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NMR Price:
$22.8 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$95.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NMR today is $15.23 USD.

The lowest NMR price for this period was $0, the highest was $15.23, and the exact current price of one NMR crypto coin is $15.23444.

The all-time high NMR coin price was $94.24.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NMR with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Numeraire is #NMR.

Numeraire is 5.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Numeraire is $95,008,265.

Numeraire is ranked #215 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #NMR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Numeraire is $22,817,550.


The circulating supply of NMR is 6,236,413 coins, which is 57% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of Numeraire is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


NMR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the NMR Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


NMR is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 31 crypto exchanges.

View #NMR trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #NMR purchase.



Alien Stock Market Intelligence — Numerai’s True Contribution

Alien Stock Market Intelligence — Numerai’s True Contribution Numerai has released a new signal evaluation method called True Contribution. True Contribution is computed by treating Numerai as an end-to-end artificial intelligence system. By computing the gradient of optimized portfolio returns with respect to the NMR staked on a signal using differentiable convex optimization layers, Numerai can now surface and incentivize signals making the largest intelligence contributions to our hedge fund. Numerai’s performance is already good (our Sharpe Ratio* is 2.54 over the last 12 months) but True Contribution has the potential to make Numerai the first “Type IV” hedge fund.The Kardashev Scale The Kardashev scale proposed by Soviet astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev is a way to grade the technological advancement civilizations based on the energy they harness. A Type I civilization can harness all energy on its planet. A Type II can harness all the energy in its solar system whereas a Type III civilization can harness all energy in its galaxy. The Kardashev scale contains no practical blueprint for creating these civilizations but it does make for fertile ground for thought experiments in considering the technologies the different types of civilizations would require. For example, in order to become a Type II civilization we would have to invent something like a Dyson Sphere to capture all the energy from our sun. In ...

Numerai Outperforms by 26%, Raises Up To $150m

Numerai Outperforms Market Neutral Hedge Funds by 26%, Raises Up To $150m *Numerai is a quant hedge fund built by thousands of data scientists around the world. We have quietly been beating the most prestigious hedge funds in the industry but have never published our performance. Today, we’re excited to share the performance of our hedge fund for the first time with the data scientist community who built it. **This blog post was updated 2/3/2022 to reflect Numerai performance through 12/31/21 as well as to update the fee methodology used in calculating net performance.What is Numerai’s performance? We started the current version of Numerai’s hedge fund in September 2019. Around this time we changed the dataset, the optimizer, leverage and the way Numerai’s tournament works (see Achieving Meta Model Supremacy). This was an unbelievably challenging time to start building a track record for a quantitative hedge fund. Within a few months, Covid-19 caused massive volatility in global markets and led the worst period on record for many quant hedge funds including Renaissance’s RIDA fund which was down -32% by the end of 2020.Quant hedge fund performance in 2020 (source: Bloomberg & Aurum) Yet Numerai’s market neutral hedge fund performed unusually well. Although 2020 was challenging, it allowed Numerai to differentiate itself from the blue chip quant hedge funds. It highlighted how risk exposed some of these older...

Building The Last Hedge Fund — Introducing Numerai Signals

Building The Last Hedge Fund — Introducing Numerai Signals Numerai is now the first hedge fund to source original stock market signals, built from any dataset, from anyone in the world. Numerai has allocated $50 million in cryptocurrency rewards for the most original signals. Long before artificial intelligence destroys the world, narrow artificial intelligence will eat the stock market. At Numerai, we’ve always felt it would be hard to build that artificial intelligence ourselves. Instead we’ve built a system for collecting stock market intelligence built by others. Three years ago, I published Numerai’s Master Plan. Phase 1 of the plan was to monopolize intelligence. And we have since built the largest stock market data science tournament in the world by providing free data and paying out millions to our community — over $40 million since launch. In phase 1, Numerai’s data scientists could use any machine learning algorithm to model the data we provided to create trading signals for our hedge fund. But for Numerai to contain all stock market intelligence, we need to accept signals generated from any dataset. Today, we’re announcing a new system that we’ve been working on for a long time. It’s called Numerai Signals and it lets Numerai source and reward stock market signals built with any model, trained on any dataset. It is the first step in phase 2 of the master plan: monopolize data. https:...

Achieving Meta Model Supremacy At Numerai

An inside look at the backtests at Numerai, and a conversation with Marcos López de Prado, Numerai’s new scientific advisor. Jump to the video presentation on YouTube.Supremacy Numerai is a hedge fund built by a network of data scientists around the world. We give away hedge fund quality data and allow anyone to model it using machine learning, and we combine the best models to create the Meta Model which manages the money in our hedge fund. But why is this a good idea and is it working? The first assumption behind Numerai’s approach is that machine learning is better than standard statistical approaches for modeling financial data. It wouldn’t make sense to sign up thousands of data scientists around the world if building a hedge fund was just a matter of collecting data and running linear regressions. It may seem obvious that modern machine learning models would be better than classical models but even though machine learning algorithms dominate on almost every data modeling problem, their performance on financial data is still in dispute by many academics and industry professionals. Of course, it’s impossible to prove that machine learning models perform better on financial data in every specific instance but it is possible (and easy) to show that machine learning works a lot better than linear regression on the financial data that Numerai gives away.* But showing that machine learning is better than linear regr...

Highlights from ErasureCon: CoinList Partners with Erasure for new Hackathon

Two weeks ago we hosted ErasureCon at a deconsecrated church in San Francisco’s Russian Hill district. Here are the Erasure highlights — full video below. Erasure is a new protocol for building staking and griefing applications on Ethereum. The protocol went live on main-net barely a month ago. Erasure already powers the Erasure Quant application and soon Numerai itself will be running on Erasure. The applications Numerai has built so far represent only a tiny part of what’s possible with the protocol. At ErasureCon, we brought together developers, investors and users to present our plans and discuss the future. Learn about how NMR has gone from a staking token on Numerai to a staking token for the web, how zero-day software exploits are a perfect use case for ErasureBay and the design philosophy of the protocol. I also sat down with Joel Monegro from Placeholder to talk about their investment thesis for Erasure and NMR. Watch the full Erasure presentation below. The Erasure team is going to be working on releasing ErasureBay, an information marketplace with the broad, mainstream application. But to enable developers to take it further with their own applications we’ve announced a new partnership with CoinList to run an online Erasure Hackathon open to anyone. Too often hackathons end with a bunch of gimmicky UIs and no lasting tools for developers....

Redesigning Ethereum’s Most Used Token

We’ve created one of the best tokens on Ethereum. And now we’re cutting the supply by ~50% and giving up control. Introducing NMR 2.0. Very few people are using Ethereum. Even when people are using an Ethereum application, they’re not necessarily using a new token. When you buy a CryptoKitty, you’re paying in ETH. When you trade on an exchange using the 0x protocol, you don’t need the ZRX token. The fact is, most Ethereum tokens are terminally useless. Here’s the good thing about Numerai’s NMR token: people are using it.NMR stakes — the number one staking token on Ethereum Here are all the bad things:NMR is centralizedNMR is an application not a protocolNMR token has no governance rightsNMR use is limited to Numerai data scientistsNMR can be diluted if Numerai mints millions of new NMRs These are all bad so we are going to fix every one of them with Erasure.Erasure Last month, we announced Erasure. It is a new decentralized data marketplace. It allows anybody to upload data, stake it with NMR, build a reputation, and earn money. Erasure takes everything that Numerai has been doing, and opens it up to the world on a decentralized protocol. The idea is not just to increase the usage of NMR, or to solve Numerai’s problems, but to create a radical new kind of data marketplace. The biggest risk in launching any new marketplace is not having enough buyers or sellers to get the ball rolling. But on Erasu...

An Unstoppable Predictions Marketplace — Introducing Erasure

An Unstoppable Predictions Marketplace — Introducing Erasure Today, Numerai is announcing a new unstoppable data marketplace called Erasure which uses the NMR token for staking. Is Trapped Imagine you have done research on Apple’s hardware manufacturing. After investigating for some time, you know that iPhone sales in China will exceed all expectations, and you think that Apple is about to skyrocket. But today, the best thing you can do with this information is to buy Apple stock. In reality, the vast majority of information is difficult or impossible to express as a trade. If you download a trading application on your iPhone and buy shares of Apple, you’re exposed to all kinds of risks that lie outside the information you have. Your prediction about iPhone sales in China might turn out to be exactly right but you could still lose money on your trade. Currency fluctuations in the US dollar and Chinese Yuan could move against you. The US stock market may go down as a whole and crash your Apple shares along with it. Even if your information is great, there are many ways you could lose money on your trade. So you decide not to buy Apple shares, and your information never reaches the market. That’s bad for you, because you miss out on a rare and valuable opportunity. And it’s bad for the world, because it misses out on your information and ...

Numerai’s New Token Supply

Numerai just locked up 3 million NMR tokens (worth ~$45 million) until 2028; here’s why. In a cryptoeconomic application, users make choices about what to do with a crypto token — that’s the crypto part. But the token needs to be a scarce resource for these decisions to be meaningful — that’s the economics part. Understanding the supply of a token is therefore essential for making good decisions in a cryptoeconomic system such as Numerai. So we want to explain the supply of NMR, and our intentions for it.3 million NMR lockup The NMR smart contract has a cap of 21 million NMR tokens. Numerai initially gave away 1 million NMR to our users but the smart contract also allows Numerai to mint new NMR each week (~100,000 per week). Because we haven’t needed it, the NMR we are allowed to mint recently exceeded 4 million NMR. We want to use this available NMR to continue to grow the Numerai network in new ways such as with new airdrops or new partnerships with investors who have experience growing decentralized applications. But we do not need all 4 million NMR to do this so we have decided to lock up 3 million NMR (worth ~$45 million) until 2028. We want this lock up to be irreversible and verfiable so we locked up the NMR using the NMR staking contract on the Ethereum blockchain. This means it is impossible for Numerai to access this NMR until 2028, and anyone can verify this fact for themselves. To do the lo...

Numeraire, The Cryptocurrency Powering The World Hedge Fund

In 2017, Numerai released a new API that allows people around the world to submit predictions from machine learning models to power our hedge fund. In 2018, we are focussing on our cryptocurrency, Numeraire (NMR). We are going to make NMR more valuable to use, and we are going to dramatically grow the number of data scientists who use it.Numeraire Usage Every user on Numerai has an opportunity to stake NMR tokens on their predictions as a way to express the confidence they have in their model. If their predictions are good, they earn money and their NMR is returned. If their predictions are poor, their NMR is destroyed. The most important usage metric for us is whether the biggest earners of NMR are also the biggest stakers i.e. the whales are the users. And this is exactly what is happening on Numerai. If you go to the leaderboard on Numerai and sort by the career earnings of NMR, you can see that out of the top 15 NMR earners, 7 are currently staking NMR. So nearly half of the participants that have the largest amounts of NMR are staking it every week. I don’t know of a single cryptocurrency project where the token is used so widely and frequently by its largest holders.On Numerai, the whales are the users (blue means currently staking NMR) A big reason for this usage is that Numerai did not sell its token in an ICO to speculators with no intention of using it. Instead we gave it away proportionally to the best data s...

Numerai’s Master Plan

When Numerai launched in December 2015, it was a one page website that looked like a Kaggle data science competition except everything was black and more cinematic. We didn’t want it to look like any other hedge fund in the world — because we weren’t. We spent all this time on design and shooting videos (like this and this), and it seemed like a big distraction. The core idea of Numerai was to give away all of our data for free, and let anyone train machine learning algorithms on it and submit predictions to our hedge fund. This was a very counterintuitive idea. We already had our own internal machine learning models on the data so it seemed like a distraction to open it up to the world. When we originally decided to pay our data scientists in bitcoin, the price of bitcoin was $400 (now $5600). The idea of paying people in bitcoin was confusing to most people. It seemed like a distraction. When we announced we were creating our own cryptocurrency on Ethereum in February, the price of ether was $4.65 (now $300). Many of our users and investors had never heard of Ethereum, and they couldn’t understand why we would want our own cryptocurrency. There had never been a hedge fund with their own cryptocurrency. It seemed like a distraction. Some of our distractions have already proven themselves to be outrageously successful, and others are still developing, but they actually aren’t distractions at all. They are all pa...


Market Update: Bitcoin And Ethereum Struggles To Recover, AR And NMR Soa...

    Despite the market condition, top currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, struggle to regain their values. On the other hand, some altcoins, AR, and NMR are showing a significant gain charm over 14-days. Since the Fed Reserve decided to raise interest rates and the May inflation report, Bitcoin has been floating in a small zone between $19,000 and $20,000. But since last month, the price of Ethereum, which had a great November like bitcoin, has been floating between $1,100 and $1,000. Meanwhile, it made an effort and struggled to recoup its value, but the price of Ethereum couldn't rise beyond $1,100. CoinGecko data shows ETH is currently trading at $1,073.58, and in the past 7 and 14 days, ETH has lost 10.6% and 0.6% of its value, respectively. Significant Growth in AR and NMR Arweave (AR), one of the top 100 crypto assets by performance and market capitalization, is booming, while two of the most popular currencies are faltering. Per the statistics from CoinGecko, AR has reached $11 and increased by 10% in one day, 15% in seven days, and 32% in fourteen. A decentralized storage network, Arweave aims to provide a platform for the long-term archival of data. The Arweave network pays 'miners' to keep the network's data permanently stored using its native coin, named AR. Similarly, Numeraire (NMR) is also leading in week gainers. It displays a noteworthy increase of 122% over a week. NMR is currently trading at $19.37, per the statistics of Coinmarketcap. Additionally, during the pre... read More

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