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POLIS Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$57.7 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #POLIS today is $0.00875 USD.

The lowest POLIS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00875, and the current live price for one POLIS coin is $0.00874584.

The all-time high POLIS coin price was $14.14.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of POLIS with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Polis crypto currency is also #POLIS.

Polis is 6.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polis is $57,672.

Polis is ranking downwards to #1147 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak volume of trading today on #POLIS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polis is $126.


The circulating supply of POLIS is 6,594,296 coins, which is 26% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Polis coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


POLIS is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


POLIS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #POLIS, and you can view them on our POLIS disambiguation page.



Polis Monthly Report — February 2022

Polis Monthly Report — February 2022 - — DAO Manager Elections - We would like to announce that new elections of future DAO managers are coming up. The DAO has decided to hold these elections for new DAO managers because we want to give everyone a chance to get involved in the project and participate in the future of Polis. Start for the elections is planned for 03–03–2022 and end on 03–17–2022. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions as DAO Manager for Technology, Business Development, Adoption, Marketing or Community and want to get involved in the Polis project, please send your full application including details about you, your experience and what you want to do as a DAO Manager as pdf-file in to the specific DAO elections Discord channel you want to apply for. We are looking forward to receiving numerous applications from different candidates. We would like to encourage every single person who is actively involved in the Polis Community, not primarily for financial reasons, to get involved in the project. — Join the Polis team now! If you don’t want to apply for a DAO manager position but still want to contribute your time and skills to Polis Chain please let us know. For this you can ask on our Discord server. — Unclaimed Polis - The DAO has made the decision to stop the expensive team support for the migration process for old Polis from core wallets to our own P...

Lost Funds vs. Stolen Funds

What do you think is a bigger number: stolen crypto or lost crypto? Experts estimate $12 billion worth of crypto was stolen between 2011 and 2021 versus tens of billions of dollars that have been lost since the advent of blockchain technology in 2008. The implications might be a shock: the user himself is a greater risk to personal assets than external thieves. Let’s discuss common incidents that jeopardize one’s investments and how to prevent them. — User loses hardware, wallets, or keys - If you keep coins on a computer drive, make sure there is a backup and don’t forget to extract and keep the drive if you change devices. Otherwise, you can run into a scenario of James Howells, an IT specialist from the UK. In 2017, it dawned on Mr. Howells that few years ago he accidentally had thrown away a drive with 7,500 bitcoins on it. He asked the city to retrieve the hardware from under the landfill, but they have refused. If you use a hardware crypto wallet like Trezor or Ledger, losing the device does not mean you lost your crypto yet. Your personal assets are still on the blockchain, and your private keys are recoverable if you have the seed phrase of 10–20 words. So, buy a replacement hardware wallet as soon as possible and import the seed phrase. If the wallet was stolen, you’d better transfer your balance into a new address in the replacement wallet to prevent any unauthorized manipulations with your old w...

Polis Weekly Update — Week 03/2022

Polis Weekly Update — Week 03/2022 - — Polis Chain DAO Management. - As we have started the last week with updates about the different DAO mangement departments and what they are working on. Unfortunately, we can’t always be as transparent here as we would like, but we already explained why that is the case last week. You may think why it is taking so long to get things started and to expand the Polis ecosystem. That’s caused by a lot of meetings and negotiations before we can announce new developments as you can read in the following paragraphs. DAO Business The DAO Business department is still working on the implentation of common tools like oracles to make it as easy as possible for developers of different projects to deploy their dapps on Polis Chain. It is necessary to clarify in advance the conditions of the parties and it requires some kind of agreement on various details, which are usually not easy to meet. Beside of this they are looking for CEX and platform listings to make the ecosystem grow as fast and secure as possible. DAO Technology The DAO Technology team is heavily involved in the PolisShop open beta launch, which is scheduled for today the 27th January. So stay tuned and check out our channels to not miss the opneing! They are also working closely with the HadesSwap team and other developers to support them to deploy their Dapps on our Polis Chain. DAO Adoption The DAO Adoption departm...

Polis Weekly Update — Week 02/2022

Polis Weekly Update — Week 02/2022 - — Polis Chain DAO Management. - In this section of the weekly we want to tell you about what is going on it the different DAO departments and what they are working on. Please understand that we can’t publish everything in detail because some things happen under NDA, others are not fixed yet or it is simply to early to talk about it, but be sure we want to give you an insight about our daily work and try to publicly tell you about what is on our schedule. DAO Business The DAO Business department is pushing the implentation of common tools like oracles to make it as easy as possible for developers of different projects to pull on chain data and to deploy their dapps on Polis Chain. Beside this they are looking for CEX and platform listings to make the ecosystem grow. DAO Technology The DAO Technology team is focused on PolisShop to secure the open beta, which is scheduled for January 27th. They are also working closely with the HadesSwap team and other developers to help them deploy other Dapps on our Polis chain. DAO Adoption The DAO Adoption department has started with building tools to make it easy for services and merchants to accept Polis and Polis Chain Tokens as payments in future. Along with this they are working on another game which is planned for another future parntership. DAO Marketing DAO Marketing team is working close with several marketers and agencies to org...

Polis Weekly Update — Week 01/2022

Polis Weekly Update — Week 01/2022 - — Happy New(s) Year. - With the first Polis update in 2022 we want to wish all of you a happy new year! Along with the new year we’ve planned to inform our community and investors on a more frequent basis about the development and the growth of the Polis ecosystem, what means the Polis Weekly Update is back. Woohouu! This means you can expect a lot of news and project updates in 2022. With the HadesSwap launch and our new partnership with, there will be a lot of dApps looking to migrate on our Olympus network (Polis Chain Mainnet).Polis and MCN Ventures Partnership As part of the collaboration, four new projects are set to be deployed by MCN Ventures on Polis Chain in the next few weeks. These include decentralized stablecoins — Xdollar and MinMax— farming ecosystem MCN Multiple, and a third-party bridge for Polis Chain. Speaking about the collaboration, Andreas Meyer, Business DAO Manager commented,“For our project, it is the first time that we will work together with a venture fund. The special thing is that MCN is completely decentralized and has a huge network in the DeFi space. This brings us many new opportunities to grow our Polis Chain for 2022. We are looking forward to this collaboration and the future new projects on our chain.” Bill the Investor, a general partner of MCN Ventures also commented,“The partnership between MCN and Polis...

Polis 3.0 — Update #4

Polis 3.0 — Update #4 - This will be the last written Polis update for this year and it’s packed with a lot of things we’ve done since our last project update. Also we want to thank you, our investors and community members, for your relentless support! We are truly grateful and proud of such a smart, persistent and friendly community. To reward our supporters we want to provide you with project updates and news about Polis and the Olympus network more often. That’s why we’ve decided to relaunch our Polis Weekly again. To reward our supporters we want to provide you with project updates and news about Polis and the Olympus network more often. That’s why we’ve decided to relaunch our Polis Weekly again. — Stay tuned for the first week of January 2022! — Press Releases - We’ve published our last two waves of press releases in the past few weeks about milestones we achived with Polis Chain like the 4 years anniversary of Polis, HadesSwap launch and our partnership with If you haven’t seen them yet here’s a small collection of all of them. Polis — 4 years anniversary:,,, (Chinese),, (Spanish), (German), (Turkish),, (German), Polis — MCN.verntures partnership:,,, S...

1000 Polis Giveaway

Ladies and Gentleman after the big success of our Block Slasher Game and the phenomenal launch of HadesSwap we want to announce that we want to do a 1000 Polis giveaway. Yes, 1000 Polis!!! That’s around $800 at the time of writing this small article. All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is to fullfil some tasks. For this we’ve created a campaign which will give you the tasks and check if you have fullfilled them. You can check out and paticipate the Polis competition here: 1000 Polis Giveaway The winner of the 1000 Polis will be drawn at random from all participants. Best of luck to all of you!

Polis 3.0 — Update #3

Polis 3.0 — Update #3 - — Olympus/Polis Chain Clarification - First we have to clarify because some of our new users asked it a few times on our social media channels what is the difference between Olympus and Polis Chain. Olympus was the name of the Polis Chain while it was in development and we decided to go with this name because we name all our products and services with reference to Greek mythology and it just sounds cooler than Polis Chain. But in fact we are talking about one and the same product or service, regardless of whether we are talking about Polis Chain or Olympus. We hope we could shed some light into the darkness here and it helps to prevent confusion about Polis Chain and Olympus. — Moving to Olympus - You may have seen it already, Hans our beloved DAO manager for adoption has uploaded a tutorial on how you can move your Polis from Binance Smart Chain to Olympus. If you are still holding your Polis tokens on BSC and you struggle to move them over to Olympus than that is the tutorial you should pay attention for. The tutorial has been splitted in to two parts. Please check it out here: — Project Development - Polis and Polis Chain have been listed on a lot of platforms to track, chart and what so ever you like to do with in the past two weeks like, DefiLlama, Dexscreener and beside our successful listing on bridge. The team...

Polis 3.0 — Update #2

Polis 3.0 — Update #2 - — Metamask Icons for Olympus - Who doesn’t hate seeing the cryptic coin logos in their Metamask wallet. We all want to see the original logos of our assets there. For this, Hans, our DAO manager for adaption, has provided a tool so that you can add the right logos to your Metamask on the Olympus network in the future. Unfortunately, Metamask does not yet offer support for custom networks and their main currency but the team is already looking for a solution. Add your asset logos to your Metamask on Olympus here: POLIS: (Work-In-Progress) SOUL: DAI.bsc: BTC.bsc: ETH.bsc: CAKE.bsc: — Partnership Brings Bridges to Olympus - Our partnership with had a huge impact on our further development on our ecosystem. We are proud to we got such a reliable partner for our bridges. We’ve written another article about that partnership earlier this week. This article explains everything in detail and provides a tutorial if you want to make use of the bridges. Read more about it here: — Top Gainers Ranking on Binance Smart Chain - You may have noticed or caught it on Twitter, we are actually in the top10 fastest growing projects in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. This is huge because we can’t cheaper marketing like this. Please like and share these tweets and show s...

Polis & — Unlocking DeFi Potential on Polis Chain

Polis & — Unlocking DeFi Potential on Polis Chain - We’re happy to announce the addition of Polis to! Meter’s passport bridge connects Polis Chain to Binance Smart Chain and enables DAI Stablecoin assets transfer between these two chains. This is a huge step for our Community and it will play a key role to enhance liquidity on Polis Chain for its upcoming DEX Hades Swap. Meter Passport enables free movement of assets across the heterogeneous networks. Meter Passport addresses the key aspects of bridge transfer between Polis Chain and Binance Smart Chain; Architecture: One of Meter’s goals is maximizing interoperability with other public blockchains. Meter Passport is a N-way multi-chain router that enables smart contracts to both transfer assets and communicate across blockchains., Assets: Meter Passport will support seamless transfer of DAI between Polis Chain and Binance Smart Chain at launch, Security: Meter Passports multi chain router multi-sig contract is secured by five relayers including Protofire, Harshquark, Wetez, InfinityStones, and Meter team. Meter Passport works with a 3/5 threshold. 3 out of 5 the relayers group secured the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge with more than $300M value locked on the bridge and the other relayers are highly reputable staking service providers validating on Polkadot, BSC, Cosmos, and many other PoS networks., Bridge cost: The bridge cost includ...


Americans Have Their Say in Constitution for AI

    Anthropic has acquired the views of a group of American citizens on the fundamental principles that should govern artificial intelligence (AI). The gathered opinions have formed the basis of a “constitution for AI” as part of an attempt to explore how democratic processes can influence the technology’s development.Anthropic Prepares Constitution for AI Using Public Input AI startup Anthropic, the creator of the Claude chatbot, has secured the help of around 1,000 Americans to draft a constitution for an AI system. The initiative is a joint effort with the Collective Intelligence Project (CIP), a non-profit organization that seeks to “direct technological development towards the collective good.” Claude currently relies on a constitution curated by Anthropic employees using Constitutional AI (CAI), a method developed by the company to make general-purpose large language models (LLMs) abide by high-level normative principles. Anthropic’s constitution has been inspired by documents such as the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In a blog post published this week, Anthropic shared details about the publicly sourced constitution resulting from the consultation as well as the outcome of the training of a new AI system against it, using the CAI method. The Amazon-backed startup explained: We did this to explore how democratic processes can influence AI development. In our experiment, we discovered areas where people both agreed wi... read More

Colorado DMV Accepts Crypto Payments Through Paypal

    The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has announced it accepts cryptocurrency for its online services via the payment processor Paypal. Besides paying local taxes with coins, residents of the crypto-friendly state will be able to use their digital cash to renew driver's licenses and plates.Colorado Introduces Online Payments With Crypto at the DMV People in Colorado who use the online services of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, like renewing a driver's license or vehicle registration, can now pay with cryptocurrency through the popular payment platform Paypal, the Denver 7 TV channel reported. Those who chose to pay with crypto will be directed to Paypal, where they can select the digital currency they want to use which will then be converted to U.S. dollars and eventually transferred to the department, DMV officials explained. “At the DMV, we’re always looking for ways to better serve Coloradans and leverage technology to offer our services,” Senior Director Electra Bustle emphasized in a statement quoted on Thursday. The executive further elaborated: This new online cryptocurrency payment option is yet another way the DMV is providing innovative and convenient service delivery to our customers. A service fee of $1 plus 1.83% of the DMV total will be applicable to payments made with cryptocurrencies, the department noted. The DMV is currently accepting crypto transactions only through Paypal which can apply its own fees. Colorado ... read More

Slovenia Ranks as the World's Most Crypto-Friendly Nation (Study)

    A research conducted by the aviation company Fast Private Jet estimated that the central European country – Slovenia – is the world's most crypto-friendly state. Moreover, its capital – Ljubljana – is the most welcoming destination in Europe for digital asset businesses. Central Europe Leads the Way The Italy-based aviation firm – Fast Private Jet – performed a global study to determine which countries have the most venues where cryptocurrencies are accepted as a payment method. Slovenia ranked first, while another Central European nation – the Czech Republic – held the second position. Argentina, Japan, Spain, and Colombia rounded up the top 6. Slovenia has 72 shops and 33 sports venues that accept bitcoin or altcoins as a means of payment. Its capital city – Ljubljana – is also the most crypto-friendly destination in Europe. Currently, it has over 137 businesses and 584 different locations that allow digital asset payments, while its largest shopping center is named 'BTC City.' Prague – The Czech Republic's capital – is the second most crypto-friendly European destination. Among its crypto attractions is the coffee-house Paralelni Polis, where customers can pay only in bitcoin. The third most crypto-welcoming city in Europe is Spain's Madrid, while Malta ranked at the bottom of that statistics. Fast Private Jet's study touched upon the USA, too. It revealed that New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco ... read More

The First US State to Adopt Bitcoin Will Make Huge Gains (Op-Ed)

    The United States could lose its preeminent financial and political influence in the world as other sovereign powers make haste to legalize and adopt Bitcoin as their reserve currency. The threat to America is not merely a matter of leaving an (increasingly plausibly) enormous amount of money on the table. Bitcoin is the largest ever deployment of strong public-key cryptography in history to secure a financial system that is growing parabolically. The cryptocurrency has innumerable use cases for fundamentally reordering and securing the world's energy infrastructure. Joining the Bitcoin hashpower and accumulation race is a matter of modern cyber warcraft. Strong cryptography has always in practice been a weapon of warfare and is legally regarded by governments as armament. Cryptocurrency is an Arms Race to Secure Peace This is an arms race, but one that has the potential to function as a pipeline for the 'animal spirits' of war from conventional kinetic warfare that ends human lives to cyber warfare conducted on the digital layer of our global society, with real and substantial means of cold deterrence as a hoped-for effect in international affairs. Indeed, those who understand it have good reasons to believe Bitcoin is the best deterrent to a shooting war— which has historically been part and parcel of global financial competition and inextricably intertwined with the politics of the US petrol dollar— since the atomic bomb. In fact, while holders of bitcoin can d... read More

A DAO Is Attempting to Raise $4 Billion to Purchase the Denver Broncos

    A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) wants to purchase the National Football League (NFL) team the Denver Broncos. The DAO called 'Buy the Broncos DAO' (BBD) wants to obtain the NFL team as a community and 'put ownership in the hands of the fans.'A Newly Formed DAO Wants to Buy the Denver Broncos Franchise A newly formed DAO called 'Buy the Broncos DAO' (BBD) is following in the footsteps of various DAOs created in the past year. Last year, there was one DAO that tried to purchase a rare copy of the U.S. constitution, but the Constitutiondao didn't win the auction. In October, an NFT art collective DAO acquired Wu-Tang Clan's mysterious unreleased album, and another DAO revealed this year the attempt to purchase the infamous One Bel Air 105,000-square-foot megamansion. On Saturday, the BBD project explained to CNBC reporter MacKenzie Sigalos that the DAO hopes to acquire the Denver Broncos football franchise. CNBC's Sigalos spoke with Sean O'Brien, who is one of the organizers behind the BBD effort. 'We know it sounds a bit crazy, but it's also a bit badass,' O'Brien remarked to the reporter. 'The purpose essentially is to establish an infrastructure so that fans from all walks of life can be owners of the Denver Broncos.' BBD is attempting to raise $4 billion in order to accomplish the mission of purchasing the NFL team. The group has a Twitter account dubbed @buythebroncos and at the time of writing, the social media account has a touch over 800 followers. BBD als... read More

US State Wants to Lead in Crypto Acceptance — Colorado to Accept C...

    The U.S. state of Colorado is preparing to accept cryptocurrency for tax payments, said Governor Jared Polis. 'We expect to accept crypto by this summer,' he said, adding that after tax payments, crypto will be accepted for other things like driver's licenses or hunting licenses.Colorado to Accept Crypto for Tax Payments The governor of the U.S. state of Colorado, Jared Polis, talked about his state's efforts to become the leader in cryptocurrency acceptance in an interview with CNBC Tuesday. Regarding his state accepting cryptocurrency for tax payments, he said: 'We expect by this summer - pretty soon - to accept crypto for all of our state tax-related purposes, and then we plan to roll that out across all of state governments for things like … driver's license or hunting license, within a few months after that.' He reiterated: The biggest set of transactions are the taxes that people pay. We expect to accept crypto by this summer. However, the governor clarified: 'It's important that people know from the state perspective that we cannot be in the business of having exposure to a market where securities, including cryptocurrencies, fluctuate. Our expenses are in dollars … All of our expenses are in dollars. Our budgets are approved by legislators in dollars.' He emphasized: 'When we talked about accepting crypto for payments, they will be converted back into dollars for our purpose, so there will be an intermediary there that would convert them for our purposes... read More

State of Colorado To Accept Crypto For Tax Payments By Summer 2022

    Jared Polis – Governor of Colorado – recently announced plans to accept cryptocurrency for tax payments in his state. Taking a similar approach to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Colorado may even launch their own dedicated crypto token. Crypto Taxes In Colorado The governor revealed some of his crypto-adoption plans in an interview with CNBC on Tuesday. With a new piece of legislation called the Digital Token Act, his state will exempt crypto transactions from state securities laws. That said, Federal securities laws will still apply, meaning Colorado is still under watch from an increasingly crypto-hawkish SEC. Regarding taxes, the governor clarified that his state cannot be directly exposed to the highly volatile crypto market. “Our expenses are in dollars – ‘still’, I would add,” he said. “You never know what the future brings.” Therefore, as part of a crypto-tax payment system, cryptocurrencies would be converted back into dollars by an intermediary when received by the state. That said, from an “outwardly facing portal,” he plans to accept crypto for “all state tax-related purposes.” Back in 2019, the Canadian city of Innisfil entered a one-year pilot program with Coinberry exchange to provide a similar service. While Bitcoin could be used for taxes on the payer’s end, they’d be converted and stored in dollars by the municipality. It’s unclear which cryptocurrencies Colorado will... read More

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