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$22.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$9.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PENDLE today is $0.05 USD.

The lowest PENDLE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.053, and the exact current price of one PENDLE crypto coin is $0.05325.

The all-time high PENDLE coin price was $2.50.

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The code for Pendle crypto currency is also #PENDLE.

Pendle is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Pendle is $9,839,201.

Pendle is ranked #552 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #PENDLE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Pendle is $22,392.


The circulating supply of PENDLE is 184,769,451 coins, which is 80% of the total coin supply.


PENDLE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

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PENDLE is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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May Update

Market cycles come and go, but V2 is inevitable. We hope you have weathered the Terra storm and the ongoing bear with minimal damage and are looking forward to sharing our efforts with everyone who has stuck with us through these tough times. We’re excited to release one piece of the puzzle (of three 😜) for V2: the SCY token standard! Released as EIP-5115 on the Ethereum Magicians forum, SCY allows for seamless integrations and can function as the gateway for projects building on top of interest-bearing tokens, with the ultimate goal of universal composability. We’re also happy to share that V2 development is progressing steadily as planned. The first codebase audit has been completed, and we are proceeding with a second-round involving 4 independent auditors. We are working hard to uphold the protocol security that we have established in V1. Reports will be published once all audits are completed. May Update was originally published in Pendle on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

April Update

April highlight: Contracts have been sent for audit. The past month has been full throttle towards V2. Let’s take a breather and check out some updates in April 👇Contracts Our V2 contracts have been finalized, and believe us it is absolutely jam-packed with juicy innovations. Of course, we can’t get too excited about new tech without first addressing our contract security. We have already engaged our first auditor with 2 more lined up.V2 UI Design Thanks to our wonderful design tag team, ur V2 UI design is complete and it looks *chef’s kiss* beautiful. App development works are now running in parallel with contract audits. Here’s a 1-page sneak peek:Pendle Internship Program We all have a part to play in growing the DeFi community, and Pendle strongly believes that having strong developer talent is a key pillar of this growth. We have been engaging students from universities from all over the world, and onboarding them into DeFi — we’ve got a cheerful bunch of interns joining us this spring to ramp up our execution. With the strong foundational knowledge provided by the DeFi veterans here at Pendle, their talent will surely flourish, and eventually contribute to the overall growth of DeFi. V2 has been a project long in the making for us, and we are so excited to be finally able to showcase our brainchild to the world. Thanks for all your invaluable support, and as usual, stay tuned for more v2 update...

March 2022 Update

March is an important month for Pendle, as we shift our sights fully towards the horizon and sail full speed ahead towards the future. Let’s do a quick recap of some of the major developments that we have made this month.[Redacted] Cartel Community Call As is customary for Pendle launches, we organised a community call over on [Redacted]’s Discord server in the second week of March. A huge shout out to the [Redacted] community for having us, you guys were great, and we had fun answering your questions and messing about, cheers! If you missed the call or want to re-listen to it, you can do so here.Improved UX Members of our community have pointed out that our dapp can get quite slow at times, taking a long time to load the numbers in the market. We’ve taken note of the feedback, and our devs have pushed out a back-end caching upgrade, which should reduce load times in our dapp. Thanks to those who raised the issue in our Discord! If you notice anything off with our dapp, do not hesitate to drop us some feedback in our Discord, we’ll get on the case immediately!Pendle’s PP Project Permission (PP) is just the first of many exciting features of the new iteration of Pendle. Permissionlessness enables the yield tokenization and yield trading of any yield-bearing asset in crypto, which will establish Pendle as the go-to protocol for yield trading. For more information, read the full article on Medium.To infinity, and ...

Feb 2022 Update

February 2022 was… eventful, to say the least. Amidst inflation fears, interest rate hikes, and the looming war, it has been a trying time for everyone around the world. Despite this, the Pendle team has kept our heads up and pushed ahead with our ventures, leading to a few exciting developments in the past month.wxBTRFLY Our partnership with the [Redacted] Cartel is likely the biggest highlight of February for us. It was our pleasure to work with a well-established and experienced team, and our hard work has already bore some fruit. Shortly after launch, the Pendle TVL for wxBTRFLY has hit $600K! With updates in the wxBTRFLY rebase index coming up soon, our TVL and trading volume is expected to go up as holders speculate on the yield fluctuations. We can’t wait to see the big-brain strategies you guys come up with to maximise your wxBTRFLY yields!Gas Optimisations for Ethereum After the Avalanche launch in November, much of our devs’ attention has been focused on developing and maintaining our Avalanche protocol. But with things calming down on that end, we have returned our sights to Ethereum with some major QOL upgrades for LPers. The incentives distribution mechanism for LPing in YT and OT pools has been streamlined and simplified, eliminating the staking and vesting mechanism in order to cut down on gas usage. Thanks to this, you can say goodbye to exorbitant gas fees on Ethereum when collecting $PENDLE ince...

Pendle’s PP

It’s hard to believe it’s been less than a year since we introduced Pendle to the world. Since launch, we have supported various types of yield-bearing assets: money markets, x-tokens, LP assets, and rebasing frog coins. The first iterations of Pendle have given us many insights and eureka moments that would not have been possible just 6 months ago. Many nights of discussions have cumulated into a vision that will be the next generation of the Pendle that we know and love, with improvements to every aspect that matters. The Pendies are building towards a future that is not constrained by walled gardens. We want to enable permissionless support for every yield-bearing asset under the sun, even those not yet created. Each iteration we’ve introduced thus far has been a learning process towards the vision we have now of Project Permissionless (PP). At a high level, this is what Pendle is going to look like in the near future: In aggregate, this means that anyone can create a new pool with any asset and provide liquidity without the worry of IL. We’ve greatly enhanced value accrual to LPs, ensuring they collect both OT and YT fees with their single pool of liquidity. We’ve also designed it such that arbitrageurs do not capture value on the OT+YT = underlying asset mechanism. This means that no value is leaked, ensuring the LP benefits the maximum from trading volumes. The new design also allows traders to trade wit...

Pendle x [Redacted] Takes Flight

Fret not, Ethereum users, we’re back!. — The Pendle team has had a heavy focus on Avalanche development in the past few months, but as our platform matures, we’ve had time to cook up something new for our OG Pendies on Ethereum. Ethereum has always been the premier hotbed for innovation in the crypto space, with promising and exciting projects popping up on a regular basis. [Redacted] Cartel checks all these boxes, and then some.[Redacted] Cartel Calling the Cartel “just another Ohm fork” would be doing it an injustice. [Redacted] aims to aggregate voting power by bonding governance tokens like CRV and CVX through Ohm-like mechanics, minting BTRFLY at a discount. Users can then stake BTRFLY, receiving xBTRFLY in return and earning rebase rewards. Pendle will be supporting wxBTRFLY, which is wrapped xBTRFLY. You can wrap your xBTRFLY here. Pools go live on 24th February, 2pm UTC.What can Pendle do for your wxBTRFLY? Pendle enables users to split their yield-bearing wxBTRFLY tokens into separate yield and ownership components, known as YT (yield token) and OT (ownership token). By separating the yield from the principal, users can then bet on or hedge against the APY of [Redacted]. Users can also provide liquidity to Pendle LP pools to earn additional yield. We’ll briefly explain how some of these strategies work, and then give a tutorial on how to execute them.Fixed Yield You can fix your wxBTRFLY yield b...

Seasonal Update on Emissions

Emissions have been decreasing every week in accordance with the tokenomics schedule. At the current stage, we now have ~20% less PENDLE being released weekly when compared to the end of October when the reductions began.We’re now at a turning point: One of the most successful pools is coming to a close and in the coming week, we will be outlining the path Pendle will take to be THE decentralized yield trading protocol in the space. In anticipation of this, we have put thought into how best to utilize/save incentives for where they are most needed.Ethereum ETH/USDC, Aave, and Compound pools were the first pools we launched in June last year, giving the community a glimpse into what is possible with Pendle. We have also successfully seen out Aave and Compound pools which expired at the end of 2021, showing that Pendle tech just works, without fuss. However, we have observed greatly muted activity in these pools in the past months with mostly arbitrage trades going through. To better utilize the PENDLE incentives, we will be shifting them over to new assets in the pipeline.$PENDLE Liquidity As part of the run-up to V2, we see the need to deepen the PENDLE liquidity to allow more people to participate in the protocol. We love (Pe,P) but note that we cannot rely solely on it to build deep Pendle liquidity, due to the nature of the system requiring more PENDLE than ETH. Thus, we are considering adding a traditional Pool 2 (P...

Revamped Incentive Distribution on Ethereum

Incentive distribution mechanics optimised for gas. — Gas can get expensive on Ethereum. While we’ve launched on Avalanche to explore a new ecosystem with negligible gas, there are still many exciting products on Ethereum that we have our sights on supporting. So, the Pendle team has continued to optimise our contracts to minimise gas fees for claims on Ethereum. To achieve this, we will be deprecating the current rewards system on Ethereum in favour of a simpler and more efficient approach. Here’s the deal: no more staking and vesting for liquidity incentives. Liquidity providers (LPers) can now claim the incentives at its full amount every epoch without the need to stake their LP tokens or wait 5 weeks for the vesting period. The incentives will be claimable through the new contract from the next epoch onwards, and previous unclaimed rewards can still be claimed anytime. All in all, the gas costs for claiming liquidity incentives on Ethereum will be greatly reduced and more consistent. Currently, each claim can cost upwards of a whopping 0.1 Eth. With the upgrades, we estimate that it should cost only ~2x the price of an ERC20 transfer, which is a big improvement from before.What should Pendle users do? For Pendle users on Ethereum who are LPing, simply unstake your LP tokens as early as possible after 24th February, 12am UTC to continue receiving liquidity incentives. If you do not unstake, you will not recei...

Jan 2022 Update (100M Volume!)

$100,000,000 in trading volume across YT and OT pools! It’s been fascinating to see traders taking advantage of the yield fluctuations during the market turmoil, giving a significant boost to our trading volume. We saw yield bulls stack up on YT, expecting a yield hike. On the other hand, wary traders flocked to OT to hedge, obtaining instant returns on their yield-bearing assets. On that note, here’s a January recap on Pendle 👇Supercharged Zap! You can now zap into Pendle farms with a single token on Avalanche. Major tokens can be zapped to a staked LP position on Pendle in just 1 click!New look! Toggle between compact-view or separated YT and OT markets! Just a small quality of life improvement for our traders, as we prepare for more assets to come. 👀 Look out for more UI updates as we build towards our v2!Treasury Management with Pendle x BENQI The BENQI team deployed their treasury into Pendle’s qiUSDC & qiAVAX pools, obtaining fixed rates of 18% and 25% respectively. These rates were immediately earned in USDC, ready to be redeployed at any moment. For qiAVAX, this highlights a key proposition: Avalanche-native protocols holding AVAX can easily earn cashflows in USDC, without the need to sell their AVAX position.’s next? Devs don’t stop shipping, expect an update on Pendle’s Ethereum staking pool, further supercharged zap, and a coupl...

Treasury Management with Pendle x BENQI

DAOs have become a mainstay in crypto. The largest DAOs have billions locked up in their treasuries, which when managed properly ensures project growth and longevity. With BENQI’s lending yield and Pendle’s fixed yields, two essential boxes are ticked for prudent treasury management: low risk and long term. As an added bonus, funds deposited can be withdrawn at any time, giving full flexibility to the managers.  — @HighCoinviction We’ve had great experiences collaborating with the BENQI team and we’re happy to share that they have utilized Pendle as part of their treasury management plan. The BENQI team has allocated $250,000 worth of USDC and AVAX from their treasury into Pendle’s qiUSDC and qiAVAX pools, obtaining fixed rates of 18% and 25% respectively. The yields mentioned have been immediately realized in USDC, free to be redeployed at their discretion. For qiAVAX, this highlights a key proposition: Avalanche-native protocols holding AVAX can easily earn cashflows in USDC, without the need to sell their AVAX position. In this live example, the BENQI team got an immediate 25% return in USDC, while their core AVAX holdings remain untouched. While you’re building a crypto project and taking care of your own bags, let Pendle take care of your treasury assets with fixed rates.  — @Mable_Jiang Here are the steps to obtain fixed yield on your funds with Pendle: Deposit USDC o...

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