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OAX Price:
$442.6 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$8.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #OAX today is $0.16 USD.

The lowest OAX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.157, and the exact current price of one OAX crypto coin is $0.15734.

The all-time high OAX coin price was $8.01.

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The code for OAX crypto currency is also #OAX.

OAX is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for OAX is $8,777,631.

OAX is ranking downwards to #593 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #OAX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for OAX is $442,560.


The circulating supply of OAX is 55,788,170 coins, which is 56% of the maximum coin supply.


OAX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


OAX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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January 2023 Community Update

January 2023 Community Update Welcome to 2023! Of course the headliner of this month’s community update is the launch of the team’s portfolio app Notfis. We launched Notifs at the beginning of the month, and it has been a little project the team has been working on for the better part of last year. Aside from this, January has been an awesome month for the crypto assets space for sure — with Bitcoin successfully breaking 20,000! Even before the seismic shifts that took place in the industry, our team was frustrated by the lack of decentralized portfolio options for us to keep track of our personal holding. At the beginning of the year it was also with the pick up of NFTs, then eventually it became the integrated nature of the portfolios with centralized exchanges. And it seemed like a sad joke that many of us still resorted to using an excel spreadsheet to track our portfolios. Post-FTX it became even more apparent that the most basic features of a portfolio tracker weren’t being met. And considering that we constantly remind our community members about keeping assets in different wallets, taking responsibility for tracking where assets go is more important than ever. We understand that decentralization means taking control and not relying on others to make things happen, so we started pulling together the basic features for a portfolio tracker.A quick look at a few early features of Notifs we’ve decided to lau...

Trends Heading into 2023

Trends Heading into 2023 As we brace ourselves for what will be sure to be another dynamic year in digital assets, we hope that the year will treat us kinder than the one that just passed. But the team remains cautiously optimistic, and even if the beginning of 2023 may still be difficult for markets, we see a lot of potential in the trends that have been shaped by the recent events that happened in 2022. As is often the case, the trends are quite broad, but we expect movement and progress being made on multiple levels for different audiences. We’re excited to see the progress in the coming months, as always bear markets are great times for development! DeFi Trading volume on DEXes went up nearly 11% immediately after the FTX collapse in November last year. Many in the industry understood that the collapse of FTX and the use of user funds was only possible in a centralized exchange, and saw it as a reminder of the benefits that decentralization had to offer. We expect DeFi exchanges to continue to run strong, while focusing more on fine tuning the smart contracts, increasing security measures and finding ways to bridge the decentralized and centralized divide. While DeFi has often been linked to decentralized exchanges, it is far from the only thing that falls within the space. The promise of decentralized exchanges holds many benefits, however, understandably there are those that don’t yet feel comfortable navigating th...

OAX Announcement:

OAX Announcement: We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest project: Notifs! Many people often aren’t as careful as they ought to be when they join the digital asset community. Many have their funds sitting in a single centralized exchange wallet. And of course, we can understand the appeal: it’s easy. Others may often rely on a multitude of apps to keep track of their assets plus different apps to track their notifications, while some might not keep track at all. Even then, a lot of us will refer back to that good ‘ole excel spreadsheet used to keep notes and to tally the ins and outs of transactions. We wanted to create a mobile app for ourselves and the community that would be easy to track our portfolio on the go. From adding in transactions, to seeing broad analytics of your portfolio, we’ve created an updated dashboard to replace your Excel sheet. Link the notifications you want to get with tokens and transactions pulled from a multitude of sources. It truly is the absolutely basic necessity for those that are learning about digital assets and owning digital assets to managing everything in a variety of different wallets. Keeping assets on centralized platforms inherently holds a risk, hence the originating phrase “not your keys, not your coins”. But when you OWN your keys, the onus is on yourself to keep track of where everything is and have visibility on the state of your portfolio. Notifs is h...

December 2022 Community Update — Year in Summary

December 2022 Community Update — Year in Summary So we know we say this at the end of every year, but what a year it’s been! Of course we wish that we were saying that in a ‘good’ way but it’s probably safe to say that it’s been a tough year for the entire industry (even if you weren’t one of the headliners). But with the cool down in the market, the initial hype surrounding many of the topics that we highlight below have also cooled down, but perhaps to its advantage. During the bull market, the hype and FOMO swirled around many of these trends, and most of us in the industry got caught up in the whirlwind. But with the downturn in the market, and through the natural course of development, after mass testing we reach the ‘bug and troubleshooting’ portion of the development cycle. What happened to some of these key trends during the course of the year? *** NFT The cool down towards NFTs was swift with prices and volume taking quite the spill over the last few months. But it’s also a good demonstration of how time spent on development and identifying issues surrounding new technology comes to light only after real-life testing.Source: The bear market inevitably affected the perception of NFTs and has made us look deeper into how NFTs will be used, how to share content but also determining security, utility, ownership, copyright and proceeds. We explored some of the issues regarding the...

Joining the World Cup Crypto Fever

Joining the World Cup Crypto Fever As we reach the semi-finals of the most widely watched sporting event in the world, the World Cup has been occupying the evenings of many fans around the world (depending where in the world you’re based of course). And we’re not just talking about eyes glued to the TV watching the 90-minute matches. Many companies have been looking for ways to capitalize on this moment, and industries (like crypto) are likewise hoping to get a little boost from this widely anticipated event. However, it remains to be seen if these investments will pay off; as on a surface level they seem more like attempts to draw hype and marketing instead of anything too meaningful that will drive actual progress. FIFA naturally has been one of the leaders to take advantage of Web3 during this World Cup. Since parting ways with EA Sports earlier this year, one apparent point of contention of failed contract negotiations was with regards to exclusivity. As a result of the partnership ending and in the leadup to the beginning of the World Cup, FIFA announced their partnership with Roblox, creating a series of mini-games and galleries of FIFA content. Their metaverse also includes a live-streaming lounge where participants can ‘watch games together’ in the virtual world. In another gallery-like metaverse, Hublot has also partnered with Spatial to recreate the 90,000-spectator football stadium as part of its “Hublo...

November 2022 Community Update

November 2022 Community Update It’s probably safe to say that as crazy as the digital asset industry has been over the last couple of years, the last few months have hit a new level of insanity. Changes in the industry have taken over much of the headlines and World Cup fever is also reaching crypto fans as well. Unfortunately, the tokens have been in for a few surprises, most notably when Argentine Football Association Fan Token plummeted at Argentina’s surprise loss against Saudi Arabia. Let’s see how other fan tokens might potentially react over the next few matches, there will still be much to hear and see about the World Cup over the next couple of weeks! *** We wrote a post earlier this month on the regulatory space happening within different key regions and have highlighted the number of changes that have been made by regulators as well as their stance. **** Of course this was before the latest crisis to hit the crypto sphere, with the downfall of FTX. While the initial shockwaves about the FTX debacle have died down, the story and the court case may prove to be one of the most impactful incidents we’ve seen this year yet. Ironically, despite the conversations regarding regulations and how such checkpoints in place may have avoided such an incident, the truth is, regulatory measures may not have been able to fully prevent the situation. Centralized exchanges have been a “middle ground” for what investors ...

Creating Tipping Points

Creating Tipping Points Raj: What’s Bitcoin? Sheldon: It’s a new online currency that’s been developed. It’s just like actual money, except you can’t see it, hold it or spend it on anything… There’s a limited amount. We find it, not by tunneling into the earth but by using a computer to solve complex mathematical problems. Howard: So, let me get this straight: We have to write an elaborate program in order to find a fake coin that we can’t spend on anything? Sheldon: Yes. - Big Bang Theory Inaccuracies aside in the episode of Big Bang Theory with regards to Bitcoin that has been deconstructed by many on the internet over the years, the show highlighted what most people felt about Bitcoin and digital currency from the get-go. Requiring programming skills, solving complex mathematical problems– digital assets were for the techie, math geniuses that would promise very little return and utility. Things have changed quite a bit since the episode aired in 2017 (or considering it was a flashback scene, a representation of 2010). Conversation regarding Bitcoin in pop culture is no longer a novelty– with digital assets now being looped into the news cycle of mainstream media and influencers from the heads of industries to celebrities weighing in on the different platforms and NFT launches. Also with the recent FTX saga, even more eyeballs are on the space from the general public, with questions rising about lead...

Another Edition of Regulatory Updates From Around the World

Another Edition of Regulatory Updates From Around the World We mentioned in one of our previous posts, during a crypto winter most companies have a tendency to focus on the development of their products and services, while governments get the opportunity to play a bit of catch up in the market. Over the last year, a series of developments in the digital asset industry has expedited regulatory bodies from all over the world to weigh in on their stance towards the industry. Of course regulation from a licensing perspective, financial requirements, and taxation (whether for business or investors) are different aspects that the governments will have to cover when considering the crypto space, but when reviewing the many news updates that are in the market, we must consider everything together as to how it can potentially affect the entire ecosystem. We’re all for regulatory clarification– and we do believe that regulatory measures should be set to protect the industry and users from nefarious players. But we tread a thin line. Clarity can ideally minimize the risks and uncertainty of having a project’s work dismantled after blood, sweat, tears and resources have been poured in, yet extremely restrictive regulatory measures may simply stifle an industry that has just begun. Innovation requires a certain freedom to explore various routes, and creativity may turn into interesting solutions. Furthermore, the cross border natur...

October 2022 Community Update

October 2022 Community Update Trick or Treat! A month since the ETH Merge was successfully moved to the PoS mechanism, and another milestone for the network with the token’s supply turning deflationary as a result. As explained in our previous summary, the Merge was not expected to address gas fees or transaction times, however, it was expected to change the token economics as well as dropping energy consumption drastically as a result of moving away from mining. Since October 11th, the consumption for Ethereum has dropped from 80TWh to 0.01 TWh! We think that’s pretty impressive and a success case in addressing the energy component of digital assets. The understated success of the Merge hasn’t stopped developers from moving ahead with their next steps for the chain. The Shandong network (which is the testnet for the Shanghai upgrade) has gone live, and the proposals for what the update will include are already underway. As another significant milestone in the overall journey, we’ll be keeping an eye out for what will be voted in as the part of the next update. While the changes will come gradually as the functionality of the Ethereum blockchain continues to evolve, we expect it to continue serving as the predominant chain in driving the industry’s DeFi efforts, whether it be Web3, NFTs, the metaverse or overhauling the financial industry as we know it! *** We posted a blog earlier this month talking about updates...

There’s two schools of thought: BTC or Ethereum chains to dominate the crypto world for the future…

There’s two schools of thought: BTC or Ethereum chains to dominate the crypto world for the future versus an ecosystem that is filled with various chains and sub-systems that can operate seamlessly from one to the other. In the world of computers, once upon a time, Mac users operated in their own little world (mostly restricted to your design world) whereas the rest of the business world operated on Windows. “Conversations” between the two platforms rarely ended well and attempting to open a simple document that was created on the other platform was often frustrating. Thirty years later, the compatibility between the two operating systems has reached a cordial agreement. Users can work (relatively) seamlessly between the two platforms, and through the years of development, computers aren’t the only devices that must work seamlessly between operating systems as consumers are increasingly dependent on other devices such as phones and tablets as well. So what does this little trip down memory lane mean for the crypto industry? The digital asset market currently is similar to the early days of computers. Different chains speak very different languages, and while users in this scenario may not have to deal with a distorted file that cannot be opened, they might end up with wallets that don’t cover the specific chain they want to use, blockchain address confusion, or a much bigger concern: bridges. While the risks of bri...

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