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PDEX Price:
$95.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PDEX today is $1.31 USD.

The lowest PDEX price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.31, and the current live price for one PDEX coin is $1.31050.

The all-time high PDEX coin price was $40.00.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of PDEX with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Polkadex crypto currency is #PDEX.

Polkadex is 1.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Polkadex is $3,677,502.

Polkadex is ranking downwards to #690 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #PDEX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Polkadex is $95,427.


The circulating supply of PDEX is 2,806,182 coins, which is 89% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Polkadex is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


PDEX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the PDEX Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


PDEX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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The Polkadex Ambassador Program is Here

Become a Polkadex Ambassador and help revolutionize the future of noncustodial trading. — Last week, the Polkadex Council approved the Polkadex Ambassador Program Phase I Treasury proposal which allocates a spend of 6,578 PDEX towards the first phase of our new ambassador program. This is an exciting development as it introduces yet another way for Polkadexers to earn PDEX while contributing to the project.The start of the Polkadex Ambassador Program is an amazing opportunity for determined community leaders to join the Polkadex family, help spread the word about Polkadex, and pave the way to better non-custodial trading,” said Polkadex’s Head of Marketing, Dagmara Handzlik. — Goals. — The program aims to educate, inspire, incentivize and grow the Polkadex global community and reward its leaders (ambassadors) for their contributions. While the goals of the program may change throughout later phases, Phase I ambassadors will be guided by the following goals: I. Educate the Polkadex community (including local communities) about Polkadex and the wider Dotsama ecosystem and guide them on available solutions and opportunities. Produce valuable educational content, Translate available product and marketing materials to local languages, II. Grow and expand the Polkadex community in global and local channels including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and YouTube. III. Inspire — Encourage ideas within the Polkadex community. Content creation, Product improvements, Building on top of Polkadex, IV. Protect community members from scams, phishing, etc. V. Build brand recognition for Polkadex across other communities. VI. Community leadership/moderation. — Who can become a Polkadex ambassador? - If you’re reading this, we are looking for you! We are looking for Web3, DeFi, and Polkadex community leaders who have the skills and determination to promote Polkadex across global and local channels and communities. Ambassadors will act as regional representatives, creators, translators, educators, moderators, influencers, and more. Whether you are a thought leader in your community, a Youtube content creator, an influencer on Twitter, a trading enthusiast who is comfortable using multiple languages, or someone who simply just likes to make memes, the Polkadex ambassador program is for you.Do you have what it takes to become a Polkadex ambassador? Apply here. — Grow alongside Polkadex - Ambassadors will be guided by the program’s Phase I goals as they complete relevant tasks and accumulate points. Each task will be aligned with one or more Phase I goals and, upon completion, will bring Polkadex one step closer to achieving said goals. — Individual & For Official Use Tasks. — Content-focused tasks will be split into individual tasks (ambassadors creating content to share on their own channels), and tasks submitted for team approval (mostly for content which may be shared on official Polkadex channels). Individual tasks will allow ambassadors to grow their own brand alongside Polkadex, while tasks submitted for team approval will result in a greater amount of official content on Polkadex channels.The Polkadex Ambassador Hub on Notion — Rewards Pool: 6,578 PDEX - During Phase I, 6,578 PDEX are set to be distributed amongst ambassadors based on how many tasks they complete and how many points they earn. In other words, complete and submit tasks and you will earn points!1,000 points is equivalent to $100 in PDEX. Once ambassadors have accumulated over 1,000 points, they are able to redeem their rewards for a PDEX equivalent using the conversion rate above. The 6,578 PDEX approved for Phase I of this program is designed to cover ambassador rewards for the duration of the phase. If the total amount from the recently approved proposal is not used, the remaining PDEX will be carried over to the next phase and could also be used for the creation of Polkadex merch (like hoodies, t-shirts, etc). While any Polkadexer is encouraged to join the ambassador program, ambassadors based in the US will not be able to receive PDEX rewards. — How to Become an Ambassador - Want to help spread the word about better decentralized trading and become a driver of the next era of DeFi? Apply to become a Polkadex Ambassador now and earn PDEX while helping to educate, inspire, incentivize and grow the Polkadex community.As the first phase of development nears its end and Polkadex Orderbook approaches its mainnet rollout, the Polkadex Ambassador Program will kickstart a new phase of community-led growth. Let’s make non-custodial trading better, together. Website | Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community

August at Polkadex

From partnering with Subsquid, to releasing Orderbook v1.1 on Kaizen, and to the Ledger team starting its official security review of the Polkadex app, August was an eventful month!. — August is over. While that means summer is coming to an end, it also means we are another month closer to Polkadex Orderbook’s mainnet launch. Catch up with the official highlights of August at Polkadex to make sure you’re ready for everything coming this fall! The Polkadex network continues to grow. In August, the total amount of PDEX staked increased by over 9%, thus surpassing 3.1 million PDEX or 16.4% of the total amount of PDEX. That’s almost the equivalent of every 1 in 6 PDEX in staking. It’s still a good time to stake your PDEX as staking rewards remain high at 30.8%. Following July’s release of Polkadex Orderbook on Kaizen and the start of the Polkadex Open Beta, August has been a month of bug fixes and preparation for the main event: Polkadex Orderbook’s mainnet launch. Some of this preparation has included withdrawal refactoring, cancel order changes, Hummingbot integration work, and more. Later in the month, the Polkadex dev team released Orderbook v1.1, featuring a new signup flow, a new “Account Manager” page, and important bug fixes and UI improvements based on the first cycle of Open Beta tester feedback. Throughout the month, the team has also focused on finalizing Orderbook withdrawals and putting the finishing touches on the ChainBridge integration.  — @polkadex In the last week of the month, the team fixed a known orderbook desynchronisation issue, added a numerical password option for trading accounts, and fixed an order history issue. They also completed internal end to end testing of the Hummingbot integration and did important work on the Orderbook recovery mechanism. As always, they continued to squash away bugs and implement improvements sourced from Open Beta feedback. August was also a month for headway-making on the development of the Polkadex mobile app, with the integration of the new signup flow and a new wallet page, and work on balances, order placement, and other UI fixes. The mobile team closed off the month with work on the ‘Connect Wallet’ widget followed by internal testing. Last but not least, we even managed to push out a completely revamped staking page on the Polkadex website as part the full website overhaul we’ve been working on. Check out the new staking page for more details on how to stake your PDEX! August was a pretty eventful month… as in, we attended lots of online and real life events! At the start of the month, Outlier Ventures hosted Polkadex COO and Co-Founder Deepansh Singh and Joe Petrowski from Web3 Foundation for an AMA about their Polkadot accelerator. Later that week, some of the Polkadex dev team members gathered in Goa for Web3Conf India. Polkadex Junior Rust Engineer Faisal Ahmed gave a talk on blockchain bridges and interoperability in Polkadot while other dev team members led workshops on AMMs.  — @polkadex Closer to the end of the month, we invited Polkadexers to Founderly’s Third Wave, an in-person Web3 event in Tallinn that brought together founders, investors, ecosystem builders, and regulators. Vivek even spoke at a panel on “The Emerging Programmable Money". On the Youtube front, KryptoNeed covered the latest updates from Polkadex in German, while Cripto para Todos did a deep dive on what’s coming up next for Polkadex in Spanish. Last but not least, Polkadex seems to have been the winner of KryptosChain’s ‘next interview’ poll on Twitter, so look out for an interview coming soon! This August began with the announcement of our partnership with Subsquid, the data backbone of Web3. Subsquid is already supporting multiple Dotsama ecosystem projects with its leading Web3 data tools and we are excited to explore mutual synergies with them. Polkadex partners with Subsquid In fact, we were so excited we even ran a joint giveaway throughout the second half of the month and gave away $1,000 in PDEX along with 2 Squid Squad NFTs from Subsquid’s awesome NFT collection. Thanks to our new friends at TapX, we also updated the link in our Twitter bio to a made-for-Web3 page which features more links and helpful resources for Polkadexers. Last but not least, while we closed off July with the amazing news that Polkadex is now available on Ledger devices in developer mode, we closed off August with even better news: the Polkadex Ledger app is now under offical security review! Thank you to our partners at Zondax for yet again bringing native PDEX closer to an official Ledger launch! — New office. — Community starts within the core team and essential to any community is a gathering place. That’s why we were so excited to move into our first in-person gathering place (AKA our first office) in Bangalore earlier this month! While most of the Polkadex team continues to be spread around the world, it’s also important to have a physical gathering place — especially for our dev team — as we head into rollout mode and beyond. And what better place than the tech capital of India and the world’s fastest growing tech hub. — Giving back. — With numerous giveaways and the full distribution of private beta tester rewards, August also felt like a month of giving back to the community. We hope Polkadex can keep giving back for a long time to come and can’t wait to start rolling out products to the mainnet. — Social roundup. — As of the end of August, Polkadex’s Twitter follower count had increased to over 62,940, while the total Telegram members across all channels (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, India, German and Turkish) surpassed 22,800. The number of Medium followers increased to 4,226, while the number of native PDEX holders grew by almost 5% to reach 3,902. There are now 3,772 Polkadexers on Discord (almost a 7% increase from July), 1,673 on Reddit, 1,743 on YouTube, and 1,662 on LinkedIn. Let’s keep the momentum going!With a planned Q3 mainnet release of Polkadex Orderbook, September should be fun. Don’t make us wake you up when September ends! Website| Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community — Bonus highlight. — At the end of August, a bunch of Polkadex team members got together at our new Bangalore office!  — @polkadex

Subsquid and Polkadex Announce Joint Giveaway

After recently announcing a partnership to explore potential synergies going forward, Polkadex and Subsquid have come together once again to reveal the Polkadex and Subsquid Squid Squad NFT and PDEX Giveaway. With this giveaway event, Subquid and Polkadex hope to raise awareness for the next generation of non-custodial trading and the Web3 data tools that help make it possible. The competition will take place on Gleam and participants will have to complete a series of tasks across social media channels in order to increase their chances of earning some PDEX or winning an exclusive Squid Squad NFT. This two week giveaway campaign features over $1,000 in PDEX rewards ($100 each for 10 lucky winners) plus two Squid Squad NFTs (~$600 each) in total loot. That’s plenty of chances to win! — Event Details - Start date: Tuesday, August 16, 2022, End date: Tuesday, August 30, 2022, Rewards: $1,000 in PDEX + 2 Squid Squad NFTs, Ten winners will each earn $100 in PDEX., Two winners will each receive a Squid Squad NFT (view on Singular), Contest style: Raffle, Registration link: Click here, — Stay in the loop - Remember to check the Gleam page every few days as new tasks will be added throughout the duration of the event. Complete as many tasks as possible to increase your chances of winning a prize! Be sure to follow both Polkadex and Subsquid on Twitter to keep up with the event and stay tuned for future announcements. — Wallet Details - Important: In order to participate and receive your PDEX reward, you will need to have an account on the Polkadex network. You can find this address in most popular Dotsama wallets like Nova Wallet, Subwallet, Talisman, and more. You can also connect to the Polkadex app on Polkadot.js/apps using your Polkadot.js browser extension to view your address or even create an account. Check out this video for a quick tutorial on how to create a Polkadex account (using Polkadot.js/apps) if you don’t have one already. To receive a Squid Squad NFT, you will require a Kusama address. — About Polkadex - Polkadex is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate and designed to become the ultimate trading engine for Web3. In order to do so, Polkadex is creating an easy-to-use platform that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchanges into one cutting-edge solution that caters to all crypto traders. Website | Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | GitHub | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community — About Subsquid’s Squid Squad - The Squid Squad is an interactive NFT collection created by SFY Labs using the RMRK 2.0 protocol. The Squid Squad has been developed as a part of the Subsquid project, an indexing service and provider of Web3 data tools, including the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem’s leading API framework. Squid Squad NFT features will likely include early and discounted access to Subsquid services, airdrops, whitelists, and exclusive rewards. Subsquid Channels: Website | Twitter | Discord | LinkedIn | Telegram | GitHub | Newsletter | Subsocial Squid Squad Channels: Singular | Website | Twitter | Discor

Tips on how to keep your PDEX safe with Ledger

In DeFi, you determine how secure your funds are. Here are a few tips to keep them as safe as possible.. — In light of recent exploits in the DeFi ecosystem, it’s worth reminding Polkadexers of best practices when it comes to keeping their PDEX — and other cryptocurrencies — safe and protecting their wallets from potential hacks. — With great power comes great responsibility - Yes, it’s “your keys, your crypto” but that also means the security of your funds is your responsibility. You’re in control, so be sure to exercise caution at all times. Here’s a few ways to do so: — Never share your seed phrase(s) with anyone. — Rule number 1. Your seed phrase is for your eyes only and should always remain so. — Stake PDEX with controller and stash accounts. — When staking PDEX, be sure to make two accounts: a controller account and a stash account. The stash account should have the large majority of your funds and its seed phrase should be stored offline (e.g. on a piece of paper kept somewhere safe and away from others) as a cold wallet. The controller account will allow you to stake/unstake your PDEX but won’t let you transfer PDEX away from your stash. You can keep the controller account online in your browser extension as a hot wallet, however, you should still keep the seed phrase as secure as possible. — Use a hardware wallet. — Hardware wallets allow you to generate private keys offline on a physical device, adding an extra layer of protection for your funds. When they are in a hardware wallet, your private keys are never exposed to the internet except for at the time of signing transactions, hence the name ‘cold storage’. Storing your private keys in a hardware wallet is the one of the most secure crypto storage methods. — Polkadex and Ledger - Polkadexers can soon give their PDEX an important added layer of security as the Polkadex app is now available on Ledger devices in developer mode and will soon be rolled out to the public app catalog. Meanwhile, it’s good to consider equipping yourself with a Ledger cold wallet. As the market leader in the hardware wallet industry, Ledger offers multiple hardware wallet devices including the Ledger Nano S Plus, and the more premium Ledger Nano X.  — @polkadex — How to store your PDEX in a Ledger device. — Get your hands on a Ledger hardware wallet, Set up your device and download Ledger Live on your desktop (make sure you’re running Ledger Live version 2.32 or above), Once your wallet is connected to Ledger Live, click on ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Experimental features’, Enable developer mode to allow experimental apps, With developer mode enabled, navigate to the ‘Manager’ tab and search for Polkadex in the ‘App catalog’, Download the Polkadex app from the catalog, Send your native PDEX to your Ledger device’s Polkadex address. Here’s a short guide on how to receive assets on a Ledger device., — Developer mode vs official launch. — While the Polkadex Ledger app has been in the works for a while, it was only recently approved to go live as an ‘experimental app’ in developer mode. What this means is that while the Polkadex and Zondax teams have been working together with the Ledger team, the app still needs to be officially reviewed by the Ledger team before it can roll out to the official Ledger App catalog in a few months. Since the Polkadex Ledger app is still in an experimental phase, when you use the app, you do so at your own risk.You’re in controlIn Web3, you are in control. While Web3 ushers a game-changing new dynamic with financial freedom, it also places the burden of securing funds on individuals: YOU are in control. And it’s up to you to keep your funds as secure as possible. — About Polkadex - Polkadex is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate and designed to become the ultimate trading engine for Web3. In order to do so, Polkadex is creating an easy-to-use platform that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchanges into one cutting-edge solution that caters to all crypto traders. Website | Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | Github | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community

June & July at Polkadex

Polkadex is heating up: Ledger integration in developer mode, Orderbook out on the public testnet, Polkadex Open Beta, and more on the June and July Polkadex Highlights.. — Things at Polkadex have been heating up this summer. Between the release of Polkadex Orderbook to the public testnet (now known as Kaizen), the developer mode launch of Polkadex on Ledger devices, and the publishing of the Up Next article, Polkadexers had plenty to digest throughout the past two months. This summary of the last couple of months at Polkadex should help cover any and all the important bits you may have missed. Let’s dive in! The Polkadex network has continued to grow during the summer with a ~9% increase in the total amount of PDEX staked through June and 14% in July, easily surpassing the 2.5 million PDEX benchmark and nearing 3 million PDEX. Staking rewards remain high at 31.4% with over 1 in 7 total PDEX currently being staked. Stake your PDEX now to take advantage of higher staking returns while the network is still growing. The bulk of development work during the month of June centered around Polkadex Orderbook. Ultimately, the stellar Polkadex development team was able to roll out Polkadex Orderbook onto Kaizen in early July. Polkadex Orderbook is Now Available on the Public Open Beta Since then, the Polkadex development team has been focused on fixing bugs brought forth by the community in over 200 issue reports on Github, while also adding withdrawal support and integrating ChainBridge. Not only was July’s Orderbook testnet release the biggest Polkadex news of the summer, it also marked the start of the Polkadex Open Beta program. This program will allow all Polkadexers to get early access to products before their mainnet launch, and give them the chance to earn PDEX by testing these early access releases. Aside from Orderbook development, our development team was also able to complete some important PolkaIDO work and make significant progress on the Polkadex Mobile App. In June, we shared a progress dashboard on Github so that the most eager Polkadexers can now track any remaining tasks left until a specific release and follow our developers’ overall progress. The dashboard currently only features remaining PolkaIDO tasks but it will integrate tasks from more products (e.g. Polkadex Orderbook) soon. For the more future-oriented Polkadexers, we also updated the official roadmap for what is left of 2022 with adapted timelines and more details on specific launches.“Shine bright like a diamond” — Rihanna Polkadex has been shining bright throughout the summer so far! We started off June with Deepansh getting interviewed in a Blockchained India Founders Under Spotlight episode as part of the Initialize Metaverse virtual event. Later in June, we got together with other batch 3 parachain slot winners (Litentry, Unique Network, Origin Trail, and Bifrost) for a Twitter Spaces Q&A session. Polkadex was also featured as the exchange operator “[taking] custody out of the equation” in a Cointelegraph article about interoperability and DeFi. Why cross-chain interoperability matters for DeFi At the end of June, the Polkadex team gathered in Berlin to attend Polkadot Decoded. We had a blast getting to hang out with a lot of our partners in person and also got the opportunity to meet more awesome people working within the Polkadot ecosystem. Vivek even gave a talk to explain why Polkadex is building the next generation of exchanges using Polkadot and Substrate. While Polkadot Decoded was a lot of fun, we enjoyed getting back into the swing of our regular AMA sessions in July, as Vivek hopped onto the Polkadex Telegram channel for a live session with many answered questions on July 6th. Later in the month, both Vivek and Deepansh went live on Twitter Spaces for another live session on July 27th to answer over a dozen questions which had been pre-submitted by Polkadexers. In terms of coverage, check out this great video by Altcoin Buzz News mentioning the release of Polkadex Orderbook to Kaizen! It’s been a productive couple of months on the partnership side too! In June, Polkadex graduated from Creative Destruction Lab’s 2021/2022 program. Also in June, our partners Talisman and Subwallet added support for the Polkadex network. Subwallet even added built-in PDEX staking support later in July. We also partnered with Polkadot India to educate and recruit future Web3 developers and leaders. As part of this partnership, Polkadex engineers will run Substrate Saturday workshop sessions and act as mentors to aspiring Web3 developers. Polkadex’s own Senior Rust Engineer, Ivan Temchenko led one of those workshop sessions in July. To round out July, we were incredibly excited to share the amazing news that Polkadex is now available on Ledger devices in developer mode. We are grateful for our partners at Zondax who have been working dilligently to get PDEX one step closer to officially launching on Ledger! The most important community development of June and July has to be the launch of the Polkadex Open Beta program, as it is significant in a few ways. Firstly, it lets any Polkadexer test products and updates on Kaizen before they launch on the mainnet. Secondly, it allows them to contribute directly to the overall success of the project. Thirdly, the program’s incentives give participating Polkadexers the ability to earn PDEX for their contributions. This is a game-changer for the Polkadex community. Throughout the last few months, we also ran a few giveaways resulting in lucky Polkadexers earning some PDEX rewards. One of those giveaways was a contest to find a new name for the Polkadex public testnet. That’s how we ended up with Kaizen, the new name for the Polkadex public testnet. Thank you to all Polkadex community members for all the name suggestions and congrats to JM$ for submitting the winning name!  — @polkadex — Social channels roundup. — As of the end of June, there were over 62,000 Polkadexers on Twitter, over 21,500 members across our English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, India, German and Turkish Telegram channels, 4,135 followers on Medium, 3,529 Polkadot.js accounts holding native PDEX, 3,213 members on Discord, 1,654 members in the Polkadex subreddit, 1,634 subscribers on YouTube, and 1,502 followers on LinkedIn! As of the end of July, the Twitter follower count had increased to over 62,700, while the total Telegram members across all language groups surpassed 22,250. The number of Medium followers increased to 4,166, while the number of native PDEX holders grew by 6% to reach 3,754. There are now 3,529 Polkadexers on Discord (almost a 10% increase), 1,671 on Reddit, 1,667 on YouTube, and 1,554 on LinkedIn. Onwards and upwards!As you can see, summer is going great so far. Stay tuned for what’s to come in August and beyond! Up next for Polkadexers! Website| Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community — Bonus highlight. — Another team get-together in June… This time in Berlin for Polkadot Decoded! We had a blast :)  — @polkadex

Polkadex partners with Subsquid

Polkadex and Subsquid will explore synergies to leverage Subsquid’s API frameworks on Polkadex. — Polkadex and Subsquid have entered a partnership agreement to explore mutual synergies and future cooperation activities. Known as the ‘data backbone of Web3’, Subsquid is already supporting multiple Polkadot ecosystem projects with its leading Web3 data tools. Thanks to its on-chain data processing solutions, Subsquid enables Web3 builders to gain access to on-chain data on their own terms. As the leading Web3 API framework, Subsquid is designed to have plenty of crossover potential with Polkadex. — Polkadex + Subsquid. — Polkadex will look to explore synergies with Subsquid, potentially leveraging Subsquid’s infrastructure for indexing solutions and transaction monitoring via Subsquid APIs in the first ever high-frequency-trading-enabled order-book DEX. “Partnering with Subsquid is exciting because it brings a huge potential value-add to the whole Polkadex community” said Polkadex COO Deepansh Singh. “This partnership could provide the Polkadex community with helpful tools to visualise data and improve the user experience’’, said Dagmara Handzlik, Polkadex’s Head of Marketing. “It will definitely strengthen both Polkadex’s and Subsquid’s presences in the DotSama ecosystem and bring value for the community.”Polkadex is one of the most innovative projects in Dotsama, and their open beta is currently proving that they are setting the standard in terms of exchange UX for the entire space. This partnership, we believe, will lead to an even better experience for Polkadex users and bring our ecosystem further into the future. — Subsquid Co-Founder Marcel FohrmannWe see huge potential for what this partnership can mean for the Polkadex and Subsquid communities. Our two teams could make a huge difference in how users experience Dotsama and bring high trading volume to the ecosystem. We are looking forward to creating a lot of value in many ways together. — Subsquid CMO Roman KemperAbout Subsquid Subsquid is an indexing solution that enables Web3 builders to gain access to on-chain data on their own terms. Featuring modular architecture and decentralised governance, this is the most developer-friendly and resource-efficient way to build, test, and deploy customised APIs for blockchain-facing applications. Website | Twitter | Discord | LinkedIn | Telegram | GitHub | Newsletter|SubsocialAbout Polkadex Polkadex is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate and designed to become the ultimate trading engine for Web3. In order to do so, Polkadex is creating an easy-to-use platform that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchanges into one cutting-edge solution that caters to all crypto traders. Website | Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | Github | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community

Up next for Polkadexers!

Here’s what’s coming to Polkadex in the near future. — After the successful runtime upgrade to v1.0.8, the public testnet release of Polkadex Orderbook, and the launch of the Polkadex Open Beta, the Polkadex network is getting ready for the mainnet releases of PolkaIDO and Polkadex Orderbook. Here’s what you can expect in the coming months!PolkaIDO The testnet release of PolkaIDO was a resounding success! All the great feedback we’ve received from the community so far has been especially helpful as we design a better destination for fully on-chain fundraising. Below are a few of the feature updates based on valuable feedback from the community. — Feature updates:. — Instead of being randomly selected as investors at the end of a round (after having expressed interest), PolkaIDO users will now be selected as investors on a “first come first served” basis.In order for a round to be deemed successful (for the IDO to go through), a 50% total threshold must be reached. Once an IDO surpasses the 50% threshold and before it becomes fully funded, anybody who has made a contribution to it will become an investor. For more information on the reason for these changes, please hop into the official Polkadex Discord server or participate in our live AMA discussions. There is always space for an extra voice!Orderbook Polkadex Orderbook is the flagship product in the Polkadex ecosystem. As a layer 2 trusted execution environment (TEE) that enables non-custodial high frequency trading, Polkadex Orderbook is unlike any existing decentralized exchange. — Testnet. — The first phase of Orderbook releases was kickstarted by the recent launch of Polkadex Orderbook on the public testnet as part of the new Polkadex Open Beta. This version of Polkadex Orderbook is connected to the Polkadex test blockchain and features test token deposits, and market and limit order trades. Withdrawals will soon go live as an update of the testnet release. If you still haven’t started testing yet, check out the article below for a guide on how to get started. Polkadex Orderbook is Now Available on the Public Open Beta Once you get familiar with Polkadex Orderbook, you earn PDEX by raising issues and sharing your feedback on the Polkadex Open Beta Github repository! — Mainnet Release — Orderbook 1.0. — As planned, Polkadex Orderbook 1.0 is all set to roll out to the Polkadex mainnet along with PolkaIDO in Q3 2022. The first version of Polkadex Orderbook will include withdrawals and deposits to and from the layer 1 Polkadex network and will feature one ERC20 trading pair: PDEX/USDT or USDC (TBD). A bug bounty program with a leading Web3 bug bounty platform will run concurrently to this version. Trading volume will also be capped during Polkadex Orderbook 1.0 as the bug bounty progresses. Trading bot integration support should go live shortly after the initial 1.0 release. — Orderbook 2.0. — Polkadex Orderbook 2.0 will come out after the bug bounty program in Q4 2022 and will mainly contain bug fixes and feature modifications based on bug bounty feedback. This version will also support the Liquidity Mining Program which will reward users who provide liquidity to the exchange. More details regarding the next versions of Polkadex Orderbook and user onboarding strategies will be shared at the end of Q3 2022.Bug bounty program details The bug bounty program is intended to secure the entire Polkadex ecosystem and all its products against exploits. Through a partnership with an industry-leading bug bounty program platform, Polkadex will encourage hackers to find any potential cracks or bugs in the Polkadex codebase. Participating hackers will hack Polkadex to help make it more secure and will get paid for doing so. Around $2 million in PDEX from the Polkadex treasury will be solely dedicated to this program. Think you have what it takes? Stay tuned for more details on the bug bounty program!Parachain onboarding strategy Polkadex won the 16th parachain slot thanks to the help of Polkadexers around the world who contributed almost 1 million DOT to make the Polkadex Crowdloan the biggest crowdloan in batch 3 of the Polkadot parachain auctions. The Polkadex parachain went live as a separate Substrate-based network on June 4th. After quietly producing blocks for some time, the parachain will go public post-Orderbook mainnet launch. All DOT-lending participants can expect the crowdloan rewards to be distributed after this. Around a month or so after the parachain goes public, half of the remaining PDEX supply will be migrated to the parachain. The Polkadex parachain will then start opening connections with other chains, thus allowing assets to seamlessly pass from other parachains onto Polkadex and back, and boosting the Polkadex ecosystem’s interoperability. Ultimately, the Polkadex parachain and its assets will appear on the Polkadex Token Manager interface and will also be available for trading on Polkadex Orderbook. Chronological order for parachain onboarding:Orderbook Mainnet LaunchParachain reward distributionParachain — HRMP channels with other parachains.THEA Polkadex’s layers of interoperability are not complete without THEA, a revolutionary decentralized bridging protocol explicitly built for Polkadex in order to ensure smooth deposits of assets to Polkadex from other blockchain ecosystems. THEA is integral to realizing the long-term vision of Polkadex as the non-custodial cross-chain trading hub capable of high frequency trading.The mainnet launch of THEA protocol for Ethereum has been shifted to December 2022 for the following reasons: Ethereum is shifting from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. The ‘difficulty bomb’ is set to detonate for miners in October, 2022. The difficulty bomb is an important step in the merge to Ethereum 2.0 as–once detonated–it aims to incentivize the shift to proof-of-stake by making proof-of-work mining on Ethereum nearly impossible. The new Thea light client will need to be re-adjusted to accommodate the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0. This time will also be utilised for optimising THEA’s current daily data consumption for distributed signing mechanism (which now stands at 10GB per validator) in order to make it efficient on the validator side. In the meantime, to avoid changes to any product release timelines, Chainsafe’s EVM-to-Substrate-compatible cross-chain communication protocol, Chainbridge, will serve as an alternative for Polkadexers. Chainbridge, which has already been deployed onto other Substrate-based projects like Moonbeam and Khala, will go live as an Ethereum to Polkadex (and back) bridge when Polkadex Orderbook and PolkaIDO hit the Polkadex mainnet. Once THEA is released, support for Chainbridge will be phased out. The Chainbridge option ensures that the releases of Polkadex Orderbook, PolkaIDO and Parachain are rolled out in time. — THEA 1.0, 2.0, and beyond. — THEA 1.0, currently scheduled for a Q4 2022/Q1 2023 release, will feature support for ETH and USDT deposits and withdrawals from Ethereum to Polkadex and back. Version 2.0 will include bridge support for more ERC-20 tokens. After the launch of THEA 2.0, Polkadex community members will be able to request for additional ERC-20 tokens to be whitelisted and approved through community governance. In the longer term, THEA will add support for additional layer 1 networks in addition to Ethereum; therefore providing trustless liquidity bridges to networks beyond Ethereum and enabling cross-chain activity on Polkadex.Future updates Stay tuned for more updates and details as they continue to roll out. We are closing in on our protocol development stage and coming up on an exciting new phase on the application side of Polkadex Orderbook. Expect great products, professional tools, and value added services for our trading community to be announced next year as we shift from protocol development to full-on application-focused growth.About Polkadex Polkadex is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate and designed to become the ultimate trading engine for Web3. In order to do so, Polkadex is creating an easy-to-use platform that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchanges into one cutting-edge solution that caters to all crypto traders. Website| Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit |Discord | Linkedin | Spanish community |Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community

Polkadex Orderbook is Now Available on the Public Open Beta

The new release marks the first at-scale application of trusted execution environment technology combined with blockchain (public testnet).. — The time has come. The long-awaited Polkadex Orderbook is now live on the public Polkadex Testnet. But that’s not all: This release also marks the beginning of the Polkadex Open Beta, the new public beta testing rewards program which replaces the prior private beta program. — What is Polkadex Orderbook?. — Polkadex’s flagship, Polkadex Orderbook is a non-custodial, orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange enabling high frequency trading of cross-chain assets. Polkadex Orderbook combines all the functionality and speed of centralized exchanges (CEXs) with the safety and transparency of trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). As a cutting-edge Layer 2 trusted execution environment (TEE) built on the Polkadex Network, Polkadex Orderbook will be a leap in the evolution of decentralized trading. — Why is this release important?. — This is the first time the Orderbook’s TEE and the blockchain are connected to each other in one release. Bringing these two components together and putting them in the hands of future Polkadex users is an important milestone for Polkadex. In other words, this release is a culmination of all the work that has gone into Polkadex so far, from the ideation stages to the continuing bug fixes and improvements. This release is also one of the first Polkadex releases to roll out directly to the public testnet and skip a private beta phase. The Orderbook Testnet release is kickstarting a new stage of Polkadex product testing: the Polkadex Open Beta. — Polkadex Open Beta. — With the singular goal of making Polkadex products better by taking into account the widest possible range of community feedback, we are introducing the Polkadex Open Beta. This program will give the wider Polkadex community a chance to test Polkadex products and updates pre-launch, provide feedback, and earn rewards; all while helping the Polkadex team deliver better versions of the products originally envisioned. Learn more about the Polkadex Open Beta and how you can start providing feedback and earning PDEX here.Testing Polkadex Orderbook In order to test Polkadex Orderbook, you will need test PDEX for network fees plus some test DOT and test ETH for trading as the trading pairs during the beta will be test PDEX/test DOT and test PDEX/test ETH. You can claim test tokens from the Test Token Faucet on the Token Manager beta interface. Once you have test tokens, you are ready to start testing the Orderbook! — Here’s a list of things to test for in this release:. — Creating a proxy (Orderbook) account using your main Polkadex account. You’ll need to click the ‘Sign up’ button on the Orderbook login page and follow the subsequent steps.Depositing tokens from your main account onto the proxy account of Orderbook. Essentially, this update allows you to deposit your balances onto your proxy account on the Orderbook TEE. You’ll have to find the wallet section and deposit your test PDEX, ETH, and DOT. This release currently only supports deposits from your blockchain account to the proxy account. Support for withdrawals will be added soon.Place limit orders and market for buy and sell trades.Check the graph’s real time updates.Check your order and trade history.Check recent trade events.Cancel orders. — Test and earn. — As you test, make sure to take note if anything is not working properly, if there are areas the Polkadex devs can work on, or if you have any other suggestions. Be sure to log issues to GitHub while following the instructions in the Polkadex Open Beta guide to be eligible to earn PDEX rewards. Click here to learn more about the Polkadex Open Beta and how you can earn rewards for testing Polkadex products. — From Testnet to Mainnet. — While the Orderbook Testnet release is a great achievement, it is merely an important step on the way to the mainnet release of Polkadex Orderbook and the overall fulfillment of the Polkadex vision. The goal of the Polkadex Open Beta stage is to bring products to full stability and, only once that is achieved, roll them out to the mainnet shortly thereafter. At the same time, the start of the Polkadex Open Beta program will also help create a culture in which community feedback is not only encouraged, but is an essential part of product development. To keep in mind, this is a work in progress and we will be adding more functionality and fine-tune elements of the product in the coming days.It’s time to test Polkadex Orderbook and earn rewards! Website| Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community

May at Polkadex

Parachain auction win, Acala aUSD partnership, PolkaIDO public testnet release, Orderbook dev work… This was May at Polkadex. — It’s almost summer which means things are heating up. Polkadex is no exception. Thanks in large part to Polkadex’s parachain auction win, May was one of the most significant months since the start of the project. However, it was not the only important development of the month. Between the Thea and PolkaIDO testnet release, the partnership with Acala, and the extension of wallet support from Nova Wallet and Fearless, the Polkadex team had a packed month! Read on for a comprehensive summary of everything that went down at Polkadex in May. The Polkadex network hit some important growth milestones in May, surpassing the 2 million PDEX benchmark to reach approximately 2.25 million total PDEX staked. Currently the PDEX staking rewards are at 35.5% with about 12% of the total supply of PDEX now staked. In case you have not started staking yet, you can now get native PDEX in any centralized exchange PDEX is listed on, or migrate your PDEX in order to start staking. The Polkadex network was also successfully updated to v1.0.8 via a runtime upgrade issued after most validators updated to the latest Substrate version. The new version prepares the network for upcoming mainnet rollouts.  — @polkadex While on the subject, Thea and PolkaIDO were rolled out to the public testnet in early May, with development focusing on bug fixing and making improvements prior to PolkaIDO’s mainnet release. Thea + PolkaIDO Released to Public Testnet The bulk of development work, however, centered around Polkadex Orderbook. From integrating the Orderbook with the internal testnet, to populating the UI with the backend code, Polkadex developers were in a final sprint all month to get Polkadex Orderbook out to the public testnet in June. In May, the spotlight mainly shone on the success of the Polkadex Crowdloan and the auction 16 parachain slot victory. For anybody out of the loop, Polkadex won a parachain slot, is now more embedded than ever in the Polkadot ecosystem, and can now seamlessly connect to other parachains. Polkadex has secured a parachain slot In early May, Polkadex Head of Marketing Dagmara Handzlik attended and spoke at Blockchain Fest in Cyprus. Throughout the month, we also held two different AMA sessions on Twitter Spaces, one of them including Alex Melikhov from Equilibrium to chat about the Polkadex Crowdloan. After the parachain auction win, Polkadex CEO and Co-Founder Gautham J even joined the monthly Polkadot Community Call to officially introduce Polkadex to the wider Polkadot community. Last but not least, Deepansh dropped into RiRi Gone Wild’s YouTube channel for an in-depth Polkadex interview. In partnership news, we announced a partnership with Acala to integrate Acala’s aUSD stablecoin as the default stablecoin of the Polkadex ecosystem. aUSD will provide Polkadex traders with a cross-chain stable asset backed by reserve assets like DOT, KSM, ACA, KAR, BTC, and ETH. Since aUSD is a stablecoin collateralized by multiple assets, this partnership also lays the foundation for PDEX to become eligible as collateral for aUSD minting. This would create new opportunities for PDEX holders while giving the PDEX token a huge utility boost. Polkadex Partners with Acala to Integrate aUSD Speaking of new opportunities for PDEX holders, both Nova Wallet and Fearless added support for PDEX during the month of May. This means you can now store and manage your native PDEX directly from your mobile device! What’s more, with Nova Wallet you can even stake your PDEX and nominate validators. Nova Wallet now supporting PDEX Staking During May, the Polkadex community showed its strength by coming together to contribute nearly 1 million DOT and ensure Polkadex’s parachain slot. While over 2,300 contributors helped Polkadex become the top Crowdloan in batch 3 of the Polkadot parachain auctions, the Polkadex community did not stop there. There are now around 62,500 Polkadexers on Twitter, almost 21,000 members across our English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, India, German and Turkish Telegram channels, 4,112 followers on Medium, 3,413 Polkadot.js accounts holding native PDEX, 2,865 members on Discord, 1,633 members in the Polkadex subreddit, 1,619 subscribers on YouTube, and 1,478 followers on LinkedIn! Thank you all for being a part of the journey!May was pretty fun but June looks to be exciting too. Look out for the Orderbook public testnet release coming soon! Website| Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit | Discord | Linkedin | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community — Bonus highlight. — The Polkadex team was able to get together in Bangalore in early May. Here’s a pic of Deepansh, Gautham, and Vivek having a good time.  — @vivekprasannan

Nova Wallet now supporting PDEX Staking

Securely stake your $PDEX directly from your Nova Wallet mobile app.. — The Polkadex and Nova Wallet partnership has evolved: Polkadexers can now stake and manage their PDEX securely directly from their mobile device thanks to the Nova Wallet app. Nova Wallet is a next-generation wallet for the whole Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem (Dotsama). Aside from providing a simple, mobile interface to store, manage, send, receive, and track your PDEX, Nova Wallet now lets you stake you participate in PDEX staking.  — @polkadex — Easier staking. — Staking PDEX on Nova Wallet is exactly like staking on Polkadot.js apps, except it’s much easier. Nova Wallet has re-designed the staking process from the ground up to make it infinitely easier-to-use. With no extra fees, Polkadexers can start staking, choose from a recommended validator list or pick their own validator nominations, track rewards, and more. There’s also no need for current stakers to unbond on Polkadot.js and re-stake on Nova Wallet as they can just import their wallet to start managing their accounts on Nova. — Mobile. — Not only is Nova’s staking interface a huge leap in the user experience for PDEX stakers, it’s also natively designed for iPhone and Android users. THis means Polkadex network participants can now start staking or manage their stake directly from their mobile devices. — Nova Wallet and Polkadex. — As an open source project funded by the Kusama treasury, Nova Wallet is committed to making Dotsama easier to use. In this case, Nova Wallet’s proven commitment is changing the way PDEX holders are able to interact with each other and with the Polkadex network as a whole. Having the option to start staking, increase your bond, or edit your nominee set on the go through such a user-friendly interface is a game-changer for current and future Polkadexers. The Polkadex and Nova partnership is just another example of how Polkadot’s collaborative nature brings new possibilities to fruition.Download Nova Wallet and start managing your PDEX right from your smartphone! — About Nova Wallet - Nova Wallet is a next-gen iOS/Android application for Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, which provides support for 50+ networks and assets, NFT, Kusama & Polkadot Crowdloans, DOT/KSM Staking, and DApps (both Substrate & EVM). Nova Wallet is a community-oriented app funded by Kusama Treasury, aiming to provide a convenient, fast, and secure experience on mobile devices. 🚀 Android app 🍎 iOS app — About Polkadex - Polkadex is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate and designed to become the ultimate trading engine for Web3. In order to do so, Polkadex is creating an easy-to-use platform that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchanges into one cutting-edge solution that caters to all crypto traders. Website| Twitter | TG Chat | TG Announcements | Medium | Youtube | Reddit |Discord | Linkedin | Spanish community | Turkish community | Indian community | Russian community | Chinese community | German community


Polkadex Locks in Polkadot Parachain Slot by Allocating Nearly 1 Million...

    Since the 21st of November 2021, the team at Polkadot has conducted regular DOT-based auctions for one of the coveted slots in their parachain network. There are plans for 100 parachain slots, give or take. Auctions for the first 41 have already been planned, with one happening roughly every ten days. The 16th auction started on the 29th of April and ended on the 6th of May with a victory for Polkadex, an order book-based DEX with support for Polkadot, Ethereum, and the proprietary blockchain. This makes it the latest project to stake its growth for the foreseeable future on Polkadot, alongside projects like Acala or Moonriver. 16th Slot Goes To Polkadex In the wake of their participation in the latest Polkadot Parachain Auction, the team at Polkadex announced securing one of the coveted slots for nearly two years – 96 weeks, to be precise. Following a 2-month long onboarding period, Polkadex will lock in their spot on the Polkadot network on the 4th of June. As a decentralized exchange (DEX), Polkadex has already benefitted from the freedom afforded by this particular business model. But the project's goal is to go beyond the parameters of regular DEXes, the statement shared with CryptoPotato reads. The team argued that what sets them apart is the goal of pairing DEX-tier freedom with the accessibility of the centralized exchanges (CEXs) that a sizable portion of investors flocks to. Polkadex has already partnered with big-league names like Equilibrium, Kraken, and KuC... read More

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