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NEAR Protocol  


NEAR Price:
$0.3 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.6 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:

NEAR Protocol is ranked #20 out of all coins. The code for NEAR Protocol is #NEAR.
NEAR Protocol is 1.6 years old, and there is a very large volume of trading today on #NEAR.
For this period, the price of NEAR Protocol/#NEAR is down by a staggering 61%.
The lowest NEAR price for this period was $4.88,
and the highest was $12.98.

NEAR Protocol (#NEAR) News:

May 26, 10:13 pm

Portugal's Congress Rejected 2 Crypto Tax Proposals
Assembleia da República - Portugal's Congress - dismissed two separate bill proposals focused on the taxation of cryptocurrency transactions. The suggestions were introduced by the left-wing parties - Livre and Bloco de Esquerda. Crypto Transactions in Portugal Remain Nontaxable A few weeks ago, the country's Finance Minister - Fernando Medina - revealed the government's plans to start applying capital gains taxes on digital asset profits. While not putting a deadline, the politician argued that the tax legislation should be 'adequate' and establish 'justice' and 'efficiency.' He also opined that Portugal should take an example from other nations where such policies are already live: 'It is an area in which there is a lot more knowledge and a lot more progress so that Portugal can drink from international experiences.' Two of the political groups in the country have already suggested what the taxation framework should look like. According to the left-wing parties, taxes should be imposed on individuals who earn profits of more than €5,000 ($5,300) per year from crypto. Nonetheless, during this week's budget voting session for 2022, Assembleia da República (Portug...

May 26, 1:51 pm

Over $370M Liquidated in a Day as Bitcoin Price Slumps to $28K
The number of liquidated traders has neared 100,000 on a daily scale as the total value of liquidations skyrocketed to over $350 million in the same timeframe. This comes as BTC and the rest of the market have plunged once again. As CryptoPotato reported, the past week or so was quite calm in terms of trading for bitcoin and the altcoins. The prim...

May 25, 10:09 pm

Bitcoin Consolidation Uninspiring, But Run To Near $33k On The Cards
The spring is being compressed further as Bitcoin swings continue to diminish. Since the commencement of active trading in New York, the lower bound of the trading range has shifted to $29K, where the BTCUSD has found support. The top bound of the constructed triangle has advanced to $30.5K, up 1.8 percent from current prices of $30K in the last 24...

May 24, 4:00 pm

Biggest Movers: SOL, NEAR Fall Over 10% During Tuesday's Session
Crypto markets were down across the board on Tuesday, as bears re-entered the market, following strong gains on Monday. SOL was one of the tokens to fall, as it lost just over 10% of its value. NEAR also slipped by over 10% during the session. Solana (SOL) SOL was one of the most notable tokens to fall during today's session, as crypto markets fell...

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