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PHAE Price:
$8.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$14.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PHAE today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest PHAE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.059, and the exact current price of one PHAE crypto coin is $0.05853.

The all-time high PHAE coin price was $1.32.

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The code for Phaeton crypto currency is #PHAE.

Phaeton is a newer coin by our records, at least 9.2 months in age.


The current market capitalization for Phaeton is $14,632,010.

Phaeton is ranking downwards to #499 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small volume of trading today on #PHAE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Phaeton is $8,092.


The circulating supply of PHAE is 250,000,000 coins, which is 50% of the total coin supply.


PHAE is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Hi Phaemliy,

Today Phaeton sets a new milestone with Clymene Test-Net to be activated. The team has worked hard to ensure Phaeton’s Sister Network supports Phaeton's future ecosystem infrastructure as the company grows in the blockchain industry. Phaeton and Clymene are two independent chains on top of which users can launch and operate their own sidechains. Phaeton and Clymene share a special bond as they are built on nearly identical codebases with enhancements to the consensus mechanism and reward distribution. Phaeton and Clymene networks have been designed to facilitate future interoperability between the networks, creating an added layer of security in supporting a true Web3 ecosystem. Clymene is branded as the “Clymene Network” built for Phaeton’s internal projects meaning that new code and features will use Clymene over Phaeton ensuring overall Phaeton’s efficiency by reducing network congestion and maintaining speed and security as a coin. It is important to note that Clymene is not a Test-Net in the traditional sense of the term. The Clymene network is host to substantial economic value on Phaeton's overall vision and value as a Business. Clymene will provide a live, fully decentralized and community-controlled network with real-world conditions and incentives. The initial use case for Clymene is as a production environment for Phaeton's future growth and vertical silos that the business devolves into. Thus, making Phaeton’s business position stronger than ever before… Clymene Network is an independent sidechain which is a separate network that is dependent on the Phaeton Main-Net. Clymene Network will provide many advantages like high speed, flexibility, and liquidity to ensure the Phaetons ecosystem is well supported. New developers can certainly build on top of Phaetons technology to build their own sidechain and decentralised applications whilst working towards a Web 3 Network infrastructure. Phaeton and Clymene are asset backed coins bringing real-life use cases to gear up and be ready for the global market. With new projects like Phaeton RE (Real Estate Defi), Phaeton ID (Identity) and Phaeton Bonds soon to be released this makes, Phaeton’s business position very attractive. Clymene will pre-mine 1 billion coins. 95% of the coins will be considered locked subject to the federation board’s approval which inclines. The company is not able to access or spend them. At this point, it’s time for federations to act to ensure the market's value proposition is maintained. A federation can be defined as a group of powerful servers which are owned by the delegate node holders that work as an intermediary station between Phaeton’s main net and the Clymene side chain. One of the most important purposes of the federation is to determine the time when both Clymene and Phaetons company coins are to be locked and when they should be unlocked.

Clymene Network…Coming Soon!

Phaeton is soon to release the Clymene Network. Phaeton’s sister chain to support Phaeton’s internal projects. This has been designed to eliminate congestion to the main chain for future growth. The team has been working with a number of exchange partners. Phaeton is an ecosystem that is going to be huge.

BlockoHooters and Phaeton Announce Their Media Partnership

Blocko Hooters and Phaeton Announce Their Media Partnership - BlockHooters, one of the top-rated marketing agencies in the crypto space, is pleased to announce a media partnership with Phaeton, a blockchain that intends to revolutionize the industry and allow enthusiasts to explore its true potential. After the collaboration, BlockoHooters will share its resources with Phaeton to help reach a wider audience and effectively market on a global scale. The partnership between the two will aid Phaeton in devising new marketing strategies and apprise users of the advanced features offered by the blockchain, including quick and seamless creation of blocks, the twin consensus mechanisms, and increased efficiency. All about Blockohooters BlockoHooters has been the top promoting agency for years, bringing in millions of dollars in investment for clients. Their team comprises some of the brightest minds in the crypto and marketing space, well acquainted with the latest technologies and understanding the critical barriers and ways around them. BlockoHooters has so far delivered 500+ successful projects in various domains of the crypto space, including IEO, ICO, IDO, NFT, De-Fi, Play to Earn games, and Move to Earn apps, amongst others, with a 100% success rate. BlockoHooters has helped its clients raise more than $575 million through crowdfunding and token sale. Blockohooters specializes in every field of marketing, be it Press Releases, Organic Publications, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Exchange Listing, providing their clients with a one-stop solution to all problems. To find out more about Blockohooter, visit the official website: Twitter: All about Phaeton Phaeton is an emerging blockchain that has gained tremendous popularity recently, owing to several factors, the most prominent being its ultra-modern and state-of-the-art nature. The blockchain employs both Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT) to enhance efficiency and streamline the verification of transactions made on the blockchain. Phaeton aims to provide projects with a truly decentralized governance model to help create unbiased networks. Also, Phaeton will offer interoperability, meaning that projects developed on it can facilitate cross-chain transactions, thus enhancing accessibility. Besides, Phaeton is one of the safest blockchains to be developed to date and is working on further advancing security measures. To find out more about Phaeton, visit the official website: Twitter:

Phaeton’s Bond Marketplace.

This exciting project is one of the first of many to be released, we anticipate that this will be finalised within the next month. It is now in its final stages of development. Below is an outline of the project and its specific features. We look forward to sharing more updates and milestones along the way. The traditional banking and finance system is now challenged by financial technology (FinTech). There are many tech giants replacing banks and disrupting the legacy banking system. These companies are now offering financial services to consumers in a smarter way than the incumbent retail banks. Examples of such services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Millennials are embracing these technological developments as this generation is more gadget dependent than their older generations. Banks have the opportunity to cater to the new generation embracing FinTech innovation for more intelligent banking solutions. One of the finance areas that Phaeton has evaluated is the Bond Finance sector. There are several Defi Blockchain start-ups, such as AAVE and Uniswap. These start-ups are focused on more consumer-driven products. On the other hand, Phaeton has decided to work on the Bond market as it fits in line with Phaeton’s business philosophy, demonstrating how Blockchain Technology can be incorporated with intangible products that affect people’s lives. Primarily, the scope of the Phaeton Bond Exchange platform is a marketplace where new blockchain bonds can be issued and traded conveniently and fluidly. It will provide access to both primary and secondary markets with bonds issued at an affordable level, allowing Millennials to enter the market. In addition, the platform will focus primarily on Green Bonds as it ties into Phaeton’s policy of creating a positive social impact and its drive toward creating an ecologically sustainable planet for future generations. The Bond Market The bond market is often called the debt, fixed-income, or credit market. It is the collective name given to all trades and issues of debt securities. Governments typically issue bonds to raise capital to pay down debts or fund infrastructural improvements. Listed companies issue bonds when they need to finance projects, business expansion projects or maintain ongoing operations. The bond market is segmented into two different markets: the primary and the secondary markets. The primary market is the “new issues” market, in which transactions strictly occur between bond issuers and bond buyers. Whereas in the secondary market, securities already sold in the primary market are bought and sold at later dates. The primary functions of Bonds Bonds represent the financing for long-term projects and innovations. For example, companies issue bonds to pay for acquisitions and large purchases instead of accruing debt from a conventional source. In addition, governments often fund costly infrastructure projects with bond investments. As a result, the bond market plays a significant role in ensuring financial stability for both investors and Issuers. When the stock market hits a correction, the bond market is a more stable fallback for generating wealth. Phaeton Bond Exchange Platform The Phaeton Bond Exchange Platform is a facilitator where third parties can market and raise capital for their projects in a regulated and formal process. The first step is for issuers to submit their proposed project, outlining details of their project together with a feasibility or financial study. A small fee will be charged. Phaeton’s Bond Approval Committee will then review their project before placing it on the Exchange Platform. A formal agreement or contract will be signed between Phaeton and Issuer outlining the terms and conditions before the launch of their Bonds. Phaeton offers a Custodial service, where all funds raised, whether through cryptocurrency or Fiat, will be held. The Custodian will issue the Bonds and transfer the funds to the Issuer. Transaction fees will apply for this process. A Rating Agency service will be offered to issuers. It is voluntary but recommended, especially for new issuers with no track record. The Phaeton Te

Linux and Windows Builds on Phaeton Desktop Applications Updates.

Linux and Windows Builds on Phaeton Desktop Applications Updates. Improvisations over previous build/release Notes: Functionality to Download Transaction’s Data is added to the wallet and accessible through a download button on the dashboard., Functions managing the Datetime and Timezones throughout the wallet are modified and will now display and manage Date Time with respect to the user’s timezone., Support for side chains is added to the inbuilt explorer in the wallet and is improved to display data for sidechain transactions., Bugs fixed and improvements., We are also looking at integrating NFTs into our core projects, which will soon be released.

Hello Phaemily,

Hello Phaemily, Thank you to the community for being so patient with us. Phaeton is still working through the transitional ownership, and we are almost there! We have been working around the clock to ensure that the foundations are correct and bringing projects to fruition. This is an enormous task as we have had to ignite a new Team and previous employees that have followed Phaeton's core Vision. We will announce the other team members and board in due course, but in the meantime would like to introduce you to the technical team members. Core Technical Development Team Chai Shepherd — Chai is a respected subject matter expert in the blockchain and cryptocurrency scene and has professional qualifications as a Blockchain system architect, front-end development, cybersecurity, and digital penetration testing. Chai also leads an experienced team of developers, increasing Phaeton’s capacity to perform blockchain software as a service project, code audits and in-house maintenance. Chai is responsible for the backend of the Company’s systems and services and developing the ongoing Phaeton infrastructure. Ishan Dua — Ishan Is an experienced Technical Product Manager having experience in Blockchain and proprietary software solutions. At Phaeton, Ishan is responsible for defining the product features and their roadmap, overseeing the technical implementation and contributing towards the global acceptance of the Phaeton ecosystem products. Satyam Dua — Satyam is a Full stack developer and one of Phaeton's most highly regarded technical professionals. Satyam is well-versed in database servers, version controls, API, UI elements, hosting ecosystems, and other aspects to meet end-to-end requirements for Phaeton and the development of dApp application on Phaetons blockchain. Sam Rivers — Sam has come on board as a Network Security Engineer. His background in Cyber security and network administration provides the Phaeton Network with additional levels of security. Sam is a Blockchain Security Professional who possesses knowledge about all the security measures to make Blockchain-based systems work efficiently. Sam works closely with product development teams to develop Blockchain-based applications for enterprises and businesses. The projects we are looking at sharing with you shortly include but are not limited to Phaeton ESG Bond Exchange, Phaeton Real Estate Tangible NFT Marketplace, E- Tickets, Phaeton Identity, Carbon Credit Exchange and Modular Data Centres. We are also looking at reinstating the social pages so the community can once again communicate openly. We ask that you adhere to the rules and regulations on these pages once opened. Once again, thanks for your support. We look forward to providing you with more insights into the future of Phaeton and our exciting projects.

Phaeton News and Important Technology Update: July 19th, 2022

Over the last few weeks, Phaeton’s efforts have been focused on three core projects, all of which are set to be delivered within the next few months. While leading the development team, Chai has been working around the clock in the background to ensure the success of Phaeton’s future endeavours. Phaeton’s Staking and Node Proliferation Model: There have been several meetings with the Board and the core development team about Phaeton’s Staking and Node Proliferation Model about the proposed Node Reward Mechanism. Phaeton has identified the following as a high priority. The focus has been to serve Phaeton’s and Node Participants’ interests by spreading the rewards across the entire network with a duly weighted system whilst increasing the delegate round to secure the whole network. Essentially: Phaeton will increase the total number of nodes connected to the network, thereby making Phaeton’s Blockchain secure and delivering immunity resistance against a 51% attack, which in effect means that Phaeton will have created a staggered system. Phaeton will not limit the total number of nodes to 86 in a delegate round. The consensus protocol will specify who has the right to forge a new block and how it can reach an agreement on blocks. After the forging of blocks, it is then that they are added to the Phaeton native blockchain and that all state changes induced by the block transactions are applied. Key advantages of using the Phaeton Protocol: Super Low transaction fees: These very low fees are now deliverable as the high traffic of any of Phaeton’s native blockchain applications does not directly affect any of its other blockchain applications. The transaction fees are, therefore, much lower than our competitors, coupled with intelligently designed breakpoints that ultimately aim to deliver highly profitable rewards (see below). Phaeton: Unique Optimal Characteristics: Phaeton’s native blockchain has been designed with the optimal characteristics for the specific use case (such as adjusting the block time or the number of delegates). Infinitely Scalable blockchain: Phaeton doesn’t suffer from potential bottlenecks in the network and has been built with the inherent capacity to handle the data from only one blockchain application whilst simultaneously and seamlessly taking an infinite number of other applications with 1M+++ tps, current throughput over the entire network. Burning of all Transaction fees: All transaction fees are burnt. The burning of all fees and the consensus has been designed to counterattack inflation over timing whilst specifically limiting the total supply of PHAE, thereby potentially increasing the inherent value of PHAE due to the capping total ever of collection of PHAE to 500 million tokens. Phaeton Node Hashing Algorithm: Phaeton’s Blake3 has been built to be lightning-fast and secure as it can be parallelised on supported systems due to the usage of the binary tree structure to process chunks of data independently. Phaeton’s Blake3 then processes the individual outputs to get single output out of them. Phaeton’s Blake3 is 5–6x faster than the traditional SHA (SHA3–256) algorithm in the Node JS environment, but we can attain 15x in Rust implementation than SHA3–256. As you can appreciate, the new structure will take some time to come to fruition, so in the meantime, we have decided to provide the community with a reduction in node monthly fees. Starting from August 1st 2022, Phaeton Nodes will be USD 500 per month until the transition occurs. If this is something you wish to explore, please get in touch with us at so we can assist with the set-up and ensure that you can start receiving your awards as soon as possible. Phaeton looks forward to sharing the ongoing and far-reaching vision with you all !!l Rewards and Fees for staking Phae coins on Phaeton Nodes to be Reset during the 2022 Phaeton Fork: Announcement to be advised in the coming weeks.

Phaeton News

We would like to thank all shareholders for their support and patience as Phaeton has grown into a focussed entity. The 1st half of the year has seen several changes which have resulted in the establishment a stable and stronger foundation moving forward. The Board is proud to welcome new Board members and have re-instated Chai Shepherd to lead the Technology Team as CTO and we are looking forward to continuing the hard work he has done in the past to drive Phaeton forward. The new board members bring with them commercial experience with depth and knowledge in the technology space as well as international public listed companies. We are looking forward to sharing more on this in the coming weeks. The Business direction is continuing to focus its core business on the Phaeton blockchain driving technology advancements into the quantum computer space. Phaeton’s technology understanding of data which is the lifeblood of our digital world and for most organizations its most valuable asset. Data continues to grow in volume year-over-year and so too does data theft and compromise to any network, Phaeton and its technology team solves a number of these underlying issues using the Phaeton Blockchain to secure data and information in a decentralised environment. Phaeton continues to explore new directions and plans to be working with computing devices that can use quantum mechanics, Partners like D-Wave and SpinQ are currently in talks with Phaeton in research and development into creating a decentralised Quantum Blockchain Network. We will continue to send our updates as things progress, if you have any questions in the interim please email them to Thank you for your continued support. The Board of Director

A Positive Update

Hey Phaemily, We are working through some unexpected changes that occurred within the company internal structure that has created a small impact for the short-term. However, to be clear, this is not a “Doom or Gloom” direction. Unsubstantiated statements have been made, most of which are speculative. These statements have created a FUD environment that does not help the value of everyone’s investment, whether large or small. For now, we have suspended all discussions on Social Media platforms. Rest assured, we are working at creating a positive result for all community members, and we are excited about the new prospects that are being worked on along with new potential team members who may be joining the team. As you can appreciate, the transition process can take some time to ensure that a favorable outcome is achieved for all Phaeton shareholders, and coin holders. Once this comes to fruition, we will notify you with an update. We are excited about Phaeton’s future prospects and look forward to sharing these with you in due course. In the meantime, we will continue to provide regular updates to you as more details are available to share. As always, you still have our support within the Phaemily Team, and if needed, you can contact us by email at Regards Ron Forlee CEO

Important Announcement

To the Phaemily, The following statement has been issued to Phaeton token holders and shareholders on behalf of the executive team. Phaeton would like to acknowledge that there are concerns within the community about Phaeton’s position, internal structure, disputes, and forward planning. It appears the Company, token holders and shareholders have lost focus on what Phaeton is all about. Phaeton has never been just about blockchain, its focus and roadmap has always been to create, engage in and develop projects that will disrupt many industries and create a positive social impact for today and future generations. This position has not changed and is what we have continuously been working towards. It is important to remember that Phaeton is a Company and not just a representation of a few of individuals. As with any other Company, there will inevitably be changes to leadership, internal management, investors, and partners etc whether it is today, tomorrow or in the future. The community may be aware of internal changes — of which some may or may not agree with. While there have been internal changes, Phaeton has always endeavoured to focus on forward planning to ensure we deliver on the commitments we have made. It is important to remember that regardless of who is in charge of any part of the day-to-day functions or operations, Phaeton is set up to continue functioning today, tomorrow, and hopefully still in 50 years. Finally, we live in a world that can have its ups and downs, but we must remain respectful towards each other and not lose focus on what Phaeton is setting out to do. We will not tolerate misinformation, slandering or accusation against the company, current and ex-employees, and other community members. The narrative is to see this channel once again become focused upon what Phaeton can do, where Phaeton can make a difference, and how Phaeton can add value. Not how quick I can ‘cash’ or ‘dump’ because it’s funny. We encourage all to reflect on how we as a community can make a difference together in a positive way. Best regards The Phaeton Te


Phaeton Energy: Towards Embedded Network

    Researchers recently reported that Bitcoin mining has a shocking energy consumption level that is comparable to a medium-sized country. Blockchain is the most booming technology of our time, with implementation across various industries such as health care, supply chain management, games and entertainment, and so on. Blockchain is a boon to the industry but if it is not used sustainably, it can cause us great harm. While some blockchain companies have started buying carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprint, it does not solve the underlying problem. Phaeton has quite a unique approach to this problem. Australia-based company, Phaeton, is here to build a sustainable environment for our future generations. Phaeton is a one-of-a-kind company implementing blockchain technology powered by renewable energy. They have the great ideology of making the world better for all communities by using blockchain technologies. Phaeton is building Solar farms and wind turbines for powering their data centres. They also utilize geothermal energy for cooling and backup. Phaeton’s energy plant rollout is based upon the needs of the energy system in Western Australia, known as the Southwest Interconnected System (SWIS).  The SWIS or “Grid” is a vast electricity system in the southwestern part of Australia covering an area of over 93,000 km with generation plants located in two main centres.  As a result, the fringe of the grid suffers instability resulting in lengt... read More

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