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ONE Price:
$9.6 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ONE today is $0.020 USD.

The lowest ONE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.020, and the current live price for one ONE coin is $0.02011.

The all-time high ONE coin price was $0.38.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ONE with market cap of BTC and how the supply of ONE affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for Harmony is #ONE.

Harmony is 3.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Harmony is $254,401,428.

Harmony is ranked #122 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #ONE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Harmony is $9,577,610.


The circulating supply of ONE is 12,647,673,928 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Relatively, Harmony has a large supply of coins, 575 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


ONE is the native coin for the Harmony Shard 0 blockchain.

View the full list of Harmony Shard 0 blockchain tokens.


ONE is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 17 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #ONE, and you can view them on our ONE disambiguation page.



Comparing Harmony’s Effective Proof Of Stake To Other Mechanisms

In any centralized process, there is a central administrator or authority that continuously updates the database. However, as blockchain technology is decentralized, it is powered by self-regulating systems that use different consensus mechanisms to update the database. A consensus mechanism is a network of computers essential to safeguard the software from malicious actors. Each cryptocurrency has its own consensus mechanism that keeps the verification process running. While Bitcoin and Ethereum use the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, Ethereum 2.0 will transition to Proof of Stake (PoS). Harmony, on the other hand, uses Fast Byzantine Fault Tolerance (FBFT) consensus algorithm. FBFT allows at least 250 validators to reach consensus within 2 seconds. Complementing FBFT, Harmony uses the Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS) staking mechanism, the first staking mechanism in a sharded blockchain that achieves both security and decentralization Here’s how Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, and Harmony’s Effective Proof of Stake work.What is Proof of Work (PoW)? The Proof of Work consensus mechanism involves verifying transactions between users and adding them to the blockchain. The consensus mechanism requires miners to undergo a complex mining process and spend a considerable amount of processing power. It uses the SHA-256 hash function that provides a fair input. Simply, miners race to complete the cryptographic puzzle by using mining equipment (ASICs) and other computing devices to help them fetch rewards. PoW is a potent consensus mechanism in terms of power and security. It consumes high electricity and hence is known as an energy-intensive mechanism. However, the PoW mechanism brings a high degree of trust to the system.What is Proof of Stake (PoS)? The Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is an updated version of PoW that doesn’t require intensive mining operations. Instead, the PoS mechanism involves stakers using their blockchain holdings to add blocks to the blockchain. Therefore, users can only participate in the consensus if they have the underlying cryptocurrency. The protocol then applies the consensus on the block for all nodes to agree to add the following block to the blockchain. Hence, the node is responsible for verifying the transactions’ validity, signing, and proposing it to the network. A specific user has to stake (or lock) their crypto tokens in a smart contract. Generally, the higher coins you stake, the higher your chances of becoming the next block producer. PoS and PoW nodes both receive rewards in the form of tokens when proposing a new block.What is Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS)? The Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS) staking mechanism builds upon PoS to achieve both security and decentralization, making it the first staking mechanism in a sharded blockchain to do so. EPoS allows staking from hundreds of validators and elects the highest-ranked validators based on stakes. The model does not incentivize stakers with a high stake to avoid stake centralization. With the introduction of effective stake, the higher ranked validators are actually economically punished to stake too much in a single validator and the lower-ranked validators are enjoying extra reward for their stake. To safeguard the blockchain against stake centralization, the unique EPoS model also introduces a slashing mechanism. If stakers plan to attack the blockchain by double signing conflicting blocks, the validator will be slashed and forever banned from the network. The slashing rate increases linearly with the number of validators, with a minimum of 2%. Therefore, if half of the validators double sign conflicting blocks, the slashing rate will be 50%. You can read more about Harmony’s Effective Proof of Stake in our official doc section. Here’s a brief comparison between Harmony’s EPoS, and Cosmos and Ethereum 2.0’s PoS.The Need for A Newer Consensus Mechanism The widely used consensus mechanisms PoW and PoS pose certain problems that need to be addressed. However, since PoS is an updated version of the PoW mechanism, the solution narrows down to improving the problems with the former mechanism. The PoS blockchains form a group of validators that validate blocks. The problem with creating a group is the idea of limited seats and whom to grant the seat. The standard methods that blockchains use are social reputation, random selection, or staking quantity. However, the most secure way is to use staked tokens as it closely ties the validator’s incentives with the blockchain. The Effective Proof of Stake mechanism solves the above problem, and more with easy compounding, avoiding uneven stake, and supporting delegation. This scales both security and decentralization, promoting an overall healthy blockchain ecosystem. You can also join the ecosystem by becoming a validator or delegator, and start staking at Harmony.About Harmony Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. We ❤️ Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn |Reddit | Instagram Comparing Harmony’s Effective Proof Of Stake To Other Mechanisms was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Harmony Brings Multisig Staking For Added Security And Features

To ensure complete decentralization and a rewarding staking process at Harmony, we introduced the Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) staking mechanism. EPoS is designed to solve the issues posed by standard PoS while still maintaining the decentralization aspect of the blockchain. Staking at Harmony is upheld by validators and delegators, who can stake their ONE tokens and earn rewards. Each shard at Harmony contains a large group of validators, which validate new blocks and vote to reach a consensus. To vote, each validator requires voting shares, where one bonded voting share grants one vote for a validator to cast in the FBFT consensus. A 2/3 quorum of votes is needed for consensus, and a share remains bonded to a validator for a period of 7 epochs. On the other hand, delegators can participate in staking without running a validator and instead delegate their tokens to an existing validator through the Staking Explorer. If the tokens are delegated to an elected validator, a portion of the block reward earned by the validator will be credited to the delegator, which is immediately redeemable. While the current system works faultlessly, we want to provide additional security layers to the transactions within the Harmony ecosystem. This is where Harmony makes an impact with Gnosis Multisig.About Gnosis Multisig As we extended support to Gnosis Safe, we enabled developers and users to partake in the ecosystem with additional decentralization and security. Gnosis Safe operates using smart contracts and is entirely non-custodial, and Harmony has forked this Multisig implementation. With Gnosis Safe, developers and users can:Create a Multisig wallet, otherwise known as a safe;Create and manage the multiple wallet addresses inside the safe;Set the minimum required signers for each transaction;Track and manage all activity in the safe;Set spending limits.Multisig Staking At Harmony Since the launch of open staking in May 2020, we have witnessed exponential growth in the number of validators, delegators, and ONE tokens staked in the ecosystem. To stake their ONE tokens, users had to send a special staking transaction which is supported by a limited number of wallets. Building a better system, Harmony launched support for staking at the smart contract level earlier this year. Since Gnosis Safe does not support staking, the assets kept in safes remain idle without earning any yield or rewards. Therefore, by utilizing the smart contract staking feature, Harmony can now easily support staking for Multisig wallets (or safes), making it one of the first, if not the first blockchain to do so. With this feature, ONE tokens in the Multisig wallets can also be staked to earn the staking rewards. This creates a huge impact for users with Multisig wallets, especially DAOs, which can utilize Multisig staking to stake their funds and have self-sustaining income generation.Setting Up A Gnosis Safe At Harmony At Harmony, we continually educate our users on the best practices to keep their funds safe. This is why we created specific guidelines for setting up a Gnosis safe. Here are some things to keep in mind when using Gnosis Safe:Use Gnosis Safe with multiple people using different wallets and separate devices with all security measures activated (2FA).While using a hardware wallet is the safest option, combining a Gnosis Safe with Google Authenticator is the minimum recommendation.Use non-overlapping passwords or authenticators.Use freshly-created passwords and brand-new addresses without any history. While keeping these recommendations in mind, here’s a definitive guide on how to set up your Gnosis Safe at Harmony using Metamask and 1Wallet.How To Get Started Before you can stake your ONE assets through Multisig, you need to be a part of a safe. Here’s how you can get started.Go to the official Harmony Multisiig Wallet platform.Harmony Multisig supports a wide range of wallets, and you can connect any supportive wallet.Now, you can either create a new safe or choose to load a safe that already exists.Once you have the safe ready, ensure that it has enough funds to stake.Now, you are ready to stake with Multisig at Harmony. Here’s the official documentation on how to stake via your Multisig Safe at Harmony. — In Conclusion. — At Harmony, we have always taken user security as our top priority. With Multisig staking, we ensure that users keep the control in their hands with total decentralization. Currently, the Harmony team is focusing on updating the Harmony Multisig version to be in sync with the latest Gnosis repo to ensure maximum security. The new update aims to simplify the process for new users to join in and create their own safes. As of May 2022, we have over 1300 safes created and 137M ONE staked. You, too, can join them and start staking!About Harmony Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. We ❤️ Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn |Reddit | Instagram Harmony Brings Multisig Staking For Added Security And Features was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Harmony May Updates: Team Off-Site, Infinity Wallet, Chainstack and 1Wallet

We have a number of updates to share from the month of May. Some highlights include our Q2 2022 offsite meeting which produced new initiatives and priorities, Ankr’s RPC aggregator on Harmony for increased RPC availability and redundancy, and the Harmony mainnet network upgrade which further decentralized the network and added fast node sync. Read our May highlights below and follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated. Q2 2022 Team Offsite: In May, the Harmony core team held a four-day offsite meeting. The meet came at a pivotal moment, where the team reviewed areas of improvement on ecosystem grants and management, aligned our mission and vision and addressed community sentiment. We also published the offsite report where we highlight action items and initiatives resulting from the offsite event. Harmony Twitter Reaches 400K Followers: The Harmony Twitter community surpassed over 400,000 members. ZKU July-August Cohort: The applications for the July-August cohort of Harmony’s Zero-Knowledge University are now open. Interested candidates can apply for the free for all learning initiative by June 27. OneWeekly: In May, we continued with our approach of open development through the ONEWeekly newsletter and video series, which featured ecosystem highlights, new partnerships, Harmony Q2 Offsite and the Harmony roadmap. Cross-Shard Communication: The Harmony team is also working on efficient cross-shard communication to scale sharding at Harmony for both users and developers. With cross-shard messaging, applications deployed on different shards can directly call DEXes on another shard and utilize the liquidity from that shard. The protocol can be expected to be shipped later this year. Infinity Wallet: In May, Infinity Wallet extended support to Harmony-based dApps, which are now available to users right inside the wallet. Chainstack: The Harmony public API powered by Chainstack was released to developers. Chainstack provides reliable mainnet and testnet infrastructure to developers building on Harmony. Ankr: Ankr released their RPC aggregator on Harmony, which will help developers to implement decentralized nodes on Harmony Protocol without ever having to set up their own RPC. PolyNetwork: PolyNetwork went live on Harmony in may, allowing users to utilize the Poly Bridge, Explorer and their other products for easier interoperability across blockchains. XP Network: Using the XP NFT Bridge, anyone can move their NFTs from other blockchains into the Harmony ecosystem. ReImagine V.12: Leo Hao, VP of Engineering at Harmony participated in the ReImagine V.12 event, where he talked about the NFT and Web3 revolution we are a part of. 1Wallet Goes Into Android Beta: After iOS, Harmony’s social wallet — 1Wallet, has gone into Android beta. To be a part of the beta, users can apply to join the waitlist. Permissionless: Members of Harmony attended the Permissionless event by Blockworks, where they connected with builders, creatives and enthusiasts from the ONE community. Network Upgrade: The Harmony mainnet received a network upgrade to version 4.3.9 in May. The release featured progress on decentralization, peer-to-peer connection and faster sync. Head Of Marketing: As we continue building a decentralized and multi-chain future, we are on the lookout for an experienced Head of Marketing who is passionate about building and growing with our vision.About Harmony Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. Build on Harmony, bridge to all chains. We are an open platform for your assets, collectibles, identity and governance. We 💙 Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | Instagram Harmony May Updates: Team Off-Site, Infinity Wallet, Chainstack and 1Wallet was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Enabling Cross-Shard Communication At Harmony

The original bitcoin blockchain was conceptualized as a peer-to-peer payment system that will enable users to send payments. However, As it gained momentum, it was clear that the limited number of transactions per second and high fees were a performance bottleneck. What followed was Ethereum, which enabled the creation of blockchain applications using smart contracts. However, Ethereum too, had difficulties when it came to scalability. As Multiple other projects proposed solutions, creating a blockchain that optimized its network for security, decentralization, and scalability was an endless problem. This is known as the blockchain trilemma. This is why we created Harmony — a sharded PoS blockchain. Sharding is the ideal scalability solution that preserves both security and decentralization. In simpler terms, sharding is a method for distributing data across multiple machines. In a blockchain, sharding splits an entire network into smaller partitions, which are essentially known as shards. Harmony perfectly executes sharding, creating a highly scalable, extremely fast, and secure blockchain that confirms transactions with negligible fees.Sharding At Harmony At Harmony, we split the network into three dimensions: state, network, and transaction. State Sharding: In Harmony, validators of each shard are required to store 1/N of the global state as they maintain their own chain of blocks and state database (N=number of shards). This eases the data availability concerns for validators. Moreover, cross-sharding further improves the state consistency between shards. Network Sharding: The Harmony validator network is also divided into shards. Each shard contains a different set of validators closely connected with each other, running consensus among themselves. Usually, validators connect among themselves within the same shard, either to synchronize the blocks or reach a consensus. In cases of cross-shard transactions and beacon chain synchronization, validators from different shards send messages across shards through the globally connected network. Transaction Sharding: Instead of going through all shards, transactions at Harmony are addressed to and processed by a single shard. This enables shards to process transactions simultaneously, improving the total transaction capacity of the blockchain. For transactions users can just specify the shard_id field in the signed transaction, indicating the shard the transaction belongs to.Cross-Shard Communication Even though sharding is a scalable solution that limits data availability, consensus, and execution to a particular shard, what happens when shards have to interact to share transactions? Efficient cross-shard communication can truly extend the shard’s utility beyond capacity. This is expected to increase the blockchain performance i.e. TPS (transactions per second) and reduce latency in data transfer. Cross-shard communication can be divided into three types:Mainchain Driven: In mainchain driver sharding, the network is completely dependent on the main chain to achieve transactions across shards.Client Driven: This is where clients form the crux of the network and collect the messages between shards. Furthermore, they share the messages with the relevant shards.Shard Driven: A direct approach where nodes in the shard directly receive and send messages without any external help. and Cross-Sharding With its shard-based approach, Harmony impeccably handles millions of transactions every day. But as we scale for millions of users and wallets, we have equipped ourselves to become one of the first sharded blockchains to accomplish cross-shard messaging. With an effective cross-shard messaging protocol and a fully-meshed design, shards will be able to undergo seamless communication with each other. With the team actively working towards the goal, users and developers can expect a cross-shard messaging protocol at Harmony later this year. For builders and developers on Harmony, this is a major breakthrough as they can build by collating features and using data that reside on different shards. Alongside, inter-shard data consistency is vital. These two pursuits shall dictate the sustainability of this limitless scalability. — About Harmony. — Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. We ❤️ Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn |Reddit | Instagram Enabling Cross-Shard Communication At Harmony was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

On-boarding 10,000 Developers: Harmony’s Zero-Knowledge University

At Harmony, we are building an ecosystem that enables researchers, practitioners, and developers to thrive exponentially. Sustaining the vision, we founded zkDAO, PrivacyDAO, and ResearchDAO. This initiative will support the research and publication of academic papers in the zero-knowledge proof technology (ZK), something we believe will drive the next-gen industry-changing projects of the future. While research in ZK has increased substantially in the past few years, we believe it can be catalyzed to reach more developers and users swiftly. This is why we started the ‘Harmony Zero-Knowledge University,’ a learning initiative that brings in new talent in the Web3 space and helps them create market-ready ZK products. This 7-week program is designed for students who are comfortable with programming and are willing to learn. Moving forward, Harmony aims to graduate 300 scholars by the end of 2022, 1,000 scholars by 2024 and 10,000 scholars by 2026, each proficient enough to launch their own market-ready ZK products.Course Features Harmony’s Zero-Knowledge University aims to help developers foray into the world of ZK proofs. Curated by an expert teaching and development facility, this 7-week course is entirely free for participants. Apart from following a zero-fee structure, the course incentivizes learning and provides grants to students for completing assignments and building ZK products. Sponsored by Harmony, these grants help students earn while they learn more about the technology. Students are provided $200 in grants as submitted satisfactory assignments on time, with the total available grants for each scholar being $1,600. Every week, students who are voted to be most helpful towards helping other students will receive an additional $100 in prizes. ZKU Cohorts The course runs for nearly 2-months with participants learning from various instructors, industry experts, and mentors. The ZKU has already completed two cohorts, with the third already underway. To graduate, the participants have to deploy their own usable ZK products on testnet. Our graduates have already created market-ready ZKU projects, spread across areas such as gaming, voting, NFTs, and authentication protocols. In our inaugural pilot cohort (started in Dec 2021), we received over 200 applications for enrollment. The Twitter, YouTube, and Discord community of ZKU is also thriving. We have students from diverse backgrounds and locations, with the graduating students representing 5 different continents. To ensure that we can include as many scholars as possible, the next cohorts will include video seminars and discord discussions to accumulate different time zones.The Team Behind ZKU The course is organized by Dr. Hakwan Lau, with the support of multiple teaching assistants. Formerly a tenured professor at UCLA, Dr. Hakwan comes with over 14 years of rich experience in tertiary education. He has also published over 100 scientific papers. He has been working with Harmony on various projects, including Decentralized Basic Income. Supporting Hakwan, is a diverse and highly experienced teaching staff, spread over borders while being connected through Harmony. The staff includes software developers, entrepreneurs, instructors, teachers, and other students who wish to impart their learnings to the ZKU participants. — Join Us To Learn. — The next cohort of ZKU is scheduled for July-August, and applications are open! Join us, for high-quality learning sessions from the best minds in the ecosystem and start building market-ready products for the future with Zero-Knowledge technology. Follow us to stay updated with the details of the next cohort. Website | Twitter | Discord | Course Videos — About Harmony. — Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. We ❤️ Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn |Reddit | InstagramZero-Knowledge University FAQs Q: What is Harmony’s Zero-Knowledge University? A: ZKU is a free for all learning initiative that aims to help developers build market-ready products using the ZK technology. Q: Are there limited slots in ZKU? A: We plan on enrolling a limited number of students for each cohort, with enrollment being on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, we advise all applicants to finish and submit the background assignment at the earliest. Q: How long is the course? Do participants have to submit assignments? A: The course is nearly 2-months long, with participants submitting various assignments every week, ending the course with a final project. Q: What are the prizes and scholarships available for students? A: Students have the opportunity to earn up to $3,000 in grants as they progress through the course. More information on prizes and grants can be found here. Q: How can I stay updated with all ZKU updates? A: You can follow ZKU on Twitter and Discord to get recent updates and more details about future cohorts. Q: Is ZKU an accredited university that provides education board-approved certification courses? A: ZKU is not an officially approved University that provides tertiary-level education, but is a learning initiative. The group is not a legally binding paid service, as no fees are charged from the participants. ZKU invites instructors who are mostly working pro bono, with sponsorship from Harmony. Harmony takes no legal responsibility for the quality of the content and learning. On-boarding 10,000 Developers: Harmony’s Zero-Knowledge University was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Harmony April Updates: Covalent, ONEWeekly, ETHAmsterdam, and Team Performance

In April, Harmony team members participated in multiple AMAs to answer community questions. Select members of the team also networked with hundreds of developers by attending ETHAmsterdam, Paris Blockchain Week Summit and ETHPortland. We also launched the Harmony ONE Accelerator Program, the ONEWeekly videos series and newsletter, and integrated with Covalent. Read our April highlights below. Follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated.Launches And Milestones Harmony ONE Accelerator Program: April marked the launch of the Harmony ONE Accelerator program, which aims to help projects in the Harmony ecosystem to reach the next stage of growth through a network of strategic investors and talent. The program features the Harmony Venture Network, Harmony Talent Network, Harmony Advisors Network and the Harmony Services Network. ONE Weekly Video Series: We have also launched the ONE Weekly video series to provide users with regular updates through easy to digest video episodes. The first two episodes are already out, which talk about iToken, cross-shard updates, inside scoops and best security practices to safeguard your funds. Harmony Launcher DEX: The Harmony Launcher, a decentralized IGO and IDO Launchpad and Incubator, launched its DEX, which would facilitate a 1:1 Swap, LP Staking and other solutions for the Harmony Launcher token. iToken: NFT projects can now deploy iToken, a read-only mapping of ERC721 tokens from Ethereum to the Harmony blockchain. NFT projects launched on Ethereum can use iToken to map the NFT and launch games on Harmony to increase utility and engagement. Seven blue-chip NFTs have already been mapped, and NFT projects can apply to launch an iToken on Harmony. ONE Weekly Newsletter: To continue open development with radical transparency, we launched the ONEWeekly newsletter. The newsletter aims to provide our community with regular updates on what’s happening in the Harmony ecosystem and behind the scenes. Team Performance Bonus: The Harmony team published the team performance review and bonus for Q1 2022.Partnership Highlights GM Frens: Harmony partnered with game publishers and accelerator and GM Frens. Developers at GM Frens who wish to build on the Harmony blockchain will get fast-track access to Harmony’s grant program and $300M ecosystem fund. Covalent: In April, Harmony integrated with Covalent, a leading provider of indexing and querying solutions for blockchains with their unified API. The initial integration includes complete indexing of Harmony and enables developers to access rich, granular data to build applications faster and easier for various use cases. XYZZY: Harmony partnered with metaverse, gaming and NFTs studio XYZZY to integrate the Harmony blockchain into new and existing XYZZY projects. One of the first integrations was with the racing game Kart League Racing. D’CENT Wallet: Users can easily add Harmony mainnet’s cryptocurrency assets to D’CENT Wallet by simply searching for the asset’s name. The wallet also supports dual address formats for Harmony ONE accounts. Commonwealth: To provide DAOs in the Harmony ecosystem with their own governance platform, Harmony partnered with Commonwealth, an all-in-one platform that enables on-chain communities to discuss, vote and fund projects together. Artemis: Harmony partnered with Artemis to help Web2 developers learn blockchain fundamentals and transition to Web3. DeFiato: The next-generation Centralized DeFi (CeDeFi) platform DeFiatop integrated the Harmony blockchain onto their platform to offer cross-chain asset transfers with other major chains.Events And Announcements AMAs: To address community concerns and answer questions, the Harmony core team was a part of multiple AMAs hosted on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. The team answered questions about the block explorer, recent Google Chrome exploits and network issues, among other topics. ETHAmsterdam: The Harmony team attended ETHAmsterdam, where they connected with thousands of developers, users, creators and market makers. The team organized multiple side events and TGI events for networking and collaborations. Hundreds of teams participated in various Hackathons at ETHAmsterdam BLU3 DAO: In association with the BLU3 DAO, Harmony sponsored women scholars and developers to attend ETHAmsterdam. The DAO organized various side-events and the scholars formed on-the spot hackathon teams and won multiple accolades. Hackathon Winners from BLU3 DAO HER DAO: Harmony also supported the HER DAO to help women scholars and developers attend the event. The DAO was a part of various events at ETHAmsterdam and sponsored scholars were part of many winning teams at various events. Paris Blockchain Week Summit: The Harmony Europe team was at the PBW Summit in April. The team met with our existing partners and new projects to discuss partnerships and possible integrations into the Harmony ecosystem. Network Issue: During April, users were experiencing slow transactions when using the Harmony blockchain. The Harmony team had purposely limited the block gas limit due to transaction spamming by arbitrators. The team then released a fix by making the transaction ordering deterministic based on time and witnessed a drop in bot spam transactions. ETHPortland: The Harmony team was at ETHPortland as one of the event’s sponsors. The team participated in speaking sessions, conducted hackathons and met with hundreds of members of the ONE community to discuss how we are building a multi-chain future. Blockchain Gender Hackathon: Harmony, in association with the Africa DAO, organized a Blockchain Gender Hackathon that featured panels with tech and gender experts, group discussions and masterclasses by NFT experts.About Harmony Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. Build on Harmony, bridge to all chains. We are an open platform for your assets, collectibles, identity and governance. We 💙 Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | Instagram Harmony April Updates: Covalent, ONEWeekly, ETHAmsterdam, and Team Performance was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Harmony Integrates with Covalent, Bringing Data Accessibility to the Platform

Harmony is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with fast finality launched on Mainnet in June 2019 and is now surrounded by a vibrant and engaged community of over 500,000 active platform participants on familiar cross-chain DeFi ecosystems such as Sushi, Curve and Aave. Over the years, Harmony partnered up with hundreds of Web3 solutions and platforms. To top that, in Sep 2021, Harmony released its ecosystem treasury to a tune of $300M to distribute equity-free $50K grants to any teams that are willing to bring their best ideas to build on Harmony. Harmony’s community has been so engaging from the start that builders on Harmony enjoy growing organically from within the ecosystem. As one notices a vibrant and engaging community, teams such as DeFi Kingdoms and lending protocols like Tranquil Finance decided to build on Harmony and grew from zero to billion-dollar TVL dApps in a matter of months! With Harmony’s low gas fees costing fractions of a penny and a 2-second transaction finality, users are very encouraged to interact with their yield farms, lendings, NFT trades and in-game purchases, for dApps built on Harmony. Harmony is perfect for these high interaction use cases. All these activities are generating a lot of interest for users to interact with Harmony’s blockchain which demands a smooth and uninterrupted experience. Builders on Harmony benefit from solutions offered by Harmony’s partners that will meet the needs of their audience. Harmony integrates with Covalent, the leading provider of indexing and querying solutions for blockchains with their unified API. The initial integration includes complete indexing of Harmony and enables developers to access rich, granular data to build applications faster and easier for a variety of use cases. “Harmony’s traction is unparalleled and the energy in the community is incredible. With their sharding capabilities, it will be exciting to see what developers will build and scale without compromising decentralization and security. Our Unified API will further accelerate the speed at which developers can build.”–Ganesh Swami, CEO at Covalent Covalent’s unified API brings full transparency and visibility to assets across over 26 blockchain networks. Developers who need high performance can conveniently enable multichain in minutes by simply changing the chain_ID parameter. Covalent’s dataset supports 25B+ transactions, 30,000+ price feeds, and 200,000+ smart contracts for querying. The blockchain data available includes:Get NFT transactions for contractToken balances per addressHistorical transactions per addressGet all contract metadataDeveloper ResourcesHarmony DocsCovalent API keyCovalent DocsCreate Your Own NFT Dashboard in 5 Minutes with Covalent’s NFT APIAnyone can create a customizable NFT dashboard using this template that pulls granular, historical NFT dataYouTube demoExplore this extensive list of use cases and ready-to-ship Web3 templatesIf you have questions or feedback, go to our dedicated feedback-and-support channel in our DiscordTutorial VideosUsing NFT metadata pt 1Using NFT metadata pt 2For analysts (uses Excel and tableau)An example of DAO dashboardAn example of DEX dashboard using the Covalent xy=k endpointsAbout Harmony Harmony is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a 2-second block time and finality. Launched on MainNet in June 2019, Harmony is Layer 1 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, horizontally scalable multi-sharded blockchain with low gas fees. Developers can code in Solidity using tools and frameworks such as web3.js, ethers.js, Truffle, MetaMask, Chainlink, Graph Protocol and now with Covalent. Developers building on Harmony can now apply for $50K launch grants from Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem fund, with full support from the Harmony Venture Network within the Harmony ONE Accelerator Program. There has never been a better time to build on Harmony. Developers will feel welcomed when building within Harmony in verticals in DeFi, games, metaverse experiences, social impact, bridges, toolings and many more, ready to deploy to a highly engaged audience of over 500,000 members of the community. These include DAO contributors, creatives, NFT collectors, investors, enthusiasts and other developers alike. Checkout Messari’s report: At ONE with Harmony Telegram | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedInAbout Covalent Covalent provides the industry-leading Unified API bringing visibility to billions of Web3 data points. Developers use Covalent to build exciting multi-chain applications like crypto wallets, NFT galleries, and investor dashboard tools utilizing data from 26+ blockchains. Covalent is trusted by a community of 15,000+ developers and powers data for 500+ applications including 0x, Zerion, Rainbow Wallet, Rotki, Bitski and many others. Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Youtube | 微信公众号 Harmony Integrates with Covalent, Bringing Data Accessibility to the Platform was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Harmony March Updates: ETH Rio, GDC, Aave, Chainstack and ZKU

The Harmony team attended ETHRio and Global Developers Conference (GDC) in March, allowing us to meet thousands of members of the ONE community. We also launched Aave V3 on Harmony mainnet and sunsetted the Harmony Wallet Chrome extension. Read our March highlights below. Follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated.Launches And MilestonesZKU’s Inaugural Cohort: The first cohort of the Zero-Knowledge University concluded with developers building diverse Web 3 products using zero-knowledge proof technology.1 Million Wallets: In march, Harmony reached over 1 million wallets created on the blockchain, growing from 800,000 wallets in February.Harmony Ventures: To help the projects launched on Harmony, we launched Harmony Ventures. Projects can get the opportunity to grow to the next level by presenting their vision, latest roadmaps and developments, to an audience of strategic investors.1Wallet Goes Into Beta: 1Wallet — the noncustodial social wallet to securely store, send, receive, swap and earn crypto assets has gone into beta. The wallet combines social recovery features with multiple layers of security for an optimal experience. Learn more by joining the Discord here.ONEWeekly Newsletter: Harmony is excited to launch its new weekly newsletter, the ONEWeekly. Stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Harmony, new launches, behind the scenes, and more.Partnership HighlightsAave V3: After launching on the testnet in January, Aave V3 went live on the Harmony mainnet in March. The new update features a range of new functionalities and mechanisms designed to improve risk management, capital efficiency, rewards and user experience. In March, Chainstack added support for Harmony. Developers can now deploy dependable and shared Harmony node access in seconds with Chainstack’s infrastructure.Braintrust: Harmony joins Braintrust, a user-owned decentralized talent network, and adds grants and job opportunities to the platform.Frontier Wallet: Users can now stake, store, earn, and invest the ONE token with the Frontier wallet.Infinity Wallet: The team at Infinity Wallet have integrated Harmony into their platform. Users can hold and swap ONE using the Infinity wallet.BitKeep: The BitKeep wallet added Harmony to the list of supported main chains. Users can now participate in ONE projects and trade through BitKeep.Events And AnnouncementsGDC: As one of the sponsors at the Game Developers Conference 2022, the Harmony team met with hundreds of developers and projects interested in Blockchain gaming and NFTs. The Harmony team also organized its flagship weekly gatherings — TGI, participated in multiple panels and speaking sessions and interacted with potential partners and projects that want to join the Harmony ecosystem.Q1 Community Sentiment Report: Our amazing moderators on the Harmony Reddit, Telegram, and Discord channels have created a community sentiment report for Q1 2022. We have a number of lessons to take from this report and are taking initiative to be more communicative with our supportive community.Harmony Wallet Chrome Extension: As we move towards the public release of 1Wallet, the Chrome extension Harmony wallet was sunset in March, with the recommended transitional, browser extension wallet being Metamask. For optimal security, we suggest a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X.Inevitable World Summit 2022: Harmony sponsored the Inevitable World Summit 2022, where Harmony COO Li Jiang talked about the impact of blockchain on the way we govern.Ethereum Rio: The team sponsored and attended ETHRio, one of the biggest blockchain events in the LATAM region. The team also hosted multiple side events, including panel discussions, networking sessions, launchpad events and a football tournament.NFTAlive: The Harmony team was at the NFTAlive event in LA, where the team met with the NFT community. The team organized various side events, including ONE Pitch, Women in NFTs and NFTs for the culture.About Harmony Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. Build on Harmony, bridge to all chains. We are an open platform for your assets, collectibles, identity and governance. We 💙 Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | Instagram Harmony March Updates: ETH Rio, GDC, Aave, Chainstack and ZKU was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Harmony Launches Aave v3 On Mainnet

We are excited to announce that we have launched Aave v3 on our mainnet, providing users greater capital efficiencies, increased security and cross-chain functionality. The v3 was released in January 2022 on our testnet and is now making its way to mainnet.New Features V3 of the Aave Protocol augments the core concepts of Aave Protocol (aTokens, instant liquidity, stable rate borrowing, credit delegation, etc.) with new features. Capital Efficiency: V3 allows users to optimize their assets supplied to the Aave Protocol in terms of yield generation and borrowing power. The High-Efficiency Mode allows borrowers to extract the highest borrowing power out of their collateral. Isolation Mode: New assets can be listed as isolated in Aave protocol V3. Borrowers supplying an isolated asset as collateral cannot supply other assets as collateral, and borrowers using isolated collateral can only borrow stablecoins that have been permitted by the Aave governance to be borrowable in isolation mode. Risk Management: Aave V3 brings a greatly improved set of risk parameters and new features to protect the protocol from insolvency, including supply and borrow caps. Multiple Rewards: Aave V3 offers the option to have multiple rewards per token. Now, it is possible for an asset listing to enable additional incentives denominated in native protocol tokensIncentives For New Users To accelerate Aave’s expansion in the multi-chain world and supplement the initial usage of Aave on our mainnet, Harmony will provide $5M USD in ONE tokens in incentives for new users. The incentive emission schedule will be: Months 1–3: 40% Months 4–6: 30% Months 7–9: 20% Months 10–12: 10% Instead of providing higher incentives over a short period of time, the one-year incentive campaign was explicitly planned so that new users have the opportunity to come into Aave and decentralized finance, allowing all types of users to benefit from the launch. In addition to token incentives, Harmony will also be investing in co-marketing and educating users through tutorials, videos and community-led support to catalyze the protocol’s usage on Harmony. The newly released v3 of Aave will build upon what the v2 brought to the Harmony blockchain. With additional features and a core focus on security and efficiency, we expect increased participation from the community and are excited to welcome new users to decentralized finance, Aave, and Harmony.About Aave Aave is an open-source and non-custodial protocol that enables the creation of money markets. It allows users to lend, borrow and earn interest on crypto assets. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, Aave is a system of smart contracts that enables these assets to be managed by a distributed network of computers. At its core, Aave enables the creation of lending pools that enable users to lend or borrow various cryptocurrencies. Docs | Website | Twitter | Discord | Instagram | Telegram | GitHubAbout Harmony Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance and 3 other chains. We ❤️ Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit | Instagram Harmony Launches Aave v3 On Mainnet was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Harmony February Updates: ETHDenver, BTC Bridge, Project-X, Bored Apes and a New Look

In February, the Harmony team headlined ETHDenver as a top sponsor, we interacted with thousands of members of the Harmony community, handed out over 20 grants, 300+ scholarships, It also marked the launch of our much-awaited BTC bridge. Read our February highlights below. Follow us @harmonyprotocol to stay updated. — Launches & Milestones - Bitcoin Bridge: We launched our fully trustless, decentralized, secure and permissionless Bitcoin Bridge. Users can now bridge their BTC to Harmony via the bridge, which enables a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset 1BTC. The 1BTC can be used to participate in DeFi protocols on Harmony. Harmony Website Gets A New Look: At ETHDenver, the Harmony website got a makeover, making it easy for our users to stay updated with our latest announcements and apply for new DAOs and grants.  — @harmonyprotocol MADNFT: The MAD NFT platform launched its first airdrop on the Harmony mainnet. The platform will be bringing creators from around the world into the Harmony ecosystem. Some NFTs will also give owners access to the VR gallery and other exclusive access in the Metaverse created by MAD. Scaleswap: Harmony is now on the Scaleswap launchpad, a platform offering launch and investment opportunities for curated projects and providing their community with fair access to exclusive early-stage IDO opportunities Gaming DAO: Harmony became a part of a new gaming DAO, called Alpha Gaming. The DAO will invest in GameFi projects, building upon Harmony’s vision of expanding the metaverse. TGI Anniversary: 2nd February marked the 5th anniversary of Harmony’s TGI, and the team celebrated the event and the Chinese New Year together. — ETH Denver - At Ethereum Denver, the Harmony team hosted multiple side events, consisting of talks, panels, launches, grants, sponsorships, and much more. Here are some highlights of ETHDenver. Awarded 3 Winners at the ETHDenver Hackathon: The Harmony team awarded 3 teams out of 38 submissions as winners of the Harmony bounties. Project-X: We created the Project X initiative for ETH Denver. The Harmony team split into groups of three, each group with the ability to invest in upcoming and promising teams and projects attending the ETH Denver conference. Click the link to see the list of our Project X investments and grants. We have quite an exciting lineup! Participated in Diversity Dinner: Harmony participated in a diversity dinner to encourage more participation on blockchain from all under-represented groups. Sponsoring Women In Crypto: In partnership with the HER DAO, Harmony sponsored over 300 women developers to help them attend their first Web3 event. ONE Blue Heart: On Valentine’s day, Harmony spread love towards the women in crypto with the One Blue Heart event. With some amazing speakers, the community indulged in learnings, discussions, and conversations. Bored Ape Yacht Club: Harmony launched the cross-chain NFT Passport feature at Ethereum Denver. Bored Ape (BAYC) owners can now use their apes as their in-game PFP in DeFi-Kingdoms and get 50 $JEWEL as rewards. ONE Big Night: Harmony had all of Denver talking about us as we organized a surprise afterparty in Denver, which consisted of surprise reveals, discussions about the decentralized future, and a special performance by Grammy Award nominee, DJ, and record producer Deadmau5. Culture, Community, and Collaboration: The Harmony Africa DAO brought together an impressive group of builders and entrepreneurs, including Harmony founder Stephen Tse, Kweku Mandela, Princess Sarah Culberson of Sierra Leone, entrepreneur Del Titus Bawuah, and Africa DAO lead govenor Eduard Peris Deprez to discuss culture, community, and collaboration on the African continent. African pop star AG Baby headlined their party with Amplify Africa hosting. — Partnership Highlights - 88 Rising: Harmony is partnering with multinational music company and record label 88 Rising. More information surrounding the details of this partnership will be shared in the near future. Stay tuned for more! Keystone: Harmony partnered with Keystone wallet to augment the cross-chain security for Harmony bridges, and keep our users safe from phishing attacks. Onomy Protocol: Harmony partners with Onomy to let users seamlessly trade between multiple asset ecosystems while allowing for liquidity provisioning and yield on Harmony. XP Network: With the partnership with XP Network, Harmony will integrate XP Network’s bridge into its own, extending its cross-chain NFT capabilities and providing seamless inter-chain transfers between other blockchains.  — @harmonyprotocol — Events And Announcements - ZKU: The new cohort for Zero-Knowledge University is now accepting applications. The course is entirely free and students will receive grants of up to $12,000 for completing the course. The cohort is open to everyone with at least some experience in Web3 development.  — @harmonyprotocol Staking Support At Smart Contract Level: Users can now use Metamask to stake one as Harmony now supports staking at the smart contract level. This ensures multiple benefits for both stakers and developers.  — @harmonyprotocol Scaleswap: Harmony has awarded a grant of $200,000 to Scaleswap, an IDO launch platform, to bring the best and most innovative projects in the Harmony ecosystem. Genesis Shards: With a $100,000 program to support Harmony’s ecosystem, Genesis Shards aims to catalyze the development of Harmony Launcher, staking modules, metaverse & NFTs. — About Harmony - Build on Harmony, Bridge to All Chains. Harmony is an open and fast layer-1 blockchain with EVM compatibility. Our mainnet runs applications with 2-second transaction finality and an average transaction cost of $0.0001. Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Our secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfers with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and others. We 💙 Developers. Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn |Reddit | Instagram Harmony February Updates: ETHDenver, BTC Bridge, Project-X, Bored Apes and a New Look was originally published in Harmony on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Nanjing University Sets Up One of the First Metaverse Majors in China

    Nanjing University in China has reportedly launched one of the first majors in the country dedicated to the study of metaverse-related knowledge. The university, located in eastern China, stated that this new push is directed to impart new metaverse-related courses that will help more students to fulfill the needs of metaverse companies. Nanjing University to Train Metaverse Workers More universities and educational institutions are including the metaverse as an element in their courses worldwide. This time the university of Nanjing, located in the east of China, will launch one of the first metaverse majors in the country in its latest metaverse push. The Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology is renaming one of its main departments, the Information Engineering Department, to the 'Metaverse Engineering Department,' with the objective of integrating more metaverse-related courses into the university. According to sources, this might be the first department that includes the word 'metaverse' in China. Pan Zhigeng, dean of the renamed department, stated this move will contribute to the integration of the institution with metaverse-related enterprises, in order to identify the needs of these groups and train more talent to fill their rosters. Zhigeng also stated that students would be more qualified to serve in three different areas including smart healthcare, smart education, and digital tourism. To advance the university in these areas,... read More

Harmony Doesn't Plan to Mint Aditional ONE Tokens

    Harmony Protocol, which suffered a hack in June, has shared an update on its recovery plan for the community. The team stated that there would be zero percent minting, at least for now. In an amended recovery proposal published in a Medium blog post on Friday (September 23, 2022), the Harmony team said there are no plans to mint additional ONE tokens, nor would there be a hard fork. The latest development shows a shift from an earlier recovery plan in July, which proposed a hard fork to mint billions of ONE tokens. However, the community kicked against the proposal, which caused a change in the reimbursement plan. Harmony, in this week's update, said the team listened to the concerns shared by the community and validators and stated plans to use the treasury for development and recovery. 'We are committed to building Harmony for many years, to leverage our chain’s unique scaling advantages of uniform sharding and realize our long-term vision of network adoption and ecosystem growth. To do this, we plan to commit our treasury both to development, to make Harmony the best scaling network possible, and to recovery.' Also, the team promised to provide a more detailed update in the coming days and find the mechanics that would ensure the proper deployment of funds allocated for recovery. As previously reported by CryptoPotato, Harmony's Horizon bridge suffered an exploit in June, which led to the loss of assets worth $100 million. Harmony later offered a $1 million boun... read More

Algorand Price Moves Against The Tide, ALGO Rises 22% In One Week

    While large cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, trade in the red, the Algorand price continues to see profits. Over the last day, this cryptocurrency has been one of the best-performing assets in the sector. At the time of writing, Algorand price trades at $0.36 with a 14% profit and a 21$ profit in the last 24 hours and 7 days, respectively. The cryptocurrency’s performance over this period has only been surpassed by XRP with a 28% profit and Chiliz (CHZ) with a 29% profit. ALGO's price on a rally in the 4-hour chart. Source: ALGOUSDT Tradingview Algorand Price Reacts To Ecosystem Developments Data from DeFi Llama indicates that the Algorand price short timeframe rally is supported by a spike in network activity and ecosystem growth. Over the past week, Algorand’s total value locked (TVL) has followed the price with a 13% spike or $250 million onboarding the network. Algorand’s TVL growth has surpassed Binance Smart Chain, Stellar network, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and others. This trend seems to be rooted in a hike in development activity in Algorand. Additional data from research firm Santiment indicates that Algorand has been the 4th blockchain in terms of activity on a weekly timeframe. Surpassed by Ethereum, Polkadot, and Solana, Algorand has seen over 70 projects build on its ecosystem. Source: Santiment via Polkadot Insider This coincides with a series of partnerships, and projects announced for the ecosystem. The most important seems to be ... read More

Eurocoinpay Partners With Mastercard to Launch One of the First Cryptocu...

    Eurocoinpay, a Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, has closed a deal to offer one of the first cryptocurrency-based debit cards in Spain. The card, which is already available for customers of Eurocoinpay, will allow users to acquire products in more than 90 million establishments in the European Union and around the world. Eurocoinpay Aims to Introduce Crypto Payments in Spain Eurocoinpay, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Spain, and registered with the Bank of Spain, has partnered with Mastercard to become one of the first companies in the country to offer its own cryptocurrency-based debit card. The company, which has been always interested in including cryptocurrency solutions as payment methods, believes that this will help its customers make better use of cryptocurrency assets. Herminio Fernandez de Blas, CEO of Eurocoinpay, believes this kind of intermediate product is necessary in order to popularize crypto. He stated this move 'consolidates purchases with cryptocurrencies, something that is increasingly being implemented in a greater number of stores that accept these digital assets as a payment method.' According to Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach, this card will help Eurocoinpay users to make purchases at more than 90 million stores worldwide. Using Crypto as a Payment Method Eurocoinpay considers the move a step in the direction of making cryptocurrencies useful to customers for various purposes. Fernandez de Blas explained: &#... read More

KPMG and HSBC Report Names Conflux as One of Asia's Leading Crypto Proje...

    [PR - Shanghai, China, 1st September, 2022, Chainwire] Conflux, the only regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China, was recently named one of the ‘Leading 100 Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific’ in a report released by KPMG and HSBC. Conflux was among just five crypto startups to make it to the report’s top 100 startups list alongside Hyperchain Technology, Stader Labs, Maicoin, and Catheon Gaming. The KPMG HSBC report sheds light on the diversity and depth of innovators in various emerging sectors across the Asia Pacific region, including SaaS, sustainability, fintech, blockchain, and more. The two financial institutions analyzed over 6,000 startups operating in the Asia Pacific region to identify the next potential unicorns — a startup valued at over $1 billion. As the only regulatory-compliant public blockchain in China, Conflux is uniquely positioned to bring blockchain technology, not only to domestic enterprises but also to international companies looking for a globally decentralized blockchain solution. Conflux’s underlying blockchain infrastructure is currently being utilized by a wide range of local municipalities, government agencies, enterprises, and brands across use cases like supply chain management, NFTs, DeFi, and more. To date, both domestic and global brands like CCTV, Mcdonald's China, Oreo, LVMH, and NAYUKI have launched NFT collections on Conflux Core. “We’re thrilled to be recognized as one of the top blockcha... read More

TA: Ethereum is About to See 'Liftoff' if It's Able to Hold One Crucial ...

    Ethereum is holding gains and rising towards $1,600 against the US Dollar. ETH could rally if there is a clear move above the $1,620 resistance zone. Ethereum remained stable above the $1,520 and $1,500 support levels. The price is now trading above $1,550 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a crucial rising channel forming with support near $1,535 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair could start another increase if it stays above the $1,520 and $1,500 support levels. Ethereum Price Eyes Upside Break Ethereum corrected lower below the $1,550 support level. The bears were able to push the price below the $1,540 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. However, the $1,500 support acted as a strong barrier. Ether price traded as low as $1,513 and recently started an upside correction. There was a move above the $1,550 and $1,560 resistance levels. The price climbed above the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent decline from the $1,620 swing high to $1,513 low. The price is now trading above $1,550 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is also a crucial rising channel forming with support near $1,535 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The pair is now consolidating near the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the recent decline from the $1,620 swing high to $1,513 low. An immediate resistance on the upside is near the $1,610 level. The next major resistance is now forming near the $1,620 level. Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.c... read More

TA: Bitcoin Price Could Avoid Another Drop if it Closes Above One Key Le...

    Bitcoin is struggling to gain pace above $21,500 against the US Dollar. BTC must clear the $22,500 resistance zone to avoid a fresh decline in the near term. Bitcoin is struggling to gain pace above the $21,500 and $21,600 levels. The price is now trading above the $21,500 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $22,000 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could start a decent increase if there is a close above the $22,000 resistance zone. Bitcoin Price Faces Hurdles Bitcoin price started a minor upside correction from the $21,000 support zone. BTC was able to slowly move higher above the $21,250 and $21,500 levels. The price even broke the $21,650 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a clear move above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $24,416 swing high to $20,797 low. However, the bulls struggled to gain strength for a push towards the $22,000 resistance. Bitcoin price is now trading above the $21,500 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. On the upside, an immediate resistance is near the $21,750 and $21,800 levels. The first major resistance on the upside sits near the $22,000 level. There is also a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $22,000 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. A clear move above the trend line resistance might send the price towards the $22,500 zone. Source: BTCUSD on... read More

BCGAME Partners With Cloud9 – One of the Most Recognizable Esports...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] BC.GAME is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cloud9–one of the most famous esports organizations in the world! BC.GAME looks forward to this fruitful partnership as it extends its reach to all players in the esports industry. The team believes that this relationship is a new opportunity for it to keep building not just the platform but also the community around esports and igaming. BC.GAME’s players and the rest of the community will benefit from this partnership as it grows and establishes strong relationships with other guilds in the gaming industry. This can give players many more opportunities to join tournaments, meet the most famous esports players, and be part of the company’s growing recognizable community, which is on top of the things it offers to its casino players. About BC.GAME BC.GAME is a community-based crypto casino that offers its players the best online casino experience possible. It launched in 2017 and are among the first casinos to support lightning networks. To date, there are over 8,000 games on its platform, including its own 24 in-house games. In 2022, the company received multiple awards from major industry awarding bodies, making it the top 1 casino of the year. More partnerships are in the works to provide its players the best possible experience in the igaming industry. Bc.GAME works with excellent game developers to integrate more games into the platform. This is one way it can e... read More

CCRI Finds TRON as One of the Top Eco-Friendly Blockchains

    A new report by the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI) showcases the environmental sustainability of the TRON network. According to the 'Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint of the TRON Blockchain' report, the highly popular TRON network only consumes as much electricity as just fifteen average U.S. households. The Environmental Sustainability of the TRON Network The electricity consumption and related carbon footprint of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been subject to extensive discussion in public, academia, and industry. Various estimations exist, comparing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' electricity consumption to various mid-sized countries. The problem has been known for several years, and other systems and technologies have emerged to try and solve the issue. The consensus mechanism of Proof of Stake (PoS) is deemed superior regarding the electricity requirements compared to the traditional Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms. While it is consensus in the broader scientific community that PoS does not exhibit the same electricity issues as PoW, individual PoS systems' responsibility is typically less clear. Due to the nature of the software engineering process and network architectures, different PoS systems rely on varying fundamentals regarding the hardware requirements, programming language, network size, transaction throughput, transaction complexity, and more. These factors influence the electricity consumption and, therefore, the carbon foo... read More

Celsius Responds to KeyFi Lawsuit With One of its Own

    Earlier this summer, KeyFi – a staking software firm and former partner of the platform – sued Celsius for mismanagement of customer deposits, fraud, and failure to honor an agreement between the two parties. To date, this case has not yet been resolved by the court. However, in an interesting turn of events, the crypto lender has responded with a lawsuit of its own, accusing KeyFi of using Celsius funds for unauthorized business dealings, outright theft, and “gross incompetence.” Alleged Gross Mismanagement The return lawsuit also claims the business relationship between the two former parties began in 2020 when Jason Stone – the CEO of KeyFi – allegedly represented himself as a pioneer in coin staking and DeFi, in a bid to gain access to Celsius funds. However, things went south pretty quickly, according to the crypto lender. “Unfortunately, Defendants Stone and KeyFi, Stone’s majority-owned corporate vehicle, proved themselves incapable of deploying coins profitably, and appear to have lost thousands of Celsius coins through their gross mismanagement. But the Defendants were not just incompetent, they also were thieves.” Accusations of Outright Theft According to Celsius, millions of dollars worth of company assets were misappropriated by KeyFi and processed through Tornado Cash in order to obfuscate future dealings with those funds. When asked about the usage of Celsius funds, KeyFi purportedly refused to accurately re... read More

'Big Short' Investor Michael Burry Dumps All Stocks but One After Predic...

    Hedge fund manager Michael Burry's Scion Asset Management dumped all but one of its stock holdings in the second quarter, according to the firm's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Burry, famed for forecasting the 2008 financial crisis, has predicted a stock market crash, warning that winter is coming.Michael Burry Sells All Stocks but One Michael Burry's investment firm Scion Asset Management dumped all of its stock holdings except one in the second quarter, the company's disclosure filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Monday shows. Burry is best known for being the first investor to foresee and profit from the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010. He is profiled in 'The Big Short,' a book by Michael Lewis about the mortgage crisis, which was made into a movie starring Christian Bale. Scion sold off its long positions on 11 U.S. equities during the second quarter, including Google parent company Alphabet, Facebook parent company Meta Platforms, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Booking Holdings, Cigna Corp., Discovery, Global Payments, and Nexstar Media Group. The asset management firm held as much as $165 million of U.S. stocks at the end of the first quarter. Burry's firm ended the second quarter with just one stock holding. Scion added 501,360 shares of Geo Group Inc. (NYSE: GEO). The Florida-based healthcare company is a leading provider of enhanced in-custody rehabilitation, post-release support, elec... read More

'Durmientes' Aims to Be One of the First Films Funded Fully With NFT Sal...

    'Durmientes,' a new movie that will be directed by Gibran Bazan, a Mexican filmmaker, aims to be funded fully by the sale of a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs, which will be sold on Metaown, a Mexico-based NFT marketplace, and designed by artist Gabriel Colin, will feature 3D models that will be connected to the story of the film and will bring benefits to owners. Durmientes Will Try to Succeed Using an NFT-Based Financing Model Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are migrating to other industries that can also take advantage of their properties and technology. 'Durmientes,' a new Mexican film project which will be directed by filmmaker Gibran Bazan, will produce a set of NFTs that will be sold in order to raise funding for the film. The financing team of the film will issue 1,500 NFTs that will feature some important object present in the film's script. These will be done in 3D art, and will also bring important benefits for their owners, allowing them to assist in the shooting of the film, or even appear in a scene. Director Gibran Bazan thinks that these new technologies might change the landscape of funding in the film industry. About this, he stated: Part of this new world and Web3 is going to open up a panorama for creators because instead of big companies having the projects, now it's the people. It is decentralization of content. The 1,500 NFTs will be sold using Metaown, a Mexico-based NFT marketpla... read More

TA – Harmony (ONE) Price Shows Bullish Signs – Eyes $0.04

    The price of Harmony (ONE) has shown bullish signs and could be set for a major run against Tether (USDT) as it eyes $0.04.  Ethereum price rallied with so much strength from a region of $1,670 to $1,924 ahead of Ethereum merge. This has brought relief bounces for many altcoins including the price of Harmony (ONE). Ethereum merge is an upgrade on the Ethereum network from Proof-Of-Work (POW) to Proof-Of-Stake (POS) so as to increase its network efficiency in transactions. (Data feeds from Binance) Harmony (ONE) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart ONE Weekly Price Chart | Source: ONEUSDT On From the chart, the price of ONE saw a weekly low of around $0.0168, which bounced from that area and rallied to a price of $0.02950. The price has built more momentum as it faces resistance at $0.037. If the price of ONE on the weekly chart continues with this bullish structure, it could quickly revisit  $0.037 and trend higher to $0.04. Weekly resistance for the price of ONE - $0.03. Weekly support for the price of ONE - $0.0168. Price Analysis Of ONE On The Daily (1D) Chart ONE Daily Price Chart | Source: ONEUSDT On The price of ONE found strong support at around $0.0266, with what seems to be an area of interest on the daily chart. ONE bounced from its support and has rallied as it faces resistance at $0.04. The price of ONE ranged in an asymmetric triangle before breaking out and forming support above it. At the point of writing, the price of O... read More

20000% in One Minute on Play to Earn Game Tothesmart

    PRESS RELEASE. The crypto enthusiast has got 10,032 BUSD into their wallet by buying virtual miners in the Play To Earn game Tothesmart for only 50 BUSD. Real lotteries on the blockchain are gaining popularity around the world. The project Tothesmart has implemented an exciting mechanism, «TimePool», by implementing in the economy Play To Earn! According to the terms of the game, 1% of the purchases of virtual miners and sales of generated tokens are transferred to a separate smart contract, «Time Pool» taking the entire bank out of this smart contract will be able to the one who bought the miners last and within 60 minutes after that did not happen any purchase. Thus, the first lucky winner has already received 10 032 BUSD, after which the balance of TimePool is again growing and waiting for new winners. Play To Earn Tothesmart is growing successfully worldwide, and new players are joining daily. In the first 20 days, the turnover of purchases and sales in the game has already exceeded $1.5 million. Anyone can join the game and get free Miners on 10 BUSD. It is necessary to have Metamask, TrustWallet or any other Web 3.0 wallet. And also connect to the Binance Smart Chain network. Then it can be gone to the site, and click Get Free Miners. Having got free miners, it can be learnt how the game works, but to sell the obtained tokens will need to buy miners for at least 50 BUSD. Tothesmart also has an Ambassador program that anyone can join. The project ... read More

Biden Slammed for Claiming US Economy Had 0% Inflation in July — O...

    President Joe Biden stated Wednesday that the U.S. economy had zero percent inflation in July following the latest CPI report. 'Biden is claiming that we saw zero percent inflation last month. But there's a zero percent chance that's the case. Inflation in July was 8.5%, which is still a 40-year high,' said a lawmaker. Biden's Zero Inflation Comment and Responses On Wednesday, President Joe Biden publicly stated that the U.S. economy had 0% inflation in July after the latest consumer price index (CPI) report was released. 'Before I begin today, I want to say a word about the news that came out today relative to the economy,' Biden began. 'Actually, I just want to say a number: zero.' The president added: Today, we received news that our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of July. Zero percent. The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, similarly stated on Twitter: 'We just received news that our economy had 0% inflation in July. While the price of some things went up, the price of others, like gas, clothing, and more, dropped.' Comments flooded social media platforms following Biden's zero percent inflation claim. Some gently explained to him that inflation is not 0% while others flat-out insulted the U.S. president. Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL) tweeted: Biden is claiming that we saw zero percent inflation last month. But there's a zero percent chance that's the case. Inflation in July was 8.5%, which is STILL a 40-year high. American author Jeffrey Tucker ca... read More

Bitcoin Slots – Which One to Play Right Now to Win Big?

    There’s no denying the impact the emergence of cryptocurrency has had on society in general. The fact that it has been making giant strides into online gambling is an expected result of that. Today there are a ton of players for whom crypto is the ONLY currency they use to play. If you look at the number of Bitcoin games that are available to players, there should be more. You can actually find quite a bit of them, depending on where you play, but shouldn’t all games be accepting crypto these days? You can find most information on sites like Bitcoin Casino Kings for example - a guide to crypto casinos that has been online since 2015. Leaving Money on the Table Fiat is clearly still dominating the industry and the majority of casinos are still not even looking at crypto as a next step as it does involve certain adjustments on their part. That is crazy if you ask me since there is a ton of money to be made and the longer you wait, the more of a disservice you are doing to yourself and potentially leaving stacks of money on the table. Helpful Guides to Crypto Games Today I wanted to take a look at what some of the most popular Bitcoin slots are out there and if they noticeably vary from popular fiat slots. To help players out, some of my favorite casinos have easy-to-find sections that will tell you where the crypto games are. I won’t go into detailed reviews of the games but I think it is interesting enough to write about. Elvis Frog in Vegas - BGaming Surpris... read More

Study: 14% of Saudis Are Crypto Investors, 76% Have Less Than One Year o...

    About 14% of Saudi residents are either current crypto investors or have traded crypto in the past six months, the latest Kucoin study has found. The study has also found that 76% of investors have less than one year of experience and thus may be in need of relevant crypto education.Crypto Winter Effect Around three million Saudi Arabians, or about 14% of the adult population aged 18 to 60, are either crypto investors or have traded crypto over the last six months, the latest study conducted by the cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin has shown. The study findings also suggested that a further 17% of the country's adults are said to be 'crypto-curious and are likely to invest in cryptocurrencies over the coming six months.' According to the crypto exchange's Into The Cryptoverse report, the study also looked at how Saudi residents' sentiment toward crypto trading has shifted since the onset of the ongoing crypto winter. 'In the first quarter of 2022, 49% of crypto investors intended to increase investment in cryptocurrencies over the coming six months. The onset of the bearish market in the second quarter of 2022 saw a reversal of investor sentiment toward more conservative strategies related to the holding of cryptocurrencies,' the report noted. The report added that since the start of Q2, some 31% of crypto owners in the country have signaled a desire to 'keep their crypto balance as is rather than increase their investment.' In contrast, investors with lower incomes have tende... read More

Ripple Gets One Over the SEC as Court Orders Production of Ether-is-not-...

    In the ongoing US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) vs. Ripple Labs case, Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn, on July 12, dismissed the agency's appeal for the protection of William Hinman's speech from disclosure.  “This argument was previously raised secondarily, with the SEC primarily asserting the deliberative process privilege. The SEC’s motion is DENIED,” she said.  The court also ordered the production of the documents, which 'must be produced.' What is Hinman's Speech? In a speech at Yahoo Market Summit in June 2018, Hinman, who was the Director of the Division of Corporate Finance at SEC at that time, suggested that Ether (ETH) is not a security. Despite its initial coin offering in 2014, ETH transformed from security to non-security, he had said.  In the SEC vs Ripple case, the Commission accused the blockchain firm of 'unlawful offer or sale of securities' and its co-founders Bradley Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen of aiding and abetting the violations.  However, Ripple Labs refuses to accept the argument that XRP coins were securities. Given this, Hinman's speech turns out to be an important defense for Ripple Labs in the ongoing legal battle. For the same reason, the SEC would not want Hinman's words to be taken seriously by the court.  SEC Stance Hippocratic: Judge The judge termed the SEC's stance hypocrisy for calling Hinman's opinion personal and, at the same time, seeking protection from its disclosure. 'The ... read More

OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova is Now One of the FBI's Ten Most Wan...

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) added Ruja Ignatova, also known as 'Crypto Queen,' founder of the infamous Ponzi scheme OneCoin, to its 'Ten Most Wanted Fugitives' list. The FBI announced the addition of Ruja Ignatova to the list in a press release on Thursday (June 30, 2022). The Bureau is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone with 'information leading to her arrest.' Crypto Queen, as Ignatova called herself, is wanted in the United States for running a Ponzi scheme called OneCoin established in 2014, which she used to allegedly defraud investors globally of some $4 billion. According to the press release, Ignatova supposedly made false statements and representations to make individuals invest in the project. She also promoted OneCoin as a 'Bitcoin Killer.' Ruja Ignatova. Source: Trud In 2017, the Southern District of New York issued a warrant for Ignatova's arrest following her disappearance, with a superseding indictment later in February 2018. The OneCoin founder is charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Ignatova's last known location was Athens, Greece, in October 2017, having traveled from Bulgaria. Authorities say that the fugitive 'may travel on a German passport to the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Greece and/or Eastern Europe.' While the Crypto Queen remains at large, her brother Konstantin Ignatov was arrested back in... read More

North Korean Hackers Reportedly Behind the $100 Million Harmony Exploit

    The notorious North Korean hacking group - the Lazarus Group - is suspected to be the one that attacked the cryptocurrency protocol Harmony. The criminal organization has been involved in numerous similar heists throughout the recent years. The Lazarus Group's Next Victim Last week, Harmony revealed that wrongdoers breached its Horizon Bridge and drained approximately $100 million worth of Ethereum. Shortly after, Harmony's team launched a 'global manhunt' for the criminals responsible for the attack. Cited by Bloomberg, the firm that tracks stolen digital assets - Elliptic Enterprises - stated that the exploit was most likely carried out by the Lazarus Group (a cybercrime entity backed by the North Korean state). According to the company, the laundering methods were much similar to maneuvers previously used by the hackers: 'There are strong indications that North Korea's Lazarus Group may be responsible for this theft, based on the nature of the hack and the subsequent laundering of the stolen funds.' In addition, Elliptic explained in detail how the heist was carried out. The Lazarus Group targeted username and password credentials of Harmony's employees in the Asia Pacific region to breach the protocol's security system. Once gaining control, the criminals employed automated laundering services to move the stolen assets during nighttime hours. Elliptic also claimed that the hacking organization has already transferred over 40% of the $100 million to a Tornado Cash mixer. A... read More

Harmony Hacker Declines $1M Whitehat Offer, Begins Laundering Stolen Fun...

    Late last week, Harmony Protocol's bridge to the BSC and Ethereum networks was exploited, leading to a loss of $100 million worth of ETH. Following a curiously underwhelming statement that at least the bitcoin bridge was unaffected, the Harmony team announced that they are working with 'national authorities and forensic specialists' in order to recover the stolen funds from the as yet unidentified exploiters. Multi-Sig Security Improved Owing that the exploit was carried out by abusing the weak security of Harmony's multi-sig wallet, the project's devs have since changed the previous multi-sig setup – requiring 2 out of 4 signatures to process a transaction – to a 4 out of 5 signature setup. “We have migrated the Ethereum side of the Horizon bridge to a 4-of-5 multi-sig since the incident. We will continue taking steps to further harden our operations and infrastructure security. To reiterate, we are in the middle of an ongoing investigation. We will continue to keep everyone up-to-date and appreciate your patience and support.” Although the vulnerability initially reported by independent researchers in April was only fixed after disaster struck, it's better late than never. The team also attempted to turn back the clock on past failures, offering to bury the hatchet if 99% of the funds were returned – a proposition mostly met with gallows humor and general derision by the Harmony community. We commit to a $1M bounty for the return of Horizon br... read More

SEC Chair Gensler Affirms Bitcoin Is a Commodity — 'That&rsq...

    The chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, says bitcoin is a commodity. He emphasized that the SEC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and banking regulators will collaborate to oversee the crypto sector. Gary Gensler: Bitcoin Is a Commodity SEC Chairman Gary Gensler clarified his position on cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, in an interview with Mad Money host Jim Cramer on CNBC Monday. 'This is a highly speculative asset class. We've known this for a long time,' Gensler said when asked about cryptocurrency. Citing the 'ups and downs of this speculative asset class,' he explained that when people invest in 'bitcoin and hundreds of other crypto tokens,' they hope for a return, 'just like when they invest in other financial assets' that are securities. Chair Gensler stressed that many of these 'crypto financial assets' have 'the key attributes of a security.' He added: 'Some of them … are under the Securities and Exchange Commission.' In contrast, citing what his 'predecessors and others have said,' he described: Some, like bitcoin, and that's the only one I'm going to say … are commodities. The SEC chief noted that besides BTC, he is not going to discuss other crypto tokens specifically. Gensler's statement agrees with the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Rostin Behnam, who said last month that bitcoin (BTC) is a commodity. However, Behnam further said ether (ETH) is also a commo... read More

Why Solana Has Outperformed Ethereum, SOL Up 36% In One Week

    Solana (SOL) is the best performing asset in the crypto top 10 by market cap. In the meantime, the second-best performing cryptocurrency is XRP with a 16% profit in the past week, followed by Polkadot (DOT) with 15%, and Ethereum with 14% profits. SOL's price trends to the downside on the 4-hour chart. Source: SOLUSDT Tradingview Solana has been recovering after experiencing massive selling pressure. In addition to trending in tandem with the crypto market, the cryptocurrency was impacted by negative news and a series of network outages that prevented users from transacting on it. This week's bullish momentum could be related to yesterday’s announcement, but a pseudonym analyst believes Solana is playing the long game. In that sense, this network is posing a “large and growing threat to Ethereum”, currently, the most used blockchain across decentralized finances (DeFi). The analyst claims the team behind Solana is addressing the complexities and difficulties people have when using Ethereum. The network, its ecosystem, and products on it, the analyst claims, require users to have a degree of technical knowledge and allegedly have poor performance. In addition, Ethereum is an expensive network that prices out a lot of users from accessing its ecosystem. The analyst believes a blockchain should be built for the everyday user and thus claims the “Solana crowd is more in touch with reality”. This could work out for this network in the long run and po... read More

Harmony Bridge Hacked, $100 Million Worth of Ethereum Lost

    On the 24th of June, the Horizon bridge connecting Harmony – a Layer-1 PoS blockchain built for native token ONE – to the Ethereum and Binance Chain ecosystem was hacked, leading to a loss of approximately $100 million in ETH. The exploit was announced on Twitter by the Harmony team, who stated that they are hunting for the culprit. The Latest in a Series of Vulnerabilities 1/ The Harmony team has identified a theft occurring this morning on the Horizon bridge amounting to approx. $100MM. We have begun working with national authorities and forensic specialists to identify the culprit and retrieve the stolen funds. More — Harmony (@harmonyprotocol) June 23, 2022 The bridge has since been shut down to prevent further losses. Harmony devs have also clarified that the BTC bridge is unaffected. The attack appears to have taken place over the span of 17 hours, starting with a transaction worth a whopping 4,919 ETH, followed by several smaller transactions ranging from 911 to 0.0003 ETH. The last one took place after the bridge had been shut down. The hack is the latest in a series of exploits affecting the crypto space, such as the Axie Infinity drain, Solana Wormhole, or, more recently, the (misplaced) Optimism fiasco. Another recent vulnerability, the Demonic exploit, which affected multiple crypto wallets, was patched before any damage could be done. Exchanges have reportedly been notified, as well as “national authorities and forensic specialists.&rd... read More

South Korean Authorities Impose Departure Ban on One of Terra's Ma...

    Without divulging any names, a South Korean media agency reported that the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office's Joint Financial and Securities Crime Investigation Team has banned a key Terra designer from leaving the country. The team has been investigating Terraform Labs, its employees, and founding members after the stunning collapse of TerraUSD (UST) and its sister token LUNC (Luna Classic). Inside Job The anonymous 'key member' had allegedly told the media outlet that the company's CEO, Do Kwon, revealed to them about making enough money to buy an island. Allegations of Kwon secretly selling the cryptocurrency to institutions in a bid to raise large amounts of funds were also made by that person. The prosecution is now investigating if the money funds were used for 'market price adjustment' that artificially inflates the token price. The move to prevent the departure of the person may mark the start of a full-scale investigation as searches and seizures. In a statement, an official from the Ministry of Justice said, 'It is impossible to confirm whether the departure ban is related to the confidentiality of the investigation.' According to research uncovered by blockchain security firm Uppsala Security, the collapse that resulted in billions of losses of dollars could have been an inside job. It said the potential attacker's wallet responsible for the events that transpired last month might have been associated with Terraform or any of its related entities. S... read More

Ethereum Pulls Darth Maul, ETH Price Recovers 10% In One Hour

    Data from Coingecko, at the time of writing, records a slight recovery for Ethereum and large cryptocurrencies. According to economist Alex Krüger, ETH’s price records a 20% loss and 20% profit during today’s trading session which could be a first in the cryptocurrency’s history. $ETH has put in a 20% intraday round tripper today. 20% down, then 20% up. Not sure if this has ever happened before. — Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) June 15, 2022 Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum is reacting to the downside of the macroeconomic situation. As the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) announced a 75 basis points increase in interest rates, preceded by a cascade of liquidations and negative news for the crypto market, BTC and ETH were able to regain some bullish momentum. Potentially driven by overextended selling pressure, and panic amongst crypto investors, ETH’s price bounced back from around $1,000 to its current levels. Krüger believes the current price action is part of a well-established market pattern: (…) since December. Hawkish market expectations => prices tank in anticipation => hawkish FOMC => assets rally. Partially priced in something. Not a meme. This has been so consistent it's developed into a pattern. It won't last forever. The market could see more volatility in the coming days. Krüger believes the market could continue to positively react to the FED’s announcement as it was within expectations. Thus, the bounce could s... read More

Nigerian Court Sentences Crypto Fraudster to One Year in Jail, Accused G...

    A Nigerian court has convicted and sentenced a man to one year in prison who is accused of duping an unsuspecting cryptocurrency investor. On its charge sheet, the prosecution said that the man had contravened Nigeria's anti-fraud laws and hence should be punished accordingly. Fake Cryptocurrency Investment Scheme A court in Nigeria has convicted a man accused of using a bogus cryptocurrency platform to defraud $680 from an unsuspecting investor, a report has said. In its ruling, the Port Harcourt Zonal Command of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said the man, Obu Ebibo, whose alias is Kenneth Gibson, must serve one year in jail. The court however said the accused has an option to pay a fine of $1,180 (N500,000) which he can deposit into the government's consolidated revenue account. According to a PM News report that details the accused's alleged crimes, by committing the alleged offenses, Ebibo was in contravention of Nigeria's anti-fraud laws. 'That you Obu Gabriel Ebibo (alias Kenneth Gibson) on or about the 1st November 2021, in Port Harcourt, within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court with intent to defraud obtained an aggregate sum of Six Hundred and Eighty United States Dollars ($680.00 USD) on the pretence that, the money was meant for cryptocurrency investment, a pretext you knew to be false and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 1 (2) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud-Related Offences Act 2006 and punishable under Secti... read More

When Greed? Bitcoin Market Crushed Under One Full Month Of Fear

    Data shows the Bitcoin market has been stuck in a state of extreme fear since the 5th of May, meaning this run of bottom sentiment has gone on for more than a full month now. Bitcoin Fear And Greed Index Continues To Point At An Extremely Fearful Market According to the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the crypto market is currently going through its longest run of extreme fear since the COVID crash back in 2020. The 'fear and greed index' is an indicator that tells us about the general investor sentiment in the Bitcoin and wider crypto market. The metric uses a numeric scale that goes from one to hundred for displaying this sentiment. Such a long streak last occurred following the COVID crash two years ago. Warren Buffet's famous quote encapsulates it best: Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. If this philosophy is anything to go by, then the current sentiment may mean now could be the time to buy Bitcoin. At the moment, it's unclear how long this streak of extreme fear will last. read More

Cardano (ADA) Grows 20% In One Week, Will It Hit $1 Amid 'Vasil&rs...

    Considering the launch of the most anticipated hard fork on the Cardano blockchain, dubbed 'Vasil,' investors expect more growth for the crypto project in near future. Consequently, traders' actions over the tentative launch of the most significant upgrade of the project pumped ADA's value more than other top-ranked digital assets' gains.  The upcoming upgrade will take place on June 29, 2022. As that aims to enhance blockchain capabilities to execute smart contracts. An example of it is yesterday's upsurge of 14%, reaching its value of $0.64. On the other hand, its biggest competitor Ethereum was able to gain 6% at the same time. Notably, Cardano, a proof-of-stack blockchain platform, has already experienced large increases in the price many times whenever hard forks happened in the past. An example of it is the Alonzo upgrade which skyrocketed ADA's price by more than 200%, launched in September 2021. Likewise, Mary hard fork launched in March 2021 saw a massive gain of up to 1,600% in the ADA's price.  ADA's price currently fluctuates around $0.60. | Source: ADA/USD price chart from What Trapped ADA's Bulls? The previous hard forks occurred in an expansionary macro-environment with the price rallies driving huge profits. During that time, Federal Reserve was buying government bonds for $120 billion each month. But unfortunately, after considering the continuous higher inflation, the U.S. central bank has now turned aggressive. As a result, analys... read More

Source Token (SRCX): All of DeFi's Benefits in One Token

    Source Protocol - an up-and-coming smartchain and interoperable DeFi ecosystem – has set out to lower the barriers of entry to this new financial landscape through its suite of products and automated protocols that allows users from all walks of life to easily participate in DeFi. In this pursuit, Source is preparing to launch its first utility-based reward token, Source Token (SRCX); a smart contract token that enables users to passively participate in DeFi markets. SRCX Yield Echoes and the Dynamic Compound Liquidity Pool (DCLP) Launching on Binance Smart Chain, the world’s largest crypto network by volume, Source Token utilizes a built-in automation fee that sends a percentage of every transaction to Source’s Dynamic Compound Liquidity Pool (DCLP), a basket of stablecoin liquidity positions within Source’s decentralized money market, Source Marketplace, where users can lend, borrow, stake, and yield farm with their crypto assets. Rewards, called “Yield Echoes,” derived from these interest-bearing liquidity positions are then automatically redistributed to Source Token holders and network participants, enabling them to reap all of DeFi’s benefits without having to participate themselves. SRCX Loyalty Echoes In addition to Yield Echoes, SRCX holders and users also benefit from “Loyalty Echoes,” which are generated block-by-block, with every transaction that takes place on the Source Token network. Enabled by the same auto... read More

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