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$338.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$8.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #POLYDOGE today is $0.00000000858 USD.

The lowest POLYDOGE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00000000858, and the current live price for one POLYDOGE coin is $0.00000000857951.

The all-time high POLYDOGE coin price was $0.000000136.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of POLYDOGE with market cap of BTC and how the supply of POLYDOGE affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for PolyDoge crypto currency is also #POLYDOGE.

PolyDoge is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for PolyDoge is $8,579,505.

PolyDoge is ranking downwards to #604, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #POLYDOGE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for PolyDoge is $338,292.


The circulating supply of POLYDOGE is 1,000,000,000,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Relatively, PolyDoge has a large supply of coins, 45,454,545 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


POLYDOGE is a token on the Polygon PoS blockchain.


POLYDOGE is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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PolyDoge NODES are HERE! (182.50% APR)

PolyDoge Fam! The moment you’ve all been waiting for, and we’ve been teasing for the last few months… PolyDoge NODEs are finally here! And who other than those mad lads over at PARMA could have made it all possible! PolyDoge is on the path to becoming a staple in the Web 3 world, and PolyDoge NODEs are our way of allowing the entire PolyDoge community to participate in the growing ecosystem. We know that not every user will be able to buy NODES. But be they big or small, each and every holder is a contributor to PolyDoge, whether they own NODES or not. PolyDoge NODEs aim to allow all holders the chance to contribute even more to our ecosystem of compounding utilities, and be rewarded in so doing!Nodes breakdown: Details of the PolyDoge Nodes:Cost: 10,000,000,000 PolyDogeNodes: Maximum of 100 per walletReward Distribution: 97% Rewards Pool, 3% PARMA (ie holders, marketing, etc.)Rewards: Current rate of 50,000,000 per day (subject to adjustment based on rewards pool, LP Fees, and contributions)SPECIAL promotion for 1 month from this article 100,000,000 per daySetting up your PolyDoge Nodes: Head to ParmaToken.comPARMA Homepage Click on Launch App in the Upper Right hand cornerNodes Dashboard Nodes When you first open the PARMANodes dApp you will be greeted by the PARMANodes Dashboard. If you navigate to the Nodes tab in the top navigation pane, you will then have the ability to setup your first node!Create Your Nod...

PolyDoge Becomes First Polygon Coin for Amazon + other Retailers Purchasing Utility in Partnership…

PolyDoge Becomes First Polygon Coin for Amazon + other Retailers Purchasing Utility in Partnership with PolyDoge Fam! We told you a big announcement was on the way and here it is! In our quest to be a growing brand in Web 3.0 we are joining the big DOGS in utility for having PolyDoge be a form of currency on major platforms such as Amazon, Walmart and several others. How is this possible!? It’s all made so through our amazing new partner! How to get started? First off some exciting news! From the start of this article: 2% discount on all orders for seven days. Starting on July 12th purchases made using $POLYDOGE will be rewarded with a 2% discount. Keep reading to find out how you can enjoy this promotion! Remember also today is Prime Day on Amazon! So time to use those PolyDoge gains for some of your fave swag or that new tablet you wanted. But that’s not all… Because how could launch something so amazing and massive without a giveaway???! Whoever posts on Twitter proof tagging PolyDoge with the hashtag #BoughtThisWithPolyDoge and can confirm will be entered in a raffle to win $500 in PolyDoge! is the bridge between crypto and E-commerce as the first international crypto E-commerce onboarding and fulfillment service. It is the only company in crypto that allows you to purchase from major E-commerce hubs on a global scale with the option to choose from hundreds of different tokens...

PolyDogeDAO 2.0

PolyDoge is the Big Doge in town! Well well well PolyDoge friends and fam, here we are again, getting ready to drop some MONSTER NEWS. Several months ago we released our PolyDoge DAO, where holders of PolyDoge and select PolyDoge NFTs can vote on community proposals. What we’re revealing here builds on that in a major way!Drum roll please… PolyDogeDAO is a fork of successful Fantom Opera algorithmic stablecoin and an innovative solution that can adjust PolyDoge supply deterministically to move the price of the stablecoin PolyDogeDollar (PDD)! Lots of impressive techno-wizardry and engineering has been designed to make this work, continue reading to get a simplified breakdown of what all this means.PolyDogeDollar? Wat mean? PolyDogeDAO will introduce and feature three key components, PolyDogeDollar (PDD), PolyDogeShare (PDS), and PolyDogeBonds (PDB). Without going into the technical nitty gritty, the PolyDogeDollar price will be pegged to 1 MATIC, and will expand or contract the supply of PDD to keep it at this pegged price. PolyDogeShare is distributed to those staking their PDD in the PolyDogeDAO Incubator (more on this below). PDS tokens are used to achieve a completely decentralized on-chain governance where PDS holders have voting rights and the ability to create proposals to improve the protocol. PDS has a maximum total supply of 100,000 tokens. PolyDogeBonds are essentially used to help with the exp...

PolyDoge + MetacosmiX = BULLISH

POLYDOGE FAM! WHAT’S UP!?!? We have a huge announcement to share! As you may know, we began conversations with a true OG project — MetacosmiX, a couple of months ago, and even collaborated together on a small giveaway. Jordan stayed in touch with their lead devs and continued to monitor their progress, and boy, they have not disappointed. He believes this is a project and a team that punches way above its weight. For starters, they are quietly developing MetabeastZ, the world’s first 3D NFT Trading Card Game with a bunch of stellar partners. But you wouldn’t know any of this just by looking at their market cap. Their Telegram is chill, their Twitter is low-key, they haven’t done a lick of marketing. Thus, this beautiful project is a true hidden gem. We at PolyDoge think the world has been sleeping on MetacosmiX and that they’re about to lift off hard very soon. Frankly, what they’re doing is going to have a massive impact on the future of Web3 gaming, to say nothing of their jaw-dropping (unpublished) roadmap, which we won’t spoil here except to say that it sent chills down our spines. Now for the big news: we’ve decided to make a very strategic, long-term play to MERGE OUR TEAMS. Straight facts you guys. We’re incredibly bullish about MetacosmiX and utterly psyched and humbled to be joining forces. Going forward, we will operate together ...

MetaPetz AMA Recap

It’s ok if your jaw drops while reading this article. POLYDOGE FAM! WHAT’S UP!?!? Things have been a little quiet on the surface lately, and for good reason; so much has been going on behind the scenes! Now it’s time to start leaking some of what has been going on. Recently, PolyDoge rock star Jordan Charters did an AMA on the PolyDoge Italia chat, and MetaPetz powered by PolyDoge was the main subject! Read below to learn more about what PolyDoge has been working tirelessly on!MVP, MLP? In the sales biz, Minimum Viable Product is a well known term, referring to a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers, who can then provide feedback for future product development. But what PolyDoge is trying to achieve with MetaPetz is the Minimum Lovable Product (MLP). Straight from Jordan, “We don’t want to bring something to market that isn’t lovable and these MetaPetz will be loveable to a degree not seen in the NFT or Crypto world yet.” Hear that gang? PolyDoge is looking to mimic and even enhance the foundational relationship that we’ve all had with our pets since we were kids. So we’re not just here trying to shill you another NFT, MetaPetz will be about building a legitimate 3D companion in the metaverse.TELL ME MORE! How will we achieve this goal you may be thinking? MetaPetz will have a diverse activities list, ranging from playing with them in the metaverse, feeding them, ta...

PolyDoge X CroMoon

PolyDoge has landed on the CroMoon! Whaddup PolyDoge fam! Since our launch in April 2021, PolyDoge has been traveling further and further into new and unknown territories as we seek to assert PolyDoge as THE crypto of the future. Earlier in November we dropped our massive collaboration with RelayChain and CroDEX, bridging PolyDoge to the Cronos blockchain. We know you guys appreciate how hard the team works to improve PolyDoge’s outreach and web of partnerships in the crypto sphere. Our partnerships have included not only DEXs but also farms, tokens, major esports teams, you name it! Since PolyDoge has traveled to the Cronos chain, it’s about time we added some more Cronos partners! For our next big partnership on Cronos, PolyDoge is bringing CroMoon into our orbit and becoming their strategic advisor! PolyDoge and CroMoon gravitated towards each other because their spirit reminded us of PolyDoge in the early days; lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of up and downs on a new chain. While we expand our outreach, we also want to give other projects the possibility to nourish themselves from our experience. Moving forward we will advise CroMoon on further steps and help them strategize on how to develop the PolyDoge style. To celebrate this partnership, we have prepared a very very special gift for both the PolyDoge and CroMoon communities! The CroMoon X PolyDoge partnership going to release the first cross-chain NFT drop...

PolyDoge x Dogira: Growing the Ecosystem

PolyDogira anyone? What’s going on PolyDoge enthusiasts, I hope everyone is staying perky! You know, for a long time now, we’ve been the only Doge on Polygon. Sure, we’ve had other Inus, animalistic beasts, and cheap imitators. Yet, we’ve been the only polygonal canine to stand the test of time. While we’ve had a great time flying solo, we felt it was time to join a new pack, so without further ado…We’re proud to announce that we’re joining the Dogira gaming ecosystem! (WHAT!?) This means that we will be integrating our token and NFTs into the “DoFi” platform. Collaboration is an extremely important value to us as a team. Despite the principles of decentralization in this industry, we’ve seen first hand the benefits of integrating communities and technology. The Dogira team is working to build a thriving gaming ecosystem utilizing the power of DeFi and interoperability through utility-based NFTs. They aim to usher in a new era of blockchain gaming where the experiences are genuinely fun, varied, and rewarding! We will be able to draw on Dogira’s wealth of knowledge and skills when it comes to developing stellar blockchain assets, and jaw-dropping games. Through this collaboration, we will be:Bringing our play2earn (P2E) FPS title to the “DoFi” platformLaunching our in-game NFTs for PolyDoge Pets (some of these NFTs will be available through Dogira’s NFT farm)Receiving several degrees of suppo...

Polydoge Dao, With A Twist

PolyDoge just took another step towards becoming the crypto of the future! Greetings PolyDoge friends and fam! Big, big news! The PolyDoge DAO is back up and running new and improved, and this time with a twist! The previous DAO had some slight issues, like needing an absolute majority of token holders for a vote to pass. Since most people were stuck in various LPs, and 70% of the total supply is either burned, locked in a smart contract, or on exchanges, this was very difficult to achieve.WEN NFT UTILITY ADMIN!? We know many of you have been asking, “Wen utility for NFTs dear sir AMINS??” Well now you’ve got it! We have added a new system to the updated PolyDoge DAO that integrates most of our NFTs as a voting booster! The best part is that you just need the NFTs to be in your wallet, so you can leave them for sale on OpenSea and still use them for voting purposes! If you don’t have any PolyDoge Cards, you can buy some on OpenSea here.Feast your eyes on our full suite of NFTs (more coming #soon) Below you can see the current system with the boosters: PD Genesis 0x6937aDBf37132e941Aa598a8f956a237b9f4D277 Boost: 40000000000 votes (40B) PD Baseball cards 0xBBF75A5b94B63ebEB639a948A52574eebeB4b898 Boost: 1000000000 votes (1B) Diamond Hands 0x953e62a2b53c0cD8c4dbFB3C1a283Ed4e70AE72f Boost: 1000000000 votes (1B) LordOftheDoge 0x883F6BEb4D12B6db509779616Bee079C1F86a110 Boost: 1000000000 votes (1B) PolyDoge Cards 0xF...


CRONOS X POLYDOGE = …CROlyDoge?? PolyDoge friends and family, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME EPIC NEWS!? You’ve heard cross-chain rumors and been teased for months… Well, we have officially gone cross-chain onto the Cronos blockchain! Using RelayChain and CRODEX, PolyDoge enthusiasts can now bridge their PolyDoge from the Polygon network to the Cronos network, and can also buy PolyDoge on the Cronos network! WHAT!? I’m sure you’re all wondering what these things are and what they mean. Fear not, we’re here to help!WHAT IS CRONOS? Other than being the Father of Zeus and the very essence of time, Cronos is the revolutionary blockchain from! serves over 10 million customers worldwide annually and has the largest crypto card program in use. With CRO as the native token (currently in the top 25 in terms of market cap), Cronos offers a lot of utility with blockchain interoperability and cross-chain scaling, so think about what that means for PolyDoge and its future possibilities (seriously, think about it). Cronos fees are also pretty cheap, at only 1–2 CRO per transaction (beats ETH price eh?) and also very fast.RELAYCHAIN To facilitate cross-chain transfers, Cronos has partnered with the third party bridging solution RelayChain, and bridging your PolyDoge over to Cronos (or over to Polygon) is very easy, and the fee is really cheap, only about 6 MATIC. — Let’s go over the bridging process n...

Coinbase Wallet x PolyDoge

PolyDoge fam! Amazing news — you can now buy PolyDoge using Coinbase Wallet! Coinbase itself is one of the biggest names in crypto and one the largest exchanges in the world, and in the first quarter of 2021 alone, they did approximately $335 billion in volume. With over 68 million verified users worldwide and growing, Coinbase brings a huge pool of prospective buyers to the PolyDoge ecosystem. Allowing purchases of Polygon native coins on their app is the first step to further integration with a number of Coinbase products with Polygon.How to buy PolyDoge on Coinbase Wallet We want to make this as simple as possible, so follow the instructions below and look at the images and you can see how easy it is to buy PolyDoge using your Coinbase Wallet. Important note: like any “Decentralised” wallet you need to have your MATIC and tokens on the Polygon Network. You currently can’t buy MATIC on Coinbase and transfer to your wallet — but we expect/hope this will change soon! Step 1 Go into settings (tap the gear on the bottom right) and look for ‘Default network’ and tap it Step 2 Find Polygon in the list: Step 3 Now we’re on Polygon network, so send a little bit of Polygon MATIC to your Coinbase Wallet address so that you can do swaps — as well as the other Polygon (MATIC) tokens you want to use to trade. Step 4 When you have some Matic in your wallet, click on the token you want to exchange (eg...


Meme Coin Economy Swells by $5.8 Billion in Less Than a Month, Suggestin...

    The meme coin economy has grown significantly over the past 27 days, increasing 34.52% against the U.S. dollar. The largest meme coin by market capitalization, dogecoin, has risen 29.5% in the past month, while the second-largest meme coin, shiba inu, has jumped 71.9% in 30 days. Since Jan. 9, 2023, the overall value of the meme token economy has increased by $5.8 billion.Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Dominate Meme Coin Market With 94% Market Share The top meme coins by market capitalization have gained in value against the U.S. dollar this past month. According to statistics recorded on Jan. 9, 2023, via, the meme coin economy was valued at $16.8 billion 27 days ago. As of 9 a.m. ET on Feb. 5, 2023, the meme coin economy is currently valued at $22.6 billion, a 5.4% increase over the previous day. Over the past 27 days, meme tokens have added $5.8 billion in value and gained more than 34% against the greenback. This week's largest gainers among meme tokens include pomeranian eth (POM), up 117.2%, baby doge coin (BABYDOGE), up 113.9%, and polydoge (POLYDOGE), up 86.7%. The two leading meme coins in terms of market valuation, dogecoin (DOGE) and shiba inu (SHIB), have increased 5.3% to 22.1%, with SHIB seeing the larger gains. Dogecoin (DOGE) and shiba inu (SHIB) make up $21.32 billion, or 94.34%, of the total $22.6 billion in the meme coin economy. Dogecoin has risen 29.4% this month, while shiba inu has increased 71.9% against the greenback. The majority of the meme co... read More

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