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Origin Protocol  


OGN Price:
$35.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #OGN today is $0.20 USD.

The lowest OGN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.200, and the current live price for one OGN coin is $0.19966.

The all-time high OGN coin price was $3.34.

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The code for Origin Protocol is #OGN.

Origin Protocol is 4.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Origin Protocol is $199,661,871.

Origin Protocol is ranked #234 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large during the past 24 hours for #OGN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Origin Protocol is $35,262,349.


The circulating supply of OGN is 1,000,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


OGN is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the OGN Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


OGN is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 24 crypto exchanges.

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Origin Protocol Welcomes Ryan McNamara As Content Marketing Manager

Please join us in welcoming Origin Protocol’s youngest hire to date: Ryan McNamara. Ryan is a recent graduate from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business but not new to the crypto-sphere. First onboarded to Ethereum’s blockchain via CryptoKitties, Ryan has been an active Ethereum advocate since 2016, starting the cryptocurrency club at his high school in 2017 and running University of Michigan’s Wolverine Blockchain club in 2020. After seeing a need for cryptocurrency coverage at Detroit media outlet Benzinga, Ryan went full-time at the publication his Junior year. During his time at Benzinga, Ryan grew cryptocurrency readership from the tens of thousands to millions of readers per month, mainly through organic searches and SEO-optimized content. Ryan was first introduced to Origin Protocol via his livestream Moon or Bust, where he interviewed Matthew Liu a handful of times before meeting in person at NFT.NYC. After hitting it off with the Origin team, Ryan joined Origin last month to build out Origin Protocol’s new blog and manage product announcements pertaining to OUSD and Origin Story. Dedicating just about every hour of his waking life to Crypto Twitter and content management, Ryan is passionate about spreading the word about blockchain technology. In his own words, “One of the largest barriers to mainstream adoption of crypto is education. By educating those about the opportunities that lie within...

Let It Snow: Origin Protocol Welcomes Jonathan Snow To The Core Team

We’re excited to welcome virtuoso Data Engineer Jonathan Snow to the Origin team. A seasoned veteran of crypto and fintech, Jonathan has turbocharged growth for a number of brands in the space by building robust data pipelines and automated tools. Jonathan adopts a strategic mindset that underpins his wealth of experience in driving disruption. “When entering a new space, I tend to build small projects that snowball into larger ones,” he explains, alluding to the several, cross-sector startups he’s built over the years — spanning everything from marketing to software innovation. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Jonathan started his first business at the age of seven. Fresh out of high school, aged 19, he built Point-of-Sale automation tools for the largest US grocery chain by locations. Since then, he’s developed social media automation tools for the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as his own enterprises. A crypto native since 2016, Jonathan’s interest in NFTs and DeFi was piqued in 2020, which led him to begin building bots and analytics tools to track market data. Soon after, Jonathan built nicejpeg, offering broader data tooling for the general NFT space. His relentless passion for developing data tools on the cutting edge of current technology has also seen him contribute to a number of DAOs and smart contract development. Nicejpeg prompted Jonathan to dive deeper down the rabbit hole of Web...

The First Real Estate Sale via NFT Marketplace: Executed on Origin Protocol’s Story Marketplace

The recently launched NFT marketplace for physical property exchange developed by Origin Protocol for Roofstock OnChain has seen the completion of its first home sale. This transaction is the first instantaneous sale and settlement of real estate on an NFT marketplace. The beautiful three bedroom home in Columbia, SC, was purchased for $175,000 using USDC. Both parties were able to reap the benefits of on-chain transacting, with ownership being transferred instantly and fees totalling 3% — well below norms in traditional real estate. — Representing Real Estate as NFTs - By tokenizing property ownership in the form of NFTs, Origin and Roofstock are disintermediating the legacy mechanics of property exchange plaguing the multi-trillion dollar real estate industry. Between agents, conveyancers, and other intermediaries, home sales can incur fees exceeding 10% with ownership transfer often taking a month or longer to finalize. The new marketplace for physical property exchange represents a bold foray into an industry ripe for disruption, bolstered by Origin’s wealth of blockchain expertise and Roofstock’s unique industry insights. The time and resource savings observed during the execution of this first sale sounds a fair warning to legacy real estate — investors are no longer at the whim of opaque red tape and exorbitant redundancies. Rather, individuals are now empowered to invest in property on their ter...

NFT Collections Using Origin Story to Power Their Marketplaces

The NFT landscape has come a long way from OpenSea’s marketplace monopoly. Between the likes of LooksRare and X2Y2, users have several generic marketplaces to choose from. We’ve opted for a different approach with our branded NFT marketplaces by developing bespoke marketplaces for leading collections in collaboration with project teams. Since Story’s launch of branded marketplaces in Summer 2022, we’ve partnered with over a dozen popular NFT collections, with tons more in the pipeline. Below you can find a list of live marketplaces powered by Origin Story: — Pudgy Penguins. — Marketplace: — Roofstock. — Marketplace: — 0N1 Force. — Marketplace: — Karafuru. — Marketplace: — The Doge Pound. — Marketplace: — Capsule House. — Marketplace: — SupDucks. — Marketplace: — The Humanoids. — Marketplace: — OnChainMonkey. — Marketplace: — Sappy Seals. — Marketplace: — Moonrunners. — Marketplace: — CryptoZunks. — Marketplace: — Chubbiverse. — Marketplace:

Welcome Courtney Glover As Origin’s New Head of People!

It’s with great excitement that we welcome HR veteran Courtney Glover to the Origin team. A qualified lawyer, Courtney entered talent acquisition driven by an unerring passion for people and cultivating inclusive company cultures that view employees as their greatest assets. Courtney’s first foray into Web3 came in the form of Director of People at Recur, a leading metaverse firm catering to major brands. As Recur’s 13th hire, Courtney’s deft skills proved instrumental in growing Recur’s team to more than 200 employees. When it comes to crypto, Courtney is enthralled by the potential of NFTs, with World of Women and Hello Kitty among her favorite collections. Insatiably curious, she has also dived into the realm of DeFi of the past year. Origin first drew Courtney’s attention by virtue of our established products and tight-knit team. In her own words, “I was excited to join Origin for its history in Web3 and for the opportunity to work with one of the best teams in the business. I continue to be impressed by the level of talent at Origin and our ability to continually innovate in a challenging space.” Now that she’s officially joined the fold, Courtney is committed to achieving tremendous goals informed by her 10+ years of experience in recruitment. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue growing the Origin team while keeping our talent level high,” she explains, continuing, “I’ll be focu...

OGN Season 2 Staking: What You Need to Know

OGN staking offers rewards from fees generated by Origin Story’s NFT platform. Season 2 of the staking program starts soon, and pre-staking just went live on our site. Key dates: Season 2 launch: Nov 9, 2022 at midnight UTC, Season 2 staking locked: Feb 7, 2023 at midnight UTC, Season 2 ends: Mar 9, 2023 at midnight UTC, Origin’s native token OGN has enjoyed fresh utility with the launch of staking in July. Users have been able to stake their OGN holdings in exchange for a share of rewards from 100% of fees generated by our NFT platform Origin Story, disbursed in ETH and OGN. With Season 1 drawing to a close, it’s time to review the inaugural staking season and prepare for the launch of Season 2. Staking OGN works on a points-based system. 1 point is awarded per OGN staked each day, and rewards are distributed at the end of each season relative to the points earned per wallet. For an overview of OGN’s staking mechanics, check out our initial staking post. — OGN Staking Season 1 Recap - OGN staking seasons run for a total of 120 days. The Season 1 OGN staking window ran for 90 days beginning July 12, 2022, and ended on 10 October, 2022, at midnight UTC. While Season 1 staking is now locked, the Season itself ends on November 9, 2022, with Season 2 beginning immediately thereafter. Following this, Season 1 stakers have 30 days to claim their rewards. All unclaimed rewards will roll over into the Season...

OGN Season 1 Staking Ends Midnight UTC 10/10/2022

Important dates October 10, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 staking locked November 9, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 ends and Season 2 begins November 9, 2022 at midnight UTC — December 9, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 rewards claim period We’ve been inspired by the active interest and participation in OGN staking since launching this program in early July. Staking OGN allows holders to receive rewards from 100% of fees generated by Origin Story’s NFT platform (including our new product Collections for NFT marketplaces), proportional to the amount staked and duration of staking. The OGN staking program is delineated into Seasons. Season 1 began on July 12, 2022, at midnight UTC, for a period of 120 days. Staking OGN earns 1 point per day throughout the staking window. After a Season draws to a close, rewards are distributed according to the share of points earned per wallet at the end of each season, thus incentivizing users to stake early and for the entirety of the season. — OGN Staking Window Ending Soon - While Season 1 ends after 120 days, the staking window closes after 90 days. This means that you’ll only be able to stake further OGN until October 10, 2022, at midnight UTC. Any OGN staked until this point will continue to accrue points throughout the final 30 days of Season 1. Despite the staking window drawing to a close, you’ll still be able to unstake your OGN at any point in time, althou...

September 2022 Token Holder Updates: OGN, OGV, & OUSD

Every month, the Origin team publishes a monthly update to our token holders and the broader community. Welcome to the September 2022 edition. We have a lot of updates to share on all fronts of Origin Protocol this month, as well as a few exciting updates to look forward to in the coming weeks. Summary September was a noteworthy month for Origin’s OUSD and Story products — our Story platform saw several new feature rollouts including advanced analytics and bulk importing of listings. Communities have recognized the benefits of user-centric, native marketplaces with record sales coming from Story’s marketplace. OUSD has transitioned to an on-chain governance model managed by OGV holders. We’ve onboarded several key hires on the engineering and marketing fronts this month. Let’s dive in. Firstly, we’ve added several new hires to the core team, which you can check out toward the bottom of this investor update. Thanks to our healthy treasury, we have the opportunity to recruit top-tier talent to continue building both Story and OUSD. This being said, we’re taking a measured approach to growth with an extremely high bar for talent. Our goal is to double the size of our team in 2022, and we’re well on our way to achieving this. Origin has made strides on both Story and OUSD this month. We’ve added some heavy-hitting NFT collections to Story, and recently announced our 1st NFT marketplace that bridges physica...

Origin Protocol Welcomes Matt Bullock as Product Designer for OUSD

We’re excited to announce a new addition to Origin’s team: Product Designer extraordinaire Matt Bullock. Upon entering the space, Matt immediately recognized the many problems with UX and design in crypto as a significant barrier to entry. Having spent four years at Augur as Lead Designer, he’s been contributing to improving the Web3 user experience since its barebones beginnings. His time at Augur led him to Dapper Labs, where he played a critical role in adding a user-friendly crypto custody solution to Dapper Labs’ wallet. Apart from designing beautiful user experiences to further drive adoption, Matt’s passion for crypto lies within DeFi. He first entered the sector during 2020’s frenetic DeFi summer with a cursory interest that has since grown to an unrelenting commitment to design seamless products and broaden access to these novel financial instruments. In joining Origin, Matt is aligning these passions to redesign the OUSD and OGV product experiences from the ground up, in order to make our DeFi offerings as seamless as possible — from OUSD’s dApp to the overall governance experience. “We want users to be able to easily access OUSD and enjoy the simplicity of growing their investment without the worry of taking on unnecessary risk,” he explains, continuing, “I see the perfect opportunity for a safe, fully decentralized and self custodial interest bearing stablecoin like OUSD to step up and o...

OGV Token Burn

Since launching Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) on July 12th, over 40,000 OGN holders and all OUSD holders have been eligible to claim OGV via airdrop for a period of 90 days. As it stands, 9.33% of the token’s initial supply remains unclaimed, and the clock is ticking. On October 10th, at 00:00 UTC, all remaining unclaimed OGV will be burned — forever. Additionally, all centralized exchanges that participated in the OGV airdrop have been instructed to burn additional unclaimed tokens held in their accounts. Please note that these additional tokens have not been included in the current burn metric, meaning that the total number of tokens burned could exceed the percentage mentioned above. * 306,217,404 OGV were sent to exchanges whose customers were eligible for the airdrop. These exchanges are expected to burn any unclaimed tokens at the end of the claim period. Should no further OGV be claimed, 9.33% of the initial supply will be burned. These unclaimed tokens are sitting in Merkle distributor contracts on-chain and you can see them as well as the code that will be executed when the claim period ends: Liquid OGV airdrop contract, Locked OGV airdrop contract, Rewarding Users by Constricting OGV Supply OGV acts as the governance token for Origin Dollar (OUSD), allowing users to accrue staking rewards, fees, and voting power in the form of veOGV when OGV is staked for a month or longer. Users can stake OGV for up ...


TA- Origin Protocol (OGN) Struggles – OGN Eyes Double Digit Gain

    The price of Origin Protocol  (OGN) has struggled to break out of a range recently with few bullish signs against Tether (USDT). Origin Protocol could be set for a major rally after narrowly breaking out above key resistance as other crypto assets continue to trend higher with double-digit gains. Origin Protocol (OGN) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Weekly OGN Price Chart Analysis | Source: OGNUSDT On From the chart, the price of OGN saw a weekly low of $0.188, which bounced from that area and rallied to a price of $0.24. The price has struggled to build more momentum as it faces resistance at $0.24. If the price of OGN on the weekly chart continues with this structure, it could quickly revisit  $0.2 acting as a good support area for buy bids. Weekly resistance for the price of OGN - $0.24. Weekly support for the price of OGN - $0.2. Price Analysis Of Origin Protocol On The Daily (1D) Chart Daily OGN Price Chart Analysis | Source: OGNUSDT On The price of OGN found strong support at $0.2, with what seems to be an area of interest on the daily chart. OGN bounced from its support and has rallied as it faces resistance at $0.24. The price of OGN has continued to range in a channel, breaking out of this channel could send the price of OGN to $0.4 where it will face a major resistance before trending higher in price. At the point of writing, the price of OGN is at $0.2440, narrowly above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) which cor... read More

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