimizing the drawbacks of vault strategies. Here’s what you need to know about Knox Vaults: Knox Vaults automate the process of selling options to generate sustainable yield, We launch with t...

Governance series: Experiments in Delegation

Premia stands for decentralization. With the recently updated tokenomics and governance model we wanted to go deeper into various topics surrounding governance, starting with experiments in delegation.Decentralized autonomous organizations offer a promising solution to the challenges of coordinating human efforts. However, voter participation in DAOs is often low, ranging from just 5–10%. There are several reasons for the low participation rate, including a large number of token holders, a lack of incentives for voting, and the difficulty of navigating through the many proposals that are put forth. Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange by volume, also struggles with low voter participation. A recent survey of Uniswap’s governance revealed several issues, including misalignment between stakeholder interests and the proposals being discussed, a disorganized and confusing forum structure, a lack of financial incentives for high-quality proposal discussions, and insufficient transparency and accountability among delegates.As a result of these challenges, coin voting is losing popularity and purpose. The Beanstalk governance exploit, one of the largest in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, was made possible by the coin voting mechanism. While new and innovative voting mechanisms have emerged, delegation is a simple and effective tool that can add features that make coin voting mechanisms stronger and more reliable....

Knox Vaults Launch on Premia

Welcome to a new risk-minimized, set-and-forget way of generating profits with DeFi options on Premia!Knox Vaults provide users with automated strategies to achieve more predictable yields without having to worry about continuously managing their capital. — What are Knox Vaults? - Knox Vaults are DOVs built with an emphasis on risk management and predictability. Users can deposit with any asset to earn a yield on ETH or DAI, and withdraw at any time. There are a few reasons to what makes Knox Vaults on Premia special. Premia is the optimal platform to build on for strategies focused on security, predictability, and ease of use, Premia is the optimal platform to build on. By combining the granular controls and specificity of our pool-to-peer architecture with a novel way of executing trades via auction, the next generation of vault strategies can be built. Depositors will get the best of both worlds; more predictable yields, while still maintaining exposure to the upside (or downside) of an asset. Buyers will get optimal prices, while never having to worry about overpaying for their options! At first, Knox Vaults will launch with two strategies: covered calls, and covered puts. If you’re unfamiliar with DeFi options, read our articles What are Options and DeFi Options 101 to catch up to speed. — Details on Knox Vaults - Here’s a TL;DR on how Knox Vaults generate sustainable yield: Knox Vaults automat...

Premia merges with Knox Vaults

Alright, the big announcement wasn’t Premia v3 quite yet. But it’s something just as good. Knox has been building independently for around a year now. Their flagship products, Knox Vaults, are finally getting ready to launch — what better way to celebrate than to bring them under the same roof!The Knox Finance team will be acquired by Premia and brought in-house to keep building strategy vaults. Let’s introduce our new (old) friends. — How We Got Here - Knox Finance is a small, grassroots group of builders passionate for stitching up the gaps of vault strategies in DeFi. Way back on March 31st 2021, the Knox Finance team were awarded a grant to build the first wave of structured products atop Premia. As a small throwback, here’s the original governance proposal. From then on, Knox and Premia have been collaborating on a regular basis, assisting each other wherever possible. As time went on and Knox Vaults have been approaching launch, a lot has changed in terms of branding and product development. However, Knox’s core mission has stayed the same — they’re still the same group of passionate builders here to help onboard the next generation of users into DeFi. — What Are Knox Vaults? - Knox’s flagship products are DeFi Options Vaults (DOVs), more appropriately called Knox Vaults. Automated yield-bearing strategies that formalize the process of underwriting options to generate yield....

How to Choose and Trade DeFi Options

So you’ve decided to start trading options? Or maybe you’ve been trading options but it’s not going how you want it to go. Let’s break down some basics about options and how to choose which options you want to trade on Premia 👇 — Calls and Puts: The Basics - Options are derivatives that give the buyer an opportunity to buy or sell the underlying asset at an agreed upon price (the strike price) for a certain amount of time (before the expiration date).Buying a Call option gives you the right to buy the underlying asset at the strike price.Buying a Put option gives you the right to sell the underlying asset at the strike price. Here’s a real-world example to help understand Call options: Bob runs a hardware store and has lumber. John is planning on building a house next year but he is worried the price of lumber might go up a lot so John goes to Bob’s hardware store and says “I want to lock in the price of lumber today for the house I’m building next year” and Bob says “Sure, you can buy 1000 pieces of lumber from me next year at the current price of $3 but you need to give me an extra $50 and buy the lumber before the end of next year” The 2 men agree and shake hands. John has just purchased a Call option on Bob’s lumber for 1000 pieces with a strike price of $3 and an expiration on December 31, he paid Bob a $50 premium for the option. Of course, in finance and trading, you don’t need t...

DeFi Options 101

If you want to get started trading DeFi options but don’t know where to begin then this article is for you! We will dive into option basics, how Premia works and the difference between traditional options and Premia’s DeFi options. — Options Basics - If you’re starting from “zero knowledge” about options then read What are Options article first. Basically, options allow traders to buy or sell assets at a fixed price, called strike price, for a certain period of time, also known as before the expiration date, by paying a small fee, called the premium. The most common reason for using options is to hedge against their holdings or increase leverage. As with other forms of trading, volatility is your friend. Ideally, the underlying asset moves past your strike price so that your option is in the money. Let’s talk about these use cases for options. — Hedging - The main goal of hedging is limiting the risks of an asset or a portfolio. When hedging, traders buy one instrument and subsequently sell the other to offset the risk or pair one instrument with another. Hedging helps traders to protect their active trading positions from making big losses in case of adverse market movements. Let’s say an investor is holding 10 ETH but is expecting a short-term decrease in price. That investor can hedge their spot holdings by purchasing a Put option covering 10 ETH with a strike near the current price, let’s sa...

An Intro to Premia

Some of you might be familiar with Premia and how our tech works but if you’ve just discovered Premia for the first time then welcome — this article is for you. — What is Premia? - Premia is a decentralized options protocol built to benefit crypto option traders and liquidity providers alike. Premia utilizes a peer-to-pool system and a modified Black-Scholes algorithm for price discovery based on supply and demand. Check out this article if you’d like to learn more about how our pricing algorithm works. Premia offers American-style options, but in a way that differs from traditional options exchanges working with an order book bid/ask system. Premia is the most flexible options platform for traders, as its peer-to-pool architecture allows options buyers to select custom strikes and expiration dates for their options, and settle their options any time up to expiration. Premia offers a simple and seamless UI experience. Users can provide liquidity, trade options and even bridge and swap tokens at the best execution price available directly on the Premia DeFi app. So users who need to move things around for their positions can do it all on Premia without leaving the platform. This means users can purchase options with any asset (as long as DEX liquidity is available). Premia currently supports Ethereum mainnet, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom with plans to expand to other EVM-compatible networks as well as explor...

vxPremia is Live: New Tokenomics

It’s here, it’s finally here. Meet vxPREMIA! The tokenomics update for Premia is going live. We are sunsetting xPREMIA and if you were staking xPREMIA, no action is necessary — your tokens have been automatically converted into vxPREMIA. Let’s look at the current tokenomics to see what’s changing and what’s staying the same. — What’s changing and what’s staying the same - Users are still be able to earn PREMIA tokens as liquidity rewards from depositing into the pools, Liquidity Mining rewards are not going away, In the old tokenomics, users stake PREMIA tokens in order to receive a number of xPremia tokens corresponding to the xPREMIA : PREMIA ratio but with vxPREMIA this is simplified so users stake PREMIA tokens in order to receive an equal number of vxPREMIA tokens. Goodbye confusing fluctuating ratio 👋, Staking PREMIA for xPREMIA was only available on Ethereum mainnet. Staking PREMIA for vxPREMIA is available on all Premia supported chains, which will return rewards and discounts on the corresponding chain, xPremia could be locked for a specific period of time in order to get discounts on the app. Locking PREMIA for vxPREMIA is also done for a specific period of time, accrues discounts, and cannot be unlocked or withdrawn until this period is over (unless penalty is paid). More about that below in Locking PREMIA for vxPREMIA, Unlocking or withdrawing xPREMIA required the ...

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