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Nerve Finance  


NRV Price:
$35.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$200.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NRV today is $0.00402 USD.

The lowest NRV price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00402, and the current live price for one NRV coin is $0.00402471.

The all-time high NRV coin price was $6.68.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NRV with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Nerve Finance crypto currency is #NRV.

Nerve Finance is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Nerve Finance is $200,254.

Nerve Finance is ranked #990 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #NRV.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Nerve Finance is $35,858.


The circulating supply of NRV is 49,756,261 coins, which is 50% of the maximum coin supply.


NRV is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


NRV has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

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The Future of Composable Blockspace

Most agree that a multi-chain future is near, and highly probable: but beyond basic interoperability between blockchains, this future is rather vague. What forms will decentralized applications take? In this post, we’ll dive deep into the problems that arise from the imminent multi-chain future, the current state of interoperability affairs, and how dapps in this ecosystem are likely to develop.Starting from Scratch Why is interoperability important? The multi-chain world is here, and it’s one of the most pivotal upgrades in crypto’s short history. Born out of a need to scale crypto to millions of users, a large set of new blockchains launched offering developers a wider array of design choices to create more custom user experiences. Tradeoffs between security, speed, and scalability are inherent in decentralized application design and these decisions naturally create fragmentation. While fragmented blockspace has enabled more users to onboard into crypto, it has also created a number of issues, namely illiquidity and fragmented liquidity. Having multiple blockchains constrains composable blockspace by making it necessarily difficult to transfer data and state across chains. Layer 2s are another important topic when discussing fragmented blockspace and modularity of blockchains. Optimism and Arbitrum popularized optimistic rollups, and Starkware has processed billions of dollars in volume on StarkEx (the custom L2 bui...

Klaytn is live on Synapse

We are excited to share that Synapse is integrating Klaytn into its bridge ahead of the Klap Finance launch. This launch will make Klaytn the 16th blockchain connected by Synapse, allowing DeFi users to seamlessly bridge assets between Klaytn and 8 blockchains (and counting!). Klaytn is one of the 15 largest chains by TVL and offers fast block times, high throughput and low gas fees. Klap Finance is a new lending protocol, supported by ROK and Manifold, that will use exclusively Synapse bridged assets. Alongside Klap Finance, we are also working with a number of other Klaytn ecosystem projects. With these partnerships, we expect Synapse to become Klaytn’s default ecosystem bridge and wide adoption of Synapse bridged assets on Klaytn, making Synapse xAssets the standard ERC-20 tokens used on Klaytn.What is Klaytn Klaytn is an EVM compatible blockchain which boasts some of the fastest throughput, time to finality, and TPS metrics. The native gas token for the Klaytn blockchain is KLAY. As with all of our integrations, Synapse users will receive a KLAY gas drop that will cover their first few transactions. Klaytn has no official bridge which means that any cross-chain token (for example USDC or ETH) is brought to Klaytn via different bridge protocols. Additionally, while Klaytn benefits from a strong focus on the metaverse and adoption within the Korean crypto community, it has so far lacked many of the essential DeFi buildi...

Trisolaris integrates nUSD to increase bridge liquidity on the Aurora blockchain

We are thrilled to share that Trisolaris, the largest and most-widely used DEX on the Aurora blockchain, has integrated nUSD into their platform. The addition of nUSD increases the total amount of available bridge liquidity that Synapse users can access to bridge into and out of Aurora. Together with Trisolaris, we are building the most liquid bridge on Aurora and the main gateway into/out of Aurora. Trisolaris users can now access a new metapool comprised of nUSD and a USDC/USDT 2pool. LPs are able to deposit either nUSD, USDC, or USDT and earn a combination of trading fees, TRI rewards and SYN rewards. Users can tap into the pool’s liquidity to both swap stablecoins and to bridge stablecoins into and out of Aurora. The launch of nUSD on Trisolaris will drastically expand nUSD’s distribution on the Aurora blockchain and also help make Trisolaris the go-to on-ramp for users who want to enter the ecosystem. It is also another example of a protocol using Synapse’s bridge infrastructure and Synapse xAssets to build new use cases on its platform and develop an innovative source of volume and revenues. — nUSD Overview - For context, nUSD is our “nexus asset” that serves as the base bridging asset in our liquidity-based bridging model. Synapse facilitates the bridging of assets via two methods: 1) liquidity-based bridging and 2) canonical token bridging. For a detailed overview of the two, we’ve written a twitter...

DeFi Kingdoms Heroes are live on Synapse

Synapse’s cross-chain communications protocol now supports NFTs. — We are excited to share that we’ve launched support for DFK’s Heroes on Synapse! DFK Heroes can now be bridged between Serendale (the Harmony realm) and Crystalvale (the DFK Chain realm). Along with Heroes, we’ve also enabled Gaia’s Tears to be bridged between Serendale and Harmony. This launch is the first NFT use case supported by our cross-chain communications network, unlocking a massive new area of growth for the protocol. The NFT market today boasts a market cap of roughly $10.5 billion USD and saw over $10 billion USD in trading volume in Q1 2022 alone. As NFTs continue to grow, we look forward to expanding their reach and making them accessible across every blockchain. The DeFi Kingdoms team continues to innovate and cement itself as a leader in cross-chain gaming, and we’re thrilled to continue providing the substrate powering all of its cross-chain interactions. The launch of DFK Heroes on Synapse also highlights the extensibility of our cross-chain communications platform. While we’ve seen torrid growth in demand for traditional asset bridging, we expect new Synapse-enabled cross-chain NFT use cases to come to market rapidly.What are Heroes? Heroes are DFK’s famous in-game NFT, full RPG characters that are at the core of the DeFi Kingdoms economy. Heroes are unique because each one comes equipped with different stat blocks,...

Introducing Synapse xAssets

Upgrade your token into the multi-chain worldWhy go multi-chain? We believe that the multi-chain expansion has radically changed crypto’s user experience for the better. For one, creating new blockspace has been instrumental in directly onboarding new users into crypto. Users that were previously priced out of using Ethereum’s base layer could now access smart contract platforms at a fraction of the cost. Similarly, the birth of all this new blockspace meant that blockchains had to compete much more aggressively for applications to build on them and bring their users over. All of this has resulted in a variety of independent blockchain ecosystems, each with their own unique applications and unique set of users. In the multi-chain world, assets that choose to be siloed on a single blockchain are exposed to far less users than assets that can be used across multiple blockchains. Multi-chain functionality is now key in helping projects grow their distribution. Take UST for example, arguably the best example of how going multi-chain can increase a project’s distribution. Compared to every other decentralized stablecoin, UST is available on far more blockchains, opening it up to more users and many different ecosystems. It’s not just Terra users that have utility for UST, but also every user on Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, and many more blockchains. Activities like swapping, lending, and contributing UST to stableswap pool...

UST is live on Synapse

The largest decentralized stablecoin, now available on the most widely used bridge We are excited to share that we’ve launched support for UST on Synapse! This marks our first non-EVM chain connection, and we’re looking forward to interconnecting Terra in their multi-chain expansion plans. Users can now send UST between Terra and Arbitrum, Optimism, and Metis and in just a few days, we will add support for Ethereum, Avalanche (c-chain), and Fantom. Our goal is to connect UST and the Terra ecosystem with each one of the 15 (and counting!) EVM chains we support, which will make Synapse the most robust and seamless way to move UST throughout the crypto economy. The launch of UST on Synapse also marks a big step forward for the protocol as we expand support for non-EVM blockchains, bringing us one step closer to our long term vision of becoming the most widely used and built upon cross-chain communications network.Terra meets the EVM UST is the largest decentralized stablecoin in the the crypto economy and the bedrock of the Terra ecosystem. UST has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and now boasts a market cap over $16 billion USD. Today, UST is used in a wide variety of financial applications, helping users earn yield and access the stability of a permissionless decentralized stablecoin. While most UST is held and used on the Terra blockchain, that is rapidly changing thanks to their multichain expansion. Hun...

Synapse has partnered with DFK Chain

We are excited to share that Synapse is the official bridge partner of the upcoming DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain, one of the most exciting and innovative blockchains coming to market and one of the first Avalanche subnets. This partnership will enable DFK users to seamlessly bridge assets between the DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain and 15 EVM and non-EVM compatible blockchains (and counting!). — What is the DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain. — DFK Chain is the flagship subnet launching on Avalanche and will be home to the Crystalvale expansion of their legendary GameFi application. DeFi Kingdoms has made a name for itself as an innovator in the crypto gaming space with its unique MMORPG that uniquely blends gaming with decentralized finance. The first realm in DeFi Kingdoms, Serendale, was launched on the Harmony blockchain in mid-2021 and has scaled to over $300 million USD in TVL, ~30k DAUs, nearly 300k transactions, and over $10 million USD a day in volume.Source: DFK’s core gameplay involves a virtual economy in which users can purchase, upgrade, and play with NFTs, known as heroes, to earn Jewel. Users can also provide liquidity to a variety of pools so that it’s easier to acquire and sell assets within the game. Additionally, the game allows users to earn fees generated within the game by staking $Jewel in the bank for xJewel. DeFi Kingdoms has excelled in designing an in-game economy that is more sustainable...

11/06/2021: Post-mortem of nUSD Metapool Exploit

On 11/06/2021, an attacker manipulated the nUSD Metapool virtual price, lowering it by approximately 12.5%. Ultimately, while no funds were lost, there was a contract bug in the Saddle implementation of Metapools which the Synapse AMM uses. This was not related to any core Synapse bridging contracts, and was confined to an AMM issue using contracts forked from Saddle. — What Metapools are. — In the stableswap implementation developed by Curve, there are two kinds of pools:Standard stableswap pools — which contain multiple base assets(Asset A, B, C), priced against each other in a tight range, as described hereMetapools — which implements the same stableswap invariant, but which prices Asset D against the LP token of Asset A, B, C. This results in the ideal balance weight of the pool being 50% Asset D, 16.66% of A, B, C. This both isolates risk of Asset D while allowing the base pool to be used for additional metapools. While this has a number of upsides, it’s also a much more complex implementation. — What was the implementation issue?. — While most users directly swapped from Asset D to A, B, or C, when swapping to the LP token of A,B C, the Saddle Metaswap contract left out a check to calculate the base virtual price of the LP token. See line 424 of the Metaswap contract. Compare this to line 277, which correctly implements it, as adding liquidity & removing one token from the pool...

Synapse’s Mainnet Launch — The Hadean Phase

Synapse’s Mainnet Launch — The Hadean Phase — Swap and bridge assets to any chain. — Today, we’re excited to unveil the first phase of the mainnet launch of Synapse, a cross-chain layer ♾️ protocol. Try it out now: By powering decentralized & permissionless transactions between L1s, L2s, and sidechains, Synapse enables full cross-chain swaps to & from any chain, in less than 3 minutes. — We’re launching Synapse with support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche.. — Every chain will be interconnected by SynapseHow it works Pick your origin and destination chain, and which assets you'd like to swap. It's that simple. Within a few minutes, the user will receive the destination asset on the desired chain. Behind the scenes, the Synapse validators all track each blockchain that the Network supports. These validators are leaderless, and upon receiving on-chain events, each validator runs the same process to validate and finalize the event. Once two-thirds of all validators have collectively signed the same transaction using their own individual key, the network achieves consensus and issues the requested transaction on the destination chain.Providing Liquidity on Synapse AMMs We’re starting out with stablecoins as our first bridge asset. As such, we’re launching a cross-chain stablecoin called nUSD — which is ful...

Introducing Synapse Protocol

Over the course of many months, our contributors and community have been hard at work to expand the future of Nerve. Today, we’re excited to announce the evolution of Nerve into a new cross-chain protocol: Synapse Synapse unifies the thriving L1/L2 ecosystem, allowing users to seamlessly bridge assets across the most popular chains.Where we were Nerve started with a simple idea: build a product dedicated to outstanding user experience, while being accessible to as many people as possible. When we launched in March, Nerve was the first stableswap AMM on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Nerve instantly gained traction, becoming one of the largest BSC protocols, exceeding $1b in TVL and over $200m/day in trading volume. To this day, we are consistently a top 15 DEX by volume. Realizing the difficulties in onboarding capital to a new blockchain, we launched liquidity pools that seamlessly let users move funds to BSC. Nerve is now the central on- and off-ramp for moving assets between ETH and BSC. This trend of alternative L1 ecosystem's growth has continued to blossom — with Polygon, Solana, Terra, and now Avalanche. Similarly, a number of prominent Ethereum L2’s are coming to market, including Arbitrum and Optimism. The multi-chain world is already here. However, capital flows from one chain to another are still heavily constrained by the existing cross-chain infrastructure.Where we’re headed Synapse is a cross-cha...


Value Locked in Defi Surpasses $40 Billion, Marking a Significant Recove...

    Amid the recent gains in the crypto economy, the total value locked, or TVL, in decentralized finance, or defi protocols, has risen above the $40 billion threshold. This is after remaining below that level since mid-August. The top 100 defi coins by market capitalization are just below the $50 billion mark.Defi Market Bounces Back as TVL Hits $41.42 Billion Since October 23, the TVL in defi has surpassed $40 billion. As of Thursday, it stands at $41.42 billion, according to All ten of the leading defi protocols by TVL have experienced double-digit gains in the past week. Summer Finance and Aave are at the forefront with gains exceeding 20% during this time. Other significant gainers include Rocket Pool and Lido Finance. The TVL in defi was last around this level on August 15, 2023. Over a 30-day period, nine of the top ten defi protocols by TVL size posted gains. Uniswap, however, recorded a monthly loss of 15.94%. The leading gainers for the month were Aave and Justlend, each securing gains of about 17.15%. Of the $41.42 billion total, $20.62 billion is in ethereum, or ETH liquid staking protocols. This represents 49.78% of the current TVL in defi, stemming from ethereum's liquid staking market. Additionally, four of the top ten defi protocols focus on lending. While the TVL in defi has shown improvement, the top 100 defi coins are valued at $49.95 billion. In the past 24 hours, these defi tokens have seen $41.97 billion in global trade volume. Out of the top ... read More

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