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NAOS Finance  


NAOS Price:
$31.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NAOS today is $0.032 USD.

The lowest NAOS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.032, and the exact current price of one NAOS crypto coin is $0.03173.

The all-time high NAOS coin price was $3.74.

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The code for NAOS Finance crypto currency is #NAOS.

NAOS Finance is 3.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for NAOS Finance is $2,671,946.

NAOS Finance is ranking downwards to #844, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #NAOS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for NAOS Finance is $31,029.


The circulating supply of NAOS is 84,208,921 coins, which is 38% of the total coin supply.


NAOS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the NAOS Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


NAOS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Preparation for NAOS v2 Migration

For the preparation of NAOS Protocol v2 launch, we’ll start migrating liquidity and adjusting the emission for multiple pools. While Formation remains a critical RWA-based stablecoin strategy on the product roadmap, we’ll focus on lending and de-prioritize Formation for later. We’re taking the following steps for the v2 migration: Remove liquidity from Corl ALPHA Pool: We’ll work with Corl to return funds and interest. Liquidity incentive will also be removed from the Corl pool., Remove liquidity from BETA Insurance Pool: As the lending pool is closed, the insurance coverage will also be terminated. We’ll remove liquidity and incentive for the BETA pool., Suspend Formation: The Vault and Transmuter features on Formation will be suspended till a later time. Liquidity incentive will be removed., Remove liquidity from Ellipsis and Curve pools: The nBUSD:BUSD pool on Ellipsis and nUSD:3CRV pool on Curve will be closed, liquidity incentive will be removed., While the above-mentioned pools will remain open, we encourage all users to begin removing liquidity and get ready for NAOS v2! Here’s the guide for liquidity migration: For lenders with nUSD or nBUSD debt on Formation:, a. Repay the debt with nUSD or nBUSD b. Liquidate DAI or BUSD collateral to repay the debt 2. For lenders holding nUSD or nBUSD after debt repayment: a. Stake nUSD or nBUSD in transmuter and convert to DAI/BUSD at 1:1 ratio. You may have to ...

NAOS Protocol v2: Index Pool Testnet Campaign

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy developing the Index Pool and optimizing user experience. The key upgrades include simplified KYC process, streamlined Index/Junior/Boost Pool flows, multi-currency (USDC/BUSD) support and redemption queueing system. We’ve also launched veNAOS for protocol governance, involving NAOS holders and Boost Pool participants in the future developments of NAOS Protocol. NAOS Protocol v2 has three main sections: Invest, Staking and veNAOS. The “Invest” section features Index and Junior Pools. Lenders can provide liquidity to a specific RWA lending (Junior) pool, or to the Index Pool for a balanced yield strategy, Lenders in the Index Pool receive interest bearing LP (cRWA/bRWA) tokens, stake LP tokens in the respective “Index Staking Pool” to earn additional NAOS rewards, Stake NAOS in “veNAOS/Boost Pool” to boost NAOS reward and receive veNAOS tokens for future governance., Detailed guide for NAOS Protocol v2: NAOS Protocol V2 Testnet Tutorial Qualified users who have completed all required tasks and provided feedback accepted by the team will receive limited edition NFTs and cash rewards.Limited Edition NFT for Testnet Campaign Winners Details of the Testnet Campaign Rewards: 200 limited edition NFTs + $2000 USDT, Campaign Period: Oct 14 to Nov 14, UTC+8, Campaign Tasks:, Follow us on social media: complete all the tasks on Gleam, 2. Complete all testnet function...

Generate Stablecoin Yield from Real Businesses

Stable coin yield ranking on DeFillama A leading indicator of bear market is the decrease in stablecoin lending yields. It’s the result of a negative market outlook and decreased borrowing demand. Simply, the DeFi liquidity has shrunk sharply.Stablecoin market cap on DeFillama Stablecoin supply, on the other hand, is holding up well. In a bear market with macroeconomic uncertainties, real world assets that provide predictable, sustainable, competitive yields strategy might be the most overlooked asset type in DeFi. Here is why you should consider adding real world assets in the portfolio: 1) Competitive stablecoin yield among lending protocols:stablecoin yield among lending protocols Real world assets offer competitive yields even in the absence of platform token subsidies. NAOS will continue to launch lending pools backed by a diversified portfolio of real businesses, each to offer assets with different geographic/industry exposure and yield structure. 2) Finance real businesses and generate ‘real yield’ While the crypto market has experienced massive deleveraging, the borrowing demand for real businesses remains strong. Emerging markets are poised to be the source of growth for the global economy in the coming years. NAOS brings crypto loans to the real world, where the liquidity in the asset pools will be deployed to fund real businesses’ operation and financing activities. In return, lenders receive yield genera...

Updated Roadmap for 2022

As a DeFi lending protocol that provides crypto loans to real businesses, NAOS’ roadmap plan requires constant re-alignment of needs from lenders and borrowers. While the borrowing demand remains strong, the liquidity supply and lending appetite have become more cautious due to recent market conditions. With that said, we remain dedicated to our mission. With real world assets now accounting for 5% of MakerDao’s interest revenues, we’re optimistic about how DeFi may evolve in the coming quarters and years. We’re encouraged by ecosystem partners’ surging interests in innovating with us, together we believe NAOS holds the key to sustainable and predictable yield from real world assets. The team continually analyzes the situation and re-prioritizes resources to ensure liquidity is properly connected to real world assets with suitable risk-reward profiles. As most of our liquidity partners are new to “regulated DeFi”, we concluded that more onboarding preparation is required for our liquidity partners and decided to postpone the launch of liquidity related partnerships. We’ll assist our partners with legal structure setups and compliance fulfillment. More importantly, providing their communities with the necessary information and understanding of RWA lending. What have we done in Q1 and Q2? We’ve successfully incorporated DeFi insurance in RWA lending, a significant step from over-collateralized lending to cre...

Q2 NAOS Ambassadors Assembling!

It’s time to reveal our new Ambassador Eligibility! We’ve issued one SR-tier NFT and three R-tier NFTs last quarter, by holding the required number and mix of NAOS NFT below, the eligible ambassadors will split the 20,000 NAOS token grants! Eligibility of Q2 NAOS Ambassador:The General: holding 1SR and 2R NAOS NFTs (50% of grant)The Overseer: holding 1SR and 1R NAOS NFTs (30% of grant)The Sergeant: holding 3R NAOS NFTs (20% of grant)* Every eligible ambassador will receive equally the grants at their tiers. For example, the total reward for The Overseer is 6,000 (20,000 * 30%) NAOS tokens, and 3 users are eligible and apply for ambassador, then each of them can get 2,000 NAOS tokens. The NFTs mentioned above are:SR: Corl x NAOS ALPHA Pool LendersR: Token Damo x NAOS Finance AMAR: BNB48 x NAOS Finance AMAR: Tidal x NAOS Insurance Supporters Community members who own the above NFTs can fill in the form to be new NAOS Ambassadors! Submission Deadline: 23:59pm, May 15, 2022, UTC+8Exclusive NAOS Ambassador NFT In addition to the grants, the shortlisted ambassadors will be offered dedicated NAOS NFT, and will be invited to a group with the NAOS core team. NAOS ambassadors are required to continue contributing to the community and are invited in the discussion for the project’s future product/marketing strategies and plans. About NAOS Finance NAOS Finance is a decentralized real-world asset (RWA) lending protocol th...

NAOS Protocol UI/UX Upgrade

We’ve upgraded NAOS UI/UX to make the RWA lending process more intuitive, and to ensure flexibility of additional features in the future. The ALPHA Lending and BETA Insurance pools now have standalone pages, where the BETA Insurance Pool page incorporated Formation to streamline the minting/staking of BETA tokens. The BETA Insurance Pool takes nBUSD which is minted by depositing BUSD in Formation, original tutorial here for reference. You can also follow the text step-by-step guidance here: 1.Deposit BUSDHead to BETA Insurance PoolClick DepositDeposit BUSD and confirm the transactionCollateral balance in the pool will appear after the transaction 2. Mint nBUSDMint up to 50% of your deposited BUSDMinted BUSD will appear in the wallet balance 3. Insure (Deposit nBUSD into BETA Pool)Click InsureInput the amount of nBUSD to deposit and confirm the transaction You’ve now successfully provided liquidity in BETA Insurance Pool and got BETA token. 4. Stake BETA token to earn NAOS rewardsStake BETA tokensStaked BETA token is now providing insurance coverage 5. Unstake BETA TokenClick UnstakeInput amount to unstake and confirm the transactionClick RedeemInput the amount to redeem and confirm the transaction After successful redemption, the redeemed BETA token will be converted to a certain amount of nBUSD and reflected in your wallet balance.nBUSD will be appea...

NAOS Completes Mainnet Integration with Tidal Finance

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of mainnet integration with Tidal Finance. Through the partnership, NAOS and Tidal will jointly underwrite insurance policy to provide coverage on the real-world assets in NAOS ALPHA Lending Pool. It is the first case to apply for DeFi insurance with real-world assets loans, and an important step to expand the DeFi insurance horizon beyond smart contract coverage. Lender and borrower’s information, payment history, are also being brought on-chain to make such insurance cases feasible with policy verification and claim process. When non-payment or delayed payment amount is over the default threshold, the default will be triggered and the amount of loss will be calculated to disclose to both NAOS and Tidal communities. NAOS will cover 50% of the borrower’s default with the NAOS BETA Insurance Pool, and Tidal will cover another 50% with the protocol policy. We truly believe this is an important milestone for real-world assets adopting DeFi innovation. There are trillions of business loans being covered by traditional insurance, and risks are well quantified with historical data. With DeFi insurance solutions in place, NAOS is well-positioned to expedite the scaling of real-world asset on-chain.Exclusive NFT for Tidal x NAOS Insurance Supporters In celebration of the integration, we’re pleased to drop exclusive NFT to both NAOS BETA Insurance Pool and Tidal-NAOS Basket supporter...

NAOS Finance — A New Product Roadmap

NAOS Finance — A New Product Roadmap While the market suffers from recent economic and regulatory uncertainties, the NAOS team has never skipped a step forward and continues to build and optimize. In a business model that deals with CeFi, one size does not fit all. The mainnet launch of Formation and Galaxy marks the beginning of the journey, with that in mind, we’re pleased to share the rationale for our latest product roadmap Q1/2022 - Launch ALPHA Pool & RWA Insurance Partnership - Launch ALPHA Pro: Stable Yield Solution With the launch of ALPHA Pool, we will provide borrowers with different options for yields within the same RWA pool. ALPHA Pro differentiates from ALPHA Pool in that the yields are in stable coins. ALPHA Pro serves as a money market product for institutions and retail lenders, ensuring the yields are fixed and immuned to market volatilities. In addition to our native BETA Insurance Pool, we will integrate with other DeFi insurance protocols to provide coverage for the lending capital. Q2/2022 - Launch Corporate Treasury Management Program - Liquidity Partnerships The Corporate Treasury Management Program is an operational initiative built on top of ALPHA Pro. We will tailor the program for the needs of projects and institutions, providing them with an alternative to Compound and Aave as a secured destination to park their treasuries for competitive yields. We will simultaneously form strateg...

Exclusive NFT Drop for Corl ALPHA Pool Lenders

To celebrate Corl coming to NAOS ALPHA Pool, we’re pleased to launch a time-limited NFT campaign for eligible Corl ALPHA Pool lenders.The Exclusive NFT for Corl ALPHA Pool Lenders Missions:Duration: 2022/03/09 ~ 2022/05/09, UTC+8Lend 1,000 BUSD+ in the Corl ALPHA Pool for 4 consecutive weeksFollow NAOS Twitter/ Medium, join our Telegram Group, and complete the Google Form. You can fill in the form anytime after you deposit in the Corl ALPHA Pool. The first snapshots will be taken on March 31 and will be updated on a weekly basis. Eligible addresses will be whitelisted, and the exclusive NFT will be claimable from April 1. This is the first SR NFT we issued. Withholding a certain amount of different tier NFTs, users are able to apply for NAOS ambassador and win NAOS Ambassador Grant (20,000 NAOS quarterly). Here are some reference links for you to take part in the NFT campaign:Tutorial for ALPHA Lending PoolNAOS Ambassador CampaignNFT Campaign Page on Project Galaxy About Corl Corl is a Fintech company based in Toronto, Canada that invests in the digital economy with revenue-based financing. Since its inception in 2019, Corl has invested over $35 million in loans across more than 60 companies in North America using its AI-powered software to analyze and mitigate investment risk. To learn more about Corl, you can visit their official communication channels: Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn About NAOS Finance NAO...

NAOS ALPHA Pool Tutorial

The first NAOS ALPHA Lending Pool is coming live on Wednesday, March 9! As a regulated DeFi protocol, NAOS requires lenders in the ALPHA pool to complete KYC. In addition to earning NAOS rewards, the NAOS ALPHA Pools provide competitive yields in stable coins that are backed by income-generating real-world assets. Are you ready to jump in? Let us show you how to step by step!Preparation 1. KYC Complete the KYC to be eligible to invest in the RWA lending pools. The detailed guide for KYC is here. There are two KYC options, please select either to complete the process. If you’ve completed the KYC with either provider before, you can just log in with the same account. Otherwise, you can choose to log in via Google/Telegram account on Sumsub or register on Securitize. Once you’ve completed the KYC process with a provider, you can easily invest in the next lending pool. 2. Sign the Subscription Document After KYC is approved, sign the subscription document with the borrower via Docusign. The borrower will countersign the agreement and send the completed agreement to your email to complete the process.Click ‘Sign document’ and follow the guidance to sign Your signed agreement will be sent to the borrowers for countersign. You’ll receive a confirmation email upon completion. After the confirmation, NAOS will whitelist your wallet within 24 hours, then you’re ready to go!You’re ready to invest in ALPHA after seein...

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