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OAX Price:
$3.6 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$13.6 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #OAX today is $0.24 USD.

The lowest OAX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.237, and the current live price for one OAX coin is $0.23655.

The all-time high OAX coin price was $8.01.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of OAX with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for OAX crypto currency is also #OAX.

OAX is 5.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for OAX is $13,638,019.

OAX is ranked #509 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #OAX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for OAX is $3,632,908.


The circulating supply of OAX is 57,654,830 coins, which is 58% of the maximum coin supply.


OAX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


OAX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Doing Your Research in a Crypto World

Doing Your Research in a Crypto World DYOR. One of the many acronyms that you’ll see when you enter the world of digital assets. And yet this may be one of the most ‘loaded’ acronyms there is. Before you invest in some new project, or mint the next big NFT drop, trade on an exchange or even put your tokens into a wallet, you’ve been told “DYOR”. In fact, you should have heard it no less than a million times from us at OAX Foundation as well. Tweets or posts will often end with “this is not financial advice, DYOR”. It’s important for us to relentlessly remind our community, partially because advising on financial matters requires special licenses granted by regulated authorities (no one wants to overstep in that space). But more importantly, if you buy into the idea that decentralization and/or digital assets means taking back ownership and control of your information and resources, the first step would be to understand what you’re getting yourself into. The truth is, there’s still many limitations to what most people can actually do when they “DYOR”; especially if they’re not very technical. Even those well embedded in the industry can get burned. We’ve listed three metrics below that are often associated with doing due diligence, but we flag some of the limitations and misconceptions regarding each metric. It may seem discouraging for our community members, but we believe that being well-info...

Types of Traders in the Bear Market

Types of Traders in the Bear Market We come to another quiet period in the market, and while it’s all fun and games when everyone is enjoying the pump, it’s always interesting to see how people react to the dip. What type of trader are you in the bear market? Are you the ‘rush into the bloody throes and stake your flag in the ground by doubling down’ type? Or do you stick your head in the sand and completely forget about the crypto world altogether? We break down four common types of traders that we see in the market during this time– do you recognize yourself? (Of course don’t take this too seriously… we’re just saying). The FOMO Uncle, You haven’t given up, in fact you’re stacking stats and taking it as your mission to educate your friends and family on what to buy on social media. After all, they might have missed out on the previous rounds, but here’s the opportunity for them to get into the game. It’s such an opportune moment! You’ve benefited from this space, and it only makes sense that they should too. You might not be as influential as the KOLs that you follow religiously, but your charts are legit, you have a track record to prove it. The market is tough, but when you act fast and continue to monitor, you still can make money in this market. It also helps that gas fees are significantly lower than what they were! 2. The Zen HODLer It comes and it goes. Your digital asset holdings don...

August 2022 Community Update

August 2022 Community Update We discussed the perils of users only sticking to one crypto wallet last month. Unfortunately, while there’s a good number of our community members that find themselves in that scenario, the quiet period in the digital asset market is a perfect time to explore alternatives. To inspire and kick off the research for those looking to diversify their assets into different wallets, we turned to our community members once again to see what everyone else has been using. What did the community come back with? While Metamask was a clear winner in our poll as the predominant wallet that was used, if your only wallet is Metamask we would still encourage users to find alternatives. If you only have hot wallets, perhaps it’s time to consider a cold wallet such as Ledger or Trezor. As always we ask community members to DYOR when looking for what works best for them when evaluating anything digital asset related. Truth is, we realize that DYOR can actually be quite a daunting task. Even the best researched decisions may come up short when pitted against nefarious players intent to scam. In our upcoming post, we do highlight some of the common issues with the key metrics usually used when you DYOR. These are issues that we struggle with ourselves, even when we’re considering how to develop useful tools for the community. Do we report key metrics even though we understand that the statistics might be skewed...

Looking Forward (and Backward) to the Merge

Looking Forward (and Backward) to the Merge In honor of the long awaited Ethereum Merge (yes, with a capital ‘M’) that is expected to happen next month, we decided to do a quick recap of the journey of Ethereum and what we can expect to see from the upcoming ETH 2.0 (or just “Ethereum” as they want to be known as). For many, this constantly evolving ecosystem can be viewed as temperamental and volatile; not only in terms of the token prices, but also the rate of big name players bursting into the scene and just as quickly fading into oblivion. Ethereum was conceived in 2013, and while many individuals have played a part in developing the ecosystem, Vitalik Buterin perhaps has become the de facto figurehead. Having gone live on 30 July 2015, 72 million tokens were minted and still accounts for more than half of the current supply in the ecosystem. Over the last two years, Ethereum has been the driving force behind DeFi and the rise of NFTs and GameFi. According to Gemini, 96% of all DeFi transactions occurred on the Ethereum network as of October 2020. As more opportunities to use the ecosystem drove the dynamic nature of digital assets, demand also drove the prices for ETH higher and higher, resulting in skyrocketing gas fees for relatively simple transactions, while overwhelming a system that had difficulties processing the number of transactions. However, Ethereum poses as a perfect example of how technology doesn...

Cautionary Tips: An Overview Guide for Community Members When Handling Digital Assets

Cautionary Tips: An Overview Guide for Community Members When Handling Digital Assets As the market dips and the hype quiets down for crypto winter, many existing crypto community members are potentially redirecting their interests away from the volatile market with the exception of occasionally buying the dip. Yet there may also be interested parties that are looking to enter the market now that it’s calmed down. Regardless if you’re a newbie coming into the market, or someone who has been away for awhile, there’s some basics that we want to remind our members of when handling crypto. ⚠️ Caution 1: Traders focused on key centralized exchanges may not face the first issue– when you see a OAX/BTC pair trading on Binance, you can be pretty sure that the OAX token is truly the token belonging to OAX Foundation. However, as many articles and seasoned professionals will remind you (oh wait, we touched on this point in one of our recent articles too!) — keeping all your digital assets on a centralized exchange wallet is not the best idea. So what happens when you’re trading on decentralized exchanges or moving tokens to self-custody wallet? Always check the contract addresses to ensure you’re interacting with the token you think you are. Token names are just that, a name. And just as you might know more than one John or one Christine, the name might be the same but the person (or the token) is very differen...

July 2022 Community Update

July 2022 Community Update As we continue our journey through crypto winter, the market has continued to see its share of headlines discussing the demise of the industry or of various companies. The team pulled together some headlines earlier this month in our post The Good News Edit. Despite the perceived drama, the quiet periods of a bear market has granted many teams opportunities that go beyond the surface-level negativity. Meanwhile, the team has also been going back to basics, reflecting on the fundamentals of crypto and digital asset usage. One of the basic steps of keeping your crypto assets safe are through spreading your assets amongst different wallets, and definitely ensuring that your digital assets aren’t consolidated in one location. For a quick recap, here are the few major crypto wallet types: We hosted a poll within our community last week to see how many wallets on average a user holds– how do you compare to the others who responded? In addition to the different wallets required to keep your assets safe, there’s also the issue of different wallets for different chains! And it can be a confusing world out there, with so many wallet options, many offering multi-chain support. Some may require special configurations and others may be in the process of development that will eventually span to more. We did a quick overview below, but of course this is by no means an exhaustive list that includes all the va...

Do you know what assets you hold?

Do you know what assets you hold? We’ve done a few posts in the past talking about the importance of security, storing tokens in cold versus hot wallets, setting up Metamask accounts and more. It’s inevitable that if you’re serious about crypto, whether it’s to HODL, trade NFTs, or trade and test out new trends, keeping your digital assets safe means ensuring that you take the necessary precautions for your wallets (amongst other things). Depending on where you sit in your crypto journey, you may only have the exchange wallet where you initially purchased your tokens and where you participate in staking campaigns or trade. But as any seasoned crypto participant knows, keeping all your funds in a hot wallet, particularly in an exchange wallet may not be the safest thing to do. At minimum users should be looking at having two wallets, and if you’re actively trading, likely quite a few more accounts. Remembering that blockchains serve as public immutable ledgers, your wallet address can give away the amount of funds that exist in the particular wallet, and as a matter of safety, it’s best to diversify your funds to avoid catching unwanted attention and a clear example of not keeping all your eggs in one basket.Source Yet, while this advice makes sense from a security perspective, we realize the difficulties that come with such advice. For starters, you’ll need to remember the various wallets, private keys and p...

The Good News Edit

The Good News Edit In a bear market, we often face doom and gloom in every article. Of course some of it is truly quite depressing news, and real people get affected in very real ways. However, with every gray and raining storm cloud, there’s a fine silver lining. Depending on whether it’s short-term considerations or just the general sentiment alone, things are never clearly black and white. Whilst some headlines have very clear implications, others may offer opportunities for the overall ecosystem. We begin with the obvious. Without a doubt, the two key players, BTC and ETH have taken a hit over the last few months and whilst some believe the end of the two token, those such as JPM believe that BTC is now undervalued by 28%, and informing their clients that crypto is now replacing real estate as its preferred alternative asset class. And while Ethereum average gas fees have fallen to $1.57, the lowest since 2020, one of the biggest headaches for the developers during the latest bull run was the staggering gas fees. Despite investors who were eagerly shouting “to the moon!”, it was also fair to say that development costs and budgets exploded while bringing things to market. As a result some platforms may have felt a certain pressure to push to market to catch the skyrocketing trends. Slowing it down not only means more time for research and strategic development, rather than just a rush to market or FOMO, but it a...

June 2022 OAX Community Update

And it’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who participated in our OpenSwap staking campaign over the last two months. Especially in this market, sometimes staking campaigns are one of the best things that can be done in this space. If you missed out on our campaign this round, be sure to keep your eyes out for the next campaign! Community members that participated in the staking campaign will be receiving OpenSwap tokens. What are the OpenSwap tokens good for? We shared a highlight of the tokenomics and utility in our previous post, courtesy of our friends at OpenSwap. They’re currently working their testnet for the bridge and any-to-any swap, so head over to their testnet to try it out! *** This month we looked a bit into the NFT space, both in our backyard and in other spaces like charities. Shortly after the first article was posted, the Ukrainian government was also reported to have sold a donated CryptoPunk NFT received during their fundraising campaign. And despite all the many benefits of donating an NFT to a charity as we outlined in our previous post, this particular situation leaves us wondering also, when should charities cash out? While CryptoPunk #5364 was sold for 90ETH, the equivalent of $100k, when the NFT was donated a few months prior, it would have been worth as much as $260k. Naturally with crypto markets it could have easily gone the other way, and those within the industry are ready for roller coaster ride...

NFTs in Hong Kong

NFTs in Hong Kong Our last article discussed NFTs being used in the charity field, and the many benefits that came with the acceptance of NFTs in this space, benefiting not only those donating but to the charities themselves. This week we explore a bit more about NFTs in the art and entertainment space in our own backyard. Over the last few months, Hong Kong has been seeing a rise of NFTs integrated in public events, special exhibitions. Multiple arts events in Hong Kong with the likes of Art Basel and Art Central, continued to dabble in the NFT space as well as the spring previews from auction houses. Artaverse, which has been billed as one of Asia’s largest outdoor NFT and local art exhibitions, has attempted to drive conversation of the space hosting virtual world engagement and panel discussions and talks as well as live music performances. Arts focused K11 and K11 MUSEA has also been hosting their appreciation for NFTs with their “Metavision” exhibition hosting over 200 NFT pieces throughout the mall including educational tours and workshops. The NFT pieces include Takashi Murakami, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Tom Sachs, Doodles and more, valuing over 26,000ETH on display.Source: K11 For a more local take, an exhibition called “Meta Nostalgia” was launched by Artistverse with a distinctly ‘old’ Hong Kong theme, with pieces including Hong Kong’s famous neon lights and interactive experiences. Meanwhile homegro...

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