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PRARE Price:
$21.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$141.1 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PRARE today is $0.00276 USD.

The lowest PRARE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00276, and the current live price for one PRARE coin is $0.00276460.

The all-time high PRARE coin price was $0.83.

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The code for Polkarare crypto currency is #PRARE.

Polkarare is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polkarare is $141,129.

Polkarare is ranking upwards to #1097 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #PRARE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polkarare is $21,385.


The circulating supply of PRARE is 51,048,818 coins, which is 51% of the maximum coin supply.


PRARE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PRARE has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Polkarare merges with PlayCent to revolutionize the NFT markets

So far, the journey has been amazing and a great learning experience for the entire team of Polkarare. We started off as a web3 economy for the users to create, trade, and discover NFTs. But we’re now one of the leading NFT marketplaces in India. We’ve done many partnerships and we’re grateful for each one of them who helped us grow. The rollercoaster journey is going to take an amazing twist with Playcent uniting with Polkarare. We’re extremely happy and sure that this is going to be the best union we could ever hope for. Playcent has been one of our advisors and partners from our early days and we couldn’t be much happier with this union. We’re very sure that this will help Polkarare a lot with the tech that needs to be built for the NFT marketplace. Pramod Mahadik, the founder and CEO of Polkarare, joins Playcent as the technical advisor. With this union, both teams intend to revolutionize NFTs and democratize access to minting and buying NFTs. We’re planning to launch India’s largest NFT marketplace within the next few months with a user experience like never before. We would like to thank each and every one of our community members who’ve been with us for this entire time. We’re overwhelmed with joy looking at the support we got both on Twitter and telegram where we touched more than 30k followers on both platforms. Both the teams have already started working to build a new vision and the roadmap wil...

PolkaRare partners with Unmarshal to query Unmarshal’s NFT Network of indexers for NFT data from…

PolkaRare partners with Unmarshal to query Unmarshal’s NFT Network of indexers for NFT data from Ethereum and BSC. We’re excited and thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Unmarshal. As Unmarshal prepares to launch the world’s first decentralized NFT indexer, the collaboration comes at an opportune time. Polkarare will query Unmarshal’s NFT Network of indexers for NFT data from Ethereum and BSC.Polkarare x Unmarshal Polkarare aims to be a multi-chain NFT platform where producers and consumers may optimize the blockchains they wish to utilize and smoothly move them between networks. Polkarare is preparing to launch its Governance Portal, Mobile Support, and NFT Price Discovery Protocol in Q4 2021, and Unmarshal will assist us in obtaining rich, decoded NFT data from its decentralized network nodes.Polkarare would be able to query the following NFT data from Unmarshal NetworkOn-chain NFTs with ThumbnailsNFT Assets of an AddressOwner History of an NFTNFT Transactions of an Address Also, as Polkarare enters into the Polkadot ecosystem, Unmarshal would be providing extensive support to index and support them with data to power their dashboards.About Unmarshal Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi data network aiming to deliver granular, reliable & real-time data to dApps. It provides the easiest way to query Blockchain data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Near and Solana. Unmarshal network consist...

PolkaRare partners with Knit Finance for issuing kAsset into Knit finance cross-chain platform

PolkaRare is excited to announce the partnership with Knit Finance. Knit Finance to integrate PolkaRare into its Multi-chain platform. PolkaRare is a web3 economy that allows any user or a brand to create, trade, and discover NFTs. Highlights:Knit Finance integrates PolkaRare into its multi-chain platform.PolkaRare assets will be tradable across multiple chains.PolkaRare users can take their wrapped kASSETS and create options to stake, lend, borrow and margin trade across multiple chains.PolkaRare users will have options to trade in more network chains in the future when Knit Finance adds more network chains.PolkaRare users will have more options to get benefits for staking in the form of K-Assets in the insured custodian model.K-Assets will also be made tradeable on PolkaRare’s NFT marketplace.Knit Finance users will also have options to issue wrapped assets on PolkaRare’s market platforms. About Knit Finance Knit Finance is a unique decentralized protocol for creating cross-chain wrappers for the top-200 assets. It delivers all-market bridges to ensure comfortable cross-chain fluidity of assets and allows institutions, developers, farmers, and traders to tap into trusted custody to mint Knit’s k tokens. Follow Knit Finance across official channels: Announcement Channel | Medium | Facebook | Reddit | Twitter | Youtube | Github | Website About PolkaRare PolkaRare is a web3 economy that allows any user or a brand ...

Announcing upcoming updates for PolkaRare NFT Marketplace MVP

As promised, we’re thrilled to announce that our Marketplace MVP is getting exciting new updates. Along with the features that we have in the marketplace such as Gasless transactions, minting NFTs at lightning speed, and no requirement for Metamask to perform multiple tasks, here is a list of new updates that comes with the MVP. Landing page- Our marketplace’s landing page has got a makeover and comes with an improved user experience. Now you can browse through different categories or apply filters and sorting options to quickly reach the desired NFT. New Launches- Along with Polygon Testnet, we’ll be launching our MVP on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum Blockchain. For Creators - Creators can now upload audio (mp3 format) and video (mp4 format) files as NFTs and mint them in seconds! You can now add a custom wallet address while creating NFTs. With the new social sharing features, you can now share your work with others in the community. You can share it on all the leading social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Our new profile page can help you connect with the community of fellow artists. You can add your bio, see other users’ profiles and add your social media links to it. You can check out our marketplace here: About PolkaRare PolkaRare is a web3 economy that supports unique and precious digital assets. It is a multichain NFT marketp...

Announcing PolkaRare NFT Staking Reward Program with Rage.Fan

PolkaRare takes pride in announcing the daily accomplishments of our burgeoning platform and introducing the PolkaRare NFT Staking Reward Program with Rage.Fan. Rage.Fan is an innovative and fan-first decentralized protocol for fantasy sports and quizzes that allow users to earn rewards easily and offers a unique token with the dual purpose of utility and governance. In a nutshell, Rage.Fan is a platform where our users can benefit excellently, and thus we have decided to collaborate with this unique platform for our staking reward program. Unlike traditional staking programs, with Rage.Fan, Polkarare will reward the NFT holders as per the sports events result on Rage.Fan to gamify the staking process and make it more exciting. — Important Note:. — Please make sure to have PRARE tokens in BSC type in your wallet to participate in this event. You can follow the below steps to swap ERC PRARE to BSC PRARE Now, PolkaRare community/users can participate in the most exciting games of current times like NBA Playoffs 2021 or other sports like UEFA EURO 2020 through Rage.Fan while earning easy rewards. Here are the guidelines users need to follow to get the rewards:Enter to stake and play: some BSC $PRARE tokens.Accumulate the points required to get started.Use the points to redeem NFTs.If your team wins the selected match, you will earn rewards i...

PolkaRare BSC Bridge - PRARE ERC20<>BEP20 conversion guide

Important:. — Please have MetaMask Extension installed in your web browser on your Laptop or a Desktop.Guide to install MetaMask: sure you are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in your MetaMask.Steps on how to add BSC network in MetaMask: does not support Ledger/Trezor, so make sure to connect your MetaMask address and not Ledger/Trezor address. — How to convert your ERC-20 PRARE to BEP-20 PRARE (Deposit). — Go to on ‘Connect to a wallet’ & select ‘MetaMask’. Once your wallet is connected, Anyswap will show your wallet addressIn the Deposit field, enter the amount of ERC-20 PRARE tokens you want to convert to BEP-20 PRARECarefully read the Reminder & Agree to the Anyswap terms and click on the ‘CrossChain Deposit’ button.Sign the Metamask transaction in pop-up & you will be able to see the swap transaction in progress on the right-hand side with the ‘PolkaRare logo icon’.Be Patient, Estimated Time of Deposit Arrival is 10–30 mins.After the transaction is successful, You have successfully bridged your tokens. You can see BEP-20 PRARE tokens on your BSC address in Metamask. — How to convert your BEP-20 PRARE to ERC-20 PRARE (Redeem). — Go to the ‘Redeem’ section & follow the same procedure as above. For any queries related to Anyswap & con...

PolkaRare Joins Forces With Arkane for Using its APIs for NFT Creation

We are pleased to share that we have partnered with Arkane. Arkane is a technology company that provides widget services, NFT management, and NFT market to users to boost business revenue. It aims to unleash the maximum possible power of blockchain to grow businesses. The platform recognizes the power and potential of blockchain technology and how it can change almost every system. However, the complexities of using or operating blockchain technology or its products have prevented its mainstream adoption. Arkane was released to solve such complexities of blockchain technology for mainstream adoption. PolkaRare, on the other hand, is a Web3 economy for unique and scarce assets that put power in the hands of NFT creators, traders, or miners with its multichain NFT marketplace. The platform aims to unlock the maximum possible potential of NFTs leveraging NFT’s provable scarcity, transferability, and Polkarare’s offerings. PolkaRare’s mission to strengthen its Web3 economy has piqued the interest of many top investors in the industry. The platform has recently raised a total of 2 Million USD in its Private Funding Round. PolkaRare and Arkane Partnership Vision Both PolkaRare and Arkane believe in simplifying user experience with innovative creations and services. Thus, PolkaRare has chosen to partner with Arkane and will be using its APIs for NFT creation. Arkane’s Web3 Provider is a smart wrapper built around the curren...

PolkaRare & Anyswap.Exchange

PolkaRare & Anyswap.Exchange Announce a Strategic Partnership to Create a BEP20 Bridge for PolkaRare We are pleased to announce that PolkaRare has teamed up with Anyswap.Exchange. Anyswap is a decentralized cross-chain swap protocol that provides an automated pricing and liquidity system to users. Based on Fusion DCRM technology, Anyswap users can swap any coin on any blockchain that uses ECDSA or EdDSA for signature algorithms. PolkaRare is a web3 economy for unique and scarce digital assets. It allows brands and users to create, trade, and discover NFTs and aims to unlock the maximum potential of NFTs leveraging NFT’s provable scarcity, transferability, and platform offerings. By building a Web3 economy for digital assets, the platform also targets the issues of NFT space that users often face while creating, trading, or minting NFTs. Partnership Vision Anyswap aims to build a unified and richer ecosystem with its platform offerings and services. Anyswap breaks the barriers of DeFi space and allows users direct exchange channels for assets of two different DeFi ecosystems. As per this collaboration, Anyswap will create a BEP20 bridge for PolkaRare. Additionally, PolkaRare also plans to cooperate with Anyswap in the future to explore more ways to bridge $PRARE to other EVM-compatible chains and more. “The entire Polkarare team is headed towards achieving its mission and goals, and this partnership will significantly...

PolkaRare Partners with Torus Wallet for the Integration of it’s Frictionless Logins for dApps

PolkaRare Partners with Torus Wallet for the Integration of its Frictionless Logins for dApps PolkaRare is glad to join forces with Torus Wallet, a smart app that functions as a gateway for users to the decentralized ecosystem. Torus Wallet provides frictionless logins for dApps and works as a one-click login for Web3 that allows users to directly connect to the Ethereum and other blockchains using a Metamask-esque style. It supports fiat-to-crypto logins, OAuth social logins and native biometric logins, and much more. Torus Wallet integration to any dApp allows the dApp user access to the Ethereum ecosystem that helps them explore more in a simple, secure, and seamless way. Its integration enables users to efficiently manage their accounts, perform any task in the simplest way, and more. Besides, Torus Wallet offers multiple features to ensure the best experience for users like login selection, Layer2s, and other EVM chain support, wallet connects to support, White-labeling, etc. PolkaRare is a Web3 economy for unique digital assets with various features that simplify users’ experiences. Polkarare offers a multichain NFT marketplace, NFT wallet, collections, NFT collateralized loans, and NFT price discoverability protocol. PolkaRare aims to unlock the maximum potential of unique digital assets (NFTs) by leveraging NFT’s provable scarcity, transferability, and platform offerings. PolkaRare and Torus Wallet Partnership Vi...

PolkaRare’s NFT Marketplace MVP Community Events Announcement

Hello PolkaRare Community, First of all, we want to thank you for all your support that has helped us evolve and grow in a very short period. With your unwavering support and trust in PolkaRare, we have achieved all our initial milestones efficiently. We are glad to share that our Seed and Private Funding round was a great success where we raised a total of 2 million USD. Our recent Public Sale on POOLZ,, and Red Kite has also helped us get significant industry attention. Soon after our Public Sale closed, $PRARE was listed on multiple exchange platforms like Uniswap,, MXC, Coingecko, and more. None of these would have been possible without your support. Thus, we are conducting two more exciting events releasing through PolkaRare’s NFT Marketplace MVP Release to celebrate all these achievements together with you. Cash in on your talent using this opportunity as we have brought two versatile contests: YouTube video event and Twitter tweet event. PolkaRare NFT marketplace MVP link: Want to know more? Scroll down and delve deeper to get all the details: How to Participate in the PolkarRare’s NFT Marketplace MVP YouTube Video Contest?Make an explanatory video about PolkaRare Marketplace MVP of a minimum of 2 minutes in length. Upload it on your YouTube channel promoting PolkarRare NFT Marketplace MVP.When you upload, In the video description, add the below text - “📌 Polygon...

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