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ODDZ Price:
$786.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #ODDZ today is $0.020 USD.

The lowest ODDZ price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.020, and the exact current price of one ODDZ crypto coin is $0.02000.

The all-time high ODDZ coin price was $3.70.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of ODDZ with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Oddz crypto currency is also #ODDZ.

Oddz is 1.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Oddz is $1,317,581.

Oddz is ranking upwards to #835 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #ODDZ.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Oddz is $786,469.


The circulating supply of ODDZ is 65,869,994 coins, which is 66% of the total coin supply.


ODDZ is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the ODDZ Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


ODDZ is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #ODDZ trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #ODDZ purchase.



Oddz Finance: Newsletter — August Edition

Oddz Finance: Newsletter — August Edition - GM! We’re delighted to share our August 2022 Newsletter, which includes all we’ve done and accomplished in the previous month. The crypto markets have been unpredictable, with BTC and ETH prices sliding slightly. On the other side, we’ve been making progress on Oddz, introducing new features and improving user experience. Here’s an overview of everything we managed to accomplish in August 2022: — Web3 Conference GOA - We attended India’s largest Web3 conference at GOA. Web3 Conference India (WCFI) is India’s leading Web3 conference organizer, having hosted one of GOA’s largest conferences. The event featured some of the top speakers and Web3 pioneers. We were honored to be a part of this conference and to demonstrate our support for India’s burgeoning Web3 community. — Magic Link Integration - We successfully integrated Magic email authentication for Oddz options. This decision was prompted by the need to provide a seamless user experience on Oddz and make trading options simple. Login here — Oddz Magic Link How to use Magic Email Login? — A Guide — 1000th Option Buyer Giveaway - We announced a $100 giveaway to the 1000th option buyer. As we approached 1000+ options sold on the Avalanche mainnet, we launched the following giveaway to celebrate the occasion. Learn more about it — here — Educational Twitter Threads ...

Oddz Finance: Newsletter — July Edition

Oddz Finance: Newsletter — July Edition GM! BTC bouncing! ETH pumping! Merge coming! Oddz Loading-New Features & Products! We’ve been hard at work building, and this month of July has been quite fruitful for us. We’ve made considerable progress in both adding new items to our enhanced roadmap and delivering the best we could on our current plan. Here’s a recap of everything we accomplished this month.Decoding DOVs — DeFi Option Vaults We walked over a basic Twitter thread on DOVs. It’s the latest trend/tech (I’m not sure whether the narrative is already dead) that has shown enormous potential in attracting users. In fact, option vaults are built into the majority of protocols listed under “options” on DeFiLlama. Certainly a DeFi revolution!Simplifying Hedging with Oddz — An Exclusive Blog We covered the topic “Why hedging with options is a great investment strategy?” in our exclusive blog. We discussed why it’s the best strategy and discipline in finance/crypto and how it’s possible to hedge with Oddz options. We covered a lot of ground! Read more about it out here — Hedging with OddzExtending Options League Leaderboard Challenge With rising user interest, we announced the continuation of our options league for four more weeks. However, we relaxed the conditions by lowering the minimum spending amount to $150 and the minimum number of options purchased to three. The leagu...

Oddz Easy Options — Now on Frontier Mobile App

Oddz Easy Options — Now on Frontier Mobile AppTrade Oddz options on the Frontier App We’re pleased to announce that Oddz DEX is now live on Frontier. You can now trade crypto options on the go from your mobile devices. This is our first successful step in bringing DeFi options to the masses, and we are extremely proud of it. We’ve been building for a long time to bring a solid solution that will bring crypto derivatives into the mainstream. We also believe that integrations across crypto and DeFi platforms is key to making it accessible to more users and this partnership with Frontier marks the first of the many integrations underway in realizing this mission.How Oddz Simplifies Options Trading for Frontier Users Frontier is a crypto, DeFi, and NFT wallet where you can send, store and invest in 4,000+ crypto assets. The mobile application also allows you to earn passive income on your crypto by staking or supplying assets in DeFi apps and exploring web 3.0 from a single place. Users may also access popular dApps like Aave and Compound, as well as transact on more than 30 blockchains. The mobile wallet has now added Oddz DEX to the list, providing users with a quick gateway to DeFi options. Options are integral to the sustainable growth of the crypto market. Given the high volatility of the crypto market, traders and investors are looking for various trading products that could help them manage their risks. Optio...

Oddz Chain — A New Paradigm Towards Powering DeFi Derivatives

Oddz Chain — A New Paradigm Towards Powering DeFi Derivatives GM! The last time we introduced something new was with Options v2. Our v2 upgrade added advanced option trading features such as auto-exercise, secondary market, strategies, deviation-based pools, and auto-compound staking. Since then, we’ve been educating you on options concepts while our team has been hard at work behind the scenes building DeFi’s future. We understand that DeFi innovations have been stagnant in recent months, considering the bear market. However, it has had no influence on our ability to build, and we have been consistently growing through the bear. We’ve been working on our promised roadmap, and most of it is now live and on time. But, wait! We’ve something more (or rather something massive) to add to our roadmap. Yes! We’re introducing the Oddz Chain, a standalone blockchain network for powering DeFi derivatives. Don’t be taken aback! We’ve got a lot more information on what we’re creating or adding to our long-term roadmap down below.Oddz Chain — What is it? Oddz chain will be a standalone blockchain based on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint consensus. It will feature an on-chain orderbook, matching engine and native Automated Market Makers (AMMs). The chain will be built to facilitate cross-chain trading, especially derivative market trading.Why a Standalone Blockchain ? The existing blockchains have latency in tran...

Oddz Finance: Newsletter

Oddz Finance Newsletter June 2022 Gm frens! June has been very close to our hearts for a lot of reasons. We launched a new version of our staking program with better rewards and compounded yields. We completed the product development milestones we’ve been dedicatedly working on for the last few months. (You will soon hear about them.) We launched some exciting marketing campaigns, including Oddz Options League, which is now in its last week. Here is a quick look at all the recent updates.V2 staking program We introduced a V2 staking program with up to 100% APYs on ODDZ, oUSD and ODDZ/AVAX pools. The migration from the old (v1) program to the new (v2) promises higher rewards and better auto-compounded yields to stakers. The V1 staking program is no longer live. Stake hereOddz Options League Oddz Options League is going strong with amazing participation from the community. The 6-week contest is divided into six levels and has $55,050 ODDZ up for grabs. The goal is to improve the trading experience while also awarding weekly prizes. Every week, traders compete against one another, with each week unveiling a new reward pool and a new opportunity to win juicy rewards. The contest is live till 11 July. Traders will be eligible for receiving rewards based on the amount of premium spent on the platform. Learn more660 options bought on Avalanche As of today, 660+ Options are bought on our Avalanche Mainnet. We’re super thrille...

Hedging with Oddz — A Beginner’s Guide to Minimizing Crypto Risks

Hedging with Oddz — A Beginner’s Guide to Minimizing Crypto Risks You must have heard the term ‘hedge’ thrown around a lot. Especially if you happen to have friends who trade. They have a way of terrorizing laymen with words. Hedging is not as complex as they will have you believe, though. It’s pretty simple. In this article, we take you through the basics of hedging and how it can step up your crypto investment strategy.TL;DRHedging is a key risk management strategy where you purchase an asset to offset the risk from another.It mitigates the negative impacts of market volatility.Hedging mostly involves the use of derivatives.Hedging leads to lower risk, as well as profit.Prominent institutional and individual investors, portfolio managers, exchanges, and corporations apply hedging strategies to diversify their portfolios.What is Hedging Hedging is like insurance. It’s similar to buying coverage from an insurance provider in the sense that it protects your asset from an event that can bear negative impacts. That is not to say hedging eliminates the event from happening. Even if it does happen, the effect on your assets is minimized. Instead of buying premiums from an insurance provider, hedging requires you to use financial instruments and offset the risks. That is, you need to make an investment to protect another with negative correlations. Example You are a tomato farmer. You want to sell your tomatoes f...

How Oddz Is Making Defi Options Easily Accessible To All?

Options are an integral part of the traditional economy. They allow you to diversify your portfolio while limiting the risks and maximizing the returns. Thanks to DeFi, options are now more popular than ever in the crypto economy, too. DeFi simplifies options trading for inexperienced users and makes it feasible for investors with low initial capital. DeFi widens the scope of options. Then again, the entry of options has been a game-changer for the DeFi industry too. You will find many options protocols in the market that are reinventing how options are understood and used. They motivate traditional investors to try their hands on DeFi and see what it has to offer. We take pride in being one of the key players in the DeFi options market. Despite the novelty of the asset, Oddz Options captured a wide user base a few months into entering the market. In this article, we analyze what sets apart Oddz Options and how our latest update hones our competitive edge.Why Oddz Options Most investors have a hard time grasping the underlying concept of derivatives. As you go deeper, it gets even more difficult. There are different derivative assets and each of them can be again divided into an array of classes. Options are no different. For this reason, most investors take their time to get acquainted with these sophisticated tools. With DeFi, the goal is to make the learning curve less demanding. However, most of the early projects in th...

Why Oddz Chose $USDC over Other Stablecoins

DON’T FUD USDC. IT’S OURS ANON If anything can be credited for the rise of crypto and DeFi, it is stablecoins. These USD-pegged assets have been one of the major contributors to the crypto’s growth. Today, they stand at a market valuation of more than $155 billion. In fact, these assets are the sole reason for DeFi’s survival. However, this massive $155 billion dollar industry is divided into different stablecoins. $USDT and $USDC are the market leaders, with a combined market valuation of roughly $124 billion. The second tier contains $BUSD and $DAI, which have a market worth of around $24 billion. Even stablecoins like TUSD, USDP, USDN, USDD, FEI, GUSD, FRAX, etc have contributed to the industry’s growth. However, when it comes to protocol adoption it has been dominated by $USDT, $USDC, $BUSD, and $DAI. And when it comes to Oddz, we have adopted the $USDC stablecoin. There are obvious reasons for this, and we want to discuss them in this blog so that you understand why we did not go the non-USDC way. Let’s dive in!The Transparency Problem with $USDT USDT was the first stablecoin to be launched in 2014 as a digital token backed by fiat currency. In fact, it is the largest stablecoin to ever exist with a fully diluted market cap of over $79 billion. It has a circulating supply of more than 70 billion coins and is used in a variety of crypto and DeFi ecosystems. Despite having an enormous market share, it has b...

Oddz Finance: Newsletter

Gm frens! Another exciting month comes to a close, and it’s time for a round-up. If you missed out on our updates last month, here is everything that has been going on at Oddz. Some exciting product development milestones, features, events, competitions, and new goals — it has been a rewarding month, to say the least. Without further ado, let’s dive in.Avalanche Mainnet The options bought on Oddz Avalanche Mainnet crossed the 400 mark on 12th May. Now, it stands at XXX. The steady growth is a sign of the organic adoption of Oddz v2. We shifted from BSC to Avalanche earlier this year to leverage the greater organic traction and rising options trading volume on the Avalanche network. Evidently, the move is paying off. Enter the Oddz/AVAX LP staking farm here.Turkish and Korean integration Oddz is a global community. As a token of love to our Turkish and Korean-speaking members, we integrated the local languages into our website and application. In April, we had similarly introduced a Chinese language drop-down. Check it out: Website | ApplicationODDZ ConTEST We launched a fun contest where participants were to answer a quirky question: what will you do if you have $1M ODDZ in your wallet? We received a lot of interesting answers in the days that followed. The prize pool worth $1000 ODDZ was divided by 10 lucky winners at the end of the five-day contest.ZeroSwap Leaderboard Oddz ZeroSwap Leaderboard contest went li...

What’s Next for DeFi?

DeFi needs Innovation DeFi may still be in its early days. But it has changed the course of the crypto industry in ways unimaginable. Despite the rapid ups and downs over the last three years, DeFi has always come back stronger, thanks to the consistent innovations in the space. The recent crypto crash triggered by Terra Luna has many wondering if it will impact the growth of the DeFi industry. However, this time won’t be any different either. A robust technology can’t be tramped down by a few mishaps. It will continue to grow, as long as there are strong-willed people behind it. In this article, we analyze what the future holds for DeFi. To better understand this, we need to take a look at the journey so far.The Three Eras of DeFi The total value locked in DeFi crossed $1B for the first time in the first half of 2020. By early 2021, the number had surged to $20B, thanks to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies during the pandemic. Traditional investors were starting to take notice of the industry. The ongoing developments in liquidity mining and the massive earning opportunities it opened up further catalyzed the movement. By December 2021, the number crossed $250B. Fast-forward to May 2022, it has tumbled down by more than half to $112.73B.Credits ( The dramatic movement of the market is marked by the emergence of new projects, upgrades, innovations, and the lack of these. For example, liquidity has b...

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