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PIVX Price:
$8.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$14.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PIVX today is $0.19 USD.

The lowest PIVX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.192, and the current live price for one PIVX coin is $0.19169.

The all-time high PIVX coin price was $14.56.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PIVX with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for PIVX crypto currency is also #PIVX.

PIVX is 7.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for PIVX is $14,750,687.

PIVX is ranking downwards to #462 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #PIVX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for PIVX is $8,452,352.


The circulating supply of PIVX is 76,951,125 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


PIVX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Merchants can now easily accept PIVX payments through Cointopay, which has integrated PIVX into…

Merchants can now easily accept PIVX payments through Cointopay, which has integrated PIVX into most e-commerce platforms. They also offer a seamless conversion of PIVX to BTC and then to USD/EURO, through Binance and Bittrex. To learn more please visit Our Business Development team is rocking it with exchanges! Visit for the latest updates and insider info to keep you in-the-know. As always, please do your own research. Merchants can now easily accept PIVX payments through Cointopay, which has integrated PIVX into… was originally published in PIVX on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

DYK, that $PIVX on #VALR can be bought with #USDC , #BTC and #ZAR*!

DYK, that $PIVX on #VALR can be bought with #USDC , #BTC and #ZAR*? VALR is the biggest exchange in South Africa. “VALR has partnered with global players that provide fast trades, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security. Their partnerships allow them to support 60+ crypto-assets — one of the largest crypto-offerings in the world. Buy and Sell whatever your trading skill.” They provide a “digital asset platform that allows their customers to buy, sell, store and transfer crypto-assets seamlessly and securely. They help bridge the gap between the traditional fiat financial system and the new world of crypto-assets.” Recently PIVX’s Business Development lead Jeffrey promoted VALR on Twitter showing that $PIVX was again the biggest contender on VALR. A few of VALR’s investors include Bittrex, Pantera, Coinbase, Avon Ventures, and CMTdigital. Please visit to see the full list and more. *ZAR is the official currency of South Africa. As always, please DYOR, Do Your Own Research. DYK, that $PIVX on #VALR can be bought with #USDC , #BTC and #ZAR*! was originally published in PIVX on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

PIVX Development Update.

The PIVX team has been busy making updates to improve the stability and security of the PIVX network. One update fixes a potential issue that could make the network vulnerable to attacks, while another helps users who may have fallen behind on updating their software catch up more easily. There is also a new system in place to limit message rates from individual addresses and stop relaying messages from banned peers, further improving network security and stability. The PIVX team is currently discussing its roadmap for 2023, please join and be part of the discussion. Stay tuned for updates as the team continues to plan for the future of the project. PIVX PIVX Development Update. was originally published in PIVX on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

DYK, that you can trade $PIVX with USDT on CoinEx?

DYK, that you can trade $PIVX with USDT on CoinEx? “CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service provider, founded in 2017.” PIVX has been actively traded on CoinEx for over 2 years with PIVX/USDT and PIVX/BTC pairings. To learn more about CoinEx please visit and as always, DYOR. Do you own research. DYK, that you can trade $PIVX with USDT on CoinEx? was originally published in PIVX on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

The Superblock Report.

Bringing you PIVX News and Developments, one Superblock at a time”, is now live! - The last few months have been full of developments for PIVX labs and PIVX core. To better support the PIVX community it was decided we needed to improve the way we communicated. We needed to make it easier for the members to keep informed as to what was going on behind the scenes. Enter PIVX labs member Sandude who created The Superblock Report, PIVX’s brand new monthly publication, designed by PIVX Labs. “The Superblock Report will be published monthly, ideally right after every superblock.” To read the Superblock report please follow, PIVX labs Medium account. Feel free to leave ideas that you may have for further publications in the comments. Keep It Purple People! The Superblock Report. was originally published in PIVX on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

On January 22 GMT, coinciding with block 3715200, elements of PIVX’s financial structure changed.

New Block Rewards! For Stakers, Masternodes and the PIVX Treasury. On January 22 GMT, coinciding with block 3715200, elements of PIVX’s financial structure changed. Payments to the treasury, staking rewards, and Masternode rewards increased. This is part of the PIVX version 5.5.0 upgrade, which will improve funding for initiatives, further secure blockchain integrity, and grow the number of Masternodes. With this upgrade, maximum treasury payments will surge by an order of magnitude to 10 PIV per block. (PIV is the cryptocurrency unit for PIVX.) PIVX produces a new block roughly every minute, with 43,200 blocks per monthly cycle, and the new rate corresponds to 432,000 PIV per monthly cycle to pay for coding, marketing, and other helpful efforts. This amount is not necessarily all paid out, but represents a cap for projects that are elected by PIVX Masternode voting. The actual payout in any given monthly cycle may be less, but this increase in the cap brings the potential for great technical and marketing advancement. Staking payments will double to 4 PIV per block. PIVX is a Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, and staking is used to secure it. Staking is done through nodes, which are software units running a PIVX wallet and communicating with other nodes. With each block, one of the staking nodes is chosen at random, with probability proportional with the amount of PIV it has staked, to process the block. With this upgrad...

Join Our Team! #PIVX is Hiring!

Join Our Team! #PIVX is Hiring! PIVX is looking to add 2 PIVX Core Developers to their new core team. If you or someone you know is interested, please join to learn more.PIVX is Hiring! Join Our Team! #PIVX is Hiring! was originally published in PIVX Coin on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE PRESS CONTACT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Private Cryptocurrency PIVX has New Core Team Members PIVX launched six years ago, makes changes in its push for liberty and efficiency through cryptocurrency. May 29, 2022 — The PIVX community, having committed time recently to form a clear picture of its purpose and direction, announced today the formation of a new core team. Software developers are an important part of the core team, and PIVX has enjoyed outstanding programming talent over its six-year life. The community is grateful for all who have participated. Until recently, PIVX had three core developers. However, with sound technology in place, a change was recently made to support a single core developer. This continuing core developer, who goes by the handle Fuzzbawls, is the new development leader. Fuzzbawls has been with the PIVX project for years and knows it well. Under Fuzzbawls’ leadership, other community members are learning and mastering the PIVX source code. PIVX is a code fork of Dash, which was built on the Bitcoin source code, and this connection gives history, reference, and learning material to new PIVX developers that augment the teaching provided by Fuzzbawls. Other team members have also changed, in the areas of project management, business development, and marketing. The new team is diverse with rich experience and exciting new ideas. One prominent team member, who goes...

PIVX IS A DAO, Want to know how?

Written by: Yenechar. Writer, Community Contributor. — PIVX Governance - PIVX is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that funds projects voted on by blockchain-processing units called Masternodes. PIVX’s DAO-based governance is one of its strengths because on-blockchain voting is robust and most other private cryptocurrencies do not have it. This article gives an overview of the DAO concept, explains how the PIVX DAO works and describes how you can get involved. DAOs A DAO is a decentralized organization running on rules encoded in computer software. DAOs generally use cryptocurrency to incentivize rule-following to give honest control, ownership, and payment to participants. The DAO name first captured the attention of the cryptocurrency world through the famous Ethereum DAO that gave rise to the Ethereum Classic fork in 2016. This DAO, called “The DAO” at the time, was a smart-contract-based organization for making investments. It was governed by token holders who purchased their tokens using Ether and voted on investments. Though “The DAO” would turn out to be flawed and ultimately get hacked, lessons were learned from it and the DAO concept soared in popularity. DAOs solve many problems. The pre-cryptocurrency, pre-DAO world was organized into legal entities with constraining, government-defined forms. Corporations and LLCs allocate power and profit to owners, control to executives, an...

PIVX v5.4.0 Core Desktop Wallet Release

PIVX v5.4.0 core desktop wallet has been released and is now available for download! It is a non-mandatory, but highly recommended core wallet update that includes the brand new, fully featured, decentralized governance graphic user interface! It also includes many bug fixes, increased tests coverage, and important corrections on the tier two network with overall stability and synchronization processes improvements. We encourage everyone to update and enjoy experiencing the new governance functionalities and overall stability improvements! More info & download link at: PIVX v5.4.0 Core Desktop Wallet Release was originally published in PIVX Coin on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Binance Abandons Planned Delisting of Some Privacy Coins in EU Markets

    Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has reconsidered a decision to delist some privacy tokens in several European markets. The leading coin trading platform will continue to offer trading in these digital assets after revising their classification to comply with EU regulations.Binance to Continue Support for Certain Privacy Coins Despite Earlier Intentions to Remove Them The world's largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, has decided to reverse a plan to delist privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies in several EU jurisdictions. The move comes after the company received feedback from some of the projects and traders. Last month, Binance informed customers it intends to remove 12 privacy coins in France, Spain, Italy, and Poland. Those set to be delisted on June 26 were dash (DASH), verge (XVG), beam (BEAM), monero (XMR), navcoin (NAV), firo (FIRO), horizen (ZEN), secret (SCRT), zcash (ZEC), pivx (PIVX), decred (DCR), and mobilecoin (MOB). At the time, the exchange cited local regulatory requirements in these four markets that prevent it from offering privacy-enhanced cryptocurrencies, such as the obligation to monitor transactions of listed coins. In a statement quoted by crypto media, the exchange now indicated it has revised the approach to their classification: After carefully considering feedback from our community and several projects, we have revised how we classify privacy coins on our platform to comply with EU-wide regulatory requirements. Trading in some of the to... read More

Crypto Exchange Binance to Remove Privacy Coins From 4 European Markets

    Multiple reports have revealed that Binance, the crypto exchange with the highest trade volume, has announced the removal of 12 privacy-focused cryptocurrencies from its markets in Spain, France, Poland, and Italy. Commencing on June 26, 2023, users residing in these four countries will no longer have the option to purchase or trade these privacy coins on Binance's trading platform.Binance to Delist 12 Privacy Coins in Spain, France, Poland and Italy Binance has recently informed its customers in France, Spain, Italy, and Poland via email that it intends to remove 12 distinct privacy coins from these markets. Among the privacy coins set to be delisted are dash (DASH), verge (XVG), beam (BEAM), monero (XMR), navcoin (NAV), firo (FIRO), horizen (ZEN), secret (SCRT), zcash (ZEC), pivx (PIVX), decred (DCR), and mobilecoin (MOB). 'Due to local regulatory requirements, Binance is no longer able to offer privacy-enhanced cryptocurrencies in France,' an email to French customers details. 'Starting from June 26, 2023, users residing in France will no longer be able to buy or sell the [specific] privacy coins on our platform,' the notice adds. On Wednesday, the leading privacy coins experienced a 3.2% decline in value against the U.S. dollar. The combined market capitalization of all existing privacy coins currently sits at approximately $5.73 billion, with monero (XMR) taking the lead. XMR has experienced a 2.4% loss today, while the second-largest privacy coin by market capitalizatio... read More

Satoshi Nakamoto's Last Unfinished Project Inspires New Online Marketpla...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Zurg, Switzerland, 23rd February 2023] A fork of Bitcoin, known as Particl, has announced the completion of an eBay-style marketplace that’s been integrated into its wallet. Built using blockchain smart contracts, the marketplace is derived from an original concept first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto. Particl’s latest release forms a trustless, unstoppable marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade goods without the risk of getting scammed. It features zero fees and encrypted chat messages between buyers and sellers alongside ring signatures and blinding to provide greater transactional privacy than Monero. Bitcoin’s creator vanished in 2011 after being invited to meet the CIA. His last email stated, “I've moved on to other things.” Before he disappeared, Satoshi was working on a marketplace built into Bitcoin. Now, a working version of this technology has been quietly released by an anonymous team of developers. Satoshi’s original Bitcoin source code included an unfinished marketplace in line 69 of the headers file. “I was trying to implement an eBay-style marketplace built into the client,” he said in a 2011 email to Mike Hearn. During the Covid pandemic, the sale of many essential items was restricted on traditional platforms like Amazon and eBay due to price gouging rules. As a result, sellers took advantage of Particl’s decentralized governance system which offered no such selling restrictions. Ite... read More

Ethereum Could Benefit From Stealth Addresses Implementation, Says Vital...

    Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published a research post that suggests using stealth addresses to enhance privacy-preserving transfers. Buterin detailed that stealth addresses can be implemented fairly quickly today on Ethereum and would significantly boost user privacy on the blockchain network.Buterin Suggests Stealth Addresses as a Solution to the Privacy Challenges in Ethereum Ecosystem Three days ago, the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, published a blog post that gives a comprehensive overview of stealth addresses and the benefits of using them. Stealth addresses are a feature that is supported by other blockchain networks, like Monero (XMR), to increase privacy and anonymity when conducting transactions. The network creates one-time addresses that are not connected to the user's public address. In the blog post, Buterin insists that 'one of the largest remaining challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem is privacy.' Buterin describes a number of different ways to generate cryptographically opaque public addresses with a key-blinding mechanism, elliptic curve cryptography, and quantum-resistant security. He also addresses 'social recovery and multi-L2 wallets' and 'separating spending and viewing keys.' Buterin notes that there are some concerns that could affect longer-term usability, like the difficulty of social recovery. 'In the longer term, these problems can be solved, but the stealth address ecosystem of the long term is looking like one that would really... read More

The Top Privacy Coins Saw Fewer Percentage Losses Than Most Tokens This ...

    The privacy coins monero and zcash managed to see fewer percentage losses against the U.S. dollar this week, in contrast to crypto assets like bitcoin, ethereum, and solana. Seven-day statistics indicate zcash has lost 5.6% against the USD, while monero dropped by 6.1%.Privacy Coins Manage to Stave off Some of This Week's Market Carnage, but Are Still Down 62% Lower Than 9 Months Ago At the time of writing, the entire market capitalization of all the privacy coins in existence is roughly $5.55 billion. Monero (XMR) leads the pack with a market valuation of around $2.64 billion or 47.5% of the entire privacy coin economy. Zcash (ZEC) is the second largest privacy coin in terms of market capitalization as ZEC's overall market valuation today is $789 million. Behind XMR and ZEC, are privacy tokens such as decred (DCR), nucypher (NU), secret (SCRT), horizen (ZEN), ergo (ERG), digibyte (DGB), and beldex (BDX), respectively. Top privacy coin double-digit gainers this week include deeponion (ONION), litecash (CASH), pivx (PIVX), and masari (MSR). The week's top privacy coin losers in terms of percentage losses include tokens like zclassic (ZCL), lethean (LTHN), and phore (PHR). The top five privacy coin crypto assets make up most of the $5.55 billion in privacy coin value, and each token offers different types of privacy techniques. XMR is a Cryptonote token with a blockchain protocol that was not forked from Bitcoin. XMR uses ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, steal... read More

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