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PI Price:
$17.2 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PI today is $0.00464 USD.

The lowest PI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00464, and the current live price for one PI coin is $0.00464209.

The all-time high PI coin price was $0.22.

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The code for Plian crypto currency is #PI.

Plian is 4.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Plian is $3,996,294.

Plian is ranking downwards to #1158 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #PI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Plian is $17,173.


The circulating supply of PI is 860,881,461 coins, which is 55% of the total coin supply.


PI has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #PI, and you can view them on our PI disambiguation page.



Plian Monthly Report — December 2022

Plian Monthly Report — December 2022 - Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks. — Development Progress - — Plian - Technical Development, Extended Plian APIs, Fixed miner mutex bug, Being developed new Plian explorer, Improved the performance of Plian network, Monitored the SLASH mechanism of child chain in Epoch 43, Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance, 2. PlianDAO PlianDAO proposal — Discussed community feedback on PlianDAO draft, Decentralized Collaboration System — Completed product features and competitive research, — Pizzap - Paiswap, Confirmed the direction of future optimization, Discussed the launch planning timetable, 2. Pizzap Website Completed the core functions of the NFT market, Optimized the product display and interaction, Fixed known bugs, — Plian News - Plian Mainnet V1.5.01 Update Plian Mainnet V1.5.01 was updated on December 6th, at 4:30pm (UTC+8). After several times of noticing, all of the NODES have updated successfully. 8 NODES Canceled 8 NODES in Epoch 42 had not generated blocks, and their node verification qualification has been cancelled. Their previously pledged assets have also been returned to their accounts. 2 New Nodes of Plian The 2 new NODES , VoiceNFT & BabyBunny had applied Plian Validator successfully in December. Blocks have been steadily generated well at present. Recap of PlianDAO 2022 We...

V1.5.01 Mainnet Upgrade Tutorial for Plian Node Runners

To all the Plian node runners, please follow the steps below to make sure your node is correctly set-up after a Plian Mainnet upgrade: — 1. Check if your Plian node has updated to the latest version: - Run ‘cd ~/pchain ./bin/pchain version’, it will return the latest Plian version running on your node. More details here: — 2. If your node is not running with the latest version, please find and download it here: - — 3. Follow the link below to check if your node is syncing: - — 4. If not syncing, please download the latest file: - Unzipped File tar xzf pchain_mainnet_v1.5.01.tar.gz Updateding Script cp ./pchain_mainnet_v1.5.01/scripts/ ~/pchain/scripts/ cp ./pchain_mainnet_v1.5.01/scripts/ ~/pchain/scripts/ If any questions, please feel free to contact us at — Learn More - Join the discussion on Telegram or follow us on Twitter. Learn more about PCHAIN in our White Paper and our website. Looking to launch a node or stake on PCHAIN? Join our our Tech Telegram and check our Docs.

Plian Monthly Report — November 2022

Plian Monthly Report — November 2022 - Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks. — Development Progress - — Plian - Technical Development, Updated auto-update and monitor scripts, Embed pchain-api into vm framework, and do some optimizations, Improved the performance of network, Developed new Plian explorer, Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance, 2. PlianDAO PlianDAO proposal, Discussed product features and competitive research of Decentralized Collaboration System, Stablecoin mechanism research, Optimized the credit mortgage SBT scheme, 3. Pizzap X Aptos Completed AvesHack NYC 2022 Hackathon — Pizzap - Paiswap, Discussed the direction of future optimization 2. Pizzap Website Pizzap new aggregation version, Completed joint debugging test of core function, Optimized product display and interaction, Fix some bugs, — Plian News - The Updating of PlianDAO Official Website The first version of PlianDAO website was launched in November, which drew the relationship among: PlianDAO Foundation, Plian Tech Foundation, Plian Product Foundation, The Releasing of PlianDAO Governance The first Draft of PlianDAO Governance was launched in November, which includes: Governance Committee Election Rules, Relevant Functions of the Governance Core Unit, Governance Process, — Plian Ecosystem Project - The Releasing of Wasteland Roadmap WastelandDAO has published ...

Plian DAO Governance(2022)

Overview. — PlianDAO has 3 legal entities, Plian DAO Foundation, Plian Tech Foundation and Plian Product Foundation. The purpose of the legal structure is to provide flexibility and mitigate legal risks that may arise in the future. The PlianDAO Foundation will establish a governance committee (Governance Core Unit) and a supervisory committee (Regulatory Core Unit). The Governance Core Unit manages the operations of Plian, and it will be responsible for issues related to distributing grants, managing the treasury, facilitating proposals, and on-chain voting. The Governance Core Unit is a member organization composed of $PI holders who jointly implement the Foundation Governance Regulations on behalf of the Plain Foundation and the Plian global community. The Regulatory Core Unit is responsible for overseeing the Governance Committee and overseeing Plian’s operations, governance, legal compliance matters,etc. The PlianTech Foundation will manage protocol development services related to the Plian public chain and smart contracts. The Plian Product Foundation will oversee the development of the Plian front-end layer. The 3 legal entities will enter into service agreements with service providers to help develop the agreement. — 1. PlianDAO Foundation Governance Committee Election Rules. — 1.1 Candidacy Conditions 1) Candidates must pass the following real-name authentication. a)Social account authentication,...

Plian Monthly Report — October 2022

Plian Monthly Report — October 2022 - Please check below the key highlights of the last 4 weeks.· — Development Progress - — Plian - Technical Development, Developed the new Plian explorer, Test of the contract functions in chain instead of writing code in contract, Child-chain automatic reward testing, Improved the performance of network, Monitored the stability of network after EVM and slash upgrade, Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance, 2. PlianDAO Voting platform, Completed some UI page design, Stablecoin mechanism research, Optimized the credit mortgage scheme based on SBT, — Pizzap - Paiswap, Optimized the product design based on community feedback, 2. Pizzap Website Completed some frontend development, Debugging test, — Plian News - Plian Q4 Roadmap We have published the Q4 Roadmap of PlianDAO in the first month of Q4, which mainly includes: Subchain rewards and security upgrading, Piscan releasing, New version of Pizzap, Stage 2 of PlianDAO We have started the next stage of PlianDAO this month: voting system, law issue, working model, — Plian Ecosystem Project - Pizzap VoiceNFT in DoraHacks Hackathon Pizzap officially announced that they took part in the Hackathon of DoraHacks named AvesHack NYC 2022 in October Theme: Own Your Voice in MetaVerse Track: NFT, Gaming, and SocialFi The Wallet-Importing Page of Wasteland The gaming site of Wasteland u...

Plian Monthly Report — September 2022

Plian Monthly Report — September 2022 - Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks. — Development Progress - — Plian. — Technical Development, Developed the new Plian explorer, Developed the contract functions in chain instead of writing code in contract, Child-chain automatic reward testing, Improved the performance of network, Monitored the stability of network after EVM and slash upgrading, Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance, 2. PlianDAO Completed the core functions of product, Started product form and UI page design, Stablecoin based on PI Staking, Sorted out and investigated the credit mortgage scheme based on SBT, — Pizzap. — Paiswap, Completed Public Beta of Paiswap 2.0, Collected and sort out the feedback from the community, Planed the official launch schedule, 2. BBC V2 Enriched the SBT (Soul Bound Token) mechanism, Completed frontend development, Started the front-end and back-end joint debugging test, 3. New Aggregation Version of Pizzap Enriched the product form and UI page design, covering NFT Market, voice NFT, and Pizzap NFT, Completed the backend and contract development, Completed some frontend development, — Plian News - Plian V1.5.00 Upgrading Plian mainnet v1.5.00 was launched on September 1st. We have noticed all the NODES to upgrade for running better. PlianDAO Q3 Recap We have published a recap about...

Plian Monthly Report —August 2022

Please check below the key highlights of the last 4 weeks. — Development Progress - Plian Researched the contract functions in chain instead of writing code in contract, Fixed the signature of chain ID bug, Test of child chain automatic reward, Improved the performance of Metamask RPC server, Monitored the stability of network after EVM upgrading, Other Plian mainnet operation & maintenance, Pizzap Paiswap, -Completed the integration testing of Paiswap in Plian Test Chain -Launched Public Beta of Paiswap 2.0 with a reward activity of WIN&SHARE 50,000 $MAPI 2. BBC V2 -Completed full design of -Added SBT(Soul Bound Token) mechanism -Completed backend and contract development -Completed some frontend development 3. PizzapDAO -Completed product form and UI page design, covering NFT Market, voice NFT, and Pizzap NFT -Completed some backend and contract development -Completed some frontend development — Plian News - Data of Plian Staking On August 1st, PlianDAO released a set of data of PI staking, which included: -the amount of staking PI on Mainchain and Childchain -the amount of staking PI in PizzapDAO Node and PlianDAO Node Upadating of How to Connect to MetaMask We have updated the information of how to connect Plian to MetaMask in August. The technical link was attached at the same time ( The Preview of Plian V1.5.00 Updating Plian has updated to V1.5.00 in September. S...

Plian Monthly Report — July 2022

Plian Monthly Report — July 2022 Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks.Development Progress PlianCompleted the test of node SLASH punishment mechanismFixed bugs of node SLASH mechanismContinuously test on child-chain automatic rewardAssisted users in dealing with node problemsOrganized and discussed the plan of PlianDAOOrganized Layer2 learning seminarsOther Plian mainnet operation & maintenance PizzapCompleted the function test of Paiswap on Plian Test NetConfirmed safety, mining rules and economic models of PaiswapSolved the playing methods and rules of Baby BunnyCompleted prototype design of Baby BunnyNew aggregation version of PizzapDetermined product form and UI page design, covering NFT Marketplace, VoiceNFT, and Pizzap NFTCompleted some backend and contract developmentPlian News The Releasing of Q3 Roadmap PlianDAO released the Q3 Roadmap in mid-July, which includes:New upgrade of PlianPlian toolsStage 1 of PlianPlian ecosystem The New Slash Mechanism The new SLASH mechanism on Plian has been deployed to the testnet. While both the main-chain and the child-chain of testnet have been upgraded and are operating smoothly. Developers are maintaining them everyday. PizzapDAO & PlianDAO Validator Nodes PizzapDAO & PlianDAO have joined to run validator nodes on Plian child-chain. It’s the first time that DAOs successfully apply validator on Plian. More and more DAOs are n...

Plian Monthly Report — June 2022

Plian Monthly Report — June 2022 Please check below the key highlights of the last 4 weeks.Development ProgressLaunched the test of node punishment mechanismLaunched the test of child-chain automatic rewardCompleted the test of node punishment mechanism on mainnetMonitored the stability of network after EVM upgradeAssisted users in dealing with node problemsOther Plian mainnet operation & maintenancePlian News DDOS Attack on Plian Plian network experienced a DDOS attack on 1st June, 2022 (UTC+8). The ordinary users can’t connect to the RPC service at that time. The technical group followed up and solved it quickly. Both the main-chian & the child-chain has recovered. The 2022 Hackthon Is Put off The core team has decided that the Hackathon will have to be pushed to a new date. However, the PlianDAO will be launching much sooner!Plian Ecosystem Project New Litepaper Released by PizzapDAO PizzapDAO released a piece of new litepaper on 1st June. The main update is including:Economy of Baby Bunny ClubPizzapDAO TreasurePizzap Eco Assets & Pizzap Selected Assets If you want to learn more, please turn to Intro: Pizzap - BBC, Voice NFT and PizzapDAO Treasure [Burn-to-Reward Mechanism] Released by Wasteland Wasteland released [Burn-to-Reward Mechanism] on 4th June. The main update is including:Why do we need a new Burn-to-Reward mechanismIntroducing Burn-to-Reward mechanismHow Burn-to-Reward mechanism sol...

Plian Monthly Report — May 2022

Plian Monthly Report — May 2022 Please check below the key highlights of the last 5 weeks.Development ProgressEVM upgrade for mainnet, support solc version 0.8.9Geth upgrade for mainnet, version 1.10.9Optimization upgrade of make commands for mainnetComplete the optimization of child chain automatic rewardStart test JAVA APIOther Plian mainnet operation & maintenance The upgrade includes 211 changed files with 36,908 additions and 6,605 deletions.Plian News Plian Mainnet [V1.4.00] Upgrade Plian network including main-chain and child-chain has been successfully upgraded to V1.4.00 on 31st May, 2022 (UTC+8). We have published the tutorial for the nodes and reminded them to upgrade quickly.Plian Ecosystem Project A Strategic Partnership with WastelandDAO Plian has announced a announce a strategic partnership with WastelandDAO to build a NFT-Based Free2Play & Play2Earn game on Plian on 17th May, 2022(UTC+8). Punlic-Sale of Baby Bunny NFT Public-sale of Baby Bunny NFT was live on 16th May, 2022 (UTC+8). You can buy & sell Baby Bunny NFT on OpenSea at . Now the number of total items is 252. The number of total owners is 75.


Everything That's Going on With Pi Network: From Start to Latest Controv...

    Pi Network is a controversial cryptocurrency project that has been making rounds across the crypto industry over the past few weeks after the token was listed on some crypto exchanges, including the popular trading platform Huobi. Since its inception four years ago, the project has attracted millions worldwide as users can mine and earn its native token, dubbed Pi, by completing simple tasks. Some experts have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the Pi Network, claiming the project is nothing but a classic Ponzi Scheme seeking to defraud investors in the long run. But is this true? Let's take a look. This article unravels everything about Pi Network, from its beginning to its latest controversial listing. Quick Navigation Limitations of Self-Staking What Is Pi Network? How Does the Pi Network Work? Pi Coin Controversial Listings Is Pi Coin A Scam? Final Thoughts What is Pi Network? Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project that allows users to perform mining operations through their smartphones. The platform was designed to onboard anyone into the crypto space, regardless of their familiarity with digital assets. Pi Network is the brainchild of Stanford University graduates – Nicolas Kokkalis, Chengdiao Fan, Aurélien Schiltz, and Vince McPhillips. The team started developing the project in 2018, but they released the whitepaper and launched the application a year later, on March 14, 2019. Miners on the Pi Network are rewarded with the Pi coin, which the projec... read More

The PI Network Controversy: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    Smartphone-based blockchain mining project Pi Network has issued another clarification on the unauthorized listing of Pi coins, saying they are not available for trading yet. Pi Network has been in existence since 2018 and launched its Pi coin for mining by its community members, called “Pioneers,” in March 2019. These assets can be traded once Pi Network upgrades to Open Mainnet. Pi Network Disclaimer Right now, the network is in the Enclosed Mainnet state, which makes its interaction with any third-party “technically impossible.” The blockchain project issued a similar disclaimer on December 29, in which it said it was aware of reports that several unauthorized exchanges sought to list Pi or other products purported to be the native cryptocurrency. “It is important to reiterate that Pi is currently in the Enclosed Network and is not approved by Pi Network for listing on any exchange or for trading, and Pi Network was not involved with any of these purported postings or listings,” the December 29 announcement said. What is the Whole Fuss About? Pi Network, which claims to have about 35 million members who have been mining Pi coins on its smartphone-based blockchain mining app, is slated to upgrade to Open Mainnet. Right now, it’s processing the KYC of its members to onboard them to the upgraded network where they can trade their Pi coins. Lately, Pi Network members and influencers have been promoting the upcoming Ope... read More

Accelerated Development of Pi Blockchain Yields Decentralized KYC Soluti...

    An Examination of the Social Cryptocurrency Reveals Numerous Recent Achievements and an Exciting Future On March 14, 2022, Pi Network celebrated its 3rd anniversary with important announcements and updates. The network defined future plans and shared  progress in terms of technology, product, and community growth since last year’s Pi Day. Pi Network Growth March 14, 2021 – March 14, 2022 Pi Network had an amazing year of growth filled with accomplishments that fulfilled its roadmap objectives and grew the utility of the network. In the last year, Pi Network launched the Enclosed Mainnet, released three updated Whitepaper chapter drafts and advanced decentralization on the network by growing to over 10,000 active Testnet nodes. Additionally, the Pi Community grew from 15 million to over 33 million engaged users (referred to as “Pioneers” in the community). In the same period, the Pi ecosystem has undergone evolution with launches and iterations of multiple PI Network apps and features including Pi KYC, Brainstorm, Pi Browser, Pi Wallet, Pi SDK, and Pi Blockexplorer. Looking forward, Pi Network aims to accelerate the community mass KYC process, migrate its users’ balances to the Mainnet, develop an ecosystem of apps on its platform, and move to Open Mainnet. Enclosed Mainnet Launch The Enclosed Network period of Mainnet of the Pi blockchain went live on December 28, 2021. Here, a firewall prevents any unwanted external connectivity to the Main... read More

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