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Plasma Finance  


PPAY Price:
$22.7 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PPAY today is $0.00502 USD.

The lowest PPAY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00502, and the current live price for one PPAY coin is $0.00502215.

The all-time high PPAY coin price was $0.44.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PPAY with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Plasma Finance crypto currency is #PPAY.

Plasma Finance is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Plasma Finance is $4,818,388.

Plasma Finance is ranking downwards to #680 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #PPAY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Plasma Finance is $22,708.


The circulating supply of PPAY is 959,427,077 coins, which is 96% of the total coin supply.


PPAY is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the PPAY Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


PPAY is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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PlasmaFinance deploys on IPFS for a more secure, independent, and accessible system

PlasmaFinance has always believed in decentralization as the center of all its efforts — from the aggregation of decentralized exchanges (DEX) on our platform using only a front-end that means you never need to interact with our backend, and our own native DEX PlasmaSwap, to the introduction of a decentralized Market data, and our open democratic IDO launchpad SpacePort, we truly believe that DeFi is for everyone, without limitations, and without restrictions, entirely on-chain, without intermediaries. Of course, because most of our users use PlasmaFinance through our front end, which is a web interface, this means that users have to trust that we are reputable and that what we present to them as transactions to be signed are correct. We make sure that this happens, and thus far, this has never been an issue. We wanted to make sure that we don’t breach our community’s trust in the future which is why we decided to move all our protocols to the best distributed applications storage network.And today we are happy to announce that we have deployed PlasmaFinance on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)!IPFS? What’s that? IPFS is a way to store and access all kinds of data, applications, files, and even websites but in a manner that is distributed. This is very different from the conventional way of centralized storing and accessing information, where you must trust a central host to access and store this information. I...

Users from Australia, New Zealand and more Asian countries can now buy ETH and DeFi tokens with…

Users from Australia, New Zealand and more Asian countries can now buy ETH and DeFi tokens with local payment methods through PlasmaFinance integration with XanPool PlasmaFinance users can purchase (and sell) crypto using card and bank accounts via our PlasmaPay global digital payment platform. This ensures a seamless entry for people into DeFi so no one has to buy crypto from an external site as an additional hurdle!New local payment methods in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand Many of our new users in recent months have come from emerging economies like Indonesia, Thailand, and India, and we realise that not everyone in these places uses card or bank accounts for daily transactions, but prefer to use local mobile payment methods. It is with such great delight that we at PlasmaFinance have partnered with Singapore-based crypto payments solutions provider XanPool to support our growing community in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand to pay for crypto-asset purchases via local payment methods. As an example, users from India can now buy Ethereum and pay via UPI. XanPool CEO Jeffery Liu said: “Allowing people to directly buy crypto with a local payment method is probably the single most important step for mainstream adoption of DeFi, and PlasmaFinance has done a lot of work in that regard. With our new partnership, we hope their growing base of Asian users will also appreciate how easy it can be to access DeFi by using the l...

Purchase ETH and DeFi tokens with Apple Pay, Google Pay or bank wire.

Purchase ETH and DeFi tokens with Apple Pay, Google Pay or bank wire. MoonPay fiat on and off-ramp is live on PlasmaFinance! — PlasmaFinance’s DeFi fiat on/off ramp gets a boost with 160+ countries better supported with fiat capabilities. — Despite the incredible potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) to change our lives for the better, it’s easy to overlook the simple fact that to enter into and use DeFi, one must first possess crypto assets. That’s a reason why we’ve ensured our all-in-one DeFi platform also has a working fiat on- and off-ramp — so people can easily buy and sell crypto. We’re still one of the very few DeFi platforms to allow this.Making DeFi access as easy as ABC with MoonPay fiat on- and off-ramp infrastructure As we celebrate tens of thousands of new users joining our community in the last couple of months, we’ve been working very hard to improve the means by which people can purchase crypto through PlasmaFinance. We’re very pleased to announce that PlasmaFinance has now partnered with crypto payments infrastructure MoonPay to bring greater fiat on-ramp capabilities! MoonPay’s solution, which is live all over the world, now provides PlasmaFinance with an on-ramp to over 90 different crypto-assets and will allow us to accept over 100 fiat currencies in total. We recognize the importance of the US markets and how sticky residents can be with their payment solutions. He...

PlasmaFinance and PlasmaSwap Launch on Polygon

Take advantage of easy DeFi by moving your liquidity to PlasmaSwap while enjoying superior speed and cost of full-stack scaling solution Polygon As you all probably already know, in the past 6 months we have been hard at work building and improving Plasma.Finance and making sure that it provides you the most advanced features and the best user experience. Obviously, we are not going to stop there and are committed to addressing all your needs and solving the most pressing user pain points. The most obvious of those pain points so far has been the ridiculously high gas fees that DeFi users have to pay on the Ethereum network. We have partly addressed this issue by introducing our gas optimization features, but obviously, that was an intermediary solution. Hence, we’re so excited that as the first phase of roll our Hyperloop ecosystem roll-out we’ve now launched all our DeFi protocols on our native DEX PlasmaSwap on Polygon! This means that from now on, you no longer have to choose between using Plasma.Finance and taking advantage of Polygon’s low fees and can finally get the best from both worlds. Now that PlasmaSwap is on Polygon, you can add liquidity and trade with near-zero fees at the highest speeds. You will be paying 1,000 times lower fees than what you currently spend transacting on Ethereum and it won’t take longer than a couple of seconds. We wanted to test the incredible powers of Polygon ourselves when ...

How to Participate in an IDO on SpacePort

Now that SpacePort is live, you will be able to participate in IDOs as they launch! To help you understand how to do this, we’ve prepared a video walkthrough for you, which you can watch here: The steps are quite easy:Open SpacePort or visit the Innovation Hub page and connect your wallet: upcoming or ongoing IDOs will be listed here.You can click on the Token Page of an IDO you’re interested in to review all the project information as they are available. Website links, whitepaper, social media links are all available here.Scroll down and you will see the IDO status. A countdown will show if it hasn’t started yet. If it’s LIVE, you should see the start and end block of the IDO.You will also see the IDO ticket price, in xPPAY. This is the amount of xPPAY you need to be able to participate in the IDO. This is simply a minimum requirement, it does not lock or use up your xPPAY.Check the IDO stages tab and look for a whitelist, if there is one. You’ll need to apply for it there.Once you’ve been whitelisted, simply go to the LIVE IDO and look for the “Invest” section. You can enter the amount you would like to invest or use the scroll bar to do this. An output in the IDO token will adjust to show you how many tokens you are buying.Click “Buy” and sign the transaction. When confirmed, the tokens a...

Launching An IDO on SpacePort

SpacePort is Live! Launching An IDO on SpacePort — A Walkthrough for Launching Your Very Own Self-Served IDO. — SpacePort is live! SpacePort is the democratized open IDO launchpad, for the first time, allowing any blockchain project to easily set up and launch their own initial DEX offering (IDO) on top of the PlasmaSwap DEX — completely free of cost other than gas fees for contract interactions. With SpacePort, powered by PlasmaFinance, we take a step closer to our goal of “DeFi for the masses”, giving all projects of any size and stature the same opportunity to access an open, transparent, fairer means of crowdfunding on DeFi.No more gatekeepers to tell you how your token setup should beNo restrictions on project size or typeNo limits to market settings and IDO managementFully customizable settings of your choice with our “Contract Factory” tool Setting up your own IDO is actually really simple, but because this is a new offering and done entirely on-chain, we’ve prepared a handy video walkthrough as you can see above to help you do this in just two minutes! In case you would like to see how to participate in an IDO once they launch on SpacePort, we’ve also prepared a nifty video to show you how: To set up your own IDO right now, you can also follow the steps below...

PlasmaFinance AMA with the Bittrex Global Community: A Recap

We had an AMA session yesterday with the Bittrex Global community on Telegram, where our CEO Ilia Maksimenka fielded many questions from a highly engaged audience! We saw a lot of interest in our long-term plans for DeFi and in particular, received positive feedback on the future we envision for a strong Plasma community. Here is the summary of the questions and answers on the session. 1) Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m Ilia, CEO @ PlasmaPay and DeFi platform Plasma.Finance. I have a background in corporate finance, stock exchange, and fintech, have worked before as a new tech analyst in government, corporates and as a fund manager in a private investment bank. I was a founder of different startups in the financials and AI space from 2010 to 2016. I came to the crypto space in early 2013 and started the PlasmaPay project in 2017 with a very skilled team in crypto and security space. 2) Can you provide a brief introduction to PlasmaFinance? PlasmaPay is a global digital payment platform enabling seamless entry into decentralized finance. PlasmaPay provides industry-leading UX, crypto/fiat wallets, and fiat on/off ramp services. Plasma.Finance is PlasmaPay’s yield optimization platform in the DeFi world which aggregates the most popular DeFi protocols from different blockchains. With PlasmaFinance you get all the tools and access you need to achieve the most profitable DeFi yields on any protocol. Plasma.Finance is desig...

Limit Orders Released on PlasmaSwap!

A true implementation of Limit Orders on a DEX. — As we highlighted in a previous blog post, there is one major feature we believe is the most overlooked in popular DeFi DEXs: the ability to use limit orders in trading or swapping. We’re pleased to say that this will no longer be the case with PlasmaSwap, which now has native Limit Order capabilities — so DeFi traders can finally enjoy one of the key features that traditional traders use to professionalize and, more importantly, automate their trading experience.Here’s how it works Put simply, a limit order allows traders to set the maximum or minimum price at which they are willing to buy or sell their digital assets. This is very different from the typical market order style of current DEXs that executes a swap on the spot (hence the term spot market). When swapping at AMMs like SushiSwap or Uniswap, you are forced to take the rate that is currently available — you can still set a maximum slippage tolerance, but this still means you have to execute the order there and then, at whichever market rate is available. On PlasmaSwap, you can still use market orders, but you now can also access two types of Limit Orders on PlasmaSwap:A buy limit order that executes only at the limit price you set or lower, if available.A sell limit order that executes only at the limit price you set or higher, if available. Here are the steps to set a limit order:Go to Plas...

What’s Wrong With Existing IDOs Platforms and How SpacePort Will Be Different

In a recent blog post, we spoke about Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings (IDOs) as a viable alternative to capital raising. IDOs have come a long way from the ICOs of 2014–2016 and the various iterations of token sale and listing events in the following years. They are, to a high degree, a fairer and more decentralized means of fundraising, whereby projects launch their new tokens for sale on DEXs, simultaneously listing them on these DEXs as liquidity pools. This isn’t to say that IDOs are the perfect model, however. With the freedom of decentralized listings and the multitude of platforms to choose from, it’s clear that there are still many shortcomings when it comes to this method of fundraising, as we will point out in this article. Introducing SpacePort, the democratized open IDO platform. It is an IDO launchpad that is different from others, with the mission of making them even fairer, safer, more transparent, and more sustainable. And how does it do this? By removing the gatekeeper aspects of many IDO launchpads. This is quite ironic if you think about it since many IDO platforms claim to be decentralized and yet have many hoops that projects need to jump through just to launch on them. And what happens when you remove these gatekeepers? You get:Open accessIndependence to customizeOpportunities for more transparency1. Open access: SpacePort is not the box you have to fit into but the stage to be yourself...

Community Call May 4th, 2021: A Recap

We held our fourth Community Call yesterday on Tuesday amid an all-time high for Ethereum and the DeFi ecosystem. Our CEO Ilia Maksimenka took on as many questions as we had time for, and we had a great session, so as usual, we publish a summary blog post so those who missed out can review the discussions. Roadmap Updates In terms of roadmap development, first, the Stealth DEX update, which we believe will be a really huge project scheduled to be released in May on PlasmaFinance, with 70% completion in terms of smart contracts and security audits. Our development team is scaling and can take on more projects, promising cooler stuff in the future!Roadmap progress Next, Limit Orders are being played out in testnet so will be delivered very soon on the front end, with an announcement next week! We’ve written about it before in this blog post, but essentially, you’ll soon be able to use Limit Orders on PlasmaSwap AND Uniswap v2 just like you would on a normal CEX. As we aggregate more DEXs, you can do Limit Orders on all these different AMMs. Good news also for Android users as the Android app is being finalized and it will be released soon into production to connect with DeFi on PlasmaFinance. Flash Rebalancer is a great tool to optimize liquidity migration, doing it in one single transaction instead of four as on regular DEXs. We’ll now be pushing out R...


80% Of Uniswap Holders Support BNB PoS Chain For Deploying V3 Protocol

    Uniswap (UNI), a decentralized protocol, is ready to roll out the third version of its platform. The protocol aims to provide a suitable platform where users can seamlessly swap ERC-20 tokens without using an order book. For the v3 launch, the protocol carried out a 'temperature test' for a possible blockchain to use. The proposal was for deploying Uniswap v3 on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) instead of the Ethereum blockchain. The proposal got the UNI community voting on its government forum using their UNI tokens. Surprisingly, about 80% of the UNI holders supported the Uniswap v3 deployment on the BNB Chain, Ethereum's rival. Unfortunately, this left a smaller percentage of votes for the Ethereum blockchain, making it lose the temperature check proposal. We’re excited to share that our @0xPlasma proposal to deploy @Uniswap v3 on @BNBCHAIN has passed the "Temperature Check" with 20M votes "YES" and 6,495 $UNI voters (the biggest number for the whole Uniswap Governance History). Moving forward to the final "Governance Proposal" — 0xPlasma Labs: DeFi & NFT Metaverse (@0xPlasma) January 22, 2023 0xPlasma Labs, a decentralized finance protocol, contributes to the proposal. According to the post on Twitter, the firm noted that the 'Temperature Check' on the proposal got 20 million votes for 'YES.' In addition, the supporting votes came from 6,495 $UNI voters, the most significant voting numbers in the history of Uniswap's Governance syst... read More

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