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NEO Price:
$24.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.6 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NEO today is $8.86 USD.

The lowest NEO price for this period was $0, the highest was $8.86, and the exact current price of one NEO crypto coin is $8.86295.

The all-time high NEO coin price was $196.

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The code for NEO is also #NEO.

NEO is 6.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for NEO is $639,902,366.

NEO is ranked #62 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #NEO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for NEO is $24,347,128.


The circulating supply of NEO is 72,199,696 coins, which is 72% of the maximum coin supply.


NEO is the native coin for the Neo blockchain.

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NEO is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 46 crypto exchanges.

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Neo enters the world of decentralized identities with NFT-based Domain Name Service: NeoNS

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of NeoNS — the first Neo name service provider on Neo N3. NeoNS offers a more streamlined, efficient and functional experience within the Neo ecosystem and beyond. You can visit NeoNS and start registering names now at NeoNS complements our all-in-one, feature and dApp rich ecosystem, adding to the array of developer and user friendly solutions such as decentralized oracles, NeoFS, and NeoID. With the launch of NeoNS, we continue to build key Web3 infrastructure that allows individuals to move around the web with greater ease, freedom, security, and privacy. NeoNS gives users an easy-to-remember way to collect Neo N3 wallets in one place, removing the need to remember and store long and complex addresses. Businesses will also benefit from NeoNS NFT-embedded domain ownership that ensures no one other than the domain owner can take time or censor the content linked to the domain. NeoNS works with new domains but also allows linking already existing DNS domains or files under decentralized domain aliases. Web3 Identity Owned And Controlled By You Neo’s N3-hosted domains utilize the top-level domain extension — .neo, — managed by the Neo Council, which is voted in by the NEO token holders. Users can also create subdomains from domains that they own. For example, if you owned hello.neo you could create home.hello.neo. Each of the human-readable subdomains can be mapped as an alias to any records stored on the N3 blockchain such as wallet addresses, dApp addresses, or decentralized files. This will allow developers to better organize data used for their dApps. Unlike traditional centralized domain names, all registered .neo subdomains are minted on N3 as NFTs, fully owned by users. The NFT domain format means that domain ownership is easily transferable between wallets and traded as any other kind of NFT. Each domain is stored in the user’s wallet rather than on a centralized server where traditional domains are managed. Helping to solve Web3’s UX issue As the sole owner of the .neo subdomain, the user has full freedom to decide what a given domain links to, whilst all information stored under the alias is censorship and third party control proof, meaning no centralized authority can delete or make the information inaccessible. Whether it is about having a human-readable wallet address, mapping .neo domain to content such as an NFT gallery, or using NeoNS for better organization of decentralized files and N3 dApp-related information, Neo is making navigating Web3 more user-friendly and intuitive. We believe that such user-friendly organization of blockchain information is a milestone for blockchain UX entering the realm of ‘the familiar’ and onboarding the next generation of mainstream web3 users. Neo enters the world of decentralized identities with NFT-based Domain Name Service: NeoNS was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Introducing the Neo Polaris Launchpad — Compete for $500,000 in prizes and incubation opportunities

Introducing the Neo Polaris Launchpad — Compete for $500,000 in prizes and incubation opportunities - In 2021 Neo launched N3, the newest and most powerful version of the Neo blockchain development platform. Alongside the release, the Frontier Launchpad was initiated, calling on trailblazers to be the first to take advantage of Neo’s powerful features. Over 700 developers answered the call, sharing in over US $100,000 in prizes and $200,000 in post-event funding. With foundations firmly established, developers can now look towards the Polaris Launchpad for the next opportunity to join the growing Neo ecosystem. Just like the Northstar was a guide for travelers who would journey through the wilderness, the Polaris Launchpad can be seen as a guiding light for developers seeking a home on the Neo platform. Polaris features five development categories representing the next wave of applications we would like to see come to life on N3. These categories are: DeFi, Metaverse & NFT, DAO, Middleware Incorporating NeoFS/Oracle, General, Neo is upping the ante, with a $500,000 prize pool and opportunities to receive further funding through Neo’s $200 million EcoBoost program. We are also adding a bonus round, Polaris Plus, in which we will allow the community to vote for their favorite projects with their own tokens. Neo will match these votes through quadratic funding to the tune of a minimum US $57,500. As always, developers can expect to receive hands-on support from Neo’s global development community to help them bring their projects to life. Neo’s multi-language support provides a range of options, offering a choice between C#, Python, Go, or Java smart contacts. Developers can also take advantage of Neo N3’s full stack of native features, including the NeoFS distributed storage platform and oracles, along with best-in-class tooling. To register for the Neo Polaris Launchpad, please head over to our DevPost event. — Competition details - Highlights: Three phases: Planathon (optional), Hackathon, Polaris Plus (invite only), $500,000 prize pool, 5 x major prizes of $35,000 each + prize multipliers, 15 x excellence awards of $8,000 each + prize multipliers, Minimum of $57,500 to distribute in Polaris Plus through quadratic voting, Incubation opportunities to the best teams, — Planathon - March 7th — April 5th Thomas Edison once said “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” Building on the fantastic response from Frontier Launchpad we are once again kicking off our launchpad with a Planathon. Before you get stuck into development, we want you to take some time to really flesh out your Polaris project. This includes evaluating the suitability of your ideas for blockchain, organizing a team, drafting a business plan, identifying delivery milestones, and so forth. We understand that what you develop during Polaris may only be just the beginning of something fantastic. The teams with the best plans will win “multipliers” between 1.1x and 1.5x that will be applied to any prizes won at the conclusion of the Hackathon phase. For example, if your team wins a 1.5x multiplier and you win a grand prize of $35,000, you will actually receive $52,500. Not only does crafting a project plan put you way ahead of your competition, it also increases your opportunity to earn! The average prize money won during the Frontier Launchpad was increased by over 42% for Planathon participants! Further, Neo is actively looking for promising projects to incubate, so this is also a chance to put us on notice and show that you mean business. Short written feedback will be provided to all submissions. Participants are not required to compete in the Planathon to make a submission in the Hackathon. However, teams that take part in the Planathon will also have the advantage of having their final submission judged against the background of their original plan. This may help judges evaluate the quality of your submission within the bigger picture of your project, and not just the features you were able to deliver within the competition time frame. Finally, even if you do not win a multiplier in the Planathon, getting feedback on your ideas could be critical to adjusting your project concepts so you’re better positioned to win a Hackathon prize. Multipliers will be awarded to teams on April 11th. — Hackathon - April 12th — May 9th Submissions for the Hackathon phase of the Polaris Launchpad open after the results of the Planathon have been announced. This is when you put your skills to the test and start building your project. If you need help getting started, visit Neo’s Developers Portal to find documentation, tutorials, and tooling options. If you haven’t already, please join the Neo Discord, where the Neo community (who is responsible for many of the tools you will be using) will be ready and waiting to provide support, advice, and encouragement. Submissions for the development phase close on May 9th. Our esteemed Polaris Launchpad judges will review all entries and announce the winners on May 30th. — Polaris Plus - June 8th — June 21st Following the conclusion of the Hackathon, a bonus Polaris Plus round will be held, in which the Neo community gets to decide the winners. The best Hackathon submissions, regardless of whether they received awards or not, will be invited to join us on Dorahacks for a round community voting. In this special event, GAS token holders will be able to use their funds to vote for their favorite projects. Neo has set aside a minimum of $57,500 to match these votes through quadratic means. Further, due to the structure of the Polaris Launchpad, the maximum prize pool that can be distributed to Hackathon participants is $442,500 — depending on each team’s performance during the Planathon. Any leftover prize money will be allocated to Polaris Plus, meaning that the total amount to be distributed may rise. This is a chance for the Neo community to have its say on which projects it would like to see grow within the Neo ecosystem. Polaris Plus participants will have one week between the conclusion of the Hackathon and the beginning of Polaris Plus to make any final adjustments to their projects before the quadratic voting round starts. Voting will close on June 21st. — Prizes - — Planathon - Multipliers of between 1.1x and 1.5x will be awarded to outstanding plans. Short written feedback will be provided for Planathon submissions. — Hackathon - Grand Prizes will be awarded to the best overall project in each of the following categories (five total): DeFi, Metaverse & NFT, DAO, Middleware Incorporating NeoFS/Oracle, General, Each Grand Prize winner will receive: US $35,000 in NEO tokens, Entry into the Neo EcoBoost program for incubation support., Entry into the Polaris Plus community voting round for additional prizes., Excellence Awards will be awarded to projects that have demonstrated excellent technical execution across any category and will receive (15 total): US $8,000 in NEO tokens, A one-hour consultation with NGD EcoGrowth to discuss your project and its goals., Entry into Polaris Plus community voting round for additional token bonus., Polaris Plus entry may be awarded to projects that did not qualify for a Grand Prize or Excellence Award. — Polaris Plus - Neo will match community voting via quadratic means up to a minimum of $57,500 in value. This figure may rise depending on the total prizes awarded during the Hackathon phase. We can’t wait to see what you all deliver during this exciting event. As always, the Neo development community will be on hand to guide you and assist you with any questions you might have. Please don’t forget to join the Neo Discord and head over to DevPost to register your participation in the Polaris Launchpad. For more information on the Neo Polaris Launchpad visit the following links: Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Introducing the Neo Polaris Launchpad — Compete for $500,000 in prizes and incubation opportunities was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Polaris Launchpad Project Ideas

Updated on March 22, 2022 — Project ideas - Looking for ideas for your Neo Polaris Launchpad project? We encourage all participants in the Polaris Launchpad to use your imaginations to build projects that test the boundaries of blockchain technology and make use of all of Neo N3’s features. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas for applications NGD would love to see come to life in the Neo ecosystem. Decentralized exchanges Exchange platforms that support the swapping of NEP-17 tokens. Ideally, no listing process would be needed. Protocols that can read smart contracts deployed on-chain and support swaps with tokens in a liquidity pool are encouraged., Reference dApps include: Uniswap, MDEX, PancakeSwap. Lending protocols Lending protocols that can support mainstream assets on Neo. Basic functionality such as depositing and lending, and offering simple or compound interest calculation and distribution is desirable., Reference dApps include: AAVE, Compound, Filda, Venus. Onchain Information Aggregators Platforms that are able to collect various on-chain data and present it to users in a meaningful and organized manner. Special interest in DeFi aggregators and applications that allow users to manage their tokens., Reference dApps include DEX Screener, Defistation. Metaverse Metaverse related, open-world games. Projects that provide infrastructure and focus on a user-generated content approach are encouraged., Reference dApps include: Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels. IDO/IGO Platforms Token distribution platforms that utilize a variety of listing mechanisms, such as auctions, fixed price, mystery boxes, etc. Ideally would support both fungible and non-fungible token types., Reference dApps include: Raydium, BSC Marketplace NFTs New and interesting NFT use cases. Novel use of NFT technology in such areas as LP asset proofs, NFT lending, whitelisting, gaming, etc. (Example: Create a Javascript-based, 3D NFT gallery to enable artists and collectors to showcase and utilize their NFTs in immersive settings.), Middleware components and applications using NeoFS and Oracle A decentralized, secure, and stable price feed service built on top of Neo’s Oracle system is desired. Comprehensive applications based on NeoFS or infrastructures that boost the utility of the NeoFS service are also encouraged., Other Any other projects bridging/interfacing the physical world with the digital world., In closing: All crypto adopters are great thinkers. The list here is just a quick reference to fuel your own innovative brainstorming process. The big prize winners in Polaris Launchpad will be the ones who move beyond the ordinary to bring something truly scalable, social, sustainable, new, or even disruptive to the Neo N3 ecosystem. We can’t wait to see what you all deliver during this exciting event. As always, the Neo development community will be on hand to guide you and assist you with any questions you might have. Please don’t forget to join the Neo Discord and head over to DevPost to register your participation in the Polaris Launchpad. For more information on the Neo Polaris Launchpad visit the following links: Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Polaris Launchpad Project Ideas was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Neo Polaris Launchpad Hackathon Community Kickoff: Recap of the March 7, 2022 Live-Streamed Event

Neo launched its developer-friendly Polaris Launchpad hackathon event in a virtual community kickoff session on March 7, 2022. Four guest speakers joined the kickoff to share details about the newest Neo hackathon and field questions from the audience. Check out this article for a recap of each leader’s session in the live-streamed kickoff. Da Hongfei, Founder of Neo Da Hongfei, founder of the Neo Foundation, opened the event with a walkthrough of the relationship between Neo and Web3. “Web3 is the new iteration of Web1 and Web2, it is an innovation of different layers of the internet,” he said. He explained that Web1 and Web2 represent innovation at the content and platform levels, while Web3 innovations target lower stacks at the level of protocols themselves. Based on these innovations at the protocol level, Web3 enables people to do a new range of things such as digital asset transactions, value transfers, and more. Thus, Web3 is much more than a simple replacement of Web1 and Web 2; it is an innovation that incorporates and builds upon both. Da described how Erik Zhang, who founded Neo along with Da, spent three years working alongside the rest of the core Neo developer team to build and launch Neo N3 on the MainNet. Da said that Neo N3 has continued to run smoothly in the several months since its launch. Thanks to its new capabilities, Neo N3 now offers developers the best infrastructure available for Web3 development, he said. He cited examples of the functionalities in Neo N3 such as multi-language support that enables developers to build smart contracts in the languages they already know best; one-block finality for DeFi usage; and a range of new modules and functionalities. Last year’s milestone events (including the large-scale migration of Neo Legacy to Neo N3 and the successful hosting of the Frontier Launchpad hackathon) provided a solid foundation to this year’s Polaris Hackathon, Da said. He highlighted the fact that Neo’s global communities have been key to supporting and contributing to all that Neo has achieved. He concluded by introducing the new Polaris Launchpad hackathon and extending a warm welcome to all developers who wish to participate. Steven Liu, Head of Development Steven Liu, Head of Development at the Neo Global Development (NGD), provided a briefing on the Neo N3 technology stack. He gave an overview of key features and functions. Key points included the evolution in Neo N3 compared to the capabilities of Neo Legacy and the interoperability offered by Neo N3. He described advanced functionalities such as NeoID for customization of attribute verification; NeoFS Network for decentralized storage; a native oracle service to enable new ways to create decentralized services; and Neo Name Service (NNS), a native name service to provide domain-mapping for numerous record types. Liu said that providing developers with this rich new set of capabilities supports Neo’s vision helping developers easily build on Neo N3–setting them up to succeed in the Polaris Launchpad hackathon. Catherine Lu, Business Development Manager Catherine Lu, Business Development Manager with Neo Global Development (NGD), described the financial support that NGD can provide for Polaris Launchpad winners. Lu also gave an overview of the types of projects that NGD seeks to incubate and see built on Neo N3. These include DeFi; on-chain information aggregators and explorers; Metaverse infrastructure; middleware components; an IDO/IGO platform; cross-chain apps; and other projects that are scalable, sustainable, and disruptive. Dean Jeffs, Founder of Neo News Today Dean Jeffs, the founder of Neo News Today, introduced the rules and specifics of the Polaris Launchpad event. The hackathon includes five tracks of competition: DeFi, NFT and Metaverse, Infrastructure, DAO, and General. Jeffs described the prize system for each competition track as well as for the different phases of the Polaris Launchpad: the Planathon, the Hackathon, and Polaris Plus. Jeffs also provided information on logistics and resources such as the registration website, the new New Developer Resources portal containing a comprehensive collection of tools and resources to help developers build on Neo N3, the Neo community Discord channel, and more. Jeffs concluded by telling the audience that Neo is a fun community and a fun platform to build on. He invited participants to jump in and have a great time competing in the Polaris Launchpad hackathon. Kickoff Call Conclusion and Call to Action At the end of the kickoff, the speakers addressed audience questions such as the details of the BSN collaborations, what makes Neo more competitive to build on compared to other blockchain platforms, the story behind the “Polaris” concept, and so on. The community kickoff call marked the official start of the Polaris Launchpad Planathon phase. The Neo leadership team invites talented developers worldwide to register today to create the next set of amazing projects that may become part of the Neo N3 ecosystem. Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Neo Polaris Launchpad Hackathon Community Kickoff: Recap of the March 7, 2022 Live-Streamed Event was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Airdrop Event of Neo And Bit.Store Partnership

Airdrop Event of Neo & Bit.Store Partnership - To celebrate the partnership with Bit.Store, a SocialFi investment platform tailored for new and junior investors, Neo and Bit.Store will host an airdrop event which will last from April 8th to 22nd. Participants will have chances to receive either NEO or STORE tokens. How to participate: Fill out a Gleam form to provide your wallet address and find detailed rules in there., Follow both Neo(@Neo_Blockchain) and Bit. Store(@www_bit_store) Twitter account., Join both Neo( and Bit.Store( Telegram group., There will be $1000 NEO and $1000 STORE tokens airdropped to a total of 100 randomly picked participants, the lucky draw results will be announced on April 25th. Join us and you could be the lucky winner! Two AMAs will also be hosted by Neo and Bit.Store on April 11th with $100 STORE and 4 NEO as incentives airdropped to some of the AMA participants. A lot of exciting things will happen soon, stay tuned! Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Airdrop Event of Neo And Bit.Store Partnership was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Neo Partners with SocialFi investment platform Bit.Store

Neo has announced a new partnership with Bit.Store, a SocialFi investment platform tailored for new and junior investors. App users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with local and international fiat payment channels, including mobile wallets and bank transfers. As a result of the newly established partnership, Neo will work with Bit.Store to enhance customer experience and expand access to the smart economy for new groups of users. Through the Bit.Store website, users across Europe and Southeast Asia can both buy NEO tokens using the fiat currencies of their choice and swap NEO tokens with other cryptocurrencies. “This new partnership with Bit.Store further extends the mainstream availability of NEO and enhances user experience,” said John Wang, Director of Neo EcoGrowth. “We are pleased to continue to build on our momentum through this new collaboration.” About Neo: Neo is an open-source community-driven blockchain platform. It is the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications. Neo enables developers to digitize and automate the management of assets through smart contracts. It also provides powerful native infrastructures such as decentralized storage, oracles, and domain name service, creating a solid foundation for the Next-Gen Internet. About Bit.Store: Bit.Store is a SocialFi investment platform designed with beginner investors in mind. The platform gives its users access to global digital currency markets quickly and easily by supporting different money transfer methods via cooperations with a wide network of regional payment providers. The app provides a variety of features, including social trading, following, and copy trading strategies published by seasoned experts in the space, and allows experts to monetize their contribution to the platform. At the time of writing, Bit.Store has managed to achieve a milestone of 500K active users (by Dec 2021) across Europe and Southeast Asia and continues its rapid expansion into markets worldwide. Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Neo Partners with SocialFi investment platform Bit.Store was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Neospective Creation Contest Round 2: Neo Hackathon Mascot

(This article was updated on June 2nd, 2022) Get your creativity on–it’s time for Round 2 of the Neospective Creation Contest! Neospective is a new content collaboration program hosted by Neo Global Development (NGD). Neospective is another way for Neo community members like you to get involved, make unique contributions based on your own skills and passions, and compete for community-voted prizes of up to USD $1200. Round 1 of the Neospective Creation Contest wrapped up in January. In Round 1, Diagram Design, members of our global Neo communities offered up 64 amazing entries depicting different aspects of Neo and N3 ecosystem projects. For Neospective Round 2, starting today and running through July 5th, 2022, we invite you to design a mascot for the Neo hackathon series. Read on to learn how you can contribute and compete! — Why Neospective? - In case you missed Neospective Round 1, here are the basics of this fun new way to engage with the Neo community. We at Neo are continually inspired by the time, energy, and soul that this vibrant community brings to all things Neo. Community project developers who contribute to the Neo protocol, stack, and associated capabilities do amazing work. But not every Neo community member is a developer. And not every meaningful contribution to the Neo community requires a GitHub commit. Neospective invites our creative global community members to create all kinds of content to show off the goodness of Neo N3. We know that your content entries will be as awesome, but the best thing will be that they come from the unique perspectives of the Neo community. If you want to share your own ideas by creating content to showcase or teach about Neo N3, then the Neospective Creation Contest is for you. We hope you’ll let your imagination run wild! We’ve divided the Neospective Creation Contest into multiple rounds. Each round will focus on a different type of content. Round requirements will vary by content type. — How It Works - Before you get started, to make sure that your work is eligible, please review the requirements and the terms and conditions outlined at the end of this announcement. — Round 2 theme: Neo Hackathon Mascot - In Round 2, we are calling for the best mascot design to represent the Neo Launchpad hackathon series. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to join in! You just need to get creative about sharing your knowledge of and passion for Neo N3. — What is a Hackathon Mascot? - A mascot serves as an ambassador of a specific company/campaign/contest. The mascot can be used in various digital and print marketing materials. Neo Polaris Launchpad, our second global virtual hackathon, kicked off on March 7. Looking forward, Neo will launch a series of future hackathon competitions to continue to activate and foster a vibrant Neo N3 ecosystem. The Neo hackathon mascot will be the “visualization” of a series of future Neo hackathon events, expressing the excellence of Neo’s technology and the initiative and creativity of the explorers who participate in the Neo hackathons. Your mascot design may be used in future hackathon promotional materials or may inspire the final mascot design. — How to Create a Mascot for Upcoming Neo Hackathons - Here are some tips for creating a successful mascot for Neo’s hackathon series. Choose the right character You can create any of three different types of characters: Humans, animals or objects. We don’t recommend one type over another. However, there are several factors you need to consider to choose the right mascot for you. Neo’s hackathons, a series of competitions to bring together Web3 developers to take on challenges and push the boundaries of blockchain technology, should have a mascot that feels development-oriented, novel, and futuristic., Create the personality of your character We want the final Neo Hackathon mascot to be much more than a wordless design. In the digital world, a mascot comes to life and can communicate directly with the audience. So, take some time to think about the personality you want to give your mascot. To help us better understand the concept you come up with, please submit design outcomes consisting of two parts: an electronic document of the design drawing, and a brief description of its personality., Design your own Neo Hackathon Mascot, 1. Exaggerated features can make your mascot memorable. 2. Consider using unusual or distinctive colors to make your mascot stand out. 3. Try to avoid characters that have already been chosen as mascots. 4. Give your mascot a memorable name. — How to submit a contest entry - The submission period runs from May 6th until July 5th. To enter a mascot design in the contest: Follow Neo on Twitter:, To enter:, Post a tweet in which you share your Neo hackathon mascot design. Use the hashtag #Neospective; #Neo Hackathon Mascot, and tag @Neo_Blockchain., Send your design outcome and contact information here., Now you’re entered!, 3. In addition to your official contest entry, you also can post your work in the r/NEO community to share it with community members who may wish to tip you in GAS via the r/NEO GasBot as a further incentive for your efforts. — How to vote on contest entries - You can be a part of the contest even if you don’t have a design to contribute: Just vote for your favorite entries! After the July 5th final submission date, we will invite the Neo global community to select contest winners through two rounds of judging. Voting period:, -July 5th — July 12th — vote for the top 3 mascot designs: NGD will provide a Google form that lists the links to all eligible designs. Each voter may vote for up to 2 different entries in the form. (If a voter votes for the same submission multiple times, this will be counted as one vote in total.) -July 13th — July 15th — vote to rank the top 3 mascot designs: @Neo Smart Economy will set up a public poll at where you can vote to rank the top 3 entries selected in Part 1. By voting, you’ll be entered into a random drawing to receive one of 20 awards of a Neoverse NFT blind box each. Voting entries will be counted as one entry per voter in total., — Contest prizes - To celebrate your ideas and efforts, we’ll award top place prizes ranging from USD $300–1200 each. NGD will award prizes to the top 3 best qualifying works as selected by the community. Prizes will be awarded in $NEO: NGD will award prizes to the top 4 best qualifying works as selected by the community., -First Place: USD $1200 -Second Place: USD $500 -Third Place: USD $300 The mascot that wins first prize will be used as the official mascot of the Neo Hackathon in a series of subsequent social media promotions. There is also the opportunity for the mascot to be made into NFT series and physical dolls., Up to 20 additional, randomly drawn qualifying entries will be submitted to receive honorable mention awards of USD $25 in GAS each., For every qualified submission, entrants will receive a Neoverse NFT blind box as an entry prize!, Awards will be distributed after Part 2 of the voting period is completed., — Requirements - These requirements and tips can help you prepare your entry for Round 2: Let your creativity flow! Do your best to catch our eyes and evoke the whole community with your brilliant inspiration and marvelous ideas. Nothing goes before creativity!, All entries must include elements reflecting:, Neo’s branding image (logo, slogan, products, etc.), Neo Hackathon elements, 3. Check out the Neo press kit to access Neo branding images, colors, etc. 4. Do your best to catch our eyes and evoke the whole community with your brilliant inspiration and marvelous ideas — Nothing goes before creativity! — Terms and Conditions - By entering the contest, you agree to the following terms and conditions: You may submit more than one entry to the contest., Each individual entrant is eligible to win only 1 prize. However, if one or more entries from the same individual receive high marks but don’t win because you already won a prize for another stellar work, NGD will still officially promote your other mascot design(s) in the Neo community and on Neo social platforms., Works that received an incentive from NGD before the launch of the Neospective Creation Contest will not be rewarded again., Do not use any copyrighted materials unless you have the copyright or written permission to use them., Your content must comply with all local laws and regulations. Please do not post anything promoting illegal, racist, or hatred behaviors; this will disqualify your entry., By submitting an entry to the contest, you as a participant agree to grant NGD the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform, and/or display the participant’s video without further compensation or notification to you., NGD reserves the right to explain and change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice., Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Neospective Creation Contest Round 2: Neo Hackathon Mascot was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Neo Will Join Blockdown Festival Croatia as Diamond Sponsor

Exciting news! Neo will join The BlockDown Festival Croatia as a Diamond Sponsor. Several high-profiles from Neo and the Neo community will attend the festival, which will be hosted in beautiful Croatia from May 11 -13. This article will walk you through the details of how Neo will get involved in this event. On the first day of the festival, 11 May (Wednesday) 2022 at 1:20 pm, Guil. Sperb Machado, the founder of AxLabs, will speak in a 40-minute panel discussion to discuss the topic “DAOs: Ideology and Use Cases” with other panelists. On the second day, 12 May 2022 (Thursday) at 9 am, Lili Zhao, Eco-Growth Director of Neo Europe, will give a 20-minute keynote speech entitled “Value Creation in the Smart Economy.” On the last day of the festival, 13 May (Friday) from 3 pm to 4:30 pm, Neo will host a 90-minute meetup on site. Lili will kick off the meetup with her speech, “Chains, Coins & Communities.” She will be followed by Mr. Google, Project Leader of Flamingo.Finance, who will discuss “Where we have been and where we are going.” Guil, Founder of AxLabs, will then share the latest progress about “Grantshares”. Following this, Lili will moderate a roundtable session where panelists will discuss “N3: What happened in the past 9 months.” The meetup will end with a Q&A session, in which our speakers will answer questions from on-site audiences. Throughout the three-day festival, we hope you will stop by to meet us in person at our Neo booth. Our staff will happily share everything about the powerful and feature-rich new Neo N3 blockchain and just about anything else you want to know about Neo. Spoil alert: A mysterious new ecosystem project will show up at the Neo booth–come find out what it is! This will be a fun and thrilling three-day event. We can’t wait to see you in Croatia! Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Neo Will Join Blockdown Festival Croatia as Diamond Sponsor was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Neo Global Development (NGD) Welcomes Hacash.Diamonds to the EcoBoost Program

Neo Global Development (NGD) has accepted Hacash.Diamonds, a platform that provides professional collecting and trading services for a specialized type of NFT, as the first project to join the EcoBoost program in 2022. Within this program, Hacash.Diamonds will receive a range of support including grants and business incubation opportunities to promote the growth of a novel newer category of NFTs known as Proof of Work (PoW) NFTs. — About the EcoBoost program - Following successful completion of the Neo Early Adoption program last year, the NGD Eco Support organization will focus on fostering Neo ecosystem growth in 2022 through the larger-scale EcoBoost program. The EcoBoost program has allocated US $200 million to build a strong network of partners who can support Neo-based projects across the project lifecycle. — About Hacash.Diamonds - Hacash.Diamonds is a platform that provides professional collecting and trading services for a type of NFT known as HACD, or Hacash Diamonds HACDs are NFTs on the Hacash blockchain. The Hacash.Diamonds platform was founded in September 2021. The platform is committed to spreading the energy generative art represented by HACD and promoting HACD to become a mainstream store of value. Hacash.Diamonds team members are serial entrepreneurs who are experienced veterans of the American and Chinese blockchain worlds. Hacash.Diamonds has launched numerous products and services to date, such as a HACD browser, scarcity tools, decentralized exchanges, OTC guarantee services, NFT platform guarantee services, and NFT art exhibition services. — Hacash.Diamonds and Neo - As an NFT designed to store value, the PoW NFT is a relevantly new innovation that the blockchain industry has just begun to explore. By joining the Neo EcoBoost program, Hacash.Diamonds will pioneer a PoW NFT track on the Neo N3 blockchain, opening new possibilities to NEO and HACD holders alike. The Hacash.Diamonds team and the HACD community collectors have collaborated to launch a DAO called the 1H1B DAO. The DAO’s self-stated purpose is to push the floor price of HACD beyond that of Bitcoin. The DAO’s long-term plan is for the Hacash.Diamonds team to mint a 1H1B NFT that will be first minted on the Neo blockchain. With this efficient and mainstream-compliant approach, the 1H1B NFT will enable HACD to enter the Neo ecosystem. The 1H1B NFT will be an unreserved NFT that is fully transparent, membership-based, and multi-chain. Minting the 1H1B NFT on the Neo N3 blockchain will drive more on-chain activity to both the Neo and the HACD ecosystems. The 1H1B DAO will focus on incenting Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote the 1H1B NFT. The intended approach will be to incent KOLs and their followers. As well as HACD collectors, to donate their HACD NFTs in order to mint 1H1B NFTs, resulting in a value transfer. “The 1H1B DAO will be the first project in the Neo ecosystem to focus on Proof of Work (PoW) NFTs,” said John Wang, Director of Ecosystem Growth at NGD. “We at Neo expect this partnership to provide HACD holders a chance to get acquainted with Neo and our premium Neoverse series NFTs as well.” Ken You, Founder of Hacash.Diamonds, likewise welcomes the new partnership. “I believe that with the cooperation with Neo, we can power the whole PoW NFT market and also help more people understand the value of HACD,” said You. “I also believe that HACD and the 1H1B DAO will play a very important role in the development of Neo’s NFT ecosystem.” Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Neo Global Development (NGD) Welcomes Hacash.Diamonds to the EcoBoost Program was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Polaris Launchpad Hackathon Judging Has Begun

Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to plan, develop, and submit your projects to the Polaris Launchpad Hackathon. Neo’s first Launchpad Hackathon event of 2022 saw more than 600 registrants from 69 countries and has received more than 50 project submissions. Final submissions for the Hackathon came in on May 9, and the Hackathon Phase has moved to the judging stage. Our esteemed judges are now assessing the concept and feasibility, design, and implementation of each project entry. This article introduces you to the judges, a team of high-profile industry leaders in diverse roles such as company founder, entrepreneur, core developer, academic researcher, product manager, and more. Taken together, this team’s diverse set of perspectives from the blockchain world will provide a well-rounded and holistic approach to the judging process. Read on to learn more about the judging team and learn what to expect next. — Meet the judges - — Da Hongfei, Founder of Neo - Neo founder and a core leader within China’s blockchain industry, Da Hongfei is a serial entrepreneur who has provided invaluable advisory expertise on blockchain technology to many banks, stockbrokers, and bill exchanges. In 2011, he began to explore blockchain technology applications. He became a well-known columnist in mainstream blockchain media such as 8BTC and served as one of the sector’s earliest advocates. He went on to found Neo in 2014. In 2016, Da also founded the Onchain brand, a company dedicated to exploring and developing blockchain’s underlying technology. He also became involved in helping to develop blockchain standards within China and contributing to the international ISO-TC307 blockchain standard. Through his years of experience and forward-looking vision, Da has become a leader within the blockchain sector who leads application trends and serves as a role model within the industry. — Erik Zhang, Founder of Neo - Before joining Neo, Erik worked for Shanda Games Limited, where he was dedicated to security systems for games and platforms. He then worked for another tech giant company in Beijing, where he mainly focused on information security. In 2014, Erik met and worked alongside Hongfei Da to build on the Antshares concept that was later rebranded as Neo. Erik recently led the Neo core developer team effort to implement the migration from the Neo Legacy blockchain to the Neo N3 blockchain. As the creator of a new consensus protocol, the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism, Erik distinguished himself in the crypto community and opened the possibility of virtually unlimited scalability with no need for paying large security fees. Erik now focuses on bringing more applications to Neo N3 and working on Onegate, a gateway to the blockchain world for normal internet users, as well as Galaxz, a sci-fi space adventure MMORPG. — John deVadoss, President / NGD Enterprise - John leads NGD Enterprise in Seattle, WA, where he focuses on the developer experience and tools. Previously he built and successfully launched two Machine Learning start-ups. Earlier in his career at Microsoft, John incubated and built Microsoft Digital from zero to $0.5B in revenue, and he led architecture, product, and developer engagement for the .NET platform. He has published several books on management and software architecture topics. Currently, he is working on a book on decentralized systems. John serves on the board of the Global Blockchain Business Council and co-chairs the IEEE Blockchain Initiative. — Steven Liu, Head of Development / NGD - A graduate of Zhejiang University and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Steven has participated in several early-stage blockchain projects and has worked for several tech giant companies. Steven joined Neo in 2018. Initially, he was responsible for collaborations between Neo Foundation and the technical teams of external new projects as a Neo Foundation Technologist. He also supported the development and collaboration of the Neo Foundation and Neo global technical communities. Steven later took on the role of Technical Lead of Flamingo Finance (a full-stack decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol including multiple products) and led the team to develop Neo’s largest DeFi protocol to date. Steven now leads the NGD Technical Team. Here he leads the technical output and development of Neo protocols, infrastructure, tools, and ecological projects. He also is responsible for exploring and researching new directions for blockchain applications. — Tyler Adams, Founder of COZ - Tyler is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and of Arizona State University. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of COZ, a global developer community in the Neo ecosystem that was established in 2017. The COZ team developed and maintains a number of great Neo N3 developer tools (including the neo-python suite and the Neon.js Javascript SDK); a collection of wallet utilities including Neon Wallet (desktop and mobile) and the WalletConnect SDK; the Dora blockchain explorer; and the PROPS developer framework. COZ also hosts Neo-oriented developer events and offers technical assistance for hackathons. — John Wang, Head of Neo Ecosystem Growth - John is a graduate of Monash University in Australia. Before joining Neo, John built up many years of expertise in strategic management consulting, including during his work for Accenture, and he played a role in numerous successful entrepreneurial experiences. John joined Neo in 2017. He now serves both as the head of Neo Ecosystem Growth and as the Managing Director of Neo Ecofund. He holds responsibility for Neo global ecosystem development and investment across multiple regions and continents. In this role, John has led his team to invest in more than 100 Neo ecosystem projects and has provided full-spectrum strategic and branding support for core projects in this ecosystem. — Odd Jørgen Røland, Developer at Flamingo Finance - In 2016, Odd co-founded Adapted, a Norwegian software company. There he worked as a manager and created several different SaaS products that are used by some of the largest companies in Norway, such as Burger King, Starbucks, and DNB (Scandinavia’s biggest bank). He got into the crypto space in 2011. He is familiar with most languages but prefers Python for the backend and Vue/Html/Scss for the frontend. He has significant SysOp experience and is familiar with running load-balanced, cluster, or shared servers. — Vincent Geneste, CEO of GhostMarket - Vincent worked as a network architect for 15 years. During this time, he was involved in many different blockchain-related projects as a side hobby before going full-time into blockchain and starting GhostMarket, the first cross-chain NFT Marketplace. — Stanislav Bogatyrev, NeoFS Architect. CIO of Neo SPCC - Stanislav is a PhD Candidate in Reliability of Distributed Computer Systems at ITMO University. He holds a Diploma of Engineer in Embedded Systems from ITMO University and a Master of Innovation Management from St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics. Previously, he has worked as a senior software engineer at Samsung Electronics, a system architect at Clodo Cloud Hosting, a senior software engineer at Dell-EMC, and an engineer at Mashtab Research Institute. — Guil. Sperb Machado, Builder & Founder of AxLabs - Guil is a researcher, entrepreneur, and software engineer. He is a serial open-source contributor and brings 20+ years of experience in the software industry. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Zürich, where he also contributed to his first blockchain project in 2013. Together with AxLabs, he joined Neo in late 2018. Since then, he has been building various tools to make the developer experience on Neo as smooth and intuitive as possible. Guil brings his passion to his work and is constantly on the hunt to materialize the next big thing in the blockchain space. — Dean Jeffs, Founder of Neo News Today - Dean is the founder of Neo News Today. He cut his teeth in the burgeoning world of e-commerce in the mid-’00s, before moving onto broader digital project management in the 10s. Dean’s interest in future trend technologies was what drew him into blockchain in 2013. Since discovering Antshares in 2017, Dean has worked to make positive contributions to the Neo community in whatever way he can be useful, primarily manifesting in the creation and management of Neo News Today. — Navin Reddy, CEO of Telusko Edutech Pvt Ltd - Navin is an educator and software developer. His YouTube channel, “Telusko,” has more than 1.6M subscribers. Navin provides online as well as corporate training to multiple IT companies and banks. — Matthew Broadhurst, Product Manager of Poplar Protocol - Matthew has been working as a researcher and developer in the blockchain industry for three years and has a solid knowledge of both DeFi and Web 3. Before entering the Web 3 world, he worked for eight years in architecture and development in the gaming industry. — Hong Wan, Associate Professor of NC State University - Hong Wan is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University. Her research focuses on the areas of experimental design and data analysis of complex simulation models and blockchain. She is the director of the ISE blockchain lab and serves as the editor in chief of the Journal of Blockchain Research and as the associate editor of ACM TOMACS. Her website is — What’s next - We applaud the creativity and hard work that has gone into the projects submitted to the Polaris Launchpad Hackathon. We look forward to announcing the winners of this phase of the Polaris Launchpad event on May 30. Following the conclusion of the Hackathon, we will hold a bonus Polaris Plus round, in which the Neo community gets to decide the winners. We will invite the best Hackathon submissions (whether or not they receive an award in the Hackathon phase) to join us on DoraHacks for a round of community voting. In this special event, GAS token holders will be able to use their funds to vote for their favorite projects, and Neo will match these votes with a minimum of $57,500 through quadratic means. Learn more Neo official website: Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain Join the Neo community: Discord / Telegram Polaris Launchpad Hackathon Judging Has Begun was originally published in Neo Smart Economy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


Technical Analysis: AVAX Enters Crypto Top 10, as NEO, THETA Also Gain

    AVAX climbed into the cryptocurrency top ten on Wednesday, following a three-day winning streak. Today's move comes as THETA and NEO were also higher, despite the current market uncertainty. Biggest gainers Although the majority of the crypto top 100 was underneath a red wave, there were a few exceptions, which managed to surf above this. These include NEO, and THETA which were up between 4-8% respectively, however, today's most impressive bull was AVAX. The price of avalanche (AVAX) rallied for a third consecutive session, with today's surge taking AVAX into the top ten crypto's by market capitalization. AVAX/USD rose to its highest level since January 12, hitting an intraday peak of $97.05 in the process. Although, as prices hit the recent resistance of $97.10, profit-takers began to liquidate their positions, which led to avalanche falling from its high. The profit-taking came as price strength found some resistance, with the 14-day RSI hitting its ceiling of 62, an area which has halted bullish momentum in the past. AVAX has mainly trended upwards in the last three weeks, and should this RSI level be broken, prices will likely surge past the $100 mark. Biggest losers Despite cryptocurrency markets being down 0.77% as of writing, there was no definitive bear of the day, as drops in price were marginal. Some notable mentions however have been zcash (ZEC), and CELO which both fell by as much as 4% on the day. However, Wednesday's biggest loser, relatively speaking, w... read More

NEO to Work With China's Blockchain Service Network on a Permissio...

    China continues its foray into the field of cryptocurrencies, albeit in a way like no other. The country launched its very own Blockchain Service Network (BSN) and is now teaming up with NEO to create a permissionless chain. According to a press release shared with CryptoPotato, the China-native NEO ecosystem will be creating a permissioned chain called Jiuquan. As per the report, this will be one of the ten blockchains that will form the Chinese blockchain-based ecosystem. It's worth noting that China has previously announced that it will have its own take on the NFT industry, although non-fungible tokens will be based on the Distributed Digital Certificate (DDC) standard). Speaking on the matter was Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology, as well as the Executive Director of the BSN Development Association, who said that: NFT/DDC technology is a digital certification and distributed database technology that can be applied in any scenario where digital proof is required. We anticipate billions of DDC's issued annually in China in the future. The biggest market for DDCs lies in certificate account management of all types. Per the release, NEO plans to integrate their domain name service as part of the new chain to function as DDCs and replace their hash strings with memorable sentences. Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, commented: Neo is thriving to bolster our ecosystem under any circumstances in any regions. We are aiming for creating a solid foundation for the Next-Gen Int... read More

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