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NEXO Price:
$5.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.5 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NEXO today is $0.88 USD.

The lowest NEXO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.884, and the exact current price of one NEXO crypto coin is $0.88358.

The all-time high NEXO coin price was $4.50.

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The code for Nexo is also #NEXO.

Nexo is 4.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Nexo is $494,806,869.

Nexo is ranked #74 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #NEXO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Nexo is $5,662,352.


The circulating supply of NEXO is 560,000,011 coins, which is 56% of the maximum coin supply.


NEXO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the NEXO Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


NEXO is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 30 crypto exchanges.

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Dispatch #27: Morgan Stanley Bets Wealthy Clients Want Bitcoin

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit this patch of your weekly Dispatch: - Morgan Stanley becomes the first big bank to offer Bitcoin to wealthy clients, Meet the public software company with $50M of ETH on its books, 40% of Americans want to put some of their stimulus money into BTC and stocks, The Big IdeaMorgan Stanley Opens Access to Three Bitcoin Funds - Last week we shared our thesis that we were seeing the beginning of the “next institutional wave” coming to Bitcoin. Right on cue, this week we’ve learned that Morgan Stanley is poised to open up access to not just one but three institutional BTC funds for its wealth management clients. Now, access to these funds will be restricted. Individuals must hold $2М with the bank while investment firms must hold $5М. What’s more, Morgan Stanley is capping client Bitcoin investments at 2.5% of net worth. On the flipside, these funds offer real Bitcoin exposure — not just the sort of public market versions of crypto we’ve seen before. It’s clear then that Morgan Stanley is seeing enough demand from clients to put their $4T AUM reputation on the line. The funds are managed by Galaxy Digital, FS Investments, and NYDIG and will open next month after Morgan Stanley’s financial advisors get training on the new product. This section was supposed to end here but then, early on Friday, reports emerged that Morgan Stanley...

Nexo’s Custody and Insurance in Depth and at Length

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit Тhe saying goes: Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. That’s especially true for crypto. The endless “hot vs. cold storage, custodial vs. non-custodial wallets” dilemma is one we know all too well, which is why we’ve done something about it. The Nexo Wallet lets you manageall your assets from a single wallet without actually keeping them in one place, while also benefiting from top-tier insurance! So how does our wallet work, where are your assets, and where is our insurance coming from? Find out here.Custody - The Nexo Wallet is a custodial wallet, which means that a third party actually stores and secures your assets. We employ services from BitGo, Ledger Vault, and other well established partners to ensure top-tier storage for all assets placed under our care. We use multiple trusted custodians in order to diversify our comprehensive custodial infrastructure. Consequently, your digital assets are held in a mix of hot and cold storage by partners in various geographical locations, making it exceptionally difficult for unauthorized parties to gain access to them, but also lending you the needed flexibility to be efficient in the dynamic crypto market. Finally, the Nexo Wallet unifies all the information about your assets from our custodial partners and presents it in a comprehensive, simple, user-friendly UX so that you can instantly man...

Bitcoin’s Heart Is in the Right Place

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit Our Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev joined CNBC anchors Hadley Gamble and Matthew Taylor to talk Bitcoin’s latest $61.8K all-time high, the subsequent dip, and a not-at-all-unlikely hike up to $100K by end of year. Antoni’s interview with CNBC comes hot on the heels of Hadley Gamble’s talk about “ bad-boyfriend Bitcoin “ with Canadian businessman and Shark Tank co-host Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, where he acknowledged that cryptocurrencies were here to stay after calling them “garbage” in 2019.The important thing is that Bitcoin’s heart is in the right place.* *Antoni in response to Hadley Gamble’s “bad boyfriend” comparison. The conversation between the two and Mr Wonderful went on off-screen on her Twitter account, so join in. Watch the full interview or read a brief summary below: Over time, BTC has outperformed any other asset and the current macroeconomic situation remains in Bitcoin’s favor, laying the ground for a continued upward trend., With Bitcoin recently reaching the $1 trillion market cap, the current BTC rally remains predominantly institutionally driven. This means Bitcoin could well reach $100K within the next 12 to 18 months., Using Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation is a growing trend as BTC challenges gold’s positio...

Dispatch #26: The Institutional Bitcoin Party Vol.2

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit this patch of your weekly Dispatch: - Is a new wave of institutional Bitcoin starting?, Beeple’s NFT sale made him the third most expensive living artist, Our $150K donation to Brink to support Bitcoin development, The Big IdeaThe Next Wave Of Institutional Bitcoin - So you might be wondering why we’re not talking about Beeple’s massive $69M auction. It was, after all, not only the priciest NFT sale of all time, but the third biggest price tag for the work of a living artist ever. The reality is….we’ve covered NFTs a lot lately and wanted to also talk about other really important things happening in the market. If you really want to read more about digital artworks (and Tweets), just scroll down. Getting back to Bitcoin though, it was quietly another massive week in institutional Bitcoin. Here’s just a smattering of the events: NYDIG announced a $200M financing that included such small names as Morgan Stanley, Soros, and New York Life., Each of these companies is getting involved with Bitcoin on a level deeper than just investing, backing this up with the CEO of New York Life joining their board of directors., Historically crypto averse JP Morgan is launching a cryptocurrency exposure basket — a debt product composed of 11 public equities with exposure to crypto (see our Data Story for more)., As per a Reuters report, John Wal...

What If All Companies With BTC Allocations Started Putting a Portion of It Into Bitcoin Development?

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit “The nature of Bitcoin is such that once version 0.1 was released, the core design was set in stone for the rest of its lifetime,” Satoshi Nakamoto famously wrote on back in 2010. To an extent, that the Bitcoin protocol is conservative and rarely changes is a blessing — the fewer the alterations, the lesser the risk of bugs or systemic failures. Yet Bitcoin is far from done. The central Bitcoin design may be relatively cemented, but like any software project, the protocol requires continued maintenance. Historically, many talented developers have contributed to the core software without financial compensation. As a company whose bread and butter is Bitcoin, we are undertaking the initiative to change that in order to maintain the continued operation of the network. To that end, we have contributed $150,000 to Brink — a non-profit organization focused on supporting open-source Bitcoin development — to help continually strengthen the Bitcoin protocol and foster the developer community. The funds will be allocated towards an independent Bitcoin developer through Brink’s grant program — a project that supports the work of established Bitcoin protocol engineers. “The $150,000 donation to Brink marks Nexo’s commitment to open-source funding and supporting Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency that spawned a tril...

Update! Free Withdrawals Are Back & Borrowing Minimums Are Just $50

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit As you are aware, we recently limited free crypto withdrawals due to congestion of the Ethereum blockchain and skyrocketing gas fees and raised the minimum borrowing amount to a temporary $5000. Thanks to our team’s astute efforts, we were able to implement an efficient solution ahead of schedule and are thrilled to once again bring you prime withdrawal conditions in a sustainable manner. The details: We have raised the monthly free crypto withdrawal limits to 5 for the Platinum tier, 3 for the Gold tier, 2 for the Silver tier, and 1 for the Base tier., The minimum borrowing amount for our Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ is now just $50 when withdrawing in stablecoins., Credit withdrawn in stablecoins will be sent directly to your Nexo Wallet in a matter of seconds., If you use your credit line for leverage, you can easily and instantly tap into the Nexo Exchange., Should you wish to send funds from your Nexo Wallet to an external wallet or exchange, you can do so through the standard withdrawal feature., We will continue working on the resilience and sustainability of our operations in the weeks, months and years to come, and will keep you updated on our progress. Originally published at Do check out our earlier blog posts, share them with your friends and let them too be part of the Nexo success story! Question? Visit your Help Ce...

Dispatch #25: NFTs are getting SPICY

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit this patch of your weekly Dispatch: - From Beeple to Grimes, NFTs are sizzling hot, Citi says your hard-HODLed BTC could be the preferred currency for trade, Crypto exchanges exceed $1T in trading volume for the first time, Fixed Terms are the latest addition to our Earn suite, The Big IdeaNFTs are heating up - Last week we mentioned Beeple’s record-setting $6.6M sale of “Crossroads” via Nifty Gateway, as well as his Christie’s Auction, where bidding is currently up to $3.5M. It’s not just Beeple, however. Over the weekend, EDM artist Justin Blau (aka 3LAU) auctioned a collection of 33 NFTs (partially coded by the artist himself) for $11,684,101 and rock band Kings of Leon is planning to launch the first NFT album. Grimes jumped on the train and made $5.8M, selling — a set of 10 items named after the Goddess of Neo-Genesis who “battles the destructive force of obsolete ideas.” The same battle we fight in the crypto space, essentially. :) Meanwhile, on Clubhouse, everyone from Diplo to Deadmau5 to Paris Hilton has been chattering about NFTs. The question of course is: is this a bubble? Yet another crypto speculative froth that is going to separate people from their money? Perhaps a better question is: what parts of it are a bubble, and what parts of it are real? Perhaps there is over-exuberance at something new leading to...

Earn on Crypto & Fiat Welcomes High-Yield Fixed Terms Option

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit Bitcoin has evolved from being the pioneer of blockchain technology to an indisputable store of value. Storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, however, is an investment choice in and of itself, with HODLing becoming more and more popular as a strategy in the crypto space. In order to provide an even more stable and sustainable source of passive income to our 1+ million clients, we are introducing Fixed Terms as an option to earn on your assets for a pre-selected term and enjoy our highest rates.What Are Fixed Terms? - The new Fixed Terms functionality allows you to earn our highest savings yields — 8% on crypto and 12% on fiat — if you choose to create a term on your cryptocurrencies and fiat for 1 and 3 months, respectively. The exact fixed-term yields you earn depend on whether you receive your interest in kind or in NEXO Tokens, as well as on your Loyalty tier. Fixed Terms are not yet available for stablecoins but we plan on making the addition in the near future as we continue to enhance our product line-up. Our former Earn offering across crypto, fiat, and stablecoins, which lets you withdraw funds at any time and brings you a unique daily payout, is now called FLEX Terms. Below are our updated Earn on Crypto & Fiat terms:How Do Fixed Terms Work? - When you choose to create a Fixed Term, your interest compounds daily, like ...

It’s All About Prioritizing Nexo’s Many Goals — February AMA with Antoni Trenchev

It’s All About Prioritizing Nexo’s Many Goals — February AMA with Antoni Trenchev - We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit Last week we hosted the first edition of our new series of monthly Ask-Antoni-Anythings with Nexo Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev. Thank you to those of you who got involved — we hope to have quenched your curiosity. On Friday, Antoni covered questions about the Nexo Card, the Kraken flash crash, gas fees, the congestion of the Ethereum network, our community’s newest #when — #whenNexopiggybank, and much more. To find out all our exciting Nexo news, watch the full AMA or read the summarized answers below.When will the Nexo Card be available? - The Nexo Card is a difficult product. We have already rolled out 1,000 cards to clients for testing and we are on the verge of a full release, which should happen in the next three months. Most of the delays with the Nexo Card have been on account of our partners, so to avoid similar оccurrences, we are diversifying our approach and are now working with multiple card providers.Recent transactions through Nexo were delayed or failed to show up. Is this problem resolved? - At Nexo, your crypto is your crypto and this will remain so until you decide to part with your assets. Unfortunately, Nexo does not have control over miners, nor can we do anything should the Bitcoin network slow down. Your...

Dispatch #24: FedWire Went Down. Bitcoin Just Kept Working.

We’ve retired our Medium blog. For the latest news, visit this patch of your weekly Dispatch: - The Fed’s settlement system goes offline, unlike Bitcoin, Are you selling your BTC to Microstrategy & Square?, Beeple artwork sells for $6.6M before first-ever Christie’s NFT auction, Antoni just moved up in Dispatch 😊, The Big IdeaAh, the Irony. - Bitcoin finally had a comedown after an absolute march straight up from $30,000 to nearly $60,000. Throughout the week, we saw a major sell-off, with prices getting all the way down below $45,000 on some exchanges. While most professionals attributed the particular violence of the move at least in part to over-leveraged traders, another popular narrative explanation was that the market was reacting to more negative comments from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who called Bitcoin “inefficient” in Monday remarks. How deliciously ironic then when on Wednesday the Fed’s real-time settlement system FedWire went offline for a number of hours. Many companies (including crypto exchanges) were stopped in their tracks as the system went down — an outage the likes of which Bitcoin hasn’t experienced in the last 2,907 days. Adding to the irony is the fact that the outage came just one day after Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell announced that 2021 was the year the Fed started focusing on a digital dollar with diligence. May want to hire a...


Crypto Lender Nexo Acquires Stake in US Chartered Bank

    Leading cryptocurrency lender Nexo has acquired a stake in Hulett Bancorp (DBA Mode Eleven) and its subsidiary federally chartered bank Summit National Bank, regulated under the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.  The deal will allow the crypto lender, which has around $4 billion in assets under management, to further scale its financial product offerings across the US crypto market and strengthen its foothold in the region.  Nexo to Offer Crypto Services to US Customers  Under the acquisition agreement, Nexo will offer retail and institutional customers in the US a broad range of services, including opening bank accounts, asset-backed loans, and card programs. The company will also provide users with escrow and custodial solutions through Summit National Bank infrastructure. In return, the US chartered bank will leverage Nexo's experience and position as one of the leading lenders in the crypto industry to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Web 3. The bank will benefit from Nexo's complete suite of products and services to satisfy customers' needs as it migrates to a modern financial institution.   The new collaboration aligns with the bank's mission to reinvent itself and its offerings to join the emerging economy as a regulated financial institution in the United States.  Summit National Bank was established in 1984 with four branches in Montana and Idaho.  'We are excited to be partnering with Nexo as we combine Summit... read More

California Regulators Order Nexo to Stop Crypto Interest Accounts

    Cryptocurrency lender Nexo has come under fire from California regulators and seven other US state securities watchdogs for its unregistered crypto interest account program, which the authorities classified as securities. Notably, some crypto lenders offering similar programs in the United States faced similar actions in the past from US regulators. California Slams Desist and Refrain Order Against Nexo In a statement published on Monday (September 26, 2022), California's Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) announced that Nexo's Earn Interest Product account, with annual interest rates as high as 36%, was offered to California residents without being registered as securities. According to a desist and refrain order filing, the DFPI claimed that while Nexo claimed to have stopped serving the product to US investors since February 19, 2022, clients were still able to use the interest-bearing cryptocurrency account using the lender's automatic renewal feature. Furthermore, the California regulator alleged that more than 18,000 residents in the state were actively using the Earn Interest Product as of July 31, 2022. The DFPI earlier said the agency is conducting an active investigation into companies offering crypto interest accounts. Commenting on the latest development, Clothilde Hewlett, DFPI Commissioner, said: “The DFPI has undertaken aggressive enforcement efforts against unregistered interest-bearing cryptocurrency accounts. These crypto interes... read More

More Than a Half Dozen US Securities Regulators File Actions Against Cry...

    Crypto lender Nexo is having issues with state authorities from California, New York, Washington, Kentucky, Vermont, South Carolina, and Maryland. The enforcement actions from multiple state securities regulators detail that Nexo's Earn Interest Product (EIP) may be in violation of securities laws.Nexo Targeted by Several Securities Regulators Over the Crypto Lender's Earn Interest Product Following the issues that took place last year against Celsius' and Blockfi's interest-bearing accounts, the crypto lender Nexo has been targeted by several state securities regulators concerning the company's Earn Interest Product (EIP). The state of California insists that since June 2020, Nexo has 'offered and sold unqualified securities, in the form of Earn Interest Product accounts, to the United States public at large and to California residents.' The state of New York and attorney general Letitia James filed a lawsuit against Nexo. Similarly, the state of New York and James say that Nexo started offering the EIPs around June 2020, up until the present day. James claims Nexo violates New York's Martin Act, and acted as 'unregistered securities brokers or dealers.' Washington is saying the same and Washington's securities division mentioned several states are in on the law enforcement actions together. Kentucky, Vermont, South Carolina, and Maryland have all filed similar actions against Nexo, and many of the complaints are ordering Nexo to cease and desist current operations tied to t... read More

Ethereum Will Not Flip Bitcoin After the Merge: Nexo Co-Founder

    According to Antoni Trenchev - Co-Founder of the cryptocurrency lending platform Nexo - Ethereum's Merge is 'the most significant thing' that has happened in the protocol's history. However, he does not believe it will help Ether surpass Bitcoin as the most dominant digital asset. The executive also expects ETH's price to surge when people realize the benefits of the transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), but not immediately after it occurs. Bitcoin Will Stay at the Top Ethereum's shift from PoW to PoS, which happened earlier today (September 15), has caused numerous debates over the past several months. Experts weighed in on how it will benefit the blockchain project and the whole industry, but some warned that it could become a 'buy the rumor, sell the news' event. In a recent interview for Bloomberg, Nexo's Co-Founder and Managing Partner - Antoni Trenchev - outlined the greener focus that Ethereum will have from now on, and that Ether will move from 'essentially an inflationary type of asset' to a deflationary one. Nonetheless, he thinks that even after 'The Merge,' Ether does not have a chance to steal Bitcoin's supremacy and become the largest cryptocurrency: 'Anyone who is writing off Bitcoin, I think that's too soon.' Trenchev said he is 'incredibly bullish' on those assets and holds them both in his portfolio for the long run. He admitted increasing his ETH exposure a few months ago, anticipating that the coin's price will surge after the shift to PoS. Unlike some indiv... read More

Nexo Allocates Another $50 Million To Its Token Buyback Initiative

    Cryptocurrency exchange Nexo announced this Aug. 30 the allocation of another $50 million to execute discretionary and periodic buybacks of its NEXO token on the open market. According to the company's statement, this would be the second time the exchange has invested money in repurchasing its tokens this year. The first time was in May when they announced the repurchase of $100 million in NEXO tokens. Nexo Wants to Demonstrate its Liquidity Antoni Trenchev, co-founder and managing partner of Nexo, said the allocation of this $50 million demonstrates the 'solid liquidity position' the company maintains in times when many cryptocurrency exchanges have had to shut down operations. 'The allocation of an additional $50 million to our buyback plan is a result of our solid liquidity position and Nexo's ability and readiness to spur on its own products, token, and community, alongside its outward-facing initiatives of injecting liquidity into the industry,' Trenchev added that despite 'challenging market conditions,' the company and the NEXO token have consistently moved in tandem with BTC and ETH, evidencing stability and demand for the asset. Right now, Nexo has a total market capitalization of more than $581 million, according to CoinMarketCap data. Price of the NEXO token in 2022. Image: Tradingview The $50 million buyback represents almost 10% of the token's total capitalization. However, according to NEXO, the buybacks will be conducted over a six-month period 'depending on ma... read More

Nexo Might Acquire Distressed Crypto Lender Vauld

    The leading cryptocurrency lender - Nexo - is looking to purchase the Singaporean digital asset exchange - Vauld. According to a document shared with CryptoPotato, Nexo and Vauld signed a 60-day exclusive exploratory period focused on the latter's possible acquisition. If successful, the agreement will see Nexo owning up to 100% of the platform. Vauld has been significantly affected by the ongoing bear market. Last month, it said it will dismiss 30% of its total workforce, while earlier this week, it suspended transactions and withdrawals on its platform. Joining forces with Nexo might ease the exchange's issues and ensure the protection of its customer base. Speaking on the matter was Darshan Bathija - Vauld's Co-Founder and CEO: 'Operating under the Nexo umbrella puts us instantly in a position of strength to continue the execution of our fiduciary obligations to our customers and at the same time to execute upon both companies' ambitious roadmaps, regardless of the market conditions.' For her part, Tatiana Metodieva - Nexo's Head of Corporate Finance & Investments - argued that crypto's big players will navigate their way out of the turbulent times since they possess 'competitive strength, discipline, and uncompromising responsibility to customers.' She also said that Nexo sympathizes with all affected firms due to the current market downturn and is ready to have a dialogue with them to optimize their operations and guide them through the distress. read More

Twitter User Accuses Nexo of Embezzlement Through Charity, Crypto Lender...

    A Twitter account has accused the Bulgarian co-founders of the Swiss-based cryptocurrency lender Nexo of misappropriating funds from a charity platform. The company has rejected the allegations in the anonymous attack, which comes after Nexo offered a buyout deal to troubled rival Celsius.Anonymous Allegations Against Co-Founders Circulated on Social Media A Twitter user going by the handle @otteroooo has drawn attention to media reports about misuse of donations to a charity allegedly linked to the people behind Nexo, a major provider of crypto-backed loans. In a thread published on Sunday, the unidentified author accuses Nexo co-founder Kosta Kantchev and his family of siphoning money from the Helpkarma foundation which raises funds for various goodwill causes. Another two co-founders - former Member of Parliament and managing partner at Nexo Antoni Trenchev and Georgi Shulev - have been mentioned as well. NEXO FOUNDER & FAMILY SIPHONED FUNDS FROM CHARITY FOR SICK KIDS, USED DONATIONS AS PERSONAL SLUSH FUND, EVEN BUILT A PALACE FOR THEMSELVES Evidences presented in full by otter below no bueno! 🦦 👇🏼 🧵 🦦 - otteroooo (@otteroooo) June 26, 2022 Otteroooo cites reports by two Bulgarian websites -, or Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data, and, another investigative outlet. In the spring of 2018, the first found that Kalin Kantchev, Kosta's father, had been installed on the management board of Helpkarma while the se... read More

Nexo Issues Cease and Desist Notice to Anonymous Twitter User Over Recen...

    Crypto lender Nexo released a blog post to clarify what it considers the recent comments made by a pseudonymous Twitter user 'Otteroooo' to be 'a slate of ludicrous allegations.' 'Untrue and Defamatory' Nexo said it will use any legally available means against the 'defamatory' statements and false allegations' shared by certain Twitter accounts. It accused the originator of the allegation of conducting a smear campaign against Nexo and profiting from short positions in a distressed market. Threatening legal consequences, the platform said, 'everyone engaging in detrimental activity to Nexo will be held accountable.' The crypto lender refuted claims of connection to the alleged Bulgarian charity. Along with the response, Nexo also issued a public cease and desist notice on its website. The allegations of fraud against Nexo came at a time when the crypto lending sector took a significant hit during the market turndown. Starting from the embattled Celsius to Babel Finance, several crypto lending platforms are currently facing liquidity challenges. 'Bulgarian Boys With Their Colorful History' It all started when Otteroooo posted a series of tweets claiming that the Nexo founder and their families siphoned funds from HelpKarma, a Bulgaria-based charity for children's health, and used the donations to purchase real estate and fund 'lavish personal travel.' Otteroooo also pointed out that Nexo had raised funds from Arrington XRP Capital, which had previously invested in Terra Luna, ... read More

Nexo Taps Citibank for Assistance on Potential Acquisitions as Crypto Ma...

    The current bear market has left many crypto-related businesses reeling. Between the Luna fiasco and assets dropping close to levels not seen in 2 years, crypto mainstays are struggling to stay afloat – either by freezing hiring, cutting staff loose altogether, or freezing exchanges and withdrawals 'to protect consumers.' However, not all companies are feeling the effects of the crypto winter. The team at Binance, for instance, has upped its hiring spree. And on the DeFi side of things, Nexo is looking to corner the market by refinancing other DeFi platforms currently navigating turbulent waters. Better Planning, Better Business Recently, Nexo had sent a letter of intent to Celsius, stating the willingness to purchase the latter's qualifying assets to bail the platform out. Now, Nexo has released a statement on its blog, outlining the reasons why it managed to weather the storm better than some competitors – as well as the intent to capitalize on their mistakes. Consolidating the space so it can grow.@Nexo is working with @Citi on the strategic provision of liquidity to those that need it so that their clients who got hurt can recoup their funds. Financially strong, Nexo feels an obligation to lead the charge. — Nexo (@Nexo) June 22, 2022 In the public statement released by Nexo, the spokesperson stated that going public with the aforementioned LOI was an exceptional decision meant to garner attention. The company stated it had exten... read More

Celsius Insolvency Rumors Swirl After Company Pauses Withdrawals, Nexo O...

    On Monday, June 13, 2022, the crypto economy dropped below the $1 trillion region, as a great majority of crypto assets have lost between 10% to 25% during the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the crypto community has been discussing the cryptocurrency lending application Celsius as rumors of insolvency have been swirling. On June 12, around 10:10 p.m. (ET) Celsius announced that it paused 'all withdrawals, swaps, and transfers between accounts.'Celsius Pauses Lending Application's Operations, Crypto Community Talks About a Possible Insolvency and Liquidations On Sunday evening, the lending firm Celsius published a tweet that detailed specific operations on the platform that were paused. 'Due to extreme market conditions, today we are announcing that Celsius is pausing all withdrawals, swaps, and transfers between accounts,' Celsius revealed. 'We are taking this action today to put Celsius in a better position to honor, over time, its withdrawal obligations,' Celsius added. The firm also published a blog post that explained Celsius was making moves to fix the situation. 'We are taking this necessary action for the benefit of our entire community in order to stabilize liquidity and operations while we take steps to preserve and protect assets,' the Celsius blog post notes. 'Furthermore, customers will continue to accrue rewards during the pause in line with our commitment to our customers.' There are rumors that Celsius may be insolvent and speculation concerning the company's money ... read More

Nexo Wants to Buy Qualifying Assets of Celsius Network After Withdrawal ...

    Earlier today, Celsius Network halted all withdrawals, swaps, and transfers between accounts of its users, citing extreme market conditions. Now, rival crypto-lending company Nexo extends a letter of intent to buy all qualifying assets of the company. As CryptoPotato reported earlier today, one of the leading cryptocurrency lenders - Celsius Network - is facing major difficulties. Citing 'extreme market conditions,' the company halted all withdrawals, swaps, and transfers between the accounts of its users, causing a stir within the crypto community. Shortly after, a rival company - Nexo - sent a letter of intent 'to purchase remaining qualifying assets' of Celsius Network. Nexo, its partners, and affiliates could readily acquire from Celsius part or all qualifying, outstanding collateralized loan receivables secured by their corresponding pledged cryptocurrency collateral, subject to Nexo's risk management and collateral requirements. Nexo took it to Twitter to confirm the news: After what appears to be the insolvency of Celsius Network and mindful of the repercussions for their retail investors & the crypto community, Nexo has extended a formal offer to acquire qualifying assets of Celsius Network after their withdrawal freeze. The company believes that this will 'go a long way in providing immediate liquidity to Celsius Network Clients.' Celsius Network has until June 20, 2022, at 4:30 AM UTC to respond. read More

Biggest Movers: NEXO up Nearly 50% After Binance Listing, While TRON Cli...

    NEXO was up by nearly 50% on Friday, as markets reacted to the news that Binance was listing the token on its platform. Today's surge sent NEXO to a multi-week high, while TRON also moved higher, hitting a one week peak. NEXO Two weeks after announcing a partnership with Mastercard to launch the world's first 'crypto-backed' payment card, NEXO today achieved another milestone. Binance confirmed that it will be adding the token to its platform, and this news was well received by markets. NEXO/USD rose by nearly 50% during today's session, hitting an intraday high of $3.66 in the process. Friday's surge comes less than 24-hours after prices were trading at $2.14, and as of writing are tracking at a record high. This recent peak comes following a three day rally which began at support of $2.10, with two long-term resistance levels broken as a result of the bullish ascent. The price of NEXO, which launched in December last year is now overbought, with the RSI tracking at 71.94, which is a record. Many will anticipate a reversal in upcoming sessions as a result. TRON TRON was also higher during today's session, rising to a one week high, following three consecutive days of rallies. As of writing this, TRX/USD hit a peak of $0.06967 on Friday, which is its highest level since April 22. This one week high sees TRX break past its long-term resistance level of $0.06800, with some now targeting a higher ceiling of $0.07600. Looking at the chart, a upwards crossover of the 10-day an... read More

Bitcoin Rejected at $40K, Nexo Soars 15% on Binance Listing (Market Watc...

    Bitcoin tried its hand at $40,000 yesterday but was quickly stopped in its tracks and now sits below it. ApeCoin went on to register yet another all-time high amid the growing anticipation for Otherside, while Nexo soared by double digits following a listing on the world’s largest crypto exchange. Bitcoin Stopped at $40K The enhanced volatility in the crypto market continued in the past 24 hours. CryptoPotato reported yesterday the recent high fluctuations that started on April 25 when bitcoin challenged $41,000 but was violently rejected. As a result, the asset fell by over $3,000 in hours and plummeted below $38,000 for the first time since March 15. It reacted somewhat positively to this price decline and bounced off to just under $40,000. It went even further during yesterday’s trading day and spiked above that coveted level. However, that was a short-lived adventure as it fell below it almost immediately. As of now, BTC stands at $39,500, and its market cap is still around $750 billion. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView ApeCoin New ATH, Nexo Double-Digit Surge The altcoins faced similar price movements in the past few days, with many of them being in the red on a weekly scale. Ethereum traded above $3,000 last week but dipped below $2,800 a few days ago. It also reacted well to this price drop and now stands above $2,900. Binance Coin went beneath $400 and stood there yesterday as well. However, a minor daily increase has pushed BNB to north of that line as of writ... read More

Nexo Teams up With Mastercard to Introduce Crypto Card

    The digital asset platform, which offers crypto-backed loans – Nexo – partnered with Mastercard and DiPocket to launch the first cryptocurrency card in Europe that enables customers to spend without selling their holdings. By collaborating with the payment providers, Nexo granted its users access to over 92 million merchant sites worldwide. Enter Nexo Card According to a document seen by CryptoPotato, the new feature (dubbed Nexo Card) is linked to a Nexo-provided, crypto-backed credit line that stays at 0% APR. It allows clients to employ their holdings as collateral instead of selling them. “The credit line is dynamic and can use multiple assets as collateral, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether,” the document reads. Nexo Card requires no minimum repayments. There are also no foreign transaction (FX) fees for up to $20,000 per month. The card provides instant crypto cashback, paid out in Bitcoin or Nexo’s native token. As such, customers can earn up to 2% back in free digital assets with each purchase. Nexo Card is available both in virtual and physical form as it comes with direct Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations. Ordering additional virtual cards is for free. Antoni Trenchev – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Nexo – summarized the advantages of the new product: “Launching the Nexo Card in Europe in partnership with Mastercard and DiPocket is a big milestone for us and the latest proof of the imm... read More

Crypto Lender Nexo Unveils Digital Asset Prime Brokerage Unit

    Dubbed Nexo Prime, the proprietary prime brokerage platform will focus on catering to institutional, corporate, and high-net-worth investors. It aims to provide them with all the tools necessary to trade, borrow, lend, and securely store their digital assets in a single product. Digital Asset Prime Brokerage Unit In a press release shared with CryptoPotato, Kalin Metodiev, CFA, Nexo Co-Founder and Managing Partner, revealed that institutional and corporate demand for digital assets has never been greater. The exec also estimated that the market for prime services could potentially scale 10x over the next year. Yasen Yankov, Vice President of Development, Nexo Prime, commented, 'We’ve carefully built-out and incubated Nexo Prime over the past 18 months with a core client group, and we’re excited to unveil the platform for the rest of the world to see,” said Yasen Yankov, Vice President of Development, Nexo Prime. “We are today, already a trusted partner to leading trading firms, hedge funds, family offices, and OTC desks.' The new unit seeks to execute large orders seamlessly, with competitive trading fees. Clients will have direct access to the crypto lending platform's 24/7 OTC desk for high-touch executions of spot and derivatives instruments in addition to other financial needs with respect to trading, borrowing, custody, and lending. Nexo's Smart Routing System will facilitate cost-effective execution. Apart from trading, Nexo Prime will also focus... read More

Nexo Integrates ApeCoin (APE) Into its Yield Platform

    The cryptocurrency company offering loans and daily digital asset earnings will integrate ApeCoin into its platform. The firm promised a yearly ROI of between 7-12%, depending on the customers' loyalty tier. Nexo Integrates ApeCoin The press release seen by CryptoPotato reads that Nexo wants to capitalize on Yuga Labs' (the entity behind BAYC) future plans by introducing the recently-launched cryptocurrency to its yield platform. Depending on the loyalty tiers, users will be able to get up to 12% ROI on the amount of APE they have deposited on Nexo. All rates are as follows: Platinum: Maximum rate – 12%. Standard rate – 9%. Gold: Maximum rate – 10%. Standard rate – 8%. Silver: Maximum rate – 8.75%. Standard rate – 7.5%. Base: Maximum rate – 8%. Standard rate – 7%. ApeCoin is already available on Nexo, and users can buy, top-up, earn on, swap, and borrow against. Upon purchasing the asset, the firm promised to give up to 0.5% cashback on each transaction. It also said it wouldn't charge any fees when transferring APE to the Nexo platform. Nexo has enabled six trading pairs for APE, including against BTC, USDT, USDC, USDx, EURx, and GBPx. ApeCoin's Birth and Ascent The Bored Ape Yacht Club became arguably the most talked-about and popular NFT collection, with various celebrities purchasing such digital collectibles and putting them as Twitter profile pictures. Some of those names include the legendary hip hop artist - Eminem, te... read More

Nexo Launches a $150 Million Fund to Invest in Web3

    Interest in Web3 continues to increase as more companies race to invest in the next big thing. Nexo - a well-known crypto participant - is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. Nexo - a regulated and amongst the leading digital asset service providers - revealed today that they are launching a new fund aimed at investing in Web3-focused projects. The initiative is called Nexo Ventures and launches with an initial goal of investing $150 million. The key areas that the new arm will focus on include Web3, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, metaverse, compliance, payments, and trading infrastructure. The new venture is led by Tatiana Metodieva, who's Nexo's Head of Corporate and Finance Investments. Speaking on the matter, Metodieva said: At Nexo, we believe that blockchain technology will transform the way we connect and use financial services. [...] Our mission is to elevate entrepreneurs who help push the crypto revolution forward. Nexo Ventures aims to drive the continued adoption of digital assets and the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem. This is the latest in a string of venture funds primed to invest in the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. Most recently, CryptoPotato reported that Bain Capital - a well-known and veteran US-based asset manager - launched a new fund worth $560 million. read More

Crypto Lender Nexo Terminates Interest Payments on New Deposits From US ...

    Following the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charging the crypto lending platform Blockfi with failing to register its retail crypto lending product and fining the firm $100 million, the crypto lender Nexo has announced it will no longer allow U.S. citizens to earn interest on new savings wallet top-ups. However, Nexo customers from the U.S. will continue to earn interest on their current savings wallet balances held prior to the announcement.Nexo 'Reveals Big Savings News for US Customers' Last week, the SEC cracked down on the crypto lending platform Blockfi and the company was fined $100 million in penalties. The news followed several regulators from a myriad of states like New Jersey, Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, and Vermont giving warnings to Blockfi about the firm's interest-bearing accounts. Some states issued cease and desist orders and the company had to stop offering Blockfi Interest Accounts (BIAs) by a certain date. After Blockfi's penalties were handed down by the U.S. securities regulator, the crypto lending firm Nexo has announced: 'big savings news for U.S. customers.' According to the Reddit moderator of the subreddit r/nexo, Nexo Josh, U.S.-based Nexo customers will be seeing some new changes in regard to the Nexo savings program that bears interest. Nexo Josh explained that the company has 'voluntarily implemented changes' to its earn interest product in the United States in order to 'comply with newly-announced guidance.' Nexo's representative ... read More

Nexo Tapped Bakkt as its Cryptocurrency Custodian Partner

    The cryptocurrency lending platform – Nexo – joined forces with the Nasdaq-listed digital asset company – Bakkt Holdings. As a result, the latter will custody a portion of Nexo’s Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings in the Bakkt Warehouse. Bakkt’s Newest Partnership The Bakkt Warehouse comprises both online (“warm”) and offline (“cold”) digital asset storage. The company balances between the two tiers to minimize risks associated with cryptocurrency custody services. In a recent announcement, Nexo raised hopes that this model could bring an enhanced investment shield for its users. The “warm” and “cold” wallets are built on secure wallet architecture, along with multi-zone physical security, the entity informed. However, Nexo did not disclose what proportion of the customers’ Bitcoin and Ethereum funds will store in the Bakkt Warehouse. George Manolov – Business Development Executive at Nexo – stated that a global digital asset institution, such as his firm – needs a trusted partner to guarantee an extra level of customer protection. “We recognized that Bakkt’s infrastructure and regulation-first approach to crypto was a natural fit,” he added. In turn, Dan O’Prey – Chief Product Officer at Bakkt – opined that such custody initiatives result from the rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency industry. “We are pleased that Nexo has chosen the Bak... read More

Bitcoin’s Price Will Hit $100K by Mid-Year, Nexo Founder Predicts

    The co-founder and managing partner of Nexo, a major cryptocurrency lender, has predicted that the price of bitcoin will be $100K by mid-2022. He highlighted 'two simple reasons' why he is bullish about the price of bitcoin this year. Bitcoin Expected to Reach $100K by Mid-Year Antoni Trenchev, the co-founder and managing partner of Nexo, a major cryptocurrency lender, has shared his bitcoin price prediction in an interview with CNBC Monday. He said: I think [bitcoin's] going to reach $100,000 this year, probably by … the middle of it. Nexo has issued more than $6 billion in credit and manages assets for more than 2.5 million users globally. The executive explained that there are 'two simple reasons' why he expects to see big gains in the price of bitcoin. Firstly, he pointed out that institutions are increasingly putting bitcoin in their corporate treasuries. The Nasdaq-listed company Microstrategy, for example, has bought 124,391 BTC for its treasury. Another reason is that Trenchev expects 'cheap money' is here to stay, which would boost the prices of cryptocurrencies. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates several times this year. Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel recently predicted that 'The Fed is going to have to hike many more times than what the market expects.' The Nexo executive added: I quite frankly think that as soon as we see a rate hike, it's going to be a dip into equities and the bond market - and quite frankly, the last few yea... read More

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