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MXC Price:
$11.6 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.2 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #MXC today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest MXC price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.064, and the exact current price of one MXC crypto coin is $0.06392.

The all-time high MXC coin price was $0.14.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of MXC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for MXC is also #MXC.

MXC is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for MXC is $166,833,882.

MXC is ranked #166 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large today for #MXC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for MXC is $11,554,060.


The circulating supply of MXC is 2,610,196,708 coins, which is 98% of the maximum coin supply.


MXC is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


MXC is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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What does Meta-XP mean for MatchX, MXC and DHX

You may have seen the latest addition to your M2 Pro Miner & DataDash app, Meta-XP! For those wondering what that means for your mining experience, MatchX, MXC & DataHighway have joined together to explain just what Meta-XP is all about and how you can get the most out of it. — What Meta-XP means for MatchX. — Put simply, Meta-XP is the ultimate experience in multi-token mining. New miners will be getting in at one of the most exciting times, with the launch of an entirely new network, where more established miners benefit from both Proof of Stake AND Proof of Participation. As the M2 Pro is a miner which distributes a decentralized Web3 IoT Data Network, you, as a miner, are an essential piece of this global puzzle! Some aspects of this new era of mining involve changes that will help the spread of your IoT network and what effect decentralized mining will have on you. In its essence, decentralized mining means continued mining, but it also means continued participation. — Distribution. — You’ll have noticed the meta-xp hexagons within the DataDash App. These help to display the maximum capacity of a hexagon and allow you to understand where you need to position your M2 Pro. The rules are quite fair, allowing for 10 M2 Pros within a 2km Hexagon. You will see that Hexagons are either green, meaning they’re available, yellow, which means the hexagon area is becoming full, and red, which mea...

A Comprehensive Guide on MetaXP

Since the successful implementation of DataHighway (DHX) token and Bitcoin (BTC) mining on DataDash, MXC has proven over time that low-power, multi-token mining is not only attractive, but also easily accessible for the mass public. However, the challenge of sustainability and greater transparency has still remained. MXC’s newest improvement implementation, MetaXP, responds to this challenge in an innovative way. This article provides an introduction to MetaXP, its applications and implications, and delivers important insights for the current and future miners within the MXC ecosystem. — Introducing MetaXP. — MetaXP is MXC’s answer to providing sustainable operations for the miners, while injecting fresh innovation into the cryptocurrency mining ecosystem. The core of MetaXP lies in increasing the importance of multi-token mining that can be sustained over a longer period of time without adding any burden on the shoulders of miners using the M2 Pro. The multi-token mining model prior to MetaXP requires users to make significant decisions in order to begin their multi-token mining operations, in the form of predominantly bonding MXC tokens to obtain sufficient mPower. Consequently, this model resulted in users having to take big steps and jump through technical hoops to begin multi-token mining. The new model brought through MetaXP smoothens the steps and removes the technical hoops by providing a seamless trans...

Learn about MetaXP and Win Big

To celebrate the launch of MetaXP, MXC Foundation has teamed up with MatchX and DataHighway (DHX) to encourage and reward the community to learn more about MetaXP! In a series of simple-to-participate quizzes, you will be presented with some questions regarding MetaXP. Answer them correctly and enter the draw to win exclusive prizes! Structure of the MetaXP Quiz The MetaXP quiz will be divided into 3 rounds, each increasingly more difficult than the last. Each round will be composed of 5 unique questions. You must complete all 5 questions in order to complete the round. The quiz will test your knowledge of MetaXP — from basic understanding of the exciting new concept to advanced practical skills — to help you navigate the new multi-token mining world of MetaXP. Participation in the MetaXP Quiz You do not need a perfect score in a round to continue to the next round. Simply try your best for each round (to be released on different days), and you will get your score at the end of each round. If you have not scored perfectly, you can try again! Feel free to discuss the answers with other community members, but please refrain from giving away the answer directly. Giving the answer away will result in disqualification. Conditions to Win You must score a perfect score in each of the three rounds to enter the draw. Scoring a perfect score in all of the rounds does not guarantee you a win; rather, it makes you eligib...

MXC Mega Giveaway 2.0

The recent MXC MEGA GIVEAWAY received an overwhelming response. So much so, the MXC team had to close the Mega Giveaway much earlier than expected. During the campaign, the MXC Foundation launched a world-first staking promotion guaranteeing prizes, everything from PlayStation 5s, Oculus Quest 2 VR Headsets and Airpod 3s were sent to MXC supporters. Of course, whilst every effort is made to delight all of our MXC supporters. During the MXC MEGA GIVEAWAY, we received a lot of feedback from our loyal community and listened to all comments. We understand that many of our valuable supporters wanted a chance to get involved in our giveaway. As you will be aware, the MXC Foundation is a global movement for everyone. In light of this, we carefully listened to all of the supporter feedback we received across our social media channels, from Twitter to Discord, Telegram + many more. One of the key themes our supporters suggested was that the Mega Giveaway, although a great idea, was something that excluded too many supporters because the staking amounts were, for many, too high. To all of our MXC supporters worldwide, we hear you! and we take action on your words, because we are here for you. so, without further ado, we are delighted to introduce our most inclusive Staking Giveaway ever . . . . the MXC Giveaway 2.0! — How to get involved. — The requirements for participating in the MXC Mega Giveaway 2.0 are simple and...

Coinbase Lists MXC

Coinbase, a New York Stock Exchange listed and the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has officially listed Meta X Connect ($MXC). Starting from August 31, 2022 at 9AM (PT), Coinbase will open its doors to all MXC supporters and those who wish to join the MXC global IoT movement, building the largest, most robust, and truly decentralised data network in the world. Since the mention of MXC on Coinbase’s listing roadmap, MXC has raised interest amongst some of Crypto’s biggest names. The final decision by Coinbase to list MXC and support the trading of the asset further cements the credibility of MXC and the strength of its data republic network. — First Web 3 IoT Token to List on Coinbase. — A Coinbase listing is a truly impressive feat for any token. However, for MXC, this accomplishment resonates further as it is the very first Web 3 IoT (Internet of Things) token to be listed on Coinbase. The possibility of unlocking technical innovation through the combination of IoT and blockchain has been paramount to the global success of MXC since its beginning in 2017. Since then, MXC has achieved numerous milestones in expanding its technological offering to governments and large businesses alike, such as the government of Shanghai and the multinational corporation of Alibaba. WIth the recent addition of the M2 Pro Miner, it has catapulted MXC and the global IoT network to the forefront of Crypto min...

MXC Coinbase Listing, Immediately Secures Institutional Backing

The MXC Foundation successfully secured one of the biggest exchange listings in the Crypto industry, making MXC the very first Web3 IoT Token to be listed on Coinbase. This did not go unnoticed by strategic backers with an eye for predicting market leaders. With that said: the MXC Foundation is proud to announce our latest backer to join the already vast list of supporters of our new age global data network. The entire MXC team extends a warm welcome to DWF Labs who have boldly chosen to secure a multi-million dollar purchase into the MXC token, with a commitment to continue their strong support over the coming years. This comes as one of the latest big names to align themselves with MXC, as the Foundation continues to buck the overall market trends, expanding our global reach further than ever before.DWF Labs has made this strategic investment into MXC because we see the value that MXC’s global network is bringing to the world of IoT. Being the first Web3 IoT token to be listed on Coinbase is a monumental step for MXC and their future plans to dominate the Web3 IoT sector.— Andrei Grachev, Managing Partner Since the launch on Coinbase the MXC Foundation has received significant interest from a wide range of interested parties in the world’s first Web3 IoT Network. We will continue to keep all MXC supporters updated as we continue to pursue the future of connectivity. — About MXC. — Based in Berlin, Germ...

MXC, DHX & DOT: Providing a Data Journey

Since its inception, MXC has always been a proponent of parachains over individual main nets, as the need for an “Internet of Blockchains” was stark, although unrecognised by many at that time. Over the years, various product offerings have entered the blockchain space, establishing unforeseen trends that broke into mainstream adoption. As most new trends and products do, this has resulted in shortcomings and the need for viable solutions. Working on Polkadot via DataHighway is MXC’s venture into providing much needed innovation that addresses this new generation of challenges. The Transformation of Collectibles The introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) around 10 years ago created a new trend of collectible digital assets. Then, Ethereum and IPFS allowed users to store data on these digital, collectible assets, opening the world of NFT art which many know and love today. Although only a few years old, the NFT art market has amassed a considerable amount of total value locked (TVL) and trading volume. This shows that we are going through a new age of transformation, where collectibles are migrating from the physical world to the digital world. Bridging On-Chain Assets and Off-Chain Assets through Data Even though the collection of digital assets is growing rapidly, our physical world consists of real, tangible assets. This calls for a solution that bridges the gap between the world of digital, on-chain assets and p...

Mega Prize Drop

After the massive success surrounding the permanent rollout of low-power Bitcoin mining (via Meta-X-Protocol), MXC (Meta X Connect) now delivers even more exciting developments to our ever-growing global community. One new rollout that is sure to gain a lot of attention is a Mega staking rally, rewarding all our MXC community for your loyal and continuous support to the world’s largest Data Republic network. This Mega MXC prize drop allows literally anyone from the MXC community to get involved, whether you’re a miner or not, we welcome everyone to join and support the MXC movement. You’ll be able to do so by simply staking $MXC. In return, you’ll not only receive a healthy APY but you’ll also be able to automatically claim one of our unique, limited prizes, FREE of charge, and it’s 100% up to you on which prize you wish to claim (based upon your participation and staked amount of $MXC). So before we jump into details, let’s get to grips with the term staking and why it is essential to our MXProtocol. What is staking? Staking is a simple way to boost your cryptocurrency holding without having to lift a finger. You simply lock and “hodl” your funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to maintain the operation of the consensus protocol and achieve the desired liquidity for the smooth running of blockchain operations. The staking mechanism works thanks to your contributions, staking a portion of your holdings in a stak...

Mxc Dao Referendum

The MXC Foundation (Meta X Connect) has started the process of becoming the world’s first Smart City DAO, a significant step toward ensuring MXC as a token that is owned, driven and guided by supporters and the larger MXC community. At MXC, we believe in the power of community and community-driven projects, providing a sustainable platform and ensuring the movement continues to expand globally. As our reach becomes global, now is the time for the next step. Discovering an IoT token movement by the people, for the people. A community that creates proposals with the potential of leading to widespread changes for the future direction of MXC. — What is a DAO?. — A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is simply an entity that does not allow the centralization of power. There is no central authority; instead, it is owned and governed by communities, who are responsible for the future direction. DAOs function as open-source blockchain protocols, governed by a particular set of rules that are automatically executed without the need for any supervision. These rules are proposed by the community and accepted by a democratic majority vote, which is then implemented once certain conditions are met and are recorded on the secured blockchain ledgers with an immutable timestamp. Thus ensuring they are not tampered with by any participants. Anyone from the MXC community can establish the rules of the DAO through the use...

Permanent Low-Power Bitcoin Mining

How to Mine Bitcoin with the M2 Pro. — MXC Foundation is now Meta X Connect, a new brand identity that signifies our commitment to data, Web 3.0, immersive technologies such as the metaverse, and NFTs. With this new rebrand, we are excited to offer a completely new mining experience with the exceptional MXProtocol and launch the permanent rollout of low-power bitcoin mining on June 21, 2022. MatchX and the MXC Foundation, exploiting the patented LoRaWAN technology and its Supernode network on the novel Meta X Protocol, have innovated the mining experience and created a mechanism empowering low-power bitcoin mining with the M2 Pro multi-token miner, allowing everyone to mine $MXC, $DHX, $BTC and many more tokens to come. This is a world-first in mining technology; until now, mining bitcoin ($BTC) has been synonymous with high electricity costs and expensive mining rigs. Welcome to the world of low-power bitcoin and low-power multi-token mining. Welcome to the world of the M2 Pro Miner. To ensure that our supporters have full access to experience permanent bitcoin mining using the world’s best IoT App, DataDash App, we have prepared the following step-to-step guide. This guide will ensure that you are fully aware of all the necessary prerequisites and will walk you through the DataDash environment so that you are all ready to start your BTC mining when it drops. Simply follow these steps: — What are the prerequ...


2CrazyNFT Launches Superstar Mario Chalmers' NFT Collection on Bin...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] With aims to give players rampant excitement, 2CrazyNFT partners with Mario Chalmers, an American professional basketball player for its debut NFT collection. The exclusive NFT collection will be released on the Binance NFT Marketplace on the 4th of February 2022. The NFT drop will also constitute a distribution of a variety of prizes to basketball fans through tier cards namely Classic, Rare, Epic and Legendary with exclusive perks. Fans can access limited-edition merchandise, fully-covered trips to Miami with Mario, Zoom sessions with the NFT legends and VIP seats to Miami Heat Game. Several staking-to-win competitions will also be launched to celebrate the release of the Mario NFTs. The NBA Veteran, Almarious Vernard alias “Mario” Calmers is one of the most outstanding players in the history of the NBA. He was part of the National Championship team 2007-08 and also bagged two NBA Championships showcasing his phenomenal sportsmanship. “ I’ve been wanting to create an NFT for a while. I love what 2CrazyNFT has been doing in the space and I’m excited to roll out our project”, said Mario Chalmers. The collection will be featured on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange and blockchain infrastructure provider. This will boost 2CrazyNFT’s efforts in the crypto space through its vast ecosystem of creators, artists, and NFT gaming enthusiasts. 2CrazyNFT has secured investment from the bl... read More

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