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PAX Gold  


PAXG Price:
$14.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.6 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:

PAX Gold is ranked #72 out of all coins. The code for PAX Gold is #PAXG.
PAX Gold is 2.7 years old, and there is a large volume of trading today on #PAXG.
For this period, the price of PAX Gold/#PAXG is down by 2%.
The lowest PAXG price for this period was $1,805.83,
and the highest was $1,919.44.

PAX Gold (#PAXG) News:

March 09, 9:00 pm

War, Inflation, & Geopolitical Tensions Bring Gold-Backed Crypto Tokens ...
In the first few months of 2022 macro uncertainty has been felt in the crypto and traditional markets as economic, regulatory, and political scenarios unfold. Historically, investors see gold as a reliable safe-haven asset they can run to when stocks and bonds decline. It is not surprising for gold prices to have seen a 19-month high as the U.S. and UK decided to ban Russian energy products. It seems that now investors are not only attracted to the metal, but to gold-backed tokens as well. What Crypto Can Expect From Macro Uncertainty The macro uncertainty has only increased in 2022, starting with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, then escalating as the sanctions on Moscow have a direct effect on commodities prices.  Moreover, analysts expect that a rising U.S. inflation will be reflected in the CPI numbers to be published next Thursday. Arcane Research data noted that CPI is expected to reach 7.9%, and the Federal Reserve might perform the 25 basis point rate hike that chair Jerome Powell said he is inclined to support. Bloomberg experts, however, project for 'February CPI to show an increase of 8.0% year over year and top out in the vicinity of 9% in March or April,' a...

March 07, 4:37 pm

How to Invest in Gold via Cryptocurrency? Meet the Gold-Pegged Tokens
Gold is a precious metal used in many industries, but it’s also a well-known investment product and a historical hedge against economic turmoil and inflation. Widely regarded as a risk-off asset, gold prices tend to perform best in a challenging financial environment - during a crisis, wars, shakedowns, and whatnot. What is a Gold-Pegged Cryp...

February 19, 4:30 pm

Demand for Gold-Backed Tokens Brings Premiums as Precious Metal's Value ...
While stocks and cryptocurrency markets have floundered during the last week, the price of the precious metal gold has increased in value by 3.85% during the last seven days. An ounce of fine gold jumped from $1,826.92 on February 10, to $1,897.36 per ounce on February 19. Additionally, the top gold-backed crypto coins today have seen a significant...

February 11, 11:00 pm

Gold-Backed Tokens Outperform Crypto Market. Further Upside Coming?
The crypto market has been on a recovery trend lately. Even with the market crash, it had already marked a year of massive returns for investors in the space. As is expected with a space with high volatility, crypto assets had begun to crumble in value. But despite the profitable year for cryptocurrencies, a subset of crypto tokens had made their m...

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