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PEOS Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$23.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #PEOS is $0.0000396 USD.

Please note that the price of #PEOS was last updated over 90 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #PEOS statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest PEOS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000396, and the exact last price of PEOS was $0.00003959.

The all-time high PEOS coin price was $0.028.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PEOS with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for pEOS crypto currency is also #PEOS.

pEOS is 4.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for pEOS is $23,449.

pEOS is ranked #2091, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #PEOS.


The circulating supply of PEOS is 592,366,008 coins, which is 77% of the maximum coin supply.


PEOS is a token on the Eos blockchain.


PEOS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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pEOS: Status update

Hello fellow followers! We hope this update finds you and your families safe from Covid-19. It has been (and still is) a very new situation for everybody, so first of all lets wish for better days to come. And by talking about better days, lets get into some project updates for Private EOS. First of all some facts about the project so far.pEOS so far pEOS in the past year managed to go from very humble beginnings, to being the number one project on EOS by far. During that year we presented a system for private transactions on EOS. From the early days we pushed EOS to the limit and we were probably the only project that contributed code to the actual mainline. We open sourced our functioning UTXO model working on pEOS tokens, along with command line tools to interact with it. This for the first time enabled users to own tokens running on an EOS based blockchain without the need for having an account, along with pseudo anonymity. We enabled a staking system for pEOS tokens with staking rewards. Some statistics as we write are:63.8 million tokens currently staked (more than 10% of the circulating PEOS supply)Almost 1 million tokens distrubuted as staking rewards to the above holders (1.5% yearly interest. 5 times more than REX which stands at 0.3%) We delivered the alpha version of the UI wallet for Windows and Mac, and we have seen great usage even at this early stage. We got listed on most major EOS supporting exchanges,...

Native ECC implementation vs EOSVM

Here we present our findings regarding the performance of EOSVM compared to native code when doing elliptic curve cryptography. Evidence presented here is to support our EOS improvement proposal regarding the implementation of EC intrinsics in EOSIO. In order to compare the performance we use a simple ECC library that is easy to compile for EOSIO and can run inside a contract without many modifications. We don’t use this in our pEOS implementation as it lacks some mathematical optimizations and precalculations, however, it is very good for comparing the performance while running the same code. You can download the library from: The library contains a test suite that provides a benchmark with singing and verifying random data. Namely the program: src/ec_self_tests.c . This program initializes the library, generates a key pair and performs 300 signatures and verification of those signatures. Below we can see the same code implemented as an EOS contract action called bench: Running the default native implementation of the benchmark we get around 250 signatures/sec. The same code running interpreted by EOSVM, with the node running on the same machine, fails to finish within the transaction time limits imposed by the system. As a matter of fact the code gist above only attempts to do one signature (not 300 like the original test...

pEOS Status Update

Hello fellow followers! I am sure you all noticed we are for the first time a little behind on our schedule, so we thought we should have a status update. As you already know, we were scheduled to launch on the mainnet during October. Regardless of several EOSIO delays (for example in our initial planning we expected EOSIO 1.8 months earlier and hopping for 2.0 with the EOSVM at this time), we are ready for mainnet, finishing off security audits. We made this announcement and then… as you know… all hell broke loose. Immediately after the announcement, the EOS mainnet entered congestion mode, making our test deployments much more troublesome that necessary and expected. Thankfully with REX it becomes easier, but still, things became much more expensive and slow to test. This made it obvious to us that eventually, we will have to start pushing one of our alternative implementations of the pEOS technology. One that requires some changes into the EOSIO system itself. We initially didn’t push for those as it would require to implement/approve these, and it would make it very unpredictable to estimate and plan for. Instead we pulled every rabbit from our sleeves and used every trick in the book of code optimization to make pEOS possible without any native cryptography support. So after witnessing the quick growth of the network and the future need for further optimization, in parallel to the launch and to lay the g...

EOS Improvement Proposal

Below we are publishing the initial version of the first EOS improvement proposal. In an effort to make EOSIO software development more decentralized and after Dan’s suggestion, we are here providing the initial write up for an improvement proposal regarding accelerating elliptic curve cryptography inside smart contracts. Inspired by the way Ethereum improvement proposals are handled we are hopping EIPs will be eventually integrated into a repository in the EOS github, so that anyone can contribute, and allow a discussion to be made. In that spirit, hopefully, even improvements by will be first documented as EIPs, in order to allow third party developers to anticipate and contribute more efficiently to the project. *Where is EIP-1? Well EIP-1 will be the proposal for doing EIPs ;)EIP-2: Provide intrinsics for addition and scalar multiplication on elliptic curves secp256r1 and secp256k1 Simple Summary Implementation of compiler toolkit intrinsics for elliptic curve operations inside contracts. Abstract This improvement proposal suggests the addition of native intrinsic functions in the EOSIO platform that expose native implementations of elliptic curve scalar multiplication and addition. The native implementation of such functions will enable a much broader spectrum of dapps to be developed on the EOSIO smart contract software platform. Such functionality should cover the natively used curve secp256r1 and addition...

pEOS: Mainnet launch

Hello fellow followers! How does time fly? We started our journey some months ago, and now after much hard work, we are finally to the point we have all been waiting for… We are glad to announce that we will be aiming for a mainnet release during October. We are currently doing testing on the -unfortunately greatly delayed- EOSIO version 1.8, regardless of the delay things look great and we are looking at a gradual release around the 15th. We are not going to set a specific day as people tend get manipulative with such things. In the meanwhile, feel free to join the telegram channels below for more updates and discussion. See you on the other side!!! Website: Telegram: Telegram China: Twitter: GitHub:

Staking pEOS tokens

Today, we are enabling staking of PEOS tokens, a long requested feature by the PEOS community. This will enable better security for compromised keys, in the same way it does for native EOS tokens. Additionally, staking tokens creates passive income proportional to the staked amount and stake duration. As you probably already know, PEOS is a non-inflationary token. The total supply of PEOS is fixed and doesn’t increase with time, the way EOS tokens do. There is no inflation. So where does the earnings for staked tokens come from? The earnings are part of the fees payed for buying RAM when doing private transactions. Without getting into technicalities the contract can’t really estimate the RAM usage apriori, and therefore follows a conservative strategy. Eventually, when the transactions are in, that surplus can be accounted for. Additionally future transactions also free memory. That creates a surplus. We decided that the best use of these tokens is to give them back to the token holders. Of course, the amount of returns will increase with the number of private transactions that happen on the network. The contract supports a few extra actions now: stake, unstake, refund and realizedivs. Block explorer and wallet developers will surely find it easy to implement these in their software. Until then, people can use out own wallet that is updated to version 0.0.3 and can be downloaded here: [Download link] Not sure if you wan...

pEOS (PEOS) got listed on Switcheo!

We are delighted to announce that pEOS (PEOS) is now listed on Switcheo Exchange. The listing will allow Switcheo users to buy and sell PEOS against EOS. Risk Warning: Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are subject to high market volatility and risk. Please apply your own due diligence before buying or selling cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Switcheo will make our best efforts to choose high quality tokens, but will not be responsible for monetary losses. — About Switcheo Network:. — Switcheo Network is the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of EOS, Ethereum and NEO tokens. Their goal is to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities across multiple blockchains, with a focus on delivering a world-class trading experience in a fully trustless and decentralized environment. For more information on Switcheo:Visit their website and check out their exchangeYou can follow Switcheo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit and YouTube Learn more about the pEOS project and get in touch with the community by following the links below: Website: Telegram: Telegram China: Twitter: GitHub:

pEOS Q2 Update

Hey peeps, it’s been a while since our last post, but we have been endlessly working towards bringing the pEOS vision to life. We want to thank you all for your support so far, your nice words, your videos, your pEOS related GIFs, stickers, memorabilia and artwork in general; you really encourage us to keep fighting to bring privacy on the EOS ecosystem! Community support is really important for us and watching ours grow organically was a humbling experience for us.GO PEOS! After a long journey we come bearing gifts of our own and they come in the form of the pEOS smart contract beta release, important parts of code being open sourced (free as beer) and UTXOs on the main-net. But let’s get into more detail.During the past few weeks (as many from the community noticed) we have been testing out the beta version of the pEOS smart contract on the Jungle testnet. We are finally happy to officially announce that we have successfully deployed the code on the the address netpeostoken. This is a huge milestone for the project, and people can now test out the beta version of the implementation. This is the account where we originally have deployed the UTXO code, which we upgraded to the new code. Therefore keep in mind that the UTXO transactions will no longer work on the jungle testnet, but read more about that below.Additionally to deploying the beta code on testnet, we are exited to inform you that we are also decided to proce...

Announcing the pEOS Privacy Fund for enabling privacy technologies on EOS

We started out to create pEOS, because we strongly believe in privacy being a fundamental human right. For us, the pEOS token and the technology behind it, are the starting point for embarking on a much bigger journey that will lead us to technology able to provide to people the next level of privacy. Regardless of the latest general indifference towards privacy by many organizations, we strongly believe that most of the people still value privacy, and understand the implications of living in a future where technology strips the population of this fundamental right instead of empowering it. How many of history’s fallen totalitarian regimes would have survived, had they been given the power to know every book that anybody would ever buy and read? Stop and think about that for a moment.How many of history’s fallen totalitarian regimes would have survived, had they been given the power to know every book that anybody would ever buy and read? We live in times where freedom of ideas is at the same time exploding through the Information Age, but also stands more fragile than ever. In an age of AI, massive processing power and big data we are one corner away from this power ending up into the wrong hands. Preaching, protecting and enabling privacy is more important than ever and it has become a crucial imperative to ensure future generations’ freedom. If we achieve to accelerate and empower the development of technologies an...

pEOS Wallet Preview

Last week we put out an article describing the design decisions behind our wallet implementation. Earlier this week we sent out a video of the wallet in action to Rob from Cypherglass, who was kind enough to present it in the video below: Learn more about the pEOS project and get in touch with the community by following the links below: Website: Telegram: Telegram China: Twitter: GitHub:

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