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Peri Finance Token  


PERI Price:
$22.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$315.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PERI today is $0.07 USD.

The lowest PERI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.071, and the exact current price of one PERI crypto coin is $0.07124.

The all-time high PERI coin price was $7.63.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PERI with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Peri Finance Token crypto currency is #PERI.

Peri Finance Token is 2.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Peri Finance Token is $315,436.

Peri Finance Token is ranking upwards to #1389 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #PERI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Peri Finance Token is $22,340.


The circulating supply of PERI is 4,427,704 coins, which is 35% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Peri Finance Token coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


PERI is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the PERI Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


PERI is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #PERI trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #PERI purchase.



Opportunities by NEND

NFT owners can borrow against the value of their NFT whilst retaining ownership of the asset. - If you have bought an NFT that you want to hold on to because it has rights associated to it you wish to retain but at the same time it’s of no practical use, NEND protocol will allow you to utilize its value and take opportunities for more returns in several ways, such as reinvest timely undervalued assets or highly profitable NFTs. Many owners view NFT ownership as a long-term investment but would like to make short term better use of the asset. No NFT is the same so the reason for different stakeholders participating in this ecosystem will be many and varied. All operations will be governed by smart contracts defined by a democratic governance process, like many you can see working today in the Defi community. While lenders in the protocol can earn a yield through providing liquidity and through the process of assessing risk and value, ‘curators’ in the network can earn NEND tokens for performing ‘curation’ (the process of defining an NFT $ valuation). — NEND Protocol specially enables participants to refinance or monetize their various illiquid assets. - In several sectors of the defi protocol, various assets remain illiquid in the form of deeds, notes, or bonds. These assets typically take a long time to sell or can be structurally complex because the underlying sources of cash flow can be hard to discern. The...

Welcome to NEND

NEND Introduction. — NEND is a cross-chain defi (decentralised finance) protocol enabling trading of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and for participants in the ecosystem to be able to lend and borrow against the value of these new digital assets. For lending, lenders can leverage up to 3x of their own assets to loan out by drawing from the lending pool in order that they receive more interest than they can earn on their own lending amount. NEND lending pool allows the lenders to give leveraged loans to the borrowers. For regular Defi investors, NEND lending pool works as a reserve pool which returns sweet staking rewards in NEND token for staking ETH, MATIC, SOL, AVAX, BNB, Pynths, and stable coins. The assets accumulated in the pool from staking are then utilized for leveraged NFT-backed lending. NEND platform, furthermore, expands its ecosystem into a secondary market where participants get a chance of refinancing their illiquid assets by trading asset-backed deeds, notes or bonds. This is something that does not currently exist in the NFT space and represents a huge opportunity to be a first mover in the fast-developing NFT space. Governance for the platform, the lending, and sales processes are managed via the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with incentives for all participants in the ecosystem to benefit from. We believe interoperability across protocols is essential. For that reason, we will seek to en...

PERI Finance Report — November 2022

PERI Finance Report — November 2022 - We are thrilled to share our November monthly report of PERI Finance. Our team members have focused on additional dApp updates. This November edition of PERI Finance monthly report covers details of current updates. Please see each section below: Updates to PERI.staking PERI Liquidation Process PERI team decided to update the liquidation process. The protocol no longer carries out the liquidation process it self. Instead, only liquidators can participate in the all liquidation process by buying the debts. Even in the condition of C-ratio falling under 100% which is the value of the collateral is lower than that of the debt, liquidators still can take the collateral with 10% discount by covering only part, but not all, of the debt. Updates to PERI.DEX Trading Chart PERI.DEX now provides candlestick charts for users to detect and predict market trends over time. Please be aware that this candle stick charts do not represent real-time data. The charts are only for the reference. About PERI Finance PERI Finance is a decentralized, cross-chain mirrored asset issuance and derivatives exchange on the Polkadot, Kusama, and Moonriver network. PERI Finance allows accessing a wide range of both traditional financial and crypto assets in the form of leverage and non-leverage mirrored products. PERI Finance empowers users with the lower GAS fee, speedy transactions, and ample security from ...

Introducing Liquidation Feature of PERI

TL;DR - Liquidation process will start running on PERI staking dApp starting June 24th, 2022. If your C-ratio is under 150% by then, your assets will get LIQUIDATED! — What is “liquidation” in PERI ecosystem? - In traditional finance, liquidation occurs when a company or group must sell some of its assets at a loss to cover a debt. PERI liquidations are similar in that users take out debt as they mint pUSD by staking PERI, USDC, and DAI. When they mint pUSD, they are providing the aforementioned crypto assets as collateral to back the debt, pUSD. Thus, PERI liquidation is the process by which a smart contract sells crypto assets to cover the debt. — C-Ratio (Collateral-Ratio) - Liquidation is basically a stop-loss for PERI stakers. The liquidation threshold protects the staker from a sharp price drop of collateralized assets. PERI’s default collateral to debt ratio is 400% — the value of collateral is 400% of debt generated from minting pUSD. If the staker’s c-ratio falls to the liquidation threshold of 150% or is unable to support the staker’s debt value, the protocol will allow someone else to repay his debt, at a discount, in exchange for the collateralized asset. In the process, the staker has to take a 10% liquidation penalty that goes to liquidators as a premium for carrying out liquidations. — Liquidators - PERI Staking dApp offers hefty incentives, also known as liquidation bonuses,...

PERI Finance Report — April 2022

PERI Finance Report — April 2022 - We are thrilled to share our April monthly report of PERI Finance. Our team members have worked through launching the synthetic assets DEX platform, holding additional events, organizing project info for users. This April report includes PERI’s major updates, please see each section below: — 1. PERI Finance Pynths Trading DEX Launched on Moonriver Network - A long waited PERI’s Pynths DEX has launched as promised to our community members, This is just the beginning of PERI’s long journey of expanding ecosystem, — 2. PERI Finance has expanded its token capabilities by integrating Chainlink price feeds. - PERI Finance adopted Chainlink’s live price feed system to be employed on the newly launched DEX, The partnership will continue along as PERI develops a perpetual swap function, — 3. PERI DEX Whitelist - Hundreds of Defi enthusiasts have applied to join PERI DEX Whitelist, The whitelisted community will lead PERI’s Defi culture, — 4. PERI Finance $PERI has Listed on BitMart - PERI added another option for our users to trade PERI tokens, — 5. Monthly PERI MEME Contest! - PERI hosted our first monthly PERI MEME contest on TG, Hundreds of PERI supporters shared and enjoyed MEMEs about PERI with the community, Staking dApp | DEX dApp | Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | PERI Fi...

PERI Finance x Chainlink AMA Summary

AMA Info - Date: May 12, 2022 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time Venue: Chainlink Official Telegram ( — Questions and Answers on the Chainlink Host - — Q1. Tell us about your project, how does it work?. — A1. PERI Finance is a cross-chain based synthetic asset issuance and derivatives decentralized exchange. This means dApp will run on multi-chain networks like Ethereum, Polygon and Polkadot. Our DEX allows users to trade ‘synthetic’ or ‘mirrored’ assets, which are tokenized version of various funtions including cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, and FX. The creation of such funtions was possible because of Chainlink’s cutting edge live price feeds system. And this is why Chainlink is such an important partner for us. The base currency of our DEX is called pUSD which is a stablecoin minted from staking PERI, our native token. Users need to stake 400% worth of PERI in order to mint pUSD — this mechanism differentiates PERI’s pUSD from algorithmic stablecoins like UST. There’s always need to be 400% worth of PERI available for any pUSD to be minted, and as soon as the staked value of PERI reaches 150% of previously minted pUSD, pUSD gets liquidated in order to stop the loss. — Q2. As always, we’re interested about what makes your project special?. — A2. There are 3 special features that make our project so special: vAMM, crosschain, and Pynths. vAMM is the mechanism behind our DE...

PERI Finance x BitMart AMA Recap

AMA Info. — Date: April 22nd 2022, 3PM UTC Place: BitMart official Telegram ( Promotion: Total $1,000 for Twitter airdrop, quiz event, users’ question nominees — Part 1. Questions and Answers from BitMart Host. — Q1. Which unique features of the project do you have? A1. The most important thing for PERI Finance’s project is “Synthetic Asset“. Synthetic Asset is a very powerful tool for accessing all kinds of assets. We named it “Pynths“. Pynths stands for PERI Synthetic Assets and is a synthetic asset of Forex, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrency in traditional financial markets.The price moves according to the actual price of the underlying asset. It can be called Delta One derivatives, however since transactions are carried out by smart contracts within the blockchain network and all assets sits on my wallet, they are transparent, very convenient, and highly reliable. Pynths products are USD, EUR, GBP for Forex, S&P500, HANGSENG for Indices, Gold, Silver, Oil for Commodities, BTC, ETH, LTC for Cryptocurrency. The reason behind choosing Polkadot Network is the Polkadot’s interoperability by which we can easily move our value from one network to another. Thanks to Polkadot’s RelayChain, everyone will be able to mint Pynths without using converting their crypto-asset to another. So, the ecosystem will be extended to all Blockchain network connected to Polkadot. Q2. What critical...

Whitelist Selection Result — PERI DEX

Whitelist Selection Result — PERI DEX - Dear PERI supporters, After reviewing over 5,000 registrations, PERI Finance is now announcing the official DEX whitelist result here. We’ve carefully selected total of 100 supporters who have completed various tasks on the whitelist program. Our official community managers will contact whitelist users via telegram IDs that the users have provided us. If you are one of the selected PERI DEX whitelist users, please communicate with your community managers to confirm your Discord username and wallet address. Here’s the full result of PERI DEX Whitelist: — Whitelist Telegram Username. — Sant**** Kary**** imon**** rupe**** shin**** Mlet**** nhat**** khud**** we_1**** jodo**** Cryp**** Sidz**** aibr**** ripo**** jude**** rajo**** Robi**** CunC**** Ikba**** tawh**** Smri**** Ty_D**** Insp**** Cryp**** Mira**** mahm**** divy**** Rick**** dnz0**** offi**** Rase**** Roha**** safa**** AI_R**** Alch**** Rifa**** Fero**** Alam**** Shom**** Fare**** Happ**** bdma**** Eren**** Shob**** Remm**** Sumo**** artg**** Alam**** Dini**** Mdta**** Nili**** Aird**** mul5**** Seps**** Zafe**** hann**** guse**** moha**** NewF**** Tasl**** thev**** nafi**** jayg**** Aird**** Ula2**** raki**** love**** Earn**** luiz**** Hour**** KosK**** liam**** panj**** Juba**** OxCo**** Runo**** GemM**** Pete**** Bang**** moua**** tanv**** lutv**** mous**** sub6**** choy**** Ruha**** Raid**** nhah**** it...

PERI DEX Trading Campaign — Win a Share of USD 2,500 + Unlimited Prize Pool!

PERI DEX Trading Campaign — Win a Share of USD 2,500 + Unlimited Prize Pool! - — Join to win a share of the USD 2,500 + unlimited prize pool by trading PERI - Following the launch of PERI DEX on Polkadot’s Moonriver network, we are excited to announce the start of the PERI DEX Trading Campaign. PERI DEX users have the chance to win a share of the USD 2,500 + Unlimited prize pool by trading Pynths. Campaign Period: 30 April 2022 at 00:00 UTC ~ until further notice — Part 1: PERI Lucky Draw (USD 2,500 Prize Pool) - 10 users who trade at least pUSD 50 of Pynths during the Campaign Period will win 1,000 PERI (USD 250)each. — How to participate?. — Connect to PERI DEX dApp, Buy at least pUSD 50 worth of Pynths in the dApp, 10 traders will each win 1,000 PERI (USD 250 worth) in a lucky draw, You can mint pUSD on our Staking dApp by staking PERI, — Part 2: Buy & Earn (Unlimited Prize Pool) - The first 100 traders ranked by pUSD transaction history will win 10 PERI everyday. — How to participate?. — Connect to PERI DEX dApp, Buy at least pUSD 50 worth of Pynths in the dApp, The top 100 earliest traders since UTC 00:00 everyday will be the prize recipients, You can mint pUSD on our Staking dApp by staking PERI, — What is Pynths? - Pynths are mirrored assets minted by staking PERI on PERI’s staking dApp. Pynths’ prices are seamlessly updated by Chainlink...

PERI Finance Pynths Trading DEX Launched on Moonriver Network

We’re thrilled to announce that Pynths DEX dApp is now open on Moonriver mainnet! PERI Finance’s DEX provides traders a seamless environment to trade its Pynths assets, which can be minted by staking PERI tokens on PERI’s staking dApp. The DEX also benefits PERI stakers by distributing DEX trading fees to them. PERI’s DEX dApp precisely traces its decentralized mirrored crypto assets using Chainlink Price Feeds. While no other projects have been able to succeed in the cross-chain synthetic asset dApp yet, PERI Finance DEX came up with a solution for the cross-chain based synthetic asset DEX service for the first time in the history of Defi world. — Services Provided by PERI Synthetic Assets DEX dApp - — Pynths(PERI Synthetic assets) Trading. — Users can trade Pynths with pUSD stablecoin minted from PERI staking dApp. PERI Finance supports more than 20 distinct Pynths on DEX dApp, including pUSD, pBTC, pETH, pBNB, pEUR and more. PERI finance provides a wide range of mirrored financial assets to be traded with pUSD, facilitating trades compared to trading traditional assets. — Cross-chain Pynths Bridge. — PERI Finance provides its users a cross-chain bridge from and to Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Moonriver on the DEX platform. The bridge enables PERI holders to effortlessly access DEX on Moonriver with their staked assets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks. — P...


How XRP Was Added To Multichain To Connect With EVM Blockchains

    The cryptocurrency powering the XRP Ledger (XRPL), XRP, will be accessible via other blockchains. According to an official post, Multichain has added support for the XRPL to connect it with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and non-EVM compliant blockchains. Formerly known as Anyswap, and later rebranded as Multichain, this cross-chain bridge allows different blockchains to connect and send transactions with each other. Users can leverage this solution to send an asset on a blockchain, such as XRP, to a second network. Currently, Multichain supports around 40 networks and records $200 million in daily transaction volume, with a total, valued locked (TVL) standing at $6 billion. This makes Multichain one of the most used cross-chain solutions in the crypto space. The addition of XRP to its solution aims at making the crypto ecosystem more interconnected. The team behind the project claims “blockchain should not be isolated from each other”. By making the crypto ecosystem more connected, the team behind Multichain claims, it’ll become “healthier”. Zhaojun, Co-Founder of Multichain, said the following about the XRP integration and its potential to attract new users to the DeFi sector: DeFi users will be able to access the XRPL ecosystem and leverage the power of XRP Ledger, which is known to be extremely fast, cheap and scalable for movement of value. Additionally, it will be a boost for XRP Ledger’s interoperability with the growing blockc... read More

Multichain Whitehat Hacker Returns 259 ETH: Report

    The users of cross-chain protocol lashed out over an unsolved security vulnerability that appeared earlier this week and the platform's failure to act. Later on, though, Multichain revealed that one whitehat hacker returned 259 ETH, worth approximately $813,000. The Multichain Exploit It all started when Multichain announced the existence of a flaw that made several accounts vulnerable to malicious entities. The team behind the protocol urged its users to revoke approvals for six tokens - WETH, PERI, OMT, WBNB, MATIC, and AVAX, in order to protect their assets, an action that inevitably prompted hackers to rush in and exploit the vulnerability. Update According to the tracking data, one whitehat hacker has returned 259 ETH ( At this moment, a total of 602.693538 ETH is exploited. We are trying to get more funds back. — Multichain (Previously Anyswap) (@MultichainOrg) January 20, 2022 Three hackers siphoned off with around $1.9 million worth of Ether, according to Multichain. However, the Co-founder of ZenGo Tal Be'ery estimated that the total stolen amount has likely crossed $3 million. One of the hackers swiped $1.43 million from users who failed to update their approvals. Another hacker offered to return 80% and kept the rest $150,000 as a tip. Seeing this, one of the victims, who reportedly lost $960,000 in the exploit, negotiated with the hacker by offering a reward of 50 ETH to the address in return for the funds. The Chaos Users were lef... read More

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