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NXS Price:
$7.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NXS today is $0.041 USD.

The lowest NXS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.041, and the exact current price of one NXS crypto coin is $0.04054.

The all-time high NXS coin price was $15.86.

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The code for Nexus crypto currency is #NXS.

Nexus is 9.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Nexus is $3,031,165.

Nexus is ranked #1219 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small daily trading volume on #NXS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Nexus is $7,124.


The circulating supply of NXS is 74,775,537 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


NXS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Nexus Development Recap July 28. 2023.

Nexus Development Recap July 28. 2023. Hey everyone, sorry for the slight delay. I just needed a moment to finish up some tasks and wait for a few more people to join. Thanks for being here, though! So, I’ve been working on keeping up with the biweekly updates instead of doing them weekly. Weekly updates were a bit too tight, and I felt like I didn’t have enough breathing space. Switching to biweekly should provide better consistency for all of you. Recently, I’ve been making great progress. I’ve been working on the wiki, and Sohan has been doing an amazing job with it. The test net is up and running, along with the test net explorer. However, we encountered some security issues, and it seems like there were back doors and SSH keys that allowed unauthorized access. We’re still investigating and securing everything, but we managed to bring everything back online. This test net is essential for testing the staking and unstaking processes, and I didn’t want to risk doing that on the main net. Luckily, we were able to recover from the setback, and the test net is now fully functional again. You can check it out at The whole experience taught us a valuable lesson about decentralization. Critical infrastructure like this should never be in the hands of just one person. Going forward, we’ll make sure to distribute responsibilities and keep things as decentralized as possible. Anyway, despite the...

Development Recap July 13, 2023

Development Recap July 13, 2023 This is a shortened version of Colin Cantrell’s recap on Twitter. Hey everyone! Welcome to the development update. It’s been a bit since we last did one, but we’re going to make them more frequent now. I’ve been focusing on other things lately and not interacting as much, but I know you all like these updates, so we’ll aim for maybe biweekly like before. So, let’s talk about what we’ve been up to. You might have noticed some community issues and infrastructure problems, but don’t worry, we’ve taken care of most of them. The explorer is good, seed nodes are up, and we’re setting up a new test net. Kendall’s testing stuff for 5.1.1, and we’re still figuring out the unstaking issue. But overall, the 5.1.1 features are in, along with some bug fixes and stability improvements. Next, we'll be focusing on the mobile wallet. I've got a build environment set up on my local computer, so I can work on fixing those annoying crashes and add better reliability checks for nodes. It seems some nodes are sending bad data, which affects the mobile wallet's functionality. By the way, I'm thinking of getting rid of the drive since not many people seem to use it, and it's costing us quite a bit. Instead, we'll invest in more seed nodes to improve the network. Speaking of issues, we've come across some strange ones, like SIG abort errors, which seem to be specif...

Striking the Delicate Balance: Centralization, Decentralization, and the Tenuous Dance of Trust and…

Striking the Delicate Balance: Centralization, Decentralization, and the Tenuous Dance of Trust and Distrust In the grand theater of governance, technology, and human relationships, the eternal waltz between centralization and decentralization takes center stage. This mesmerizing dance captures the delicate equilibrium between concentrated power and individual autonomy. At its core, the dance is governed by the enigmatic forces of trust and distrust, casting their spell on our perception of authority and shaping the choices we make. The Power Play Centralization, the maestro of efficiency and coordination, orchestrates authority and decision-making. It boasts streamlined processes, uniformity, and swift choices. It unveils a hierarchy that upholds accountability and eliminates redundancy. Yet, this captivating conductor also harbors concerns of potential abuses, a lack of transparency, and the stifling of dissent. History abounds with tales of corruption, oppression, and the suffocation of voices borne from centralization’s grip. Decentralization, the spirited dancer, exalts the virtues of autonomy, empowerment, and shared authority. It revels in local decision-making, cherishes diversity, and thrives on self-governance. By scattering power, decentralization offers flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. It nurtures innovation, fosters creativity, and becomes the fertile soil for grassroots initiatives to flourish. How...

Nexus Development Update

Hey everyone! Welcome to the AMA, I’m Colin, your familiar host. I’ve been taking a step back from the public eye recently to focus on my family, myself, and some coding. I’ve also been working on new marketing strategies. After the release of version 5.1, which many people were eagerly anticipating, I’ve made sure to deliver on our promises. Although I didn’t expect it to cause a significant price surge, it’s great to see the positive response. To kick off this AMA, let's discuss our current plans and where we stand with development, as well as touch upon our future plans. At the moment, I'm personally working on version 5.1.1. I've encountered about three bugs so far, and there have been some database issues reported by a few users. I'm currently collecting log files from them to investigate further. Kendall has successfully resolved an issue with the transaction history, and there's also been a problem with unstaking coins in the mobile wallet. I've identified an issue with some of my nodes, but once we're out of beta, they won't be the sole reliance. Lately, we've experienced some strange issues with the data center, resulting in unexpected charges and reversals. To cope with this, I had to resort to using gift cards, which is quite ironic. Anyway, I want to take a moment to recap the conference we recently attended. It was a promotional event for the new Defcon, and it went ...

Nexus - 连接去中心化世界。

NEXUS - 连接去中心化世界。 介绍 欢迎来到Nexus世界:一个创新且雄心勃勃的项目,具有革命性的潜力,有望颠覆整个加密行业。在这篇社区撰写的文章中,我们旨在向您介绍Nexus的愿景、使命和技术。随着您的阅读,您将发现Nexus为成为走向去中心化未来的重要运动提供了独特的机会。 加密货币领域充满了各种旨在实现更美好世界的项目,Nexus社区对此感到兴奋。然而,我们认为Nexus在雄心壮志和范围方面突出于其他项目。Nexus具有巨大的影响潜力。我们坚信,Nexus是一项革命性的技术,可以改变不仅加密货币行业,还可以改变我们所知道的世界。 什么是Nexus? 2014年,Nexus由Colin Cantrell创立,他是一个有远见的软件工程师、音乐家,也是SpaceX联合创始人Jim Cantrell的儿子。Colin和他的团队从比特币的出现中获得了灵感,并旨在创建一个快速、安全和去中心化的互联网,该互联网将真正由人民控制,因此不可阻挡。他们的目标是“从头开始重建互联网”,为此,他们最初与一些早期互联网的创始人,如Dino Farinacci及其LISP技术进行咨询和合作。 随着时间的推移,Nexus创造了自己的区块链类型,将区块链技术的安全性和速度与灵活和可扩展的注册表系统相结合。与其他区块链的UTXO系统一样,Nex...

NEXUS – Connecting a Decentralized World

NEXUS – Connecting a Decentralized World Introduction Welcome to the world of Nexus: an innovative and ambitious project with the potential to revolutionize the entire crypto industry. In this community-written article, we aim to introduce you to Nexus’s vision, mission, and technology. As you read on, you’ll discover how Nexus provides a unique opportunity to be a part of a greater movement towards a decentralized future. The crypto landscape is filled with various projects aimed at a better world, and the Nexus community is thrilled about that. However, we believe Nexus stands out among the rest due to its ambition and scope. Nexus has the potential to make a tremendous impact. We firmly believe that Nexus is a (r)evolutionary technology that can change not only the crypto industry but also the world as we know it. What is Nexus? In 2014, Nexus was founded by Colin Cantrell, a visionary software engineer, musician, and son of SpaceX co-founder Jim Cantrell. Colin and his team drew inspiration from the emergence of Bitcoin and aimed to create a fast, secure, and decentralized internet that would be truly controlled by the people and therefore unstoppable. Their goal was to 'rebuild the internet from the ground up,' and to achieve this, they initially consulted and collaborated with some of the founding fathers of the early internet, such as Dino Farinacci and his LISP technology. Over time, Nexus has created ...

Isang pagsusuri at pagmumuni-muni sa "The Starfish and the Spider", isang aklat na nagsasaliksik sa…

Ang "The Starfish and the Spider: The Irresistible Power of Leaderless Organizations" ay isang kawili-wiling aklat na naglalarawan sa mundo ng mga organisasyong walang pinuno at ang kanilang kakayahang gumawa ng malaking epekto. Ginagamit ng mga may-akda na sina Ori Brafman at Rod Beckstrom ang reference sa isang spider at isang starfish upang ilarawan ang dalawang uri ng mga organisasyon: ang spider ay naglalarawan ng tradisyonal na hierarchical na istraktura, habang ang starfish ay naglalarawan ng mga desentralisadong grupo na nag-aayos ng kanilang mga sarili. Nagbibigay ang aklat ng mga halimbawa na nagpapakita ng kapangyarihan ng mga organisasyong walang pinuno, gaya ng tagumpay ng tribong Apache sa paglaban sa kolonisasyon at pag-usbong ng mga network ng pagbabahagi ng file ng peer-to-peer gaya ng Napster. Ang isa sa mga pangunahing natutunan ay ang mga istrukturang namamahala sa sarili sa loob ng isang mas malaking entity ay nababanat, madaling ibagay, at kayang suportahan ang kanilang mga sarili sa kabila ng mga panlabas na banta dahil sa kanilang dinamikong kalikasan at kakulangan ng sentral na istraktura. Sa kabila ng maraming benepisyo ng mga organisasyong walang pinuno, nakakaranas din sila ng mga hamon. Maaaring mabagal ang koordinasyon, at may potensyal para sa mga salungatan sa loob ng organisasyon. Binibigyang-diin ng mga may-akda na sa tamang pag-iisip at diskarte, ang mga hamong ito ay malalampasan....


《海星与蜘蛛》的书评与反思,探索了去中心化组织的潜力。 《海星与蜘蛛:无领导组织的无敌力量》是一本引人入胜的书,探索了去中心化组织及其独特的创造力。作者Ori Brafman和Rod Beckstrom使用蜘蛛和海星的比喻来描述两种组织类型:蜘蛛代表传统的分层结构,而海星代表去中心化的、自治的群体。 该书提供了一些示例,展示了无领导组织的力量,例如Apache tribe阿帕奇部落在抵抗殖民化方面的成功以及点对点文件共享网络(如Napster)的兴起。其中一个重要的领悟是,在更大的实体内部具有自治结构的组织是有弹性、适应性和生存能力的,由于它们的动态性和缺乏中央结构,它们甚至可以在面对外部威胁时仍然存活下来。 尽管无领导组织有很多好处,但它们也面临着挑战。协调可能会很慢,并存在内部冲突的潜在可能。作者强调,通过正确的心态和方法,这些挑战可以被克服。有效的结构和策略可以促进合作,培养更深刻的个体与集体之间的关系理解。 《海星与蜘蛛:无领导组织的无敌力量》一书从海洋生物海星的独特生理结构中获得启发,描述了无领导组织以去中心化网络的形式共同致力于实现共同目标的运作方式。海星没有中央大脑或神经系统,而是拥有一个去中心化的...

Ode to Patterns

Ode to Patterns Imagine you’re a superhero, swooping in to save the day for crypto traders everywhere. Your keen eyes can spot subtle trends and movements that even the most seasoned traders might miss. Not only that, but you do it at lightning speed trading faster than a speeding bullet. But let’s not forget with great power comes great responsibility. Sure, you might be faster and more accurate than us mere mortals, but that doesn’t mean you’re infallible. Patterns can change on a whim, leaving even the most powerful beings scratching their heads. And let’s not limit your powers to trading. You change the way we interact with technology, recognizing our voices and making lives easier. And now you’re helping machines learn to think and see like us, which is both impressive and slightly terrifying. Pattern recognition, we bow down to your greatness. Powerful you are, but a deity you are not. Patterns are all around us, from the way we communicate to the rise and fall of nations. Having studied Hindustani classical music in India for many years, I developed an interest in the relationship between language and rhythm. Languages that use one-syllable names for basic numbers facilitate speed on a different level than a language that uses multiple syllables for basic numbers. For instance, in Hindi, the basic numbers are "ek, do, tin, char, panch, chah, sath, ath, nau, das," compared to Tagalog, where the b...

Short Summary of Development Recap

Short Summary of Development Recap April 26, 2023 During the launch event for Nexus Wallet version 5.1, Colin Cantrell, the founder of Nexus, expressed his gratitude to the audience for their patience and shared an overview of the challenges the team had faced with the invoices API and the optimizations made to resolve them. Despite the initial plan to freeze the features for the release, Colin highlighted that he had been optimizing the code for several days, resulting in improvements in the invoices API's efficiency and CPU usage. He also addressed issues with the client mode and bootstrap, which caused him to work through the night. Colin explained how he would be merging the code into the master branch and tagging it for release, and there were no merge conflicts. The final numbers for the changes made to the code were 636 files changed, 114,032 insertions, and 71,689 deletions, with over 110,000 new lines of code. Colin presented the new features, such as the query DSL, custom data fields, and the use of multi-signature accounts for increased security. Nexus is also planning to create a database API that provides structured query language functionality and serves as a one-stop-shop for developers. The team is also exploring ways to integrate Nexus into various movements, recognizing that building technology can give people tools for their freedom rather than their enslavement. Overall, Colin is pleased with their pr...


Join the Economic Freedom Nexus — No BS Crypto News in the Context...

    We all know central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the furthest thing there is from actual cryptocurrency. That 'financial inclusion' usually just means more laws preventing poor people from free exchange and survival in broken, state-run fiat madhouses. The Economic Freedom Nexus is a new bi-monthly newsletter sent straight to your inbox contextualizing the latest in crypto and finance news globally, through the lens of Bitcoin and crypto autonomy. The Nexus brings everything back to what this was all about in the first place - money without a middleman. The opinions presented in this editorial newsletter are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of or News Join the Nexus: Crypto News Focused on Freedom Taking a cursory scan through the news today, I see that decentralized social media company LBRY Inc. has called it quits, finally exhausted by the endless harassment and legal bullying of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With LBRY getting nuked, the fate of its popular app Odysee - a Youtube competitor known for its truly uncompromising stance on free speech and quirky content - now teeters in the balance. This, unfortunately, is a perfect segue into something News just reported Friday, namely that international crypto mixers are now likely to be viewed as criminal by the United States Treasury and related regulators, 'because terrorism.' Which terror, of course, crypto is statistical... read More

Affyn Unveils Singapore As First NEXUS World Metaverse City

    [PR - Singapore, Singapore, 12th December, 2022, Chainwire] 2,000 plots of geolocation-based Freehold Land NFTs launching on December 17, 12:00 UTC In addition to its ongoing Flag sale, Affyn is advancing its NEXUS World metaverse, revealing Singapore as the inaugural metaverse city of Affyn’s NEXUS World. The first metaverse city features 2,000 plots of Freehold Land NFTs, with many more cities to be unveiled in the coming months. Affyn’s NEXUS World leverages mobile geolocation features within metaverse cities that are directly mapped to the real world, meaning all 2,000 Land NFTs correspond with an actual location in Singapore. Within Affyn’s NEXUS World, each plot is represented by a hexagonal tile averaging around 15,047.5 square meters and approximately 65.9 meters per side. These plots are further categorized by their “rarity” levels like Common, Rare, Epic, and Mythical. These Land NFTs are the digital representation of real estate within the NEXUS World metaverse. Each plot of Land is characterized by a combination of climates and features, ranging from grass, sand, rock, snow biomes and much more. The number of features available in each Land is connected to the Land’s rarity level. Users with higher tiers of Land will get access to more benefits, including higher chances of spawning rarer “Buddies.” After developing the Land, Landowners can potentially rent portions of virtual real estate to other players and host gam... read More

Nexus Payment Mechanism and How It's Impacting Merchants and Firms

    Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are revolutionizing an endless number of industries ranging from banking and financial sectors, hotels, and restaurants to eCommerce, retail, and lots more, thus making the services offered in the organizations faster, easier, and more secure for customers. A recent forecast by Mordor Intelligence revealed that the transaction value of global digital payments is expected to hit $11.29 trillion by 2026 and grow at an 11.21% CAGR. In reality, consumers around the world are more inclined towards a redefined blockchain payment solution working seamlessly without barriers or delays. Consequently, this has led to businesses adopting digital payment systems to increase sales, reduce costs, and also secure customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is considered valuable and important in today's market. And with the strong competition among retailers, organizations are exploring ways to retain and reward customers, thereby maintaining customer loyalty in the long run. To create the best experience for customers and also build brand loyalty, companies are now using loyalty point services, a convenient technique to not only acquire repeat customers but also convert them into fans. A well-functioning and enticing loyalty program helps to ensure that customers become inclined to purchase from a brand/store repeatedly. Loyalty programs offered by retailers and other firms include rewards, discounts, and other special incentives as a means to ensure tha... read More

Introducing Nexus Project: Network Reward Token

    Blockchain technology enables quicker, lower-cost, and more secure payment systems, as well as a distributed ledger that can foster trust among participants. Although blockchain began as a support platform for digital currencies, it has now been implemented into a variety of industries, including payments. In actuality, the traditional payment system has been riddled with flaws and urgently needs a revamp. In many circumstances, it might take days to conduct a transaction with additional costs and low security. This is why people are hesitant to use payment methods to keep or transact their funds. Furthermore, a large percentage of the population lacks access to adequate banking and payment systems. In this aspect, blockchain payment services like Nexus Project are rising to the occasion to make a significant difference, providing efficient payment services while also significantly reducing all of the challenges in this industry. Nexus Project is a payment gateway that leverages blockchain to provide a digital payment infrastructure that will contribute to economic development by increasing accessibility and encouraging consumption. Nexus Project deploys unique digital rewards/points services to enable merchants to implement a reward system for loyal customers, ensuring customer retention. Exploring Nexus Project Digital Rewards/Points Services. Nexus Project reward/point services are targeted at helping merchants increase payment transaction efficiency, and cost while ultima... read More

P2E Company Set to Release Trailer of its NEXUS Metaverse After Bringing...

    Singapore-based Play-to-Earn Metaverse company Affyn is all set to release the trailer video of its NEXUS Metaverse this month. Recently, the company raised $20 million in multiple funding rounds, which comes after its public listing not long ago. Late last month, Affyn also conducted a successful presale round of $10.4 million. The company's Private and Strategic rounds were oversubscribed as well. This fresh capital will be used to expand its team, for which Affyn is hiring across engineering and game development departments to advance the project development. Affyn is developing a Metaverse called “NEXUS,” which is built on a digital layer mapped to the real world — a perfect combination of the virtual and real world. In “NEXUS,” users get to participate in activities based on their geolocation. Here, players can capture and train “Buddies,” which is a collection of NFT characters in the game. These NFTs are used to participate in quests, raids, and player-versus-player battles. Given that these “Buddies” are NFTs on the blockchain, any Buddy that you own is yours to keep. Besides owning Buddies, users can train and play with them interactively. In the future, the Affyn team is planning to make Buddies transferrable to other games as well and they may retain their attributes. Affyn, a blockchain-powered Metaverse project with a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn mobile game has been working on developing a closed-loop ecosystem... read More

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