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PLU Price:
$836.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$27.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PLU today is $5.27 USD.

The lowest PLU price for this period was $0, the highest was $5.27, and the exact current price of one PLU crypto coin is $5.26787.

The all-time high PLU coin price was $33.49.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PLU with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Pluton crypto currency is #PLU.

Pluton is 7.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Pluton is $27,411,231.

Pluton is ranking downwards to #519 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #PLU.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Pluton is $836,826.


The circulating supply of PLU is 5,203,477 coins, which is 26% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Pluton is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


PLU is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PLU is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PLU, and you can view them on our PLU disambiguation page.



Pluton Rewards Scaling Strategy: Difficulty Adjustment

In June, our customers stacked an additional 191,716 PLU (57.8% on-chain), showing a noticeable steepening of the curve from February to the first Difficulty Adjustment on July 1st, 2023. We have experienced a significant upward trend starting from February leading up to the first Difficulty Adjustment. This highlights the growing interest from our customers in PLU on a monthly basis. Consistency is key! 3,089,154 is stacked in total: 2,154,887 out of 3,089,154 stacked on-chain., 934,267 out of the 3,089,154 stacked internally, 67.6% (2,085,178) of the total amount (3.08m) is by customers who are grandfathered in to earn higher rewards. Currently, 3,154,285 tokens are in circulation. Of this, 2,154,887 is stacked on-chain, while 999,398 remains non-stacked (personal/exchange wallets, liquidity providers, etc.). Additionally, 934,267 is stacked off-chain by Plutus customers in internal balances within the app, which will enter into circulation (from Rewards Pool to Pluton Rewards Payout Vault) during the next reconciliation. Note: The off-chain stacking represents rewards earned by customers both before and after the last reconciliation, which occurred 5 months ago. As a result, the amount coming into circulation in the next reconciliation may vary. Background context can be found here > Some more key metrics: 4.9% of our customers stack 3,089,154, 162k PLU is awarded on average per month, 199k PLU is stacked on ave...

Perks | 20 New Perks!

Plutus cardholders can now enjoy 20 incredible new Perks! — New Perks - Whether you’re an avid gamer, supermarket shopper, or tech connoisseur, you are sure to find a perk that suits your needs. Enjoy up to £/€10 back in PLU rewards each month at the following brands! Albert Heijn, Amazon, Asda, Burger King, Carrefour, ChatGPT, Edeka, Ikea, KFC, McDonald’s, Mercadona, OnlyFans, Pingo Doce, PlayStation, Rewe, Steam, TFL, Twitter Blue, Xbox, YouTube, For our complete list of perks (35+), click here >Note: Previously, rewards varied for each perk. Now, all Perks will reward up to £/€10 back in PLU. This simplifies the perks programme so that it is easier to understand. — New Perks Design - The app has also undergone some design improvements! — 1) User Friendly. — The user journey now has more guidance making it easier for newcomers to select and update their Perks. — 2) Categorised. — The carousel has been replaced with categories that make it quicker to locate and select Perks. — 3) Perks Usage Indicator. — You can now view how much of each Perk you have used up! This ensures you get the most out of your spending! — FAQ - — How many Perks do I get?. — The number of Perks you can select depends on your subscription plan and/or reward level. Learn more > — The Perks usage bar is not visible on the Plutus app?. — This feature is...

Plutus Ambassadors | The New Look

Introducing…. our new and improved community initiative, Plutus Ambassadors. We are launching the new programme to be more engaging and, more importantly, more rewarding! If you are passionate about all things Plutus (which we believe you are), then we want you to join! — What is an Ambassador? - Ambassadors are upstanding members of the Plutus community who have been chosen to represent Plutus and uphold brand values by engaging in activities such as: Helping onboard new users by answering questions, Staying up to date with information about Plutus, Keeping others informed and correcting misinformation, Assisting the team by sharing valuable feedback on Plutus, Creating content such as blogs, memes, infographics, and more!, Contributing to the growth of the community across social media, Advocating Plutus’ vision of being the most rewarding crypto card, — How Do I Benefit? - — Benefits. — Access to exclusive Ambassador merchandise, Early access to announcements and new features, Having a more direct line to the Plutus team, Share your feedback on how to improve Plutus, Earn PLU Rewards for your activity as an Ambassador, Become part of an exclusive team contributing to Plutus’ vision, — Earning PLU Rewards as an Ambassador. — Plutus Ambassadors earn thousands in rewards monthly. Over $20k worth of PLU Rewards was paid out to active Ambassadors in 2022. We expect this fi...

Sustainability of PLU Rewards

Plutus customers have spent $300m in value with their Plutus Cards in the last 6 months, resulting to ~$7.5m worth in PLU Rewards, all whilst stacking more than 2.4m PLU to reach one of the higher reward levels. — Where Do PLU Rewards Come From? - Plutus created 20m PLU in 2016 to disrupt the traditional reward systems such as in-store reward cards by major retail brands or Avios Air Miles where your rewards are stuck within a single universe. The goal was to empower people by providing self-custodial rewards and give our customers the freedom to use them as they please. We achieved this! PLU enters into circulation from the Pluton Reward Pool which currently holds the remaining 16.8m PLU (84%) out of the 20m total supply. — How Are PLU Rewards Sustainable? - Over the last year, Plutus’ user base has grown exponentially due to increasing demand for higher reward rates. As a result, our customers are now stacking over 77% (2.4m/3.1m PLU) of the circulating supply to access additional Plutus Card benefits. This marks a significant increase from the previous year, where the figure was around 25%. The rate of users stacking PLU (i.e. demand) has outpaced the rate of new PLU entering circulation (i.e. circulating supply) in the past 12 months. This is a crucial metric that we monitor. As a result, we have continued to see stable and sustained growth of PLU Rewards over the last 3 years since Rewards 2.0 (Novemb...

Important Update | PlutusDEX Paused (EEA)

Over the last three years, research has shown that Pluton Rewards are the most demanded feature out of Plutus’ product family. As a result, we have prioritised delivering one of the most rewarding debit cards on the market, offering up to 8% in crypto rewards and access to 20+ in-demand Perks (household brands). Plutus is now expanding and strengthening the robustness of its bank-like features, including a new partnership with the highly reputable and UK-regulated Payments-as-a-Service provider, Modulr — the details of which can be found here. New Banking Partner | Modulr Part of this system enhancement also includes redefining our DEX base layer and upgrading our tech stack so that you can enjoy fault-tolerant crypto-to-fiat swaps with higher swap limits and efficient order matching. Between 1 March 2023 and 30th June 2023, the PlutusDEX will be paused and the following two features will become unavailable: DEX Swaps between crypto/fiat, Card top-ups with crypto, — What improvements will I see? - During the aforementioned dates, Plutus will enhance much of the PlutusDEX so that you can experience a faster, more intuitive, flexible, and robust service. This is a necessary step towards our goal of delivering the best-in-class Crypto-Fiat DEX on the market. We’re also aware that there are steps we can take to educate mainstream users on self-custody wallets and we aim to do exactly that by adding in-app guid...

New Banking Partner | Modulr

To provide the complete set of features that many of our customers know and love, Plutus works with various third parties including a banking partner. Our banking partner provides and manages your Plutus current account. Plutus is moving from one of its current banking partners, Clear Junction, to a new and improved banking partner, Modulr. Plutus is making this change so that customers can enjoy a more reliable and abundant range of bank-like features. This means providing all existing customers with new current account details (i.e. a new UK Sort Code & Account Number or European IBAN). New accounts will be rolled out to users in batches to ensure a smooth transition. Customers will be notified individually via email, push notifications, and in-app messages regarding their new account details over the coming weeks. — What do I need to do? - You do not need to do anything! Plutus will do everything for you behind the scenes. Your existing account details will become void upon receiving your new account details. This means any future deposits to your previous current account will bounce and the funds will be kicked back to your originating bank account. If your previous Plutus account details are saved in another banking app (e.g., for depositing money to Plutus), remember to replace these with your new account details upon receiving them. — How does this benefit me? - Customers will receive access to th...

Rewards Pool | Balance Reconciliation (#3)

In the last ~5 months, Plutus has awarded $6.3m worth of rewards to Plutus Cardholders. On 6th February 2023, Plutus will transfer just over 590k PLU from the Pluton Rewards Pool to account for rewards awarded to customers. To help you understand the breakdown of transfers, here is an update on the new payout structure moving forward. — New Payout Structure - To further strengthen the integrity of Pluton Rewards, Plutus has integrated Fireblocks, a self-custody and settlement platform. This is the first step towards our 2023 mission to automate the verification and withdrawal processes of PLU Rewards. Fireblocks will contain a new ‘Pluton Rewards (Payout Vault)’. This will act as a more secure and efficient interim between the Pluton Rewards Pool (deep cold storage) and withdrawals to customers’ personal wallets. Transfers from both of these wallets will require multi-signature approval between the Plutus management and regulated third parties such as accountancy and law firms; as well as external verification of proprietary card transaction data. These measures are unprecedented in the space and are taken to reduce the risk of a single point of failure, improve security and accountability, and maximise transparency for customers. — The Reconciliation - Between 8th August 2022 and 20th January 2023, customers earned exactly 590,880.31 PLU for rewards and Perks. Plutus will now reconcile the balance and tra...

Pluton Rewards | Difficulty Adjustment

This year, Plutus exceeded all expectations. Whilst the rest of the market suffered one of the harshest bear markets to date, Plutus tripled its user base and PLU grew +80% in comparison to mega-cap tokens due to its utility. The tokenomics have performed well over the last 12 months and the following update will enhance this further, ensuring the long-term sustainability of PLU Rewards. More details on the current tokenomics > — The Goal - To further increase the longevity of the Pluton Rewards Pool, To add value to early adopters of the Plutus Card, — The Update - Adjust the difficulty of Plutus’ Reward Levels over time. The PLU requirements for each Reward Level will increase incrementally. This is similar to how the Bitcoin Halving is used to manage supply and demand. Once you have unlocked a Reward Level, it is grandfathered in and will no longer be subjected to future difficulty adjustments. Important Note: Your PLU balance must still remain above the grandfathered requirements to keep that Reward Level. See FAQ at the end for more details. — The Rationale - Reward Levels become more challenging to attain over time — fewer users reaching higher Reward Levels will decrease the rate at which PLU is emitted over time., Demand for PLU rises as Plutus’ user base grows and additional utility is added. This results in more users trying to reach higher reward levels — any positive ...

Pluton | Tokenomics Explained

What is Pluton (PLU)? - Pluton is the world’s first crypto rewards token. The white paper was released soon after the Ethereum blockchain launched in 2015. Every time you shop with a Plutus Visa Debit Card, you earn Pluton (PLU). Think of it as similar to earning in-store reward points or Avios Airmiles with an AMEX, except it’s crypto tokens that have more versatile use cases. A detailed yellow paper on tokenomics was also released in 2017. The rewards model was later improved with the launch of Rewards 2.0 in 2020. — What Can You Do With PLU? - — 1) Unlock More Perks. — Hold PLU in your own wallet and enjoy up to 8 Perks of your choice. — 2) Unlock Higher Rewards Rates. — Hold PLU in your own wallet and increase your Crypto Reward rate to 8%. — 3) Convert it into Fiat. — Unlike traditional loyalty programmes, PLU has a fiat value determined by other Plutus customers and can be swapped for GBP/EUR. — How Much PLU Can I Earn? - The more PLU you own, the more benefits you unlock. This is broken down into four distinct Reward Levels, with each requiring users to own a certain amount of PLU. — Minimum Rewards (0 PLU Required). — 3% PLU Rewards, 1 Perk, — Maximum Rewards (2,000 PLU Required) — GOAT. — 8% PLU Rewards, 8 Perks, — How Do Customers Acquire PLU for Higher Reward Levels? - There are two main ways that customers ac...

Update | PlutusDEX on Mobile

A new and improved version of the PlutusDEX has been released on mobile for EEA-region customers! So, what new features can you enjoy? — What’s New? - — 1) User Interface. — EEA customers can now swap crypto (ETH, PLU) and fiat (EUR) on the move via any mobile device. All PlutusDEX screens have been revamped so that you can enjoy a slicker user experience. — 2) Non-Custodial. — Customers can connect their personal crypto wallet to the Plutus mobile app without revealing their seed phrase or private keys. This provides you with heightened security and further aligns Plutus with its non-custodial values. — 3) More Supported Wallets. — The mobile PlutusDEX will now support 170+ wallets including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, and other popular options! — Why is the PlutusDEX Unique? - There are three features to the PlutusDEX that make it one-of-a-kind. — 1) Crypto-Fiat Swaps. — The majority of DEXs offer only crypto-crypto pairings. Plutus is one of the only DEXs on the market that allows you to swap crypto-fiat — a very rare feature. — 2) Mobile Compatible. — Similarly, most DEXs are only available on desktops. A peer-to-peer exchange that allows you to swap crypto and fiat from any mobile device whilst retaining sole control over your private keys is highly uncommon. — 3) Card Top-Ups. — Not only does the PlutusDEX allow you...


Demand for Plutus Card's 8% Crypto Cashback Release Explodes After...

    If there is any way to bring in customers that is almost foolproof, it is through bonuses, rewards, and perks. Different industries have done this for years and now, it seems that Crypto is doing the same. As more people are enthusiastically embracing cryptocurrency, many more firms in the FinTech space are offering rewards, and experiencing positive consumer results. One of the latest examples of this is Plutus, a Crypto finance app that, on March 31, 2022, launched a new rewards programme that offers up to 8% cashback for shopping with a Visa Debit Card. Plutus on the Rise The recent update, which the company, termed Rewards and Accounts 2.0, includes the release of 3 new subscription plans and 4 new staking levels. These subscription plans and staking levels determine how much cashback you get (up to 8%), and also how many Perks you get. Alongside the 8% cashback, the company recently introduced their revamped Perks programme, offering around 20 Perks including up to 100% rebates on Netflix, Spotify, Prime, Apple One, Disney+, and so on. The timing of the announcement was also rather interesting as, which had a similar crypto card, announced the slashing of its rewards by about 70% shortly after on May 1, 2022. The response to this was’s native token, CRO, dipping by more than 30% within a week of the announcement. In fact, the company received so much criticism and backlash from its customers that it had to walk back on its decision, though the... read More

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