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NANO Price:
$5.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #NANO today is $0.81 USD.

The lowest NANO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.814, and the exact current price of one NANO crypto coin is $0.81419.

The all-time high NANO coin price was $36.61.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of NANO with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Nano is also #NANO.

Nano is 5.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for Nano is $108,487,786.

Nano is ranked #197 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #NANO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Nano is $5,693,939.


The circulating supply of NANO is 133,246,491 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


NANO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Accept Worldwide Donations For Free With Nano | The Donation Tool EVERY Non-Profit Organization…

Accept Worldwide Donations For Free With Nano | The Donation Tool EVERY Non-Profit Organization Should Know About - — Introduction. — Donations are a powerful way for a non-profit organization to raise funds. But borders are an issue when it comes to digital payments, and therefore, donations. Especially for non-profit organizations looking to accept donations from people worldwide. The process to donate should be as frictionless as possible. Making it easier for people to donate and reducing the transaction cost of donations should be a focus. In this article, we will be taking a look at nano- one of the most powerful free tools you can use to accept donations from anywhere in the world, by anyone, globally, without any fees. On top of that, it has a negligible carbon footprint, adding to your green credentials as an organization! Something every non-profit organization should know about and use in my opinion. Let’s dive in. — The problem - There are fees associated with international transfers, they can take a lot of time and it can be difficult for some non-profits to implement worldwide donations. Having to exchange between currencies can make this even more difficult. The traditional systems have too much friction. It can also be highly difficult or even impossible for some people to donate using traditional banking. There should be no friction at all. Making it as easy as possible for anyone in the...

Nano Digest — V23.1 release, NF continues growing, Nigeria Growth Blog, and more

Nano Digest — V23.1>V23.3 Releases, NF continues growing, Nigeria Growth Blog, first crypto transaction in UK Parliament, and more - — Introduction - Since our last Digest at the start of April, a lot has happened in a short space of time and so we felt it prevalent to share a digestible summary of all the goings on, whether that is the brand new Nigeria Growth blog, nano transactions in UK Parliament or indeed the DDoS attacks that have unfortunately been actioned against nano nodes over the last 5 weeks. As with any attack on a company, network or in our case, nodes within our network, teams are pushed to their maximum in regards to triage, solutions and communication. Our small team is no different, and while this attack has pressured our team to change course on our development plan, we wanted to highlight how incredible grateful we are to those that have helped and supported the Nano Foundation during these trying times, whether that is through community-development helping analyse, triage and test solutions or those in the community that have curtailed social media smear campaigns, power plays and fielded questions from the wider community — we thank you all, we couldn’t do this without you. — Development - What has happened? Starting in mid April, a sequence of DDoS attacks exploiting node behaviour were executed on the live nano network. Operators could see high disk usage, high disk IO,...

Current DDoS nano network attack and V23.1 fixes

What has happened? Starting in mid April, a sequence of DDoS attacks exploiting node behaviour were executed on the live nano network. Operators could see high disk usage, high disk IO, crashes from out of memory, and stalled transaction confirmation. There are 5 different attack vectors currently being used: Unchecked table filling which is causing high usage and IO in the unchecked table, Telemetry spoofing which is causing node statistics to be misreported, A leak in message handling which can cause out of memory errors, Vote request stalling where under high vote load a node won’t request transaction confirmation, A database corruption in the RocksDB backend, As with last year’s similarly executed attack directly before a full release, we have V24 in the pre-production stage which was aimed to address flow-control among other issues. Due to this recent attack, a patch in the interim has been created to address the listed attack vectors above and help get Principal Representatives back contributing effectively toward consensus again. The pattern to date has been for the attacker(s) to use a new exploit once the previous ones have been patched. And although this addresses all the observed network issues, we are aware that further patches may be needed. What is this update? The V23.1 patch will sit on top of the V23 follis release and is a set of minimal changes to address the current pattern of attacks on the netwo...

Meet Ben Baldieri: PR & Media Lead of the Nano Foundation

Ben Baldieri has joined the Nano Foundation as PR & Media Lead, heralding from The Global Blockchain Initiative and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology Master’s Programme. With many years of international experience in Asia, Ben intends to bring his public relations and media know-how to the typically conservative Nano Foundation to share the word of nano, the work of the Nano Foundation and the Nano Community far and wide moving forward. With Ben’s diverse background and interest in the cryptocurrency space, a Spotlight interview is a great way to get to know him — Meet Ben Baldieri! — Welcome! And first things first: tell us a bit about yourself! - My name is Ben Baldieri, and I’m a marketer that draws on professional experience in multiple industries to create exciting storytelling and drive engaging messaging. My journey started with a bachelor’s degree in human biology. With that, I did what anyone sensible would do and moved into IT consultancy. Since then, I’ve worked in commodities broking, education, and other industries, before transitioning into the blockchain space full-time. Last year, I returned to the UK after several years in China, and started my blockchain consulting business, ran the world’s first free to enroll blockchain academy, and launched a DAO focused podcast. To that end, I’m currently the director of communications and growth for the Global Blockchain Initiative (GB...

Introducing our growth blog series & Focus market Nigeria

Understanding our efforts to drive awareness and adoption for nano. — First of all, thank you everyone for the warm welcome last month. I can in all sincerity say that so far integrating in the team and community has been great. What especially stuck with me were the invitations to leverage the knowledge, ability and experience in the community. As a starting point to do this, we will introduce a blog series around growth. In today’s article we’ll elaborate on our approach and then deep-dive into one specific area: Focus market Nigeria. The intention is to: Share our efforts, underlying thinking and learnings, Spark ideas and further activate the community, Improve based on feedback, ideas and results, Our approach People across the globe believe in the goal of nano to provide open access to anyone in the world wanting to transfer value instantly, without fees and in an eco-friendly way. As the Nano Foundation, we aim to find these people, bring them together in communities and provide them with the tools & resources to build a functioning economy around nano. Whether these people are enthusiastic individuals, developers, aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, social media influencers, press, regulators or a different group that I’m forgetting, we’re trying to serve them all, so they can use nano to their benefit.The goals of the Nano Foundation Focus market Nigeria We chose Nigeria as o...

In-game nano payments: Kakele Online Spotlight

Welcome Kakele Online team! So, first question, general overview: What is Kalele Online? - Hi! Kakele Online is a 2D cross platform MMORPG. Players can join the game on their mobile or PC (Windows, macOS and Linux)! They will fight monsters, complete quests and explore the world of Kakele with people from around the whole world. And use nano — of course.Kakele Online — How did you come up with the game idea? What were some of the challenges, both technical and other? - The game idea was inspired by other RPG games we have played in the past. To name a few: Pokemon, Zelda, Runescape and Tibia. We wanted to create our own RPG, with the stories and challenges that we once faced in these games, but with our own twist. There are many MMORPGs out there, and we want to offer a classic experience with new features to keep people entertained. There are many challenges, one of them is that we are a small team, and there is so much work to do! :) We work day and night to improve the game and attend to the feedback of our players, while juggling between life and full time jobs (Kakele doesn’t pay all of our bills — yet). Making a cross platform game is also a challenge, since the player interfaces can be so different. There are many technical problems to solve, like the game being online and having to run smoothly on bad connections (mobile networking is tricky sometimes), and you don’t want an angry player that ...

The UK, blockchain, and the spectre of regulation

The beginning of 2022 has seen the spectre of regulation looming large over the blockchain space. Industry leaders have been in fraught discussions with policymakers and politicians worldwide, trying to ensure that supportive regulation is implemented. This extensive push for understanding has been met with mixed results, and those in the industry have been concerned about what the future may hold. In the UK, those worries appear to have been unfounded. On the 4th of April 2022, the UK government announced a sweeping vision to turn the UK into a “global cryptoasset technology hub.” In this article, we will be exploring the broader context in which this announcement has been made. We will then explore the rationale for this decision and analyse the opportunities it will bring and how this could affect nano. — The changing global regulatory environment. — A lack of regulatory clarity is routinely highlighted as one of the most significant issues restricting development in the digital asset space. Hawkish and dovish comments from those in positions of power and influence have made it difficult to understand how the government feels about this disruptive new technology. On the one hand, you have the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, stating that “Virtual currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system.” Y...

Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, New Listings and Integrations, Media Coverage…

Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More - Nano Digest — Introduction - History is happening as we are writing this, and in times like these, it is important to remember: nano was made to help people all around the world, to create equal opportunities for all. We keep working on changing the world for the better. It has been 4 very eventful months in the nano ecosystem with the Follis release, the first nano advertisement video “Nano in the real world”, enormous media coverage, new integrations, ticker updates, as well as interviews and community events! In this digest, we will take a look at everything that has happened to the nano ecosystem from December 2021 till March 2022 culminating in our top good reads prepared by our amazing community members and partners. A big thanks to you, the nano community, for your support and passion! — Development - Follis V23 With a heavy focus on refactoring, code cleanup and unit test improvements, V23.0 Follis release of the nano node is on the live network. The updates in this version help set the foundation for future improvements across many areas of the node coming in 2022. Check out the documentation here. A massive amount of work in unit-testability as of late, which is a requirement for the more significant changes upcoming, the team has been working towards V24 which you can keep up to d...

Automated Rewards in nano: FynCom Spotlight

Automated Rewards in nano: FynCom — Welcome FynCom team! So, first question, general overview: What is FynCom and what is KarmaCall? - FynCom increases marketing ROI by allowing businesses to enhance each stage of their sales funnels with automated rewards, creating engagement that would otherwise be lost. Message recipients receive their rewards by simply responding to an email, text, call, survey, or with any other digital action like visiting a web page or clicking a link. Currently, we are focused on increasing email & text engagement rates through interactive rewards. However, we are dedicated to using our Rewards technology for whatever helps our customers. Think of us as a FinTech think tank that is here to serve your needs. KarmaCall is a mobile app that uses FynCom technology to reward people every time they block an unknown call. KarmaCallers can also get paid to take “FynCalls” where a business pays them to continue a phone call. 88,000 payments were sent through KarmaCall in 2021. — Let’s talk about FynCom. How did you come up with the idea? - I got an insane amount of spam phone calls and decided to come up with my own solution that charged bad callers, but not good callers. It turned into my first patent, which is the core IP of FynCom. I knew this tech was not limited to spam calls, but did not know how to describe it. So I founded the company as RoboCash, Inc., with its p...

How to run a node and why — a full nano guide

How to run a node and why — a full nano guide - A guide for small businesses that want to accept nano and other interested projectsWhy run a node? — Key Points - Businesses should start accepting nano as payment as it is feeless, instant and eco-friendly, Accepting nano payments is possible using such tools as payment gateways, wallet and POS solutions, customized solutions & more, Why should businesses also run a nano node: cutting costs, getting full control over the payment process, helping decentralize, securing the network, Who runs a nano node: exchanges, businesses, various projects and “anyone who has a vested interest in the network”, Small businesses should get started by using a service providing access to nodes and then switch to running a non-voting node themselves., Optimization: choose optimized equipment, maintain the node so it is able to contribute to the network and not fall behind. It is very important to run good maintenance of the node so that you and the whole community can continuously help the network and enjoy its benefits., — Nano currency & business and payments - Why accept nano as payment? The answer is threefold. — Nano is completely feeless. — There are absolutely no costs when it comes to nano. With banks, businesses constantly face an assortment of fees, be that a monthly service fee, transaction fees, overdraft fees, or even simple card proces...


Ironbeam Lets You Trade Bitcoin and Ether Nano Futures Contracts Commiss...

    Ironbeam is a U.S. registered Futures Commission Merchant ('FCM'​) which offers trading on crypto nano futures thanks to a partnership with Coinbase Derivatives. The brokerage charges no commission* on these Bitcoin and Ethereum contracts, as well as requiring low margin. Trade Cryptocurrency Nano Futures Contracts Headquartered at the Chicago Board of Trade, Ironbeam launched in 2010 as a technology-centric futures brokerage firm dedicated to providing technology solutions that cater to the needs of futures participants and the modern futures trader. Now traders can trade Coinbase Nano Bitcoin and Nano Ethereum contracts thanks to an exciting partnership between Ironbeam and Coinbase Derivatives, and each contract represents 0.01 BTC or 0.5 ETH. With the Nano Bitcoin futures contracts, crypto traders can enjoy the ability to take either side of the market, execute trades faster than on the blockchain, and hedge price risk. Ironbeam is a U.S. registered Futures Commission Merchant ('FCM') on the open exchange, and customers can trade with peace of mind regarding the security of their transactions. Experience smoother and faster trading today with Ironbeam; not only is the platform easy to learn, but a trader can also drill down and access many features on the platform. No Commission*, Low Margins Ironbeam is a free** professional-grade futures trading platform for everyone, with no commission* and low margins – with a margin as low as $20 per trade. Users can t... read More

NinjaTrader, Tradovate offering Nano Bitcoin futures from Coinbase Deriv...

    NinjaTrader Group, a clearing, brokerage, and technology provider for active traders through its subsidiaries NinjaTrader and Tradovate, today announced that its firms are among the first to offer the new Nano Bitcoin futures (BIT) contract launched by the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange. Each Nano Bitcoin futures contract is sized at 1/100 the price of a bitcoin, representing the smallest size cryptocurrency futures contract available. The contract enables traders to go long or short bitcoin, providing an opportunity to take advantage of the markets going in either direction. Those who have an existing crypto position can use the new Nano Bitcoin contract to hedge against that position, and others who may have been reluctant to invest in bitcoin directly can participate in the movement of the price for a much smaller investment. The post NinjaTrader, Tradovate offering Nano Bitcoin futures from Coinbase Derivatives Exchange appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange Reveals Nano Bitcoin Futures Product

    On June 27, Coinbase Derivatives Exchange (formerly Fairx exchange) announced it will launch its first crypto derivatives investment vehicle pegged to the value of 1/100th of a bitcoin. The new 'nano bitcoin futures' product will be listed under the ticker 'BIT.' Coinbase derivatives are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).Coinbase Introduces BIT, a Futures Product Tied to 1/100th of a Bitcoin Coinbase is getting into the world of crypto derivatives as the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange has announced the launch of BIT, a nano bitcoin futures product tied to 1/100th of a bitcoin (BTC). The news follows Coinbase acquiring the derivatives exchange Fairx in mid-January 2022 as the company said it would be leveraging Fairx's exchange infrastructure. 'This is an important step toward Coinbase ultimately making the derivatives market accessible to our millions of customers through an industry-leading, simplified user experience,' Coinbase said at the time. While the nano bitcoin futures product will be managed by Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, investors will obtain BIT via retail stock brokers on June 27. The news follows a number of changes Coinbase has been making in recent times. For instance, on June 22, the company revamped the Coinbase wallet in order to make 'Web3 more accessible and intuitive.' Furthermore, the day after revealing the improved wallet, Coinbase explained that it was combining Coinbase Pro (exchange) with the user's Coinbase account. 'W... read More

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