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OneSwap DAO Token  


ONES Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #ONES is $0.15 USD.

Please note that the price of #ONES was last updated over 350 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #ONES statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest ONES price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.149, and the exact last price of ONES was $0.14870.

The all-time high ONES coin price was $7.14.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ONES with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for OneSwap DAO Token crypto currency is #ONES.

OneSwap DAO Token is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for OneSwap DAO Token is $2,142,122.

OneSwap DAO Token is ranked #1155 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak volume of trading today on #ONES.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for OneSwap DAO Token is $4.00.


The circulating supply of ONES is 14,405,784 coins, which is 14% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of OneSwap DAO Token coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


ONES is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


ONES has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #ONES trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ONES purchase.



OneSwap | Announcement on OneSwap Starting Liquidity Mining with GGR Reward

Dear OneSwap users, We will be releasing a brand new round of GGR Mining. The mining details are as follows: Duration: 00:00 Apr. 7–00:00 Apr. 16 (UTC), Output:, Settlement: Calculated and allocated on an hourly basis, Mining entrance: OneSwap-Trade, Swap all in One., Chain of mining: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), OneSwap is a one-stop transaction service platform that can be implemented and deployed on any blockchain that supports smart contracts. OneSwap has been deployed on Ethereum and CSC. Also, such functions and services as liquidity mining, referral mining, and community governance were launched. OneSwap will continue to provide better performance and stabler operation to meet the diverse transaction needs of users. OneSwap reserves the right to the final interpretation of this announcement. Looking forward to your active participation! OneSwap Team Apr 4, 2023

OneSwap Launches the Win Rate Ranking: Earn Multiplied Profits via Price Bets

The first Win Rate Ranking of OneSwap’s Prediction was finalized on May 6, 2022 (UTC 00:00). Of the top three winners, the №1 winner participated in 52 rounds and recorded a final win rate of 69.23%. Since it was launched on April 29, OneSwap’s Prediction feature has started a wave of “Predict to Earn”. This earning model that allows users to earn high profits from price rises/falls with simple operations has gained extensive user recognition. Right now, the total number of rounds in Prediction has exceeded 2,000, with an average win rate of 50.89%. What makes OneSwap’s new feature so popular?Low threshold & high returns Prediction is a product that gamifies interactions between investors. Although the feature is released by OneSwap, which is a DEX, unlike other DEX functions that come with a high threshold, Prediction has introduced the simplest operating mode. The feature has a low threshold — there are only two buttons: Going UP and Going DOWN. Moreover, the minimum bet in a single round is only 10 CET. Each round lasts for 10 minutes, which means that users can complete a round using their fragmented free time, without having to focus on the market trend for an extended period. Most users will be able to get started with such a simple, innovative micro-trade model in no time. In the crypto market, high volatility has become the norm. As such, the market abounds with opportunities to “profit”. ...

OneSwap | A Guide to the New Price Prediction Function

This is a step-by-step guideline on how to use OneSwap’s prediction page.Link to MetaMask Wallet You can refer to to finish the configuration of the CSC chain in the MetaMask wallet. Below is the configuration information: RPC: Chain ID: 52 Symbol: CET Explorer: https://www.coinex.netGet $CET There are two methods to get $CET: 1)You can buy $CET on CoinEx exchange, and withdraw your $CET to your MetaMask wallet. Please do remember to choose the CSC chain rather than the ERC20 $CET. 2) If you have BNB, ETH, USDT, or USDC in your MetaMask wallet, you can also use CSC cross-chain bridge to bridge your asset to the CSC chain, and then use OneSwap to swap your assets to $CET. For those who won in the trial fund competition, you can also use those $CET tokens to participate in the prediction. 3. Prediction 1)We can see on the website that there are several sections here: End, Live and Frozen. We can bet up or down for prices in the live section. 2)After choosing up or down, we need to enter the amount ( ranging from 10 $CET to 10000 $CET). Then we need to sign our transaction and confirm it. When the transaction is confirmed, we will not be able to change the amount or cancel the bet anymore. 3)After we confirm the transaction, we will need to wait for the live section to close when the price of BTC/USDT is locked. There will be 5 minutes of the frozen status and...

3 Million MUT Rewards: OneSwap’s Multi-Crypto Liquidity Mining Event

Together with Mini Utopia and IFSwap, two projects on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), OneSwap will kick off the first multi-crypto liquidity mining event at 0:00 on February 25, 2022 (UTC). With a prize pool of 3 million MUT, 120,000 IFT, 60,000 CET, and 6,000 ONES, the event will offer 260,000 tokens every day. OneSwap’s liquidity mining events all prove a mining boom. Thanks to their annualized rate of return much higher than that of various asset management products and their user-friendly operation, OneSwap’s liquidity mining events are well received among users. Enabling miners to mine multiple cryptos using only one trading pair, the first batch of multi-cryptocurrency merged mining events greatly boost the yields of liquidity mining and attract more crypto holders to join by introducing four extra pairs (i.e. MUT/CET, iCET/CET, WAT/USDT, and IFT/CET), which is a golden chance of profit making for users on CSC. OneSwap is a fully decentralized transaction protocol based on smart contracts. It does not require permission to list tokens, supports automated market-making (AMM) and the order book, and provides a one-stop transaction experience. As an on-chain platform offering one-stop trade services, OneSwap is now deployed on CSC, Ethereum, TRON, and BSC and has introduced features such as liquidity mining, referral mining, etc.The first merged mining event of multiple cryptos: launching AAM liquidity mining Following the...

OneSwap Upgrade: Mining of Multiple Cryptos & Collaboration with CSC-powered Projects

OneSwap is a universal one-stop transaction service platform, and also a fully decentralized transaction protocol based on smart contracts. It does not require permission to list tokens, supports automated market-making (AMM) and the order book, and improves user interaction through the built-in OneSwap Wallet that provides a one-stop transaction experience. The platform supports the traditional order book based on fast exchanges, offering more flexible trading methods, as well as enhanced security and transparency. In addition to Ethereum and Tron, OneSwap also started to support CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) last year, which expands its application ecosystem.Multi-project ecosystem development: merged mining will be a future trend As the number of CSC-based projects continues to rise, a growing number of project teams in the ecosystem plan to engage in liquidity mining. OneSwap will upgrade the liquidity mining function on February 18, 2022 to better meet the demands of CSC users. After this update, the platform will enable merged mining between more CSC-powered projects and projects on OneSwap. In addition, you’ll be able to mine other cryptos in a pool (excluding ONES), and different types of tokens can be mined in one pool. The upgrade is limited to the OneSwap liquidity mining module. As the name suggests, liquidity mining refers to a process where users provide liquidity for both lenders and borrowers in the DeFi market ...

DEXes Drive the Integrated Growth of the DeFi 2.0 Ecosystem: A Recap of OneSwap’s Innovative Value

In the latter half of 2021, more DeFi players have shared their views on DeFi 2.0. Fundamentally, DeFi 2.0 might herald the diversified growth of ecosystems. DeFi 1.0’s shift towards DeFi 2.0 has already started in DeFi segments such as DEX, derivatives, etc. In other words, through infrastructure updates in terms of the DeFi ecosystem, DeFi 2.0 would offer faster transaction, enhanced trade security, and better trading experiences. As public chains improve their performance, DEX, an important emerging infrastructure in the DeFi world, has demonstrated its strong momentum in 2021. In the future, DEX updates will be an unstoppable trend, triggering the DeFi 2.0 revolution.The growing DEX sector: The next crypto opportunity of this era Although DeFi has presented promising growth records, it still faces a number of problems in terms of network performance, risk control, capital efficiency, liquidity, etc. As such, people gradually shifted their focus to the DEX, hoping that it could offer the breakthrough needed for the development of DeFi 2.0. OneSwap is an innovative DEX and a leading application in the CoinEx ecosystem. It has received strong support from CoinEx in terms of resources and technology. OneSwap has made profound changes and adopted a development model that differs from peers, especially with regard to the underlying mechanism and matching protocol. Fully decentralized transaction protocols based on smart cont...

OneSwap Deployed on CSC, Bringing Win-win Cooperation in Ecosystem Construction

On July 13, 2021, OneSwap was officially deployed on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) as the first DeFi project on the chain. Emerging from the battle of decentralized exchanges (DEX) in 2020, OneSwap has not only solved the high gas fee, a headache for users on Ethereum but is the first decentralized exchange to launch an on-chain order book on Ethereum as well as the first project that has passed the audit of three institutions at the same time. OneSwap that redefines DEX OneSwap is a fully decentralized transaction protocol based on smart contracts. It does not require permission to list tokens, supports automated market-making (AMM) and the order book, and improves user interaction through the built-in OneSwap Wallet that provides a one-stop transaction experience. Compared with other decentralized transaction protocols, OneSwap introduces an on-chain order book model based on AMM. The order book allows users to trade at an expected price through limit orders. They can initiate a market order or a limit order, set buy and sell orders according to the target price, and have them automatically executed. Such a secure, transparent model greatly facilitates investors to carry out their investment strategies. The integration of AMM and the order book offers users the limit order they’re familiar with while enhancing the liquidity of digital assets at the same time. As a one-stop trading service platform on the universal chain, OneS...

OneSwap Guide for Beginners and Novices (3)

— Create A Liquidity Pool (Create A Trading Pair) Hello, everyone. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to create a liquidity pool (i.e. a trading pair) at OneSwap. I OneSwap allows users to create liquidity pools (trading pairs) for all tokens listed on the ETH network. Before that, you need to transfer your tokens to the address of the OneSwap wallet through [Receive]; When you create a new liquidity pool (trading pair), you will be the first liquidity provider of the pool, and the proportion of tokens added will determine the initial price; II Let’s take the creation of an NBTC/PBTC liquidity pool (trading pair) with NBTC and PBTC we have as an example: First, visit through a browser. Similarly, we take the Ethereum chain as an example. Select [ETH] public chain, connect to the OneSwap wallet, and enter the [Pool] page. Transfer NBTC and PBTC we have to the OneSwap wallet; III Second, click [Create], select tokens respectively, and set the initial price of NBTC/PBTC at 2 (i.e. 2 NBTC=1 PBTC, 0.5 PBTC=1 NBTC), and add 200 NBTC and 100 PBTC as liquidity. You can click [Swap order (Disable Limit Order)] as needed, and click [Create] after confirmation; IV After confirming the information, click [Create], and [Authorize] the tokens of the new liquidity pool. Now just wait for the confirmation by the ETH network.

OneSwap Guide for Beginners and Novices (2)

— — Add and Remove Liquidity Hello, everyone. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to add and remove liquidity in OneSwap. — Part One. — First, visit through a browser. Here we still take the Ethereum chain as an example. Select a chain in the upper left corner, and click [ETH] and then [Connect to Wallet]; — Part Two. — Title in the center of the screen: How to add liquidity in OneSwap? Select [Pool] in the navigation bar, click [Add Liquidity] and then [Select Token]. It is suggested that you enter the “address” to search the token. Confirm the token and contract address, and then select the token; Take ONES/ETH for example. — Part Three. — Enter the [Quantity] of liquidity to add, and click [Add] after confirmation; Select a reasonable “Gas” on the authorization page and click [Authorize], confirm the authorization content at the connected wallet, and click [Confirm]. Liquidity will be successfully added after being confirmed by the block. Here is a tip. OneSwap will adjust the gas fee in real-time according to the congestion, so you’re suggested to choose “Recommendation”. — Part Four. — Title in the center of the screen: How to remove liquidity from OneSwap? Click [Remove Liquidity], enter the “Withdrawal Percentage”, and click [Remove] after confirmation. Then select a reasonable “Gas”, and confirm the authoriza...

OneSwap Monthly Report (March, 2021)


Top Solana Projects: The 10 Best Ones to Watch in 2024

    Solana has one of the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems in the crypto industry. The project recovered from the downfall of the FTX exchange in 2021 and made a massive resurgence in 2024, bringing notable developments and becoming one of the most popular networks in the industry. Hosting multi-billion dollars worth of total value locked, Solana is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of projects. Praised for its scalability, high speed, and low gas costs, the protocol has turned into the breeding ground for hundreds of decentralized applications (dApps), each serving diverse areas within DeFi: lending and borrowing, liquid staking, decentralized swaps, non-fungible token (NFT) collections, bridging crypto assets, derivatives trading, and much more. Such a vast and diverse ecosystem of projects can seem overwhelming, leading you to ask yourself: How do I find new Solana projects? Or what is the best project on Solana? This detailed guide attempts to answer these exact questions, looking at the top 10 Solana projects. Beyond an easy-to-understand explanation of the project, you will also find critical information on other important points, such as: The founders Funding rounds and notable investors Important project milestones So, without any further ado, let’s dive in. Quick Navigation The Importance of Solana DEXs The Top 10 Solana Projects in 2024 Phantom Wallet: The Biggest Self-Custody Wallet on Solana Jupiter: Solana's Top Decentralized Exchange Mari... read More

Lado Okhotnikov's Meta Force Announces Tactile Program Launch – Vi...

    [PRESS RELEASE - UAE, Dubai, January 2nd, 2024] Meta Force is one step closer to launching the Metaverse. The other day, the founder of the crypto platform, Lado Okhotnikov, announced readiness to launch the next Tactile program. This innovative system will combine products, cashback and a unique reward structure through an affiliate program, and will also allow users to exchange virtual items for real ones. Tactile: making the Metaverse tangible According to Lado Okhotnikov, the founder of Meta Force Metaverse, the Tactile program allows users to purchase unique digital goods in NFT format which, in addition to the virtual appearance, also have a real one, that is, a physical embodiment. “As part of our program we call these NFTs “tactile goods” — they can not only be bought in Metaworld but you can actually receive them in your hands in the form of real objects. This is something like a digital certificate for a real item — for example, if you buy a digital T-shirt, mug or even jewelry, a corresponding physical item will be delivered to you in addition to the digital one,” Lado Okhotnikov noted that NFTs will finally find their use in the real world. After purchasing an NFT token, a platform participant becomes the owner of a unique digital asset, which at the same time can be physically used — donate or exchange the corresponding item in real life. Tactile's engagement and upcoming reward enhancements Tactile offers a unique experi... read More

Investment Firm Paradigm Still Optimistic About Crypto — Says 'Iss...

    Investment firm Paradigm is still optimistic about crypto's potential following the collapse of FTX. 'The blowup of FTX has caused some to question crypto's value. But the issues at FTX are precisely ones that decentralized finance [defi] can solve through increased transparency and security,' the firm's co-founder emphasized.Paradigm on FTX Collapse, Defi Paradigm co-founder Matt Huang took to Twitter to explain the impact cryptocurrency exchange FTX's collapse has on his company. Paradigm is a San Francisco-based investment firm focused on supporting crypto and Web3 companies and protocols. 'We are shocked by the revelations about FTX, Alameda, and SBF,' he began. FTX and trading firm Alameda Research filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week. Both companies were founded by Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), who has stepped down as the CEO of FTX. 'Facts are still coming to light, and there will be many lessons to learn,' Huang added, elaborating: We feel deep regret for having invested in a founder and company who ultimately did not align with crypto's values and who have done enormous damage to the ecosystem. 'Paradigm's equity investment in FTX constituted a small part of our total assets and has now been written down to $0,' the co-founder detailed. 'We never traded on FTX and did not have any assets on the exchange. We have never been investors in related tokens such as FTT, SRM, MAPS, or OXY,' he clarified. Huang was previously a partner at venture capital firm Sequoia Capital,... read More

Current Bitcoin Bear Market Exactly Like Previous Ones But There's a Cat...

    In its ‘week on-chain’ report on Oct. 31, analytics provider Glassnode made a number of comparisons between the current Bitcoin market cycle bottom and those from previous bear markets. Last week’s relief rally appears to have fizzled out with a double-top rejection, as reported by CryptoPotato yesterday. Glassnode stated that the market was “hammering out a Bitcoin bottom, with almost textbook resemblance to prior cycle lows.” It reported that, as in previous cycles, the Bitcoin bear market has inflicted severe financial loss on investors and hodlers. The last thing that remains is a component of time and investor apathy, it added. #Bitcoin has rallied back above the key $20k psychological level after many months of low volatility. In this edition, we analyze how Bitcoin may be hammering out a near-textbook bear market floor and what risks may lay on the road ahead. Read it here — glassnode (@glassnode) October 31, 2022 Hammering Out a Bottom Glassnode used a number of metrics, such as Realized Price and Mayer Multiples, to determine cycle lows and a bottom discovery phase. Realized price, or the average acquisition price per coin for the wider market, is currently at $21,105, according to Woo Charts. When spot prices trade below the realized price, “the aggregate market can be considered to be in unrealized loss,” noted Glassnode. This has been the case for the best part of the past four months. The M... read More

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Takes Aim at Bitcoin Detractors, Says ...

    It's been over a year since El Salvador codified bitcoin as legal tender in the Latin American country, and by popping the 'orange pill,' the country was propelled into the international spotlight. At the end of September, the 41-year-old Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele penned an opinion editorial that takes aim at the detractors who think it was the wrong decision, those who think it was a good decision but for the wrong reasons, and opponents who 'are afraid of our decision.'Nayib Bukele's Opinion Editorial Tells People to 'Stop Drinking the Elite's Kool-Aid' According to Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele, if the bitcoin experiment his country is participating in succeeds, a great number of other countries worldwide will follow in the Latin American country's footsteps. Bukele said this in a recently penned opinion editorial called 'Stop Drinking the Elite's Kool-Aid,' which was published on September 30, 2022, in English and Spanish. In the editorial, Bukele criticized three camps of detractors and he believes that most of them are simply afraid of El Salvador's innovative decisions. 'The most vocal detractors, the ones who are afraid and pressuring us to reverse our decision, are the world's powerful elites and the people who work for or benefit from them,' Bukele explains in his article. 'They used to own everything, and in a way they still do; the media, the banks, the NGOs, the international organizations, and almost all the governments and corporations in the world.... read More

FTX US President: This Crypto Winter is Much Similar to Previous Ones

    Brett Harrison - the President of cryptocurrency exchange FTX US - agreed that the current condition of the cryptocurrency market is not particularly satisfying. However, he believes the bear market has similarities to past ones, and in the future, the industry will overcome its issues. Flowing Capital Will Boost the Crypto Sector Prompted by several macroeconomic factors, the digital asset market declined significantly in recent weeks. For one, bitcoin's price plunged under $18,000 last weekend - a level unseen in the last 18 months. The President of FTX US - Brett Harrison, though, does not sound too worried about the negative trend. In a recent interview for CNBC, he argued that people have short-term memory since bear markets have happened before, and bitcoin has always managed to prevail. The American further opined that the current 'crypto winter' is much similar to those years ago, including the one in 2018. Harrison thinks that a propeller for a new bull market will be the venture capital firms that have started deploying colossal sums into the industry: 'We still have an enormous amount of venture capital flowing into crypto, which we think will bolster the ecosystem as these companies come out with new products and new services, and that will eventually bring the crypto world back.' Subsequently, Harrison highlighted bitcoin's nature and the fact that central banks and governments do not control it. It has emerged as a store of value that can be 'safely and instantl... read More

What Factors Are Driving The Bitcoin Remittance Revolution In Africa? Th...

    The Bitcoin remittance business is blowing up all over the world. South African financial website moneyweb brings us the report directly from the old continent. The conditions that led to El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender are present all over Africa. The people are unbanked but everybody has mobile phones. One of those opportunities is remittance fueled by Africa’s growing ~mobile~ population. There are over 30 million Africans living outside their countries of origin. Since 2012, the African Union considers the African diaspora the sixth Africa’s region.” On one hand, “countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya” want to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On the other, “According to the World Bank Global Findex, 60% of the population” in the continent are unbanked. The recipe is there. And Bitcoin remittances might be the use case to bring mass adoption to Africa. Remittance Revolution, Factor 1. Mobile Wallets Not only is the mobile population growing, but the whole continent also has ample experience with other forms of “mobile money.” It’s a concept already entrenched in the culture: “Africa is the global leader in mobile money usage. Sub-Saharan Africa has the fastest growing mobile money industry in the world. The region will continue to see substantial growth in the number of people owning mobile phones. Mobile subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa are projected to reach 623 million by... read More

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