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POOL Price:
$29.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #POOL today is $1.16 USD.

The lowest POOL price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.16, and the current live price for one POOL coin is $1.15834.

The all-time high POOL coin price was $58.76.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of POOL with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for PoolTogether crypto currency is #POOL.

PoolTogether is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for PoolTogether is $4,856,068.

PoolTogether is ranking downwards to #642 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #POOL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for PoolTogether is $29,613.


The circulating supply of POOL is 4,192,279 coins, which is 42% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of PoolTogether is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


POOL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the POOL Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


POOL has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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PoolTogether 101

PoolTogether is a global DeFi prize savings protocol! That sounds like a bunch of meaningless words so let’s explain! What is a DeFi protocol? DeFi stands for “decentralized finance”, it refers to protocols that are 1) decentralized and 2) offer financial services. A “protocol” is computer code that automates a service. So a “DeFi protocol” is computer code that runs on a blockchain and automates a financial service 😅. Stick with me! Think of protocols like apps on your phone. Different apps serve different purposes but they all share commonalities because they are “phone apps”. DeFi protocols serve different purposes but they all share being decentralized and providing financial services. What does “decentralized” mean? A protocol being “decentralized” means no single person or company controls it. It is computer code that operates on its own and doesn’t stop running. 🤯 Decentralization can be a fuzzy concept but it’s key to understanding crypto. Bitcoin’s anonymous inventor wrote, “What is needed is a way to transact money without trusting a third party”. This is the key concept of decentralization — the ability to be used without trusting a third party (a “third party” could be a person or a company). Bitcoin is a decentralized protocol for value transfer. It continues to operate without the need for any specific person or company to take any action. It is decentralized...

Optimism Rewards — Phase 3

Optimism Rewards — Phase 3 🔴 - The next phase of $OP rewards start TODAY! 27,500 OP Tokens will be distributed to all depositors on Optimism for the next 8 weeks (September 20th — November 15th). That’s 3,931 $OP tokens per day for 56 days! The only requirement to receive rewards is holding a deposit on Optimism! Like all depositors, Optimism users will ALSO be eligible for the thousands of dollars in prizes every single day! Join over 6,000 unique depositors currently saving over $30 million on Optimism. — Need Help? - If you’re new to Optimism, check out our guides below: If you already have USDC on Optimism, read the steps to deposit, If you need to get USDC on Optimism, read how to bridge, If you still have questions, join the PoolTogether Discord, Transaction fees to deposit and claim prizes on Optimism are in the pennies! There has never been a better time to use PoolTogether. The PoolTogether Protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using the protocol. Optimism Rewards — Phase 3 🔴 was originally published in PoolTogether on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Making PoolTogether accessible to the masses with Coinbase

PoolTogether is the best way to save money. But getting started has been hard. It’s required downloading a wallet, storing private keys, and figuring out how to convert your money to tokens. Today, that’s all changing: Saving with PoolTogether is now featured in the Coinbase app! Let’s have a look at what this means. — Access to the Open Financial System - Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, with more than 98 million users in 100 countries. It aims to be the way billions of people access the open financial system. One of Coinbase’s flagships is the mobile app, which is now the most popular way to access the Coinbase platform. Just recently Coinbase made a big step by rolling out its dApp wallet and browser inside the Coinbase app (yes, the big one!). This update gives millions of new users access to Decentralized Finance tools like PoolTogether, Aave, and Compound. — Why use the Coinbase app? - Core Features: Full self-custody, No need to store your private keys, Buy & sell assets with fiat, All in one app without friction. The Coinbase app makes using DeFi applications more effortless than ever before. Their integrated browser lets you explore and access web3 from within your Coinbase app while you have the option to directly buy and sell crypto with your bank account or credit card. The update adds a dApp wallet that lives inside the Coinbase app but stores your funds at a...

More Optimism Rewards — Phase 2

More Optimism Rewards — Phase 2 - Optimism allows for fast transactions with low fees, PoolTogether is the best onramp to DeFi and one of the most important tools to create personal wealth. Still not convinced? There are three good reasons to be optimistic about PoolTogether this summer: Stable savings, A chance to win, Guaranteed rewards, — Looking back - Since the protocol launched on Optimism… Over 7,000 unique wallets have deposited: That’s 10% of all USDC holders on the network! The total value locked in PoolTogether has grown to over $30m: More than 8% of all USDC on Optimism are deposited in PoolTogether. Over $57,000+ in prizes have been claimed by 1910 poolers: Incentivizing saving and creating better habits every day. No Loss: No one has lost a cent! — Increased Rewards 🔴_🔴 - Phase 2 starts with the end of Phase 1 on Tuesday, August 23rd at 7 pm UTC. To celebrate the achievements of the PoolTogether community and accommodate the growth in users, the protocol will increase the distributed rewards to 27,500 OP tokens per week! Rewards are accrued in real-time for all Optimism depositors and are claimable in weekly epochs (every Tuesday). You can track your rewards on your account tab in the PoolTogether app. — The Goal - We want to drive even more growth to Optimism. After Phase 1 was structured into four weekly themes, we want to use Phase 2 to focus on what the PoolTogethe...

The best way to get your friends into DeFi

Bring Your Friends to Optimism ✨ - What if your friends could start earning rewards and winning prizes by only creating a wallet. 🤯 No linking bank accounts, credit cards, or onboarding hassles. All the benefits of DeFi, none of the annoyance. It’s time to free your friends from centralized finance and bring DeFi to the masses. It’s time to bring your friends to Optimism. 🔴__🔴 — How is this possible? - The PoolTogether protocol has a revolutionary ability — delegation. Delegation works like magic. ✨ It enables any wallet to get all the benefits of depositing without needing to deposit. This happens by a wallet with a deposit delegating a portion of their deposit. Most importantly: The original wallet keeps full control of the deposit, The wallet receiving the delegation gets the full benefit of the deposit, Right now on Optimism, that means ~8% APR & a chance to win hundreds of prizes everyday. All the fun of DeFi with none of the pain. Here’s how to share it with your friends. — 3 Steps to bring your friends - Step 1: Get your friend’s wallet address To receive a delegation, all someone needs is a wallet address. Text your friend and ask them to download a wallet and send you back their wallet address. Make it easy for them by texting them a link to download a wallet like Rainbow: Step 2: Delegate to your friend If you don’t already have a PoolTogether deposi...

More Prizes, More Winners, More Options!

As of today, all depositors have a better chance to win prizes. This is due to the 5th update to the prize distribution going live! Prizes across the PoolTogether network grow! As deposits grow both the total amount of prizes and the dollars distributed grows with it! — The new prize distribution. — This new prize distribution: 🔼 Increase in total daily dollars distributed, 🔼 Increase in unique prizes distributed (aka more winners each day!), This prize distribution is also chain optimized. Different chains have different transactions fees and audiences so the prizes are tailored to make the most sense for each chain. Need help deciding where you want to deposit? You can use the “Pooly Bot” on Discord to simulate expected returns on each chain for your exact deposit! Join the Discord here and then follow the directions here. You can use the Prize Calc site to calculate your expected prizes with a specific deposit size. You can also see how prizes are being awarded across the whole network on — What’s next? - PoolTogether is all about prizes and the most important thing is to keep the prizes getting larger and more fun! If you have opinion on how you think prizes should be distributed, fill out this survey. — Still have questions? - Great! The community has your back! Join the Discord here. The PoolTogether Protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understa...

OP Rewards _

OP token rewards are live! Using PoolTogether is better than ever before. By making a deposit you get: The chance for thousands of dollars in daily prizes 🏆, OP token rewards (8.2% APR currently) 📈, No loss & the ability to deposit or withdraw at anytime 🏦, — How to deposit? - To deposit into PoolTogether on the Optimism network you’ll need a wallet connected to Optimism with USDC and Ethereum tokens. If you already have a wallet with tokens on another network, you can bridge them with Zapper as shown below. If you don’t already have a wallet or tokens, follow the 4 steps outlined on Optimism’s webpage and then come back here to see how to deposit. — Bridging USDC & ETH to Optimism. — The video shows the bridging process, for a detailed tutorial, read this. — Depositing on Optimism. — Once you have USDC and some Ethereum on Optimism you can deposit! This is as simple as going to the PoolTogether app, connecting your wallet, and approving the transactions. Need help? Checkout the video. — After you’ve deposited - Sit back and relax! Once you are deposited you’ll automatically start earning the OP tokens AND have a chance to win the daily prizes. As long as you keep your deposit in, you’ll be eligible. Whenever you do need money, you can withdraw with zero fees. If you don’t want to come back to check for your winnings you can s...

Optimism Rewards (SOON)™️

PoolTogether has been live on Optimism for 2 weeks! Since that time: Over 1,700 unique wallets have deposited 💵, Over $4,000+ in prizes have been claimed 🏆, No one has lost a cent 🔒, Depositors enjoyed transaction fees in the pennies 😍, PoolTogether has quickly become one of the most popular applications on Optimism with over 40% of all USDC supplied to Aave coming from PoolTogether! You already have the no loss chance to win prizes every day but it’s about to get even better! A total of 450,000 OP tokens are waiting to reward you for saving with PoolTogether. ✨ — PHASE 1 OP REWARDS 🔴__🔴 - OP rewards will start for all PoolTogether Depositors on Optimism on Tuesday, July 26th at 7 pm GMT. Rewards are accrued in real-time and claimable in weekly epochs. For example, the first rewards will be claimable on August 2th at 7 pm GMT. OP tokens will be distributed at a rate of 25,000 per week. During phase 1, each week will have a focus: Week 1: Using Optimism & PoolTogether, Week 2: Bringing your friends to Optimism, Week 3: How to use the OP token, Week 4: Designing phase 2 (if we can do it 💪), — What about Phase 2? - Phase 2 OP rewards will be unlocked if the target goal of $20 million and 10,000 unique depositors is reached! Optimism is DeFi with low transaction fees, PoolTogether is the best way to get started in DeFi, let’s make it happen! 👏 — Getting started! ...

A Pooler’s Guide to Optimism

The long-anticipated Layer 2 summer is finally here and with it, PoolTogether is coming to Optimism!. — — Summer Time = Pool Season. — This guide covers everything you need to start your career as a true Optimism nerd. Get ready to become optimistic about your savings.Meme by thumbsup.lens — What’s Optimism - Optimism is a Layer-2 scaling solution that derives its’s name from its underlying technology, the Optimistic Rollup. The Ethereum mainnet (Layer 1) has natural capacity limitations. As the number of people using Ethereum is steadily growing, the costs of using the network are increasing. Since NFTs started to hit mainstream, you can regularly experience the network slowing down when there was hype around a public mint. All of this created an obvious need for scaling solutions — and this is where Optimism comes in. Optimism allows for cheap, quick transactions while maintaining the primary security of the Ethereum network. Here is a TL;DR of its core features: High Speed: Optimism is both fast to use and, at the same time, speeds up transactions on the Ethereum blockchain., Low Fees: Optimism is rolling up many single transactions into batches to reduce the fees paid by users., Secure: Optimism profits from the high level of security provided by Ethereum to keep its roll-ups safe., Simple: Optimism is designed to be easy to use and simplify Ethereum., The numbers speak for themselv...

Optimized Prizes

PoolTogether V4 introduced a revolutionary concept — a truly cross-chain prize pool network. Regardless of what blockchain you deposit on: You have the same chance to win the same prizes, All deposits from all chains grow the total prizes, This is powerful because it fuels the growth flywheel for the protocol. More deposits create bigger prizes, bigger prizes drive more deposits. However, there was one weakness to this approach. Having the exact same prize distribution on each blockchain created problems because of very different transaction fees. Paying a $0.01 transaction fee to claim a $5 prize makes sense on Polygon but does not on Ethereum. — Today this is fixed — chain optimized prizes are live 🎉. — The whole prize pool network still has the same total prizes but the size of prizes are optimized for each chain. For example, the smallest prize on Ethereum is now $1,104, the smallest prize on Optimism is $69, and the smallest on Polygon is $1! This introduces more efficiency and user choice. Want to win small prizes everyday? Deposit on Polygon! Want to win large infrequent prizes — use Ethereum! The exact current distribution based on the most recent vote is shown in the image below. — But sir, where should I deposit? - Regardless of what chain you deposit on, your expected value remains the same, no chain has an advantage. What changes is the variance. Depositing on a chain...


TIDEFI Mainnet And DEX App Goes Live As TDFY Sunrise Pool Token Distribu...

    Providing streamlined access to a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem will usher in the next generation of crypto users. TIDEFI wants to become that gateway into decentralized finance through its DEX and with one ecosystem asset. Moreover, the project appeals to market makers, traders, and builders, establishing a crucial foundation for Web3 development. Unfracturing DeFi Access In the current decentralized finance landscape, financial equality remains tricky to come by. More specifically, there are many opportunities in the industry, but most are only accessible if one has sufficient knowledge of the broader industry and its currencies. TIDEFI aims to simplify this process by unlocking decentralized finance for everyone. Exploring traditional DeFi opportunities and protocols requires specialized software for different networks and solutions, assets across various blockchains, and the ability to keep track of everything. It is not something most newcomers want to approach, as it is overly complex. Instead, they seek a streamlined and more accessible ecosystem providing the necessary tools and a unified experience across all devices. TIDEFI offers a native standalone application that is different from traditional browser-based DeFi access. It is an application that provides all the necessary tools and features and works across all major desktop PC operating systems. Additionally, the same look and feel will come to dedicated applications for Android and IOS later this year. Moreover,... read More

KCC Beowulf, The Major Event of The KuCoin Web3 Ecosystem Was Launched, ...

    KuCoin’s 5th Anniversary, KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) together with KuCoin Wallet and Windvane jointly hold KCC Beowulf campaign. KCC Beowulf is a 7-week interacting campaign. More than 20 projects and protocols that have been deployed on KCC participated in the event, including decentralized exchanges (DEX), lending protocols, wallets, cross-chain bridges, etc. Users will be considered as challengers and mint one initial character NFT. Then, they will go through a 4-round of web3 project interaction tasks. In the final part, challengers need to craft one final profile picture (PFP) NFTs and choose a side of two parties. Besides, during KuCoin’s 5th Anniversary, KuCoin users who participate in the KCC Beowulf campaign will obtain limited NFT airdrops, and also the new users who have not interacted on KCC will enjoy newbies benefits. Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin, said in the 5th anniversary open letter, “KuCoin is actively going decentralization.”  As the Web3 major campaign of KuCoin’s 5th Anniversary, the KCC Beowulf event is not only a manifestation of the “The Change is Happening” theme but also a demonstration of KuCoin's commitment to the continued development of the web3 ecosystem led by KCC. The launch of Wonderland, KuCoin Wallet, Windvane, and other products enrich the Web3 ecosystem of KuCoin. KCC, as an indispensable infrastructure for KuCoin to explore web3, has also accumulated a lot of resources with steady and organi... read More

GameFi Platform BinaryX Launches Strategy Game CyberChess With $500K Pri...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, 23rd September 2022] BinaryX, a GameFi development platform, announced today the launch of CyberChess, one of the first free-to-play, play-and-earn auto chess strategy games in the P2E dominant GameFi space. CyberChess offers people on Web3.0 new entry points into the world of GameFi. $500,000 worth in BNX Prize Pool and Heroes Giveaway for CyberChess Launch To celebrate the launch, BinaryX will commence Season 1 of Ranked mode battles, where players will stand a chance to win up to $500,000 USD worth of prizes in the first 8 weeks of launch. Over the same period, BNX airdrops will be announced and given away via Discord and Twitter. To get a headstart, players can also stand to receive additional 2 heroes and 2 skills when they enter the code '4morechess' under the settings option in the game menu. New Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn Model As a free-to-play, play-and-earn web3 game, CyberChess differs from most play-to-earn games, and is designed to allow players to start playing the game without having to make an initial investment. When new players connect to the game for the first time, they can summon 5 free heroes and 2 free skills to start participating in matches with other players. Players can also recharge or make in-game purchases to summon new heroes and acquire new skills. This model lowers the barrier to entry for players new to GameFi and allows players to enjoy the game for its own sake, potentially earning in-game tokens in ... read More

Maple Finance and Icebreaker Launch Lending Pool for Bitcoin Miners

    Major DeFi lender Maple Finance has launched a capacity pool worth $300 million for Bitcoin mining companies. The development comes despite the sharp decline in BTC’s price and the reduced injection of capital into the mining sector. Maple Opens Up Fully-Collateralized $300 Million Lending Pool According to an announcement on Tuesday (September 20, 2022), the new fund targets “public and private blue-chip bitcoin mining and digital asset infrastructure companies” based in North America and Australia. Today, @IcebreakerDeFi joins Maple and opens a $300M capacity pool to provide secured debt financing to blue-chip Bitcoin mining and digital asset infrastructure companies. — Maple (@maplefinance) September 20, 2022 The pool offers underlying loans with a tenor of 12-18 months, along with an interest rate between 15-20%. Australian financial services firm Icebreaker Finance will manage and administer the loans via Maple’s platform. Funding will be administered to borrowers based on the balance sheet strength, operational efficiency, and financial performance. Furthermore, loans will be secured by either real-world assets like mining rigs and power transformers or digital assets. Commenting on the latest development, Icebreaker Finance founder and CEO Glyn Jones said: 'The market is now maturing to appreciate that non-recourse SPV ASIC backed financing can be inappropriate given the volatility in value of ASICs. Instead, ... read More

Join TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 to Win $1.2M Prize Pool

    Do you see yourself as the next entrepreneur, prominent software developer or just someone looking to break into decentralised industries of the future? An exciting and upcoming Hackathon for the TRON community will allow you to not only win funding for your idea and project, but get noticed by industry big-wigs and also have the opportunity to be introduced to potential high-level partners. Your Chance to Get Recognition and Funding The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3, launched by the TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), is about to start accepting applications soon. The widely popular TRON network has over 110 million user accounts on the blockchain, so this is an opportunity to make a real impact on the world. Apply to join the event at to find out if you have what it takes to win. The Hackathon will have a $1.2 million prize pool for winners in six tracks: DeFi – From where it originally started, DeFi continues to be a crucial movement for the crypto space as it enables financial services to operate in an open, accessible, and more transparent digital form. The DeFi track focuses on looking for innovative DeFi solutions that are providing accessible financial services to billions of people. GameFi – The future of gaming is on the blockchain. Entertainment meets web 3.0. This track focuses on finding and developing the next big game idea. NFT – Supported by APENFT, the NFT track embraces creator economies by giving NFT creators both fi... read More

World's Largest Ethereum Mining Pool to Drop Ether PoW Mining, Ethermine...

    The world's largest ethereum mining pool, Ethermine, has announced the organization plans to drop proof-of-work (PoW) ethereum mining entirely. Ethermine says that the platform's miner dashboard will display a countdown and users can continue to mine ether until the countdown reaches zero.Largest Ether Mining Pool to End PoW Ethereum Mining - Ethermine Ethereum Mining Pool Will Switch to Withdraw-Only Mode After the Merge According to a recent announcement from the world's largest ethereum mining pool, Ethermine, the platform plans to halt ETH mining as soon as The Merge takes place. Currently, the Ethereum network will transition from a PoW network to a proof-of-stake (PoS) network on or around September 15, 2022. During the last few weeks, it's been a guessing game as to exactly where ethereum miners will go following The Merge. Ethermine is the world's largest ethereum mining pool with 262.79 terahash per second (TH/s) dedicated to the Ethereum chain. The pool is much larger in terms of hashrate compared to the second largest ethereum mining pool F2pool, as F2pool commands 127.48 TH/s, according to today's mining pool statistics. 'The mining phase of Ethereum will come to an end on the 15th of September 2022. After this date, it will no longer be possible to mine ether on the Ethereum network using graphic cards (GPUs) or ASICs,' Ethermine detailed. 'As a consequence of this transition, the Ethermine Ethereum mining pool will switch to withdraw-only mode once the Proof-of... read More

Sequoia-backed Finblox Launches Pool Party, Allowing Users to Earn Free ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Finblox, a popular Hong Kong-based crypto earnings platform - recently announced the launch of their “FinSwap” and “Pool Party” products, marking an ambitious expansion from their “FinEarn” product which allowed users to buy and earn passive crypto rewards. FinSwap helps eliminate the problem of cross-platform fees, as most crypto swaps are required to be conducted on a decentralized exchange (DEX) before being transferred over to a yield-earning platform - costing extra fees in the process. Additionally, swapped tokens on Finblox can immediately start generating passive income. Currently, FinSwap supports USDC, BTC, ETH, AXS, and MATIC with more assets to be added soon. As the trend of GameFi continues to grow, Finblox is determined not to be left behind - and Pool Party is their answer. Now, users can enter weekly drawings for huge crypto prizes in exchange for a minimum $10 deposit, which can be withdrawn at any time. Odds of winning can be increased by various factors such as the user’s percentage of FBX (their native token) holdings, deposit size, join date, and referrals made. Meanwhile, Finblox has also released their very first litepaper with additional products in tow. The team is intent on building a “next-generation crypto ecosystem” where users can buy, spend, earn, and game with their crypto without ever leaving the platform. About Finblox Finblox is a next-generation c... read More

New Crypto Exchange Platform Bitflex Launches Futures Trading Competitio...

    PRESS RELEASE. Seychelles, August 2022 – Bitflex Ltd., a secure crypto trading exchange currently specializing in crypto derivatives, has announced the launch of a new trading competition with a prize pool of $15,000. From August 5 to September 9, new and existing users on the Bitflex platform can participate in the event for a chance to win rewards. Trade More, Win More With up to 15,000 USDT worth of prizes, the Trading Competition is an important part of Bitflex’s vision to reward its early users and get new traders to test out its platform which is currently in its BETA phase. The prize pool in the competition consists of cash prizes and valuable gadgets. Winners will be selected from a lucky draw based on their total number of entries. Traders would only need to trade as much as they can on the Bitflex Platform during the Campaign Period to increase their chances of winning the competition as each trader will be entitled to 1 entry into the lucky draw for every 0.05 BTC trading volume that they trade. As Bitflex’s CEO Ee Wui Yang explains, “Our first Trading Competition has been designed specifically for traders who love to trade a lot. We want to reward users who churn huge volumes of trades on our exchange and take advantage of the zero-trading fee on our perpetual swap contracts. The more they trade, the higher their chances are of winning the top prizes.” How the Competition Works Users will only need to open a Live Trading Account on Bi... read More

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shines Green In Pool Of Crimson – Who's Buy...

    On Friday, the price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) increased, despite the fact that the rest of the cryptocurrency market is suffering significant losses because of a prolonged unfavorable trend. Apparently, the dog-themed coin's price has risen 3.74 percent in the last 24 hours and is presently trading at $0.0000001026, leading the market in daily advances among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, according to statistics from CoinMarketCap. Bears have successfully knocked the price of Bitcoin (BTC) below the $20,000 threshold, diminishing market recovery hopes. Suggested Reading | Bitcoin Slides Under $20K – Another Collapse In The Offing? Shiba Inu Leads Top-Cap Cryptos Based on data from CoinMarketCap, the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was $864 billion after falling 4% in the preceding 24 hours. Shiba Inu led the top-cap cryptos with gains between $1 and 4% over the same time frame. According to Coinglass statistics, the 10% drop in Shiba Inu price on Friday generated $1.44 million in SHIB futures liquidations across exchanges. Despite exhibiting strength in recent days, Shiba Inu was at risk of incurring additional losses. Even with the revelation of ShibsSwap's Shib Inu burn portal rewards, the technical setup indicates that price growth will deteriorate. SHIB total market cap at $5.45 billion on the daily chart | .com The SHIB burn portal was created to provide passive income to SHIB token holders who burn their tokens. The ... read More

VENT Finance Expands Crowdfunding Access With WingRiders General Pool Sa...

    WingRiders’ native $WRT token is up for grabs in what will be the first General Pool Sale on the VENT Finance launchpad. The GPS sale is designed to reduce the barrier to entry and encourage more investors to participate in the WingRiders project, which is looking to establish itself as a top decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain. WingRiders is an automated market maker-based DEX on Cardano that utilizes a unique extended unspent transaction model that’s said to provide a more reliable and versatile environment for executing multiple transactions, with zero system failures. It was developed by VacuumLabs and offers full functionality for DeFi investors, with token swaps, staking, liquidity providing and yield farming opportunities available on its platform. The reception to WingRiders has been positive. Since launching its mainnet earlier in the year, it has emerged as the number three DEX on Cardano in terms of total value locked. The popularity of WingRiders is due to its unique ability to support non-Cardano assets such as BTC and ETH, something that no other Cardano DEX currently offers. It also supports stablecoins such as USDC and USDT, again something that no other Cardano-based DEX can provide. Other novelties on the WingRiders platform include support for ADA auto staking, and direct integration with hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger. WingRiders is partnering with VENT to raise $200,000 USDC through the GPS, in addition to a $300,000 r... read More

Terra Community Votes to Burn 1 Billion UST From its Community Pool

    The developments surrounding Terra's ecosystem keep coming in. After voting for a revival plan that would see the fork of a new chain without the algorithmic coin, the community has now accepted another proposal. CryptoPotato reported yesterday that Terra's community voted in favor of Do Kwon's revival plan that intends to fork a new blockchain without the UST algorithmic stablecoin. Previously, the CEO had explained that 'the only path forward will be to absorb the stablecoin supply that wants to exit before UST can start to repeg.' With this in mind, a proposal was submitted eight days ago to burn the remaining UST in the community pool. With an overwhelming majority of 99.39%, represented by 153,644,852 votes, the proposal was accepted on May 26th. It's worth noting that its previous iteration, however, was submitted on May 12th, but it failed to execute because there was a mismatch between the amount of UST in the community pool and in the proposal. read More

Lido Deploys Additional Curve Pool to Improve Liquidity Around Bonded ET...

    On Friday, the value locked in decentralized finance (defi) protocols dropped to a low of $110.35 billion after there was more than $200 billion total value locked (TVL) eight days ago on May 5. One specific defi protocol called Lido, a liquid staking platform and the second largest defi application in terms of TVL size today, has lost significant value losing 49.66% during the past week. Curve's stETH:ETH Peg Skews, Lido Adds New Pool With Liquidity Incentives While being exposed to the Terra blockchain blunder, Lido's bonded ethereum tokens have been under pressure due to an imbalance on Curve's bonded ethereum (stETH) and ethereum pool. The liquid staking defi protocol Lido announced that it was deploying liquidity incentives to Curve Finance in order to improve the imbalance that has been taking place around the stETH:ETH peg. 'We are deploying an additional Curve Finance pool to improve the liquidity around the stETH:ETH peg,' Lido tweeted on May 12, 2022. 'This new pool will feature an additional 1M LDO in incentives for the next week and is currently almost empty, suggesting high rewards to initial depositors.' Before the announcement, Curve's stETH:ETH pool was showing a 2% discount amid the chaos surrounding the Terra blockchain. Crypto journalist Colin 'Wu' Blockchain explained what was taking place on Thursday. 'The ETH/stETH asset ratio in Curve's largest TVL steth (ETH+stETH) pool is skewed,' the journalist tweeted. 'ETH/stETH=36.48%/63.52%, people are exchangi... read More

Drunk Robots Announces 4 Massive New Partnerships and a 5,000,000 $METAL...

    The post-apocalyptic city of Los Machines has become the hub of Play2Earn activity. After a sold-out IDO, Animoca Brands-backed Drunk Robots has partnered up with Infinity Force and 3 major guilds – has just rehauled its game economy after a sold-out IDO, increasing the rewards and making it even easier to enter the game. Drink, fight, earn After ‘play to earn’ and ‘move to earn’, has the time come for ‘drink and fight to earn’? At least that’s what the robots of Los Machines do all day long: consume vast quantities of beer, then thrash each other around. Despite this violent premise, Drunk Robots is outrageously fun – and very well designed at that. In fact, the robots look so good that the original collection of 10,101 characters was immediately sold out on Liquidifty and Binance NFT. You can currently buy robots in closed containers on the Liquidifty marketplace. While you do need a robot to fight in the Arena or scavenge $METAL, there are several mini-games that you can play 100% free – such as Knockout, where you have to shoot at other robots before they shoot you. The project counts 23,000 Discord members, over 64k Twitter followers, and 39k Telegram channel subscribers – for a total of 126 thousand users in the community. Few P2E games can boast such a large following just weeks after the IDO. Drunk Robots introduces a 5,000,000 $METAL prize pool for the Arena leaderboard The Play2Earn element of Drunk... read More

Registrations Open for Bitget KCGI 2022 With Upgraded 200 BTC Price Pool

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, 9 May 2022] Registrations for the long-awaited biannual global crypto futures trading competition - King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI), hosted by leading global derivatives exchange, Bitget, have officially opened. Participants can register for the competition from now till May 20, 10:00 (UTC+8), while the actual competition will take place from May 20, 10:00 to June 10, 10:00 (UTC+8). Since registrations for KCGI 2022 have officially started, a record number of close to 500 registrants were recorded, representing a positive response from the community for the long-awaited return of this trading competition. Following the momentum of last year’s popularity, the prize pool for KCGI 2022 has been doubled to 200 BTC. Apart from financial prizes, a variety of gifts are also up for grabs including Bose speakers, folding bikes, premium gaming chairs, LG standbyME Display screen, etc. Commenting on this year’s edition of KCGI, Bitget’s CEO, Sandra Lou said, “We are extremely thrilled for registrations to officially open. Given the positive response so far, we are confident that it will continue to generate interest in the days to come. To show our gratitude for the support from the Bitget family, we have doubled the prize pool to 200BTC, may the best team/participant win!” For more information on KCGI, please visit About Bitget Established in 2018, Bitget is one of the world... read More

Clearpool and Jane Street Launched a Permissioned Pool Focusing on KYC C...

    After launching five Permissionless Pools, Clearpool established its first-ever permissioned pool that allows institutional lenders to earn yields up to 15% by staking USDC. The project partnered with Jane Street Capital - a global proprietary trading company aiming to enter the cryptocurrency industry. Permission Pool Decentralized capital markets provider Clearpool launched a permissioned pool on Tuesday, enabling borrowers with higher Know-Your-Customers (KYC) requirements to access funds lent out by institutional partners. According to the press release, the pool - initially funded with $25m of USDC -  plans to increase to $50m soon. Users can stake USDC to earn the 15%-APR yield paid in CPOOL, the protocol’s utility and governance token, Partnering with Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm with more than 1,700 employees, and BlockTower Capital, an investment firm focused on crypto and blockchain, Clearpool considers the launch a 'watershed moment for DeFi.'  The protocol noted that it is the first time 'a major Wall Street institution has entered into a borrowing transaction on a DeFi protocol.' Launched on the Ethereum network less than two months ago, Clearpool specifically works to facilitate institutional borrowing and lending of digital assets. Its previously released program, Permissionless Pools, offers 'whitelisted institutional borrowers' the opportunity to be liquidity providers (LPs), competing with retail and institutional lenders for lucr... read More

Uncollateralized Lending Platform Truefi Reveals $100 Million Single-Bor...

    The crypto firm has revealed it has secured up to $100 million in liquidity from Truefi's single-borrower pool. The pool will be initially capped at $100 million over the first year and aims to use the funds to bolster its own 'liquidity pools, leverage trading support, and book of lending services.' Leverages Truefi's Single Borrower Pool The leading digital asset services and exchange company has announced it has secured $100 million in liquidity from the uncollateralized borrowing and lending platform Truefi. Essentially, the decentralized finance (defi) platform Truefi leverages on-chain credit scores in order to facilitate uncollateralized lending. The platform claims to offer competitive returns for lenders with 'no lockup period and deep exit liquidity.' According to Truefi, the single-borrower pool will provide 'debt to [that] will be available to all Know Your Customer-verified, non-U.S. lenders on the Truefi platform, offering them an expected APY of 8.50 percent, before incentives.' Truefi has already showcased the single borrower pool concept with Alameda Research and the team also helped Perpetual Protocol launch the first protocol-to-protocol lending pool. Trusttoken CEO Expects More Financial Institutions to 'Bring Their Books of Business On-Chain' Rafael Cosman, the CEO of Trusttoken explained in a statement sent to News that Truefi welcomes into the fold, and... read More

1xBit Prepares 0.5 BTC Prize Pool for Easter Bunny's Adventure Tou...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] This year not only will the kids have something enjoyable to do for Easter, but so will the entire 1xBit community. The 1xBit team presents the Easter Bunny’s Adventure tournament, with a total prize pool of 0.5 BTC. The competition will begin on the 15th of April and will last until the 16th of May. What are the rules? Easter Bunny’s Adventure is a competition for the whole community of 1xBit, and in order to take part in it, you have to have the legal age to have an account. If you do not have an account, you can still participate in the competition if you start registering now. Remember to tap on the button 'Take part' before starting the tournament after you have successfully registered your account. Afterward, you can enjoy playing your favorite slots. Do not forget that 1xBit has seven hidden eggs for the whole tournament at each level. Players must locate them in order to get rewards. The person who discovers all the eggs wins first place. What does the Easter Bunny’s Adventure consist of? The tournament will have a total of 25 stages, through which participants can progress and increase in level by playing and earning to get the chance of being one of the winners. And to get closer to the gold egg, the top 7 levels earn you crypto prizes. In order to accumulate points, you should place bets of at least 0.1 mBTC, which brings a point, 0.25 mBTC brings 3 points, and if the bet is higher, higher the points to mak... read More

Terra's LFG Pool Adds $170 Million Worth of Bitcoin at $42,600

    The Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) pool has bought Bitcoin yet again. The pool currently holds almost 40,000 BTC, worth some $1.675 billion at the time of this writing. Luna's LFG pool has added another batch of Bitcoin to its stash - over 4,000 BTC, to be precise, which is worth some $176 million at the time of this writing. The purchase was made at an average price of around $42,590. With this, Terra's total BTC holdings currently stand at 39,897 and are worth roughly $1,675 billion. As CryptoPotato reported earlier, Terra started buying BTC back in march as parts of increasing its reserves for their algorithmic stablecoin - UST. Do Kwon, Co-Founder, and CEO at Terraform Labs - the company building the Terra protocol and ecosystem - revealed back at the time that they intend to buy a total of $10 billion worth of BTC. Later on, however, he said that they intend to keep buying once the initial $10B has been deployed. At the time of this writing, bitcoin's price is trading at around $42,000 - down 2.1% over the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency paints a 10% decline in the last week, dragging the broader market with it as the total capitalization is plunging toward $2 trillion. read More

TrueUSD and Balancer Offer Liquidity Providers TUSD and BAL Rewards From...

    PRESS RELEASE. Singapore, Singapore / April 4th / – TrueUSD (TUSD) and Balancer (BAL) Automated Market Maker (AMM) partnered up with Polygon to offer liquidity providers with TUSD and BAL rewards from a stablecoin pool incentive program last November. The program incentivizes liquidity providers to add TUSD-DAI-USDC-USDT liquidity to the Polygon ecosystem. In return for adding liquidity, providers will receive BAL, TUSD, and MATIC, an outstanding opportunity for liquidity providers to gain exposure to three different assets while providing liquidity to the ecosystem. The program is live on-chain and is open to all. TrueUSD and Balancer (Polygon) are very popular among investors searching for a safe DeFi investment that has generated considerable interest in the crypto communities. This pool's TVL rose as high as $116.9 million, prompting excitement from all corners of the crypto community. All MATIC rewards were paid out in early 2022, while liquidity bonuses in TUSD and BAL were maintained. (Source:, 2022.3.30) The market for stablecoins has exponentially evolved in the last year, with its value reaching nearly $200 billion. TUSD, the first regulated stablecoin fully backed by the US Dollar, independently verified on-chain, has earned trust from customers for its safety and transparency. Its market capitalization now totals nearly $1.5 billion, putting it fourth among stablecoin peers after USDT, USDC, and BUSD. TrueUSD has established partnerships... read More

TrueUSD and Balancer Offer LPs TUSD and BAL Rewards from Stablecoin Pool...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Singapore, Singapore / Mar 31 / – TrueUSD (TUSD) and Balancer (BAL) Automated Market Maker (AMM) partnered up with Polygon to offer liquidity providers with TUSD and BAL rewards from a stablecoin pool incentive program last November. The program incentivizes liquidity providers to add TUSD-DAI-USDC-USDT liquidity to the Polygon ecosystem. In return for adding liquidity, providers will receive BAL, TUSD, and MATIC, an outstanding opportunity for liquidity providers to gain exposure to three different assets while providing liquidity to the ecosystem. The program is live on-chain and is open to all. TrueUSD and Balancer (Polygon) are very popular among investors searching for a safe DeFi investment that has generated considerable interest in the crypto communities. This pool's TVL rose as high as $116.9 million, prompting excitement from all corners of the crypto community. All MATIC rewards were paid out in early 2022, while liquidity bonuses in TUSD and BAL were maintained. The market for stablecoins has exponentially evolved in the last year, with its value reaching nearly $200 billion. TUSD, the first regulated stablecoin fully backed by the US Dollar, independently verified on-chain, has earned trust from customers for its safety and transparency. Its market capitalization now totals nearly $1.5 billion, putting it fourth among stablecoin peers after USDT, USDC, and BUSD. TrueUSD has established partnerships and collaborations... read More

Russian Bitcoin Mining Assessed Amid Conflict With Ukraine, Large ETH Po...

    With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many observers are curious about the large quantity of hashrate located in Russia, as the region reportedly controls the third-largest sum of SHA256 hashpower worldwide. Furthermore, on February 24, the ethereum mining operation Flexpool announced it has halted services to Russia entirely. 'We apologize to our Russian miners; many of you do not support the war - However, it is you who are supporting your nation,' Flexpool told its customers.Russia Faces a Wave of Economic Sanctions, SWIFT Still Accessible All eyes are focused on the battle between Russia and Ukraine this week and after Vladimir Putin's troops invaded Ukraine, a large swathe of countries have started to impose and threaten economic sanctions. The Russian ruble has been feeling the wrath of volatile markets, Russia's stock market shuddered and UBS cut Russia's bond market down to zero. The European Union handed down economic sanctions against Russia, and U.S. president Joe Biden revealed America would sanction the country as well. Despite the U.K. begging the SWIFT payment network to ban Russia, the country is still allowed to leverage the financial system. Crypto advocate and Shapeshift founder Erik Voorhees made fun of the fact that Russia was still allowed to transact with SWIFT. 'Apparently Russia's actions are so egregious that the West has decided to permit Russia to continue using the SWIFT Network,' Voorhees tweeted. Russia Commands a Significant Portion of ... read More

Following The Ukraine Conflict: Ethereum Mining Pool Ceases All Services...

    The fifth-largest Ethereum mining pool – Flexpool – announced it will no longer provide services to customers in Russia. By doing so, the entity opposed Putin’s military operation and showed solidarity with Ukraine. The mining company became the first in its field to halt its endeavors on Russian soil. This comes a day after the largest country by landmass sent military troops in Ukraine and endangered the peace in Eastern Europe. Flexpool stated that it usually stands away from politics. Nonetheless, in this case, “there is a war,” and measures must be taken: “We generally do not get involved in politics despite our personal views as a company. However, there is greater than politics, greater than anyone. This is a war that may end the world. It certainly is ending the lives of many innocent people in Eastern Europe.” The mining pool revealed that affected users will receive outstanding balances. It also added it is open to welcoming the Russian users back once the dispute is resolved: “We apologize to our Russian miners; many of you do not support the war. However, it is you who sustain your nation. Without the people, Russia cannot operate.' Flexpool became the first organization in its industry to publicly display its support towards Ukraine. “Companies and people need to put the plant over profits in the modern era,” it emphasized. Another mining pool that showed solidarity with Ukraine is Hiveon. Despite s... read More

Hoo's First Stage of Token-Repurchase Program Completed With Over ...

    PRESS RELEASE. On February 17th, 2022, Hoo announced the completion of the first-stage token-repurchase plan on HOO Token with a cumulative total of 423,982.18 HOO repurchased from the secondary market. From January 2022, Hoo had imposed the strategic plan on generating 30% of the income revenue from spot trading (Spot Zone + Innovation Zone) of Hoo Exchange for enhancing the liquidity of the AMM pool. 15% of the income revenue would be used to repurchase HOO from the secondary market, and all the repurchased HOO would be placed into AMM liquidity pool. The remaining 15% income revenue would also be transferred to the AMM liquidity pool for optimizing the depth and activation of the secondary market continuously. According to the announcement, Hoo's accumulated spot transaction income is 3,385,520 USDT in January 2022. Thus, 1,015,656 USDT will be imposed into token-repurchase agreement, and half of which will be used to repurchase HOO from the secondary market and the remaining half of the USDT from income revenue will be added to the Hoo AMM liquidity pool together with the repurchased HOO. In addition, contributing to the support of a strong user base of Hoo Exchange, Hoo's market share has further increased with steady growth in the past few months. According to Coingecko, HOO's market capitalisation reached $92,427,436 on 31st January 2022, which has reached a 22.73% year-on-year growth on the total market capitalisation. HOO is an important element for the development o... read More

Monero Supporters Beg XMR Miners to Boycott Mining Pool Capturing 44% of...

    Reports indicate that the Monero community is upset about a specific mining pool that currently commands 44% of the network's hashrate. Supporters are asking mining participants to leave a mining pool called Minexmr as they believe the operation threatens decentralization.A Single Monero Mining Pool Commands 44% of the Network's Hashrate, Monero Community Members Debate Issue, Pool Admin Addresses Concerns At the time of writing, according to statistics stemming from the web page, the mining operation Minexmr commands 44.084% of the network hashrate. The hashrate stemming from Minexmr has the Monero community debating on social media and forums and arguing over whether or not it will threaten decentralization. One person on Twitter explains: 'If you are mining monero, and you support this pool, you are also responsible for the centralization of the monero hashrate.' URGENT: is extremely close to holding the majority of the hashrate; at the time of writing, it's just under 48%. If you're mining, make sure that you aren't using this pool. #Monero #XMR - monero chan (@monerochanXMR) February 14, 2022 On Reddit, the complaints are the same, as one post on the Monero-centric subreddit r/monero asks community members to 'boycott Minexmr' and stressed the pool is 'too close to 51%.' Essentially, the Redditor is talking about a 51% attack, which is when a miner controls a majority of the hashpower, and maliciously attacks the network. 51% atta... read More

Bitcoin Hashrate Surges Tapping Lifetime High, Foundry Commands Top Mini...

    The processing power backing the Bitcoin network has tapped another all-time high (ATH) in 2022, reaching 246 exahash per second (EH/s) on February 12. After the network reached an ATH on January 15, a month later the hashrate increased by 12.43% - this despite the network's mining difficulty coasting along at record highs as well.Bitcoin Network's Hashrate Climbs to New Highs Bitcoin mining participants tapped a record high on Saturday, February 12, 2022, as the hashrate reached an ATH of 246.80 EH/s. So far, the hashrate has seen three consecutive ATHs in 2022 with the first record broken on January 1. Two weeks later, the hashrate tapped another ATH at 219.5 EH/s. The record on Saturday was 12.43% higher than the January 15 metric and currently, the hashrate has been coasting along at 239.48 EH/s. The hashrate high is taking place while bitcoin's price has dropped 38.4% lower than the $69K high on November 10. Furthermore, the network's difficulty is the highest it's ever been as well, which means it's more difficult than ever before to find a BTC block subsidy. At the time of writing, the network's mining difficulty is approximately 26.69 trillion, and it's expected to increase 3.33% in three days. On January 20, the mining difficulty jumped 9.32% higher and two weeks later, on February 3, it increased by 0.18%. Foundry Takes the 30-Day Lead With 758 Block Rewards Found Currently, out of the 21 million maximum supply, 18,957,962 bitcoin have been mined into existence. D... read More

1inch Network Debuts Earn Pool for Liquidity Providers

    The 1inch Network launched a new investment tool called 1inch Earn, in hopes of incentivizing liquidity providers. The protocol asserted in a press release shared with CryptoPotato that the new feature will provide more efficient use of capital compared to AMM pools. How Does 1inch Earn Liquidity Pool Work? A set of liquidity pools optimized for stablecoins, 1inch Earn’s operating model is similar to Uniswap V3 range orders. “Earnings come from fees on swap trades in the pool,” says the press communiqué from 1inch Network. Individual users, algorithmic trade bots, and arbitrage traders will perform the swaps. 1inch Earn provides “deep liquidity at any point” because of its integration in the 1inch Pathfinder algorithm. The DeFi protocol said the earnings from the new investment tool would be “in the range of 5-10% APY” at the time of its launch. Later, the profitability will depend on how the market behaves. The concept of 1inch Earn has been in practice in the 1inch Network Treasury since September 2021. Earlier, it was called Trading Strategies. The popular aggregator of decentralized protocols believes 1inch Earn will improve decentralization and governance across the network. Besides, it will prove to be an attractive earning tool for the users, the project said in its PR. “The launch of 1inch Earn is set to be a major step towards improving the sustainability of the entire network and stepping up its decentralization... read More

US Still Dominates Bitcoin Mining Sector, 30-Day Stats Show Foundry USA ...

    Since the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) project updated its mining map in mid-July, the United States has continued to dominate in terms of the amount of hashpower worldwide. Moreover, data shows that Foundry USA has managed to command the top pool position with 755 bitcoin block rewards mined during the last 30 days. The United States Commands a Large Concentration of Bitcoin Miners, 66 Exahash Recorded in the US on January 24 According to's mining map, there is a large concentration of the Bitcoin network's hashrate located in the United States. At the time of writing, data shows that 66.22 exahash per second (EH/s) or 35.4% of the global hashrate resides in the U.S., while 17.87 EH/s or 9.55% is located in Canada. Between Canada and the United States, the countries command 44.95% of the global hashrate. Pool operators located in the U.S. include Binance USA,, SBI Crypto US, Viabtc US, Poolin US, Slushpool US, Antpool US, F2pool USA, and Foundry USA. The 30-day statistics showing hashrate distribution show that the aforementioned pools command the top eight largest mining pools worldwide. Metrics indicate that Foundry USA found 755 blocks and captured the top pool position last month with 16.87% of the hashrate. Following Foundry USA's 30-day stats was Antpool's 659 blocks found or 14.72% of the BTC hashrate. F2pool found the same amount of blocks as Antpool last month and captured 14.72% of the network hashrate as well.... read More

Hoo AMM Pool Launched, New Access to Increase User Yields

    PRESS RELEASE. According to Hoo users who participated in AMM (Automated Market Maker) test, each liquidity pool of Hoo has listed quantitative data, such as total liquidity, 24H transaction fee, 1 day and 7 days annualized return for users’ reference. Compared to on-chain DEX providing liquidity such as Uniswap, users can operate at the Hoo website without consuming Gas fees, and the operation is faster and without worrying about security issues such as smart contract vulnerabilities and hacker attacks. At present, Hoo has opened pools of BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, SOL/USDT, DOGE/USDT, HOO/USDT and other trading pairs. And the exchange will add more trading pairs according to market demand, and add additional coin rewards, Hoo VIP rights and so on. Hoo AMM Pool Offers Users Commission of Fees Recently, Hoo Exchange has added the AMM pool feature after updating. It is known that the AMM pool is currently in the gray test phase, and some regular users can experience the scenario and gain benefits from it as a priority. For DeFi players, AMM (Automated Market Maker Mechanism) has long since ceased to be an out-of-the-way concept, and this mechanism is more commonly used by DEXs such as Uniswap and SushiSwap. It is characterized by supporting all market users to provide liquidity for asset trading pairs, which eventually constitute a liquidity-rich liquidity pool where the asset price varies according to the ratio of two assets in the liquidity pool, and accordingly, the liquidi... read More

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