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NFTB Price:
$532.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$4.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NFTB today is $0.00841 USD.

The lowest NFTB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00841, and the exact current price of one NFTB crypto coin is $0.00840749.

The all-time high NFTB coin price was $0.67.

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The code for NFTb crypto currency is also #NFTB.

NFTb is 2.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for NFTb is $4,512,886.

NFTb is ranked #775 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium daily trading volume on #NFTB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for NFTb is $532,358.


The circulating supply of NFTB is 536,770,064 coins, which is 74% of the total coin supply.


NFTB is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


NFTB is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Arcania: The Marriage of Polygon & AI by Agustin Rudegar | NFTb

Agustin Rudegar is one of the most successful NFTb Marketplace artists, with over 235 extremely unique NFTs created and 190 sold. Rudegar is set to release his AI-powered collection Arcania on NFTb Marketplace on the 13th April 2023. The collection consists of 102 ultra HD and unique NFTs which will be minted on Polygon and showcase the intersection of artificial intelligence, creativity, storytelling and gaming. Arcania serves as a model for augmenting artificial intelligence with extensive gaming lore, unique character creation, and a dynamic storytelling approach where the protagonists can change with the seasons.“NFTb’s expansion to the Polygon network and its innovative use of AI in the creation of NFTs is a testament to the exciting future that lies ahead for the NFTb ecosystem. The future of NFT art is tied to the evolution of technology and successful artists must adapt to change and embrace new tools, stated Mr Esen, NFTb’s COO.” Arcania is set to evolve into a game backed by NFTb with its own community as it progresses into the next phases. Unravel Arcania’s full story here. — Arcania — The Untold Story of the Power Struggle - The Arcania universe has seen the consciousness of a wide and diverse variety of creatures evolve. Of the most notable dominant races, there are bulls, monkeys, and bears. There is a great diversity of other species with peculiar characteristics, but...

NFTb Expands to Polygon and Harnesses AI to Transform the Art World

The use of AI in NFT is rapidly gaining popularity as artists and collectors alike seek to push the boundaries of what is possible with this exciting new technology. With NFTb’s recent expansion to the Polygon network, creators and collectors can now explore the possibilities of AI-powered NFT art on NFTb’s Marketplace. Agustin Rudegar, a prominent NFTb artist, is set to release his new AI-powered collection called Arcania on NFTb Marketplace. The collection consists of 100 pieces and will showcase the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity. Rudegar’s new collection will be dropped in March, making him the first artist on NFTb to mint on Polygon.As NFTs continue to gain traction in the art world, it is exciting to see how artists like Agustin Rudegar are leveraging the potential of technology to create unique and compelling works of art. Arcania is a testament to the power of artificial intelligence as a tool to augment creativity and push the boundaries of what is possible in NFT art. With platforms like NFTb leading the way with multichain and technological adoptions, the possibilities for creators and collectors in the NFT space are limitless, stated Mr Esen, NFTb’s COO.” — Arcania: The Marriage of Polygon & AI - Agustin Rudegar is one of the most successful NFTb Marketplace artists, with over 235 NFTs created and 190 sold, is set to release a new collection exclusively on NFTb Marketp...

K-3 Kingdoms to hold INO via NFTb Launch — How it Works

K-3 Kingdoms to hold INO via NFTb Launch — How it Works - K3K has launched the NFT collection using the Asian-friendly Three Kingdoms IP to form a solid community, with the launch of a stable economic system and fun-oriented GameFi project. After the game is released, players can develop their own territory in the lobby to build an economic system, and based on this, they can participate in two game modes, PvP, and K-3 Kingdoms INO will be held on March 16, 2022 on the NFTb Launchpad — featuring exclusive bonuses for NFTb supporters. — K-3 Kingdoms NFT Details - Legend Hero NFT of K3K was selected as the 100 most distinguished generals in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. By producing one-body and 15-part illustrations for each character with careful manual work, we differentiated them from 10,000 illustrations that are standardized in the same shape. In addition, by performing generative art on each of the 100 people and issuing only 165 NFTs per character, we designed NFT assets to have a tremendous rarity in the game. Legend Hero NFT has an outstanding stat. Using it, the more time and resources you invest, the higher you rank and the bigger prize you win. Look forward to the value to be made by meeting with the rarity that only Legend Hero NFT has and the passion of players who want high-rankers! Users will be able to use their NFTs in April. The game is going to be uploaded to Play Store & App Sto...

K-3 Kingdoms to complete INO on NFTb using the platform’s DeFi as a Service Offering

NFTb is pleased to announce that K — 3 Kingdoms, a Play & Earn blockchain game, has chosen to complete an INO using NFTb’s DeFi as a Service on March 16, 13:00 UTC. — K -3 Kingdoms — P&E Simulation Game - Players can become monarchs in the K3K world, grow their own territories, produce resources, and combine their own teams by recruiting attractive heroes. Based on it, you can participate in two seasonal game modes, which are ranking competition (PvP) and power competition (MMO), and enjoy battles in that strategy is emphasized. To provide players with satisfactory UX and achieve Mass Adoption, K3K applied blockchain technologies with distinct advantages such as FT, NFT, and VRF to mobile casual games that anyone can enjoy. It made possible Free to Play for the entry of a wide range of users around the world and established an economic system so that the more time/talent/finances you invest, the more rewards you get. — Key features - There are Legend Hero NFT collection and Land NFT collection in K3K. Legend Hero NFT, which is the Genesis NFT of K3K, is not only utilized in all areas of the game but also has the scalability to the community’s membership business. Land NFT is the top beneficiary of various economic activities occurring in the K3K game, and as the number of players increases, you can earn a higher passive income. — Legend hero NFT. — These K3K NFTs are selected...

Parma IDO via NFTb Launchpad — How it Works

Parma IDO via NFTb Launchpad — How it Works - PARMA Fan Token (PARMA) is a fan token by Unitos — Digital Platform All In One Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet. PARMA is a cryptocurrency with the aim of revolutionising fan engagement through innovative and exclusive experiences. Holders will also be able to participate in surveys, win match tickets and make important choices about their team. Through our Parma IDO, participants will have the chance to obtain $PARMA tokens. Parma IDO will be held on the NFTb launchpad on February 22, 12:00 UTC. — Parma $PARMA TOKEN SALE - Below you can find all the details regarding the $PARMA sale on the NFTb Launchpad, including the dates and times of important events, token information, vesting schedules, and NFTb allocations and eligibility. If you have any further questions, please refer to our help center. — Parma IDO TIMELINE ⏲️. — Private Pool: February 22, 12:00–13:00 UTC, Public Pool: February 22, 13:00–17:00 UTC, TGE: TBD, Listing: TBD, Claiming: TBD, *Listing will be on Pancakeswap and multiple CEXs. Follow our socials for updates. *Special Raffle — 20 participants who purchase +$50 in the IDO will be airdropped $50 PARMA on the TGE day — Parma IDO DETAILS 📝. — IDO Location:, Payment Token: $BUSD, Token Symbol: $PARMA, NFTb IDO $PARMA Price: 1.0 $BUSD, NFTb IDO Raise: 100,000 $BUSD  — Private Pool Rai...

NFTb and Yoda Labs: The Ultimate Partnership for Web3 Gaming Industry

NFTb & Yoda Labs: The Ultimate Partnership for Web3 Gaming Industry - NFTb has backed the new Web3 Gaming and Media Venture, Yoda Labs, an unique and innovative Web3 Gaming and Media Venture, formed by a team of highly diverse individuals including experienced gamers, skilled traders, and dedicated researchers. The team at Yoda Labs is setting a new standard in the industry, leveraging their unparalleled market intelligence and expert filtering capabilities to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the latest and greatest in Web3 gaming. The incubation of Yoda Labs by NFTb is a strategic move that positions the platform as a leading player in the rapidly growing Web3 gaming market. By being at the forefront of industry trends and innovation through Yoda Labs, NFTb solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the space. This move will also bring significant benefits to NFTb community, including an increased Web3 gaming presence, more investment opportunities, major gaming partnerships, further backing and partnerships. Overall, the incubation of Yoda Labs represents a significant step forward for NFTb’s Gaming Hub launch in February.“We saw an opportunity to incubate Yoda Labs which aligned it with our strategic growth plans. With more than $7 Billions in investments pouring into gaming since 2021 with the biggest mainstream gaming studios like Ubisoft, Square Enix and Epic Games entering the space, there is a lac...

NFTb upcoming 25% Token Burn & Updated Tokenomics

To accelerate NFTb’s further growth in Web3 Gaming, the NFTb Foundations has decided to update the Token Burn Mechanics by initiating Governance Voting on the NFTB Token Burn. In early January, the first-ever Governance Voting was launched with more than 3000 token holders voting in favor of a 25% token burn on Jan 31, 2023. The total supply of NFTB will be reduced by 242M with the burn occurring partially from the circulating supply and partially from the non-circulating supply.“To burn a substantial chunk of our total supply will help to provide more utility to the ecosystem. Our developers are working on launching the Gaming HUB in the first quarter and we are actively working with Polygon to onboard with their Gaming ecosystem. We want to reaffirm the team’s commitment to driving innovation within Web3 Gaming while also supporting early to mid-stage start-ups looking to accelerate their project with our Launchpad and gaming MetaMarket,” stated Mr Esen, NFTb’s COO. Since the launch of Token Burn Mechanics 2.0 in August 2021, a total of 22,3 million NFTB has been burned from the total supply. — New Tokenomics Details - On 31st January 242M NFTB tokens will be burnt partially from the circulating supply and partially from the non-circulating supply. 180M tokens will be removed from the Protocol Reserves, 50M NFTB from the Foundation, and 12M from Team Token allocation. Current Total Supply: 977,700,000 NFTB...

NFTb Community Update & Recap

2022 has been a full & exciting year for NFTb Not only did the platform experience a rapid expansion with new features, new chains, tighter safety protocols, KYC roll-out, bigger partnerships & move to new verticals — GameFi & Metaverse. The spectacular NFTb community grew 2x and your content contributed to us trending throughout most of the year. In 2022 we went multichain, launched our gaming NFT MetaMarket, build on our solid collaborations with Binance & CoinMarketCap, introduced Metaverse accelerator and gaming builder’s grants on Klaytn and Polygon. But the most exciting part of 2022 was IRL events with our community and partners. The identity & mission of NFTb community is what sets us apart from other web3 platforms. Our goal is clearer than ever, our move to a community governance system goes hand-in-hand with our updated roadmap & tokenomics. — The Multichain Blockchain Gaming HUB was born - Since its inception, our devs have built quality products and provided the Web3 community with new verticals to grow into. Expanding from being the leading NFT Launchpad and Marketplace on Binance, we are now fully integrated on Etherium, Binance, Polygon, Klaytn, Oasis and working on adding more gamefi-focused chains to our platform. At this point, NFTb is best positioned to be the leading, multichain GameFi & Metaverse Hub, consisting of Metaverse projects incubation, blockchain gam...

Honor World to hold INO via NFTb Launch — How it Works

Honor World to hold INO via NFTb Launch — How it Works - Honor World is an innovative GameFi platform jointly built by users, creators, developers, and other communities.The platform organically combines DeFi, NFT, and Game. While enhancing the game’s fun, Honor World uses the financial mechanism to create an ecosystem for Play-To-Earn. Honor World INO will be held on December 16, 2022 on the NFTb Launchpad — featuring exclusive bonuses for NFTb supporters. — Honor World NFT Details - Honor World Mystery Box is used to draw NFT hero. The Hero NFT is an on-chain NFT asset, and each hero NFT has multiple unique attributes stored on the blockchain. The heroes are divided into four races: Human, Orc, Elf, and Undead. Heroes can choose from three classes: Warrior, Ranger, and Mage. The platform’s hero NFT is endowed with rich application scenarios as an on-chain asset. It can get rewards through farming and be traded in the market. In addition, the hero NFTs play a critical role in the games. Probability and quality of NFT heroes: 50% Common, 35% Uncommon, 12% Rare, 2.5% Epic, 0.5% Legendary, — Honor World NFTb Launch Details - Date & Time: Dec 16, 11:00 UTC, NFTs Available: 1000, Total Raise: 50 $BNB, INO Location: NFTb Launchpad, Allocation: 1. Private Pool: 100% 2. Public Pool: any NFTs left after the private pool closes, Distribution: NFTs and bonuses will be airdropped by the Honor Wor...

NFTb’s Rapid Community Expansions ahead of the 3.0 Gaming HUB Launch

If the current rate of adoption continues, Web3 could reach a billion users by 2031. Community building has always been an essential part of NFTb, with GameFi space being a relatively new vertical, expanding on communities becomes all the more important for the entire crypto-gaming ecosystem.“Time waits for no one - is a famous proverb that has been going around for years. Web3 has been moving at a rapid pace and with the advent of Metaverses, mainstream players are set to adopt the decentralized version of gaming they are accustomed to. If the current rate of adoption continues, Web3 could reach a billion users by 2031,” stated the COO of NFTb, Alper Esen. Consisting of aspects like Metaverse, blockchain gaming, and play-to-earn NFTs, the space unknowingly helps us enter the new phase — NFTb 3.0 by expanding into GameFi & Metaverse verticals, creating more demand and utility for the $NFTB token.“When we launched NFTb we anticipated that NFTs will become huge and we were right. Our NFT Marketplace launch was a success and we were growing at an exceptional speed. We were the only NFT Marketplace to integrate with Binance NFT, which allowed NFT owners on NFTb to access greater liquidity for high-value assets by being able to easily transact their NFTs across both NFTb and Binance NFT Marketplaces.”“At the beginning of the year, we had a strategic meeting with the entire core team to decide on the next verti...


Understanding Token Burns And Why They Are Becoming So Popular For Crypt...

    The cryptocurrency market has boomed over the past decade, with many tokens boasting billion-dollar valuations. With such exponential growth in the market, many would expect many of the thousands of tokens to fail or continually drop in value, but that rarely happens, especially amongst the top 100 tokens. The value of some of these tokens is controlled with the help of burning tokens. Since the beginning  of crypto, many projects have adopted this mechanism to induce artificial scarcity of the tokens, consequently hiking the price. But this not-so-new concept is increasingly becoming popular as many crypto communities and users champion it. Nonetheless, the process of token burns differs from project to project, and it is important to fully understand how a project’s token burn will affect you and what it means. In this piece below, we dig deeper into what a cryptocurrency burn is, how it works, the history of token burns, and some practical examples of how previous token burns have been executed. What is a Token Burn? Token burns, or simply ‘burning,’ is a mechanism that crypto projects employ to permanently eliminate/destroy (burn) a number of tokens from the existing circulating token supply. This is typically done by sending the number of tokens to a burn address, which is a digital wallet that cannot be accessed by anybody as it has no private key. This reduces the number of tokens in circulation, locking them up for eternity and preventing anyone... read More

Dvision Network 2nd LAND Sale on Polygon Successfully Takes Place

    PRESS RELEASE. Dvision Network's second LAND sale has now been successfully conducted on the Polygon Mainnet. As a matter of fact, all 4650 LAND NFTs offered on the primary sale had been sold out at an incredibly fast pace, sealing the successful sold out both on Dvision Marketplace as well as OpenSea. The original first LAND sale had occurred not too long ago, and it was similarly successful, which became the largest LAND NFT Sale to occur on Binance Smart Chain's history, completing the LAND Sale on Binance NFT, Dvision Marketplace and NFTb in less than 5 minutes. Building upon that success, the second sale saw plenty of action from buyers and investors who were all eager to partake as soon as the sale officially started on January 27th, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC. It should be noted, that secondary trading on OpenSea is continuously occurring, with the floor price for the most common LAND NFT being traded at x2 from the original price, and the total volume currently exceeding 330 ETH (above 1 million USD). Dvision Network reaches second spot on OpenSea top collections on Polygon Mainnet OpenSea is a P2P (Peer To Peer) NFT marketplace and is widely regarded to be one of the most popular marketplaces in the entire world for buying, selling and trading crypto collectibles, non-fungible tokens and numerous rare virtual goods and digital assets. The primary sale on OpenSea, which was conducted through Polygon Mainnet, has now positioned Dvision Network on the second spot among the t... read More

The AXL DEX: Making DeFi Comfortable

    Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are increasingly growing in popularity throughout the past couple of years with the advent of DeFi. Data from DeFi Pulse reveals that there’s currently almost $100 billion in value locked across various protocols, which clearly shows the demand for products of this kind. Source: DeFi Pulse   A platform that offers a unique set of DeFi products is the AXL DEX, which recently finalized its presale and is in anticipation of the end of the tokens’ vesting period. It’s a decentralized exchange (DEX) aiming to transform into a comfortable place for everybody. AXL DEX offers unique DeFi products that bring the true power of decentralization to finance. AXL is the native token of the DEX. It functions in various capacities as a utility and governing token. It offers a place for users to swap tokens, create and launch liquidity pools, add and remove liquidity, stake, lend, and borrow assets. The DEX builds on these features with Smart Routing, which also helps users. AXL And Its Features AXL is a decentralized exchange offering users a platform to swap coins and perform other DeFi activities with ease. It combines functionality, security, and aesthetics in a simple but efficient way, and it comes with a few features worth mentioning. External Wallet: Users can connect their preferred external wallets to AXL. In that way, they have control over the location of their funds and retain ownership at all times. AXL’s non-custodial ... read More

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