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New Kind of Network  


NKN Price:
$15.9 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$77.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NKN today is $0.12 USD.

The lowest NKN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.120, and the current live price for one NKN coin is $0.11958.

The all-time high NKN coin price was $1.48.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NKN with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for New Kind of Network is #NKN.

New Kind of Network is 4.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for New Kind of Network is $77,725,499.

New Kind of Network is ranking upwards to #266, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #NKN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for New Kind of Network is $15,890,376.


The circulating supply of NKN is 650,000,000 coins, which is 65% of the maximum coin supply.


NKN is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 16 crypto exchanges.

View #NKN trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #NKN purchase.



NKN Annual Report 2022

A New Era of Web 3.0 CommunicationNKN Annual Report 2022 For Full PDF version, you can find it here. — Our mission - An indispensable Web 3.0 Infrastructure for connecting people and things, built by all and made for all. Every successful innovation lies behind seemingly unrealistically ambitious goals, yet we are here to set the bold missions to bring the all-encompassing future Internet to life. We want a truly decentralized network, where surveillance and spying become obsolete tales from the past. We want an authenticated and efficient network that provides aggregated high speed with low latency. We want a network that is genuinely built and owned by people, tailored for them, and powered by economic incentives for every contribution. — A few words from the founders - We can all agree that the year 2022 challenged us like no other. An unabating pandemic that claimed millions of lives around the world. Social and economic instabilities that preyed upon every living human being. And a few unexpected wrecks from the crypto world that shattered people’s faith in the industry. Yet, it allowed us to see what we are capable of, both as a team and as a community. Thanks to our solid Tech foundation, consistently high quality of implementation, and the profound dedication of all our team members and community members from all over the world, we kept progressing throughout this year. Now we are utterly prepared...

Scam alert: “NKN Broker” is a scam website/app

Recently we received several reports (especially from our community in India) that a website/app called NKN Broker is scamming people, and people have lost money. We would like to point out that NKN team has absolutely nothing to do with “NKN Broker”. “NKN Broker” website is illegally using NKN’s brand name and logos, and we will take all legal actions. Please do not register, install, or use this scam website and app, and never deposit any money for falsely advertised “quick gains”. Stay safe! We attach here another screenshot of this scam website/app on phones. Scam alert: “NKN Broker” is a scam website/app was originally published in #NKN on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

NKN Monthly Report: December 2022

Highlights - Kucoin x NKN x CertiK | Best Security Practices for Your Crypto, Short Video series | Secret Key to All Your NKN Assets, Scam alert: “NKN Broker” is a scam!, Getting Ready for the NKN Annual Report 2022, — Mainnet Status - Latest Mainnet Stats Dec 27th, 2022: 💻 59,267 full consensus nodes, 🌐 47 countries & regions, 📦 10,364,397,054 relays per hour, ⛓ 4,854,788 block height, The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.9 ( — Kucoin x NKN x CertiK | Best Security Practice for Your Crypto - Kucoin, NKN, and CertiK co-hosted a Twitter Space panel to discuss the best security practices for your crypto this December. We are joined by CertiK, a pioneer in blockchain security, and Kucoin, one of the recognized crypto trading platforms in this 45-minute session, in which the guests reviewed the worries of crypto holders and introduced measures that are taken by legit projects and exchanges that will ensure the security of their users, and assets. Over 5K tuned in during this fun and useful session! If you happened to miss the Live session, you can find the recordings here, and if you were one of the audiences that participated in our giveaway, make sure to check @Kucoin for your reward! We have picked 10 winners, you might be the lucky one! Also, don’t forget to follow us on our official Twitter @NKN_ORG for more upcoming panels! — Short Video Series | Secr...

NKN Monthly Report: November 2022

NKN Monthly Report November 2022 banner — Highlights - Web 3.0 Pioneers | Future of Storage Panel, nMobile Updated to Newest Version 1.4.0, Short Video series | Running nConnect on your home WiFi router, — Mainnet Status - Latest Mainnet Stats Nov 29th, 2022: 💻 59,486 full consensus nodes, 🌐 49 countries & regions, 📦 12,832,379,406 relays per hour, ⛓ 4,752,505 block height, The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.9 ( — Web 3.0 Pioneers | Future of Storage Panel - A brand new series of Twitter Space panels, starring the web 3.0 industry pioneers, kick starts! We have experts from Filecoin, Bluzelle, and EthStorage to join us for the very first Live session this November, focusing on the future storage that’s “coming to town” very soon! It was fun, definitely approachable to everyone, and indeed fascinating! For those of you who happen to miss the Live session, you’re welcome to go back to our Twitter @NKN_ORG for the recording within 30 days, or you could definitely watch it on our Youtube Channel @NKNORG here: There are more interesting panels with loads of exciting guests to come for our Web 3.0 Pioneers Twitter Space series, so don’t miss out and remember to tune in, oh! and follow us on Twitter @NKN_ORG to get first-hand updates! — nMobile Updated to Newest Version 1.4 - Freshly up-to-date nMobile is here! As you all know, we...

Web 3.0 Pioneers — Future Storage Panel

Web 3.0 Pioneers — Future Storage Panel - Web 3.0 Pioneers — Future Storage Panel Live Time: Wednesday 23rd November 2022 10 AM US Pacific Time Guest speakers: Joao Fiadeiro from Filecoin, Neeraj Muraka from Bluzelle, Qi Zhou from ETHStorage, panel host Bruce Li from NKN — Guest short bio - — João Fiadeiro. — João is the Product Lead for Client Growth at Protocol Labs. His team is responsible for driving Filecoin adoption by accelerating data onboarding. He focuses on tool development and process improvements that help large data owners adopt decentralized storage. Prior to Protocol Labs, João was a machine learning PM at Google and Netflix. — Neeraj Murarka. — Neeraj Murarka is a scientist and technology entrepreneur. He is also co-founder and CTO of Bluzelle Networks, a multi-national blockchain company based in Canada and Singapore. Bluzelle has been operating its own layer 1 blockchain based on Cosmos technology and is specialized in decentralized storage and game-fi technology. Neeraj’s specializations are in decentralized trustless computer systems, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, network security, and computer systems architecture. Neeraj is also an active Libertarian, being a member of the Canada and British Columbia Libertarian Parties. Libertarians balance right-wing fiscal conservatism and economic freedoms with left-wing social consciousness and civil lib...

NKN Monthly Report: October 2022

Highlights - NKN is now verified with the blue tick badge on CoinMarketCap, A major revamp in dApp Surge, powered by the NKN network, Short Video series | NKN tokens and wallets for dummies, 8 questions with NKN core developer Moore | IPFS gateway for nMobile, SFBW22 after party with NKN, EthStorage, and Harmony Protocol, — Mainnet Status - Latest Mainnet Stats Oct 28th, 2022: 💻 58,641 full consensus nodes, 🌐 47 countries & regions, 📦 17,099,832,882 relays per hour, ⛓ 4,633,887 block height, The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.9 ( — NKN is now verified with the blue tick badge on CoinMarketCap! - We are now blue-ticked on CMC! As one of the earliest adopters of CoinMarketCap’s new functionalities, we’re experimenting with the newly introduced Community features together with CMC. Make sure to follow us in the CMC community and hit the star button to subscribe to NKN on the watchlist, so that you can stay tuned to what’s coming next for our project! — A Major Revamp in dApp Surge, powered by the NKN network - Surge, one of the most ambitious and exciting dApp built by our community team rule110 on the NKN network, is getting a major revamp! If you don’t already know, Surge is a Peer-to-Peer file sharing client designed to utilize blockchain technologies to enable 100% anonymous file transfer. It is end-to-end encrypted, decentralized, and open sourc...

IPFS gateway for nMobile web 3.0 chat app

8 questions with NKN Core Developer MooreIPFS Gateway for nMobile Web 3.0 chat app Some of the geeks among you might have already noticed our guide on setting up an IPFS gateway was posted on our community technology forum a few days ago. The NKN team has been in contact with the IPFS team since the very beginning of our project. Both teams do share a lot of common aspirations and thoughts as the key web 3.0 infrastructure protocols, surely not just in our web 3.0 talks every year but also on an ongoing development basis. Setting up one’s own IPFS gateway on the NKN network is something people have shown lots of interest in since our core developer mentioned his idea in our community Discord group (you’re more than welcome to join NKN discord group here). And with more questions flooding our community since the short tutorial, we reckon it is a good time to dig a bit deeper into why and how’s under the scene. With that being said, let’s welcome our core developer Moore for these 8 interesting questions. 1. A little introduction of yourself and your work might be very helpful for our audiences, please.Hi, I am Moore from NKN. A software engineer for twenty years, I had taken part in the P2P network, consensus, and APM (Application Performance Management) of NKN mainnet, and now working on NKN C++ SDK. Before joining the crypto world, I worked for 16 years at companies such as IBM, Nokia Siemens, Polycom, and Baidu, ...

NKN Monthly Report: September 2022

NKN Monthly Report September 2022 banner — Highlights - Web 3.0 Future Talk 2022 is Back in a New Format! - Panel One: What Makes Web 3.0 “Trust” Worthy? - Panel Two: Is Web 3.0 Technology Finally Contributing to the Real World? - More Panels are coming in October!, NKN x QNAP Twitter Prize Giveaway, Mid-Year Exclusive AMA Audio Highlights, — Mainnet Status - Latest Mainnet Stats Sep 29th, 2022: 💻 46,536 full consensus nodes, 🌐 49 countries & regions, 📦 12,110,994,000 relays per hour, ⛓ 4,524,864 block height, The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.1.9 ( — Web 3.0 Future Talk 2022 is Back in a New Format! - Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Web 3.0 Future Talk is back for this autumn! This year we have something a little bit different: a series of panel discussions on Twitter Space! Much more accessible for everyone to drop in spontaneously during the Live session! We completed the first 2 Panels in September on “What Makes Web 3.0 “Trust” Worthy?” and “Is Web 3.0 Technology Finally Contributing to the Real World?” The guest lineup includes the CEO, CTO and Tech lead from unique projects such as IoTeX, IPFS, Quarkchain…etc. In these panels, these Web 3.0 veterans share their experiences and real-world episodes answering all the questions and curiosities that anyone who’s interested in the new era might have in mind. Don’t worry if you missed the Liv...

Is Web 3.0 Technology finally contributing to the real world?

Web 3.0 Tech Talk 2022 Panel 2Web 3.0 Tech Talk 2022 Panel 2 — Introduction - In the second panel of Web 3.0 Tech Talk 2022, experts from major Web 3.0 infrastructure projects discuss about the challenges and rewards of mass adoption for Web 3.0 technology. You can watch the replay on YouTube: — Panelists: - Larry Pang: Head of BD, IoTeX, Dietrich Ayala: IPFS Ecosystem Lead, Protocol Labs, Qi Zhou: Founder of QuarkChain & Web3Q, Yilun Zhang: CTO and Co-Founder of NKN, Moderator: Bruce Li, Co-Founder of NKN — General questions - What are the “accessible” Apps or services from Web 3.0 technology?, Is there any example of Web 3.0 technology that succeeded in mass implementation or helped in real productivity? Or could you talk a bit about what could be coming close?, Any resistance from the old world against the New Web 3.0 era? And if so, how are we planning to mitigate/balance them? (browsers, DNS, cloud service, web hosting, app store), Recent voices say that “Web 3.0 technologies and their potential are over-glorified.”, what are your thoughts on this?, Are any new opportunities offered to the general public from Web 3.0?, Is it possible to achieve whole remote life under Web 3.0 technologies?, In Web 2.0, social networking media have recommendation algorithms sifting through our friends, favorite activities, or preferred content to feed us the “right” information. N...

What makes Web 3.0 “Trust” Worthy?

Web 3.0 Tech Talk 2022 Panel 1Web 3.0 Tech Talk 2022 Panel 1 — Intro - After two successful years of Web 3.0 Tech Talks (2020 highlights, 2021 highlights), this year we will return with a series of informal panel discussions on the latest hot topics in Web 3.0. The first panel is focusing on “trust”. You can rewatch the Panel 1 recording on YouYube here — Panelists - Raullen Chai Title: CEO and Co-Founder of IoTeX Bio: Dr. Raullen Chai is an expert cryptographer, privacy and data security expert who before co-founding IoTeX worked at Google, Uber and Oracle. He is a highly-regarded academic with a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, where his research focused on designing, analyzing lightweight ciphers and IoT authentication protocols. At Google, he led many important security initiatives for its technical infrastructure, including mitigation of SSL attacks, privacy-preserving SSL offloading, enabling Certificate Transparency for all Google services. He was also the founding engineer of Google Cloud Load Balancer (GCLB), which now serves thousands of cloud services with 1+ million queries per second. His vision for IoTeX is to ensure the IoT MachineFi economy that by 2030 could be worth $12 trillion is democratized and benefits the 99% of people and not just the one percenters. Dietrich Ayala Title: IPFS Ecosystem Lead Bio: Dietrich Ayala leads the Browsers & Platforms group at Protocol Labs...

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