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NULS Price:
$3.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$68.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NULS today is $0.63 USD.

The lowest NULS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.629, and the exact current price of one NULS crypto coin is $0.62898.

The all-time high NULS coin price was $8.27.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NULS with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Nuls crypto currency is also #NULS.

Nuls is 6.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Nuls is $68,280,335.

Nuls is ranking downwards to #403 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #NULS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Nuls is $3,932,515.


The circulating supply of NULS is 108,556,779 coins, which is 109% of the maximum coin supply.


NULS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #NULS trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #NULS purchase.



Announcement of NULS Mainnet Upgraded to v2.17.0

NULS Mainnet v2.17.0 is Now Live. — — To the NULS community - The latest NULS main-net version v2.17.0 has already been released at 14:00 (UTC+8), on 23rd Oct 2023. The new protocol will take effect when block heights reach 10,000, after 80% of main-net nodes complete updating. — NULS V2.17.0 Upgrade Details - Optimized resource usage monitoring on NULS nodes program., NULS smart contract new feature supported keccak algorithm., This is a mandatory update. All nodes (including regular and consensus nodes) must be updated by node owners. Please perform the updates as soon as possible. After the new protocol takes effect, node owners who fail to complete updates will receive yellow cards till the node is canceled. If you do not have a NULS node, then you don’t have to take any action. — Upgrade Instructions - Download Wallet: Operate on Windows: Operate on Linux: NULS Team October 23rd, 2023 — Contact Us - DiscordWebsiteTelegramRedditTwitterFacebookGitHub NULS — Making It Easier To Innovate

NULS Community Briefing

First Half of October in 2023 / NULS POCM Platform is Launching Liquidity Mode. — Technical Progress, SCO, Collaboration & Trading, Community Governance, — Technical Progress - Supported active address displaying function for the last 14 days on NULS scan., Continued the development of the NULS POCM LP mode backend management system., NULS wallet supported Ledger, along with user experience enhancements., Optimization plans for functionality, visual aspects, and user experience of the Nulscan browser have been established., — SCO - By October 4th, the NULS POCM staking platform has locked over 5.3 million NULS! On October 9th, NULS announced an exciting new feature that will be integrated into the NULS POCM platform. This initiative aims to address the need for more liquidity challenges of some POCM projects. October 11th, liquidity data for assets from select POCM ecosystem projects was made public on their respective blockchains.” — Collaboration & Trading - October 1st, NULS expressed its gratitude to NULS POCM partner Earhart for creating a celebratory video in honor of NULS’ 6th anniversary. October 4th, NULS collaborated with several ecosystem partners to host a 6th-anniversary AMA on our YouTube channel with $100 worth of NULS rewards. October 4th, Nabox, a wallet built within the NULS ecosystem, celebrated a significant milestone, reaching over ...

NULS Community Briefing

Second Half of September in 2023 / NULS 6th Anniversary Giveaway is Now Live. — Technical Progress, SCO, Collaboration & Trading, Community Governance, — Technical Progress - Conducted NULS underlying performance optimization and testing., Released a new version of the NULS web wallet and discontinued the previous service., Undertook functional modifications for the POCM product, finalized the solution, and initiated development., Assisted NTC in conducting a series of technical research., Assisted NTC in optimizing the NerveNetwork browser and Public-service., — SCO - September 16th, ENSUE officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform, allowing users to earn ENSUE assets with a minimum staking of 100 NULS. September 21st, Walletika officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform, enabling users to earn WTK assets with a minimum staking of 100 NULS. September 30th, Tyrion officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform, allowing users to earn TYON assets with a minimum staking of 100 NULS. — Collaboration & Trading - September 16th, the NULS Brazil YouTube channel released a video providing an update on the current status of projects within the NULS/ENULS ecosystem. September 16th, the NULS ecosystem’s decentralized exchange platform, Nulswap, announced its upcoming launch of...

NULS 6 Years: From NULL to NULS ♾️️

A Voyage From NULL to NULS, Building From Nothing to Beyond the Imagined. — — To the NULS community:. — Hello NULSer, NULS wishes you all a great year today as NULS is celebrating its 6th anniversary! Six years is a long journey in the blockchain world because we know how rapidly the industry could shift. From the perspective of a project that has a strong, long-term vision, the past 6 years were merely the beginning of another great journey. — The Birth of NULS. — The project name “NULS” is derived from the word “NULL” in programming language, symbolizing that our team was built from the ground. From “NULL” to “NULS”: “NULL” represents nothing/empty and “NULS” represents everything you desire in the blockchain world. On this day in 2017, the name NULS was created. Looking at the NULS’ logo you will know it resembles a change in the ♾️️ symbol, representing our Ultima vision for NULS project — infinite room for development, a never-ending exploration, and wild innovation. NULS’ initial vision was to make blockchain simpler, and we have been unwavering in our pursuit of that vision for the past 6 years. — An Overall Briefing. — NULS blockchain has progressively improved and has been running stably for over 5 years with a growing ecosystem dApps constantly implemented within. As of today, there are 4,026 smart contracts deployed on the NULS ma...

Celebrating NULS’s 6th Anniversary with 10,000 NULS Giveaway

Happy 6th anniversary, NULS! To celebrate NULS’s 6th anniversary and give back to the community supporters, NULS is collaborating with Nabox Wallet to launch this 10,000 $NULS giveaway to 500 winners. This giveaway will last till October 7th. You can easily participate in this grand giveaway by completing the required tasks on Nabox ID, keep reading to understand the facts and rules of the giveaway. — How to participate - To participate, you should finish the following tasks on Nabox ID according to the steps below. Task link: — 1 Follow NULS on Twitter. — NULS’s Twitter, — 2 Retweet this tweet. —, — 3 Join NULS Discord group. — NULS Discord., — 4 Interact with a NULS ecosystem dApp. — Make a transaction on a NULS/ENULS ecosystem dApp and submit the transaction hash, you might choose one of the following 3 dApps to participate: NerveSwap, PheasantSwap, Nulswap, Submit the transaction hash on Nabox ID: — 5 Create a tweet and submit the tweet link on Nabox ID. — Post a tweet with the #NULS hashtag, the tweet you create must contain a NULS-related element, which could either be a NULS logo or the NULS slogan. This giveaway will end on October 7th, the winners will be selected by a random draw and announced within 5 workdays after the event comes to an end. Now participate in the gi...

NULS Community Briefing

First Half of September in 2023 / NULS Attended the International Digital Transformation Conference. — Technical Progress, SCO, Collaboration & Trading, Community Governance, — Technical Progress - Conducted NULS underlying performance optimization and testing process., Optimized NULS Explorer (, Assisted NTC in releasing the NerveNetwork mainnet versions v1.28.0 and v1.28.1., Assisted with NTC on optimizing the Nerve Explorer and ecosystem application DApps., — SCO - September 9th, Blun officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform, allowing users to earn BLUN assets by staking a minimum of 100 NULS. September 14th, Queen Bee officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform, allowing users to earn QUBE assets by staking a minimum of 100 NULS. Queen Bee is a decentralized trading platform based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. September 15th, Zoci officially announced its participation in the NULS POCM platform, allowing users to earn ZOCI assets by staking a minimum of 100 NULS. Zoci provides a range of advanced security and privacy features in its RPC services to ensure the protection of sensitive data. — Collaboration & Trading - September 1st, NULS heterogeneous cross-chain ecosystem, NerveNetwork, integrated with the Celo Network. Its ecosystem products, including NerveBridge, NerveSw...

DeFi and Staking within NULS Ecosystem

Participate in Various DeFi-Protocols in NULS Ecosystem. — The emergence of ENULS has significantly enhanced the development of the NULS ecosystem, enabling seamless migration of other DeFi protocols into the NULS ecosystem. Additionally, the growth of NULS TVL on these decentralized exchanges has increased NULS’ deflationary characteristics. These DeFi protocols also offer NULS holders a wider range of staking options. Let’s find out who they are and the staking options they offer! — Nulswap. — Nulswap is a fully on-chain, decentralized exchange running on NULS, a high-performance, scalable, and crosschain public blockchain. On Nulswap, users are able to trade the most popular NRC20 assets and crosschain assets. Nulswap - The First DEX on NULS Feature: Nulswap aiNULS Staking, Recently, Nulswap released its aiNULS staking feature, also known as, Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking, which is a novel concept that provides increased token utility for staked tokens. It allows users to engage in additional DeFi activities using derivatives of staked tokens. Currently, aiNULS has attracted 1379408 NULS to contribute to this protocol within a few months of launching. By staking, users earn an APR of 7.86% (NULS) and 3.16% (NSWAP). Stake on aiNULS : app.nulswap.comaNuls Understand aiNULS : — Watertiger Finance. — WaterTiger is a sustainable and decentralized yield Farming...

NULS Community Briefing

Second Half of August in 2023 / NULS Web Wallet Service Will be Permanently Suspended on 4th Sep. — Technical Progress, SCO, Collaboration & Trading, Community Governance, — Technical Progress - Conducted NULS underlying performance optimization and testing., Tested and released NULS Light Wallet version 2.5.3., Developed an optimized version of the NULS browser (, Assisted NTC in developing, testing, and releasing NerveNetwork version 1.27.0., — SCO - August 21st, iSynthetic was officially activated on NULS POCM platform, this allows users to earn iSynthetic assets with a minimum staking of 100 NULS. August 24th, the NULS POCM platform announced the top 3 projects with the most NULS staked, which are AlveyChain, EarHart, and GG Dapp. August 25th, VENDETTA was officially activated on NULS POCM platform, This allows users to earn VEN assets with a minimum staking of 100 NULS. 质押链接 August 29th, TopToken was officially activated on NULS POCM platform, This allows users to earn TPN assets with a minimum staking of 100 NULS. — Collaboration & Trading - August 15th, Web3 wallet MPC announced its integration with ENULS mainnet. August 17th, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe created and shared a YouTube video explaining the NULS POCM platform and its participation rules. Youtube : August...

Announcement of Permanent Suspension of NULS Web Wallet Service

Dear the NULS Community NULS is glad to share with you the latest launch of NULS light wallet (v2.5.3). At the same time, we are sorry to inform that the NULS web wallet will no longer be available after 30th September. More details about the announcements will be presented in the following content. A New Launch of NULS Light Wallet (v2.5.3), The latest version of NULS light wallet has already been released and is now available on GitHub : In the newest version of NULS light wallet, we implemented Ledger wallet support, meaning that you can simply connect your NULS light wallet account to a Ledger device to manage your assets on NULS blockchain in a more secure way! More info about managing NRC20 assets with a Ledger device: YouTube: Installation Resources: A permanent suspension of NULS web wallet, Considering that web wallet services are more vulnerable, now you have better options. With Light Wallet and Nabox Wallet, your private key is always stored in your local device, and the reliability of the program can be easily verified before use. NULS web wallet service will no longer be available after 23:59 (UTC+8), 30th September, 2023. If you are a NULS web wallet user, to continue using the NULS services, it is recommended to import your private key to a new wallet, such as Nabox Wallet, NULS Light Wallet. Check out more supported wallets: To avoid potential asset loss, please...

NULS Ecosystem Developing Highlights in 2023

Since the launch of the ENULS mainnet in March of this year, we have been consistently inviting more projects to collaborate with us in building the NULS ecosystem. Over the past few months, we have garnered support from numerous partners and actively constructing the NULS eco even when the market is going downhill. As the community has already seen what NULS has achieved so far in 2023, more web3 wallets have supported NULS/ENULS network, and an increasing number of decentralized applications are being developed on NULS and ENULS. Today, let’s summarize the highlights that NULS has accomplished so far. — ENULS — The take-off happened in Feb 2023. — On Feb 2023, NULS officially released its EVM-compatible blockchain — ENULS. This is a significant strategic change to NULS, marked that the NULS ecosystem is now able to scale any Ethereum-based dApps, and projects are now able to build and grow in NULS ecosystem more efficiently! In fact, we did witness a blossom of projects built within ENULS, especially after NULS released the “NUSL Ecosystem Ignition” Proposal.NULS/ENULS Ecosystem Projects Now, let’s have a quick look at some of the ecosystem highlights: PheasantSwap, PheasantSwap is a decentralized exchange built in ENULS blockchain. The PheasantSwap beta version implementation was completed on Mar 24, at the same point, NULS and PheasantSwap started a massive Airdrop to the NULS community w...

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