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NGM Price:
$3.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$864.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NGM today is $0.011 USD.

The lowest NGM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.011, and the current live price for one NGM coin is $0.01125.

The all-time high NGM coin price was $3.35.

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The code for e-Money crypto currency is #NGM.

e-Money is 2.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for e-Money is $864,297.

e-Money is ranking upwards to #1298 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small volume of trading today on #NGM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for e-Money is $3,270.


The circulating supply of NGM is 76,825,625 coins, which is 56% of the total coin supply.


NGM is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the NGM Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


NGM has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Unwinding EEUR issuance and Boosting NGM Liquidity

We wanted to take a moment to provide an update on our recent activities, particularly in light of our decision to unwind the EEUR issuance. As outlined in our recent announcement, we are currently focused on unwinding EEUR in a safe and controlled manner. While EEUR is issued on the e-Money chain, the unwind does not affect the e-Money chain itself. Given the current market conditions, we have identified the need to bolster the liquidity of NGM, our staking token, to ensure that the chain can continue operating reliably and that validators continue receiving commissions in a sensible manner. To achieve this, we have developed a strategic plan to improve and diversify NGM liquidity on Osmosis. The plan is designed to benefit NGM token holders and the wider Osmosis ecosystem alike. — Our strategy has three key components: - — 1. Diversify Liquidity Pools to Reduce Single-Asset Exposure. — We believe that diversification is key to managing risk and creating a more stable liquidity environment. In addition to NGM/OSMO and NGM/ATOM, we have created multiple new pools against major tokens such as BTC, ETH, AVAX while including promising Cosmos projects such as MARS, SOMM and AKT. This will not only help to mitigate single-asset risk but also ensure that NGM remains a viable staking token for the e-Money chain. — 2. Deploying Genesis Liquidity Incentives Allocation. — To encourage broader participation...

EEUR Stablecoin Unwind

e-Money A/S has decided to cease issuance of its EUR backed stablecoin (EEUR). — — Executive Summary: e-Money A/S has decided to cease issuance of its EUR backed stablecoin (EEUR). - All stablecoins remain fully backed and can be redeemed as per below. The issuance stop is effective as of January 9th, 2023. Under the terms and conditions (available at, e-Money will support redemption until March 6th, 2023, after which further redemption will assessed case by case. Deciding to unwind the EEUR issuance was not an easy decision. e-Money was founded in 2017 with a vision to capture significant stablecoin market share and be a reliable and trusted building block for global financial inclusion. Given the current market conditions, that effort has unfortunately reached a stage where it is prudent and responsible to wind it down. Below you will find information on how to redeem your stablecoins and the reasoning for this decision. — Redemption Options - These are the two recommended options for redeeming EEUR: For smaller amounts, we recommend using the existing EEUR liquidity available on Osmosis. You can instantly swap EEUR for other crypto assets such as OSMO, ATOM or USDC., For larger amounts (100k+), EEUR can be redeemed directly for EUR with e-Money A/S. This requires KYC/AML and you should expect around 5 business days for processing. Please contact to redeem using this opti...

Community Updates

Technical upgrades in our cross-chain infrastructure. — As the demand of digital currencies continues to grow, so too does the need to enable interoperability solutions through secure cross-chain bridges. At e-Money, we are always striving to provide best experience for our users, which requires providing our users access to secure and easy-to-use cross-chain bridges. — We are pleased to update our community on our recent technical changes in our cross-chain infrastructure.. — We are now using Axelar as the primary bridge to Ethereum Network. (Link to our Bridge:, 2. Our old Ethereum bridge has been moved to the “Legacy Bridges” section. 3. Legacy Ethereum bridge: The primary use of this legacy Ethereum bridge was for NGM users to access KuCoin exchange. We recommend NGM funding on KuCoin to be done via the native e-Money integration instead of Ethereum. 4. Withdrawls: We have disabled all withdraws on the legacy Ethereum bridge. Moving forward all NGM & EEUR flows from Ethereum will be executed via the native e-Money chain. — Please note that from January 9th the legacy bridges will be removed from — — About e-Money - e-Money is a blockchain-based payment platform built by Danish fintech e-Money A/S, committed to bringing financial inclusion and helping people around the world to have easy access to digital currencies. Built on Cosmos technology...

Leap, the non-custodial Super Wallet for Cosmos integrates with e-Money

We are pleased to announce that the leading non-custodial super wallet for Cosmos, Leap Wallet, is now integrated with e-Money. With this integration Leap Wallet users can send, swap and stake our native staking token Next Generation Money ($NGM) and enables Leap users access to e-Money’s fully collateralised interest-bearing European stablecoins (EEUR, ECHF, EDKK, ENOK & ESEK). With Leap wallet, users can now vote on governance proposals in a hassle-free way & connect their Ledger for an extra coat of security. They also have their mobile app rolling out soon, ensuring a yet smoother experience for its users. This integration also enables Leap to leverage e-Money’s network and accelerate onboarding European users, who are looking for native currency options for the markets they operate in. e-Money’s quarterly audits by Ernst & Young will guarantee the integrity and transparency of e-Money stablecoins, ensuring Proof of Funds. — e-Money Future of Stablecoins. — e-Money is committed to bringing financial inclusion and to help people around the world to have easy access to digital currencies. e-Money is a blockchain-based payment platform built by Danish fintech e-Money A/S which is aimed at creating a platform that can bridge blockchain with the traditional financial system. Built on Cosmos technology, e-Money supports a range of fiat-stablecoins which are fully backed by bank deposits and governm...

Permissionless Money Market Protocol, UniLend to explore e-Money’s stablecoins

The crypto ecosystem may be facing headwinds due to macroeconomic factors as well as liquidity issues with several projects, but leading decentralized finance projects have emerged relatively unscathed. In fact, projects with robust technology and sound economic models continue to build, despite the downturn. It is imperative for protocols to onboard assets that are secure and regularly audited by authorities, to mitigate risk factors and facilitate new cohorts of users to the Web 3.0 world. As such, UniLend, a multi chain permissionless lending and borrowing protocol is exploring e-Money’s suite of European stablecoins within their ecosystem. — e-Money stablecoins on UniLend. — e-Money’s suite of fully compliant, asset-backed, and interest-bearing stablecoins such as EEUR, ECHF, ESEK, ENOK, and EDKK offer a strong alternative to dollar-denominated digital currencies. UniLend plans to explore the integration of these stablecoins within its ecosystem, thus enhancing the quality of assets on its platform. Furthermore, this collaboration will enable UniLend to gain access to a European user base and onboard a new cohort of users to trade on its protocol. — UniLend explained. — UniLend offers a comprehensive set of DeFi services. The platform offers permissionless lending and borrowing functionality for tokens. Users can enable their token’s functionality for lending to get an interest rate and borro...

NFT Moon Metaverse explores e-Money’s stablecoins

We may or may not find life in outer space in our lifetimes but we will certainly find many reimage life within the Metaverse. NFT Moon Metaverse, a multi-chain project is exploring e-Money’s suite of European stablecoins to power its ecosystem. — e-Money x NFT Moon Metaverse. — e-Money has been consistently hitting its milestones: integrating with multiple chains, adding a fiat on-ramp, and strengthening its infrastructure to enable new use cases for its suite of fully asset-backed, interest-bearing stablecoins such as EEUR, ECHF, ESEK, ENOK, and EDKK. The Cosmos project is interoperable and offers a strong alternative to dollar-denominated stablecoins. NFT Moon Metaverse plans to explore the integration of e-Money’s suite of stablecoins thus increasing the popularity of its project within Europe — a region that is vital to the growth of the crypto ecosystem. Furthermore, this will enable the metaverse project to onboard a new cohort of users to participate in its ecosystem. — Over the (metaversal) moon. — Demand for land in metaverse projects has seen a steady rise, with crypto-forward individuals, companies, and brands betting on an ecosystem where digital avatars can meet, live and do business, just like the offline world. NFT Moon Metaverse is a futuristic Create-To-Earn (C2E) world inhabited by self-driven people and a reality that can be personalized for boundless opportunities. Users ...

NFT platform Unique Things explores e-Money’s European Stablecoins

NFTs initially gained prominence through digital artwork, but are now penetrating multiple product and service categories. As the crypto ecosystem matures, we will likely see far more use cases of NFTs than what is on offer today. As such, we are proud to collaborate with one such project, Unique Things, the first marketplace for real products and services backed by NFT Proof of Ownership. — Unique Things MetaMarket. — NFTs have found huge traction in the GameFi industry where gaming characters, as well as in-game assets are recorded on a blockchain and signify a right of ownership, and in some cases, facilitate a secondary sales market for these virtual products. Unique Things offers a platform where physical products can be sold, and their attributes such as ownership, history, price etc. are recording onchain and also transferred to the buyer in the form of an NFT. Once the NFT Digital Proof is registered, the product receives a unique QR code in the form of a tag, or an engraving, which enables access to its blockchain data. — Purchasing goods and services with e-Money’s stablecoins. — e-Money has been progressing along its roadmap; integrating across chains, adding a fiat on ramp in the form of debit and credit card purchases, as well as enabling new use cases for its stablecoins. The Cosmos project offers a strong alternative to dollar-denominated stablecoins in the form of its fully compliant, ...

e-Money Integrates with Simplex by Nuvei to Enable EEUR Purchase with Fiat

e-Money, a Danish blockchain-based payment platform has integrated with payment processor Simplex by Nuvei to create a fiat on-ramp for EEUR, a fully collateralised interest-bearing stablecoin issued by e-Money. Users of e-Money and crypto enthusiasts can now purchase e-Money’s EEUR stablecoin with credit and debit cards. Click here to Buy EEUR Simplex by Nuvei is the largest provider of secure fiat-to-crypto infrastructure, enabling users to transfer their funds from debit and credit cards into crypto nearly instantly. Simplex is the provider underpinning 350+ fiat onramps on leading exchanges such as Binance, Huobi and BitPay. e-Money is a blockchain-based payment platform that is committed to bringing about financial inclusion and helping people around the world to have easy access to digital currencies. e-Money stablecoins are fully collateralised, backed with bank deposits and government bonds held at commercial banks. Uniquely, e-Money’s currency-backed stablecoins each utilise an interest bearing peg that tracks the underlying interest rate, meaning that interest on the fiat currency is transmitted to stablecoin holders even when just sitting in a user’s wallet. Additionally, the reliability and transparency of e-Money stablecoins is ensured by Ernst & Young quarterly audits to ensure Proof of Funds, giving complete peace of mind to all users who utilise the e-Money ecosystem.“Our integration of Simplex b...

Decentralised Staking Platform bRing.Finance Explores e-Money’s European Stablecoins

Staking plays a significant role in the crypto ecosystem, enabling projects to secure their decentralised networks while allowing users and holders to earn a yield on their investments. Stablecoins are a crucial element of a thriving Web 3.0 economy and it is imperative that DeFi projects integrate financial products that are compliant with financial and regulatory bodies, and have robust fundamentals, thus mitigating liquidity risk factors for the entire ecosystem. As such, bRing.Finance, a decentralised staking platform is exploring the integration of e-Money’s suite of European stablecoins with its ecosystem. — Advantages of staking on bRing.Finance. — bRing is an innovative approach to staking where the user is the most important link. Each user can choose which staking pool suits him best, depending on the conditions offered. You can stake commission-free and block-free, and bRing rewards you when you want, at any time. The user also has the option to cancel their bet whenever they want. — bRinging e-Money’s stablecoins to their platform. — e-Money offers a strong alternative to dollar-denominated stablecoins in the form of its fully compliant, asset-backed, and interest-bearing stablecoins such as EEUR, ECHF, ESEK, ENOK, and EDKK. bRing.Finance plans to explore integrating these assets within their ecosystem, to mitigate the risk of single currency exposure and aims to strengthen their token...

Metashooter explores e-Money’s European stablecoins in its hunting Metaverse

Crypto markets may be bleeding but that doesn’t deter our team from hunting down great collaborations! As such, e-Money is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Metashooter, a play-to-earn game in the hunting Metaverse. While various projects in the crypto wild wild west are being shot down, there is renewed interest and belief in strong, compliant financial companies like e-Money, with robust fundamentals and regular audits by renowned regulatory bodies. e-Money is a European blockchain project built on Cosmos that offers a solid alternative to dollar-denominated stablecoins and continues to attract web 3.0 projects that are looking to deploy its suite of stablecoins within their ecosystem. — e-Money x Metashooter. — Metashooter is a decentralized blockchain hunting metaverse that offers players a near real world hunting experience via stunning visuals and VR compatibility. Players can buy and develop hunting lands, experience various environments and animals, breed NFT dogs, and earn token rewards by winning trophies and tournaments. Furthermore, players can create their own hunter, and customize and upgrade their equipment for a thrilling experience backed by RNG technology-powered gameplay. Metashoot plans to explore e-Money’s fully compliant, asset-backed, and interest-bearing stablecoins such as EEUR, ECHF, ESEK, ENOK, and EDKK to integrate within their hunt-to-earn metaverse. This would offer ...


Stellar (XLM) Poised To Rally? Ukrainian Bank Reveals Successful E-Money...

    The Stellar (XLM) price remains in a long-term downtrend. After seeing an all-time high of nearly $0.81 on May 10, 2021, XLM's price has fallen massively. Currently, XLM is 90.6% down from its ATH. Since October 2021, Stellar has also been in a descending trend channel. At press time, XLM was trading at $0.0822. Thus, the price is showing initial signs of strength and could make a first attempt to break through the upper line of the trend channel at $0.10. What would probably be needed is a clear move that catapults the XLM price toward the next important resistance level at around $0.13. Should this succeed, the XLM bulls could target the next resistance zone around $0.23. Bullish News Pushing Stellar Out Of The Bearish Trend? A potential catalyst for a breakout out of the bearish trend was provided yesterday by the Stellar Foundation. It shared in a tweet that TASCOMBANK, one of Ukraine's oldest commercial banks, published the results of its e-money pilot project on the Stellar network. Remarkably, TASCOMBANK is one of the leading Ukrainian commercial banks, which is regarded as a system bank. It operates in many areas of banking, including consumer and corporate lending, factoring, e-commerce, and trade finance. The report on the project, which was launched in December 2021, informs the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital Transformation about the benefits of issuing e-money on the Stellar blockchain, highlighting the advantages. Transparency, accountabi... read More

Elrond Network To Acquire e-Money License in Romania

    Popular blockchain project, Elrond Network received a green light from the National Bank of Romania to acquire the payments firm Twispay. By implementing Twispay's e-money license, Elrond plans to issue stablecoins in the European Union (EU). According to the official press release shared with CryptoPotato, Elrond aims to revamp the utility electronic money or e-money and integrate blockchain technology. With Twispay under its hood, Elrond will be able to operate within the entire EEA - European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway - under the passporting rules. The announcement also revealed that Twispay is a principal member of Visa and Mastercard. Beniamin Mincu from Elrond Network commented: 'This landmark decision from the Romanian Central Bank opens the door for EU citizens, and soon for everyone everywhere, to significantly benefit from value flowing with near-instant settlement times, at 100x fewer costs, with full transparency, and higher reliability.' In addition to the issuance of e-money, the team will also be able to offer payments services under the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Under the EU Commission's proposed European Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets, the blockchain platform is also entitled to issue stablecoins that can be offered to the public in the EU region in a legal and compliant way. Besides new stablecoins, Elrond explained that other important use-cases such as - crypto-enabled debit cards, as well as benefits of decentral... read More

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