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PLAY Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$320.2 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PLAY today is $0.00127 USD.

The lowest PLAY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00127, and the current live price for one PLAY coin is $0.00126969.

The all-time high PLAY coin price was $0.08.

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The code for HEROcoin crypto currency is #PLAY.

HEROcoin is 6.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for HEROcoin is $320,170.

HEROcoin is ranking downwards to #1000, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak during the past 24 hours for #PLAY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for HEROcoin is $62.00.


The circulating supply of PLAY is 252,165,028 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


PLAY is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PLAY has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PLAY, and you can view them on our PLAY disambiguation page.



Fairspin Launches a Play to Earn and Hold to Earn program

    [PRESS RELEASE - Willemstad, Curacao, June 19th, 2024] The Fairspin iGaming platform offers the Play to Earn and Hold to Earn programs for extra crypto income. Crypto is no longer a buzzword. With advantages no traditional payment methods can match, digital currencies are permeating every leading industry. The integration of crypto has revolutionized the iGaming sphere and presented players with new ways to get rewarded. The leading Fairspin casino introduced two special programs centered around its native TFS Token. Now, users can earn TFS tokens from playing regardless of the gaming outcome. “Rewards in TFS await players at every corner! They receive rakeback for playing games and can multiply their tokens through staking”, says Fairspin’s Community Manager, Poly. The Play to Earn program guarantees rakeback for every bet in games. Whether winning or losing, players still earn a certain percentage of what they placed. The rakeback sum depends on the game type; for example, it is 0.2% for slots and 0.03% for instant win games. Moreover, the more rakeback players earn, the higher their level within Fairspin’s 10-level loyalty program. Each level brings more benefits, like increased cashback and staking limit coefficient. The ultimate “VIP Club Platinum Card” level offers 10% daily cashback with no wager, 5% weekly cashback with no wager, 50% weekly cashback with a 60x wager, and a staking limit equaling Play to Earn × 15,000. The Hold... read More

Move To Earn, Play To Earn, Now Learn To Earn – Is 99Bitcoins The ...

    Investors looking for the next big crypto trend are turning to a new learn-to-earn (L2E) token called 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC). It’s the native token of the well-known 99Bitcoins platform that teaches people about Bitcoin and other cryptos. The $99BTC presale has been a success, raising nearly $1 million in just a few weeks of launch. Early investors can buy $99BTC for just $0.00103 at press time. This price will increase in the next presale round, which starts in five days. Why Learn-to-Earn Could Be The Next Big Crypto Trend Learn-to-earn is a new trend that follows play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn (M2E) trends, rewarding users for learning new skills or knowledge. L2E shows strong growth potential, especially with many established platforms opting for this model to reward users for learning. 99Bitcoins is a popular platform that has been teaching people about Bitcoin and other cryptos for over a decade. It recently launched a new L2E model for users to learn and earn on their platform. Users who engage with the platform’s educational content can earn $99BTC. This new L2E model is explained in detail in the 99Bitcoins Token whitepaper. It focuses on active learning and earning via completing courses, taking quizzes, and participating in community activities. 99Bitcoins has a huge library of interactive courses that cover everything from the basics of crypto to more advanced topics. They're changing the way users interact with educational materials. It&rsqu... read More

Google Sues 2 Individuals for Alleged Crypto Investment Fraud Using its ...

    American tech giant Google recently filed a lawsuit against two developers for uploading almost 90 fraudulent crypto investment applications on its online store, Google Play, which they used to defraud unsuspecting victims. Despite the company's previous attempts to take down fraudulent apps from its Play Store, the alleged scammers found a way to upload more of such bogus apps, with Google stating that their fraud scheme affected around 100,000 users. Victims Promised ‘Illusory’ Gains From Crypto Investment Google, in its complaint filed in the Southern District of New York, claimed that Yunfeng Sun and Hongnam Cheung, both Chinese online app developers, employed three primary methods to deceive investors into downloading their fake apps from Google Play. The defendants reportedly used wrong number messages to initiate a conversation with the targeted victim, thereafter forming a friendly or romantic relationship and convincing the victim to download a fraudulent investment app on Google Play. One such app was a purported crypto exchange called TionRT, which was uploaded to Google Play in July 2022. Sun and Cheung, along with others involved in the fraud scheme, promoted the app as legitimate. However, victims were later aware of the fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange when they were unable to make more withdrawals. The platform eventually closed down, and investors did not get their money. The alleged scammers also used online videos and affiliate marketing progr... read More

Play to Earn Done Right – The Future of Crypto Gaming

    Since the dawn of the gaming era many gamers have dreamed of making money from their hobby and of course their passion for games. Although it's been possible for the lucky few, this has never been a possibility for the masses. A unique and innovative crypto gaming project called Neoxa makes this long craved dream a reality for gamers while also providing incentives for investors and miners alike. Join us while we take a dive to the depths of this project! ?- Let’s paint the current state of the gaming experience Jane is a talented and skilled gamer who spends countless hours on a daily basis honing her skills in a game that she really enjoys. Despite the fact that the gaming industry provides immense entertainment for her and many others, there is no avenue for her to monetize her gaming experience that does not require significant luck and personal sacrifices. Although the gaming industry as a whole provides some avenues for monetization of game time such as Esports, it is still out of reach for many gamers like her. To the ones with keen eyes, it's clear that there's a missing reward mechanism for players like Jane to derive tangible rewards for their expertise and dedication. The solution Neoxa is a crypto gaming project that provides a solution to this problem. Neoxa introduces a PlaytoEarn model that seamlessly integrates gaming with crypto. The Neoxa PlaytoEarn model enables gamers to earn coins while playing their favorite games without paying anything in advanc... read More

Is a Drop Toward $0.4 in Play as XRP Bears Take Control? (Ripple Price A...

    Ripple’s price has been consolidating against USDT chart while recently increasing against BTC. Therefore, things are looking interesting for XRP and are worth taking a more in-depth look at. Technical Analysis By TradingRage Ripple Price Analysis: The USDT Paired Chart Against USDT, XRP has been consolidating around the $0.6 price mark after failing to break above the large bullish flag pattern. The market has dropped below the $0.6 level and the 200-day moving average located nearby and, consequently, might be about to decline toward the lower boundary of the pattern and even the $0.4 support level. The Relative Strength Index is also showing values below 50%, pointing to the fact that momentum is in favor of the sellers. Source: TradingView The BTC Paired Chart Looking at the BTC pair, things are looking relatively better for XRP. The price has recently rebounded from the lower boundary of the large falling wedge and the 1300 SAT support level. In case the market breaks above the higher trendline of the pattern and the 200-day moving average located around the 1800 SAT mark, a rally toward the 2200 SAT level could be expected in the coming months. On the other hand, a breakdown of the 1300 SAT support zone would yield disastrous results for XRP as the price might plunge significantly. Source: TradingView The post Is a Drop Toward $0.4 in Play as XRP Bears Take Control? (Ripple Price Analysis) appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

Robert Kiyosaki Doubles Down on Biggest Crash Prediction — 'No Tim...

    Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has warned that the biggest crash in history may be starting. Emphasizing that the U.S. banking system is bankrupt, he warned that the S&P 500 will be next to collapse, which will 'toast millions' of U.S. retirement plans. There’s “no time to play Russian Roulette with your life,' he stressed.'No Time to Play Russian Roulette With Your Life' The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has doubled down on his greatest crash warning. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book co-authored by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for over six years. More than 32 million copies of the book have been sold in over 51 languages across more than 109 countries. He wrote on social media X Sunday that bank credit just sold off like in 2008. 'This may be the start of the biggest crash in history,” he warned, cautioning that there’s “no time to play Russian Roulette with your life.” In a follow–up post on X, Kiyosaki said he wants to thank people who laughed at him for recommending his followers to buy and save silver since 2010. 'It’s not easy being Paul Revere or Chicken Little warning people the U.S. government is stealing our wealth viz our money. Yet laugh all you want. It’s still not too late,' he wrote, adding: Our banking system is bankrupt. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin while you still can. The famous author predicted that once you buy gold, silver, an... read More

Stacks (STX) Rockets 26% Higher In A Single Week: The Factors At Play

    The price of Stacks (STX) experienced a sustained rebound, driven by a prevailing sentiment of positivity within the cryptocurrency sector. STX had a significant increase, reaching a peak of $0.680, which represents the highest value observed since July 14th. Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain solution aiming to enable smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Bitcoin network without altering its core features, like security and stability. It operates through the Stacks token (STX), which powers smart contract execution, transaction processing, and asset registration on the Stacks 2.0 blockchain. This enhances Bitcoin's capabilities without requiring a fork or changes to its original blockchain. Stacks (STX) Racks Up 26% Gain At the time of writing, STX was trading at $0.640, up 1.5% in the last 24 hours, and registering a solid 26% increase in the last seven days, data from crypto market tracker Coingecko shows. The surge in STX is attributed to the prevailing optimism among investors on the potential acceptance of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In a recent statement, Gary Gensler affirmed that the agency is currently engaged in an ongoing examination of the various proposals for exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It is widely anticipated by analysts that the commission is likely to provide approval to proposals put up by established ETF companies such as Blackrock, Invesco, Infidelity and Franklin Templeton. This expectation is infl... read More

Bitcoin In Spotlight: Robert Kiyosaki Questions BTC's Future Amid Citiba...

    The financial sector was abuzz recently, with Citibank announcing a platform backed by blockchain technology to transform institutional savings into tokens. This news drew interest from various quarters, including prominent financial educator and 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' author Robert Kiyosaki, who tied it to Bitcoin. Using the X (formerly known as Twitter) platform, Kiyosaki expressed curiosity about the potential ramifications this could have for Bitcoin and the US dollar, igniting a flurry of responses from the online community. Citibank's Dive Into Tokenization Citibank's recent dive into the realm of blockchain technology marks a significant shift for the institution. Their new offering, a tokenization service, specifically focuses on cash management within the finance sphere. This latest development is tailored to cater to institutional clients' unique needs, leveraging blockchain technology's features and smart contracts. The announcement by the bank provides a deeper insight into the vision behind this initiative. According to the update, Citibank intends these smart contracts to act as modern substitutes for long-standing banking instruments like bank guarantees and letters of credit. The decision symbolizes not just an adaptation to current technological trends but a response to the changing dynamics of the financial world. At its core, Citibank's strategy revolves around recognizing and meeting the growing demand for 'always-on,' flexible financial services. Th... read More

Breaking: Elon Musk's X To Launch Trading App, Dogecoin To Play A Part?

    According to a recent report by Semafor, the company formerly known as Twitter (X) is making waves yet again, as it seeks to transform itself into a financial data giant by building a trading hub within its app. Will Dogecoin take the center of the stage? Elon Musk's X Set To Disrupt Traditional Trading Platforms? In a request for plans viewed by Semafor and individuals familiar with the matter, the company outlined its vision for integrating financial content, real-time stock data, and other features into its platform.  The request emphasizes the power of real-time information in the world of investing and highlights the enormous user base of 'hundreds of millions of highly-qualified users' that the company can offer to potential partners. One striking aspect of the request is the absence of any mention of compensation. Instead, interested bidders are asked to state how much money they are willing to commit to the project themselves.  This unconventional approach reflects the company's determination to forge a new path and disrupt the industry without relying on traditional financial partnerships or revenue models. The comparison to WeChat in China, Gojek in Indonesia, Grab in Singapore, and Gozem in Africa further illustrates the company's ambition.  These “super-apps” have transformed the way people in their respective regions interact with technology, offering a wide range of services within a single platform. By positioning itself as the first... read More

Google to Allow NFTs in Apps and Games on Play Store

    Google will let developers expand offerings of blockchain-related content including through support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in apps on its store for Android devices. The change will allow users to earn and transact with digital collectibles, potentially reviving interest in the NFT market.Google Play Marketplace Announces NFT Integration Google unveiled that it’s updating its app store policy to “open new ways to transact blockchain-based digital content within apps and games.” The amendment means that developers will be able to offer users opportunities to earn and trade NFTs as part of loyalty and rewards programs, for example. “Google Play hosts a variety of blockchain related apps, and we know that our partners are excited to expand on these offerings to create more engaging and immersive digital experiences with tokenized digital assets such as NFTs,” the tech giant said in an announcement on Wednesday. Google added: We’re excited to see creative in-app experiences flourish and help developers expand their businesses. At the same time, the company emphasized it will require developers to provide safe experience with the tokenized digital assets. This includes informing players about the value of an NFT at the time of purchase and refraining from promoting potential earning from playing or trading activities. Google also promised to continue to engage with developers to support them in their efforts to build sustainable businesse... read More

WOW EARN Wallet Offers One-Stop-Shop Features, Now Available on iOS and ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - New York, United States, July 10th, 2023] WOW EARN, a new mining DeFi platform, has released a multi-chain crypto wallet on smartphones. Launched on May 29th, WOW EARN Wallet is now available for download on Google Play Store and App Store. The platform facilitates the purchase, exchange, and trading of cryptocurrencies. Since its release, the platform has been downloaded more than 300,000 times with a rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store. What is WOW EARN Wallet? Established in 2022, WOW EARN is focused on developing crypto wallets and crypto asset mining services that can provide users with a smooth Web3 transaction experience. The goal is to build a secure, diversified, and easy-to-use Web3 platform so that users can freely buy, trade, and exchange crypto assets without any limitations. One notable program currently offered is the WOW EARN Wallet, a crypto wallet that serves as a tool for users to manage funds and transactions within the WOW EARN ecosystem. This wallet has various features to manage crypto assets by prioritizing user protection. Users can easily store and manage their digital assests just by using the WOW EARN Wallet. “With its cutting-edge features and focus on user safety and security, the WOW EARN Wallet will redefine how crypto assets are managed. It will enable individuals to take complete control of their digital assets and herald a new era for crypto asset security,” according to Yara G, WOW EARN’s spokesperson. WOW ... read More

World of Dypians: A Virtual World That Allows Users To Play In and Build...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Singapore, June 27th Since the metaverse gained mainstream popularity in the Fall of 2021, the world has been captivated by its potential. With over 400 million monthly active users and a projected market value of $900 billion by 2030, the metaverse has become a significant focus for game developers and Web3 projects. World of Dypians, the largest metaverse gaming platform ever built, is set to capture a substantial share of this burgeoning market. With its stunning metropolis landscapes and thrilling gameplay, WoD offers a unique and immersive experience. One of the key aspects that set World of Dypians apart is its multiple blockchain support. Currently live on Ethereum and BNB Chain mainnets, the WoD metaverse has attracted thousands of users, including 2,800 beta testers actively enjoying the platform, and an additional 7,000 applicants eagerly awaiting access. World of Dypians has set a bold goal to introduce new users to the world of cryptocurrencies through engaging content, educational campaigns, and exciting gameplay. To achieve this vision, the platform has already secured partnerships with prominent players in the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem, including Chainlink, KuCoin, Coin98, Avalanche,, MEXC Global, and Easy2Stake. Mihai Busica, the CEO of Dypius, expressed his excitement about the future of World of Dypians, saying, 'Our incredible community of passionate players, combined with groundbreaking technologies and ... read More

WOW EARN Launches its Crypto Wallet on iOS and Google Play

    [PRESS RELEASE - New York, United States, June 7th, 2023] WOW EARN has announced a major upgrade to its crypto app and the release of a dedicated mobile wallet. The WOW EARN Wallet was launched on May 29 and is available for download on both the Google Play Store and App Store. The WOW EARN platform supports the buying, exchanging, and trading of cryptocurrency. With a strong commitment to security and a diverse range of offerings, WOW EARN provides a seamless and safe environment for crypto enthusiasts. Through an intuitive interface and comprehensive asset management tools, users can effortlessly trade digital assets. Driving this ecosystem are WOW tokens, acting as catalysts for the growth of WOW EARN's products and services while strengthening community governance. The new WOW EARN Wallet includes an airdrop facility. By simply using the wallet, users receive WOW coins as a reward, eliminating the need for additional equipment or extensive crypto knowledge. “We are extremely excited to announce the release of the WOW EARN Wallet,' said WOW EARN spokesperson Yara G. “With its cutting-edge features and focus on user safety and security, the WOW EARN Wallet will redefine the way crypto assets are managed. We believe it will enable individuals to take full control of their digital assets and herald a new era for crypto asset security.” WOW EARN has also introduced a sleek and user-friendly UI with the latest update to its platform. The redesigned interface e... read More

US Dollar Will Lose Dominant Status, China and India Could Play Key Role...

    Lord Jim O'Neill, the British economist credited with coining the acronym BRIC, has explained that the U.S. dollar will lose its dominant status. He expects the Chinese yuan and possibly the Indian rupee to become “much more important currencies for the world.”Lord Jim O'Neill on USD Losing Its Dominant Status British economist Lord Jim O'Neill discussed de-dollarization and the potential for a proposed common BRICS currency or the Chinese yuan to replace the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency in a couple of interviews this week. O'Neill, a former Goldman Sachs economist, coined the acronym BRIC over 20 years ago to describe the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. South Africa joined the group a few years later, and the acronym was changed to BRICS. O'Neill is now the chair of venture capital firm Northern Gritstone. He believes that the U.S. dollar will lose its world's reserve currency status at some point, stating in an interview with Going Underground on Wednesday: The idea that the dollar will remain king forever, I think, is probably unlikely … At some point the dollar will lose its dominant status. However, he does not expect the proposed common BRICS currency to replace the U.S. dollar as the world's dominant currency. In an interview with IC Intelligence chief economist Dr. Desné Masie, published Thursday, he described the idea of a single currency for the BRICS nations as 'ridiculous' and 'amusing.' He emphasize... read More

Elon Musk Discusses Creating AI Giant to Challenge Google, Microsoft &md...

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk says “there should be a significant third horse” in the artificial intelligence (AI) race besides Microsoft and Google. The billionaire suggested that his companies Tesla and Twitter could partner with an AI firm similar to how Microsoft collaborates with Openai.Elon Musk on AI: 'There Should Be a Significant Third Horse in the Race' Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed a wide range of topics during a virtual appearance at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit in London on Tuesday. Artificial intelligence (AI) was among the topics the billionaire discussed. He believes that there should be a major competitor to Microsoft and Google in the AI race. The Tesla boss, who recently established an AI company called X.AI, said: We've got Openai and Microsoft, Google Deepmind … I think there should be a significant third horse in the race. Musk noted that his social media platform Twitter and his electric car company Tesla could potentially collaborate with an AI company, drawing a parallel to the partnership between Microsoft and Openai. Musk himself previously contributed millions of dollars to Openai, the company behind the popular chatbot Chatgpt. “Openai has a relationship with Microsoft that seems to work fairly well ... So it’s possible that X.AI and Twitter, Tesla would have something similar,' the Tesla executive described. Musk, who recently appointed Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter, also revealed that the so... read More

Sure2Win Casino Launching a New Way to Play Casino Games with VPN and Cr...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] If you're looking for a new and exciting way to play casino games online, then look no further than Sure2Win Casino. This unique platform combines the benefits of a VPN-friendly casino and the anonymity of crypto to offer players a safe, secure, and private gaming experience. The Benefits of VPN and Crypto By leveraging VPN and crypto technologies, Sure2Win Casino offers players an array of unique benefits. For example, VPN technology enables players to access the platform from anywhere globally, irrespective of local laws or restrictions. With Sure2Win Casino, players can conveniently access their favorite games from the comfort of their homes without the fear of being blocked or restricted. Moreover, crypto technology introduces an extra layer of security and privacy. Players can make deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin without disclosing their personal or financial details. This streamlined approach enables faster and more anonymous transactions, setting Sure2Win Casino apart from traditional payment methods. Popular Games at Sure2Win Casino Sure2Win Casino is renowned for its wide selection of popular slot games. Some of the most sought-after games include Gate of Olympus, Book of Dead, Reactoonz, Sweet Bonanza, Fruit Party, Kraken, Starlight Princess, Gates of Valhalla, Big Bass, John Hunter, 5 Lions, and Winabeest. The platform caters to all types of casino games, including classic slots, table games, ... read More

Is $45,000 in Play For Bitcoin This Year? Decoding BTC Accumulation Beha...

    Bitcoin has rallied 80% this year. After starting this week on a promising note, the world's largest cryptocurrency regained its foothold at $30,000, but bears were quick to take intercept and pushed the price below it recently. While the rally may have stalled near this psychologically crucial threshold, its strong market performance so far is a stark contrast to 2022, essentially indicating a favorable regime shift is underway. More importantly, BTC whales continued to exhibit an aggressive accumulation trend. Accumulation Spree After a month-long dumping spree, whale addresses holding 100-1k BTC are back in the accumulation game. According to data from the crypto analytic firm Santiment, this cohort of investors has added more than 20,000 BTC in their bags in the past two days. In addition to whales raking in Bitcoins, Glassnode data suggests that another cohort of investors, known as 'Shrimp,' with less than 1 BTC, has also 'meaningfully' grown their on-chain balance. The analysis said that the shift in accumulation behavior was prominent after the catastrophic fall of Terra ecosystem tokens last year. Following this event, the retail participants accelerated their 'absorption' of BTC and managed to increase their relative share of the circulating supply by 1.78%. This accumulation trend will be crucial in helping Bitcoin sustain the rally longer. Sell in May and go away? So far, Bitcoin has outperformed traditional risk assets, such as the tech-heavy Nasdaq index, by a s... read More

Dollar to Play Lesser Role Due to Its Weaponization, Digital Currencies,...

    Within the next decade, the U.S. dollar will play a much less dominant role than it is today, according to Jeffrey Sachs. The renowned economist listed a few factors for the diminishing status of the greenback such as its use as a political weapon by Washington, the introduction of currencies like the digital yuan, and America’s shrinking share of the global economy. United States’ Smaller Share in World Economy to Affect the Dollar The role of the U.S. dollar will naturally decrease as the share of the United States in the planet’s economy becomes smaller and settlements in other currencies take hold, economics professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University Jeffrey Sachs predicted. Speaking at an online session of the latest Annual Columbia China Summit on Friday, Sachs noted that the international payment system is currently based on the dollar, with up to 60% of foreign trade settlements conducted or denominated in the U.S. fiat, and around half of currency reserves based on it. At the same time, the U.S. share of the global economy is around 15%, in purchasing terms. So the role of the dollar is far larger than the role of the U.S. economy, Sachs explained. He described the role of the greenback as “kind of historical” and reflecting the power of the United States in the 20th century. Quoted by the Chinese Xinhua news agency, Jeffrey Sachs also pointed out that with the U.S. turning its currency into ... read More

XRP Slumps Even Lower as $0.30 Seemingly in Play (Ripple Price Analysis)

    Ripple's price has been declining over the last few weeks, with two significant moving average lines broken to the downside. The price could drop deeper in the coming days, as things are not looking good from a technical analysis aspect. Technical Analysis By: Edris XRP/USDT Daily Chart Looking at the USDT chart, the price has been rejected from the significant $0.43 area and has broken both the 50-day and 200-day moving average lines to the downside, which are both located around the $0.4 level. Currently, the market is showing a high willingness to drop toward the key $0.3 level, where the current bear market's lowest low sits. Therefore, a breakdown of this area would be disastrous for buyers, as it would further elongate the bear market. The RSI indicator has also dropped below the 50% threshold, demonstrating the current bearish momentum and boosting the likelihood of a deeper decline in the short term. Source: TradingView XRP/BTC Daily Chart Against BTC, things are not looking overly optimistic either, as the market structure is clearly bearish on the daily timeframe. Despite this, the price is currently holding above the 0.000015 level, and the 50-day moving average located around the 0.000017 level could be tested in the next few days in case a rebound occurs. The bearish price action would still be expected to continue until the 0.000018 resistance level is intact. Moreover, the RSI indicator is on the rise after exiting the oversold zone and is approaching the 50% e... read More

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction: Downtrend Far From Over, $0.22 Still In ...

    Cardano’s price started a fresh decline after it failed to surpass $0.32. ADA remains at a risk of more losses below $0.25 and $0.245 in the near term. ADA price is gaining bearish momentum below the $0.280 support against the US dollar. The price is trading below $0.280 and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours). There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.2560 on the 4-hours chart of the ADA/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair could continue to move down below the $0.245 support zone. Cardano (ADA) Price Could Dive Further In the past few days, cardano’s price saw a steady decline from the $0.320 resistance zone. The bears were able to push the price below the $0.30 and $0.280 support levels. The decline gained pace below the $0.265 level and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours). ADA price even spiked below the $0.250 support zone and traded as low as $0.2481. It is now showing a lot of bearish signs near the $0.250 zone, unlike bitcoin and ethereum. It is trading well below $0.280 and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours). On the upside, an immediate resistance is near the $0.255 zone. There is also a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.2560 on the 4-hours chart of the ADA/USD pair. The first major resistance is forming near the $0.264 zone. It is near the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $0.3188 swing high to $0.2481 low. Source: ADAUSD on The main resistance is ... read More

M3 Games: Pioneering Play to Earn Gaming and the Metaverse

    The popularity of blockchain-based gaming has been skyrocketing in the past year as more and more projects attempt to provide the ultimate experience. While traditional gaming focuses solely on entertainment, blockchain games also attempt to integrate an earning mechanism where players can enjoy the best of both worlds. This is, perhaps, the main reason why the concept of play-to-earn came to prominence and captured the market’s attention. M3 Games introduces a new Web3 platform where the emphasis is on traditional gaming, combined with metaverse technology and cryptocurrency, in a way that’s beneficial for its players and its creators. What is M3 Games? M3 Games introduces a different ideology that allows its platform to facilitate multifaceted functionalities, such as allowing the interaction of game components between the individual metaverses. In simpler terms, this would allow for characters within one game on the platform to function as NFTs and then be ported to another game. This is designed to substantially elevate and transition the gaming experience. At the time of this writing, the only game available on the platform is called Sweet Clashed, but another game called God of Gods is soon to be released. This would essentially allow for entirely new experiences, such as Sweet Clash versus God of Gods. The Sweet Clash trailer can be seen here: M3 Games Economics In a specifically designed marketplace, users of the platform can get their NFTs by either tran... read More

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Breaks Out With Bullish Bias, Will $0.25 Play Out...

    OCEAN's price shows strength as it bounces from a downtrend range price rallied to a high of $0.18 with eyes set on $0.25.  OCEAN could rally more as the price creates more bullish bias breaking out of its descending triangle with good volume as the price could rally to $0.25.  OCEAN's price remains strong on the daily timeframe above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as the price aims for more rallies. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) has had a tough time this year as the price has maintained a downtrend, but the price of OCEAN could be set for a change as Ocean Protocol breaks out of its daily descending triangle with good volume. The past few days have seen the crypto market has looked more decent, with the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) showing some great price movement in recent times. OCEAN's price rallied from $0.15 to a region of $0.184 as the price aims to take the market by its horn. (Data from Binance) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart. In recent times, Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) has struggled to regain its bullish momentum as the price has had a more quiet time ranging in a weekly low of $0.15; despite the uncertainty that has befallen the crypto space, the price of OCEAN held its ground as price defended its key support area of $0.15.  OCEAN's price had yet to replicate its rally that took the price of OCEAN to an all-time high of $2 before it faced rejection to trend higher. After trading in a range for weeks as the pri... read More

Retail Giant Walmart Enters the Metaverse With Walmart Land and Universe...

    Walmart has entered the metaverse with the launch of Walmart Land and Walmart's Universe of Play on Roblox. The metaverse gaming platform has 52.2 million daily active users and 11.3 billion engagement hours. 'Our customers are spending loads of time there,' said a Walmart executive. Walmart Entering the Metaverse U.S. retail giant Walmart announced Monday the launch of 'Walmart Land' and 'Walmart's Universe of Play' on the metaverse gaming platform Roblox. The announcement explains that Walmart Land will feature a virtual store of merchandise for avatars; a physics-defying Ferris wheel; and unlockable tokens and badges that can be earned in various games and competitions. Walmart's Universe of Play will have 'The year's best toys,' the retail giant described. 'The Roblox community can explore different toy worlds to earn coins for cool virtual goods, or complete epic challenges to build a personal trophy case, unlock secret codes and more.' William White, chief marketing officer at Walmart U.S., commented: Roblox is one of the fastest growing and largest platforms in the metaverse, and we know our customers are spending loads of time there. 'So, we're focusing on creating new and innovative experiences that excite them, something we're already doing in the communities where they live, and now, the virtual worlds where they play,' he detailed. Roblox is an online gaming platform that has gained much popularity, particularly with Generation Z. The company's website states tha... read More

ApeCoin Breaks Out With Degen Play Activated, Can $7.5 Be The Target?

    The price of ApeCoin (APE) has recently struggled against tether (USDT) after seeing its price rejected from $7.5. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price showed some great strength bouncing off from a low of $18,500 to a high of $21,000. This movement has affected other altcoins as most cryptocurrencies produce double-digit gains, including ApeCoin (APE). (Data from Binance) ApeCoin (APE) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  The price of APE has had a difficult time replicating its bullish move that saw the price rally to $7.5 in recent months as the price rallied with a good bullish sentiment.  After falling from an all-time high of $27.5, APE has struggled to stay afloat as the price fell to a low of $4. APE price has formed good support at $4 with what looks like an area of interest for buyers and investors. The price of APE closed the week with indecision between the buyers and sellers; with the new week looking more bullish, this shows strength to recover, and with this momentum from APE, we could see the price revisiting the $7.5 mark where it will face resistance to trend higher. The price of APE is faced with resistance as the price of APE is unable to trend higher in price; if APE flips this region, we could see the price going to a region of $7.5 and even higher. Weekly resistance for the price of APE - $7.5. Weekly support for the price of APE - $4.5. Price Analysis Of APE On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily Price Chart | Source: APEUSDT On APE saw its pri... read More

South Korean Government's Youtube Channel Hacked to Play Crypto Video Wi...

    The official Youtube channel of the South Korean government has been hacked on Saturday and those who did it, broadcasted a cryptocurrency-related clip. The video also featured billionaire and crypto enthusiast Elon Musk, local media reported quoting sources in Seoul.Hackers Air Interview With Musk via Korean Government's Youtube Account The official Youtube channel of the South Korean government has become target of a hacking attack on September 3, 2022. The perpetrators have managed to broadcast a crypto-themed video, the Korean Yonhap news agency revealed in a report based on statements by officials from the executive power in Seoul and Google. In the early morning hours on Saturday, the channel on the video-sharing platform appeared to have been hacked as its name changed to 'Spacex Invest.' It also showed a live broadcast dedicated to cryptocurrency that included an interview with U.S. business magnate and Spacex founder and CEO Elon Musk. A representative of the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which is responsible for administering the Youtube account, said that the department's employees became aware of the situation around 6 a.m. They immediately took security measures and were able to restore control over the channel at 7:20 a.m. The main suspicion is that the account's ID and password have been stolen. Google, Youtube's parent company, confirmed that the channel had been hacked, Yonhap added, while also quoting an official at Google Kor... read More

Animoca Brands and Lympo Partner With Play Magnus Group on Chess Blockch...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Tallinn, Estonia, 15th August 2022] Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Lympo, a leading global sports NFT ecosystem, announced today that they are developing Anichess in partnership with Play Magnus Group (PMG), a global leader in the chess industry that offers entertainment and e-learning services via its chess market brands. Anichess is a blockchain-based chess game with a play-and-earn ecosystem, and when it launches in 2023 it will merge the worlds of chess and GameFi to create superior gaming experiences. Play Magnus Group, founded by Magnus Carlsen in 2013, the same year he became a World Chess Champion, is focused on delivering the best online services and experiences to grow the number of chess players globally. With more than 60,000 monthly paying users, Play Magnus Group serves users worldwide and covers key areas of chess, including learning, playing, competing, coaching, and watching. Lympo, a seasoned expert in GameFi and Sports NFTs, will lead the development and launch of Anichess, a chess-inspired blockchain-based game. The partnership with Play Magnus Group enables Lympo to access over 30 chess grandmasters, including Magnus Carlsen, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Liem Le, and others, to advise, monitor, and test Anichess as an immersive gaming experience for experienced and casual chess players, fans, and strategy game enthusiasts. The unique partnership will bring chess players to blockchain gaming and vice versa. Play Magnus Group will invite top ches... read More

20000% in One Minute on Play to Earn Game Tothesmart

    PRESS RELEASE. The crypto enthusiast has got 10,032 BUSD into their wallet by buying virtual miners in the Play To Earn game Tothesmart for only 50 BUSD. Real lotteries on the blockchain are gaining popularity around the world. The project Tothesmart has implemented an exciting mechanism, «TimePool», by implementing in the economy Play To Earn! According to the terms of the game, 1% of the purchases of virtual miners and sales of generated tokens are transferred to a separate smart contract, «Time Pool» taking the entire bank out of this smart contract will be able to the one who bought the miners last and within 60 minutes after that did not happen any purchase. Thus, the first lucky winner has already received 10 032 BUSD, after which the balance of TimePool is again growing and waiting for new winners. Play To Earn Tothesmart is growing successfully worldwide, and new players are joining daily. In the first 20 days, the turnover of purchases and sales in the game has already exceeded $1.5 million. Anyone can join the game and get free Miners on 10 BUSD. It is necessary to have Metamask, TrustWallet or any other Web 3.0 wallet. And also connect to the Binance Smart Chain network. Then it can be gone to the site, and click Get Free Miners. Having got free miners, it can be learnt how the game works, but to sell the obtained tokens will need to buy miners for at least 50 BUSD. Tothesmart also has an Ambassador program that anyone can join. The project ... read More

Bitcoin Slots – Which One to Play Right Now to Win Big?

    There’s no denying the impact the emergence of cryptocurrency has had on society in general. The fact that it has been making giant strides into online gambling is an expected result of that. Today there are a ton of players for whom crypto is the ONLY currency they use to play. If you look at the number of Bitcoin games that are available to players, there should be more. You can actually find quite a bit of them, depending on where you play, but shouldn’t all games be accepting crypto these days? You can find most information on sites like Bitcoin Casino Kings for example - a guide to crypto casinos that has been online since 2015. Leaving Money on the Table Fiat is clearly still dominating the industry and the majority of casinos are still not even looking at crypto as a next step as it does involve certain adjustments on their part. That is crazy if you ask me since there is a ton of money to be made and the longer you wait, the more of a disservice you are doing to yourself and potentially leaving stacks of money on the table. Helpful Guides to Crypto Games Today I wanted to take a look at what some of the most popular Bitcoin slots are out there and if they noticeably vary from popular fiat slots. To help players out, some of my favorite casinos have easy-to-find sections that will tell you where the crypto games are. I won’t go into detailed reviews of the games but I think it is interesting enough to write about. Elvis Frog in Vegas - BGaming Surpris... read More

Chainers: A Metaverse for Users to Play, Build, Live, and Earn (Intervie...

    The metaverse is no longer a foreign concept but a possibility that many users actively seek and explore. A digital environment beyond the physical, where time flies quicker, albeit with the same intricacies of our world. This is what Chainers is building - an ecosystem where its creators want to enable users to build, create, live, and earn. In this interview, Matvey Diadkov, the CEO of Chainers (who is also the CEO of the popular blockchain ad network - Bitmedia), talks about how he came to be in the cryptocurrency industry, how he came up with the idea for Chainers, what is it and what can users expect in the future. How and when did you get into the cryptocurrency industry? How did you stumble on NFTs?  Matvey Diadkov. Source: Bitmedia Team It all started 12 years ago when I worked as a developer at a crypto exchange platform. I was interested in everything that had to do with crypto, whilst for most people around, the space seemed to be akin to a one-trick pony with no future. At the time, Bitcoin was hovering around $50, and only a handful of us believed in the potential behind blockchain. I then quit my job and went all-in on developing a crypto ad platform. Marketing is my second favorite industry after blockchain, and hence it was a no-brainer to connect the two. Think Google Ads but for crypto projects. Our start wasn't the easiest one, but through trials and tribulations, we managed to get traction and start growing. A few years later, Bitmedia, our crypto ad ... read More

As BTC Slides Toward Resistance, the Chance of a Rare Triple Top Formati...

    The cryptocurrency economy has shed a lot of value during the last six months dropping 48.70% from $3.08 trillion to today's $1.58 trillion. While crypto markets looks extremely bearish these days, a few crypto advocates have theorized the bear market will be less harsh this time around. Furthermore, there's also the rare scenario that bitcoin's price could reverse and see a triple top even though it's commonly said in the finance world 'there is no such thing as a triple top.'The Chances of Bitcoin Experiencing a Triple Top Scenario Is Rare, But Could Happen Five days ago, News reported on a theory that describes bitcoin (BTC) prices experiencing a softer bear market than the leading crypto asset's 80%+ declines recorded in the past. The reasoning behind the theory is because of past bitcoin price peaks and the most recent peaks recorded in May and November 2021. While BTC hit $64K in May and $69K in November, the two peaks were much smaller than previous bull run gains. From the looks of things it seems, BTC's price experienced what's called a double top. Now, coinciding with the theory the current market downturn will be a softer bear run, there's also the rare possibility of a triple top scenario. Basically, if a triple top scenario takes place, BTC's fiat value will tap the same resistance it touched during the past downturn. For instance, after BTC tapped a high of $64K in mid-May 2021, the value dropped to a low of $31K on June 21, 2021. From there, the pr... read More

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