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NAV Coin  


NAV Price:
$56.5 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NAV today is $0.042 USD.

The lowest NAV price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.042, and the exact current price of one NAV crypto coin is $0.04210.

The all-time high NAV coin price was $20.67.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NAV with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for NAV Coin crypto currency is #NAV.

NAV Coin is 9.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for NAV Coin is $3,242,795.

NAV Coin is ranking downwards to #3036 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #NAV.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for NAV Coin is $56,506.


The circulating supply of NAV is 77,023,649 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


NAV has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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[2023] May Updates

Greetings Navigators. For those who did not actually sell in May to walk away 😉, we have a new round of updates. We are excited to introduce the relaunch of our social mining project at the beginning of this month. Initially, it was exclusive to our Discord community, but in the coming days we’ll expand it to the wider public. At the end of each month, we will be awarding $NAV as a prize to the top three contributors on the leaderboard. Additionally, we will randomly select a fourth winner for a small bonus prize. You can find the complete details in our Discord post. We have chosen Zealy as our preferred platform for this project as it offers better security against bots and spam accounts. On the development front, a lot of resources are taken up by the PePoS transition. For those asking, the testnet will be launched sometime this summer. This month also saw the merging of the key manager support in the new core completed, a significant milestone as it enables the creation of receiving addresses and facilitates the signing of transactions. New member paulayo has been working on Whisper Wallet. He’s released a new patch, which fixes the currency screen and exchange rate setup in the app. Welcome to the team, @paulayo! Priverse is currently undergoing a redesign led by @alialkofee, who is responsible for the makeover. The aim is to create a more stylish and polished appearance for the platform, providing users with a sm...

[2023] April Updates

Greetings Navigators. This month has seen quite the increase in people joining our mission so here’s a warm welcome to all the new recruits. One of the reasons for the newcomer influx has been the announcement of the Private Finance Syndicate. Co-founded by Navcoin and LunarDAO, this alliance brings various PriFi projects and intends, through joint efforts, to educate individuals on the importance of privacy, unite communities, and tackle regulatory challenges. By working together, the hope is to expand the outreach to like-minded individuals who share the same conviction, as we’re firm believers that a larger community can make a more meaningful impact. In concrete terms, you can get excited for the PFS online conference later this year. More on that in the coming weeks. If you remember last month’s cliffhanger, it was an excerpt from the syndicate’s manifesto. We now invite you to read the full text and grasp the scope of what is at stake.Data — The Oil of The 21st CenturyFinancial data, as any data, represents powerful knowledge about an individual. Cash as the main means of transaction has been in decline for some time. Most transactions are conducted electronically, there is more electronic FIAT money than FIAT cash, every banking transaction is logged, stored by central entities, and made available to the government agencies and regulators of the world, making it possible for the powers in place to sanct...

LunarDAO & Navcoin: Launching the Private Finance Syndicate (PFS)

As you may have already noticed via Twitter, LunarDAO, an PriFi-oriented investment fund on the blockchain, has bundled forces with us in order to launch the Private Finance Syndicate (PFS). Financial privacy is not a privilege, it is a fundamental human right. In the years to come, it will become a necessity. The PFS, founded by Navcoin and LunarDAO, is set out to fight for freedom! While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and blockchain-ecosystems like Ethereum enabled a new asset class and innovative applications (dApps; DeFi), there is one central problem that not many people are really thinking through, which is the fact that those solutions are not anonymous, but pseudonymous. — Privacy Becomes Necessity. — However, as we were able to observe the past years, privacy is something that will be needed in the future. Growing regulations of cryptocurrencies, one could even say regulatory overreach, the global introduction of CBDCs, the ban of private cryptocurrencies in certain countries, all those things are giving a clear signal: The fundamental human right of financial privacy is threatened! This is the reason why projects like ours do, what we do, developing the PriFi-solutions of tomorrow. If we do not innovate, if we do not use private finance solutions, we might wake up in a dystopian world one day. A world in which every transaction is monitored, a world in which access to your funds can be revoked literall...

[2023] March Updates

Greetings Navigators. March has been a packed month so let’s waste no time and dive right into it. First things first. We released the article Financial Privacy: Fundamental Human Right or Danger for Society?, debunking the overblown assumption that privacy cryptocurrencies pose a societal danger due to their usage in illegal activities. Spoiler: cash is still king when it comes to crime and regulators are trying to scapegoat crypto for their political shortcomings. We then proceeded to launch another riddle which was solved in a record time, just under one minute, by community mastermind Lia. The encoded message consisted of Michael Jackson lyrics in Leet cipher. It’s great to see what an astute community we have, but rest assured, the next one will be much, much more difficult. Have you taken the Navcoin quiz yet? Find out if you’re a true Navigator by answering these nine short questions. We believe that a community thrives when based on shared principles, which is why we offer this quiz as a means for everyone to test their ideological stance. The major topic of discussion in the Discord revolves around a possible rebranding for Navcoin, with the basic requirements being: dropping the -coin suffix, and changing the name and network currency to Navio (more details in the original post). The response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive of this move — we are so grateful to everyone who took time to p...

How to use the Navcoin Bridge The Navcoin Bridge is a tool that allows you to exchange NAV from its native blockchain across different networks without having to transfer funds to a centralized exchange. It currently facilitates swaps to ecosystems such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and Avax. In order to perform these exchanges without delay or slippage, liquidity needs to be available on the bridge. To ensure enough liquidity, Navcoin incentivises users to deposit their cryptocurrency into liquidity pools by offering attractive rewards in the form of additional NAV. This process is called farming. Once a token has been successfully bridged, it will be labeled as wrapped. A wrapped version of a token is therefore a type of token that represents another cryptocurrency on a different blockchain network. E.g. wrapped Navcoin (WNAV) is the corresponding NAV token on BSC. Note: This guide will show you how to connect via the BSC network. For all other ecosystems, please choose the desired network in your wallet and follow the same steps. 0. Setting up Metamask Should you not have the Metamask extension installed, click here and return to this tutorial after completion. Once installed, go to Settings, click the Networks option and select Add Network. Fill in the form with the following information and finish by connecting to BSC. Network Name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: ChainID: 56 Symb...

[2023] February Updates

Greetings Navigators! Last month was dedicated to the brainiacs: our two active riddles, Ready Player One and Does Time Exist? have been solved. Congratulations to community members lia and neutrinosquad. If you’re curious to see how Ready Player One was solved, check out this walkthrough, courtesy of limbrow. And should you have been left wondering, if time really does exist, when the past has already happened, the present instantly becomes the past and the future did not happen yet, well… your guess is as good as ours. In other community news, priverse officially launched a twitter page. We will be spreading the word about what we are building through as many channels as possible. Most noteworthy being, that the first collection of audio nfts has been minted on the marketplace. Let this be the first of many talented creators who join in on our mission. Global FUD is never-ending. The latest legislation to come out of Dubai sees that privacy cryptocurrencies are prohibited from use. This is a tale as old as time, regulators are going to regulate and privacy enthusiasts will go deeper underground to continue using and building surveillance-resistant technology. We welcome all those who, in doing so, found out about Navcoin in their search for better alternatives. And the last piece of infuriating news is about the Alexey Pertsev case. The Tornado Cash developer has been denied bail and will remain in jai...

Financial Privacy: Fundamental Human Right or Danger for Society?

When talking about ‘privacy coins’, one question is almost inevitable: Is financial privacy a fundamental human right, or does it pose a risk to society? It is particularly the regulators who are using half-true arguments in favour of the latter, when they say that privacy coins are being used to launder money, facilitate terrorism financing or are being used to buy drugs on the darknet. While this is not completely false, hence the emphasis on ‘half-true’, it does paint a false picture. Yes, users can use privacy coins for those purposes, however, what has been cash fiat money being used for, for centuries? What about the fact that financial institutions are violating people’s rights by collecting information about their customers, exceeding their legitimate purpose, and in that helping private companies or government bodies gather a profile on their customers. In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of financial privacy and the actual usage of privacy coins. We will compare this with the situation for cash money to demonstrate to our readers that yes, financial privacy and the usage of privacy coins are indeed a fundamental human right! — Myths Sold As Facts: Why A Lot Of Allegations Are Untrue - As mentioned earlier, there are some classics among the arguments of the people and institutions in charge. One of the most mentioned is the claim that cryptocurrencies are used for illicit purpose...

Ready Player 0: The Crypto Riddle

Hello Navigators! We are delighted to share with you the solution to our latest riddle while at the same time congratulating our community member Lia, for having solved it successfully! — The Crypto Riddle - The riddle lives inside of a game called ‘Conway’s Game of Life’, which is a straightforward program resembling a cellular automata that can evolve into very interesting shapes in a beautifully mathematical nature. — Understanding Conway’s Game of Life - The cellular automata is an infinite grid of cells - the cells can have two states, alive or dead. Three rules dictate its growing behavior: If the cell is alive:, It stays alive if it has 2 or 3 living neighbor cells., It dies if it has more than three living neighbor cells., If the cell is dead:, 3. It comes to life only if it has 3 living neighbor cells. Those rules, together with an initial set of parameters shape the next stage of this virtual live being. The riddle came with a file Ready_Player_0.rle, which is the list of living cells and their initial position. The name of the riddle was the first hint to know what was hidden behind; cellular automata are usually called 0-player games, and the most famous one by far is Conway’s Game of Life. — The map - The map hides two Navcoin wallets; one seed and one private key. The private key is composed of 32 figures lined at the center. Each figure represents two hexadecimal digits,...

[2023] January Updates

Welcome, Navigators, to the first monthly round-up of the new year. We are back with consistent updates as a monthly round-up as well as regular Discord announcements to keep you steadily in the loop. So sit back, relax, and let’s go through the latest developments. In December we launched a joint giveaway with AtomicDEX. It was a great pleasure to engage and give back to the broader community and as it stands, all three challenges of the giveaway have now been solved. For the last set of riddles, solved by Discord user Lia, we’ve decided to post the detailed solutions for anyone curious to see. Shortly after, due to all the positive feedback, our CRO (chief riddle officer) limbrow prepared a new riddle to highlight Navcoin’s private NFTs. The prize consists of a private NFT on our blockchain and 75$ in $NAV. Although the former has already been claimed (congratulations again to Lia), the latter is still unsolved. Who knows, maybe one of the astute Navigators reading this can complete the mission. Another goal for this year is to publish more long form content. To start this off we’ve put out CEXs and Regulators vs. PriFi: Why Privacy Projects Have To Focus on DEXs. The article makes the case for the importance of choosing real decentralization in face of ever-growing regulatory pressure to prohibit privacy-preserving crypto projects. This is a conversation that needs to be brought to the forefront in the crypto comm...

CEXs and Regulators vs. PriFi: Why Privacy Projects Have To Focus on DEXs

If you are into cryptocurrencies, chances are high that you are mainly using centralized exchanges (CEXs). ‘Centralized exchange’ means that it is a third party platform that helps to conduct transactions. It basically acts as a middleman, not different from a bank in the traditional finance world. Most users rely on them either because they are not aware of alternatives, or simply because they do not think they could handle doing the transacting themselves in a safe way. However, recent years, and especially the months since the FTX downfall, have shown that centralized exchanges are not necessarily ‘safe’. One always has to trust in the owners of such exchanges that they work with a proper tech-stack, are not misusing customer funds (as FTX did), and that there will not be attacks from fraudulent actors such as hackers. Originally, cryptocurrencies were all about cutting out such middlemen. Due to the reasons mentioned before, they are still today the biggest vehicle for crypto-transactions, with Binance being by far the biggest one of them. When it comes to the Private Finance (PriFi) sector, containing privacy coins and ecosystems, we are facing a big problem when we look at it within the context of CEXs: Due to regulatory pressure, a lot of them already started years ago to delist certain privacy-oriented projects from their exchanges, making it even harder for them to reach a bigger target group. Navcoin itse...


NAV Disrupts DeFi Landscape with Comprehensive Structured Investment Pro...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Road Town, BVI, March 15th, 2024] Quantitative hedge fund offers diverse range of SIPs catering to various investor preferences NAV, a leading quantitative hedge fund, is making waves in the DeFi space with its extensive suite of Structured Investment Products (SIPs). These cutting-edge investment vehicles are designed to cater to a wide range of investor preferences, offering unique opportunities for enhanced returns and risk management within the decentralized finance ecosystem. At the forefront of NAV's offerings is the Eigen Layer SIP, a groundbreaking product that combines multiple liquid staking derivatives and concentrated liquidity pairing to maximize yield potential. This SIP leverages advanced strategies to optimize returns while mitigating risks, providing investors with a sophisticated way to navigate the complex DeFi landscape. In addition to the Eigen Layer SIP, NAV boasts a diverse range of investment products tailored to specific market segments and investor needs. NAV offers an innovative Funding Arbitrage SIP, a product designed to capitalize on funding rate discrepancies across various DeFi platforms. This SIP employs advanced algorithms to identify and exploit these discrepancies, generating attractive returns for investors while maintaining a market-neutral position. 'Our mission at NAV is to democratize access to advanced investment strategies and provide investors with a comprehensive suite of products to meet their diverse needs,' said... read More

GBTC's Closing NAV Discount and Steep Fees Trigger Outflows, ETF Analyst...

    Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) greenlit the debut of 11 diverse spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which, in their initial two days on the market, experienced a substantial $7.65 billion in trading volume. Concurrently, while a host of new entrants enjoyed strong inflows, Grayscale's GBTC encountered notable outflows, coinciding with the fund's discount to net asset value reaching its lowest point since February 2021. Reduced NAV Discount Prompts GBTC Outflows On Saturday, Eric Balchunas, the senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg, shared insights on the 'nine newborn' spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which have impressively gathered $1.4 billion in cash. Balchunas observed that this surge in capital markedly outstrips the $579 million outflow from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), leading to a net investment growth of $819 million. He further noted that these trades boasted an average premium of 20 basis points. Following his analysis, when queried about the significant withdrawal from GBTC, Balchunas responded: Lots of [traders] came in to play the discount closing so they [are] leaving to take profits, there's also captive [average investors] who may have decided to stomach the tax hit in order to flee the 1.5% fee … I'd expect more [over] time. Balchunas' observations resonate with the recent outflows from Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), as onchain analysts noted a significant movement of 4,000 BTC, valued at $175 million... read More

Grayscale's GBTC Witnesses Historic Shrink in Discount to NAV as Metric ...

    On Friday, data revealed a notable shift in Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust, commonly referred to as GBTC, as its discount to net asset value (NAV) contracted to single digits for the first time in 2023. The figures indicate that GBTC's discount reached 8.06%, a level last observed two years ago.GBTC Discount to NAV Reaches Single-Digit Territory Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is the largest bitcoin fund in the world and on November 24, 2023, the trust’s total assets under management (AUM) was approximately $23.50 billion. This year, GBTC suffered a significant discount to net asset value (NAV) and in September 2022, the discount widened by more than 35%. A discount or premium to net asset value (NAV) occurs when the market price of a fund's shares is lower or higher, respectively than its NAV. The NAV essentially represents the per-share value of the fund's assets minus its liabilities, calculated daily. When a fund's shares trade at a discount, it means they are selling for less than the fund's per-share asset value. A significant discount like 35% to NAV is not favorable as it indicates that the fund's shares are being traded at a significantly lower price than the actual value of the assets they represent. Nevertheless, following Grayscale's triumph over the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), there has been a significant reduction in the discount. News reported in mid-October that this margin had decreased to 16.59%. Marking a milesto... read More

Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust Discount to NAV Narrows Sharply to a 16.59% Ga...

    Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust, known as GBTC, has witnessed a significant shift in its market dynamics. In January 2023, GBTC traded at a significant 48.31% discount to its net asset value (NAV). Today, that gap has narrowed to 16.59%, indicating changes in market sentiment and presenting potential implications for investors.End of 2023 Sees GBTC's Discount to NAV Tighten The largest bitcoin (BTC) trust known as GBTC has seen a significant improvement in terms of its previous discount to NAV. Essentially, net asset value (NAV) serves as a financial barometer, indicating the per-share value of a fund's underlying assets. In the context of GBTC, the NAV represents the value of BTC it holds, adjusted for liabilities, and divided by its outstanding shares. Simply put, it's a measure of what each GBTC share should theoretically be worth based on bitcoin's market value. GBTC's market price can deviate from its NAV, leading to either a discount or premium status. When GBTC trades at a higher price than its NAV, it's at a premium. Conversely, if it trades lower than its NAV, it's at a discount. This percentage difference provides insights into market perceptions and investor sentiment around GBTC. Since the end of February 2021, GBTC has traded at a discount to its NAV. Unlike traditional stocks, GBTC doesn't offer an easy way to redeem shares for actual bitcoin, and shares are traded over-the-counter (OTC). This structure can cause its market price to diverge from the underlying BTC va... read More

Valkyrie Reveals Intention to Sponsor Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust as GBTC ...

    Valkyrie Investments, a Tennessee-based asset manager, has announced its intention to become the new sponsor of Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). The company states that it is 'uniquely qualified' for the role and plans to facilitate redemptions at net asset value (NAV) through a Regulation M filing.Valkyrie Offers to Take Over Management of Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has faced challenges in 2022, with the fund's discount to net asset value (NAV) reaching record levels. Over the past six months, the spread between the fund's value and NAV has increased by more than 35% by the end of Sept. 2022. As of Dec. 30, 2022, the discount has further widened to more than 45%. This means that the value of the bitcoin fund is currently lower than current BTC spot prices. Valkyrie wants to remedy the situation by taking over sponsorship and creating another fund. 'We understand that Grayscale has played an important role in the development and growth of the bitcoin ecosystem with the launch of GBTC, and we respect the team and the work that they have done,' Valkyrie wrote. 'However, in light of recent events involving Grayscale and its family of affiliated companies, it is time for a change. Valkyrie is the best company to manage GBTC to ensure its investors are treated fairly.' The fund manager said Friday it is launching the Valkyrie Opportunistic Fund, a venture that aims to take advantage of GBTC's discount to net asset value. According to Valkyrie, the ... read More

Grayscale's GBTC Discount to NAV Breaks Records as Spread Widens by More...

    Grayscale Investment's Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has dropped to a new low this week as the bitcoin fund tapped a record 35.18% low against bitcoin spot prices. GBTC's discount to spot has been underwater for a total of 577 consecutive days.GBTC Discount to NAV Widens by 35% - Fund Reaches an All-Time Low Against BTC Spot Price The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTCMKTS: GBTC) is the oldest, and one of the most popular, bitcoin (BTC) funds on the market today. However, in recent times GBTC has been suffering from a discount compared to BTC's spot market values. Unfortunately, GBTC has been trading at a discount rather than a premium since February 26, 2021, or for roughly 577 straight days. GBTC's current pre-market value is $11.20 and according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, there's 643,572 BTC held by the trust. Metrics indicate that the 643,572 BTC equates to 3.065% of the 21 million bitcoin supply cap. GBTC's 35.18% discount is the fund's all-time low against BTC spot price values since the fund started. Many people believe GBTC's discount derives from the fact that there are several exchange-traded funds now, and Grayscale's efforts to transform GBTC into an ETF (exchange-traded fund) have failed so far. The U.S. SEC rejected the company's latest attempt in June, and Grayscale decided to sue the SEC over the rejection. Trader and entrepreneur Bob Loukas discussed the GBTC situation on Saturday. 'Grayscale bitcoin discount widened record 35%,' Loukas tweeted. '... read More

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