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PHTR Price:
$22.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PHTR today is $0.025 USD.

The lowest PHTR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.025, and the current live price for one PHTR coin is $0.02487.

The all-time high PHTR coin price was $0.98.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PHTR with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Phuture crypto currency is #PHTR.

Phuture is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Phuture is $1,415,225.

Phuture is ranking downwards to #1258 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #PHTR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Phuture is $22,466.


The circulating supply of PHTR is 56,913,329 coins, which is 57% of the total coin supply.


PHTR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


PHTR has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

View #PHTR trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #PHTR purchase.



Phuture is Live on Staking Rewards

Phuture is pleased to announce its integration with Staking Rewards. Users can now view stats and track the performance of staking $PHTR and USDC/PHTR SLP tokens through Staking Rewards. Staking Rewards is the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools. Staking Rewards is currently tracking 232 yield-bearing assets with an average reward rate of 14.95%. The current reward rate for Staking $PHTR is 22.36% and the reward rate for staking USDC/PHTR SLP is 165%. On Staking Rewards’ metrics tab, you can check the following unique statistics of $PHTR token:Circulating SupplyTokens StakedTokens in Sushi PoolNumber of $PHTR in the LP that are StakedInflation metric for Daily Rewards Also, you can visit the Advanced Calculator to estimate your $PHTR staking rewards and stats such as:Total Rewards ValueTotal Rewards RateAdjusted RewardReturns on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basisSummary Integrating with Staking Rewards will help liquidity providers, yield farmers and stakers easily calculate key metrics associated with staking $PHTR and USDC/PHTR SLP TokenAbout Staking Rewards Staking Rewards is the leading data provider & research platform for yield-generating digital assets Website|Twitter|Telegram|Reddit|DiscordAbout Phuture Phuture is a decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of token-based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment. Phuture introduces an open design phi...

APY Vision Lists Phuture Liquidity Pools

We’re excited to share that APY Vision, an All-in-one liquidity pool analytics and yield farming rewards tracking tool has listed three Phuture Liquidity Pools on their platform. These pools are USDC/PHTR, FARM/PHTR and WETH/PHTR. Innovations in blockchain technology and DeFi have opened the gates to allow anyone with any amount of spare capital to contribute liquidity to markets and earn a fee from doing so. But across, the DeFi space, the average user has trouble tracking their liquidity providing performance, impermanent loss, farming activities, calculating net profits etc. To solve this problem, APY Vision has built a tool that tracks the impermanent loss of your pooled tokens and keeps track of the financial analytics, historical pool performance and actionable insights of your positions.Phuture X APY Vision The listing of Phuture liquidity pools on APY Vision will ease the process of tracking liquidity pool positions and calculating rewards. Trackable metrics include:1y Fees, Impermanent Loss and APYAsset Growth Per $1000Pool Reserves and VolumeAbout APY Vision APY Vision is an analytics platform that provides analytics for liquidity providers contributing capital on Automated Market Making (AMM) protocols. Blog | Discord | Twitter | WebsiteAbout Phuture Phuture is a decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of token-based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment. Phuture introduc...

Your $PHTR Yield Options

Here is a breakdown of the different yield programmes and incentives we are running. Find which works best for you!SushiSwap USDC/PHTR pool Our USDC/PHTR pool provides a much-needed boost in on-chain liquidity, which is key to the smooth operation of our ecosystem. In addition, it acts as a channel for us to grow the number of PHTR token holders, bringing more depth to our community. The current APY of this pool is 190%. Click here to provide liquidityPhuture Liquidity Incentives on Harvest Finance The Phuture integration with Harvest Finance marks the beginning of a collaboration with a lot of future scope and simultaneously introduces a new set of liquidity pools and incentives to the Phuture ecosystem. These pools are ETH/PHTR and FARM/PHTR whose current APY is 250% and 313% respectively. Provide liquidity to the ETH-PHTR pool Provide liquidity to the ETH-FARM pool Boost pools with $FARM & $PHTR rewardsStaking Enhances Your PHTR When your PHTR is staked, you receive ePHTR. ePHTR provides access to continuously compounding rewards and voting rights. When you unstake you will receive your original PHTR deposit plus accrued rewards. Stake now to get up to 25% APY. Click here to stake your $PHTRAbout Phuture Phuture is a decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of token-based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment. Phuture introduces an open design philosophy for creating passive in...

Phuture Launches Liquidity Incentives on Harvest Finance

We are delighted to announce that Phuture has collaborated with Harvest Finance to provide liquidity incentives to select SushiSwap pools. These pools are ETH/PHTR & FARM/PHTR. Phuture and Harvest have committed to providing a minimum APR of 60% via a combination of FARM and PHTR rewards. This means that even as the liquidity pool grows your expected return will be bounded from below at 60% rather than diminishing over time. Additionally, by adding liquidity to these pools, the liquidity providers will earn 0.25% of all trades on both the ETH/PHTR and FARM/PHTR pairs proportional to their liquidity shares. Fees are added to the pool, accrued in real-time and can be claimed by simply withdrawing your liquidity.How Harvest Finance Works Harvest Finance acts as a yield optimiser for DeFi protocols conducting staking, lending and liquidity mining programmes. By collecting tokens from users and staking them en-masse on their behalf, they are able to reduce network fees (gas) per user and improve annual returns through auto compounding mechanisms. Harvest Finance regularly collects or ‘harvests’ the reward tokens on behalf of users and exchanges them for more of the underlying assets that users deposited, thereby compounding the interest they earn. This saves users both time and the network fees associated with making multiple transactions. — ETH/PHTR Pool. — The ETH/PHTR pool is a cornerstone pool for Phuture ...

Phuture Integration with The Graph Protocol

We are pleased to announce that we’re planning to integrate The Graph’s indexing protocol for accessing blockchain data as well as for indexing and querying APIs with GraphQL, which will help us in reducing the loading time and further improving the Phuture user experience.The Querying and Indexing Problem Before The Graph, teams had to develop and operate proprietary indexing servers. This required significant engineering and hardware resources and broke the important security properties required for decentralisation. In some cases, teams were pulling data directly from the blockchain which caused huge loading delays particularly when trying to manipulate the data. Besides that, Dapps are only as decentralised as their most centralised components. Applications that rely on a single indexing server to deliver data to the UI are susceptible to idiosyncratic failures and establish a centralised point of weakness in the technology stack. Another major challenge was that indexed data was not publicly available to query.The Graph Protocol Solution The Graph utilises a network of indexers, curators and delegators for providing accurate queries which are stored and processed on open networks with verifiable integrity. Henceforth, making The Graph’s data fast, reliable, and secure. The graph has built an open network producing the fastest, cheapest and most reliable way to access data for the crypto economy.A Global GraphQ...

Phuture Announces Upcoming Integration of Chainlink Price Feeds

Phuture is pleased to announce that Chainlink Price Feeds will be the de facto source of truth for asset pricing on Phuture. Phuture will be integrating 33 Chainlink Price Feeds as part of its mainnet launch, with plans to add more over time. Phuture will reference Chainlink’s industry standard Price Feeds when minting, trading, and redeeming crypto indices, as well as for calculating both the net asset value (NAV) of an index and the world state of the protocol.Phuture + Chainlink Price Feeds Phuture allows users to mint and invest in indices that automatically rebalance based on market shifts. When minting an index, Phuture must calculate the NAV in order to appropriately allocate index shares to the user. Chainlink Price Feeds provide the most secure and reliable source of truth for determining this metric. Additionally, Chainlink Price Feeds will be used to modulate the prices at which swaps are executed (more info on this in the next section). Phuture’s off-chain solvers monitor the world state of the platform by looking for rebalancing opportunities. The world state is valued using Chainlink Price Feeds and is updated through the events emitted by the Chainlink reference contracts.The TWAP Problem Phuture utilises AMM swaps in order to mint indices. However, the prices quoted on AMMs are susceptible to manipulation. An adversary can artificially lower the price of an asset through a large sell, which then lowers th...

Phuture’s Integration with Keep3r Network

Phuture is pleased to announce its integration with the Keep3r Network. Phuture interfaces with Keep3r Network to manage and pay solvers for executing core tasks on the protocol. Phuture is a decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of token-based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment. Keep3r Network is a decentralised network for projects that need external DevOps and for external teams to find keeper jobs. We’re excited to work with the Keep3r Network on the grounds that Keep3r Network is designed as a decentralised coordination ecosystem for projects to find Keepers that will help with their upkeep. This partnership will help with the proper operation of the platform including rebalancing, recapitalisation and re-weighting, which Solvers perform on Phuture protocol. In the Keep3r Network, a Job is a term used to refer to a smart contract that instructs an external entity, called a keeper, to perform an action. This can be as simplistic as calling a transaction or as intricate as requiring extensive off-chain logic. Keep3r Network doesn’t manage these jobs themselves, but they allow contracts to register as jobs to be executed by keepers and keepers to register themselves as available to execute jobs. Click here for the complete details on the Keep3r Network and follow their Twitter here.Solver Flexibility Phuture’s solvers require execution capabilities both on-chain and off-chain in...

Phuture July Newsletter

Phuture monthly newsletter will allow the community to stay updated with everything we are building/have built and launched over the past month. Not to mention key Phuture integration and protocol updates. All in one place! Before we jump on July Newsletter. We would love to share about our Liquidity Mining Program!Announcing the PHTR Liquidity Mining Programme We have launched the liquidity mining for our native token $PHTR. It provides a much-needed boost in on-chain liquidity, which is key to the smooth operation of our ecosystem. Higher APR can be achieved by owning a larger share of the liquidity pool, locking up your stake for longer or utilising the referral scheme. Participate now.Partnerships, Events, Updates Recap of JulyPhuture Testnet Launch Event On 12th July, we debuted the testnet, liquidity mining program for the PHTR token and revealed what’s next for the Phuture ecosystem. Including some exclusive announcements. Watch our Testnet launch event on Youtube. Testnet Alpha is Now Live The first iteration of the Phuture testnet is now live here on the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet. Read our blog to learn how you can interact with Phuture testnet.Phuture Integration with Mirror Protocol Phuture is pleased to announce its integration with the Mirror protocol to offer tokenised equities within Phuture indices! All ‘crypto indices’ available...

Announcing the PHTR Liquidity Mining Programme

Key FactsIncentivising the USDC/PHTR SushiSwap poolCommences on the 2nd August 202112 month programme split into two 6 month tranches. This allows us to incorporate feedback and make improvements in the second tranche.1% of total supply distributed in the first tranche.Higher APR can be achieved by owning a larger share of the liquidity pool, locking up your stake for longer or utilising the referral scheme.Unstaking before your lock-up ends will forfeit your accrued rewards for those liquidity tokens. The time has come for Phuture to announce its very first liquidity mining programme. Our first LM programme will focus on the SushiSwap USDC/PHTR pool. Phuture’s token, PHTR, serves many purposes including:Governance — Staked PHTR holders can exercise their right to vote on, or propose new ideas to improve the Phuture protocol.Staking — Users who stake PHTR receive Enhanced PHTR (ePHTR), a yield generating, governance enabled variant of PHTR.Solver Rewards — PHTR is earned by solvers on non-Ethereum chains and rollups, for performing critical platform functions.Solver Bond — A minimum PHTR bond is required in order for solvers to get whitelisted to execute platform functions.Liquidity Incentives — Distributed to liquidity providers of PHTR and other Phuture products. Given the importance of acquiring PHTR for utility within the platform, it is paramount that we have a liquid on-chain trading ...

Phuture x Mirror

Phuture is pleased to announce its integration with the Mirror protocol to offer tokenised equities within Phuture indices! Phuture is a decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of token-based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment. Phuture introduces an open design philosophy for creating passive investment strategies, providing users with tools to create new indices or invest in existing ones created by the community. Mirror Protocol allows the creation of fungible assets, “synthetics”, that track the price of real world assets. All ‘crypto indices’ available in the current market are affected by Bitcoin volatility. This integration will allow for Crypto and Non-crypto assets to coexist within a permissionless index architecture. This offering will deliver a truly diversified product that aims to reduce its correlation to Bitcoin’s price/volatility. Phuture X Mirror integration will allow for investors to benefit from long term investment in crypto, while partially mitigating crypto’s derived volatility. This is the start of a working relationship between the Mirror protocol ecosystem and the Phuture ecosystem. The first assets to be supported will be ERC-20 assets, with a small selection being available on the Phuture Alpha testnet. To create your own Phuture index with Mirror assets click here. To learn more about Phuture, visit our website or read our documentation. Create y...


Colony Avalanche Index Launches to Offer Yield-Bearing Avalanche Ecosyst...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Paris, France, 6th September 2022] Colony Lab, the Avalanche ecosystem accelerator, has partnered with decentralized crypto index platform Phuture to launch CAI, the first index token offering exposure to the AVAX ecosystem. AI, or Colony Avalanche Index, is an investment tool to benefit from the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem as a whole through just one token. The CAI is a basket of both AVAX and Avalanche application tokens, spread into different thematic sections for DeFi, GameFi and others. In addition, thanks to an integration with Yield Yak, the CAI token is natively yield-bearing. The assets inside it are deployed to earn additional yield through the aggregator, offering a safe but effective way to compound gains. CAI is designed for investors who are excited about the Avalanche ecosystem but prefer to gain exposure in a calculated, more efficient way that optimizes capital for them. The network is a mere 22 months old, but it is already the third largest DeFi ecosystem by total value locked, in addition to very successful GameFi projects like DeFi Kingdoms, which run on their own subnets. The ecosystem will continue to grow and evolve rapidly, making it difficult to pick the ultimate winners at this stage. To account for the dynamism of the Avalanche Ecosystem, CAI will rebalance every month to always include the top assets by liquidity and capitalization. The dynamic rebalancing methodology ensures that CAI always stays allocated in the best-perfo... read More

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