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NRG Price:
$20.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NRG today is $0.047 USD.

The lowest NRG price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.047, and the current live price for one NRG coin is $0.04678.

The all-time high NRG coin price was $9.95.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NRG with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Energi crypto currency is #NRG.

Energi is 5.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Energi is $1,258,056.

Energi is ranked #759 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #NRG.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Energi is $20,050.


The circulating supply of NRG is 26,892,393 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


NRG is the native coin for the Energi blockchain.

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NRG is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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$1m Nrg Buyback Within The Next Six Months

Energi is officially announcing its plan to buy back NRG within the next six months for a sum of 1 Million USD worth of NRG. This move comes following GEM Digital Limited’s investment commitment to boost Energi’s upcoming NFT marketplace and collections, as well as expand its partnerships and product suite. The team of executives at Energi is confident in the company’s outlook for future growth. Energi believes they have an advantage over many other crypto-based companies due to its technology platforms and reputation, which will propel them forward in the short, medium, and long-term projections. Under the repurchase announcement, the timing and amount of NRG that are bought back will be determined by management based on market conditions and other factors. The repurchase authorization does not obligate Energi to acquire any particular amount of NRG and may be modified, suspended, or discontinued at any time at the company’s discretion. About Energi Energi is a self-reliant blockchain company with its roots in governance, community, and transparency founded in 2017. Its product suite includes the following: a secure cryptocurrency network, a decentralized exchange, liquidity pools, and an upcoming NFT market. Energi aims to provide fast transaction speeds while preserving decentralization — making it ideal for everyday use. The Energi product suite is utilized by crypto and NFT users worldwide. More information...

Double Referral Rewards are LIVE on Energiswap!

Users Now Get 20% Discount on All Trades, and Qualified Affiliates Earn 20% Commission! Double rewards are available and waiting for you now on the Energiswap platform. The Energi Team has doubled the discount on transaction fees to 20% for all users who have a referral connected to their Energiswap account and 10,000 NRG tokens in their respective wallets. Additionally, Energiswap affiliates who have an equivalent amount of 10,000 NRG on their account are now eligible for double commission bonuses. It’s worth noting that wrapped NRG or masternode collateral that are held on your address count toward the total amount. That means, affiliates with an aggregated total of 10,000 NRG within the Energi ecosystem automatically earn 20% commissions on the baseline transaction fee, which is 0.03%, of their first-level referrals; 10% on second-level referrals; and 5% on new third-level members. Same Referral Sign-up for Multi-Level and Double-Rewards Joining the double-rewards program takes place at the same affiliate page as signing up for the original referral program. As a refresher, that original program gave new users a 10% discount on the Energiswap transaction fee, which is 0.03%, and affiliates earned 10% commissions from the fee volume of their first level referrals. The original plan also paid 5% on the second-level participants, and another 3% commission for third-level referrals. Under the double-rewards referrals, every ...

“Energi Dollar” (USDE) Stablecoin Launches on Energiswap

Energi is making another major announcement to further advance the usability and value of the Energi ecosystem to its community of users. Right now on Energiswap, traders can take advantage of the Energi Dollar (USDE) stablecoin. USDE is the NRG-backed stablecoin, meaning that there’s a reserve of NRG tokens to serve as collateral backing for USDE. The NRG reserve has the equivalent market cap of the USDE market cap (expressed in terms of U.S. dollars). There are currently 1.6 million USDE minted and backed by NRG collateral. There is significant liquidity for USDE already available on Energiswap in a USDE-NRG liquidity pool. It’s currently the largest liquidity stablecoin pair on Energiswap, boosting the total liquidity on the Energiswap DEX by more than $2 million! There are several critical roles that stablecoins serve. One is to provide a less volatile investment opportunity to protect profits after an asset sale, or serve as an immediate on-chain staging platform to invest from. Stablecoins provide a method of exchange that reflects the lower volatility peaks-and-valleys you’d see with the U.S. dollar. However, they also share all the benefits of cryptocurrencies such as faster transaction speed, lower fees, global reach, and instant settlements. Lastly, stablecoins such as USDE provide users with greater liquidity to make even more types of pair sales, resulting in significantly greater utility to the entire Energ...

Energi Announces Whitelist Contest for New Energi Dragons NFT Collection!

Energi has made several exciting announcements recently as part of its ongoing evolution, including the launch of the world’s first referral reward program on a decentralized exchange, yield farming, and liquidity pool expansion. We’re now thrilled to reveal our most ambitious project to date, which will truly mark a revolutionary leap forward in our offerings. We’re preparing to launch the Energi NFT Marketplace and an Energi Dragons NFT collection within the first half of 2022. Here’s a sneak peek of our concept art! Announcing the Energi Dragons NFT Whitelist Contest The first step to realize our non-fungible tokens (NFT) ambition is announcing our whitelist contest. We’ll give away one guaranteed whitelist spot everyday leading up to the Energi Dragons NFT launch. Winning a whitelist spot guarantees each recipient an exclusive chance to acquire an Energi Dragon NFT before the public sale. We expect the Energi NFT Marketplace to be one of our most popular projects based on market trends. NFTs Continue to Rise in Popularity Recent growth of NFTs has continued to expand and accelerate over the past few months. This chart from shows both steady and explosive growth, with sales nearing $1 billion in the past two weeks. Energi Wants NFTs to be More Accessible and Affordable The popularity that NFTs have enjoyed over the past few months came with a considerable spike in transaction fees. Consequently,...

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About Us! — Energi in the News

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About Us! — Energi in the News It’s been a busy few weeks for the Energi Team, breaking all kinds of news right here on our blog including:The doubling of our referral rewards;Announcing our yield farming contest;Expanding yield farming options with 19 new cryptos added to our liquidity pools;Unveiling our huge referral contest with $21,000 in total prizes up for grabs;Launching the world’s first referral program on a decentralized exchange (DEX);Kicking it all off with the live launch of yield farming on Energiswap. All of those major milestones occurred in the past 15 days since Nov. 3 — and people are taking notice. This week two crypto industry publications — The Daily Hodl and Coinpedia — wrote articles that featured Energi. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves! This prominent headline was the lead article on the Altcoin section of The Daily Hodl, Nov. 17. Image via The NRG token was 1-of-3 altcoins pegged as gearing up for a “killer breakout.” The editorial staff at Coinpedia had a similar feature under this headline. Image via The Coinpedia write-up was just as positive as the preceding article as seen here. Needless to say, we’re proud of these accomplishments and the recognition — but we’re just getting started! Click on the milestone links at the top of this article for all the details regarding all the...

Energiswap is Doubling Referral Rewards!

Users Now Get 20% Discount Off All Trades. Affiliates Can Now Earn 20% Commission! The recent success of the Energi Referral Rewards Program is prompting the Energi Team to double the discount on transaction fees to 20% for all users who have a referral connected to their Energiswap account. Additionally, Energiswap affiliates who have a minimum threshold of 10,000 NRG in their wallet will be eligible to earn significant commission bonus boosts. Affiliates can earn 20% commissions on their first-level referrals; 10% on second-level referrals; and 5% on third-level referrals. The doubling of rewards for users and affiliates is planned to go live within 1–2 months. Note that it will not be retroactive but will take effect from the day it goes live. Nonetheless, users have all the more reason to rapidly build their affiliate network and work even harder to win the $10,000 Grand Prize in the Top Affiliate contest going on now! Multi-Level Rewards Benefit Both Current and Brand New Users Joining the double-rewards program takes place at the same affiliate page as signing up for the original referral program. As a refresher, that original program gave new users a 10% discount on Energiswap fees, and affiliates earned 10% commissions from the fee volume of their first level referrals. The original plan also paid 5% on the second-level participants, and another 3% commission for third-level referrals. Under the double-rewards refe...

Energi Wants YOU to Pick, Which New Yield Farming Crypto Gets Extended APY Rewards

Energi just launched yield farming for investors to earn 100%+ APY on the liquidity they add to the following newly listed cryptocurrencies! Shiba Inu — SHIB, Illuvium — ILV, SushiSwap — SUSHI, Axie Infinity — AXS, Click on the tweet below and vote for your favorite new coin. Deposits of all four tokens will earn 100%+ APY for the first 30 days, but the coin that gets the most votes in the Twitter poll will get an additional 30 days at the triple digit APY!  — @energi Be sure to vote for your favorite coin from our new batch and share the Twitter poll. Like, follow, retweet, and tag three friends on the tweet and you’ll be entered for a chance to win 1000 USDC! And to keep up with all the new and exciting things Energi is doing — follow us on Medium, Telegram, and on Twitter for the latest updates! Energi Wants YOU to Pick, Which New Yield Farming Crypto Gets Extended APY Rewards was originally published in Energi on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Major Yield Farming Expansion — Energi Creates Liquidity Pools for 19 New Cryptos, With…

Major Yield Farming Expansion — Energi Creates Liquidity Pools for 19 New Cryptos, With Triple-Digit APY Following last week’s successful launch of Energi yield farming to our mainnet, we’re thrilled to announce a major expansion to this offering. We raced to create new liquidity pools for the following 19 cryptocurrencies — to provide you with more value and earning potential, since these are all eligible for triple-digit annual percent yields (APY) for the next 30 days.New Energiswap Liquidity Pools for Popular CryptosChainlink — LINKBinance Coin — BNBAave — AAVEDecentraland — MANAThe Sandbox — SANDIlluvium — ILVAxie Infinity — AXSShiba Inu — SHIBEcomi — OMISushiSwap — SUSHIUniswap — UNIFilecoin — FILThe Graph — GRTEnjin Coin — ENJMaker — MKRChiliz — CHZSpell Token — SPELLDogelon Mars — ELONPremia — PREMIA Live now on the mainnet, these represent some of the most popular digital assets in the crypto-space. That’s why we’ve been working hard for the past several weeks to bring them to Energiswap yield farming.New Coins Earn Higher APY to 100% and Beyond These new pools will earn significantly higher annual percentage yields (APY), some up to 100% — more for others. These higher APYs are introductory rates that will only last for 30 days, but even after that period ends we will continu...

Energiswap Referral Competition Begins! — $10,000 Grand Prize! $21,000 in Total Rewards!

Energiswap Referral Competition Begins! — $10,000 Grand Prize! $21,000 in Total Rewards!REFERRAL PROGRAM IS NOW LIVE ON ENERGISWAP! Last week, Energi launched a powerful referral reward program. This first of its kind decentralized referral reward project gives affiliate members a 10% commission for every trade of every referral who joins Energiswap under them. Those commissions grow as your referral downline grows to three tiers. On the other side of the coin, referrals get a permanent 10% discount on all their Energiswap trading fees, AND they can build their own referral network to build a passive income stream as well! This is an incredible WIN-WIN offering that’s never been seen before in the crypto space!!!! But Energi is not done yet, because we’re offering you another way to WIN with the referral program. Today, we are announcing a referral reward contest, where the top five affiliate accounts with the highest amount of referral trade commission during the first 100 days of the referral program (which kicked off on November 4, 2021) will share in a combined prize package of $21,000 paid in the USDC stablecoin. Here’s the breakdown.1st place prize — $10,0002nd place prize — $5,0003rd place prize — $3,0004th place prize — $2,0005th place prize — $1,000 Please note, winners will be determined by total affiliate earnings of their three-level referral downline, however anyone fou...

Energiswap Referral Program — the First Truly Decentralized Affiliate Reward Offering in Crypto —…

Energiswap Referral Program — the First Truly Decentralized Affiliate Reward Offering in Crypto — is Now LIVE! Energi is excited to announce that our new referral program is now LIVE!!! This affiliate reward program is intended to bring new users, and the current users who invite them, to Energiswap — Energi’s fully decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. This is the first decentralized referral system that has ever been successfully deployed within a DEX — and it’s pretty amazing. How the Energiswap Affiliate Program Works Users visit the Energiswap trading exchange, where they’ll find the Affiliates’ page. Here users can accept an affiliate invitation. Accepting an affiliate invitation creates a transaction that is stored on the Energi blockchain, all our affiliate levels are tracked in this way. And then, to track the personal statistics and metrics of your referral network, you can check the Affiliates Overview page for real-time updates. On this page, users also generate their referral link that they can share with others. Anyone who accepts an Energiswap referral link invitation receives a permanent 10% discount on their trading fees on the exchange. Conversely, the Energiswap user who provides the referral link gets a 10% commission on the trading fees paid by their friend or family member who accepted the referral link and joined the DEX. Multi-Level Rewards Benefit Both Current and B...


DeFi Platform JustLend DAO Unveils Staked TRX and Energy Rental Features

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, April 19th, 2023] JustLend DAO has announced the launch of two new features – 'Staked TRX' and 'Energy Rental,” aimed at providing users with more flexible and streamlined options while reducing energy rental costs. This major upgrade, released on April 16, expands the reach of JustLend DAO’s capability to multiply users' benefits by putting their assets into active use. STAKED TRX The new 'Staked TRX' feature is based on Stake 2.0 and allows users to earn high yields by staking TRX then receiving sTRX tokens. With 'Staked TRX,' the platform automatically earns yields for users via (a) voting rewards as the platform automatically votes for Super Representatives with their staked TRX and (b) renting out the Energy obtained by staking, resulting in higher yields and a much simpler staking process. As voting rewards and rents accrue, the exchange rate of TRX to sTRX will rise accordingly, thus increasing total yields. ENERGY RENTAL The new 'Energy Rental' feature provides a more cost-effective alternative to obtaining Energy by staking or burning Energy. Users can rent Energy or end their rental at any time, and the new process is less complicated and less expensive. ADVANCED DECENTRALIZATION TRON Stake 2.0 makes resource and voting management remarkably more flexible than its predecessor, Stake 1.0. JustLend DAO, the first TRON-based decentralized financial platform, now allows users to earn yields through supplied assets... read More

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