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Rams - Super Bowl  


PRAMS Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:

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The price of #PRAMS is not available right now.


The code for Rams - Super Bowl crypto currency is #PRAMS.

Rams - Super Bowl is a newer coin by our records, at least 11.1 months in age.


The current market capitalization for Rams - Super Bowl is not available at this time.

Rams - Super Bowl is ranking downwards to #7809 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #PRAMS.


The total supply of PRAMS is 256,560 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the unusually low supply of Rams - Super Bowl coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


PRAMS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PRAMS exchange data is not currently available.



Why Prediction Markets are Better at Predicting Covid than Public Health Experts

What are the predictions for Covid? Prediction markets like Polymarket are the best way to know what is actually going to happen.. — Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, prediction markets such as Polymarket, where traders put real money on the line, have consistently delivered more accurate forecasts for future COVID case numbers than expert models such as those used by the WHO, the CDC, or Imperial College London.How Did Scientists and Public Health Experts Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic? According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, only “29% percent of U.S. adults say they have a great deal of confidence in medical scientists to act in the best interests of the public, down from 40% who said this in November 2020”- a few months before the pandemic began. While this shift in attitudes is often attributed to the pervasiveness of medical misinformation and conspiracy theories disseminated through social media, there are plenty of reasons why medical scientists and public health experts might have lost credibility with the general public over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. To begin with, scientists and public health officials hardly ever spoke with one voice. This made it difficult to simply “follow the science,” because different scientists would say different things, and lay people often needed to choose among many competing-and sometimes contradictory-sets of recommendations and predictions.Bet on...

When is the Ethereum Merge, and How Can You Profit?

What is the Ethereum merge and how can you bet on when it is going to happen? Read to learn how it all works and where you can bet on it.. — Have you heard of the Ethereum merge? Do you know when it’s going to happen? It’s one of the most important questions facing the future of crypto-some believe it’s the most crucial question of all.What is the Ethereum Merge? In what might amount to one of the most consequential and long-awaited developments in the history of crypto, Ethereum is slated to shift to “Ethereum 2.0,” which promises to dramatically lower transaction costs (i.e. gas fees) and CO2 emissions, while also giving ETH holders better yield. In theory, a much better tomorrow awaits everyone in web3 after Ethereum shifts from a “proof of a work” system, where transactions are validated through solving really hard math questions-a process which incidentally consumes a ton of computer power-to a “proof of stake” system, where network participants ‘stake’ cryptocurrency as a form of collateral to vouch for new additions to the blockchain. “Proof of stake” will be dramatically more efficient than “proof of work,” according to the Ethereum Foundation. The way things function now, transaction costs are far too high to unlock the Ethereum network’s full potential. If it costs $50 in gas fees to complete a single transaction, it’s impractical to use Ethereum for ordinary purchases, for...

Why Prediction Markets are Good for Society

What is a prediction market and why they’re good for society? Here’s our in-depth analysis of the topic. Prediction markets are a type of exchange-traded market on which forecasters can buy and sell positions that pay out based on the outcome of future events. They are closely related to insurance products, which also pay out based on an event outcome.What are prediction markets? Prediction markets can be created for any situation whose outcome is uncertain or contested. Prediction markets are distinct from other common techniques of crowdsourcing predictions, such as digital opinion aggregators or large-scale polls. The outcomes of elections, sporting events, and policy decisions have all been popular topics for prediction markets. Research has consistently shown that prediction markets are more accurate in forecasting the future than expert models or surveys.PRO TIP: Rather than simply gauging online sentiment or incentivizing survey participation, prediction markets have a unique property: in order to cast a prediction, forecasters must wager real money. The more money forecasters wager, the more they are able to move the market in the direction of the outcome that they foresee. Prediction markets have existed in varying forms for centuries. There are documented instances of widespread participation in betting markets to predict the outcomes of religious and administrative succession proceedings in 16th century Ital...

How NFT Traders Use Polymarket to Bet Against NFTs

Buying and selling NFT’s is big business, but how do you bet against NFT prices? You can’t on Opensea, but here’s how to do it on Polymarket.. — While the crypto downturn of Spring 2022 may not turn out to be the worst crypto crash in the technology’s brief history, it is the first since the widespread proliferation of NFTs. NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” a tradeable digital asset whose unique metadata and identification codes are stored on the blockchain. NFT prices have collapsed in recent weeks. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has purchased and still holds the digital collectibles who hasn’t seen their value depreciate, as NFT prices have fallen across the board. Even some of the most aggressively hyped and highly prized NFT projects-the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club, We Are All Going to Die, and -continue to shed value. But traders who bet against those NFTs in the weeks prior to the crypto crash have profited handsomely from their bearish trades. So how do you bet against NFTs? On most platforms, it’s difficult or impossible to profit from NFTs when prices go down. On Polymarket, the world’s largest prediction market, betting against NFTs is simple.PRO TIP: Learn how to use Polymarket to trade on NFT’s, politics, crypto, current events, and more. Read here to get started on Polymarket.Betting on NFT floor prices with Polymarket For any given NFT collec...

The Donald Trump Trade

Traders made hundreds of thousands of dollars betting that Trump would not magically overturn the 2020 election. Here’s one Polymarket user’s story. It all started with my biggest bet of all time. On December 12, 2020, Donald Trump got handed down a significant loss from the Supreme Court, and I knew in my heart he would not be president. People on Twitter disagreed about this; I found intelligent people convinced he would still become president and who were excited to bet at long odds on this belief. At the time, I estimated the fair value that Trump would somehow stay president at about 1/100 to 1/1000 and realized at 10:1 odds this was possibly the best bet I’d ever be able to place. I bet about ⅓ of my net worth that Trump would not be the president post-inauguration on Jan 20, 2021. I made half of my bet before the events of January 6th and the other half up until the inauguration. I was offering 20:1 to 50:1 odds to true believers. I had not yet joined Polymarket, and I had initially been skeptical of blockchain-based betting. After some dedicated research into the smart-contract architecture Polymarket uses, though, and seeing that the price of Trump being president on March 1st, as of February 10th, was still 6 cents, I dove in. I began my journey onto Polymarket, depositing a few thousand dollars. I had played around on other prediction markets, but the combination of fees, lack of liquidity, and inability ...

Compliance Update — January 2022

Compliance Update — January 2022 This past year and a half, we’ve had the pleasure of watching our one of a kind Polymarket community grow from nothing into the magical corner of the internet that it is today. This has been the most fulfilling experience of our lives, and we’re just getting started. This is the first of several announcements that we’ll be making over the next couple of weeks expanding on the evolution of Polymarket and important changes ahead. We remain firmly committed to leveraging market-based forecasts and Web 3 primitives to expand global access to unbiased information, and to doing so in a manner that complies with all applicable law. Accordingly, the website will be undergoing a series of operational and architectural changes. Starting today, the trading functionality on will no longer be available to users from prohibited jurisdictions, including the United States. Information, forecasts, and data visualization will remain globally accessible for all. Additionally, a new site,, is now available for past users located in prohibited jurisdictions to close out or redeem their outcome tokens, withdraw their USDC, or export their private key for use in any other Polygon-supported wallet. only displays past markets, all of which are set to resolve by January 14th, 2022. Remember, Polymarket has always been completely non-custodial, and ...

Market Review Bounty Program

Introducing our new market review bounty program designed to incentivize user input into clear and unambiguous market terms.. — The Polymarket team takes our commitment to writing clear, unambiguous, and thorough markets seriously, and we recognize that major steps must be taken to hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. For that reason, we are excited to announce our Market Review Bounty Program, which invites community members to review and improve our markets in return for payment of varying ‘levels’ depending on severity. We appreciate our community’s passion and subject-matter expertise, and we want your help in publishing the best markets possible. Want to get involved? Here’s everything you need to know to earn a market review bounty. — How much are bounty payouts?. — Bounty payouts will be determined by the severity, impact, and likelihood of the reported error, at the discretion of the Markets Integrity Committee (MIC). Level 1 (Minor): Up to $100Small, inconsequential errors in spelling or grammar in market descriptions, extremely unlikely edge cases, or otherwise non-severe edge cases in market criteria. Level 2 (Moderate): Up to $500Moderate errors like bracket misspellings, issues pertaining to the reliability of a resolution source, or the ability to manipulate a market or obtain early data. Level 3 (Severe): Up to $1000Potential issues with how our markets will resolve, ...

Introducing Polymarket Microgrants

With $100M+ traded since launching our Stage 2 beta just six months ago, Polymarket needs your help to continue building the world’s source for real-time, unbiased insights into the future The Polymarket team is excited to announce our microgrants program that will support our community members who want to build, create, and innovate within our ecosystem. We could not have reached the $100M trade volume milestone without you, and we want to give you the opportunity to work on your passion project on our dime. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing actionable data on the topics most important to society without the distortion of fake news and hot takes from pundits. Your projects will help grow the Polymarket community and expand the impact of information markets on society. Remember: projects come in all shapes and sizes; they can be as groundbreaking or as simple as you’d like.How Can I Get Involved?Pitch your project to us by filling out this formOur team will review your submission and provide feedback on your proposalIf selected, we will quote you a grant. (Grant sizes range from $100 to $75,000!)Get to work 💪Keep us up-to-date on your progress and coordinate with us on your project’s debutShowcase what you and others in the Polymarket community are up to for the world to seeWhat Criteria Will You Consider for My Project?Impact: How much of an impact will your project have on our community a...

Join the #PolyWhale $500 Weekly Giveaway!

Follow these 4 simple steps for a chance to win $500 every week! Entries accepted starting April 8th and end on May 9thHow to ParticipateCreate a Polymarket account (Only new users from April onward eligible)Pick one of our active marketsTweet what you think the outcome will be and link to the marketEnd your tweet by tagging @PolymarketHQ and #PolyWhale Every Monday, we will announce two winners a week on our Twitter (@PolymarketHQ), so make sure to follow us!Drawings will be held on April 12th, April 19th, April 26th, May 3rd, and May 10th That’s it! 🎉 Sign up now! If you have any questions, email with the following subject line: #PolyWhale Giveaway Support NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Deposits & Withdrawals on Polymarket

Need help getting started with deposits and withdrawals? You’ve come to the right place We are beyond excited to see so many Ethereum-based applications take off over the past year. Whether it’s crypto art, NFTs, or decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, we are proud to be part of a broader movement that is making blockchain-based applications more accessible to the public However, increased network usage means higher Ethereum gas costs than ever before. As a result, depositing and withdrawing funds on Polymarket require higher transaction fees as well Note: Polymarket does not take fees. These fees are paid to facilitate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain In this guide, we will walk through the easiest and cheapest ways to (1) deposit and (2) withdraw funds to and from your Polymarket accountTable of ContentsDepositing FundsMetaMask Deposit (Easiest)Peer-to-Peer (Cheapest)Manual Deposit (Currently expensive)Debit or Credit Card (for non-US residents) 2. Withdrawing FundsManual Withdrawal (Easiest)Peer-to-Peer (Cheapest)Depositing Funds There are 4 ways to deposit funds into your Polymarket account:MetaMask Deposit (Easiest)Peer-to-Peer (Cheapest)Manual Deposit (Currently expensive)Debit or Credit Card (for non-US residents) The easiest self-serve option for a new user is MetaMask Deposit. The option with the lowest fees is Peer-to-Peer, but this will require coordinating with a community member Note: Keep in mind tha...

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