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Polka City  


POLC Price:
$281.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #POLC today is $0.033 USD.

The lowest POLC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.033, and the exact current price of one POLC crypto coin is $0.03273.

The all-time high POLC coin price was $2.57.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of POLC with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Polka City crypto currency is #POLC.

Polka City is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polka City is $5,505,210.

Polka City is ranked #625 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #POLC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polka City is $281,410.


The circulating supply of POLC is 168,201,295 coins, which is 67% of the total coin supply.


POLC is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Metaverse Party with Kucoin&Huobi, Win $POLC and Car NFTS

Kucoin&Polkacity Metaverse Launch Party was broadcasted on Twitch, and you can see that everyone was having a blast! If you are new to Metaverse, here is a tutorial showing you how to join the party starting with the basics, metamask, and everything else: If you have not yet created an account and downloaded the game, do it now, create a PolkaCity account: Download Mac game: Download Windows game: We featured 50 KuCoin Bugatti NFTs and 50,000 $POLC for this metaverse party. The metaverse party was great, check it out at We have another one coming up in partnership with Huobi. Huobi Metaverse Party in PolkaCity: 27 July 2022, 13:00 UTC Be sure to join that party and stand to win one of the 50 Limited Huobi NFT cars & 250,000 $POLC that will be given away, they are all ready and up for grabs! 250,000 $POLC & 50,000 Party Tickets Giveaway! 🏎️Chance to win one of the 50 Huobi Limited Edition F1 Racecars NFTs! ⬇️Complete the Gleam task below: Early Bird Pool: The first 500 users who finish the Gleam tasks and have a trading amount (buy and sell) of 1,0...

Cosmetic Shop and Fishing Shop

Cosmetic Shop The Cosmetic Shop NFT will be available to the Polka City citizens for 75,000 POLC at 150% APY. The return each year on that APY is 112,500 POLC until the Polka City treasury is depleted. Each NFT sale adds to the treasury, lengthening the amount of time your NFT will provide passive income. Exciting additional features of this NFT, once the game is fully released, will include partnerships with “real-life” cosmetic companies with the availability to include their products in your inventory and a 20% commission to the Cosmetic Shop NFT owners on cosmetics sales. Due to the low fees and smoother claims, there will be more Cosmetic Shop NFTs on BSC. 50 Cosmetic Shop NFTs will be available on the ETH chain, potentially making them more valuable in the secondary markets. Fishing ShopPhoto by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash The Fishing Shop NFT will be available to Polka City citizens for 60,000 POLC at 140% APY. Fishing Shop NFT owners will receive a 20% commission from boat equipment upgrades, fishing poles, and tackle sales. Perks of owning this NFT include free boat upgrades and customization, free tackle and equipment, and the ability to host fishing competitions. Your Fishing Shop NFT will be located on the waterside of the island and will come with a dock. There will be 200 units minted on BSC and 50 on ETH. Polkacity Links Website: Twitter: Telegram: https://...

Vote in the Metaverse, Join Democracy with Polkacity Governance NFT

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) have been gaining traction as it gives the token/NFT holders a good chance to affect the decisions that change the value of their investment and the platform. It is a democratic process and helps participants have a say in what goes on in the platform, in this case, our city in the metaverse. Governance decisions will appear on the Polkacity web page as they come and the governance holders will be able to vote on these matters, affecting the outcome based on their voting power. Governance NFT owners will be able to submit their proposals for consideration as well, just like in a normal city hall. Governance NFT Price 1000 POLC Valid for 1 Vote Be part of the decisions made for Polka City Buy the governance NFT to join the metaverse democratic process and be involved! Polkacity Links Website: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: Reddit: Youtube: Huobi: Bitfinex: Kucoin: Digifinex: Hotbit: Bittrex:

Play Paintball in Metaverse & Earn

We have a new NFT with huge APY and you will be able to live and play in the Polkacity metaverse while benefiting from the passive income.Original Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash PRICE: 30000 POLC Wearable paintball NFT MASK Arena owners earn 150% APY Earn 25% from Paintball weapon and ammunition sales. We will soon release the official game that is ready to play, and you will be able to play and work in Polkacity metaverse. The paintball arena is another business and it is something you and your friends can play while making money as the owner. Polkacity is here to stay, and we are working behind the scenes, improving and polishing the game. We hired more people to work on our metaverse, and have been coming up with new factors that make the metaverse economy more complex, bringing the whole Polkacity world close to the real-world economy. We have been analyzing our economy professionally and we are in the process of partnering with another gaming P2E company that will pay users for playing in Polka City. Polkacity simply means multiple streams of passive and active income all the while having fun playing games! Polkacity Links Website: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: Reddit: Youtube: Huobi: Bit...

Use Polkacity Avatars Across Metaverses

Polkacity has partnered with to integrate Multi-Metaverse Avatar into Polka City. We will integrate with their website, game, and app. This will allow Polkacity avatars to be used in other metaverses and other readyplayer ecosystem avatars to be used in our metaverse. ReadyPlayer is a public company and they own Wolf3D. Their ecosystem is used by over 2250 developers which means that Polkacity avatars can be used in a huge ecosystem and our users can hop between platforms seamlessly using the same avatar. For example, VRChat is one of the metaverse platforms Polkacity avatars will be used. Start creating your avatar at Here is what Polkacity CEO Carmelo said about the partnership: “We are very excited about this partnership, Polka City and have similar objectives for the metaverse. We are working towards the unification of all metaverses. where you can experience all of them seamlessly”Carmelo’s Avatar In the near future, you will be able to use these custom avatars in Polka City and in our upcoming mobile identity management app. We will be able to mint NFTs for other metaverses Avatars soon which will contribute to the Polkacity treasure. Avatars created at will be in our game as soon as we integrate them. Our avatars will state that the avatar is a Multi-Metaverse Avatar courtesy of and this avatar will be va...

Mine $POLC supported by Bitcoin in the Polkacity Metaverse!

Now you can mine $POLC in the Polkacity Metaverse using the new miner NFT. Polkacity has partnered with River Financials to purchase Bitcoin miners in their Texas mining farm and you can now buy the NFT to earn a percentage based on the purchase price of the NFT. 100% of proceeds from the mining will be used to purchase the POLC tokens that will be distributed to all the POLC mining NFT holders.Original Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash POLC MINING SALE Date: 05/14/2022 Price: $100 USDT PER TH/s We will have a live stream on 5/11/2022 | 12 PM PST with a sneak peek of the mining rigs in PolkaCity followed by our amazing monthly raffle at Polkacity will use the mined BTC to purchase POLC tokens and distribute them. The team is purchasing the mining rigs, and the mining NFT holders will own a share of the real BTC mining farm. The profits depend on the Bitcoin price, difficulty, and other mining profitability factors. However, Polka City has negotiated a fixed fee for hosting that will cover all of the hosting costs making it all potentially more profitable. Currently, we are estimating from 50 to 60 percent return per year. When the POLC price is low, you will be earning much more POLC as it is based on bitcoin mining earnings and USD value. The NFT will be purchased with USDT as it will be easier to measure the return and the team will not have to sell POLC to purchase the miners. Check out this page on our web...

Housing in Polkacity Metaverse

Good news to Polkacity users, we are launching the house sale! The NFT houses will have their own APYs and will be built in Polkacity for you to spend time and enjoy various activities. Larger houses will have various perks such as landscaped yard, streamable TV, arcade game room, and much more. As we have stated in this article, the metaverse has none of the real-life problems; no chasing unpaid rent, no insurance problems because your house is flooded, and no real-life elements damaging your property. Just enjoy the APY and in-game perks. The two largest homes include Oceanfront Meta plots. We have five types of houses for you to choose from: 1. PolkaCity Tiny Home Price: 10,000 POLC, 100 Tiny home NFTs on each chain APY: 50% 1 garage with access to spawning 1 owned NFT vehicle The tiny house is the most affordable one, it has its own garage for one vehicle. You can spawn your NFT car in your house’s garage and have a joyride. 2. Polkacity Bachelor Pad Price: 15,000 POLC, 75 Bachelor Pad NFTs on each chain APY: 50% 1 bedroom 2 car garage with access to 2 owned NFT vehicles Allows up to 12 people in the house. This second, and larger house allows two vehicles to be spawned and you can have up to 12 guests in your house for a meeting/party in the metaverse! 3. Polkacity SMALL Family Home Price: 30,000 POLC, 50 small family home NFTs on each chain APY: 50% ...

Polkacity at Crypto World Conference in Miami

These crypto conferences are great events to reach out to new users to introduce the Polkacity Metaverse, and meet our current users to interact, show the game, and distribute rewards. Here is the Triumph Motorcycle we gave away during the conference: Here are some images from the event:Triumph physical motorcycleUsers watching Polkacity game play Live Polkacity gameplay at the CryptoWorld Conference:Many players joining us for the game during the conference The team had a lot of fun during the event and used the Conference to introduce Polkacity to more users. Many visitors had a chance to visit Polkacity in Metaverse using the PC set up in our booth and one of our NFT owners won the physical motorcycle.  — @PolkaCity Here are some more photos from the event: Polkacity Links Website: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: Reddit: Youtube: Huobi: Bitfinex: Kucoin: Digifinex: Hotbit: Bittrex: BitMart: Github: Coingecko: NFT sales: Opensea NFT trading: Opensea 3D assets: MXC: Coinbase Charts: DEXTOOLS UNISWAP PANCAKE

Kucoin 5X Cross and 10X Isolated Margin Open for POLC

The Polkacity token POLC’s performance has been excellent with the Kucoin 3X isolated margin, creating a large volume. As a result, Kucoin opened POLC to be traded in the market for up to 10X. You can now use 5X cross margin and 10X isolated margin. As you can see in the above image, simply go to and select up to 10X margin. This level was decided by the Kucoin exchange after the POLC token was very successful in creating a large volume in 3X margin trading. As we outlined previously in this article, margin trading carries risks; cross margin and isolated margin carry different risks and rewards. Cross margin requires a bit more finesse as it is shared among all your positions. It prevents quick liquidation as you will have more funds to use in your arsenal. Isolated margin is a bit safer, that’s why it was provided with 10X borrowing. The process involves the transfer, then you borrow the money, trade, and then repay. Here is a kucoin video on margin trading for beginners: Margin trading, as outlined by Kucoin is carried out in four steps: 1. Transfer principal to your margin account 2. Borrow funds from the Funding Market 3. Margin trade (Buy long/Sell short) 4. Repay loans Polkacity Links Website: Twitter: Telegram: Medium: https://polkacity....

Win a Physical Motorcycle & Polkacity at the Crypto World Conference

Polkacity has been active in offline events and regular online activities. In addition to our NFT giveaways and sales, we are now giving away a real-life Triumph motorcycle to one of our users who purchase the Triumph Motorcycle NFT. This is similar to our NFT raffle that we are organizing every month, but in this case, you join to have a chance at winning a physical motorcycle during the Conference in Miami. The motorcycle NFT can be used in the Polkacity game and you keep gaining with the APY. The event is on April 1st and 2nd 2022 in Miami Florida. This is a big event, and the Ambassador of the Galapagos and Ecuador will be present at CryptoWorldCon Miami. Our tweet on the motorcycle giveaway was retweeted by the Crypto World Conference Twitter account.  — @PolkaCity Click here to register for the event. Polkacity CEO Carmelo will be one of the VIP speakers at the event. Be sure to join and listen, and actively participate. The organizer is the moonwalker company and according to their website, Moonwalker USA was founded in 2012 in Miami, Florida, with over ten years of experience analyzing the needs of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. They are a member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) which promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect. For further information on the Conference, event, speakers, or accommodations, please visit cryp...

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