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PBR Price:
$51.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #PBR today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest PBR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.059, and the exact current price of one PBR crypto coin is $0.05933.

The all-time high PBR coin price was $3.95.

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The code for PolkaBridge crypto currency is #PBR.

PolkaBridge is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for PolkaBridge is not available at this time.

PolkaBridge is ranking downwards to #8546, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large today for #PBR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for PolkaBridge is $51,657,590.


The total supply of PBR is 75,233,183 coins.


PBR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the PBR Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


PBR is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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PolkaBridge Celebrates 2nd Anniversary , Yearly Recap — 2022

PolkaBridge Celebrates 2nd Anniversary , Yearly Recap — 2022 - As we wrap up with the previous year & move forward to 2023, we are very delighted & motivated about PolkaBridge’s 2nd Anniversary since we incorporated in the month of January 2021 and have completed 2 years of being the first of its kind all-in-one DeFi platform in the blockchain & web 3 ecosystem. We have been in a bear market for almost a year now and the PolkaBridge team has never been more busy shipping products, making improvements to the existing ones and reaching out to the community. Whilst it’s certainly true that the trading volume and general public interest has plummeted, in turn exacerbated by the numerous crypto custodians/lenders failing. We have never been more optimistic since we feel that this time is ripe for improving and building products for the next cycle. Here’s a recap of the most important PolkaBridge developments in 2022 — a second anniversary report, if you will! — PolkaBridge Automated Market Maker (AMM) Upgrade - PolkaBridge like all DeFi ecosystems is centered around the liquidity complex — it’s for this reason that we upgraded our automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange to its second iteration v2 on Mar 08. The upgrades included a new clean user-friendly interface, more user pools apart from the base pools and improved ways of adding liquidity. The farming APY was also enha...

PolkaBridge September 2022 Update

Just like that, another month has passed bringing us closer to the end of the year 2022. The month of September was marked by PolkaBridge Ventures investing in multiple promising projects including certain metaverse project, P2E, crypto infrastructure, compliance and best of all, collaborations with other funds! We have had our 13th monthly burn, the P2P marketplace testnet launch and much more. Let’s dig in. — PolkaBridge Ventures Invests In Web3Port. — PolkaBridge Ventures — the newly launched VC arm of the ecosystem announced it’s investment into Web3Port on Sep 02 in a bid to accelerate funding into early stage conceptual Web3 projects to bring them to fruition. We want to help the Web3 ecosystem achieve long term growth and development by funding highly talented teams. — PolkaBridge Ventures on Twitter: "📣 PolkaBridge Ventures invests in @Web3Port_Labs1) Web3Port is an accelerator of Web 3 projects, helping startups build from zero to one and to the next level. Mission is to create a decentralized and transparent accelerator alliance that brings growth to the Web3.0 ecosystem. / Twitter" - 📣 PolkaBridge Ventures invests in @Web3Port_Labs1) Web3Port is an accelerator of Web 3 projects, helping startups build from zero to one and to the next level. Mission is to create a decentralized and transparent accelerator alliance that brings growth to the Web3...

PolkaBridge August 2022 Update

Despite the market slowing down from the global economic crisis, the PolkaBridge ecosystem is still growing by leaps and bounds. From our humble beginnings in Jan 2021, our products have come a long way from concepts to actual DApps that you can use today. In this month, we added liquidity on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), partnered with DeSpace for aggregator listing and marketplace referrals, AMM TVL crossed half a million, held our 12th buyback and burn, cemented multiple partnerships, got listed on Huobi, ran several promotions for our community, listed several IDOs and much more. Let’s see the August recap. — Huobi Listing - The PBR token was listed on Huobi — a prominent centralized exchange with excellent traffic and liqudity on Aug 18. This is in line with our vision to list on all major centralized and decentralized exchange to allow for hassle free trading and wide choice of platforms to use. Last month, we got listed on Kucoin and are working towards listings on Coinbase, FTX, Binance etc. For the launch promotion, we offered 300% APY to all the people depositing PBR on the exchange via locking funds for a specified period of time. We also launched a trading competition where high volume traders had a chance to share prizes from a pool of 450,000 PBR tokens! The Gleam competition also saw giveaways worth $500 honoring the occasion.  — @realpolkabridge — Addition Of Liquidity On...

PolkaBridge Ventures — Venture Capital Fund Brings Richness To The PolkaBridge Ecosystem

PolkaBridge Ventures — Venture Capital Fund Brings Richness To The PolkaBridge Ecosystem - PolkaBridge Venture is a new initiative of the PolkaBridge team. Simply put, it’s an upcoming venture capitalism arm of the ecosystem. The aim is to accelerate and incubate early stage/startup projects, by providing adequate support in aspects of establishing, operating and launching the project into the web 3 ecosystem. Building on our extensive time in the field and our in-house professional team, we envision PolkaBridge Ventures to become a industry leading venture capital (VC) firm. While our expertise remains in the crypto subfields of GameFi, DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and Metaverse. We are a syndicate of like minded professionals with the same aim, objectives and ethos; namely Unity Capital and Unreal Capital. Stay tuned as we announce our first investment in this space. The PolkaBridge ecosystem is going to get more robust, innovative and future proof with the ventures program! — Who are we? - Founded in 2022, PolkaBridge Ventures is a corporate VC firm of PolkaBridge, a decentralised all-in-one DeFi Application Platform. The firm seeks to Invest, Incubate & Accelerate early stage projects operating in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Sectors. — What we do ? - At PolkaBridge Ventures, we specialise in “driving Ideas towards implementation”, using our expertise & support in every aspect of establishing your...

PolkaBridge July 2022 Update

PolkaBridge journey has been gaining steam despite the market wide slow growth and the bear market atmosphere. We are still busy expanding our team, research and begin work on some innovative ideas and interesting concepts, burn some PBR tokens, provide new interesting investment opportunities for our community via the Launchpad and other general updates. Let’s delve in to the important highlights for July 2022. — PolkaBridge 11th Buyback And Burn - PolkaBridge organized yet another buy back and burn event for PBR token on 15 July, when another 1 million or 1,000,000 tokens were burned and taken out of circulation. The total burn value was $50,000, circulating supply now is 55 million, maximum supply 77 million and until now 23 million PBR tokens have been burned.  — @realpolkabridge — Partnership With Celer Network - The PolkaBridge team partnered with Celer Network — a blockchain interoperability platform on July 13 to bridge our native PBR tokens over to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. This will allow our users to hold/use the tokens on multiple blockchains.  — @realpolkabridge — Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session With Celer Network - We had an ask me anything (AMA) session with Celer Network on 13 July, which was attended by Mr Steve Yu — Business Development. He provided an update of the Celer Nework, discussed matter of mutual importance an...

PolkaBridge Development And Technical Updates

1. Revamping New UI/UX Of PolkaBridge DApps — Under Progress. — The PolkaBridge team is working to revamp the user interface and experience for our decentralized applications (DApps). This is in response to a common problem faced with Web3 projects, where the underlying technology is powerful, yet adoption and usage are hindered by the confusing and complicated interface, which users usually find themselves dealing with. We have already tried to use a sleek and intuitive design, but we are working to enhance it further. — 2. Integrating More Wallets Into DApps — Under Progress. — Currently, our DApps support only MetaMask and Trust Wallet integration, which means that you can connect only if you are using these both. This is of course not ideal and needs to be expanded to support the other wallets. We are working on such integrations and soon you will see more wallet options for you to connect to our DApps. — 3. Decentralized P2P — Smart Contract Done. — As we have conveyed to our community in the past, we are working to develop a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) marketplace where users can exchange crypto-crypto and crypto-FIAT amongst each other in a trustless manner, controlled only by non discriminating code, which will serve as an escrow and only release the funds once the payment has been completed on both ends. To that end, the smart contract has been completed alread...

PolkaBridge Has Been Integrated With Binance Smart Chain — Earn with Swap, Farm and Stake program…

PolkaBridge Has Been Integrated With Binance Smart Chain — Earn with Swap, Farm and Stake program on PolkaBridge Dapps - It’s been a while since we last discussed this, bu PolkaBridge integration with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain is now complete. We have migrated our token from Ethereum to BSC also, so our community can enjoy low fees and fast settlement times! In the next stages, we will now add liquidity and show you how to bridge your tokens across. Please note down some important information regarding our BSC deployment. Contract: 0x1D1cB8997570e73949930c01Fe5796C88d7336c6, Decimal: 18, Symbol: PBR, Link:, — Swap and Earn $PBR on Binance Smart Chain with PolkaBridge AMM - We added liquidity and you can trade and swap at PolkaBridge Swap interface This is in line with our aim to enhance liquidity across multiple blockchains, so our community can hold PBR tokens on whichever blockchain they desire. You can also farm PBR-BNB and earn $PWAR token at our AMM hereswap.polkabridge.orgfarms — Stake $PBR and earn with avg 50% APY on PolkaBridge Staking Platform - To incentivize users to hold tokens for the long term and generate dynamic income, We launched staking program on BSC for PBR with avg APY ~50%🚀 Buy $PBR and stake now at ( choose BSC network) — Bridge $PBR to BSC and vice versa — Thanks to Celer Network -  ...

PolkaBridge Insights Platform — An Introduction

PolkaBridge Insights Platform — An Introduction PolkaBridge Insights platform is about to launch soon and we thought that this is good opportunity to get our community acquainted with it. Basically, PolkaBridge Insights will be the next core project by our team. It’s purpose would be educating our community and providing them with essential information or insights regarding the market state, current atmosphere, interesting projects, concepts, guides, walkthroughs etc. Basically, it would be a content creation and dissemination platform, which would fit neatly in PolkaBridge’s wide suite of DeFi and NFT DApps. This will help our community to make better decisions & become better informed about the state of the crypto and blockchain. The PolkaBridge Insights platform will feature articles written in blog form by multiple writers. It would also be open to external writers apart from the in-house team. We are making it possible for our community to submit well thought, articulated and researched articles to the platform, with the aim to monetize it and earn money for their content. Currently, its in the final stage (approx 60% of the work has been completed) and we are planning to introduce the testnet to the community in a short while before a full fledged launch.About PolkaBridge✨ PolkaBridge is a decentralised all-in-one financial application platform. The PolkaBridge ecosystem includes Multichain & Cross-...

PolkaBridge June 2022 Update

We are halfway through the year, and the PolkaBridge team has more updates to deliver for June 2022. Despite the fact that the overall crypto market is down, we are still keeping fast at work and building our platform further. In the last month, we have completed most work on our decentralized peer 2 peer (P2P) trading platform, launched the Freedom of Speech 3.0 campaign, the Fight of the Ages (FOTA) Initial NFT Offering (INO), organized a meet-up in South Africa, a community call, and Twitter Space. Let’s read about them in detail! PolkaBridge Decentralized P2P Platform We announced on Jun 02 the progress of our decentralized P2P platform, which would allow users to trade crypto-FIAT and crypto-FIAT in a trustless manner, negating the need for centralized platforms to provide such a service. Until now, we have completed 60% of the progress and it will be soon ready to launch.  — @realpolkabridge Freedom Of Speech 3.0 Campaign We have also been running a freedom of speech 3.0 campaign throughout the month of June in which we give new topics every day, and request the community to share their opinion, and discuss them. It’s a way to raise awareness and engagement, and simply make the community participate more. To incentivize the spread and dissemination of knowledge, we give out periodic rewards for the crypto/Web3 topics.  — @polkawarnft PolkaBridge INO — Fight Of The Age...

PolkaBridge May 2022 Update

PolkaBridge May 2022 update is out! We have several updates to tell you about in this yet another busy month. We have completed the updated user interface on our website, completed our 10th burn, formed more partnerships, decided to migrate tokens to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), made our presence known on LinkedIn, and got PBR listed on the Hoo exchange and the BitKeep wallet. Let’s see this month’s recap! — PolkaBridge New User Interface!. — We have redesigned our website to display the new theme. This makes the user interface clean and minimalistic. The all-new black user interface displays the most important information in the front with the right color balancing and without delving into unnecessary complexity. Since we have launched a couple of products since the last time we did our website, we thought that we might as well adopt the new theme to celebrate the fact that we have come so far!  — @realpolkabridge — State of the Tokenomics: PolkaBridge 10th Burn. — PolkaBridge completed the 10th monthly PBR burn on May 13 worth around $200,000. We burb 1 million PBR tokens every month to reduce circulating supply and cause the value of existing tokens to rise. After the 10th burn, the remaining circulating supply is 48 million. The max supply is 78 million and the total burned supply until now has been 22 million.  — @realpolkabridge — PolkaBridge x M...

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